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War Powers, Impeachment, Syria and Kony

March 13, 2012 by  

War Powers, Impeachment, Syria and Kony

Outside of conservative media, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s declaration before the Senate Armed Services Committee that the President should not consult the Congress but look to the globalist power of NATO and the United Nations for direction when deciding to openly engage in foreign war went largely unnoticed.

Questioned by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) about what legal authority the Administration of Barack Obama has to intervene in Syria as it did it Libya, Panetta made one thing remarkably clear: The Administration answers not to the American people, the Congress or the Constitution, but to NATO and the U.N.

“We’re worried about international legal basis, but nobody worried about the fundamental Constitutional legal basis that this Congress has over war,” Sessions said. “We were not asked, stunningly, in direct violation of the War Powers Act, whether or not you believe it’s Constitution [sic], it certainly didn’t comply with it. We spend too much time worrying about the U.N., the Arab League, NATO and too little time, in my opinion, worrying about the elected representatives of the United States. Do you think that you can act without Congress to initiate a no-fly zone in Syria without Congressional approval?”

In answer, Panetta said that the Federal government would first seek permission from International authorities and alert Congress only after the fact.

View the video below for a video of the hearing:

Most Americans, like Sessions, likely would be outraged to know that the Administration takes its marching orders from international interests. But, as Republic Magazine notes in a recent article, this is nothing new:

On December 20, 1945, Truman signed a measure entitled the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (UNPA), which effectively abolished Congress’s constitutional function in declaring war. Under the UNPA, the U.S. President can “negotiate a special agreement or agreements with the Security Council” concerning the use of American military personnel and facilities for UN “peacekeeping” and “peace enforcement” missions.

UNPA has been used by Truman and his successors — most recently by George W. Bush and Obama — to violate Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 — which grants Congress sole power to declare war — and engage the United States in perpetual and unConstitutional war.

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was outraged by Panetta’s assertions and responded on Friday:

For President Obama’s head of the Defense Department to state that international permission, rather than congressional approval, is what would be needed as a legal basis to initiate a no-fly zone over Syria flies in the face of the guidelines established by our Founders… But such actions should no longer come as a surprise. During the conflict in Libya last year, we saw exactly what this President thinks of following the rule of law. President Obama consulted NATO, the United Nations, and the Arab League for permission and authorization to use U.S. military force against Libya. But he utterly ignored the one body that has the legal authority to grant that permission—the U.S. Congress. That was, and still is, unacceptable.

Another lawmaker, Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) is also angered by Panetta’s remarks and introduced a resolution (House Concurrent Resolution 107) declaring that the President should be impeached for using the military without the consent of Congress.

The resolution, which is currently in the House Committee on the Judiciary, reads:

Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a president without prior and clear authorization of an act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a president without prior and clear authorization of an act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under Article I, Section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

Amid controversy over whether the United States will involve itself in further military adventurism with or without the consent of Congress, new problems are emerging in Afghanistan where the Nation is already at war. Details emerged Monday about an American soldier (some reports indicate more than one drunk American soldier) massacred 16 Afghan civilians, including women and children, as they slept in their homes before torching their bodies. According to The Associated Press, the Taliban have vowed revenge on the United States for the attack, and officials say that the incident will likely damage the relationship between the U.S. and the Afghan puppet government.

Anti-war advocates such as Paul point out that the United States’ failed military adventurism is clearly evidenced by Iraqi backlash against Western ideas, instability in Libya and the horrific actions carried out by some battle-weary and desensitized troops in Afghanistan.

Despite the evidence, propaganda is leading a growing number of Americans and American lawmakers to believe that the United States must intervene elsewhere in order to create a more perfect world. A Syrian rebel going by the name “Syria Danny,” who makes weekly appearances to beg for U.S. military intervention in the country, was recently caught on camera orchestrating gunfire to be heard in the background before the interview began. The Hollywood elite and their puppet masters are also trying to drum up support for further U.S. adventurism in central Africa — where Obama sent 100 U.S.troops last year to Uganda — with an Internet campaign focused on African warlord Joseph Kony. The campaign features an emotional documentary called “Kony 2012” that tells of how the warlord uses children to build his armies and likens him to Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden. Critics say further U.S. actions in the region would equate to colonialism.

Ugandan journalist Angelo Izama writes, “Many African critics unsurprisingly are crying neo-colonialism. This is because these campaigns are disempowering of their own voices. After all the conflict and suffering is affecting them directly regardless of if they hit the re-tweet button or not.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    If we continue to help the rebels remove this secular regime for a theocratic regime, the violence will not only continue but likely escalate as this quote clearly demontrates.

    A demonstration led by the symbolic figure of Syria’s revolution, Abdul Baset Sarout, has called for the extermination of Allawite and Shiite minority. While Sarout waves his fist in approval, the man shouts through a sound amplifier “Homs has made its mind, we want to exterminate Allawites … Shiites”. The clip has been aired by a French TV…

    We in the west are being brainwashed into getting into another conflict for the “sake of humanity”. This is yet another LIE. Don’t believe it. Above source was from Arab Digest which just yesterday was banned from our ally, the pro-western, non democratic, oppresive regime that is Saudi Arabia. If we’re sooo concerned with human rights in the M.E., lets start with our “friends” first. The policy makers we have truly are crazy. For some reason, they think that removing regime after regime will bring about peace somehow. It’s never worked before, why would it work now? Bart, if you keep sticking your finger in the light socket, I promise, your going to get shocked again.

    • Holly

      They don’t really want peace they have a bigger picture in mind. They want remove all these regimes so that when the time comes no one will be in charge and they can do what they really want which is a world power and one world order. That’s why obummer doesn’t ask congress for any but looks to the UN. He already a puppet for those people seeking this bigger picture.

    • ladybug

      One thing we can do is go to http://www.petition2congress.c… to check the eligibility of Obama. You might have to go to action home to see the petition. We have got to get him out of there.

  • Karolyn

    100 advisors in Uganda to assist with the capture of Kony is no big deal, and I don’t know why some people are making it out to be more than what it is. Oh, I forgot, politics!

    • eddie47d

      I will agree that Kony needs to be taken out but by African Nationals.He is a rouge commander who enjoys robbing,raping,kidnapping and killing a little too much. He has a minimum of 26,000 victims who are mostly Ugandans and some say more than 30,000 victims. He also takes his ragtag army into South Sudan and and the eastern Congo. He is no longer fighting for a flag or country or principle but has turned into a marauding butcher who pleasures in sadistic torture. He kidnaps kids and turns them into sex slaves or child soldiers. The kidnapped children are forced to kill their own parents or die themselves and they themselves are killed once used for sexual purposes. The children are forced to also cut off the heads of victims and drink the blood and if not they die on the spot. How can an army of only 250 soldiers have so much power over so many? This has been going on for more than 25 years and has affected stability in that region. No war needs to be declared to get this man only an International effort to stop his madness and with the approval of the nation he is hiding in. Believe it or not and although Kony “is” a Christian most of those opposed to this renagade are also Conservative Americans and Ugandan Christians . Why an International outcry? Because the countries that Kony hides in are also crippled with their own civil wars (Congo and Sudan) and can’t stabilized with him terrorizing the countryside.

      • Libertytrain

        I agree – needs to be taken out by his people —

      • Karolyn

        Well, I think that’s the objective – for his own people to take him out. Our helpers are only there to help them find him. We have more educated personnel and better equipment for that purpose. Of course, they have been there for a year and still haven’t found him. Actually, if the people of Uganda would stand up for themselves, they could get rid of him. The problem is that such peoples are so used to being under someone’s thumb they more or less accept whatever treatment they are given. They give up hope, thus perpetuating the status quo.

      • Mike Templewind

        Kony hasn’t even been
        seen since 2005. Did you forget this little “tidbit” of information?

      • Rick

        Did not Veitnam start out with Kenedy send in a few military advisors? Again Trying to declare war without Congress. NO One cares what the UN says. here the CONSTITUTION is the law of the land not the UN. SO I vote impeach him then try him for treason. I’ll Bring the rope.

    • FreedomFighter

      It places a hook in the mouth, all the wars start with advisors. Its a foot in the door.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • doctordoctor

        Again, if Panetta were not just a sockpuppet for obongo , just a bureaucratic slut much like the liberal mattressback Fluke, he would not initiate obongo’s initiatives abroad.

      • Sirian

        Quite true FF, all they have to do is think back a bit on ‘Nam. Oh yeah, that’s to difficult.

      • eddie47d

        Vietnam,Iraq and Libya were all false flag wars in order to overthrow an established government . Where advisors/aircraft were used to declare war. The situation is different in Uganda where Kony is like the Somali pirates who prey upon innocent victims without the backing of an established government. Both these groups destabilize commerce and no longer have any objective other than terrorizing for pleasure or profit. There is no longer a government strong enough to negotiate with or to stop these thugs.

      • Silvertip

        Sending “advisors” (100) to eliminate a monster like Joseph Kony who has been untouched for over 20 years should be considered a surgical removal ….long overdue !
        Bear in mind that the USSA (& international) political “elite” have ignored this ongoing
        atrocity because “….it lies outside the national AND FINANCIAL interests of (this) country”.
        BUT, because of the pressure brought to bear on the political class through the efforts
        of a few humanitarians using the awesome power of the internet, at least one “Hitler”-type
        will be (hopefully) hunted down and nuetralized. No banging of the drums of war by the
        complicit media here…which confirms how unimportant this issue is (and has been) by
        the financial elites that control the USSA political class ! If Kony is not “removed” in 2012
        the advisors are likely to be recalled and that will be that.

      • Ted Crawford

        You’ve hit it Sirian! It’s too difficult because it’s one that the Progressive war machine started! JFK sent in advisors, 10,000 I think, they began to be killed and injured. America became upset. The Diem government was corrupt and inefficient, much like our current administration, and JFK decieded to pull out. The Progressive machine couldn’t have that so they took JFK out instead! Enter LBJ. He sent massive numbers of troops on several occasions, over 500,000 in all at any one time! He started, (experlative removed), fumbled and fell, with the confidence that usually comes with ignorance. Killing 100′s of Thousands of Americans and Vietnamese along the way!
        It did however provide the Progressive masses with a very good excuse to take to the streets availing themselves of the abundance of drugs and FREE LOVE, protesting…..well what tthey, themselves had started!

      • eddie47d

        Neither the Republican or Democrat voters have much say when it comes to war. Yet it was mostly Democrat voters who demanded an end to the Vietnam War. Democrats we’re willing to take on Johnson and boot him out of office because of his war policies. When Nixon was elected the Republicans endorsed that same false flag war and even encouraged the war to to linger on for another 6 years. Until citizens understand who is behind these wars the same scenario will be played out over and over again. Such as in Iraq and the looming war with Iran.

      • Libertytrain

        I agree – advisers were the beginning of Vietnam etc. Just a few advisers…Yeah right. And I agree, the guy is slime. However, what right do we have to interfere with another country – why do we condemn Bush for taking down Saddam and his boys who killed and tortured. Do we pick and choose who gets to be taken out? The left gets all bent when the right does this but when they want some slime ball out, it suddenly makes sense to them – I have my own beliefs on these kind of horrible evil human beings who are “leaders” here and throughout the world, but I don’t understand the pick and choose mentality one bit. All or nothing.

      • Average Joe

        wight David Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States, held office from 1953 to 1961. The United States was already involved in the Vietnam War via a mutual defense assistance agreement signed with France and its Indo-China colony. America supplied money and military supplies to the French to prevent a communist takeover of the colony.

        “Dien Bien Phu

        France conceded to the Vietminh in 1954 with the Dien Bien Phu accords. This agreement gave the communist Vietminh control of Indo-China north of the 17th parallel, AKA North Vietnam. President Eisenhower found this unacceptable. He increased military aid and sent military advisers to the non-communist South Vietnam government.

        The Domino Theory

        President Eisenhower developed the Domino Theory. Basically, it said that if one country, e.g. North Vietnam, fell under communist control, adjoining countries would soon be invaded and fall under communist control. This is why he committed U.S. resources to fighting the Vietminh.

        Limited Engagement

        President Eisenhower was hesitant to commit more resources and troops to the Vietnam conflict. He felt that a land war against a decentralized government such as North Vietnam’s would never result in victory. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson after him would ramp up the conflict to no avail.”

        While Kennedy di d increase the number of advisors, by 1963 he had already made plans for a full US military withdrawl.

      • Average Joe

        US deaths in Viet Nam

        Year of Death Number Killed

        1956–1964 401

        1965 1,863

        1966 6,143

        1967 11,153

        1968 16,592

        1969 11,616

        1970 6,081

        1971 2,357

        1972 641

        1973 168

        1974–1998 1,178 (includes all remains found over the years and returned to the US).

      • Jay

        Advisers? More like, instigators, coadjutors; sent in to ensure and foment conflict, adequately prepare the grounds to justify war, pitting one faction against another, owning, and controlling both, and, when conditions are right, opens the door for the insatiable, war-machine, as is the case with respect to Uganda, as with all previous wars! And, if, as some, bring up the reason, that, with respect to Uganda, it is for the purpose to rescue the children, a claim no one will deny, i would answer; name one war, where children were not effected, whether pre- or post-war? All wars, past, and soon to be, are carefully planned, that being; the right conditions to justify the desired war(s) must be fabricated, and in place! I thought this, to be rather obvious…

      • restorefreedom

        Since when does the corrupt UN supersede our constitution. I thought Obummer was a professor of the constitutional ? I guess only to get around it. He needs to be impeached and tried for treason! Get some courage politicians !

    • 101stRECON68

      Just like Vietnam, if you call them “advisors” then it’s not really a war right? It’s only a big deal if it’s YOUR kid over there getting shot at. When you say it’s politics, I really hope you are fair enough to include BOTH sides in that statement for they are ALL guilty of crimes.

      • Sirian

        Oh so true 101st, both sides were involved – Repub./Democrats. But there still exists those that won’t accept that – no way. What do we commonly hear? “It’s all their fault” or, coming from the other side, “NO, it’s all their fault!” – sound familiar?

    • DavidL

      I agree again with you Karolyn. Unfortunately for many reading and writing on this site, they do not understand the issues being raised by this article and the Sessions video. I am not bothered one bit by the “concern” being raised by Sessions. I am, though, very concerned about his ignorance. As an elected representative of our country, he sure as heck should know better. Here is what he does not understand or, for self-serving political reasons, is pretending not to understand.

      1. Except in the case of an actual or imminent attack, no nation can start or threaten to start, a war. Why? Because under the United Nations Charter war is illegal. The UN is a ratified treaty of the US and included in our fundamental (Constitutional) law under Article VI entitled The Supremacy Cause. We have a legal and moral obligation to comply, in letter and spirit, with our legal commitments and obligations.

      2. When can a nation resort to war other than in self-defense? Only if it has legal authority under international law to do so. In most cases, that authority will come from the UN Security Council of which the US is a voting member and possess the power to veto any action by the Security Council. We do not lose any power or sovereignty as Sessions is attempting to scare people about here.

      3. Article 51 of the UN Charter recognizes, as inherent, the right of a people, a nation, to resort to war in self-defense. It parallels domestic law where an individual may resort to deadly force if that individual believes his or her life is in imminent danger.

      4. If we are about to be attacked by a nuclear weapon, does the President have the time to first get permission from a Congressional declaration of war to respond? Enter the rationale for the regulated President’s War Powers. The answer, especially in our nuclear age, is that the President may not have the time to ask Congress before he or she needs to defend our nation with a response.

      5. I repeat. Unless in self-defense, no nation can go to war without authority under international law. That is the point that the Secretary of Defense is, unsuccessfully, attempting to explain to a lawyer and elected member of Congress in the video. Sessions is an embarrassment to himself and to our country.

      • Rick

        You keep refering to the UN L=like the have real authority. THey do not Without the US they would be banrupt and toothless. Look at all the UN military actions who sent the majority of the soldiers? the US so who reaqlly cares what they say. pull all our funding out and spwnd it on things for our people ands let the rest of the world take care of it’s self. This guy Knoy will disappear eventually til then it does not effect our country. Our leadership need to worry about our people insead otf the UN.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Right, we get involved in Uganda to take
      Kony out, then there’s another to take his place and another to take his place and another to take his place and another to take his place……. It never ends. There’s always another worse than the one we take out to take their places. Why don’t we just stay out of it. This is what they do generation after generation. It’s who they are. It’s there way of life. What makes you think we can change it? It’s no different that Iraq and Afghanistan. After we leave everything will revert back to what it was before. It is who and what they are and they don’t want to change. What arrogance of Americans who think we can dictate to the rest of the world that they live like us. We need to clean up our own act and stop the crime and corruption in our own country! Starting at the top!

  • http://yahoo scott

    impeach now, it,s another blow against our constitution.

    • FreedomFighter

      Dictator or Impeachment?

      What Obama is doing will lead to Civil War, America does not need or want a sock puppet DICTATOR.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • PatG

    It just depends on whose support this illegitamate piece of garbage get’s his political support from. He is nothing short of a criminal and should be prosecuted as such. When will the idiots that back Barrack Insane Obamy wake up? Probably never as they are as ignorant as he!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    We have a criminal goverment.

    • FreedomFighter

      We have a criminal government ruled by satanists,

      every wonder why there are so many super rich women running around with BAFOMHET (Lucifer)hanging on there neck or so many super rich travel to exotic places that are famous for being able to cater to pedophiles?

      Satanism and Pedophilia Crimes of The Global Elite with Director Sean Stone

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • TIME


        On target my man yet again……… Great post.

        Peace and Love

  • JOHN

    How come when George W. Bush did this that none of you said anything about impeaching him?

    • Wrath of God

      Its rather simple John… it was post World Trade Center towers falling, and all of America wanted a fight… even Democrats, ooops, I mean Socialists like yourself.

      Bush in fact did consult congress, and even Hillary Clinton, your idol, was on board & voted yes.

      You are comparing apples and oranges. Iraq & Afghanistan, at the time, had the support of congress and the American people.

      Libya did not have either… Syria does not have either…

      • CSW

        Thank you for the truth,Most Americans don’t read are try to understand the Constitution or The Bill of Rights. To them it’s some old papers. I wish these lazy Americans would wake up and understand We the People are under attack by our own puppets like Obama and Panetta. Their acts and many others in this government can,and should be looked at and called what it is Treason,,,,

      • Sirian

        Very good points Wrath of God, very good points. Is it not common that liberal trolls show up, toss in their little fuss and then disappear. As usual, John has not fired anything back at you – typical.

      • scout

        Excellent response WOG.

      • eddie47d

        That’s one of the problems with WOG’s comment SCOUT . All wars have the support of it’s citizens until the casualties start coming in and now everyone wants us out of Afghanistan. The big issue in any war is why was it started in the first place. In the case of Afghanistan why didn’t we accomplish our mission in chasing al Qaeda and Osama out and then leave. That was done within the first year. We came up with excuses for staying like we do in every war.

  • http://NA Ted Whalen

    It seems all the officals working for Obama think just like him .They dont think ,criminals is right.

    • eddie47d

      I will agree with Resolution 107 that a President can be impeached for an unauthorized WAR. More importantly it would have nailed Bush and any President in the future. Any action in Syria MUST be approved by Congress even a fly over if it could lead to war. Now I don’t trust Congress and they have been worthless on many issues especially NDAA and the Patriot Act. They would probably approve any war that comes along but at least it would be in the records .

      • Brad

        Bush did ask congress and Billiary and congress where in.

      • eddie47d

        That didn’t make the war right it only sealed the deal.

      • Rick

        Eddie We are not talkign about the morality of any war but it’s constitutional legality. If the congress authiorized it then it is legal if not then it is iilegal and thereforethe Presixent should be impeached and tried for treason and hanged. in Public ever all to see. Make sure Penetta and Holder are right there next to him.

  • bp

    UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Can we impeach the foreign imposter now? Please?!

    • gary j

      We the people need to introduce a new law,one that goes something like this.Who ever goes against the constitution will get life in prison.They took an oath if they brack it off you go.Send them to a nice island[ Bikini Atoll ] or Gitmo. We all know they wont vote on this,why would they admit there wrong.If we the people make them do this we might get our country back.

    • http://google gary gerke

      While Obama has done many different things that are impeachable offenses our congress refuses to bring the charges out of fear of being called racists. They also know that the black community would torch the inner cities in the name of racism and their typical outcry of John Crow bull, why is it they burn their own things up……go figure!

      White America elected Obama not the black community, however, you all still play the race card!!!!!! That pig doesn’y fly anymore, get used to it

  • Jim

    We do not need to get mixed up in Africa where it will be just an extension of the muslim war. They are starving to death in most parts of Africa, why? Because they threw out the white farmers is why. Now that it has been used, no President is going to give up the War Powers Act. Just have to keep a close eye on them and not just when it is a GOP President. Looks like Leon is giving a nudge toward the old one world government crap again. That is what all of them in Washington want anymore. Talking about Human Rights in Syria, well have Syria get out of Lebanon first and then maybe we would believe that human rights would have a chance of working there in Syria.

  • doctordoctor

    Were Panetta not a totally stupid pawn, he would not be working for obongo.

    • eddie47d

      Reminds us of Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld!

  • http://t lone ranger

    John: you are nothing more than a demoRat troll, and the author of this article is an ignoramus. FACTS: G. W. Bush obtained the overwhelming support of Congress before undertaking hostilities in both Afghanistan & Iraq. He also sought and obtained support from the international community. But don’t let historical accuracy get in the way of your rantings.

    • eddie47d

      That may be true and had to be accepted but once the war was deemed to be concocted by false flag advisers under even phonier pretenses then those who hid the truth should have been arrested. It’s like a ponzi scheme where everything seems to be upfront and then the floor falls out from under you. We were Ma-doffed in the Iraq War!

  • Fred

    Corporate cronyism fits in fine with the UNPA law. Take for instance Vietnam an undeclared war. Tons of money spent buying war materials to fight an undeclared war with no benifit to the people of the United States. Huge corporations made money while the American people were lied to and their sons and daughters were killed. Thousands wounded and unbelieveable damage to Vietnam and the people living there. Maybe the Korean undeclared war worked by establishing South Korea but everything was lost in Vietnam. All we have to show for Vietnam is a marble wall with 58,000 names on it. I don’t see any politicians claiming success in Vietnam. The spread of Communism continued and now Communism lives in the White House and the Democrate Party. The funny thing is that the people who claim to be Democrats do not know they are Communist. They won’t figure it out til it is too late. Stupid people those Communist Democrats.

    • Ted Crawford

      I guess I’ll have to agree with you on the “stupid” label, Fred! For years I’ve wanted to believe that it was ignorance that caused these foolish decissions to be made. In retrospect, with all the information and examples throughout history, from Lincoln and Wilson and FDR, thru Johnson, Carter, Nixon and Bush ’43′, to our current administration, they can’t claim ignorance! Ignorance can be cured with information. Stupid involves having that information and still making idiotic decissions. As Ron White points out, “you can’t fix stupid”!

  • Dens

    If Congress does not want the President to be under the control of the United Nations and our troops under NATO command then stop it. While they still can. Talk and bluster looks good for the cameras but action…immediate action….is what is clearly needed.

    Most of us agree It is not the desire of the people of the United States wether they fancy themselves liberal or conservative to be made subserviant to and enslaved by a World government. Except for the MSM, Hollywood and Acedemia, of course.

    For anyone holding high office in our Country to even suggest we need external approval for internal decisions regarding our own actions is reason enough for immediate impeachment and or answering to the charge of treason. Come on Congress, get off your collective asses and do your jobs.

    • Ted Crawford

      In what I think is an interesting aside here Dens, it seems that “Stupid” is no respecter of intelligemce! For Academia to support Progressivism, is insane, given that whenever a Progressive group takes over a country, Academics are among the first to be eliminated!

  • Wrath of God

    Well, this is the same Leon Panetta who did the unilateral action in the Balkens… how soon we (Americans) forget…

  • dagodave

    What we must do is reverse B.O. refusal to act constitutionaly- he is funding our enemies in one breadth and condeming us to in the next!He is illegal , PAY ATTENTION -HIS MISSION IS TO CAPTURE THIS COUNTRY AND WE ARE LETTING HIM DO IT!

  • Harry

    Putting the war machine back in its proper role of strong national DEFENSE should be above all, congress main concern. Obama is a shill, a puppet. If you get rid of him, what do you have? Boehner? One more puppet controlled by their masters. Now that the hidden government has exposed their hand with the use of an unauthorized military industrial complex on our lands (unconstitutional), ability to detain, arrest (no due process), and assassinate citizens (unconstitutional), creating armies of unemployed (lose of free enterprise and true, unfettered capitalism) only for the purpose of adding to the already humongous government dole of providing perverts jobs at airports to fondle your loved ones who are only trying to get from point a to point b. Yes congress, do the job you were hired to do, remember? The work of the people of the masses, not war mongering, oil hungry corporation elitists who rape, pillage, and destroy then blame it on the masses, with the use of their mess, I mean mass media.

  • Paul

    The record should be set straight immediately before it gets out of hand,ONLY THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS WITH THE PRESIDENT CAN DECLARE WAR,we don’t need the approval of nato or the un to act,that would be like asking the middle eastern countries to defend ourselves if iran developed a nuclear bomb and has already threatened israel and the United States,what do you think their answer would be.Paneta should be taken out of office and if the president declares war on anybody or any thing without consent of congress should be impeached for treason.WE NEED NO PERMISSION FROM ANYBODY BUT OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

    • CSW

      Thank you. I’m feed up with the Obama Puppet….

    • Ralph

      I agree

  • Paul

    This is just one step closer according to obamas plan for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and a dictatorship of the United States.Remember this,there will be NO ELECTIONS if obama declares war between now and november,mandate says the president in office will retain the presidency until the war is over which we know could last for years and give him plenty of time to carry out his socialistic plan to take over America,if we let him.We need a backup plan to prove he is not a citizen,he has a false ss#,he has committed treason with any number of his marxists policies leading to communism.We need to pursue these outlets at all costs.AMERICANS NEED TO FIGHT FOR THEIR COUNTRY OR LOSE IT.

    • steve

      problem is the congress and the senate will not act against the pres.their to affraid of the american/africian.

    • Steve E

      You are right Paul, Freedom must be paid for by blood. I predicted three years ago that BHO would cancel the elections, because I was one of the few who had vetted BHO back then. This country is actually on the verge of a civil war between the Constitutionalist and the Socialist. I will be much more bloodier than the War between the States, in which 2% of the country’s population was wiped out. The Constitutionalist will eventually win because they fear God and do not fear death. The “Fence Sitters” along with the Socialist, Communist, etc. will be destroyed or find themselves in destitute or in exile. They will be run out of there homes and properties and the Constitutionalist will occupy them. The Constitutionalist will destroy them without mercy and will have the blessings of God to do so. This will then cleanse the country and a new Constitutional government will be formed.

      • steve

        so were is your proof that god will bless the uprising? read john 17;18

      • steve

        make that john 17;16

      • Karolyn

        Talk about right-wing wackos! It’s people like you who create the chaos in this world, thinking that war is always the right thing to do, thinking that they have all the answers, that anybody who disagrees should be kicked out or killed. Very unAmerican if you ask me! Sounds more like fascism, where only one people of one side are allowed to flourish. Sick thinking! God sides with no side but with all.

      • Steve E

        Don’t worry about proof, you just need faith. You Fence sitters will be wiped out.


    The election in 2008 was actually a coup by the puppet masters and so far the agenda they have is moving right along on sked– Many of the USA citizenry are now almost fully awake and recognize what is happening– Look out for some really bizarre happenings as the rest of 2012 unfolds !

  • Gary L

    If we allow this crap to continue, you can kiss the “America” that we once knew goodbye along with our liberty. We have to take a stand now. Once it is gone it will be gone for good.

    • scout

      Right on. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Adios, sayanara

      • Karolyn

        Nothing stays the same forever. The only thing constant is change.

  • Buck

    The United States constitution makes no allowances for international law . The United States of America is an independent country as our declaration of declaration of independence so eloquently explains .

  • Donald York

    It’s all about power, and nothing else. Leon Panetta should be thrown in jail for going against the constitution, plus, i want to know who is going to send US marshals to the white house to usher obama and his ilk in front of federal courts for high crimes and misdemeanors? Why is it, now that it is public knowledge, that the congress and senate are’nt doing anything. Come on you people you work for us!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Don: Us is a Variable…The illegals are now in the inhabatants! Most of them want U.S. like it is where they came from, with them now in charge!

    • Gary L

      The D.O.J. is in Obama’s pocket. Aside from that I don’t think anyone who would have the authority actually has the balls. The powers that be that can actually do anything will just continue to do nothing.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    People who take control of something… Often Don’t STOP There!

  • ranger hall

    First advisors into Vietnam 55 at one time.
    How about Yemen, I understand we are there also.
    Africa has always been a problem, always will be,Depends on the leadership, some we call friends some we call the Bad Guys, Depends on how its talked Up, NO Americans should not be There, Just like we should not be in So. America. Most of you People did not know much about the ARAB Countries until 9/11, NOW they are ALL Terroists. In some of these Countries, The People are trying to Overthrow the Govt, For GOOD Cause, Some with our help, Some without. Saudi Arabias Royal family should be, But WE will not allow this to Happen WE should not be Involved by using Americans in the air or on the ground. The UN was designed to assist in these Problems, BUT being they are controlled by The US and mostly Funded by us, WE make most of the decisions.Most of the Arab Countries have been under control of the Ruling Familys for Generations STEALING the Countries Resourses, Becoming BILLIONAIRES while the People Suffer.
    THE PEOPLE of Any Country have the Right to try and Overthrow their Crooked Leaders.
    OUR CONGRESS will not Control this Mess Because they are THE PROBLEM. They keep themselves seperated, This way they are not in the Spotlite LIKE they should Be.

  • Delroy Brown

    The president is not seeking international approval by bypassing congress when it comes to war. President Obama and the democrat does not want war; Mr Obama is a christian and true followers of Christ do not live for war. The republicans and the war profiteers are the ones beating the war drum. All the president says is that the America will not enter the middle east conflict in Syria where we will shoulder the cost all by our self as well as die and shed their blood. If the UN and the the ARAB league vote to intervene it means they will share the cost. America can lend support with congress approval if the UN seek our help. However if we unilaterally go in without invitation we shoulder the cost adding to deficit and will be responsible for fixing the damage and destruction from our bombing like in Iraq and Afghanistan. If McCain and all those crying for war is truly convinced we need one have congress declare one. Don’t ask Obama to do so, he is more focused on cleaning up the mess he inherited and fixing the economy. We don’t have money for war remember. What about the Deficit. I thought republicans wanted to reduce it.

    • Gary L

      You are delusional. Lay off the Kool-aid.

    • CSW

      Delroy can I ask what you’ve been smoking? You know I do a lot of reading and studying about all Politicians. Your boy Obama is a Master at back stabbing his own people. And we can add every other Race of people to his list that live here on Planet Earth.You do know christian have been going to war for Thousands of years over their Religion. That’s a cop out on your point of view. It doesn’t matter what Obama wants are thinks,He’s a Puppet for the Global Elite. He does what they want. Sorry to brake your little bubble but he’s a Corrupted Politicians like many others in Washington DC. It’s sad but it’s the times we live in. There are about 10% of the Politicians in Washington DC we the people can trust. You should watch the video again,And listen to what has been said,Obama went to war in Libya without Congress. Under the Constitution of the United States only can Congress send the Military to War. The UN/NATO has no legal rights here in the United States to send any US Military to War are to help. Basically go read what is in the Constitution. What Congressmen Walter Jones is saying,if Obama go’s to War again without the United States Congress declaration of war under the war powers act he can and should be Impeached right along with anyone else. Stop watching Mainstream Media there Owned by the Global Elite and same ones who print all our money,It’s called the Federal reserve. And my last little bit of Knowledge for you is Obama and Romney have the same Masters Goldman-Sachs. The only different between them is the color of their skin. PS Obama is cousins with the Bush family,och that hurt,But like I was told when I was younger the Truth will set you free,even if you don’t like it….

    • Jay

      Delroy the Obama-bot!

  • Eldena

    Just get this man OUT. He is making a memory out of what America has always been!

  • chuckb

    the sad part of all this, the republican congress has no courage when it comes to confronting barry on constitutional grounds. we should all be very alarmed, this man has no knowledge of war and yet he’s willing to sacrifice our troops to save the muslims in syria who in turn will join the muslim brotherhood and spit in our face.

    barry is doing a magnificent job in turning the middle east into one empire ruled by the muslim brotherhood. i believe this is his ultimate goal. we better rid this muslim from the white house our nation will be next.

  • Ann in Nebraska

    What say we bring everyone home and just chill for a while and let the world take care of itself for a couple of years? Why do we have to police the whole world? I’m not a wimp, but enough is enough.The whole Arab world hates us, so let’s just let them all rot in their own swill. No matter what we do, it’s wrong, so just let them be to fight it out themselves. Let’s get rid of Obozo and then promptly bring all the troops home to spend some time with their families and friends for a while. I’m sure there will be some uprising somewhere that we can send them back out to tend to. There always is.

    • Jay

      I wouldn’t say the whole of the Arab world hates us, Ann! Try talking to some, here, on our own soil, and you’ll be surprised to hear that most, do not hate the American people, rather, the American administration, who is under the control of the military-industrial-complex; additionally in tow, and connected to, foreign-cartel-war-financiers. It is precisely this, and rarely considered evil-apparatus, that is responsible for the creation of all wars. And, they have had years of practice, and have perfected the science of creating wars to a level beyond what you can imagine.

      For example, through the media-apparatus, they have sufficiently convinced you, that these people, the Arabs, hate you, and they hate you because you’re American, love freedom, and because you are Christian, or worse, Satan’s seed! Yet, you can’t be sure, can you, that this is so, unless you have fully placed your faith in the one’s who have told you this. Correct? While at the same time, it escapes us, that, it is we, who are always occupying their land, and killing its people. Do you not find that strange?

      It is advised, that if you want to know what water is like, do not ask a fish, as the fish has no comparative by which to appraise what water is like, having only known water. How much more then, to ask someone who has never been to the middle-east, what the middle-east is like, ei; its culture, its people, if having never been to the middle-east, and having never lived there for sufficient time, to accurately determine the truth, as to the nature of these people, and their intent, if any, towards us! But, in this instance, we are not asking the fish/Arabs, what water/middle-east, is like, are we? No! The majority of Americans rely on whom, to tell them, what the middle-east is like? Naturally, this is precisely what the war-mongers exploit, that is; our ignorance, and our inability to confirm their bad reports regarding these people!

      Additionally, and in combination, instigators are sent abroad, to mingle among our so-called, enemies, to foment and instigate strife. To raise, orchestrate, and finance factions, who purposely, and on cue, engage in radicalism, provocative behavior, flagrantly abusing civil-rights and laws, and these images are beamed back to us, through our television screens, in front of which, we spend hours drooling, and absorbing this satanic slop; and, when we are sufficiently engorged, stuffed to the gills, we can’t help but cry, like imbecilic drones, “war war, away with them, kill every last one of them; turn the middle-east, into a sea of glass.” Naturally, such sentiments, are precisely what the one’s who control the war-machine, long to hear, they wait further, allowing the hate to reach a fever-pitch, and finally, unleashing the blood-hounds of war!

      • Liberterian

        Excellant comment. It time to think and not be led by the nose.

      • Rick

        Jay tell that line of crap to the people in the planes on sept. 11th or the people in the top floors of the world trade center. Or the people at the pentagon. what a crock of s**t. Bush should have started dropping bombs on the 12th an stopped when the last one surrendered.All of themj are not worth one american life.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Well said Jay

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      ANN: With Government… It’s CONTROL or Be CONTROLLED… ( They Arn’t Government, if Not in Control !) LAW & Order: Depends on Government! & Government Requires Law & Order…( WHO’S? The winners…)

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Gee Ann….wonder why anyone would hate us when we bomb and kill hundreds of thousands for not good reason. When we invade and plunder. I’d love to see your reaction when it happens to you. We owe China a lot of money…we can’t pay them back. What if they invade us? Will you roll out the red carpet and show hospitality?

  • Charlie Brown

    Who among us will stand up against these satanist?

  • http://Hawn Ron

    We need some people in Washington with backbone. What a sorry group, both Democrats and Republicans. Voters, this is your last chance to save America that we all love. Any one iInstead of BHO will better and smarter. It doesn’t take much, Europe is laughing that we would elect such a fool. Numerous friends in Europe ae watching this race and hoping that we pull our head out of behind.

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  • Rhonda Reichel


    elect RON PAUL 2012

    All you idiots voting for the chicken hawks are going to be sorry. I hope there is a draft so you can sacrifice you family ….that will stop this insanity.

    • CSW

      Thank you Rhonda Reichel. Yes Dr Ron Paul would make a killer President. Mainstream Media and Mainstream Radio don’t want to talk about him. The fact’s or there lying about everything. They want him to Quit….because they all want Romney to run against Obamo. That’s because Romney can’t beat Obamo. All there Polls show Dr.Ron Paul in last place. If the Media was true,the the GOP wasn’t filled with so many crooks then Dr.Ron Paul would be so far out in front. There is only 1 person who can beat Obamo and that’s Dr.Ron Paul. All those with tons of money and the corrupted ones want nothing to do with Dr.Ron Paul…. I guess they know we the people have many ropes and tall trees for them…..But your right….

  • Margaret J. Graham

    Question, What happened to the approval of the budget for the military and the Patriot Act? If my memory serves me, Obama rushed the measures through Congress Dec.31, 2011 so that the American People wouldn’t be able to respond to the statements. Some of the statements reflect that the Consitution was shelved. I am not surprised by our Secretary of Defense’s remarks. Margaret

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  • James

    The introduction of advisors in a foreign nation is just a prelude to war. The War Powers Resolution, Section 2(c) reads: “The constitutional powers of the President…to introduce United States Armed Forces into hostilities…are exercised only pursuant to (1) a declaration of war, (2) specific statutory authorization, or (3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.”
    if military advisors are in any foreign nation, and are fired upon, that would authorize the President tlo wage war against such nation.


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