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Walnuts belong in your medicine cabinet

July 29, 2011 by  

Walnuts belong in your medicine cabinet

If you have a bag of walnuts sitting in your food pantry, you need to move them quickly. They belong in your medicine cabinet.

At least that’s the view of the Food and Drug Administration, which last year sent a warning letter to Diamond Foods, Inc., because the packaging “misbranded” the product, causing them to be drugs.

The FDA’s letter says in part:

“Based on claims made on your firm’s website, we have determined that your walnut products are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease.”

The labels cited studies indicating the omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts helped lower cholesterol levels; protect against heart disease, stroke and cancer; ease arthritis and other inflammatory diseases; fight depression and mental illness; and provide other health benefits.

The FDA ordered Diamond Foods to correct the violations or face seizure of products or court injunction.

Life Extension Magazine reported on the letter in its August 2011 edition and cited a number of published articles highlighting the health benefits of walnuts. In other words, the FDA is ignoring the science that proves the healthful benefits of a natural food.

The FDA, which claims to look out for the health of Americans, is doing just the opposite. It obviously wants Americans to remain fat, unhealthy and ignorant. How else to explain an agency that ignores the science behind the health benefits of natural whole foods while allowing food manufacturers to get away with the spurious claims they make on the health benefits of processed foods like potato chips and breakfast bars with simulated fruit products they pass off as real fruit.

And it’s not just walnuts the FDA hates. The FDA hates many natural foods like cherries, blueberries, pomegranate juice and green tea. All of these natural foods provide scientifically proven health benefits, but the FDA ignores the science and regulates whether and how those benefits can even be stated on their packaging.

The FDA is proving itself to be an out-of-control bureaucratic nightmare that is working contrary to the health interests of Americans. It should be at the top of everyone’s list of government alphabet soup agencies to get the ax.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech in this country?
    The Government should strictly be relegated to an advisory position only in the case of products. The citizens should be the final deciders of what they choose to buy.

    • Jana

      They are tryng to tell us how much to eat, what to eat, and even when to eat.
      Next they will be watching us through our TV set to make sure we eat irradiated foods that is not good for us, and will limit the calories that we should each have.

      • FreedomFighter

        Smart electric metering — reveals what you use, when, thus they can tell when you did what and how long.

        Computers – whats on your mind today? Search, visits, and communications, they can know if they want.

        TV – passive programing device. low level Mind control

        Cell phone/smart — GPS tracking of phone

        Road-Cams — were you go, can and will be tracked if needed

        Visa/MC, store cards, discount cards, tracking databases, to the point they say can predict a divorce.

        Facial recognition at large events, maybe even at Walmart.

        Orwell just missed the date.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Dan az

          I don’t think he missed the date I think it was just a blueprint for them to follow and now has implemented it to a T.So if there is anything else that they haven’t done according to the blueprint its just a matter of time before it will be next.

        • cheryl lynn

          You forgot the TSA body groping & body scanners. Also, soon we will all have a number on our hand or forehead called the mark of the beast. 666 See Revelation

          • EDBO

            I couldn’t agree more.

          • EDBO

            I will say this, I have a .45 that says I won’t take the mark.

          • moonbeam

            Not all will take the mark, only those who accept it. If I’m not mistaken, The Rapture will happen before that. Those who know and love God will be caught up in The Rapture to meet Him in the air and will not suffer through Armegeddon, the battle between good and evil, aka “That Great and Terrible Day”.

            When the temple is rebuilt and the “man of sin” sets himself up in the temple to be worshipped as if he is God (The Abomination of Desolation), then the you-know-what hits the fan.

            The bible has been 100% spot on with the prophesies written within it. Watch for the 7 year peace agreement between Israel and Palestine that the “man of sin” (whoever he is) will break 3 1/2 years into it. As we all know, a peace agreement with Israel is right now as we speak in the works. Bible Prophesy rocks!

            God ain’t just bumping His gums when trying to tell us something. Accept Him into your heart and life today. He really is a very nice person and even has a sense of humor. Get to know Him, if you don’t already, and see for yourselves.

        • RWS

          It’s ridiculous right? Where I work, there is even an access card to get in the building and operate the elevator. Not to mention the devise that lets you in and out of the parking garage that you have to have. It all just adds another peice of technology to keep track of where you’ve been and when. Technology is becoming too much and I’m only in my 20′s and I think that.

      • brassia

        It is called policing! They could care less about keeping the food safe- they want power and complete control!
        Come to think of it- Socialism was a free society compare to what our country became .

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      The FDA has never issued regulations on advertising because they have no authority over advertising. The FDA invented their authority over drug ads. If the scientific literature supports some positive or negative aspects of food and drugs, then the first amendment should allow that information to be disseminated. The FDA should only oversee the safety and efficacy of food and drugs. The FTC should rule on false advertising.

      • DaveH

        Mostly what the FDA does is to create a false sense of security to uninformed citizens. Many people think they can eat anything they want because if it was bad for them the Government wouldn’t allow it.
        However, it’s more likely that if it is bad for them, the Government will subsidize it (sugar for instance).

    • EddieW

      Dave, The Federal DEATH Administration does NOT allow Free Speech..About 10 years ago a man was selling oranges…he accidently told the truth with a sign that said, “Guaranteed to cure Scurvy” FDA took his oranges, as they are now drugs!! Only vitamin C cures scurvy, and oranges are high in it…FDA got Congress to pass a law, “Only Drugs can cure”!!! Mom’s chicken soup when you got sick…is now a drug! Where did drugs come from? Natural products!! Foxglove for heart medicine etc. but now they synthesize them, giving them enormous side effects…Big Pharma knew Gravioli cured 10 types of cancer, but they couldn’t synthesize it and make it work…they hid it on a shelf for 10 years, till a researcher released it, as people were dying of porstate cancer, for instance that it will cure WITHOUT side effects!!

      • DaveH

        Playing God at the FDA:

        As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

      • vicki

        What is Gravioli? The closeset I could find on the web was some type of band. There is something called Graviola that appeared in the search as well. Is that what you mean?

        • Mike

          Graviola is what he’s talking about.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Freedom of speech was first chipped at when people were not allowed to protest at abortion clinics. You might argue against me but that is the truth. Now we face hate crimes, which have been expanded into hate speech.

      At one time you could say anything, as long as you were not inciting others to violence. Now, your kids in school will learn diversity but won’t be able to read, write, or do math. (The educators know what is important. If you don’t believe me, ask the teachers’ union in Wisconsin.)

      We are at the last stages of freedom. Between the activist judges, the liberal media and the Democrats/socialist, they are about to put us into bondage. (If you don’t believe my merging of Democrats with socialists, look at Bernie Sanders. He is an avowed socialist who runs as an Independent from Vermont. But he caususes with the Democrats and has voted for EVERY Democratic/socialist bill.)

  • art

    It has always amazed me that, after millions of dollars of investment and years of development testing,and data presentation to the FDA for drug approval,the FDA takes no responsibilty for any ill effects that consumers report. If they want to stick thier nose in things to be the gods of drugs, should they also not share the blame for a drugs problems?

    • Willard

      I wonder how much the FDA (people) gets in kickbacks to say something is bad to promote someone else’s products.

      • kodster

        Millions of dollars, folks.

    • DaveH

      Government conveniently exempts themselves from liability. Take the issue of the Airbags which they basically forced on the auto industry.

  • forgoodfood

    If the science is there that says walnuts provide a remedy to those ailments they should be standing side by side and promote healthy food. Instead poison laced overprocessed garbage is what they push-
    Maybe it is time to start to dismantle them since they like Obummer have no interest in protecting its citizens.
    I have gone to gardening (organic — no poison or petrol based fertilizers here) and no processed foods
    FDA hope you rot

    • moonbeam

      This is what we all should be doing, growing our own fruits and vegetables on our own farms. Add chickens, cows and pigs as you see fit.

      Research all natural remedies, including marijuana, that have been used for thousands upon thousands of years by cultures all over the world. These remedies work without the terrible side effects.

  • s c

    Good luck with walnuts, Bob. Until enough people get fed up with the FDA space cadets and criminals who REFUSE to follow court orders, we’re screwed. The FDA and those who wield it must have been ‘born’ to do what they do.
    They have no use for common sense, they brown-nose any drug firm that has a new, ungodly expensive drug that needs to be peddled, they rig scientific studies and after all this time, some folks are just now beginning to hear about it.
    The FDA, like many other government agencies, must die on the vine. Abort the damned thing(s), revoke the credentials of those who have destroyed the FDA’s integrity, and throw the rest into prison.

  • Ed Sowers

    Maybe the FDA has finally recognized that at least some nuts are harmful. Look at what the ones in Washington have done to us.

    • JLC

      Good play on words! I like it!

  • Brad

    That is because those Brownshirts cannot regulate natural foods and they cannot stand it!

  • former walmart person

    Desperate times call for desperate actions. All like minded people who simply want the consititution followed be they republicans, democrats, libertarians, or “none of the above” and otherwise lovers of the Republic should band together and form a tent city somewhere if unemployed. For this to work, lots of farmers would have to be willing to possibly give up some farm land. Bringing firearms would obviosly be encouraged. In this mega tent city, the consittution would be 100% followed as is, ie people have total freedom of speach, religion, people can take their firearms with them ANYWHERE, etc. People would be able to own all of their private property and only have minimal taxes for limited government (perhaps a big tent city hall of some kind?) Until the state and federal governments follow the consituttion this mega tent city with hopefully at least thousands of people would ignore the government. They would ignore taxes, etc except limited taxes of some kind to the tent city government which would be strictly constitutional.

    Live free or die. Now if the military wants to ride in and slaughter the thousands of peace loving Americans who ultimately just wnat to be left alone and live free and if the military and police want to cause a mega Waco, then we are doomed anyway because they will eventually declare martial law and be willing to do this anyway.

    • KiloAlpha

      Not that your idea doesn’t have merit in Liberty and Freedom, but if you want to see what kind of vermin you potentially might be facing, look up the Bonus Marchers. Thousands wouldn’t have an effect; it would take several million–I’d put the number at 10 million before idiots like pelosi would cease to pass it off as astroturf, or schumer would show his characteristic disdain on the chattering class, or hussein would contemptously call them bitter clingers.

  • Dan az

    I’ll bet if you look into who is the head of the FDA you would find that there lies the connection for the big pharm.controls that use us as there test subjects.
    I don’t trust anything that the gubmnt says,They lie.My son is finishing a book that he has been writing wor a couple of yrs now that show how the gubmnt has used all our soldiers and people in the states as test dumbies.It was a real I opener.When Its done an published I will share with you everything that he has researched.Its some scary stuff backed by proof.

    • Kate8

      Dan az – Good for your son. I, for one, am very interested in reading what he’s come up with.

      It would seem that America has been a huge nest of lab rats. We thought we were this great, free nation, but the more I see, it appears that even that was part of the experiment.

      The stuff I’ve been uncovering lately is staggering, but it is all starting to make sense.

      • Dan az

        I have been pushing him to hurry up because we are running out of time.And everyone needs to see this evidence that I mean know body has a clue what they have been doing to us for so long.The minute he finishes it I’ll send you a copy.

        • PMS

          I would love to purchase a copy of your sons book! How do I know when and how to get a copy?

          • Dan az

            I’ll post it for anyone that wants the truth and will send Bob L one to read and hopefully write something on it.

          • libertytrain

            You should do that. You never know.

  • Robert

    I guess we should cut down all walnut trees and have them banned from the country. Then we can go to the cherry trees ect. I agree the harmful fruits and nuts are in Washington.

  • former walmart person

    Of course, obviosly, walnuts surely aren’t going to give the Diamond Foods wusses bigger balls in their sacks. They will capitulate to the federal government.

    Are there any real men left in this country?

  • Lawrence

    The FDA is just trying to justify it’s existence. Time to shut them down along with the Department of Energy and the Department of Education (or at least cut their budgets to less than 10% of what it is now).

  • Matt M.

    “The closer you get to Caesar(not only our govt. but any govt.) the greater the fear”

    We invited them into our lives by asking for more protection from ourselves so we have only ourselves to blame.
    When a person sues for spilling hot coffee on their lap an wins because their was no warning label on the cup or when someone sues for putting warning labels on plastic bags stating that this is not a toy and it could harm you what the hell do you think this kind of message this sends out to our government. It clearly states that the GP have no common sense and we need laws to protect us from ourselves.
    We invited them in now we can’t get rid of them!!

  • JimH

    Walnuts switched from food to drugs? That would explain why they went from $2 a pound to $5 a pound.

    • Cathy

      Wow, where do YOU shop? They are $7.99 at one market here and $8.79 for a bag (16 oz.) at Smith’s. I buy them no matter what they cost as I eat them every morning with my apple.

      • Willard

        if you shop where they bag you items for you they will charge you for this by higher prices.

      • JimH

        Cathy, I don’t know where you live, I’m sure it’s out west because that is where I’ve seen Smith’s. In the mid west area we have the Aldi stores. A bag of walnuts is $4.99.

  • Cathy

    The FDA? This bureaucratic corrupt agency hassles any company producing natural food but continues to approve the use of aspartame, which has 22 side effects. Unbelievable!

    • s c

      Cathy, you need to know very little about the FDA. And, you should see every man or woman who supports the FDA as unindicted co-conspirators. The FDA, in its falsely divine wisdom, wants us to eat and drink all the junk and poison we feel like eating and drinking.
      They want us to know that hordes of ‘MDs’ will be waiting for us when we get sick. If that’s not one of the sickest approaches to ‘responsibility’ that I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what it is.
      “Eat and drink CRAP, but stay away from foods and supplements that can keep you healthy” is INSANE.
      That’s Uncle Scam, and that’s the FDA. A pox on both of them – and all of their “friends.” Guess which side Obummer is on, Cathy.

      • Kate8

        s c – You are so right. The FDA is NOT our friend.

        The Western Medical system is a huge behemoth that requires a steady stream of sick people flowing through it in order to keep the multi-billions flowing. It was started by the Rockefellers to be exactly what it is: a system that brings in massive wealth to the world elites from pharmaceuticals.

        The FDA is part of the system, as corrupt as the rest of government.

        If enough people would wake up and realize that none of this system is about healing or health, and would stop feeding into it, it would quickly collapse.

        Actually, so many people are finally getting this that it’s got the PTB really scared. That’s why they are poisoning our food and water, and working to cut off all sources of nutrition. They want to leave us no choices except them.

        • Dan az

          Did your screen change or is it just me?I think I’m hung up in the tabs somehow!nothing looks the same it sucks!

  • Barbara La Lena

    It is time to speak out and stand up to The-powers-that-be. These
    corrupt reprobrates are taking us back to the “Dark Ages” by poisoning
    us, lying to us, killing us, robing us, and dumbing us down. I is time
    to take RESPONSIBALITY for ourselves. We have the “POWER” let’s use it. RON PAUL SHOULD BE PRESEDENT. LET’S GO FOR IT AMERICA.

  • Kat

    This is absolutely ridiculous. If the food does what they say it does then there is no way our government should be interfering. People have a right to know the proven health benefits of eating a particular food. If the company were making false claims that would be different. What they are saying about walnuts is factual.

    The government claims they want citizens to eat healthy food and to lose weight, and then they turn around and tell food companies that they can’t promote the proven health benefits of a particular food. But, as we all know, the government only gives lip service to the desire for citizen health. In reality, all they are concerned about is keeping the drug companies healthy.

  • RangerWW2

    The FDA is interested in money, not our health, all you have to do is check out the 200 billion they make annually in the cancer “industry” as they “search” for a CURE. In 50 yrs. they’ve improved maybe 2%. Who would want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg’s.

  • TML

    “The FDA, which claims to look out for the health of Americans, is doing just the opposite.”

    Shocking (sarcasm)

    Get rid of the FDA, DEA, DOE, TSA, and all the rest of the alphabet gangs. None of them are on our side.

  • professor

    The FDA doesn’t worry about all the packaged foods and bakery foods, the things we eat that comes from factories. All processed foods have ingredients that cause “heart disease,” with few exceptions! Read the labels on what you buy. Most everything we eat has ingredients that cause plaque! It is no wonder that we are susceptible to strokes and heart disease. But….the FDA is worried about a naturally healthy food called Walnuts!! How bizarre! One could almost accuse them of, “conspiracy to endanger health!”

  • charles

    What a bunch of Idiots. Government run wild. Its time to remove DC from the USA . And have a new capital with ALL new people and laws

  • Doorgunner

    I would really really like to think that the American public who are true lovers of freedom will wake up and change these clowns currently running our affairs come the next election. But, the realistic side of my mind tells me this is a pipe dream. As long as we have the zombie party lovers like I see here everyday writing their party line dribble, there will never be a change for the good. I think the only thing left is to prepare, to stock up while we can and above all to arm ourselves so that we can protect our families. That is not a chicken little the sky is falling attitude, but rather the reality we are now in. For those that believe it could never get THAT bad in America, all I can say is STAY TUNED.

  • AJ

    Of course the FDA, which claims to look out for the health of Americans, is doing just the opposite. It does want Americans to remain fat, unhealthy and ignorant. And get Cancer and other incurable diseases that can only be treated not cured. Why? Because it’s mearly a hand pupet for “Big Pharma” they’re the ones that hate the many natural foods like cherries, blueberries, pomegranate juice and green tea. All of these natural foods that provide scientifically proven health benefits are not patentable, and no money can be made on them by “Big Pharma”. Also the money is made on treatment not on cure. President Nixon declared war on Cancer over forty years ago and the cancer society has collected who knows how many millions of dollars and yet no cure? Come on get real. The money collected by the Cancer Society is used for Cancer resurch to find better ways to treat the disease and more profitable ways to treaat the disease. Quite a racket having your R&D paid for by charitable donations. Yep got to hand it to ya “Big Pharma” ya got a grand old racket going at our expense. The FDA is an out-of-control bureaucratic nightmare that is working contrary to the health interests of Americans. It’s corrupt and a cespool and should be at the top of everyone’s list of government alphabet soup agencies to get the ax. And the deal they cut over Canola oil? Is that sh_t really good for us? Hell it’s in everything. I wonder why?

  • Autism Dad

    A very long story that hopefully I can shorten in under 20 chapters. My son Dalton has Autism. A condition he developed at the early age of 18 months. At the time he was diagnosed I thought I was eating healthy (non-organic) whole wheat, corn, grains, beef, pork, chicken, milk, etc… In all of the meats and milk I kept fat contents low, and tried to limit the sugar intake to only cane sugar. Why? Because just like most American’s I was told by the FDA that these foods were safe and part of a “healthy” diet. AT 43, I was 6’2″ and 310 lbs. Diabetes, high blood pressure, Reflux disease, and all the pills associated with masking their symptoms were a part of my daily life. I was headed for an early gave, my son came down with Autism full force and I was left asking why? Well after 1000′s of hours of independent research and investigation I uncovered so much conspiracy and corruption, that I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of it all in anything less than a 100 chapter book. Lets just suffice to say that the FDA is nothing more than a needless government agency that is backed by big money food manufacturers. It is not a left wing or right wing issue, it is a money issue. More money than some of you could possibly imagine in a lifetime and it has been going on for decades. They actually have put hundreds of “seals of approval” on products they know make you unhealthy and cause a myriad of life threatening health problems. This in turn, feeds the medical and insurance industries, which in turn feeds the pharmaceutical industry, and they are all getting rich off of the misinformation being fed to us by the FDA (which they in turn, receive special “funding” from each of these big money giants)

    I can tell you now though, in 6 months I dropped 85 lbs, I am no longer diabetic, no more high blood pressure, no acid reflux, and the greatest gift a father could ever receive…

    My son is beating his Autism… It took only a year and a half of life on planet Earth for him to get the disease from what the FDA tells you is “healthy eating and healthy living” It may take decades for him to fully be cured of it, but I am confident that we are going to beat it.

    This is one American that has painted a huge bulls-eye on the FDA and I will not stop firing at that bulls-eye until they are taken out of existence…

  • Moe Badderman

    As noted by “AJ” above, it has become clear that the FDA has less concern for the health of Americans than it has for protecting the profits of Big Pharma. If a food (walnut) shows a health benefit beyond empty calories, then they brand it a drug so it can be controlled as such. Look at any supplements bottle: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” What does the FDA do with their billion-buck budget??

  • Gloria

    The present policies of the FDA started in Nazi Germay. If you can get a copy of The Devil’s Chemist which is very dry reading because it is the actual minutes of the early formation of the Nazi party it is stated very clearly by a big German chemical/pharmaceutical company which was very poweful in the formation of the Nazi party that all natural cures should be replaced by their synthetic chemicals. Also it was a Nazi law that anyone teaching natural therapies was to be executed, it was a capital offence in the occpied countries. Who won the war?

  • Gloria

    It is time for us to actually understand who we were fighting and beat them.Does anyone know the origin of the Name Eisenhower? I do. How about Rockefeller? Big money and even bigger dirty politics.

  • brassia

    Does feel already like we live behind Iron Curtain…socialism was a free society compare to what our country became…and wait that G in WH with a huge romp will make you follow her instructions of what to eat and how much. Wonder if brown shirts will visit to check our pantry.

  • Carol J, California

    Here’s another shocker. I read in article in my local newspaper concerning invasive weeds. It was hard to believe when they listed black walnut trees as a weed. SAY WHAT????

  • Carol J, California

    I tried to post this once, and it hasn’t shown up yet. I was reading an article in my local newspaper about invasive weeds. Among the listings was the black walnut. SAY WHAT????

    • libertytrain

      sometimes you just need to refresh your page after you post anything anywhere in order to see it. you have two posted of the same thing —-

  • kevin alen

    Government IS the enemy (Ronald reagan).
    These saps, whores of babylon are the most ignorant, evil, whorish bastards to populate the planet. they are overpaid, over benefited and over protected (job security). Our nation will continue to suffer and degenerate until these fools are removed and never allowed to hold positions of responsibility ever again. They lie, steel and cheat with not an ounce of remorse. They are corrupt beyond belief. it is not possible to ever trust anyone in the employ of the US Government. They are the lowest feeders on the food chain. God created Government workers so humanity could see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears what real demons look and sound like so we would avoid becoming like them. It is said that satan was cast from heaven with and army of fallen angels. They all went to work for the Government. This is all true and I am also a comedian so i can say it.

  • Ronald Johnston

    We need to do away with all the illegal government agencies! That would cure our deficit problem. The government is only legally allowed to provide for our defense and very little else, according to the Constitution. The Federal Reserve is #1 on the list of illegal agencies! They have loaned 14 trillion dollars to banks including some foreign banks. Where do you think this money came from?

  • fedup

    I’m curious as to how long it is until the American people finally take a stand against our out of control government. What will it take? Quit voting in these old, wore out, brain dead politicians that do not care at all about the people who voted them in…whew, sorry I’m ranting.

  • USPatriot

    Food control is the least of our problems. It is the planned “elimination” of 90% of the world populations and veterans, conservatives, constitutionalists are on a fast track to the ovens. People are moving to south American to avoid the apocalypse. May God protect us.


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