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‘We Have Met The Enemy…’

September 22, 2011 by  

In the winter of 1813, the war with the British was not going well for the Americans. An alliance of British troops and Indians, led by the Shawnee warrior Tecumseh, had soundly defeated poorly led and inadequately trained Americans at every turn. British warships patrolled Lake Erie and harassed American interests in Pennsylvania and the Ohio Territory.

To turn the tide of the war, President James Madison appointed William Henry Harrison as Commander-in-Chief of the Northwest Army and Oliver Hazard Perry to deal with the British naval presence on Lake Erie.

Perry, just 27, had to build a fleet from scratch. It was a daunting task, as the area lacked a proper shipyard, building materials and experienced shipbuilders. So he purchased three schooners and a sloop and set about building more ships. He added the brig Caledonia, recently captured from the British.

Despite sporadic shelling by the British from Fort Erie, Perry was able to assemble a fleet of five vessels. A surprise attack by the American army and navy in May drove the British out of Fort Erie and off the Niagara Peninsula. This allowed Perry to get five of his ships out of the harbor and onto the lake. Five more were still under construction at what passed for a shipyard at Erie, Pa.

On Sept. 10, 1813, six British ships, commanded by the one-armed captain Commodore R.H. Barclay weighed anchor, hoisted their sails, moved into formation and began the trip across Lake Erie. Commodore Perry was ready for them.

Though sick and flushed with a fever that had been bothering him for months, the young captain was eager for battle. He impressed upon his captains the need to remain in close formation and press the action to offset the superior range of the British navy’s guns. Then he showed them a blue flag bearing the words “Don’t Give Up The Ship,” a quote from his good friend, the late Captain James Lawrence.

When they saw it, Perry told them, they were to commence the battle.

A light wind hampered the American fleet and Perry’s flagship, Lawrence, was battered by the Detroit’s superior guns for 15 minutes before it could close to within range of its own guns. It wasn’t long before more than two-thirds of Lawrence’s crew was dead or wounded, the ship was too damaged to sail and the guns were rendered inoperable. Two more of Perry’s ships were also severely damaged.

Perry boarded a small skiff and transferred to the Niagara, which had been kept back and was essentially undamaged. He pressed the action, got in close and bombarded the Detroit with broadsides from Niagara’s guns.

With Barclay severely wounded and the Detroit heavily damaged, Perry closed within range of his small arms and began raking the deck with pistol and rifle fire. Twenty minutes after Perry had changed ships and pressed the attack, every British commanding officer and his second was either dead or too badly wounded to continue and the British fleet surrendered.

To impress upon the British the cost of the victory, Perry accepted Barclay’s surrender on the bloodied deck of the Lawrence. It was the first time in history an entire fleet of the vaunted British navy had been defeated and captured intact.

Perry scribbled a note to Harrison that read:

Dear General:

We have the met the enemy and they are ours—two ships, two brigs, one schooner and a sloop.

Yours, with great respect and esteem,

Oliver Hazard Perry

(Sources: The Frontiersman, by Allan W. Eckert;; and


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Free Mind

    We have met the enemy( and he is Obama socialism), but we have no Harrisons or Perrys. What should we do?

    • USAF VET

      We do have a Bachmann, and a Palin, a very good team to lead us out of the mess Liberalism has gotten us into.

      • DaveH

        No, they will just talk a good show and prolong the pain. The only one with the huevos to stand against both the military state and the welfare state is Ron Paul.
        Sarah Palin backed the RINO supreme John McCain in my home state. Some Tea Partier. And Michele Bachmann showed her true colors by voting for the Patriot Act extension. Some Constitutionalist.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    For what it’s worth, we have a Perry!

  • Republic, We Are.

    Perry sold his soul to the drug companies long ago.

  • momplayer

    I don’t think having a Harrison or a Perry would be able to do anything for us as the invaders are taking over this country by sheer numbers without ever firing a shot.The only way they would be able to help is forced birth control.

    • http://google Rick in Fla.

      What really gets me about politics are the IDIOTS we have in HOLLYWOOD, Calif.! Did anyone listen to these IDIOTS leaving the EMMY Awards Sunday night & BRAGGING on What a GREAT JOB the President was doing & how we should ALL support him??They are SO DAMN DUMB, they don’t realize he wants to TAX THEIR $$$ for HIS PET Projects!!But, Hey they are stupid enough to Re-elect Jerry Brown as their Governor out there, they deserve anything they VOTE into Office! And there are so many people who listen to these IDIOTS, they will do what they say is the “Truth”!!The POWER of the MEDIA is scary!!ABC, NBC, & CBS News will not allow their people to wear anything that resembles an American Flag on TV!!That is Hypocrisy!

      • BrotherPatriot

        Hollywood is well known now for their involvement with the NWO. Hollywood is owned and used as a great tool against the common man of this country. So many still live in the illusion that is our society that the NWO still are getting away with it. However, many more are awakening to the simple truth of what I just helped to reveal.

        Here is a link to the visual symbology of what Hollywood is indoctrinating into our public minds…right infront of our faces yet we as a society are becoming numb to the images without our knowledge.

        I highly encourage you to watch all 8 of the above compiled information about Hollywoods knowing involvent in the Conspiracy. However, after watching the 1st one in it’s entirety, you will basically understand what they are all about. There is however, very…interesting…things to discover by watching all 8 of the roughly 10 min clips as each of them has their own sumtin special to see.

        Make sure your clicking the next link that says #/2-8 instead of possibly the #/10 of the music version.

        GOD Bless.

  • John

    With Perry in the run for President,this could be a OMan!

  • Raggs

    barrackula treats us as the enemy and to some point we are due to our unwillingness to accept his global socialist agenda.
    This country is divided and it is sure to fall ( or a revolution occurs ).. We have got to get the marxist / socialist power hungry thugs out of power, they are destroying this country.

    • DaveH

      Barrackula. lol. Good one, Raggs.

  • death to non belivers

    i know our military is very courageous, their civilian leaders are not.
    i was very surprised of the bin laden raid and his killig. that story went away from our media very quickly, including the phoney photo of all of o’s staff watching the raid.

    i have recenty been reading about the war of 1812, it was mentioned in elementary school, the same info in high school, along with the british burning down wash dc. that was it. i had no idea how our country could have won that war, until 30 years later i started reading about it. i known our national anthem was written by someonne watching a fort in baltimore. the real story of why it was written much, much more uplifting.
    how many steps backward our country has taken in the last 60 years, unbelievable.

  • Concerned Legal Citizen

    The truth and essential REAL Perry and others are already within our own grasp…it will mean taking up,and standing up on the very principles that this great country was based on…and the subsequent cost that was incurred. We can absolutely have a great nation again as it outlined out by our some of histories greatest patriots. It means this generation will have to buck up and stand up for “Our legacy left to us all….our Constitution”, And the ensuing cost or firestorm that is sure to follow.The way we as a people handle the situation may one day find a prominent place in our countries history, in the same free country that was established not so long ago.

  • Donald

    Pogo had it right: “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

    • USAF VET

      And just who is this Pogo you are to Donald?

      • Charles

        Pogo, man. Pogo. You know the little guy in the funnies who said” We has met the enemy,…and he is US! During Viet Nam. One of the best political cartoons EVER! Scripps-Howard newspapers removed Pogo from publication shortly after that Sunday issue. It embarrassed the politicoes of the day, especially LBJ. Good insight into what was going on in this country at the time. Was considered too anti-war. The people who were making millions off of dead GI’s didn’t find it funny, so they censored Pogo. I don’t know if you can find archival issues, but I ain’t tried neither. Maybe you’re too young. Ask your parents. I bet they know who Pogo is.

  • BrotherPatriot

    It’s all a very simple truth that History tells us if we take the time to actually research it…AND understand what that History is telling us.


    She was infiltrated and usurped a very long time ago…is what History tells me. We have a group of people who are pushing for a one world government/corporation and they have been diligently pursuing their Agenda now for quite awhile.

    I believe we still can save our Country. However, only if we speak out about that which is not spoken of…and what is that?

    The TRUTH.

    No more politically correct bullcrap. We are passed that now. We are in survival mode.

    We need to preach long & loud about the people following the New World Order Agenda. You can see after a Bilderberg meeting how their pawns will go out with their marching orders and do their missions.

    By reverse engineering, you can take an event or dissaster…find out the key players (or their henchmen/organization) that were involved in it…and then back track to see that those individuals had earlier attended a Bilderberg meeting.

    Who are the people that go to these meetings? The people we see as our leaders…but in actuality are the puppets under this insiduous organizations control. Their organization looks like the growth rings of a tree. All seperate but still one and the same. Many people who work for these variously named organizations (especially in the outer rings) are just doing their job and don’t know the deeper truths of what they are supporting.

    This is how they work. Through lies, murder, subterfuge and deceit.

    They indoctrinate their children into this mentality and then send them off to prestiges schools like Princeton, Stanford, Harvord & Yale (Skull & Bones). These children get a high end education and also become immersed in their secret societies rituals and beliefs. They swear increasingly bizarre oaths and become loyal to this Agenda vrs God or Country. Below is my proof for this statement…written by John Quincy Adams.

    They above link is considerable. It takes time to digest what our President was saying…however, I’m goin to link below the summary of what our President says. This my friends is the education that we need to provide in our schooling system. Simple hard truths that help us retain our freedom and self will.

    I am of a mind with JFK. I absolutely ABHOR secret societies. I think the simple fact that they try to make you give your free will away to them and the fact they do everything in secretcy reveals the organization for what it really is. Something that an honest & good person will stay very clear of. Here is the summary below…but I do encourage you to try and digest the whole document that was written by our then President, John Q. Adams.

    “It is confidently believed that in the materials of the present volume will be found a solemn warning, conveyed by a voice in the feebleness of age still powerful over the sympathy of American citizens, against the formation of secret obligations. As time rolls on in its swift career, and as the generation which nursed the infant Republic into strength disappears from the scene, the duty becomes stronger on those who succeed, to heed the counsels which its wisest and most experienced men leave behind them. The arguments of Mr. Adams, although directed against the particular Order of Freemasonry, will yet be found susceptible of broader application, and extending themselves over all societies of which the radical error is, that they shun the light of day. The pride of freemen,- living under a system of equal laws, with guarantees of the rights of each individual,-should be to sustain the junction of innocence with liberty, the union of an open, honest heart with an efficient and liberal hand. Such a state cannot co-exist with secret obligations. The person who lies under an engagement which he must not reveal, whatever may betide, can indeed be innocent and energetic, but he will not be perfectly frank nor just to all men alike. Occasions may arise in which his fidelity to his private pledges will come into conflict with his duty to society. Who is then to decide for him what he must do? On either side is moral difficulty and mental distress. If he betray his associates, he spots his heart with violated faith. If he desert his country, he fails in a duty of even higher obligation. The alternative is too painful to a conscientious spirit ever knowingly to be hazarded with propriety. That such an alternative is by no means impossible, who cart doubt after the cases of Eli Bruce, of De Witt Clinton, and of Edward Livingston, in the Masonic history of the murder of Morgan ? Much as he might regret it, what Freemason was there in 1826, who did not perceive at a glance that his pledge to his associates was to conceal the crime and to shelter the criminal; whilst his duty to the State and to Heaven, to disclose the guilt and to denounce the author, was written with a sunbeam on his heart? And how many were there, who, instead of judging rightly of the relative importance of the obligations, actually made themselves accessories after the fact, by supplying the means of escape from justice to their unworthy brethren? The damning evidence of this truth must remain in the minds of men as long as Masonry shall endure. It may indeed be that other associations will spring up which may be free from all the grossly objectionable engagements of that institution. But who shall be secure against the intrusion of evil when the portal stands invitingly open to its admission? Who shall be able to protect himself against the designs of those of his associates to whom he has given a secret control over his will? These are questions which every citizen must answer for himself. It is with the design that he may have at hand the means of acting understandingly, that the present volume is put forth. Young persons, who are especially liable to be carried away by the fascination that always attends mystery, are hereby furnished with an opportunity to weigh the arguments of a powerful remonstrant against any secret steps. May they read, weigh, and deeply ponder the words of wisdom, and may the effect of them be to preserve them in the paths of Liberty, of Friendship, and of Faith.”

    My brothers & sisters…educate yourselves to truths that have been buried by those who wish for you to stay ignorant. There is alot of evidence to show what I’m speaking of is a true threat to our existence. We need to stop buying into the 2 party system as it stands and we need to remove the 3rd central bank, the Federal Reserve from its domination over our lives by being in control of our money supply. The people in control of this equation are the cause for our world to be the way that it is…including all the Wars that they help line their pockets with even at the costs of thousands of familes lives…this is pure Evil.

    In my humble opinion…we need to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and fine these people who have been doing Crimes Against Humanity now for so very long. Sieze their assets and use their enormous resources to fix what is wrong with not just our Country but the World as a whole.

    Once we start communicating in STRAIGHT talk and not talk that keeps a secret Agenda in mind…we all can start believing in one another again. Until then…they keep us divided which makes us so much easier to conquer.

    Vote Ron Paul as he’s the most abiding of the Constitution than any other politition that we have to choose from…even though its questionable if our votes really count anyway. The game is rigged.

    God Bless.

    • Charles

      Hey Bro— Should be a comment not a treatise. Summerize, please. Too much info. Do you want my head to explode?

      • BrotherPatriot

        LOL…Charles…that IS the summarized version. (wink)

        Sometimes what is needed to be heard…isn’t short winded. The problem with this is…our society is dumbed down to the point that if we can’t instantly grasp what is being conveyed…then we think either it’s not important or worth taking the time to listen.


        The damage that has been wraught upon our Nation has been done slowly and over time. America is the proverbial frog in the pan of water that is slowly being heated up…it’s time to wake up before we die.

        I implore you & others to take the time and do your own research regarding what I and others have been saying on this site.

        Your best ally is History. While we still have the internet, do your own back ground checks into who our “leaders” are and what they are doing. You will find that all roads eventually lead to Rothschild and the organizations that are affiliated with those people…in other words…the NWO. They are very real and they are not the common man’s friend.

        Yes…I speak of this often because I believe in ROOT level thinking. If we go to the base of the equation and fix it there…many, many, MANY other problems will go away. America can be what we all dream her to be…if we simply stop lying to ourselves and take care of business here at home instead of trying to be the worlds police.

        The fox’s are in the hen house & they have been there a very long time…so long they have dug secret dens & are having litters even!

        God Bless.

  • Cindy Miller

    As a daughter of the American Revolution, I can assure you.My Grandfathers would be fighting against people like the ones (responding)on this site. I don’t know how this was sent to my e-mail. I do not associate with those that worship and work for Satan while pretending to be Christians.And what have you done for your brother man?


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