Watch: California Beachgoers Sign ‘Repeal Bill Of Rights’ Petition To Support Obama


We don’t need that old fashioned Bill of Rights anymore. Would you support President Barack Obama in repealing the Bill of Rights?

That’s what controversial author and activist Mark Dice asked California beachgoers as he tried to collect signatures on a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights in a recently released “man on the street” video. Depressingly, he found more than a few people willing to sign.


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Sam Rolley

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  • dlzimbelman

    This is too painful to watch the idiots signing a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights. How stupid can people be? They either don’t know what the Bill of Rights are or they just don’t care and sign anything that’s put in front of them

    • Kyr964

      That’s because voters do not read what they are signing or voting for or against whether the document is a petition, election ballot or a loan document. Voters vote based on 30 second sound bites. In addition, they do not remember what they signed or voted for. I guarantee you that if you asked those people that signed the petition what the petition said, they will not know, if you ask them if they agree with the petition, they will not know, if you ask them why they signed the petition since they do not know what the petition said & they do not agree with the petition, they will not know why.

      • Junkki

        They don’t understand the full ramifications with their lack of knowledge. These past elections prove this. Hope the wake up real soon.

  • pistofftxpyr

    That just shows to go ya that the voters out here on the West Coast truly are stupid enough to return Loretta Sanchez, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to Congress and to re-elect Governor Moonbeam. Please don’t cede us to Mexico until I’m outta here!!!

    • kyr964

      I have been trying to vote out these senators & congressmen. However, I have been outvoted. In addition, many voters who live in California immigrated to California from other states which is part of the problem.

      • pistofftxpyr

        Immigrated from other states or other countries like Mexico.

      • Alan

        The best part is that those crackpots probably wouldnt admit to voting for them.

    • IsThisAmerica

      better get going

  • saiken

    I used to wonder whether Democrat domination of California public office was the result of fraud or “low information voters” (as Rush calls them). I certainly can’t rule out the former, but definitely can’t do much about the latter.

    • glock 19 fan

      The People’s Republik of Kalifornia has a head start on dumbing down the school children. Beam me up, Scotty! There’s no intelligent life here!

    • David169

      When you have 156 registered Democrats that all voted who gave for their address an abandoned 12 unit apartment building you don’t wonder whether it is election fraud.

    • Robert Zraick

      I think to call them “low information voters” is inaccurate. That implies if they had more information, they would not be so stupid, but sadly it is a brain malfunction, and no amount of information will correct it.
      Most of these idiots heard the words “support for Obama” and would sign anything. These people are zombies.

  • Alan

    And all those who signed need to be taken out behind the woodshed for a little reminder of what the Bill of Rights is all about. Honestly, don’t these people have a brain in their heads? What fool would wish to rid themselves of their freedom other than an avowed communist?

    • Dave Phelps

      no brains, california libturds want communism, and they are followers of satan, and will be with him in hell

    • glock 19 fan

      There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who don’t have a clue what happened. Those beach goers who signed are certainly that last group. Salauds stupides!

    • pistofftxpyr

      Actually, these people don’t have brains in their heads. To the extent they have any brain at all, it’s located quite a bit farther south.

  • Conservative88

    I was appalled at these dumb people who would willingly give up the bill of rights. This video should be shown everywhere to show how stupid America has become.

    I extend great appreciation to the fellow who refused to sign this petition.

    Thanks for opening people’s eyes regarding the low information voter allowing the United States to be destroyed from within.

  • momo

    Do these people sighing the petition even know what the Bill of Rights is? This is what happens when the school system goes to hell.

  • Motov

    Frank Zappa said this years ago in a song called *Flakes”.

  • David169

    I work in California and it is things like this that make me hang my head in shame. The people that signed his petition clearly have s**t for brains. It is this type of moron who continuously elect liberals to the state senate and house. Those liberals have held a supermajority since Reagan was no longer our governor and with that supermajority they have bankrupted this state, destroyed the state’s educational system and made every other state believe we are all mentally deficient. This is further proof liberalism is a mental defect.

    • Alan

      Maybe its something in the water or air.

      • Judicious

        Bad medicinal weed…

  • rbrooks

    the bill of rights was being ‘repealed’, in stages, long ago.

    it was totally repealed with the patriot act.

  • jaybird

    I quit school in my junior year (52 yrs ago) but if someone came up to me to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, I would have beat the “H” out of him with his clipboard. I am signing petitions to stop Obummer from destroying this country and to arrest him for treason. There is no excuse for not knowing what you are signing or what type of person you are voting for. This Grandma is a rebel! None of my children came back home to live and my grandchildren all have good jobs.

  • ramblinman1

    I think that the majority of California has conservative folks in the rural areas while the cities are liberal as are most cities in the USA. Where are the people located that are getting the government freebees? In the cities.

  • Charles

    Do the even KNOW what the Bill of Rights is? Do the UNDERSTAND what they are willing to give up? Can they COMPREHEND what it is to be a slave?

    • mathis1689

      You’re assuming that they have brains by asking these questions. The fact that you have to ask them in the first place seems to me to provide the answer.

  • Chester

    You know, if I presented a petition to you, saying it was to change a law that allowed you to be called every name in the book, I much imagine a good number of you would sign it, If I asked you to sign a petition to allow children to pray in school, football players to pray before and after games, and teachers to lead a class in prayer, I bet you would sign it. I just got you to sign a petition against two of the ten articles in the bill of rights, and unless you were really on the ball and asked a lot of questions when I approached you, you would be none the wiser. Think on that before discussing the stupidity, or lack thereof, of the general public.

    • Dr Moon

      Sorry Chester but the example used about prayer is incorrect. It is not against the Constitution or the law to say prayers in schools or at a football game. This is only a crazy interpretation by left-wing nuts like the ACLU. Prayers were said in school and at football games for decades and no one was injured, but some idiot left-wing activist decided that the First Amendment protected us from religion rather the way it was meant which was to protect our free exercise there of. Refusing to allow prayer is actually unconstitutional and many Courts are finally starting to correct that error. You can present any document and get whatever answer your want from the person being asked.

    • cocodrie

      Chester, you could not be more wrong. You need an education that includes American history. Think about that before you make stupid remarks about the general public.

      Jesus loves you so much He died for you

  • jneild

    Winston Churchill said: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

  • CommonSense4America

    The real problem here is,,,They vote, and they breed.

  • Alan

    I dont support Obama in much of anything the socialist pig wants.

    • CommonSense4America

      That is a real disservice to pigs. Now tell the pigs that you are sorry. Do it now!

      • Alan

        You are right im truly sorry for offending pigs.

  • Judicious

    How was it possible to elect this racist, divisive demagogue?

    The problem is the clueless American voters, awash in a sea of moral decay, and becoming devoid of basic civil values, devoid of gracious manners, and devoid of simple humanity. Obama cultivates and uses this situation to advance his insidious agenda.

    The video clip really is telling! The “dumbing-down” of America has taken a firm hold and will get even worse when the floodgates open for hordes of illegal under-educated immigrants.

    Moreover, the corrupt practice of buying votes through debilitating “entitlement programs” has already enslaved millions with “greenback handcuffs”. The “Stockholm Syndrome” is in full effect here, so they will not vote to remove these handcuffs.

    Another obstacle is the Democrat brainwashing machine, which controls both the entertainment business and the media. Mitt Romney is far more capable than Obama, and we see what happened to him owing to the massive public negative brainwashing.

  • IsThisAmerica

    Yep you can’t fix stupidity. Betcha half of those people couldn’t read english either. Another huge problem in this country, half of the southwest looks, smells and sounds like Mexico. Assimilation of us to them. I know a few LEGAL americans that hate the illegals and wish they would either leave or die. Yes they are Mexican desent but don’t believe in Mexican-American, African-American. Just plain Americans.

    • rocketride

      And how about that recent poll that has “hispanic” Americans against amnesty by about a 2 to 1 margin.

  • l

    un believable !!!!!! wtf is wrong with all these people

  • Lucy and Ricky

    Just out of curiosity, were the people who signed under the influence?

    • Judicious

      Medicinal weed…

  • Marshall Watson

    I am overwhelmed at the ignorance and apathy shown in this video. The people who signed this petition deserve neither rights or liberty, and most certainly they don’t deserve the right to pursue any happiness.

  • Fedup

    It’s past time for that state to drop off in the ocean; where is that fault line when you need it?!

    • jaybird

      I have said that for “years”, hoping it would. It is going to take awhile for the rising ocean to do it.

  • Al Chemist

    There may be a clue here as to why that liberal/commie/democrat is occupying the WH. All those people looked old enough to vote.

  • Texasninerfan

    The way the Obama administration does things I was under the impression that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was already dead.