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Washington State Gun Bill Contains Home Inspection Provision

February 20, 2013 by  

Washington State Gun Bill Contains Home Inspection Provision
A Washington State bill would allow sheriffs to conduct home inspections once per year to ensure gun owners are “safely and securely” storing their “assault weapon.”

Gun grabbers love to denigrate 2nd Amendment supporters by claiming their fear that registration leads to confiscation is hyperbole or simple nuttery. And then there is Washington Senate Bill 5737, an “assault weapons” ban introduced last week.

“They (gun grabbers) always say, ‘We’ll never go house-to-house to take your guns away.’ But then you see this, and you have to wonder,” said Lance Palmer, a Seattle trial lawyer and self-described liberal.

The “this” he’s referencing is a provision in the bill that would allow sheriffs to conduct home inspections once per year to ensure gun owners are “safely and securely” storing their “assault weapon.”

With the bill, Washington joins the parade of States competing in the biggest gun nanny contest. But clearly, the home inspection issue gives Washington a leg up.

“I’m a liberal Democrat — I’ve voted for only one Republican in my life,” Palmer told The Seattle Times. “But now I understand why my right-wing opponents worry about having to fight a government takeover.”

When called on the home inspection provision, the bill’s sponsors, Senators Adam Kline and Ed Murray, claimed to be surprised that the provision was in there.

Kline claimed not to have read the eight-page bill closely enough.

“I made a mistake. I frankly should have vetted this more closely,” he said.

Murray said, “I have to admit that shouldn’t be in there.” He admitted such a provision would probably be unConstitutional.

He then said an “assault weapons” ban has little chance of passing anyway, so he put in this bill more as “a general statement, as a guiding light of where we need to go.”

This bill makes it clear that if gun grabbers are willing to try to sneak a provision through that calls for inspection, which requires a registry, the natural next step is confiscation for those who don’t meet the arbitrary definition of “safely and securely” storing those weapons.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • CZ52

    This year they would only want to inspect. Next year they would decide to ban one or more of the guns you own and the inspection would include confiscation.

    • Vicki

      So they not only want to violate the 2nd amendment, they want to violate the 4th as well?

      We need to tell them that


      STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few.

      STOP IT

      And if we looked at JUST the state of Washington we would find a similar statistic. A REALLY large number of law abiding citizens and a VERY few that commit crimes.

      • John Woodbury

        Yes Vicki, there is a liberal waiting to grab your gun. Will it help, sadly no. Look at Australia, the kept inching towards total confiscation and now it has happened. Are people safer down under? Sadly, no. Crime has shot up everywhere, every category. For some reason Criminals do not turn in weapons. ,

      • rendarsmith

        The best thing we could possibly do is take the guns away from only the criminals. We try to do that, but for some reason the criminals will not cooperate. The gun-grabbing scheme will do the opposite.

      • Robert Smith

        Vicki claims: “A REALLY large number of law abiding citizens and a VERY few that commit crimes.”

        Unless you are a young woman who got pregnant and doesn’t want to continue. Then Vicki calls her a “murderer.”


      • S.C.Murf

        R.S. which should be B.S. it is murder just ask your Master and Creator our heavenly Father God or do you consider yourself to be god like (puts you in the same boat as Big K)

        up the hill

      • eddie47d

        Vicki has her comment on speed dial and posts it often. Yes Vicki the majority of gun owners are responsible law abiding citizens. WE KNOW THAT just like the majority of car owners are responsible and respectful drivers. There are laws governing cars and even inspections in some states. There are rules of the road and rules for gun ownership. There are enough reckless drivers to make those laws valid for everyone even the good drivers. The same for any gun owner who wants to own that tool.Those few bad drivers effect everyone from insurance rates to hospital costs. The few bad gun owners cause some of the same problems no matter how many gun owners are good. To borrow your words and shouting to do it: STOP IT STOP IT NOW!

      • WILDFIRE

        @eddie -the difference between guns and driving – Driving is a “privilege” given by the State in which you live in, it is not a right. Your driving privileges can be revoked if abused. However, bearing arms is not a privilege, it is a right. One that cannot be revoked or infringed. Though they slowly keep revoking and infringing on various people’s rights a little at a time starting with anyone with a felony has become infringable according to the laws they have created so far. They have gotten away with that infringement so they will push it a bit further this year and then a little more next year or in a few years to the point that no one will qualify and everyone will be infringed regardless of their record or social status.

      • WILDFIRE

        show me where driving privileges are guaranteed in the bill of rights or our constitution? and show me where it states in those or any documents where driving privileges cannot be infringed by any government body. Your comapring apples to oranges when trying to argue that rules for driving there by must be rules for gun ownership. Privileges and rights are completely different

      • eddie47d

        Cars and driving are brought up from those on the right all the time in comparisons Wildfire. The Constitution was written by men who were fallible just like you and I . They are rights to live by indeed but open to interpretation. Naturally driving privileges aren’t in the Constitution but neither are assault type weapons or pipe bombs.

      • Dennis48e

        “Naturally driving privileges aren’t in the Constitution …”

        That is true eddie however I have yet to find where in the constitution it mentions any form of transportation as being a right. Nowhere does it mention a “right to ride horses” nowhere does it mention a “right to ride in a carrage” nowhere does it mention a “right to own a wagon or other form of transportation”. The constitutipon specificaly mentions the right to own and carry firearms.

      • Robert Smith

        From wildire: “Privileges and rights are completely different”

        Yup, but rules, be they common sense safety rules or legislated rules are the same.

        BTW, telling a crook he can’t have a gun is a good thing.

        Also, I’m an advocate that after some period of time for most crimes if a person can demonstrate that they have become a responsible citizen they should have their full rights and privelages restored.

        But until such a review is in place I don’t want those defined as criminals to have guns.


      • vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “BTW, telling a crook he can’t have a gun is a good thing.”

        And could you tell us exactly why a crook should care?

      • vicki

        Dennis48e says:
        ” eddie47d:“Naturally driving privileges aren’t in the Constitution …”

        That is true eddie however ”

        They are not there because driving is a right, not a privilege. When you realize that it is a right you find it under Amendment 9.

      • WILDFIRE

        vicki says:
        Dennis48e says:
        ” eddie47d:“Naturally driving privileges aren’t in the Constitution …”

        That is true eddie however ”

        They are not there because driving is a right, not a privilege. When you realize that it is a right you find it under Amendment 9.

        @Vicki – I think you are confusing rights and privileges – Driving is a privilege. You have to pass a written and driving test in order demonstrate that you can control and maintain control of the vehicle before you are given the “privilege” to operate legally, and there by if you violate the rules and laws then your driving privileges can be revoked. However, to travel freely within the US is a “RIGHT” providing you are not convicted of a crime or on probation upon due process taking place. Amendment 9 as you offered would cover your “right to travel” but not drive. You can travel without restriction via passenger, bus, plane, train, boat or sneakers. But if you want to travel as a driver, then you must first earn and procure your drivers license.

        being a parent is a right which would fall under Amend. 9, you don’t have to have any level of training or education or experience to be a parent. Anyone has that right to procreate unfortunately.

        Unfortunately, anyone can vote with or without any level of education at all, with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the government, its history, its functions, its constitution because it is a right not a privilege.

        But your impression that driving is a right not a privilege is inaccurate.

        you have:

        “driving privileges” and / or the “right to travel freely” but that right doesn’t guarantee you the privilege to drive unless you are trained to operate the vehicle intended to operate.

      • Vicki

        WILDFIRE says:
        “@Vicki – I think you are confusing rights and privileges – Driving is a privilege.”

        I’m not in the least bit confused. However can you show me anywhere in any state Constitution or in the US Constitution where we, the people delegated to government the authority to grant a privilege called “driving” or similar?

        - WILDFIRE: “you have: “driving privileges” and / or the “right to travel freely” but that right doesn’t guarantee you the privilege to drive unless you are trained to operate the vehicle intended to operate.”

        So lets ask a set of questions. You say you have the right to travel freely (ignoring air travel for the moment). If that is so do you then have the right to go from your house to that of a friend say a mile away?

      • WILDFIRE

        Vicki says:
        I’m not in the least bit confused. However can you show me anywhere in any state Constitution or in the US Constitution where we, the people delegated to government the authority to grant a privilege called “driving” or similar?

        Vicki says -
        So lets ask a set of questions. You say you have the right to travel freely (ignoring air travel for the moment). If that is so do you then have the right to go from your house to that of a friend say a mile away?

        @Vicki – I don’t think I can explain any clearer than I have attempted previously. To answer you question or the example you set out with. The answer is: Yes, you have the right to go to your friends house a mile away or 3000 miles away. That is your “right to travel freely”. Anyone, (unless imprisoned or under a court order) has the RIGHT to travel freely within the boundaries of the US freely. Definition: moving from one point to another point without restriction = traveling freely. The discrepancy if you will, comes when talking about in which method of transportation is used to move from point A to point B.

        We have established that anyone can travel freely without restriction, however by which mode of travel will be used is in question.

        lets use your above example of your house to your friends house. You have the right to travel to your friends house, you can choose the method by which you choose to travel to your friends house either by walking, or take a bus, train, even a bicycle, even a car as long as you are a passenger. If you want to drive a car there and sit in the driver seat, then you must first procure a driver license by taking a written test and a DMV observed driving test and pass both before you are given the privilege to drive in the form of a license. If you fail the driving test and they don’t give you your license, do you protest claiming it is your right to have it regardless if you past the test? If driving is a right, then no test can or should be administered, because regardless of the outcome of the test pass or fail they would have to give you a driver license because it is your RIGHT! Correct?

        Lets try these examples again: Do you have to take a test or procure a license to procreate to become a parent? No, because it is your right

        Do you have to take a test or procure a license to vote by taking some test and pass it before you can vote? No, because it is a right

        I really don’t know how I can reword any of what I have stated to perhaps clearify in a matter to make it clearer.

        Maybe you could call your DMV and ask them if driving in what ever you State you are in a a right or a privilege. Call like 3 different DMV and see if you get all the same answer or perhaps call a DMV, a sheriff, and a State Patrol office and ask them all the same question and see what they say, and if they tell you the same as what I’m trying to explain.

      • Vicki

        WILDFIRE writes:
        “Anyone, (unless imprisoned or under a court order) has the RIGHT to travel freely within the boundaries of the US.”

        Agreed. Now do you have the right to own property?

      • WILDFIRE

        Vicki says:
        WILDFIRE writes:
        “Anyone, (unless imprisoned or under a court order) has the RIGHT to travel freely within the boundaries of the US.”

        Agreed. Now do you have the right to own property?

        Of course, you have a right to own property. (Assuming your talking about land) It does not require training or testing to own property, just money to purchase and/or maintain. As long as a person pays the taxes and maintains the property so as to not become a public safety issue. Would likely fall under the 14th Amendment and perhaps the 9th Amendment if argued per say in a Court.

        You have the right to own a vehicle as property without procurement of a drivers license, however, you don’t have the right to operate that vehicle on public roadways until you have procured driving privileges. You can drive it around on private property such as farm without a drivers license.

        But when it comes to property ownership in this Country. It really doesn’t require an argument of a constitutional right as a citizen, because we sell our property to foreigners as long as they have the money to purchase and maintain the properties. I believe that holds true for all States. It is not required to have citizenship or permanent residence status of this Country to own property either commercial or private. Many foreigners own business as well as private property in this Country and do not reside in this Country.

        Unlike Countries for example like, Thailand, were a foreigner can not hold more than a 49% interest in property. A citizen must have at least 51% interest in all property. A foreigner can own and can build a business in Thailand but the land it sits on must be owned by a citizen of Thailand. This is as of at least (2006) As a farang, you can lease the land and build a business.

        Philippines and Taiwan, similar condition. A foreigner cannot own 100% of land unless he is married to or has ties to a Filipino citizen. A foreigner can own a 100% interest in a condo without ties, but not residential property and house.

        Personally, I think the US should have similar laws. The Chinese and Japanese own large portions of American real estate and don’t even reside in this Country.

      • WILDFIRE

        Country such as Taiwan, property ownership is different than here in America. For example: the building is separate from the land. A Taiwanese buys a home and leases the land it sits on from perhaps a different owner. So even if the house is paid off, there is still a lease on the land by which house sits, unless you can negate a purchase deal with the land owner to purchase the land as well. So John smith can own the house, and John Q owns the land the house sits on. Unlike here in America, when you buy property, you own the land plus any structures on the land including the mineral rights in most cases.

      • Vicki

        WILDFIRE says:
        “Vicki says:
        WILDFIRE writes:
        “Anyone, (unless imprisoned or under a court order) has the RIGHT to travel freely within the boundaries of the US.”

        Agreed. Now do you have the right to own property?”

        Of course, you have a right to own property. (Assuming your talking about land)”

        I meant any property but in particular personal property..

        Next question. Do you have the right to take that property from your house to that of your friend?

    • Don 2


      • eddie47d

        That may be true but some gun owners like the Taliban do enslave the populace . It depends on how far you think your rights are more important than others.

      • Don 2

        Thanks for making my point for me.

        Power kills, absolute Power kills absolutely.The more power a government has, the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects.

        The more constrained the power of government, the more it is diffused, checked and balanced, the less it will aggress on others and commit democide.

        Democide: Total murders by governments 1900 – 1999 = 174,000,000.

      • eddie47d

        The point is Don that the Taliban runs the country not the government. That is something those on the right continually ask for in this country. They are always asking for citizens to dismiss the government and set up their own laws. Laws that alot of Americans don’t approve of but that is another story for another day.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d did rather prove your point Don 2. I wonder if that was accidental.

  • dan

    I’m not looking for trouble …but I’m ready for it if it comes poking around.

  • Fedup

    Senator Kline, you are just one more Lying Damn Democrat; you worthless bastards are all alike!


      Let me ask you if a collapse come about and riots and chaos or even a revolution come over the Country. Who would be considered your targeted enemy? Furthermore, how would you know or distinguish who is your enemy? – curious -

      • Robert Smith

        Why Wildfire, it’s easy… We’ll look at who you are pointing at as “the enemy” and not shoot them.


      • cawmun cents

        “He that tries to take by force my liberties,to attempt steal away my freedoms,to subvert my God given rights for his undeclared purposes,that person is my enemy,even if he falsely claims to be my friend.”-CC.

  • Rob

    Don’t you know that you have to pass the bill so we will know what is in it? I thought that Nanny P. made that clear with unaffordable health care act.

  • http://google gary gerke

    Drones coming soon to your city, FEMA camps ready and waiting, some already being manned. Get ready for the sh-t to hit the fan!

    • rendarsmith

      I’ve heard about the FEMA camps. My quesiton is, why have them? Wouldn’t it make more sense and be more economical to just kill those who oppose you?

      • ibcamn

        Really?didn’t you hear Obama’s speech?he’s calling them think tank camps!he thinks technology will move forward through collective groups working together to come up with new tech for the country!the gov’t needs labor camps to produce what the NWO needs,slave labor,your whole family can be with you and everything!

      • Robert Smith

        Hey rendar why are you offering an outright lie with your iimplication?

        For the truth and a demonstration of how the falsehoods have been spread check out:


      • eddie47d

        Robert; You really think Rendarsmith and others really want to know the truth. They’ve been spreading these lies about FEMA camps for so long they are ingrained like a tattoo on their minds. Its like the one about UN vehicles lined up on runways in America which was no more than a photo shopped hoax. They believe everything like good little sheep because that is what they are told.

        • http://google gary gerke

          You are so naive and blind to what is really happening in Amerika today. Many people have documented the FEMA camps across the nation on video along with local residents comments. I’m really sorry for you!

      • WILDFIRE

        @Robert – I’ve listened to a ton of your BS on these post’s for a long period of time of trying to distract and divert and spin and distort truths with seldom any creditable form of proof to back it up except from some blog by which the editor is just as misinformed and confused as you are.

        Educate yourself on issues such as “REX84″ – Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be “national security threats”, in the event that the President declares a “State of National Emergency”. (this is simply a wikipedia discription of rex84, but there is tons of information about it around the internet in search engines)

        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 ( 27 F.R. 1527 ) allows Secretary of Transportation to take over ALL modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports. It also gives the Secretary of Commerce full control of the production and distribution of ALL construction materials, gas, oil, and power as well as ALL civilian, private aviation facilities, highways and seaports.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 ( 27 F.R. 1519 ) allows the government to seize and control the communication media. It establishes the Telecommunications Management Agency that provides for the “takeover” of ALL communications media in the United States. This includes broadcast and cable television, ALL radio stations, ALL satellite earth stations and satellites and ALL telephone companies and telephone systems in the United States.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 ( 27 F.R. 1522 ) allows the government to take over ALL electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 ( 27 F.R. 1524 ) allows the Secretary of Agriculture to take over ALL food resources and farms and farm equipment. This means that all privately owned farmland and food resources will be commandeered by the Federal Government, together with all farm implements and equipment used to work this land. ALL will become the property of the Federal Government.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 ( 27 F.R. 1532 ) allows the Secretary of Labor to “mobilize” civilians into work brigades under government supervision. That’s right, every working American will be under the direct supervision of the Federal Government.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 ( 27 F.R. 1534 ) allows the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare to control ALL health services, doctors, hospitals, etc., ALL welfare services and All educational programs and facilities, public and private.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 ( 27 F.R. 1539 ) designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of ALL persons in the United States.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 ( 27 F.R. 1540 ) empowers the Federal Aviation Administration to take over ALL airports and commandeer ALL aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 ( 27 F.R. 1542 ) establishes the authority for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to take control of ALL housing, lodging and community facilities in the United States.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 ( 27 F.R. 1544 ) empowers the Interstate Commerce Commission to take over ALL railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 ( 27 F.R. 1688 ) specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international or domestic tensions and economic or financial crisis.
        *EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 ( 32 F.R. 12877 ) directs the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in All Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate ALL penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

        Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969)
        EO’s 11128-11451
        John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)
        EO’s 10914-11127

        However, many of Obama’s EO’s he has so liberally used thus far has re-affirmed those EO’s and further created restriction and power over the people, resources and Nation.
        Barack Obama (2009-Present)
        EO’s 13489 – 13632

        (click link below)Here is a list of all the EO’s dated back to 1929 – From the government archives website.

        You can view all the executive orders on this sight and read them in their entirety.

        FEMA camps have been created decades ago, but they have increased activities these past years never seen before. We have non law enforcement agencies that have been stocking up on munitions by the billions with hollow point ammunition which is designed to be a one shot kill munition. Munitions by which are illegal according to the “Geneva Conventions law of war”. DHS, EPA, USDA, TSA, CIA, NSA and so on stockpiling billions of hollow point when there is a mere 311 million humans in America. They have enough ammo the shoot each and every person in this Country at least 6-10 times to where just one hollow point can kill.

        Are they preparing these weapons and placing these laws to prepare for a massive foreign invasion? if so, by whom? When you have a president that suggests that he single handedly killed Osama bin laden and ended terrorism. Why the need for all the sudden expansions and developments of these FEMA camps and stockpiling of illegal munitions by international law, and affirmation of all the past EO’s that seize and take control of all food, energy, communications and so on along with Obama’s expansion on those controls to implement drone surveillance on Americans along with invading their privacy not only by video but also by phone, email and so with no recourse or warrants needed and EO’s that allow him to further remove our 1rst Amendment rights, our Miranda rights, rights to due process and impose indefinite detentions without charge of any crime or any unlawful act, upto and even execution without trial with a jury or due process.

        Obama says Iran is not a threat with their nuclear program, yet here we are with N. Korea now threatening S. Korea with “final destruction” and Iran threatening “Israel” with complete destruction. If Obama has no concern with little puke countries like N. Korea and Iran having nukes, then why is he working feverishly to gain and maintain superiority of air, food, communications, energy resources, all forms of transportation and private properties from the American people on our own soil? I guarantee you it is not for our “own safety”, from terrorist or foreign invasion. The Government has been preparing and indoctrinating the American people for a take over by them for years and each and every working, tax paying American has been supporting their demise with their own tax dollars.

        In the Congressional Records submitted January 10th, 1963 by a Florida Senator: is a list of “45 Communist goals” (it can be googled in a search engine if unfamiliar) These goals originated from a book called the “Naked Communist” by an author who supported the Communist party of the US. These goals were later implemented into the Communist party of the US platform. take the time to read these goals and see how many of these goals have been achieved to date. Then take into consideration who Obama’s parents are and what they supported along with his mentor “Frank Marshall Davis” along with Soro’s and aylenski (not sure correct spelling of his name) and all the other communist and socialist minded people he has spent a lifetime around to influence his small mind.

        I’m out of time, but research and learn what REX84 is and what it was designed to do and then read the EO’s over the past 50 yrs and what they intend to do. It has little to nothing to do with foreign invasion and foreign prisoners and more about control and detention of the American people.

      • WILDFIRE

        @Eddie that message for Robert goes for you also. Try to look outside your little world of moveon – org and your indoctrination by the dumbed down public school system and actually educate yourself of these programs and laws that your government have been putting in place for the past several decades.

        If you think FEMA camps are just fairytales, why do you think the most powerful government in the world spends the time and the billions of dollars to put these measures into law and to implement and build these facilities? If they are just fairytales, why do we have programs assembled by the government like REX84 implemented for the mass detention of Americans? Why the need on a daily basis for stricter and stricter laws that remove more rights from the people, placing more control over every aspect of human life into the hands of a dictoral government.

        Does that sound like “Land of liberty and freedom to you”? when you have a government that has been building forces to command against its own people and facilities to imprison them by the masses.

        The good thing about ignorant people such as robert and eddie is they will be the first ones to be herded into the concentration camps giving the rest of us a chance to escape before we are captured.

        Robert and eddie – it must suck to be considered “collateral damage” in the eyes of your messiah….. and go down as a sheep cowarding with ignorance and disbelieve in which you can’t believe what is happening to you while you look through a razor wired fence at the rest of us looking upon you from a far smiling with content for the sun still shines on our faces with the warm breeze of freedom blowing through our hair.

        Its really gotta suck to be you! Coupled with your stupidity, Does it hurt to be that stupid? its gotta hurt!

      • eddie47d

        Wildfire. You take every photo shopped picture as a fact and then spread the disease of false information. Those FEMA camps have been around for years (at least since 1968) and most are no more than abandoned military bases that still have to be maintained. If the government was hiding anything why would they allow folks to drive right up to them. Why would they stockpile “caskets” where everyone can see them? I know they are there but you are the one being duped with continual paranoia.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Wildfier, how’s ’bout a little truth?

        For example: “Rex 84 was written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was both National Security Council White House Aide, and NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)… ”

        One of Ronnie’s henchmen.


      • WILDFIRE

        What are you suggesting is not true about what I stated above? Are you suggesting that REX84 did not or does not exist nor was developed by our government? nor was suggested to be used as designed by North? Was you able to comprehend what I wrote/ or did you have a brain overload and got stuck on moveon – org? thinking I was accusing your messiah of coming up with REX84? Best I can make out from your reply and pointing out that it was North under Reagan. If thats the case then you need to read it again. What I did state about your King is that he has re affirmed many of the EO’s of the kenedy / Johnson period and added to them to include removing Americans due process and Miranda rights and to be indefinitely detained without charge and so on. If you are having trouble swallowing those facts, then simply drink some more of your community cheerleaders kool aid and fall inline.

      • WILDFIRE

        Wildfire. You take every photo shopped picture as a fact and then spread the disease of false information. Those FEMA camps have been around for years (at least since 1968) and most are no more than abandoned military bases that still have to be maintained. If the government was hiding anything why would they allow folks to drive right up to them. Why would they stockpile “caskets” where everyone can see them? I know they are there but you are the one being duped with continual paranoia.

        @eddie – no idea what you are talking about photo shopped pictures and frankly I get the impression you don’t have any idea what your talking about either. No where in my comment did I offer or speak of any photo whats so ever. what I did speak of and links offered as sources were official .gov sites to reference the EO’s I spoke of. and reference links about REX84. But no where in those sites do I recall any photo shopped photos. if there are any photo shopped photos on the .gov website, it wouldn’t surprise none to much considering all the other fake photo shop photos that come out of your messiahs administration.

        As I stated and as you confirmed, the FEMA camps have been around for decades, that is no secret. However they are not abandoned, at least not all of them. I have one sitting about 40 miles from me. and it now has nice shiney sparkling new fence with razor wire around it that I drive by every now and again. As far as driving right up to them, you can’t because they are fenced off. What they have in the buildings is anyones guess. They could have biological chemicals sitting there or nothing at all. That is like saying why would I let anyone pull into my driveway if I was hiding something. Anyone can walk around the perimeter of my property and they won’t see a darn thing I may or may not be hiding in my shop, garage or basement unless I let them in or they have a court appointed warrant to see inside.

        Duped into paranoia? pointing out facts of our governments planning and development of compounds intended to detain mass numbers of Americans. The sites exist, it is well documented of the purpose of these camps and they have been re affirming all the EO’s giving them authority to carry out operations along with the munitions to enforce it. Are you suggesting that the official government sites are bogus and manufactured to dupe the populace? I notice you went off topic and onto some rant about photo shopped pictures that don’t exist in this conversation. Perhaps your having a overload or melt down since I loaded you up with facts and resources from official government sites by which caused you to go off topic or is that your ploy to try to divert and distract from the facts? I asked you several questions by which you had no response or explanation too, so I assume its safe to say you got nothing so you tried to distract and divert with some blabber about photo shopped photos that don’t exist.

        Drinks some of your kool aid and cool those few brain cells you possess down and try to response with a half way intelligent response. If you can’t keep up with the conversation then remove yourself from it rather than make yourself look like your parties iconic emblem.


      You know when a government is doing right by the majority of the people there by keeping the majority happy and content, there is no need for such measures as FEMA camps and REX84 programs. surely there will always be various groups in opposition, by their containment would not require massive detention centers. If the intentions of a government was to give the people what they want and be ruled by the people and for the people. there would be no need for the laws they have slowing and quietly placed in the books. Happy people don’t protest in mass for getting everything they want.

      How dare they give me everything I want! this calls for a protest, I demand they take away everything I asked for! – (from the minds of the sick & twisted left libtards)

      • eddie47d

        Laws have been around since the beginning of man and there are still folks who break the laws. Do you have a better Utopian idea or do you want a free for all although nothing in life is free.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Eddy! I figured it out.

        The right wing says that more anti-gun laws won’t stop gun crime. I agree with them as a matter of fact.

        So, by their logic more anti-abortion laws won’t stop abortion!

        But oops, those nuts will regulate what they want. Just depends on which side is looking at the other who the nuts are.


        • WILDFIRE

          Well lets see, they tried to ban Alcohol before during the prohibition and Speakeasies popped up all over the place and bootleggers made a fortune off of that ban, in the meantime, a boat load of people died, those trying to enforce the ban as well as those trying to resist the ban. Then we got the ongoing drug wars, by which is one of the biggest money makers on this planet and also one of the most dangerous careers on the planet. Then comes along the ban on brothels and whore houses where the government is telling woman what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Though they made it illegal for a period of time for alcohol production and consumption, government couldn’t control it and stop it. They tried controling drugs and can’t get a grip on it, they tried to ban prostitution and can’t stop those pesky woman from doing what they want with their bodies. What makes you libtards think that you can control guns when there is nothing else you have been able to control?

          As far as your idiotic idea of anti abortion by making more laws will stop abortions. Even if they overruled roe vs. wade – there would still be instances of abortions. but it would no longer protect and promote death and people would be held accountable and responsible once again for their actions.

          Your analogy of comparing inanimate objects in comparison to human flesh simply is ignorant and displays your mental deficiency by which it would have probably been in the best interest of this planet to have had your mother exercise her right to abort.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    The ones writing these assinine bills should be arrested for treason…Fibd out where these POS live and harass the bas/tards until they move to england with their poster child Piers morgan. Get up and fight america…Enough is enough!! where are you??? cowards!

    • ibcamn

      Okay Teddy Roseaveldt,say again,maybe the men didn’t hear you!

    • eddie47d

      Bob Peters there are “cowards’ on your side too who have bowed down to the NRA and allowed this ridiculous proliferation’s of weapons in America. You want gun ownership but don’t care how easy it is for just about anyone to acquire those weapons. The “other side” just might look at you as traitors for allowing so many guns on the street and keeping those loopholes wide open. Yes “enough is enough” in allowing these mass shootings and the easy going and macho attitude of gun ownership. Adam Lanza’s mother proved that cockiness of some gun owners is out in the open. They don’t take it serious enough in considering those around them. Its those irresponsible gun owners that is bringing the change you don’t like. Not everyone is happy with the Wild West mentality and those who want to relive that era either. You can throw words like “bas…ds” around all you want but you could be looking in the mirror.

      • Robert Smith

        Eddie says: “Not everyone is happy with the Wild West mentality and those who want to relive that era either.

        The “wild west” is only in the fiction of film entertainment.

        For example, if a bunch of cow boys rode into town shooting things up every able bodied guy and many of their wives woulud be shooting back.

        Gun fights were minimal. They weren’t even as popular as duals of years before that.


      • eddie47d

        Possibly yet we have one state representative who won’t support any gun bills because he says ownership is a Wild West tradition we have to preserve. What goes on in the West whether fact or fiction is ingrained in our history.

      • Jim Hall

        Ever wonder why we have so many criminals in this country and the number is rising daily.

      • WILDFIRE

        Actually our crime rate is the lowest it has been since the sixties when there was 190 million people here. Now we have 311 million people here (some 120 million more people) and yet out crime rates are back down to the 60′s. The highest points of crime rate were in the 90′s and during the brady ban days. Since the mid 2000′s crime has steadily been falling dispite our population increasing. Stats can be found on many sites such as the FBI and other gov. reporting sites.

        “All of these frustratingly inane things happen in spite of some very telling statistics: Black males are murdered largely by other Black males at rates 2.4 times higher than Hispanic males and 15.3 times higher than White males are killed by their own kind. Although Blacks are just 13% of our population they are 56% of America’s murder victims. Black teenage males die of gunshots at a rate 62% higher than they die automobile accidents. Black teenagers are 25 times more likely to be injured by a gun than white teens.

        Looking at these statistics one would think Black neighborhoods would be the center of meaningful demands for tougher sentences for those convicted of crimes in general and gun crimes in particular. Yet we hear nothing of the sort from either America’s “hoods” or newsrooms. That would entail actually assigning personal responsibility for this mess to absentee fathers and/or a Welfare system that celebrates the “Single mom” as a heroine in our society. As long as this is the case we’ll see Reverend Jones leading his marches and Democrats demanding that licensed gun owners have more of their rights stripped away, but those things will give us nothing but more dead Black teenagers.”

        What I have observed is that nearly not a day goes by that I don’t see on news either a black or a hispanic that has committed some kind of crime either armed robbery or point blank shooting. Look at the stats of our prison inmates, they are largely populated with hispanics and blacks. Considering that blacks make up approx. 13 -15% of the population and hispanics somewhere around 17% but they are combined doing 78% of the murderous crimes and/or robberies and rapes. Also a lot of the crimes such as in Chicago, go unsolved with no one being incarcerated.

        Black people complain saying “their people” are being singled out, no their people are committing the crime and standing trial and judgement of a jury. They do the crime, then do the time. The bleeding heart Liberals whine and cry saying give a brutha a second chance he won’t do it again, a lot of times they commit another crime and rob, rape, or kill someone else within 6 months of being out. Do the crime, do the time. Furthermore, With the stats of our governments crime records and our prison inmate records I would like to point out that the ones that are committing the crimes can safely be assured that the majority of the criminals in this Country are Democrats. The Stats on Black registered Democrats that voted Democrat is 93% of them and the Hispanic Democrats were 74% of the registered. So it is pretty safe to say that if the prisoners were to vote or if you was to research what party they was registered as would likely find a large portion of inmates vote Democrat. (Which by the way, under Obama, some prisoners did vote, and for him of course)

        I could go on for days with the mountain of evidence and proof of this, its takes only google searches to find everything I said here, but you get the point.

        Since a black president coupled with a black AG has come into a high office, black people have a sense of empowerment. Look at the New Black panthers and their smacking clubs in their hands at voting polls – Charges dropped by black eric holder. Then the Black panthers advertised placing a bounty on the death of Zimmerman, no prosecution by brutha holder. Then New Black panther proclaimed on video to Romney supporters down in Florida that they will “step on their mutha F#$% throats”. The list goes on and on with the violent content from the left and more specifically the black left.

        When Eric holder got into hot water over “fast and furious” was held in contempt and his brutha Obama come running to his safety attempting to use executive privilege to cover holder from congress.

        Obama himself has had contempt charges for failure to show in court, any one else would be issued warrant for arrest.

        The executives job is to enforce the laws, not make the laws. Obama picks and chooses what laws he will enforce and whom he will enforce them on. For example: DOMA and Immigration laws. We know they are blatantly violating federal law and Obama says release and drop charges and let them go even though they have commited other crimes other than immigration. Obama a Democrat takes and oath to uphold and enforce the laws, yet he decides regardless to what is legislatured into law in this Country. Yet someone downloads a song illegally on the internet and here comes the black suits and swat team busting down doors, assaulting everyone in the area and confiscating equipment over things such as a 3 minute song.

        A society that has a DOJ and an executive who picks and chooses who is immune to laws and who isn’t is not a “civilized nation”. Also take a look at crimes committed by congress and government positions to where they are merely charged a fine but no prison time based on their position. They are placed above the law these days.

  • mi8ke

    yep, all i can say, is obama will be burying alot of people when this crap goes down, he must really be a a-hole for even screwing the American people. how they going to check the homeless, go to there tent, -aholes

  • James

    When they come to get my guns I’ll gladly hand them over so long as they take the bullets first.

  • william

    Anyone Suprised by this has not been paying attention the last 4 years.

    • Robert Smith

      Actually william they learned how to peck a piece and grab a bit of freedom from those who suppport anti-abortion efforts. Any little nuance they can think up to get in a woman’s way to control how her own body is used is put on paper and shoved at them.

      Maybe if we learn to respect the freedoms of ALL in America they won’t be so fearful of you and your guns.


      • Bernie

        When are you going to learn to respect the lives of the babies that you so callously murder, tear apart and with salt and water burn and kill in the womb? What’s that Robert, you don’t want to think about all the 55 million babies that have been Murdered because of poor decisions and greedy govt officials and murderous genocidous Planned Parenthood ? That’s right genocide, planned parenthood actively goes after the African American and Latino’s because they are an easy target and the govt controls the population by killing their babies. And they dupe people like you and others to follow their beliefs , that’s great. God will require a great payment / judgement from everyone involved.especially when you could have saved a life instead of killed one.

      • Chester

        Bernie, when are you going to push for a law criminalizing miscarriages as the woman failing to properly care for her infant? if you would worry more about your own rights and less about the rights of a being that isn’t even a being yet, you just might wake up and smell the stink you are drowning in. And this is true for anyone else who screams that a woman MUST carry a baby to term, but, as soon as that baby is born, she and it are no longer any of their concern. If you want each and every child conceived carried to term, perhaps you should do a LOT more to ensure the availability of contraceptives of all sorts, including the morning after pill. Even then, Mother Nature sometimes pops a roadblock because a fetus has a fatal deformity resulting in miscarriage or still birth.

      • WILDFIRE

        Chester says:

        Bernie, when are you going to push for a law criminalizing miscarriages as the woman failing to properly care for her infant? if you would worry more about your own rights and less about the rights of a being that isn’t even a being yet, you just might wake up and smell the stink you are drowning in. And this is true for anyone else who screams that a woman MUST carry a baby to term, but, as soon as that baby is born, she and it are no longer any of their concern. If you want each and every child conceived carried to term, perhaps you should do a LOT more to ensure the availability of contraceptives of all sorts, including the morning after pill. Even then, Mother Nature sometimes pops a roadblock because a fetus has a fatal deformity resulting in miscarriage or still birth.

        @ Chester – your unbelievable! – First off, everyone is worried about their rights, that is why this gun control is such a big issue. Yet you libs think it is your right to infringe on everyone else’s rights because you don’t like guns and prefer to be at the mercy of the criminal minded and want every one else to be also.

        secondly, claiming that a “being that isn’t even a being yet”. Apparently you know nothing about or fail to admit the facts. These so called beings you are referring to have a beating heart, arms, legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes (by which get ripped apart piece by piece). These non beings as you would like to convince yourself to justify your cruel intentions, have muscular movements, move around in the womb, push with their hands and kick with their feet. Which means they have a nervous system formed by which not only controls the muscular movements but also senses pain. You can’t hear their screams because their lungs are full of fluid. let someone pull your arms and legs off and see what kind of pain is inflicted along with the burning. You cold hearted “being”.

        Thirdly, to suggest that its other peoples responsibility and duty to ensure that the availability of contraceptives of all sorts including the morning after pill is available to you is absolutely mind numbing to think of your absolute stupidity. First off, their is no shortage of contraceptives in this Country, anyone can get them one just about every street corner drug store, gas station, grocery store or department store. If your on of those welfare slugs claiming you can’t afford an .80 cent condom, then you can slither your way down to your local planned parenthood and get them for free or at your County health department for free. Instead of expecting everyone esle to be responsible for your sexual gratification, how about taking responsibility and accountability for your own actions. If your going to do the adult thing, then you should grow up and be responsible as a adult and quite making excuses and expecting every else to be responsible for your actions

        Fourth, you spoke of a womans rights, when dealing with a baby. A woman is not the only one involved with that baby. There is a male that has half of his bloodline, genes, dna growing their also. There for, he should as a father have rights also as the mother has rights. Then their is the rights to the baby. Though in your mind, it is all and only about the rights of the woman and no one else. Why is it, that a woman has the right to decide solely if a man will be a father or not depending on a decision you make with his son or daughter? you are so concerned and concentrated on your rights that you will trample the mans and the babies rights for your own benefit.

      • WILDFIRE

        @Chester – furthermore, why is it ok and legal for a woman to kill a unborn baby, but if someone else kills that unborn baby, they are charged with manslaughter for killing the unborn which by your words is not even a being. Example: a pregnant woman is driving down a road and some one driving in the opposite direction looses control and hits the pregnant woman and the non being (as you describe it) happens to be killed. Why is it illegal and a felony for someone other than the mother to kill the “non being”, but perfectly legal for a woman to kill a non being? libtards simply change the wording so it don’t sound so cruel and cold and give it a name of abortion rather than murder or kill. Same as the libtards call AR15′s good “Personal defense weapons” when in the hands of DHS or other government agencies and when in the hands of civilians they are given the terminology of “Assault weapons”. Sounds nasty and scary and illegal as to where Personal defense weapon sounds like a term that would give you a secure and warm and fuzzy feeling.

      • kimo3690

        Mr Smith, why is the “father” of said child has NO say in the “abortion” process???? He has to pay after the birth of his child… then WHY is he denied the “right” to have HIS child live???? PLEASE answer the question???

  • jdn

    It is human nature to pick a team and cheerlead or participate in its activity even politics . No matter the extreme views people will flock to the rally be it a leader such as George Washington or Adolph Hittler or any other you can imagine from history . When the views get so extreme you can submit , flee or fight . Personally I believe a fight will be the only way to change our direction , sometimes it requires a little chaos to achieve sanity .

  • Jim Guardino

    Many are concerned about what the man in the White House does and says.We all should be concerned about our local politicians. and leaders.They are very capable of passing Draconian laws,trampling on your rights and totally rejecting common sense.Your State legislators and town councilmen are vital keys to preserving our personal liberties.

    • Don 2


      The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them. ~ Maya Angelou

    • Jim Hall

      If i remember right the President cant do much unless congress allows him the right and the funds. So maybe we should start taking care of the problem There.

      • WILDFIRE

        JIM HALL SAYS – “If i remember right the President cant do much unless congress allows him the right and the funds. So maybe we should start taking care of the problem There.”

        This President circumvents Congress and abuses the EO to get what he wants when congress or the American people don’t give him what he wants. In fact Carney has stated on video that the Obama Admin no longer has to deal with Congress. When Obama needs money from the house, he bullies and threatens veterans, elderly and disabled to get the money he wants. But never had you heard him say that welfare slugs and the takers of this Country will not get their checks have you. Everytime, he goes straight to threatening the elderly and disabled who cannot get out and and protest against him or is less likely to cause a uprising and chaos. Threaten the welfare slugs that they may not get their free stuff and riots and chaos will break out in every city across this Country.

        Try to stop making excuses for Obama, you know very well that Obama has openly stated that he will choose what laws will be enforced and who they will be enforced on. DOMA and Immigration are the big ones. President can’t do much? He himself rewrites all the laws he sees fit up to and including indefinite detentions and drone strikes on Americans to kill them with no charges, evidence, miranda rights, due process or any oversight. Congress had nothing to do with that.

      • WILDFIRE

        Also, most recently. Obama has just signed a whopping 23 new EO’s into law. What did congress have to do with those 23 EO”s? they had no say so or vote on any of that. It was Obama alone deciding what is law. You still think Obama can’t do much without Congress? He has been Judge, Jury and Executioner many a time. You know what that is called don’t you?

  • ibcamn

    Well maybe someone in Wash.,screwed up and pointed this section out to the wrong person(republican)and it just threw a wrench into the Obama plan to take your guns.Obama needs to take our weapons in order to start finishing up his plan to destroy America!the progressives have been turning this country against itself,taking freedoms away,putting up roadblocks and now taking you guns.they are trying every way possible to do it,now insurance when you buy a gun!??!the bad guys will want you to shot them so they can get the million dollar payday(that’s the minimum amount of insurance you have to buy to buy a gun)that’s Obama’s law he wants to put into effect!can you imagine that??pay the gov’t to be able to protect yourself,then if you commit an intentional act,the guy you shoot,can sue you!if you get sued you loose your right to have a gun!they come to your house take your gun(s)if they find something that isn’t within the law,away you go,and all your things get rifled through to make sure your not a terrorist(which is up to Obama to decide now)and if you have 1 thing on his terrorist list,which includes gaseline!,you go off to god only knows where for as long as Obama say’s!!!

    There you go,all that from ONE LINE WROTE INTO A PROPOSED LAW!.wake up people,Obama wants flag waving gun owning law abiding Americans out and gone!!

    • eddie47d

      I could say that some of these right wing sites are inciting fears and are also setting a dangerous precedence. Yesterday a house caught on fire in Aurora and when the fire department arrived they found bomb making materials and homemade pipe bombs. They had to evacuate four neighbor houses and call in the bomb squad. He admitted he was a prepper and getting ready for the big one. The neighbors were shocked and had no idea what this 55 year old man was up to and always thought he was a “law abiding citizen”. No more details are available yet I bet those neighbors would like to see him “gone”.

      • kimo3690

        It never fails, eddie47dumb makes me want to “hurl” everytime I read his posts. Then I finally figured out his place here is make other’s sick ~ no sense; nothing to offer; no REAL context……. He just “vomits” what he has read somewhere else….. I am finished with eddie47dumdum…

  • Mike V.

    They have already done gun confiscations in NY City based on registration lists. They do it sneaky, though. They just ban your rifles and send you a notice to turn them in or permanently alter/disable them (and they want proof). They will let you remove them from City limits, which is your only choice, but they have achieved constructive confiscation. You no longer can Keep your arms. They have done this twice, first, during the Dinkins reign of terror in 1991, when so called assault weapons were banned, then again during the Bloombag reign of terror starting in 2011 and continuing, all blatantly unConstitutional, right in the face of Heller and McDonald rulings. All rifles holding more than five rounds are banned. That includes tube fed 22 squirrel rifle and common Winchester and Marlin 30-30 lever action deer rifles.

    • eddie47d

      Yes Mike there are some gun laws that don’t make sense and some that need to be enacted. Using words lie “reign of terror” is rather hypocritical since gun related deaths are down in NYC. I suppose all those deaths in the past were okay with you? Maybe if those gun running friends of the NRA ( the laws they support that allow it to happen) wouldn’t be sending more weapons into NYC the deaths could be even fewer. I would say its the gun runners who are creating the reign of terror. The same in Chicago whenever they get a handle on the problem guns start pouring into the city from out of state gun shows. Maybe neither side makes much sense anymore but change better be coming from somebody.

      • S.C.Murf

        Hey fast eddie morning, could you, would you please put Holders name to the list of gun runners also bud I don’t believe Holder and the NRA consider themselves to be friends

        up the hill

      • vernon

        Eddie It is your right to not like guns and to not carry one but don’t tell me or any one that want to own are carry a gun that we cannot it is our right. Guns DO NOT KILL it is the person behind that gun. Maybe instead of trying to make criminals out of law-abiding people maybe you should be putting the criminals in jail. Any one that kills in cold blood should be excuted within 2 weeks or sooner. If you treat criminals like criminals and quit slapping them on their hand and letting them go so they can do is again and again. It has been proving over and over that gun control DOES NOT work you are only freeing up the criminals to do what they want. The damn criminals don’t care how many gun control laws or how many gun free zones are out there. Kennesaw Ga back in 1982 passed a law to require all head of households to own a gun. Since 1982 to 2012 there has only been 4 murders 3 of those was in gun free zones. That proves that when criminals don’t know who is armed the crime rates goes down I think that it what we all want. So let’s all work together to punish criminals not making criminals out of law-abiding people.

      • eddie47d

        Yes SMURF.. F & F was a gun running operation and I have brought that up before. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • eddie47d

        Vernon: Considering we have the largest incarceration rate in the world apparently those criminals are being put in jail. Now if you want to go after the criminals on Wall Street then I’ll give you my blessing! Those folks can steal and manipulate without using a gun! I have written dozens of posts on guns and have never said you don’t have a right to protect yourself or own a gun. So sleep tight and keep than handgun under your pillow.

      • Charlie

        What did King Jesus Christ mean when He spoke Luke 22:36??? Meanwhile……………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

      • phideaux

        “Yes SMURF.. F & F was a gun running operation and I have brought that up before. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

        eddie you have rarely if ever brought that up on your own. rather, you acknowledge it grudgingly when someone else points it out to you.

      • Chester

        Eddie, not sure which gun runners you are referring to, unless you consider the Crips, the Bloods, MS13, and a few other gun stealing, gun toting gangs to be “gun runners.” These people don’t CARE what the law says, they are going to have their guns, and they LOVE it when you CAN’T have one. It is a lot easier to buffalo you when you can’t shoot back, legally, than when they have to worry about what you might go pull out of the closet when they come knocking at your door.

      • phideaux

        “Eddie, not sure which gun runners you are referring to,…”

        Eddie has no idea either he just throws that in every once in awhile because he heard someone say it.

      • Brad Kennington

        Eddie47d Any time something is ban it creates a black market. The only way to control guns is to go to the shooting range and learn how to put three shots 1/4″ apart at 200 yards.

      • Old Henry

        ALL gun laws are illegal laws per the 2nd Amendment.

      • meteorlady

        How about citing the fact that since 1993 violent crime and murder is down 54%. That’s huge! How about citing the fact that most gun crimes happen in urban areas over 250,000 people and that they are in neighborhoods that have been targets by our government as poor areas? How about we go to the FBI website and look at the stats. They know exactly where gun crimes occur the most.

        England as 1,361 violent crimes per 100,000 people
        The US has 3867 per 100,000 people.

        Which proves there are more way to harm someone than guns. How about you talk about the fact that rifles kill only about 3% and that AR15′s are sub-set of that. Or, as Biden says, we could arm ourselves with shotguns for protection. A shotgun is much more harmful than an AR15. Maybe we could talk about the fact that most gun crimes are committed by repeat offenders that have non-registered guns in the first place.

        So maybe the liberal government you support, you now the one that created these poverty areas, might want to go in and fix those problems since they are at fault.

    • Don 2





      • eddie47d

        Benefits of a nation awash in guns. More blood baths and killings, more dead kids, more dead wives. The majority of gun deaths occur in the home and by someone living in the home. More folks incarcerated in our own Gulags which is passing as our concentration camps because of increased sentencing. More business for funeral homes. More Taliban style activism where civilians control others at the barrel of a gun instead of the ballot box.

      • Don 2

        Power kills, absolute Power kills absolutely. The more power a government has, the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects.

        The more constrained the power of government, the more it is diffused, checked and balanced, the less it will aggress on others and commit Democide.

        Democide: Total murders by governments 1900 – 1999 = 174,000,000.

      • WILDFIRE

        @eddie – from where do you get your information? or do you just conjure it up with your repressed liberal mindset?

        Murder rates increased during the Brady ban days and though the Brady bill expired in 2004, gun murder has consistently gone down since.

        in fact, murder period has declined steadily and is now the lowest it has been since the 1960′s. Though we had est. 190 million population in the 60′s compared to 311 million today. Despite a increase of approx. 120 million people, our murder rates per capita are lowest since the 60′s
        Despite nearly twice as many guns being manufactured today as there was in 2007 and a higher percentage of gun owners today than in 2001.

        What has increased, is gun suicides


        murder is down (lowest in 45 – 50 years)
        gun ownership has increased
        gun suicides has increased

        How about instead of looking and placing blame on guns for the sick and twisted actions of humans. Lets look at the real root cause of these crimes, murders and suicides.

        Why is it we have a nation that has 1 out of every 3 woman in this nation that is or has been on at least one and in some case multiple depression medicines? (I didn’t research stats for males) Why do we have such a large population of youth with so many mental problems these days taking proxac, Ritalin and other mind /mood altering drugs? Drugs all of which carry the risk of side effects for intentions of harming them self or someone else up to and including suicide.

        Ever since big pharma has been messing with and putting out drugs that alter and manipulate the mind, our suicide rates have increased. Coupled with the doctors that hand these drugs out like candy so they can get kick backs and benefits from sales reps.

        Many of todays doctors use drugs as band aids to cover up and control a problem rather than to find a solution to the problem. Much like our government use debt ceilings, stimulus and sequesters to cover up and temporarily control a problem rather than find a solution to root causes.

      • meteorlady

        Eddie – you really have made me mad. I own a gun. I have licensed to carry concealed. I have had 45 hours of gun training. I have had an FBI background check. I keep my guns locked up securely and I use them rarely.

        One day I went into the city. I was accosted in a Mall parking lot by three men, one of whom pointed a knife at me. They wanted me to drive them to the nearest ATM and give them money. Not sure what was going to happen after that, but it would not have probably been good.

        The took my purse first, then demanded I get in the car. I reached in my pocket for my “Keys” and pulled out my gun. They ran like the cowards they were and the police showed up 17 minutes later. Meanwhile 4 people watched this and no one intervened.

        So because you don’t believe in guns I’m supposed to give up my right to defend myself? Because you don’t believe in guns my brother, who lives on the Mexican border, has not right to defend his land and his property even though one of his neighbors was shot dead and the wife was beaten badly. He’s supposed to go unprotected because we have a government that will not secure our borders or protect it’s citizens? Is that correct Eddie? Because he has found pot being grown on his property; he has interrupted a drug exchange; and his land is trashed from the illegals invaders streaming across.

        So Eddie why is it that the government always rushes in and takes the easiest path? Why don’t they take the path of mental illness, unlicensed guns, or that the Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine killer Eric Harris, and a host of other mass murdering young killers were on some type of psychotropic drugs when they committed their crimes.

        Maybe it’s just easier for the government to not acknowledge that they have created high crime slum areas (the FBI knows this and has it on their website), or that the drug companies don’t put out bad drugs that Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine killer Eric Harris, and a host of other mass murdering young killers were on some type of psychotropic drugs, linked to violent behavior, when they committed their crimes, or that mental illness does exist in this country but because of liberals we have let them out into the general public without means of help.

        • kimo3690

          BRAVO!!! Well said!!! TY

    • Don 2

      I’m thinking NYC gun crime statistics will skyrocket if their “Stop & Frisk” policy is ruled unconstitutional in March, which appears likely.

      • eddie47d

        That’s a natural conclusion since that is one way how they are taking guns off the street and keeping crime down. .

  • lance

    It looks like mister Kline needs to be voted out and never allowed to hold any type of public office. We the people need to pass a new law that states ” Any persons including but not limited to the holding the office of President of the united states be held accountable for committing the crime of lying to the public, be instantly impeached or removed from that public position, to receive no funds or benefits of that position or office and that any monetary gains from that position or office be returned to the Tax payers.
    This would include insider trading by the senators, campaign promises, IE the video of Obi stating that in no way would there be any tax increase on the people that make less than $250000 a year. and is now guilty of levying the larges tax ever know to any civilization (Ob care) and tax increases on as low as $12000 a year. That might start to change the way that public officials make campaign promises and then do the opposite.
    That includes attacks on the constitution of the US.
    Where does this end? More and more cases of the police killing innocent people with either police beatings, suffocation by special holds or tassing of the mentaly ill or homless people. In Seattle they now kill wood carvers. who is next? Painters?
    When did it change from to “Protect and Serve” to “Harass and Kill”?
    Is there any wonder why the innocent fear the police?
    Not all police are bad. It is the bad apples in the barrel that seem to make the rest smell.
    Maybe the good police need to purge the bad police.

  • Don 2

    There are only two reasons for gun registration:

    1) Tax them


    2) Confiscate them

    • Average Joe

      Or 3)…Tax them and then confiscate them….probably 3….


  • mark

    SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!!! It is readliy apparent our elected representatives are not capable of comprehending the meaning of those words. The words are un-ambiguous, clear and concise- SIMPLE but yet the politicians seek to take OUR constitution rights away. They should be thrown in jail for vilotating the consitution.

    • Mark h

      The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid. This is succintly stated as follows:

      “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void. ”
      Marbury vs Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

      “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them quot;
      Miranda vs Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491.

      “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no right; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
      Norton vs Shelby County118 US 425 p.442

      “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and the name of law, in in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

      No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
      16th American Jurisprudence 2d, Section 177
      late 2nd, Section 256

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Shall not infringe, the marxist muslim and the facist/communist loving democrats thinks that means dethreading the edges of your clothes. If this BS law is going to be enforced, if I was a law dog, I’d quit or just ignore it like our electedsocialist bastards do with laws they don’t like. A mouse trap and any type of shell will work, can not reload but the perp ios just as dead!!!

    • Robbie Borot

      since Obama was first elected in 2008 there have been several police chiefs from different states that has resigned because of gun and ammo infringement rights

  • Average Joe

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are on our own and the 2nd. Amendment is the only thing keeping them at bay. Food for thought….


  • csaaphill

    That provision was removed, but ya they knew it was there lying dungeaters anyways. 1588 is probably going to pass as well. resistance is not futile.

  • http://personallibertydigest wayne mann

    Gun registration leads to confiscation. Throughout history crazies like Stalin Lenin Hitller Mao killed millions of their own people after gun confiscation. This loon wants the economy to collapse so rioting looting murder etc. happen. Beware, really bad is coming.

  • tosu

    I have seen this happen in another country where the government that was biased on a religious basis, had a multi-year plan to massacre the people of the non-govt religion. For 2 years they ran a similar propaganda and passed the laws for everyone to register their weapons at the local police station. They used that database at the time they unofficially allowed a massacre to start by the extremists. They systematically went to those houses first who had weapons – caught them by surprise and killed them first. The others who did not own any weapons were of no trouble after that. I am not sure if this is even close to that sort of an event but, this kind of data can be manipulated in either direction. I would suggest rather having strictest punishments for those who break the law so others would think twice. They want to be ridiculously strict with general public instead of dealing properly with those who deserve to be locked up. In those cases they leave loopholes in the system or they release some of them because the prisons are too full or some other odd reason. Dealing with the real issue would solve and stop many problems in our society.

  • Old Henry

    Sounds like they could potentially end up with a lot of dead “law enforcement” out there in WA state – along with a bunch of communist legislators.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Aye…but the tree of Liberty requires Patriots blood as well.

      God Bless.

  • kimo3690

    “Friends, this is not about guns; it is about control. And this issue is not to be overlooked, because gun rights stand between a free country and an enslaved, possibly an exterminated, people.

    The Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE State, the Right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed [violated].”

    According to Federal Statute Title 10, Chapter 13, Section 311 (a), all males between the ages of 17 and 45 who are either citizens of the United States or have declared their intent to become citizens are members of the “unorganized” or reserve militia.

    It is time for America to get out of the debate because there is no debate.

    We have rights given unto us by our Creator. Period.

    President George Washington, when arming the people of the United States of America, said:

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

    We would do well to heed President Washington’s warning, since over 56 million people in the 20th century were exterminated by their own governments under the guise of gun control.”

    Read more:

  • kimo3690


    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are perhaps the two most anti-gun people in the entire nation. They have been responsible for the passage of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. If Bloomberg had his way, no private citizen would be allowed to own a firearm, period and he is using his billions of dollars towards achieving that goal.

    The new gun control laws in New York are so strict that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott used state funds to run ads in New York City and Albany telling New York gun owners to move to Texas where their Second Amendment rights are protected by the state.

    Now, one firearms company, York Arms is also taking action against the unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment rights of every New York resident. Located in Buxton, Maine, York Arms specializes in custom firearms and gunsmithing. Among their clientele is the New York City Police Department. However, that’s one client that the company is willing to give up because of the city and state’s gun control laws.

    In a statement released on Valentine’s Day, York Arms said:

    “Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York.

    As a result, we have halted sales of rifles, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.

    For “civilian” customers residing in New York: At your choice, we will:

    Complete your order and ship to a dealer of your choice outside of NY.

    Refund your payment in full.

    Hold your items here for up to 6 months, at no charge – if you are in the process of leaving NY and taking residence in another state.

    For LE/Govt customers in New York: Your orders have been cancelled.”

    I have no idea what percentage of their business comes from New York, but you know they are going to lose sales by taking this stand. However, if gun owners across America hear about their stand, it may help generate more sales in support of the company’s ethics.

    Now if every other gun and ammunition manufacture would follow suit and cut off all sales to the state and city police departments in New York, it will force them to rethink their policies. What would happen if all of the law enforcement agencies in the state of New York were no longer able to purchase guns or ammunition? It would put them at the same level of non-protection as the citizens on New York.

    Better yet, I would like to see every gun and ammunition manufacturer stop all sales to the federal government. While the feds are trying to strip American’s of their guns and ammunition, they have been buying billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of assault (assault-style) weapons. Let’s cut off their supply as well.

    The best way to treat someone who won’t share something is to take that something away from them. So let’s take the government’s right buy assault (assault-style) weapons and bulk supplies of ammunition away from them. If we can’t have it, then neither should they!

    Perhaps we need to start a letter writing campaign to every gun and ammunition company in the United States, urging them to follow the example of York Arms, only to extend the same ban to the federal government. Let’s put the same squeeze on Washington that they are trying to put on us.”

    Read more:


      There is a mag company that is doing the same thing, I believe they are in Colorado. They have vowed not to sell to LE or State and local governments that ban citizens from having these items.

      Ultimately, these governments think that if they ban various items, it will stagnate sales for these arms dealers and force many of them out of business. As business owners, their business is under attack along with as citizens they are under attack as well as every other citizen in this nation.

      Fed Govt had quietly placed a bunch of bans a few weeks ago on imports by which news media didn’t cover and most people don’t know about yet.

      In the end, these governments on all levels from the feds to State to local are going to hurt them self as companies move out of those cities and States there by losing corporate taxes as well as employee taxes as they lay off their employees and relocate. If the companies move clean out of the Country then the Federal government loses the taxes as well as the employee income taxes thus losing jobs to a foreign Country forcing more people onto unemployment and welfare further tanking our economy to push their agenda.

      • kimo3690

        EXACTLY Wildfire….. MORE then one way to skin a “skunk” …. Those that believe in this country will start to fight “fire with fire” TY for the informatiuon!!

      • kimo3690

        ANOTHER Obama SCHEME:
        More than a dozen lawmakers who oppose President Barack Obama’s plan to expand background checks to all gun-buyers are to be targeted in a series of online advertising as part of a national day of action Friday.

        Organizing for Action, the successor group to Obama’s campaign backers, plans to spend up to $100,000 on the campaign, and the national day of action marks the first test of the group’s ability to mobilize the president’s 2.2 million campaign volunteers to push for legislative change. Organizers have not disclosed which lawmakers will be included in the ads.

        OFA plans to sponsor more than 100 events in 80 or more Congressional districts Friday to demand action on the issue. The group says it expects thousands of people to participate in the events, which will include vigils, letter-writing campaigns, and news conferences.

        Executive director Jon Carson said the events display the strength the grassroots organization brings to support the president’s agenda.

        “We have voices in every corner of this country who are supporting his agenda and can make their neighbors understand where their members [of Congress] stand on these important issues,” Carson said, according to USA Today.

        Obama has presented a sweeping plan to rein in gun violence, in the wake of the Dec. 14 elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn. Carson said OFA backs the entire plan, which also includes limiting ammunition magazine sizes and banning assault weapons.

        The advocacy group chose the issue for its first push, Carson said, because the majority of Americans support background checks. More than 92 percent of voters support universal background checks for gun-buyers, according to a Quinnipiac poll earlier this month.

        Currently the checks are only required for purchases from licensed gun dealers.

        OFA is organized as a social welfare organization under the U.S. Tax Code, and marks the first time a president has established such a group, as usually, his party’s national committee works to support agenda items.

        Carson said the group is “100 percent focused on issue campaigns” and won’t be working on any candidate’s election politics. The Democratic National Committee will instead work to help elect more Democrats to Congress, with Obama committing to hold at least 14 fundraisers this year.

        OFA has come under some criticism because of how it is organized. The Democratic Party is under strict contribution limits, but OFA can take in an unlimited amount of money, allowing it to raise large sums for its events and advertising.

        The group won’t take money from political action committees or federal lobbyists, said Jim Messina, who has moved from being Obama’s 2012 campaign manager to chairing OFA. However, Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer calls OFA a “dangerous” precedent that allows special interests to influence the administration.

        OFA’s offices are now in Washington, but will relocate to Chicago, Obama’s hometown, by June, and the organization hopes to survive past the president’s second term.

        • WILDFIRE

          During the Brady ban days crime rate was the highest it has been since the early 1900′s. Currently murder rates are down the lowest they have been since the 1960′s when there was 190 million in this Country. Now we have 311 million some 120 million more people and our murder rates keep going down. They were the highest in early 90′s and since the brady ban has expired in 2004 crime has continually dropped. These charts can be easily research by typing (murder rates in US)

          • kimo3690

            AGREED!!! I have also researched the numbers ………. don’t add up to support the “hysteria”…. all a “sham” anyway….. MORE BS!!! TY my Patriot Friend!!

      • WILDFIRE

        Though this is non gun related, I read an article earlier that Allstate insurance Company has purchased a huge 25000 sq ft building to move their corporate offices out of Illinois because of the taxes that have been imposed on them recently. I guess their taxes had increased some 67% in 2010 and are again going up. they also bought a facility in Georgia of 10,000 sq ft. Thus Illinois will be losing thousands of jobs because they are taxing and regulating business’s out of their State and some all the way out of the Country. Between Taft, EPA and OSHA in Ohio, they did same thing. lining Ohio up for a slow death. Then when business’s started moving out of the State, they raised taxes on the remaining citizens to make up for the revenue they lost by pushing business out of the State.

        • kimo3690

          YEP YEP YEP the Global Elitist’s drive to DISMANTLE America is occurring…… FASTER then many AMERICANS realize!!! TY for that info my Patriot Friend!!

      • WILDFIRE

        @Kimo – here is the article from J&G sales about the mag company refusing to sale to LE / Govt

        • kimo3690

          TY for the “link” altho incredibly sad…. I love the way private business are rising to the “attack” on their Constitutional RIGHTS!!! TY my Patriot Friend!!

          • WILDFIRE

            Well I think it goes deeper than just an attack on their constitutional rights. It is an attack on their financial futures as well by restricting their sales. If government had it their way, they would take over the entire arms industry. I see that likely coming in the near future if and when they see that they can’t stop arms and munition sales. Congress will legislate some law or more likely Obama will use his imfamous EO’s to take over all arms business’s claiming it is in the best interest of the Nation and for national security.

          • kimo3690

            ABSOLUTELY ~ MUCH DEEPER!! The whole BS front is all “smoke & mirrors” and intended to cripple this Country in ALL areas!! TY my Patriot Friend!


      Texas officials have been inviting these gun business’s to Texas stating that they support Americans 2nd amendment rights and will not infringe on their rights.

      Thus bringing jobs to Texas. These idiotic Democrats will cut their own throats to push their agenda. By which they are barking up the wrong tree anyway by penalizing the law abiding citizens rather than going after the criminal minded people. If they imposed strict prison terms for criminals who use guns regardless if they fired it or not, it will deter criminals using arms to rob the local liquor stores and residential homes. Attempted robbery with a fire arm 10 yrs no parole. If they fire the gun during the crime a mandatory 20 yrs just for the discharge of the firearm, plus more years if they hit a person. For the thugs that terrorized their victims before they killed them, then death by firing squad. Terrorize them a little before they are sent to meet their maker.

      Countries that have strict punishment have lower crime rates. Of course you’ll have the bleeding heart liberal who will claim that corporal punishment is inhumane and everyone deserves a second chance. As case after case has proven the the majority of these excons end up getting out and killing or assaulting again.

      In the minds of the libtards and the Dems, their mindset is to go after the law abiding citizens and leave the criminals alone. Don’t pick on the criminals, feel sorry for them because they didn’t have a daddy in their life or they don’t know who their daddy is.

      • kimo3690

        YEP YEP YEP……… time for folks to take responsibility for their ACTIONS and STOP the Blame Game!!! TY TY My Friend for some “refreshing” thoughts!!

    • meteorlady

      Yet they are guarded and protected by gun carrying people.

  • kimo3690

    WAKE-UP America……. OUR Constitutional Rights are being INFRINGED:

    “Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, no longer accepts advertisements from businesses selling guns.

    The policy change was quietly instituted on Feb. 8 after Comcast acquired a controlling interest in NBC Universal, which already had a policy of not accepting ads relating to firearms.

    The ban came to light when John Kupiec, president of the advertising agency Canadian American Corp., attempted to purchase an ad for Michigan-based gun store Williams Gun Sight Inc. but was denied, according to CBS News’ Detroit affiliate.

    “Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward,” the cable provider said in a statement to CBS. “This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.”

    Executives at Williams Gun Sight called the policy anti-constitutional.

    “We’re a perfectly legal company selling a perfectly legal product and they have chosen us out of all the industries out there to make a stand on what’s right or wrong,” Williams’ Chief Operating Officer Dan Compeau told CBS.

    Kupiec said Comcast is the cable provider for two-thirds of the domestic market, which he believes represents a monopoly in the industry.

    “The next step is we want to get the lawmakers on Capitol Hill to review the monopolistic rights this company (Comcast) currently enjoys as the largest cable provider in the United States,” Kupiec said, adding that his firm will consider legal action as a last resort.

    Compeau said Comcast previously accepted their ads.

    “We were totally caught off guard by it,” he said. “All these TV stations are taking millions, if not billions, from alcohol companies — and alcohol deaths, alcohol sickness, way outpaces anything a gun can do. [Comcast] is two-faced.”

    Kupiec, who has worked in advertising since the 1980s, said this is the first major ban he has ever seen, and that if they wanted to advertise on the Outdoor Channel, The Discovery Channel, or NBC Sports, it wouldn’t be a possibility.

    “If you’re a gun range, if you sell firearms, ammunition, whatever, they will not accept your advertising,” he said. “I’m an avid hunter and I believe this is a direct threat on the Second Amendment, a direct assault on legal businesses in the United States, and I think it’s antitrust.”

  • Chris

    Right……….pass a bill WITHOUT READING IT…………..BRILLIANT! Morons in charge. Did they rectify their error? What’s next? Now people are buying up on those weird-shaped knives, so I guess they’re next on the chopping block……….and what follows……….steak knives?

    • vieteravet

      Well, you know the libtard motto, “You can’t read it until you pass it!”

  • BrotherPatriot

    People…civilians & government employee’s, will begin to die if they push to far on this. This is not a prediction…it’s simple fact.

    I am a militia man and veteran. They will not take my “teeth”.

    God Bless.

    • kimo3690

      AMEN Oath Keeper!!!! BRAVO!!!

  • kimo3690

    Highlighting the crime rise in Chicago, the president’s hometown, the lawmakers pointed out that the Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago, is ranked the lowest of all federal court districts in firearms prosecutions despite a surge in gun-related violence.

    “In a city like Chicago, which saw 506 murders last year, it is appalling that the U.S. attorney’s office in that jurisdiction only prosecuted 25 federal firearms cases during 2011,” the group wrote.

    The letter also points out that of the 76,142 gun permit requests that were denied following background checks by federally-licensed firearms dealers, only 4,732 were referred for prosecution. Of that total, only 62 prosecutions resulted.

    In addition to Goodlatte, the letters were signed by Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner (Wis.), Trent Franks (Ariz.), Howard Coble (N.C.), Lamar Smith (Texas), Steve Chabot (Ohio), Spencer Bachus (Ala.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), Randy Forbes (Va.), Steve King (Iowa), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Ted Poe (Texas), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Steve Marino (Pa.), Trey Gowdy (S.C.), Mark Amodei (Nev.), Raul Labrador (Idaho), Blake Farenthold (Texas), George Holding (N.C.), Doug Collins (Ga.), Ron DeSantis (Fla.) and Keith Rothfus (Pa.).


  • kimo3690

    A group of 23 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee Friday sent letters to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder demanding existing gun laws be enforced before additional limitations are passed.

    The committee, which has held hearings in recent weeks on ways to prevent gun violence, again called into focus statistics that show a dramatic drop in federal weapons prosecutions over the past decade.

    The letters cite a Syracuse University study that show firearms prosecutions under President George W. Bush peaked at 11,015 in 2004 while the Obama administration has prosecuted about 7,774 firearms cases in 2012.

    “A prosecution rate this low is not indicative of a Department of Justice that takes the act of illegally attempting to acquire a firearm seriously,” Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement accompanying the letters.

    “We must all be looking for ways to prevent senseless acts of violence and the taking of innocent life but the best place to start would be enforcing the laws that Congress has already enacted.”

    Highlighting the crime rise in Chicago, the president’s hometown, the lawmakers pointed out that the Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago, is ranked the lowest of all federal court districts in firearms prosecutions despite a surge in gun-related violence.


  • kimo3690

    Have you ever asked why, as we watch our future that was once so bright, fade into the twilight of despair, do Barack Obama and our elected officials appear to be doing nothing to put our nation back on track to regain the ground we’ve lost?

    Then again, is Barack Obama actually doing nothing? Is he simply incompetent, out of his league when it comes to meeting his responsibilities as chief executive of the United States, as so many pundits have said, or is there another possibility?

    Is it possible that each and every decision Barack Obama has made was actually intended to bring the United States, a country with a rich history and traditions that he clearly detests, down to it’s knees?

    While it may not be the politically correct or the politically acceptable thing to say so; the answer is yes. Barack Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and our nation’s recent misfortunes are not the result of rookie mistakes born of incompetence or ignorance.

    What would you say if we were to tell you that Barack Obama is actually carrying out a carefully outlined plan that had been mapped-out long ago by two socialist Columbia University professors who, perhaps not-so coincidentally, taught at Columbia University when Barack Obama attended Columbia; and that the eventual goal of this carefully engineered plan is to bring about the destruction of our economy and our nation from within?

    These two socialist university professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven did, in fact, formulate and publish what they called a “plan for manufactured crisis,” or as it is more commonly called today, the Cloward Piven Strategy, with that exact goal in mind.

    And just why would these university professors formulate a plan to bring about the downfall of the United States and why would a future political leader implement a plan to intentionally ruin our economy?

    Barack Obama answered that question during the 2008 presidential campaign; unfortunately, at that time, most Americans either weren’t paying attention or didn’t understand exactly what he meant when he said that the wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

    And, while it may sound shocking, Barack Obama may actually believe, in his own mind, that he’s making a better world. At the very least, he is convinced that he’s transforming America into a “socialist utopia.”

    Ask yourself the following question: if one’s goal is the total transformation of a society, what must, first and foremost, be done to bring about that transformation in a reasonable period of time?

    Cloward and Piven postulated, correctly, that bringing about radical change in an evolutionary and incremental manner was an exercise in futility and that it would be necessary to destroy the existing system in order to rebuild it anew, in the same way that a construction crew would implode and old building to clear the ground to erect a new building.

    Now ask yourself, how would one go about destroying the existing system in the United States so that ground could be broken to rebuild it? Cloward and Piven believed they had a viable answer?

    In simplistic terms, the strategy entails manufacturing a crisis and then implementing a solution that actually makes the crisis much worse and moreover, makes implementation of a real solution to the crisis next to impossible; and every solution to the crisis must invariably entail purposefully overwhelming federal government programs in an effort to cause those programs and the federal government to implode under its own weight?
    They first outlined this plan in an article that was titled, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” that was published in “The Nation” in may of 1966.

    While the article was confined to ending poverty, supposedly by coercing the political establishment into instituting a federally mandated “guaranteed annual income” for everyone in the United States, the strategy could easily be applied effectively on a variety of issues, as the key aspect of the strategy is always the creation and management of crisis.

    In the first paragraph of the article, they state their thesis: “It is our purpose to advance a strategy which affords the basis for a convergence of civil rights organizations, militant anti-poverty groups and the poor. If this strategy were implemented, a political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”

    Once a “crisis” was defined, ground troops would be deployed to exert pressure on politicians (remember, Barack Obama was a “community organizer”) who would then be directed to institute very specific “solutions” (solutions that could be tailored beforehand to actually cause further disruptions to the system or, stated another way, another crisis) that were already pre-selected by the agitators.

    They go on to state in the article: “By the internal disruption of local bureaucratic practices, by the furor over public welfare poverty, and by the collapse of current financing arrangements, powerful forces can be generated for major economic reforms at the national level.”

    Does that sound like a crazy idea? Perhaps, but keep in mind, we see the implementation of the strategy all around us today.

    For example, the process by which, what we now call, ObamaCare was “sold” to the American people, railroaded through Congress and eventually implemented provides a perfect illustration as to how the strategy works when properly implemented.

    The American people were first convinced that the United States was undergoing a “health care crisis” when, in actuality, it would have been more accurate to describe the sad state of our health care system as a pressing, but certainly not critical, problem.

    And how did Barack Obama and his allies “solve” our health care crisis?

    In spite of the fact that many of the primary causes of the problems in our health care system were rooted in years of government involvement in the system, and in spite of the fact that we already knew that Medicare was horribly insolvent and destined for bankruptcy, the “solution” that was advanced and implemented entailed accelerating the insolvency by giving the government even more control of the health care system under the guise of providing guaranteed health care coverage for everyone.

    Politicians told us that ObamaCare would solve the “health care crisis” when, in reality, ObamaCare will be the mechanism to turn what was a pressing problem into an insurmountable crisis; a crisis that will overwhelm and bankrupt the federal government and thereby cause the demand for an even more drastic “solution.”

    The true, but unstated, purpose of ObamaCare was never to make health care more accessible and affordable for more people, the purpose was always to overload and cripple the system. If you believe we have a health care crisis now, you’ll have a very rude awakening in a few years.


  • meteorlady

    This is why I no longer live in Washington State… just 5 counties control the entire state and they are all liberal.

  • William

    Impeach the whole bunch…..none of them are doing the job they were sent to do.

  • Donald Freeman



      They can get away with it because they are above the law and they have immunity, If you are black and are a democrat. Prime examples: Obama himself, Eric Holder, Obama’s Aunt and his Uncle Omar by which were both here illegally for years (by which the aunt miraculously acquired legal residence after Obama got into the WH) even the New Black Panthers have immunity under Obama. Isn’t it amazing how you can blatantly breaks laws in this Country and the consequences come in the form of rewards. Honesty and integrity doesn’t seem to pay off or be honorable these days in this Country.


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