Washington’s Last Chance: Is It Time For A New Olive Branch Petition?


Yesterday, Americans celebrated the decision of the Nation’s Founding Fathers to declare independence from their oppressors in Great Britain. But celebrating Independence Day at a time when tyrannical creep from centralized government has made lack of freedom in the United States seem so painfully obvious likely feels a bit perverse to even the most patriotic Americans. That’s why a historical event that took place on this day a year earlier than the Declaration of Independence was born may make July 5 a date that Americans should note with more regard than the Fourth of July.

On July 5, 1775, the Second Continental Congress of the United States adopted John Dickenson’s Olive Branch petition, a document that declared the American colonists were willing to remain loyal to the British crown — but only on the condition that their rights were recognized by the royalty overseas.

Dickenson’s statement of opposition to British policy in the petition leaves no doubt that a final break with Britain, and the prospect of a resultant bloody revolution, was not the primary goal of Colonial leadership at the time.

One passage from the petition phrases the Colonial opposition in terms of apologetic necessity:

We shall decline the ungrateful task of describing the irksome variety of artifices practised by many of your Majestys ministers, the delusive pretences, fruitless terrors, and unavailing severities, that have from time to time been dealt out by them, in their attempts to execute this impolitic plan, or of traceing thro’ a series of years past the progress of the unhappy differences between Great Britain and these colonies which have flowed from this fatal source.

Your Majesty’s Ministers, persevering in their measures, and proceeding to open hostilities for enforcing them, have compelled us to arm in our own defence, and have engaged us in a controversy so peculiarly abhorrent to the affections of your still faithful Colonists, that when we consider whom we must oppose in this contest, and if it continues, what may be the consequences, our own particular misfortunes are accounted by us only as parts of our distress.

In essence, Dickenson was informing the king that it was not his policy that the Colonists opposed, but that of his ministers.

The Olive Branch petition was sent to King George III on July 8. And the crown’s unwillingness to receive the petition made very clear that he considered the will of his ministers and his own will one in the same.

Americans today could easily draw many comparisons between the Colonial America and Great Britain power struggle and that which is occurring between Federal and local governance in the Nation today. Instead of a far-removed royal order, modern Americans are subject to executive whim directed from Washington D.C., a place completely oblivious to Main Street, USA. There is no king directing ministerial dogsbodies to ensure that the will of the throne is realized. In today’s America, a Presidential Administration enlists the help of various Federally funded agencies to make its will reality:

  • An Internal Revenue Service to target political enemies.
  • A National Surveillance Agency to listen in on billions of daily conversations for evidence of subversion.
  • A Justice Department to prosecute any that dare veer away from the will of the Federal government.

Many Americans have become so disenfranchised by Federal supremacy that calls for Revolutionary action are pretty common, though the prospect of such would bring about only unthinkable bloodshed and pain for the American populace. And the Federal government has taken careful steps to ensure that no such action could ever present to an angry citizenry as a viable option for governmental reform. Contrarian actions like blowing the whistle on government wrongs or protesting the wrongs presented by whistle-blowers are potential markers of terroristic leanings.

The ever-expanding definition of “terror” has given Federal officials a means by which to justify mass surveillance and militaristic policing in the homeland. And any inclination of a popular movement away from lemming-like behavior is a potential catalyst for harsh government crackdown.

Americans today, no matter how angry they are at government, recognize the same harsh reality that confronted the men who so hoped the Olive Branch petition would help: This is no time for all out Revolution. The potential for death and tyrannical proliferation is far too real.

The time has come for a new Olive Branch, one written on behalf of the American everyman and addressed to the highest ranks in Washington. It should encourage the Nation’s leadership to restore the Constitutional rights of every American citizen, to operate only within its original Constitutional confines and to put the Nation back on the path blazed by the Nation’s original leadership.

If Washington, like King George, refuses to accept the terms of the people, those who wish to remain on the right side of history will be left with few options. And they will be forced to decide: Is the America as envisioned by the Founding Fathers to forever perish? Or, to borrow from Thomas Jefferson, will the tree of liberty be again refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants?

Personal Liberty

Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • bobwhite

    This was an excellent and a most thought provoking article. I was educated by reading this article. I had never heard of the “Olive Branch Petition”. Alas, that petition had no effect on King George lll and I’m positive it would have no effect on King Putt. Obama’s thirst for absolute power is to great. We are rapidly running out of options.

    • mari

      His thirst for power is great and unrelenting. He has so many irons in the fire that it is hard to keep up with all the ways he is undermining the constitution.

      • JRR

        It’s hard for us to keep up with it, too, which is the real intention.

        We should take a page from law students’ study strategies: Assign a group to watch what Obama does, and a group to watch what each of his czars does, and a group to watch .. well, you get the drift. The groups “meet” (by phone, probably) and report to each other regularly.

        That’s the only way to keep up with more information than is possible for each individual.

        • mari

          This is a good idea. I am not a good researcher, but I am handy at compiling, organizing, and cross-referencing the information once it’s researched.

  • Ranchman

    I say we refresh the tree! Seriously, does anyone still think that this govt, especially the administration of one Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro/Harrison J. Brounel, with all of his fraud, murder, and un-Constitutional actions, will ever peacefully listen to and obey the will of the American people? If so, you haven’t been paying attention! Obama is hellbent on destroying this great nation, and if we don’t rise up and unite against him and his minions very, very soon, it will be a once great nation. I am truly afraid that his endgame is going to start real soon.

    • Vis Fac

      I’m prepared are any of the rest of you?

    • vicki

      I don’t really want him to obey the will of the American people unless it is their will that he follow the constitution. Judging from the votes and the videos of his supporters he IS following the will of a majority.

    • Daniel

      Mr Obama was voted into office by a majority of Americans. That is how the constitution works. If you do not like the man follow the constitution and do not vote for him. You want it both ways. You talk about the constitution but when the result is not something you like you want to throw out the constitutional results – i.e. an ultra liberal, socialist leader. You are not against Obama – you are against the majority of Americans who democratically elected him. Obama is the symptom of a much deeper problem in our society. Getting rid of Obama or Washington despots of any kind by any means outside of the constitution will not solve the problem. People today do not buy into the values that created the constitution. Self reliance and independence have slipped through the cracks and socialism has become the order of the day. The majority of Americans voted for Obama because he is a socialist. How do you change that problem? People do not believe in themselves. They only believe in big brother. He will save us from destruction. I don’t think so. This is not a case where Obama has forced his will on unwilling subjects. He is simply doing what he was voted into office to do. He is a central planner – and probably would be happy if there were no states at all. I believe the real cancer goes back to the war between the states. Slavery was wrong and immoral but the path by which we chose to correct this gross injustice led to centralized government. We destroyed the meaning of the constitution long ago. The consequences are now just catching up to us. The chickens have come home to roost! We once set aside the sovereignty of the states in order to correct an injustice that was not being addressed. On the other hand perhaps it was this injustice which fundamentally undermined the rationale behind the Declaration of Independence. Not all men were created equal and therefore our acceptance of slavery nullified the very foundations upon which the constitution was built. The sins of our fathers are being visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations. We are reaping the consequences of our own making. That is the tragedy of the civil war and the tragedy of our nation today. We believed freedom was a God given right but as slavery crept into our society it destroyed the meaning of our rebel birthright. Obama was our chance to correct this inequity – to recognize our hypocrisy. We are now repeating the same mistake which Lincoln made long ago. The same civil war is being fought to this day in order to correct the “social” inequities found within our great country. Washington wields the power to destroy our resistance to these changes and the betterment of society. Oddly enough, it may not be the social issues of the civil war or modern day civil rights that truly motivate the politicians. The POWER to do these things may be more important than the issues behind which they rally. The founding fathers knew the dangers of POWER inherent in the political process. Corruption is at the core of every man’s heart. We are indeed rebels of the worse kind. We are after all, the children of one man and woman. Neither one of them, I recall, were saints. Federalism is dangerous and always has been. We must teach that to our children. They must believe it. Only then will men and women like Obama be capable of good leadership. They can only exercise the power that the people have given them. The politicians in Washington live for the circus and the bread. We buy the tickets and join in the parade. We believe the “lie” more than we want to believe in the truth. The great leaders live in small places where creeks become streams and streams become rivers. They are honest, they are simple and they are larger than life. I know one personally, from Cowpens, Alabama. You may know her too. She taught me everything I know. Well, almost everything. Don’t worry too much about Obama. Just stick to your guns and your Bible. There’s a lot of truth in both of them!

      • Justsomeguy151

        Obumma stole that election against an equally corrupt Bankster puppet. Agreed tho, Obumma is a symptom, NOT the cause of all this evil and statism. But every president has been since JFK wouldn’t follow their orders.

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Rolley, you chose as your example the Neville Chamberlain of the 18th century. No one did more to oppose American independence than did John Dickenson.

    In 1776, he refused to either vote on or sign the Declaration of Independence. In short, he was a cowardly appeaser.

    • TIME

      Dear Vig,

      I believe that Mr. Dickenson was a Quaker, was he not?

      Known any Quakers? They don’t believe in war, nor aggression, thus the idea that many Americans as well British would be killed was his prime motivator for his behavior.

      One can agree to disagree, but in his own way he was also just much an American as anyone else. He just held a different view.

      Peace and Love.

      • Vigilant

        Benjamin Franklin was also a Quaker, and as a practical man had no qualms in pledging his life, fortune and sacred honor for the cause.

        I revise my statement. Dickenson was worse than Chamberlain because we were already in a de facto state of war with England. By July of 1776 Lexington and Concord were already over a year old. Britain had seized and closed the port of Boston, and the Battle of Bunker Hill had already taken place.

        Loyalists and British had already been routed in other areas, and Arnold/Allen had seized Fort Ticonderoga. The British were in Halifax planning to invade New York City.

        Doesn’t matter to me whether Dickenson was a Quaker or member of the Church of What’s Happening Now, he was a coward and an appeaser. When people talk about Founding Fathers, Dickenson’s name does not come up.

        • JRR


        • TIME

          Dear Vig,

          Please note that Franklin also never expressed his “Opinions.” Nor did he follow his Quaker roots.

          What he said about Dickenson is this based on fact.
          “Mr. Dickenson is an Honest man of Honor.”

          Be that as it may I failed to say that I agreed with Mr. Dickenson.
          I quite well understand that no matter what; Man is prone to do ill will – its in the DNA.

          By the way on a side note, oddly the DNA issue is the very argument used by the NWO folks want to do away with Humans? “BAD DNA.”
          Now is that an odd paradox ~ Don’t you think.

          Peace and Love

      • JRR

        There is a difference between offering oneself up as some kind of sacrifice, and forcing others to become sacrifices.

        And now, for our times: Should we have a collapse of the country, PLEASE all Patriots remember who caused the collapse and do not help them to survive to cause another collapse by giving them food, shelter, etc. If you are in a position to help anyone, help only those who did not cause the collapse, and are thus less likely to help the cause of those who wish to bring about another collapse.

        • TIME

          Dear JRR,

          I agree with you in principal we should not aid the ones who have caused the events that are about to unfold.

          May God Bless the American people in the coming unfolding, may the American people receive guidance from GOD after they repent their wrong doing.
          If the American people fail that task, then we will fall into the same abyss as the evil ones.

          Peace and Love

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What was that human vegetable doing in politics?

  • RB

    And does anyone really think that the shortage of ammunition in this country is accidental? Does anyone really think there is no reason in particular the Feds are buying up so much common ammo that even police departments are having a difficult time getting ammo for themselves?

    • Mr Diesel

      The only reason there is a shortage of ammo is because people are buying it all, not the government. There is only so much produced and it isn’t enough to keep up with the demand. Although there are some large contracts out there they are multi-year contracts that do not take delivery of hundreds of millions of rounds all at once.

      It only takes every gun owner buying a few boxes more to deplete the entire supply.

      • Sentinel

        Why did the TSA buy 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo??
        Why does the Social Security Admin. need 200,000 rounds of ammo??? This FACT came out in April 2013.

        • Vis Fac

          Because they are ODUMBO’S new SS who plan to swarm individuals they deem to be “terrorists”. Anyone who believes in less government, the Constitution (Bill of Rights especially the 2nd Amendment), the Tea Party Movement, rule of law, or resists government policy is labeled a terrorist. They (DHS IRS NSA etc.) like the police (who are not liable to protect us) will swarm an individual or small group and enforce their will at gunpoint. That’s how to control the people by intimidation. If enough people resist and a few of them die they might think twice prior to invading OUR sanctity or suppress OUR liberty.

      • grassroot

        But this does not take into account the massive

        amts. that were bought by HMS. the IRS, etc.
        This is what triggered the buying of ammo by the populous, seeing what was being done by our
        ” leaders.”

      • Justsomeguy151

        You are delusional. The ONLY reason people started arming themselves is because Obumma was using the false flag at Sandy Hoax as a pretext to rob us while hypocritically having the illegal unConstitutional DHS but BILLIONS of hollow point bullets and giving high powered automatic weapons to a ruthless Mexican drug cartels…WITHOUT “mandatory background checks”.

  • boyscout

    So it seems that the closer we approach thoughts of sedition the more feasible a solution to the corruption in DC appears. And, electing the scoundrels out of office is a farcical suggestion at best; the questions remains: who will stand with whom? is there not one other option? does a citizenry asleep even care enough not to let freedom fizzle and die?

    • Vis Fac

      Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. Ronald Reagan —
      It is painfully obvious that today’s generation has dropped the ball the citizenry is content with the “status quo” and are content with free cell phones, welfare, food stamps, and disability as well as anything that does not involve work or responsibility; therefore due to apathy and indolence the USA is doomed! If we stay the course as we are by 2020 the USA will cease to exist.

      • JRR

        I suspect that this agenda is the very reason that so many primitive, uncivilized people have been brought (and allowed) into this country.

  • James Collins

    If we descend into revolutionary war again or maybe I should say civil war, the only hope the people have of success is if the military joins us instead of our government. The very least we can expect from the military is to not back the government. They have all the technology and the weapons of mass destruction.The people have only rifles and shotguns and maybe a few automatic weapons.

    • JRR

      The government doesn’t need our military; they are bringing in the Russian military. This is apparently how they plan to get around the reticence of our military firing on its own people.

      • Jacob

        NATO, mainly Canada, and British troops are bound by treaty to intervene in the case of Martial Law due to insurrection.

        • Vigilant

          I’m not aware that the NATO charter allows anything of that nature. Please cite your source for that assertion.

          • Jacob

            Article 5 would be invoked by the United States Federal government if there were mass insurrection. We would most definitely see NATO troops. Only reason I pointed out Canada and the UK is because they have been long time allies.

          • Vigilant

            Article 5 does not apply to anything other than attacks from abroad.

          • Jacob

            It applies to attacks in general. It could easily be construed into reason to support a totalitarian regime.

          • Vigilant

            I worked for NATO for 14 years. Article 5 is the article outlining the concept of individual and collective self defense. An attack on one is an attack on all.

            It does NOT apply to domestic turmoil within the sovereign borders of a nation.

  • JRR

    Good luck with “encouraging” Washington to do the right, decent, honest thing. If I were a betting person, I’d be betting that it will never happen.

    • Justsomeguy151

      It would mean they’d have to arrest themselves for treason.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    Sam, I would very much like to see the current situation corrected without violence, but that seems increasingly unlikely.

    Bumbling bureaucrats ordered the once-independent EU nations to stop the airplane on which Edward Snowden might have been riding yesterday.

    They thus confirmed the very information they were desperately trying to hide:

    A tyrannical one-world government now controls the entire globe, and all of the puppets that have been parading as leaders of independent nations, including our own President Obama !

    What a sad, sad way to celebrate the birth of this nation 237 years ago.

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    PS – I will post on my web page later today a list of the deceased heroes and eternal experimental observations that have revealed our relationship to the Creator of every atom, live and world in the Solar System – the Sun’s pulsar core: http://omanuel.wordpress.com/

  • http://betamaxmas.com/ Major Domo

    Vote Rand Paul in 2016 if we make it that far without becoming a dictatorship.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    This columnist is leaving out some realities that virtually render his column to be meaningless. There are foreign UN troops already on American soil to be employed when there is martial law here. The Russians and Chinese armies will invade Amerika when martial law is established during the instability of civil war. The DHS by then will have already deployed their assassination squads in all major Amerikan cities to take out police chiefs, mayors, aldermen, county commissioners, governors, congressmen, senators, State militia officers, national guard officers and anybody else they deem capable of organizing resistance. They will almost assuredly have already unplugged or highly regulated the internet by this time to eliminate our ability to organize resistance. This will be the first of many purges. The Russian and Chinese armies will saturate the Amerikan mainland with nuclear bombardment before they even invade at all. Obama has already removed much of our nuclear defenses against a nuclear attack from the south of our country. uThis suicidal insanity that noone is talking about. Obama’s making it a cakewalk for our invaders. After this saturation bombing which will kill millions, they will send their troops in for mop-up operations regardless of the radiation hazards this imposes on their troops. Troops in the Russian and Chinese armies are widely perceived as expendable.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis

      It is also Obama’s desire to eliminate most of our nuclear arsenal. GEE, I WONDER WHY?!?