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Wasserman Schultz Says Wrong Statements Aren’t False Statements

October 12, 2012 by  

Wasserman Schultz Says Wrong Statements Aren’t False Statements

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently defended her party’s actions in regards to the attacks in Libya. While appearing on CNN, the Representative from Florida made a statement which defies all logic and shows she is either a liar or just plain dumb. Or perhaps she’s both.

Piers Morgan asked Wasserman Schultz if it is “pretty un-American” to put out “completely false statements before you know the facts.”

Wasserman Schultz responded by saying that just because they had the wrong information, it doesn’t mean they put out false information.

“Well, that doesn’t mean it was false,” she answered.

Morgan may not be American, but he does know the English language. A dumbfounded Morgan responded: “What?! Now wait a minute. If you put out a false statement, then it’s false, it’s wrong. It’s both of those things.”

Wasserman Schultz went on to define the word “false” to mean deliberately incorrect.

According to Wasserman Schultz, the White House did not issue deliberately incorrect statements. Therefore, the media should not accuse Democrats of making false statements.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • phideaux

    “Wasserman Schultz went on to define the word “false” to mean deliberately incorrect.”

    While you MIGHT make that argument concerning any statements made within the first 24 hours after the Lybian attack those made over 24 hours later were certainly lies because the truth was coming out by then.

    • Vicki

      Maybe these people are voted into office to keep them away from their constituents.

      She might be correct as there are several options to the definitions of the 2 words.

      From her statement she appears to be using definition 3a for wrong and 2a or 2c for false.
      English is confusing like that.

      1a : an injurious, unfair, or unjust act : action or conduct inflicting harm without due provocation or just cause
      b : a violation or invasion of the legal rights of another; especially : tort
      2: something wrong, immoral, or unethical; especially : principles, practices, or conduct contrary to justice, goodness, equity, or law
      3: the state, position, or fact of being or doing wrong: as
      a : the state of being mistaken or incorrect
      b : the state of being guilty

      1: not genuine
      2a : intentionally untrue
      b : adjusted or made so as to deceive
      c : intended or tending to mislead

      3: not true
      4 a : not faithful or loyal : treacherous

      b : lacking naturalness or sincerity
      5a : not essential or permanent —used of parts of a structure that are temporary or supplemental
      b : fitting over a main part to strengthen it, to protect it, or to disguise its appearance

      6: inaccurate in pitch

      7a : based on mistaken ideas
      b : inconsistent with the facts

      8: threateningly sudden or deceptive

      definitions provided by

      • DORIS A. BROWN

        This lady is just like Obama – how many times has she been caught in lies? Too many for me to remember. GET HER OUT OF OFFICE.

      • old goat

        Washerwoman is a very dedicated pathological liar. She’s not dumb or deceived by anyone. She’s the deceiver, rotten & decadent to the core. The picture says it all! She’s been around forever… the mythological Siren beguiling half witted liberals to the cause… not half eagle… maybe half mocking bird with the head of Hydra. Nice picture — washerwoman is what she is in every sense of the word. “Four on the floor” or “hydramatic” – your choice

        • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

          you forgot MEDUSA

      • tigrebleau

        And the definition of “is” is…?

      • Paul Wells

        Maybe it’s just me…but every time I hear Debbie Crapweasel Wasserman or that disgusting David Axlerod on TV, if I listen very much, I feel like I’m coated with slime, and must immediately go take a shower. These people are lower than the lowest. I’m sorry, but Debbie, if she were male and in a different time period (the 60′s, for instance) would be a used car salesman. Just beyond belief at how they lie, cheat and steal, and then try to act all righteous about it. Wow!

      • Richard Mammola

        Debbie Wasserman Schultz has proven time and time again that she is the closest thing we have to a walking, talking, living moron in government politics today. She, herself, is exceptionally rude in almost every interview she is involved in. Her responses are extremely insulting to anyone listening who might be even slightly aware of what’s going on in the world today. She defies credibility on almost every occasion (I’m giving her a pass with the inclusion of “almost”). My father always said, “water seeks its own level.” I’m glad Ms. Schultz has found her niche within the Democrat party. She’d be hard pressed to land a job with any private corporation that requires a modicum of intelligence.

      • Sheryn

        Doris–How many times has Romney and his little buddy told lies–even after they are corrected they keep telling the same lies over and over because they think you are stupid enough to believe it if he says it enough times.

      • Alex Frazier


        It’s actually the Obama campaign that’s doing that. If they’ve said it once, they’ve said it a dozen or more times, “Romney is going to cut five trillion in taxes from the wealthy,” or “the Romney administration would raise taxes on the middle class.” And despite clear-cut rebuttals to these accusations, the Obama administration continues to spout this nonsense. Obama said it. Romney denied it. Romney explained what he would do. The debate ended. Obama called him a liar and repeated the same crap.

        Get your facts straight.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why do the Dems/Progs/Leftists feel it necessary to play the linguistical deception game? Why am I even asking, because they know they would not be able to do the damage to the country if they told the truth. So their “doing good or doing the right things” is all a lie and the truth is not in them to tell.
        The fun and games of language obfuscation by the Dems/Progs/Leftists will now begin with a vindictiveness unsurpassed.
        Since eddie47d, Karolyn, Flashy, Shelia, etc., and quite a few others were not successful to get their words to do any verbal damage, a new bunch will be put in that is more cunning in language.

      • Maryland Freestater

        Couldn’t resist – Big Bird??!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Liberals LOVE to change the meanings of words!!! Then, they can say whatever they want!!!

      • Kate 8

        Nadzieja – Liberals believe that in ‘the end justifies the means’. It’s right in their operating documents.

        That means lies, cheating, stealing and even killing. All bets are off, as long as they get the desired results.

        What really blows me away is that their minions actually believe all this outrageous nonsense.

        • HH

          Kate 8 says, “What really blows me away is that their minions actually believe all this outrageous nonsense.”

          You know Kate, I got the same feeling watching the VP debate last night. Listening to Biden spew all that crap I was thinking “WOW” Obama’s got HIM snowed too!!! He REALLY believes that crap!!!

      • eddie47d

        What a double hoot! Thanks Frick and Frack “The end justifies the means” ? Such short term memories ladies! The Iraq War,Wall Street manipulations,Mitch McConnell’s angry remarks about Obama and so forth. Seems like a few slick Republicans also use those tactics. Please stop with your own snow jobs its killing me. LOL!

      • Kate 8

        HH – Biden is embarrassing. He’s got some screws loose.

        Besides, people like him get paid well to believe whatever they’re told to believe, and to spout it as if it were true. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

        They’ll get their come-uppance soon enought, though.

        • HH

          (They’ll get their come-uppance soon enought, though.)

          Not soon enough for me Kate8, can’t wait for November!!!

      • vicki

        Sheryn says:
        “Doris–How many times has Romney and his little buddy told lies–even after they are corrected they keep telling the same lies over and over because they think you are stupid enough to believe it if he says it enough times.”

        Um. Judging from the links you provided to support your assertion I would guess ZERO, None, nada etc….

        The democrats on the otherhand…..

        And that is just a few of the 3+ MILLION links returned for the question list of democrat lies.

      • old goat

        Robert, jr :: Wasn’t Medusa the one with the snake hair… one look & you turned to stone. Had a mem-lapse there, but if so your thoughts really match the picture to point of ultimate cool! great comment!

        Riddle of the day – If washerwoman was really chairwoman & Barney fwyank sat on her, wood she splinter?

      • vicki

        My full comment seems stuck in moderation so here is a one link version:

        Sheryn says:
        “Doris–How many times has Romney and his little buddy told lies–even after they are corrected they keep telling the same lies over and over because they think you are stupid enough to believe it if he says it enough times.”

        Um. Judging from the links you provided to support your assertion I would guess ZERO, None, nada etc….

        The democrats on the otherhand…..

    • Bev

      A false statement can be both intentional and unintentional. A false statement that is knowingly made is also called a lie. Debbie’s got the knowingly made false statement down to the Zen level.

      • Kate 8

        The ususal democrat double standard.

        I recall Bush being excoriated for LYING about WMDs, even though he claimed that he was given wrong information.

        Well, the truth is, they ALL lie about everything. To them, the truth is whatever they can make us believe it is.

        Obama is completely made up of lies. Everything about him is false.

      • Maryland Freestater

        @Kate8: Agreed here – Bush was given information that was not true, or accurate, and EVERYBODY went along with him on invasion. I’ve also read Saddam’s own scientists may have been lying when telling Saddam just how much or how close they were with WMDs.

        OMG – I’m defending Waterwoman Schlitz. HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Debbie is the democrap’s spokesperson because she can say LOTS of words REAL fast!!! When she spews her meaningless crap, nobody can get a word in edgewise!!! If you DO manage to call her on anything, out pours another torrent of meaningless words to make you forget what you were thinking!!! She just vomits out her lies and crap!!!

    • Steve

      odumber’s other water dog.

    • http://none Bear

      Who cares what an Obama surrogate says, Romney lies every day! Gingrich even called Romney a liar earlier this year! And don’t get me started on the 3 minute miler Lie’en Ryan! The Fox fake news crowd never stops lying!
      When over 50% of the Republican Party are on some delusional birther trip, its time to look in the mirror and see who’s really lying!
      By the way, the last time Communism was used as a political attack was by the Fascists electing Hitler, think about that the next time you call Obama a Communist!

      • Vigilant

        Fascism = statism

        Communism = statism

        Birds of a feather

      • Wil

        So you’re one of the 47% voting for the free money and phones?

        • Thomas

          Another idiot

      • Cameron

        Bear, obama isn’t exactly a Communist, but he’s damned close! He’s a NAZI. If you look @ what the Nazi Party stood for & then look @ what obama stands for you will not be able to tell the difference. It doesn’t matter though. You couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it. We simply MUST un-elect obama ASAP if America is to survive as a free Nation, under God & not under Allah.

        • HH

          (…..MUST un-elect obama ASAP if America is to survive as a free Nation, under God & not under Allah.)

          AMEN Cameron!!!

      • vicki

        Bear says:
        “Who cares what an Obama surrogate says, Romney lies every day!”

        Evidence dear. Evidence.

      • Pokahinie

        Bear get high on weed
        Bear climb tree too high
        Bear fall on head
        Bear now hold head crying O-bummer, O-bummer, O-bummer

      • John Woodbury

        Alright Bear, None of your ilk has so far been able to prove what I ask. Prove, with facts that can not be forged. 1. Where was Barack Hussein Obama II born. It must be a real birth certificate, not his forged one (BTW I believe he was Born in or on the way to Hawaii) 2. Since he was a Indonesian citizen, show when he repatriated. We know for sure he got foreign student aid at Occidental Univ. If it was after his 21st birthday the where and when he was naturalized. Even his biggest supporters can not answer these questions.


      She must have gone to the same college as Obama. In his administration any Lie can be denied. What a shamefull way to hold the office of President. If Big Bird could fly both of them would be s**t on !!!

  • Jerry

    She Needs to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. She is not good for this country.

    • Jim Steele

      waserman has proven time and again that she is disconnected from the facts and would rather go on the defensive with the DNC. It’s difficult for me to understand how a Jew can stand with a (so called president) who is definitely not on Israls’s side. We must be on the side of the right, Not the side of the Arabs who are out to kill Israel and us. And that includes you and me.

  • Harold Olsen

    Actually, DWS is right. Wrong statements aren’t false statements — unless, of course, the person making those wrong statements KNOW they are wrong. DWS knows that most of the crap that comes from mouth are just flat out lies. Like Obama, she couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

    • eddie47d

      You are half right and half wrong. The information given at the time was an assumption on those events. So Wrong statements are not necessarily false unless that person knew they were wrong. So you are correct on that. Then you took an unnecessary poke and reversed yourself. That sounds like something Romney would do. Besides once the air cleared on this issue everyone agrees it was a planned and very deliberate attack. That wasn’t known on day one but later on. So if our friend Kate 8 as an example (Ms conspiracy) says that Russia is going to attack Finland tomorrow but tomorrow comes and goes and nothing happens. Then is she a flat out liar,only repeating what she heard,assuming something is true when it is not or only an attention seeker? I proved that with Kate on another subject (Israel spies). Now back to Debbie. She only gave out her personal opinion with known facts at the time and that hardly makes her wrong or false. Now the Debbie haters like the Obama haters will say anything and make an issue out of everything whether factual or not.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Robert S. Grimaldi Sr.

        Grimaldi here again,er… Adolph….. Maybe you will agree she would have probably been a better stand in for Monica Lewinski… Seems she got a little “Bill Clinton” on her word play !!!! Oh crap, I forgot, you are a demorat. Long live Dick Cheney( and my favorite) President George W. Bush. Heil and by the way, her opinion is ONLY an opinion. It was not a FACT. Admit it, The government(with Obama’s blessing) LIED on purpose. That is why the Rice lady said more than a week later it was in response to some jerks film about Islam. TOTAL FABRICATION

      • RivahMitch

        Yeah, right…. Like Fort Hood was “workplace violence”.

        Actually, your two “examples don’t work either. If someone says that “x” is going to happen tomorrow then, whether or not the predicted event transpires, there are several possibilities: (i) he/she knows otherwise and is deliberately lying and promoting a falsehood for some personal benefit(probably the instant case); (ii) he/she is guessing in the absence of known fact, whether correctly or incorrectly which (evidences questionable judgement) but is not necessarily “false”; he/she is making a prediction based on the best information available which (may be right or wrong but) is not “false”; or, he/she is correct.

        WRT the female Pinnochio, unless you are on its staff, it’s unlikely whether you actually know what “facts” she may or may not have known at the time of any given statement so the only thing you’re really saying is that you personally choose to give her the benefit of the doubt. Given her known association with habitual liars, including the Muslim Marxist Kenyan in the White House, and her recent personal demonstrable history of lying, there are those among us who do not choose to do so. Our position may best be summarized by that old saying which begins “fool me once, shame on you”. You can complete it for yourself.

      • T Murphy

        For one thing, opinions should not be given in a situation such as the attack on an American Embassy especially when lives have been lost. If the Administration did not have all the facts then they should have said so instead of spouting off some BS about a film upsetting the Arab world and then apologizing at the UN for it!

      • Me

        Only a moron would try defending these democRATS. Seems alot of democRATS are out doing just that.

      • eddie47d

        Considering all the moronic statement being made here ME then you could be correct. We’ll have to assume they are mostly from the Republican side of the sewer pond. This administration was indeed a johnny come lately on the Benghazi attack and should have done a better job of keeping up on it. Debbie isn’t disputing that and was only going with the information she had at the time. T. Murphy still has no clue on the rest of those protests that happened in the other countries. They WERE a direct result of that video and was admitted by all countries involved. Apparently Republicans also use fuzzy and false accusations to gain credibility for their side. Maybe Republicans think two wrongs make a right and are just as worthless.

      • Kate 8

        eddie – You have continued with the lie that I predict things happening on certain days. I HAVE NOT. YOU ARE LYING, and you know you are lying. You prove yourself a liar.

        However, when nefarious plans are made public, it is for the purpose of exposing, and therefore, thwarting those plans. If we know they are false flags, they won’t work. The whole purpose of warnings are to make sure it doesn’t happen. I have never, personally, made a prediction, and I do not claim to have that ability.

        For some reason, eddie, you are on a mission to discredit me. It’s good to know that you find me important enough to be a threat to your Leftist lies.

      • eddie47d

        You said it Kate 8 and Jeff H backed you up. You then went into denial you ever said it. Nice try! That is a right wing lie not a “leftist lie” I shouldn’t have to repeat this but apparently you want to pull our legs again. You said this information came from BELIEVE IT OR NOT site. Will you deny that too. The issue was at the NATO meeting in Chicago this summer and you agreed with the article. That Israel agents were out to assassinate Obama in Chicago. Its funny how these plots never happen but you are always privy to that information and believe these conspiracy threads. I’m just saying enough of this nonsense that you keep pushing to stir the pot!

      • Alex Frazier

        What makes the statements “false” is that they knew the information might not be correct. They were functioning on assumptions and knowingly made reports based upon speculation. Manslaughter is based on the notion that you might not have set out to kill someone, but you knew that your actions could result in someone’s death. You are therefore guilty. Using the same principle, you may not have set out to deceive with “false” information, but you knew that giving a report before obtaining the facts could result in a false report. That makes them guilty of willful deception.

      • therealhawkman

        How about all these so-called representatives of the people just keep their mouths shut until they know the real facts. It’s simple; We don’t know exactly what happened, we are trying to find out, and when we do, we will let the American people know.
        Really simple. But not these jerks. Let’s tell the American people anything, they will never know or care if it’s true or not. Amazing that America has come to this.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Here’s the thing, this administration is CLAIMING that they THOUGHT this was a political demonstration related to the video! Considering the actual circumstances, that in itself HAD to be a lie! NO WAY this could be misconstrued by ANYONE as a demonstration. It was a well organized attack! This administration got caught LYING!!! Now they’re shuffling the facts to say that they were misinformed! Its ALL a LIE!

        eddie47d, I agree with Kate8! When their secret plans get divulged, they often change their plans!!! Wouldn’t you do the same if it were you?!? The best we can hope for is to foil their plans at every opportunity!!! If nothing happens, it means we’ve succeeded!!!

      • HH

        (Debbie isn’t disputing that and was only going with the information she had at the time.)

        So it’s ok for the demodummies to use this excuse but the republitards cant? Bush was going with the information he had at the time too! Of course months went by and when there were no WMD’s found the demodummies lambasted Bush calling him a liar! Years later we have learned that there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that had been transported to Syria prior to the UN inspections which made the attack (somewhat) more justified and proved Bush wasn’t lying. But with this Libyan incident it’s already been proven that it WAS a planned terrorist attack! So, there were REAL lies told by the Obama administration saying the YouTube video was the spark that started the supposed “riot”! The Obama administration KNEW it was a terrorist attack from day ONE! Same thing with fast and furious, try to cover it up and if that doesn’t work lie about it!!!

      • Elton

        Not many words needed to describe you. A spoonfed liberal dem that cannot see the truth if it hits you in the face….

      • Kate 8

        eddie – Okay, eddie, go ahead and produce the post where I said the thing about Chicago and Israel. The truth is, when you accused me of posting it awhile back, I didn’t know what you were talking about. I had not even heard of Israel being involved. And I refuted you at the time with no response.

        Not that it matters, but YOU LIE, eddie, like a typical lefty.

        You must get me confused with someone on one of your other trolling sites.

      • Frank Kahn

        No, eddie47d, she gave her opinion on an assumed possibility not on known facts. You cannot have known facts that are wrong, if they are KNOWN FACTS then they are correct. Who told her the lies, that she ASSUMED were true, that she based her wrong, incorrect, invalid and stupid opinion on? And to her statement that it is their responsibility to get INFORMATION out to the public as quickly as it is learned. If, IF, it is actual information then yes, if it is an assumption of a possibility then HELL NO. If they (the administration) didnt yet know what seems obvious, then they should have just said “There has been a severe tragedy in Libya and we are investigating the circumstances surrounding it.”. Being responsible is very important when reporting on events, making up facts out of opinions is irresponsible.

      • eddie47d

        Therealhawkman: If any administration doesn’t say ANYTHING THEY WILL BE ACCUSED OF HIDING INFORMATION. If they make a quick assumption they are thought of as stupid and incompetent. We all want instant information and want it now so we get the quickest message first. Then the pundits run with that! In the end we only have disinformation and no one is satisfied.

      • eddie47d

        Admit your lying Kate and move on. Its too late for you to save face on that one! Next time read what you wrote and agreed with or stop posting that nonsense.

      • eddie47d

        Nice cover up HH: Iraq had Sunni leadership and Syria had Shiite leadership. Assad wouldn’t have allowed Saddam to transport those weapons into his country even if he did have them. Do you really think that is the only thing Bush lied about? .

        • HH

          Do you REALLY believe Saddam didn’t have ANY WMD’s? eddie, you are completely hopeless!

        • HH

          (Iraq had Sunni leadership and Syria had Shiite leadership.)

          eddie, don’t you know those radical Muslim’s will band together to fight the “infidel” and after that they will go right back to their petty wars and hatred for each other?

      • vicki

        Kate8. I would not worry overmuch about any attempts by eddie47d to discredit you. Most anyone who has been here reading for more than a week can easily see that eddie makes a LOT of assertions with no attempt to validate them. I don’t even have to validate my assertion about eddie with links to his posts cause the board is littered with examples.

        His credibility is so close to 0 that only flash(whatever) has a lower rating.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t archive any of the previous articles Vickie and I expect other people to be honest. There is much more to do in life than babysitting Kate and apparently she won’t come clean.

    • elba schmitt

      Right on Olsen. DWS has been lying about everythung, just like Obama, Susan Rice, & Biden. These people wouldnt know the truth, if it hit them on the face. They need to be removed from office, ASAP. e schmitt

      • Patriotism Reigns

        So True, never has our country seen such perversion and lies. We thought Clinton and Algore were bad, and can we forget Jimmy Carter that drove many in this country into bankruptcy. obama and biden, come on America, even the democratic party can to better than them. It goes goes to show you like Zell Miller said when he switched to the Republican Party, He didn’t leave the Democrats they left Him.

      • eddie47d

        Were you patriotic when Nixon screwed up? I bet you were! Were you patriotic when Reagan screwed up in Lebanon and Central America. We can be sure of that! Were you a patriot when Bush invaded Iraq? Totally accepted being blindsided weren’t you? Did you willingly accept the Patriot Act because a Republican signed it into law? Obviously! Did you accept the collaspe economy courtesy of the Bush Administration? No doubt about it! Carter made his share of mess ups and so did Clinton but the thing is the Republicans have had more than their fair share. That is why Patriotism Reigns is full of it because he is a biased fool. He won’t defend the truth because he is too busy defending the Republican Party

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ah, eddie! It doesn’t matter what ANY of us thought in the past! What matters is, if we have woken to the truth NOW!!!

      • Alex Frazier

        eddie, let’s be fair. Nixon, barring the Watergate scandal, was actually a very effective president. He preserved our gold reserve when inflation due to the Vietnam war prompted foreign nations to cash in their paper dollars for gold. He established the dollar as the supreme international currency via an agreement with OPEC to deal only in dollars (the petrodollar). He put an end to the military draft, as well as our involvement in Vietnam. And this is to say nothing of the foreign affairs he managed, brokering a treaty with Russia to limit nuclear weapons, or his 1972 visit to China, which ended more than two decades of tension between the United States and China.

        Reagan, too, was a very effective president. He reduced the 10-13% inflation rate left to him by Jimmy Carter to 4.2% by the end of his second term. He organized a controlled recession with Paul Volcker at the Federal Reserve to break the inflationary cycle (which most ignorant people think was some sort of failure, though it had a purpose). Reagan broke the USSR. He was instrumental in the breaking down of the Berlin Wall.

        Don’t rip on presidents just because they are Republican. No one is perfect. All presidents will make mistaks. All presidents walk into a situation left behind by their predecessor. All presidents deal with difficult issues. Some fail. Others succeed.

        I personally can’t stand George W. Bush. The Patriot Act is an abomination. But so is the National Defense Authorization Act. I hate that Bush spent as much as he did. But I hate it even more that Obama spent the same amount in less than half the time. It took Obama a mere three years to spend what Bush spent in eight.

        When you look back through the presidents we’ve had, I have to say that Clinton is the only quality Democrat president we’ve had relative to his accomplishments, despite Whitewater or any other scandals. The Republicans can claim Nixon and Reagan who both had significant accomplishments, scandals also notwithstanding.

        And for the record, the economy collapsed because of the Democrats. It started with Carter and the Housing and Urban Developement Act, which was later altered by Clinton. The mandates passed down to the banks and lenders by Congress led to the housing crisis, and the housing crisis led to the collapse of companies like Lehman Brothers, which is what sparked the ’08 crash and bailout. The massive spending by the Democrats led to high gas prices via inflation. And soon, we’ll have either hyperinflation or depression because of the economic position our current president has put us in.

        It would be to your advantage to drop party loyalties, do your homework, and then think according to the facts. You are as guilty of bias as the person you are criticizing.

      • Kate 8

        eddie – As per your usual MO, you attempt to justify the wrongs committed by your guys by pointing out the wrongs of the past committed by the “other” guys.

        According to you lefties, your guys are supposed to be better than ours, and above such treasonous behavior. Yet, you absolve them of blame because “our” guys did it, too. This should, if nothing else, prove to you that there isn’t much difference between them, except in our minds.

        What I find amusing is that you defend such things when “your” guys do them. What a riot.

      • eddie47d

        You’re too funny Kate and a full blown hypocrite. If that was true you would have had a full fledged attack against Patriotism Reigns but what do we hear? Crickets! My point was to him for HIS one sidedness or can’t you grasp that? You ain’t throwing that swill back at me until you can be fair in your judgement.

      • Vigilant

        Nancy in Nebraska says,

        “Ah, eddie! It doesn’t matter what ANY of us thought in the past! What matters is, if we have woken to the truth NOW!!!”

        Two weeks ago, President Obama was walking around the Capital Mall with an aide when he spied a little girl holding a covered basket.

        Curious, he asked the girl what she had in the basket. She removed the cloth to reveal a litter of newborn kittens.

        Obama asked, “Are they Democrats or Republicans?” “Democrats,” she quickly replied. The pleased president patted her on the head and continued his tour.

        Last week, he was on the Mall again, this time with a different aide. Spotting the little girl in the same place, he nudged the aide and said, “Watch this.”

        Once again, he asked the girl what she had in the basket, and once again she revealed the litter of kittens. “Are they Democrats or Republicans,” he asked. “Republicans,” she replied.

        “But last week you said they were Democrats.”

        “Yes,” the little girl replied, “but now their eyes are open.”

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Cute story, Vigilant! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dave

    Right on Harold!! This woman is not only stupid, but like Obummer, she is a habitual liar. If she doesn’t get wiped out this coming election, somethings is truly incorrect.

    • alpha-lemming

      Like a gerrymandered “get out of jail free” card. Sadly, bad behavior by leftists only serves as a resume enhancement to the people who vote for them.

  • Fedup

    She IS stupid to think everyone else doesn’t see her and every other demoncrat as the liars are!

  • Wade

    When will they get this nut back on her meds.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Speaking of meds, maybe she could share some with biden!!!

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    I think it all hinges on what your definition of the word “is” is…

    • Big Woody

      Speaking of “IS”. “IS” that a stain on Debbie’s blue dress? Has she been to a consultation with Slick Willy trying to get Ol’ Bill’s take on how to sell this bull to the public? IS “wrong and false” the same as “IS and IS”? Yup, I do believe that is a stain on Debbie’s blue dress. There for a moment, I thought it might be a pin.

      • Vigilant

        And in the pocket you’ll find a wad of Bill’s.

      • Big Woody

        I do hope Vigilent is talking about money. I do not know how long a “wad” of Bill’s will stay fresh.

  • Don

    Get Her OUT!!! This is ridiculous!!!

  • BeenSmiling

    What Debbie? even my dog knows false is false and wrong is wrong. It’s beginning to show how your kind continue think that all of are stupid. If we go by your statement that your intel was wrong don’t you think it deserves a serious investigation? The subject is too sensitive and how in the world you came up with the video narrative, whoever from the intelligence group that provided the incorrect info needs to be shown the door.

  • Thomas

    What do people expect from this moron,she’d be better off answering questions like her
    boss at the debate,ah,duh,ah ah

  • Euclid

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is alone by definition in the universe. Why are the Democrats and progressive so fanatic about destroying this liberty, freedom and right to pursue happiness civilization? Are they unaware that they are destroying their own children and their progenitors existence from their distortions and pursuit of power for themselves?

    • eddie47d

      Foreign intervention is slowly destroying our liberties.Considering than Romney wants war with Iran and now Ryan implying that we should be militarily(troops) involved in Syria.The more wars we have the less “happiness” we achieve and the Republicans more than the Democrats are the ones pushing that involvement. Debbie is a very minor issue compared to the reckless adventures proposed by the Romney/Ryan team. So if you are really concerned about freedom then get your priorities straight.

      • Patriot1776

        So who exactly is the current Commander in Chief? Who has increased the number of troops in Afghanistan? Who is using executive orders to assasinate terrorist leaders by drones (which just may not be appreciated by the terrorist groups and may cause them to destroy US conselates and murder US embassadors)? Who has sent US troups into Jordan and North Africa? The democrats may rail against wars, yet they continue to support them with our troups and our tax dollars.

      • eddie47d

        Absolutely! There is little excuse for Democrat wars/ foreign actions anymore than the Republican ones. Now killing terrorists would mostly be a good thing as long as the targets are properly vetted. One mistake brings the wrath of the world down on us. The trick is to make sure these actions don’t come back and bite us. Neither party has done a very good job of thinking out the consequences. Whether in Iraq or Libya. Whether with the Patriot Act or NDAA.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You’re onto something, Patriot1776!!! They (the parties) SAY different things BUT they DO the SAME things!!!

      • Elton

        There is just no way to educate you is there. You are hopeless, just like the people you helped elect last time….

      • Frank Kahn

        I know it is impossible but wake up eddie, listen to what is important. If everything your leaders say is a lie then nothing they do is good. She lied this time, she lied about the booing at the convention. She lied about them removing God from their platform on purpose. SO IN CONCLUSION, NOTHING THEY SAY CAN BE BELIEVED BECAUSE THEY LIE TOO MUCH.

      • eddie47d

        Oh please Kublai Kahn stop pretending Republicans don’t lie. They also have lying on speed dial so stop defending them! Now go back to sleep you sheeple of convenience.

        • Frank Kahn

          The spelling of the Mongolian emperor was KHAN Kublai Khan not Kahn. If by misspelling it you were referring to a post of mine then this is my response. I have in no way said that Republicans dont lie. Nor would I support their lies. I also find it repulsive for people like you to simply try and change the subject by saying “well so and so did this so you are wrong”. A Republican lying does not lessen or change the fact that a Democrat lied. The reasons for the lies is what is most important. However, in the case of this blog’s topic, this particular lie is so blatant and stupidly contrived that it is worth discussing.

  • Richard Geik

    This woman is just like the rest of them, she is living in a fantasy world, she has been on TV so much and lies every time that not to many people even have her on. But then I have to remind my self Obama put her in as the chairwoman what a joke

  • duif100

    So DWS can lie all she wants and claim that it was not intentional so that it cannot be held against her?
    Most DEMs appear to have that same philosophy.

  • Michael S.

    When Americans wonder how things have gotten so bad all they need do is look at this moron as an example of who we elect to represent us. The crazy thing is that after proving their complete incompetence we reelect them. When you elect a stupid lying hypocrite and reelect them what do you think you’re telling them? You’re telling them that they can keep lying, keep stealing, keep being a hypocrite because it doesn’t matter.

    • Steve E

      You are also telling everyone when you vote for her that you are an idiot.

  • s mart pants

    South Florida sun has fried her brain , what little she has .

    • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      IF you took what little brain S-it for brains DWS has and combined it with S-it for brains BHOs brain you still would not have enough to smell.

      • http://None Sparky says

        The combination of DWS and BHO.are nothjing more than a crap recycling system.

      • eddie47d

        Is that like Bush and Rove working at the local Roter Rooter service? Now that was the sewer pits!

  • Jean

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you need to quit while you are behind. Your incredibly obvious hate comes through in your news media and think tank group bias to anybody criticising Obama or any of his Democratic “Minions” – you are one of them! Quit now, we are disgusted with you AND David Axelrod (two “fronts” for Obama’s lies and coverups). You do not really do your party justice! You border on extreme rudeness; like Joe Biden!

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    The old saw that, “You know she’s lying because her lips are moving.”, fits this woman to a tee. If she were my Representative to Congress, I would cringe every time she opened her mouth. I have to put up with the embarrassment of Chuck “The Tumor” Schumer and her Florida Districts get her. The Democrat party gets them both, which speaks volumes for that party where truth is only relative to whatever their objective is.

    • Democrap liar gene

      Great statement. Only in the Democrap Party is the truth, “relative.” They cannot help it, it’s a genetic flaw that makes someone choose the Democrap Party. Go to the dictionary and look up the C word, and there’s a picture of Debbie Dumb Dumb there.

  • braindeadus

    Every time this drag queen speaks her nose grows, and her hair changes.

  • Bev

    Yes she does resemble Medusa. Because there are so many snakes on her head their brains take over once in a while and Debbie does not know what she is saying. I guess I must’ve missed the class on pretzel logic, but then I never had Debbie as a teacher.

  • charles dillon

    why not just tell the american people what happened and let us decide what to think?

    • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      That’s the problem charles . . . most ‘rats do not know how to independently think so they have to be told what they think and the 0′bomb’s a-hole DWS is the spokesperson..Remember the badge of honor that some bimbo wore ar the DNC? C_NTS VOTE!. . . . DWS puts a face behind that 0′bomb campaign slogan.

      I would like to change the slogan to ONLY C_UNTS VOTE for obomba

    • T Murphy

      Because they don’t want us to pay attention and think. If the American people was paying attention and thinking, do you think we would be in the dire mess we are in today? We are losing our freedoms, our Constitution is being trampled under foot as if it is a piece of garbage and the government is doing things that is blatantly unconstitutional.

    • Ted Crawford

      The Progressives correctly understand their primary constituancy, Charles. Progressive voters fight to prove that they have earned the right to be included in that special category, created just for them by the Itialian Newspaper, L’Umanita!
      Joe Biden pointed that out during the debate last night. He declared that if Congress had allowed us a choice with 25% of our SS investments, as proposed by Bush, we would all now be in terrible shape with SS! Perhaps his constituance would be! During that time my Annuity, managed by the professionals, lost 66+%, my Ameritrade account, managed by me GAINED 1.3%.
      He also inplied that we, on our own, haven’t enough good sense to manage our Medicare! According to him we are far too foolish to be able to consult with our healthcare providers and other trusted sources, and design a healthcare plan that suited our individule needs, better we let the likes of Shultz, Gore, Biden, decide for us, FOR OUR OWN GOOD, of course!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Because obumass knows that he can’t tell the people that the neocons were setting him up!

  • Dhip

    Is it not interesting how democrats can give definition to a word that fits what they are saying or have said, changing the definition so it fits. Wasserman fits into the democrat party quite well. But then again, it depends upon what the word is is.

  • Don Foster

    Let’s face it, if you were the pres you would not want to be embroiled in an conflict 30 days before an election. Of course it was a coverup. ; (

  • carolyn marlin

    Is all DNC leaders/staff Chain’s children??? Does anyone think USA tax funds should be sent to muslim nation’s killing or running Christian/Jewish people out of all muslim nations????? Do you think only USA’S Chain’s children would send USA tax dollars to muslim’s nation’s for any reason???????????

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Huh? What are Chain’s children?!?

      • Vigilant

        I think she means Cain.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oooooooohhhhhhh! That never occurred to me. I still don’t understand.

  • Wyatt

    If this woman , the head of the Democratic Party is typical of the left wing mind then America is in deep DO DO ! I guess they can’t afford dictionaries at the DNC ( probably spent that money on drugs , or perhaps wasted it on Debbies hairdresser and make up artist . Really Debbie , you look like a twelve year old trying to look like a 22yr old Bette Midler . Even Bette left that look behind in 1980 . And I dare say , she was smarter than you back then

    • Ted Crawford

      She is such a busy woman she has little time for fixing a hair-do. She has an automotive battery charger she uses. She attaches the negative probe to her left ear and the positive to her right and cranks it over to the START setting, WA LA instant hair-do! Now she can spend her time on important things, like where is that darn front door and which of these ‘D’ settings on the gearshift lever is used for Highway driving!

    • John Woodbury

      Wyatt, we are in deep trouble, please, R-R is not my first pick but they are who I voted for. It may be too late, but we must try to save the country.

  • norml14u

    See why nothing gets done???? Romney accurately surmised what happened in Libya and the DemocRATS automatically had to tell us something else happened!! This is exactly the positiion that has gotten this country where we are now!!

    Vote all of them OUT!! and start fresh with representatives who understand that they are truly public servants not LAW MAKERS! Don’t make more laws, uphold our constitution and we’ll be just fine.

    • Paul Wells

      Well, Romney DID say “We own the government”. That was in response to 0′Blunder’s statement that we “all belong” to the government. It’s high time we as voters demand better government, because it IS our government, and not 0′dumber’s personal government made up of people who can’t get out of bed in the morning, unless the government has an order to do so.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        BOTH statements were truthful. romney said “WE own the government” because he’s one of them! obumass said “we belong to the government” because THEY think that we DO!!!

  • peter

    The woman should be certified and they call Sarah dumb! God help us all.

    • John Woodbury

      No, Peter why the left hates Sara with a passion is she is self made. She is not one of the “right sort” of people. Second she is Female, and all females belong to the Democrats. 3.They do not want people to hear her because she does not lie so she is not part of the game both parties play. This is the reason Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee.

  • pete0097

    It is amazing how stupid the democrats like Wasserman think we are. They don’t think that we can look at facts and deduce the obvious. I had no “intel” about the attacks on the embassies in the Middle East, but as soon as it happened, I knew it was an al Quaida attack. It was obvious. Now as President, obama has to say non-inflamatory things as part of his job and wait until he has hard proof to say the obvious and that is fine, but to continue the charade for several weeks is ridiculas. He should have told the truth within a couple of days. We would have supported him in that, but no, he thinks that it is better to blame some lame vidio about the pervert mohammad which only justifies to the muslims in the world that they are right. (capitals omitted to show disrespect)

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I leave out caps for the same reason!

      • Don

        Me Too !!

  • bob

    She apparently has been trained by the Master of the Meaning of Words, Mr. Bill Clinton

    • Paul Wells

      …brought to you by the word, “IS”.

  • jimmie smith

    Some people that I have come in contact with, have pointed out the similarities between ‘Watergate’ and ‘Libya’. The only real difference is, nobody died as the result of ‘Watergate’, and of course is not the out come in Libya. A far more egregious cover up, can we say ‘subterfuge’…

  • DAE

    Telling a lie
    telling a Wasserman
    are two ways of saying the same thing.

    • alpha-lemming

      Very good…!!! Getting a “Lewinsky” has found its way into the lexicon…. how far behind can takin’ a “Wasserman” be???

    • Vigilant

      I seem to recall from Biology class that the clinical procedure for determining the presence of syphilis was called the Wasserman Test.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ahahahahahahaha! I’d forgotten about that!

      • John Woodbury

        OH, S–t, you can get Syph from telling lies? Eddie, quick get to the Doctor.

  • Robert R. Moes

    Just pray to God about our unreal situation with Obama and Wasserman and the rest of this Administration…He’ll take of the rest…Uncle Bobby…

  • gunner689AI

    It’s rasy to see why this delusional moron is the head of the demorat party. Like Bubba, BO, Hillary the Hag and others of their ilk, she’s a classic example of leadership to the sheeple.

  • Gordon

    It’s good to know that Debbie’s logic exonerates W re: WMD.

  • Richard Oberst

    DAS is assuming that Americans are ignorant. False means untrue whether or not it was deliberate. So it was either deliberate in which case it was a lie or it was not a lie in which case it was through ignorance or incompetence. Eventually it became a lie as everyone knew the truth and so must they have known yet persisted in telling the American people that the attack was due to a video and not terrorism. This administration cannot be trusted by the American public

    • John Woodbury

      I don’t know Richard, I always carry a couple of RLs in my back seat. I put my 81 mm in my back pocket and the 105 mm in my trunk, you know just in case. But my back up is my trusty AK.

  • northbrook

    I certainly believe that she is both Dumb and a Liar.

  • Rennie

    “1984″ by George Orwell

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      whenever I see debbie wasserman schultz, I think I must be in room 101!

  • Rennie

    She is proof the brain eating amoeba in Florida water isn’t always fatal.

  • Ed Weber

    When you look up the definition of STUPID, it says to “see Wasserman Shultz”.

  • Chester

    Well, this sounds like the guy who called his bank to be sure a check would clear, wrote the check with the bank’s assurance it was good, then, three days later gets a bounce notice. It seems that between the time he called the bank and the check got there, another little charge that neither of them was aware of at the time he called came in and put his account below the value of the check. Now who lied, the man who wrote the check with the bank’s assurance it was good, or the bank who told him it would be good? I have my own opinion on this, but will leave it to all the brilliant idiots on here to figure out. Incidentally, do you want to hear about an attack as soon as possible after it happens, or a week or more later, when all the reports have filtered in and been read so you know who hit you and why?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Uh Chester, NO comparison! The FACTS in this case did NOT change!!! They were the same on day 1 as they are now!!! Only the reporting of the facts changed! There were NO outstanding checks!!!

    • Patriot1776

      To your first question, the correct answer is the man who wrote the check is at fault as he did not maintain his account balance accurately. The bank cannot be held accountable for knowing that there is another check in the system. It is the individual account holder’s responsibility.

      To your second, I prefer the hear about an attack as soon as possible. The only ones that weren’t apparently aware of the truth of the attack were the current administration, with obama being the last one to be made aware as he was still claiming the video was responsible weeks after the rest of the administration stated that “it was obviously a planned attack”. But, in his defense he was busy with his campaigning and doesn’t have time to waste on keeping up with the duties and responsibilities of being the leader of the greatest nation in the free world.

      • gunner689AI

        Since BO came into office he’s tripped all over himself to call terrorist attacks something other than what they are. What’s up with that ? Are they part of his foreign contributors ? Or is it that he might be compelled to acually do something ?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Haven’t you heard the latest? The White House is now saying that the administration KNEW! The only ones who didn’t know we’re obumass and biden! The LIES keep coming!!!

  • rendarsmith

    Yep, it’s all about the definitions…

  • Stephanie

    Nothing they say or do should shock anymore, but I say that it’s time that we all stand up and make this administration accountable, especially for this. Any other President would have been thrown out by now. American lives thrown away and Obama on down hiding the truth. Let not let them get away with this one like they have with “Fast and Furious”. Oh, If forgot, this is all Romneys fault…sickening just like Obama and his minions!

  • Jerry Morris

    The Obama adminstration jumped on the lybian attacks, with false/wrong statements early to bolster an agenda. Remember, their stratagy is, “never let a crises go to waste.” In this instance, there has been an ongoing project to make “insulting Islam” an internationally “unlawful” offense, via UN treaty.

    It’s no differnt than when there’s a mass shooting in this country. The Democrats jump right up and claim that “we need more control laws to prevent these attrocities”, before an investigation of such events can even be started. It doesn’t matter to THEM that almost all mass shootings occur where “restrictive gun control” is maxed out, in “Gun Free Zones”.

    It’s all about controling the narative, to the progressives, facts be damned.

  • michael

    what else would you expect from one of the biggest Obama-enablers and buffoons in government?

  • Sue

    Don’t ask W-S to define “What IS is”. The poor dear will be all day!

    Two weeks of hearing Rice, Clinton,Obum and others say it’s “A movie trailer”, and O taking it to the UN, mentioning just that 6 times in his speech, I have come to believe they have all had a brain transplant, with Mush being replaced for gray matter!!

    Worried about his re-election and his agenda to bring down the Colonial power, the U S, they did what they do best-LIE!!!!

    Would not be surprised they put our ambassador in the line of fire to make it possible to deliver the speech to the UN where O apologized for the ‘video’. Then the Muslims could call for a law banning worldwide any so-called blasphemy against a religion!!

    Well, count me in-Islam is not a peaceful religion-not all the atrocities they preach as being justified (against the hateful infidel) are in the koran, but in the habib. And yes, muhammed was a thug!!! So sue me!!!

    • eddie47d

      Okay suie suie suie… Did they learn that from the Christian Inquisitions?

      • nickkin

        No they learned it from the koran !!

  • Liberterian

    So true it is, politicians join the politicians club of deception, when they become part of Washington politics, no matter what label they bear. Every word and everything has double meanings. Every lie becomes someones definition of everyones own reality.

  • Cameron

    Hey, it all depends on what your definition of the word “is” is, right? Just another convenient way to lie like a dog. These SOB’s & B’s would rather climb a thorny locust tree & tell a lie than stand on the ground in the shade & tell the truth.
    “You’re a liar, Herman Schwartz.
    You say my baby’s steppin’ out.
    I hope the bedbugs eat your shorts,
    And your hair & teeth fall out.”
    Let’s put some honest-to-God MEN & WOMEN in positions of authority, instead of cowards who will lie to try to keep out of trouble

  • Tunaman


  • gary

    Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid,Holder and Schultz the moron brigade, or escaped mental patients from an insane asylum.

  • Patrick Murphy


  • auhunter

    Photo tag: OH my God! I didn’t mean to say that.

  • gunner689AI

    There was a news flash that their was a bombin in Kenya. Hope none of BO’s family was hurt.

  • Cameron

    For Alex Frazier: WAY TO GO!! You called a spade a spade w/o bothering w/Party affiliations. Basically the same thing I said in my newspaper column coming out next week. Forget Party lines & skin color & just look @ ALL the facts & then decide what’s what. I bet a dollar against a donut hole that Liberals can’t play w/o using the race card as trumps!

    • gunner689AI

      it’s only trump if we let it be trump. PC is BS

  • old goat

    Y’all just don’t know how it all works. Washerwoman just stuffs a finger in the light socket & zap her hair is done. A handful of Joe’s invigoration of meds & a weed or two & she’s whooped up & ready for anybody.

    If you doubt Joes invigoration, you’re missing the cure. Pay attention to the vp de-bait… If anyone can sit in a chair upright for an hour & half while someone else beats the crap out you, roll your eyes around, not swear, or get violent, and wear an ear to ear fecal grin all the while – you’re in ecstasy land or completely brain dead! (well, maybe both!)

  • old goat

    poking a stick at snakes is fun
    makes them too busy to bite!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    If / when Debbie Schultz gets voted out of office, with her confabulating and ability to outright lie she could make a fortune selling junker used cars!

  • Commiefornia

    So…what’s the definition of “bullsh*t”???

    • brazzos


  • brazzos

    Not that the supposed correspondents, like Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly know much better. And the poverbial big mouth Rush Limbaugh’s no rocket science either. But he is a presription pill adict, rush is. And they bad-mouth Wasserman. And the other airhead Ann (give me a big one) Colter, along with Michelle Bachman and airhead #1 Sarah Palin, do not fare much better.

    • gunner689AI

      You obviously lost your sense of reality and fantasy. A clue: (reality is the truth and fantasy is a lie) ; maybe a good therapist can help you with that concept.

  • John

    HELLOW America. What we are talking about here? Mrs.wASSerman or OB,Pelosi or any of them.Typical DemOcrats.What is the difference bet. them and Communists? There is no differ. They all want to bring America to the bottom! Just wait and you will see,OR wake up and protect our Constitution!

  • Frank

    The most successful trick of the Far Left is just keep talking they have many talking points and as long as they can keep talking you can confuse the people. Just keep repeating lies over and over.

  • Dad

    “I did not have sex with that woman.” … Slick Willie Clinton (impeached and disbarred)

  • Michelle La Seur

    Either you want transparency which will have the risk of error as intelligence understands unfolding events. It is NOT acceptable to present opinion as correct fact ie gays can be cured. Etc

  • Yochannah75

    It makes me sick everytime I remember she is in Florida. Unfortunately, she has a problem with the truth…..this is not the first time. Thank heavens it seems that Floridians are beginning to come around and lean toward Romny/Ryan. We were fortunate to get to see and hear Mitt when he came to Ormond Beach. He is wonderful in person…..and Ann is so special!

  • nickkin

    Blabbermouth Schultz has studied from the same word dictionary that Clinton studied. “what is the definition of it?” Blabbermouth Schultz has been home-schooled from watching PBS Big-Bird all of her life and is now ready in obtaining her masters in puppetry. She had advanced studies in “looney toons” and goofy is her hero. I understand that Mickey Mouse is very jealouse since she went color with obummer and many of the cartoon characters won’t vote for her again from their disney world base in Orlando when she comes up for election.

  • Steve Kttar

    Another example that this administration Does not know how to deal with the problems in the Middle East. President Obama needs to answer why there was not adequate security in place.

  • Steve Kattar

    Wasserman Schultz thinks Americans should always believe what the President says and is offended when we ask questions. She is a joke.


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