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Walgreens Fronts Big Pharma’s Newest Flu Scare

August 23, 2010 by  

Walgreens Fronts Big Pharma’s Newest Flu Scare

What gift says “I love you” better than a poke in the arm and the possibility of seizures and neurological damage? That must be the thinking behind the Walgreens marketing team as the store introduces a flu shot gift card.

That’s right, just in time for the coming fall flu scare, Walgreens is selling $29.99 gift cards so you can give your favorite loved one the gift of a flu shot — the same shot that causes convulsions and wonderful, heartfelt diseases like Guillain-Barré Syndrome and protects you from… nothing.

Last year the World Health Organization teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and governments around the world to cook up a global health pandemic and called it swine flu. The populace was ginned up over the possibility of hundreds of thousands of deaths and worldwide catastrophe like you’d find in a Stephen King novel.

And all the while those advising the WHO and CDC were laughing all the way to the bank as their paymasters — Big Pharma — raked in billions of government-sponsored largess and rewarded them handsomely.

Meanwhile, those who bought into the scaremongering convulsed and suffered.

Don’t buy into the hype. Flu vaccines contain harmful agents and DNA fragments and “protect” you from last year’s flu, as they’re made before the next season’s flu outbreak strikes. They are strictly a Big Pharma boondoggle aimed at taking your money — either directly from your pocket or through your government — and making you sick.

If you want to protect yourself from colds and flu, the best thing you can do is take Vitamin D supplements, according to

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    If the ‘leadership’ at WalMart has any plans for distributing and inoculating Americans with the same crap that Australia recently rejected, then let the employees at WalMart take their chances and line up to get that failed, Frankenstein panacea.
    If WalMart is thinking of terms of being one of the latest corporations to become attached at the hip with Uncle Scam, I’ll volunteer to start passing out swift ass kicks – and I’ll do it gratis (for progressives who aren’t sure, ‘gratis’ means “free”). Volunteers will materialize, but ‘solutions’ have to start with individuals. Some corporations – and Uncle Scam – can’t be trusted to do the right thing.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      sorry to intrude but this was wal-greens.

      • s c

        Right you are, JoeH. Now that I’ve owned up to a mistake that could have been corrected before I subitted the feedback, maybe I should check with the White House and see if I’m going to be bumped up on the corporate advisor (czar) list. I can screw up things with the best of them, if I’m only given the chance (and I’ll work cheap, too).

        • Jana

          You are too funny. I used to live in a town called Walburg. I was forever calling it Walmart.

          I have taken the flu shots twice in my life and this was several years ago. I vowed 5 yrs. ago that I would not do it again. I believe that if we keep our immune system up we can avoid a lot of different ailments. Therefore, I take a good vitamin and an immune builder. I am too busy to get sick.

        • Al Sieber

          SC, Walmart, Walgreens, who gives a $hit. I just wonder when they’re gonna make it mandatory. I’ll bet Walmart would try and out do Walgreens with a super gift certificate. the last flu shot made me sicker than hell, that was 12 years ago.

          • DaveH

            Remember when Obama declared H1N1 a national emergency last year? And numerous Health Professionals were required to get the vaccination or lose their jobs? It turned out to be pretty mild as flus go.
            These official Chicken Littles just keep trying to scare us into submission.
            One of the Few promises that Obama has kept – Transparency. He is transparently seeking to be our supreme ruler. But I don’t think that transparency is intentional.

          • Al Sieber

            DaveH, my sister is a nurse in N.Y. and they told her it was mandatory to get the shot or they would have to let her go, she refused, and so did her colleagues, they did nothing. did you know about the guy who offered $50,000 to the CEO of the pharma company if he drank the vaccine? he would’t take the bet.

    • Al Sieber

      SC, look at the “hyped” up flu scare last year, so is it gonna be real this time? a mutation of the Swine flu and the 1918 Spanish flu?

      • s c

        Al, Uncle Scam and his international puppet masters have so many options that it’s impossible to predict what kind of SCARE will happen next. Speaking of SCARES, I was just informed that we can expect the Nazis at the FDA to try and sterilize the entire American food supply.
        It’s not enough that most of our food has low nutritional value. It’s not enough that certain “leaders” speak openly of world population control (whether we like it or not). I’m old enough to think that if our “leaders” are in a sterilizing mood, then let the miserable sunny beaches sterilize themselves. And, they can stick each other with the first needle that’s handy if they are so convinced that a vaccine will ‘help.’
        UP THE REBELS!

        • kate8

          s c, I personally believe that this, as well as many other ‘mandatory’ programs, are to test our compliance, and to give us another ‘nudge’ in that direction.

          For those who do comply, well…it’s a fool’s game.

          It’s all about enslavement and population reduction.

        • Al Sieber

          SC, I’m glad I have a garden, and chickens. someone told me there was a egg recall, then I heard it on the S.W. radio. every Sat. I take extra eggs to the small town near me at the local bar, 8 dozen were gone in 2 minutes, and they wanted more, didn’t even have time to drink a beer. I also heard you can’t sell fresh vegetables or eggs anymore in some states. some of the eggs from the recall were from April, how safe is out food supply?

          • dan az

            hey Al
            your back thought for a minute that you colapsed your
            getting back on track there was a kid I knew that took the hn1 flew shot and died from it.really sad for his parents they were told he had to have it,he had serabul pulsy and they didnt know that it would hurt sad.

          • Al Sieber

            dan, if you mean a mine cave in, we had a small one last week. quite a few kids died from shots, but you’re not hearing much about it,bad for business. dan, you’re right about staying out of the heat though.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        al Sieber,
        Yeah their gonna call it Mexican pig flu!!!

        • Al Sieber

          JoeH, thats a good one, I’m gonna pass that one around.

      • Bob

        The vaccine of 1918 was given to American servicemen before they went to Europe in WW1. That’s how the Spanish Flu originated. The Spanish had nothing to do with it.

        • Jan Follansbee

          Bob, get your facts straight…The pandemic spanish flu which occurred in 1918 was not due to a flu vaccine. THERE WAS NO VACCINE against flu in 1918. The flu vaccine was not developed until the 1940′s. The spanish flu was so named because of the large number of mortalities ~ 8 million in Spain alone. Worldwide, 20-40 million persons DIED during the spanish flu pandemic. If a vaccine had been available, it is unlikely the mortality rate would have been as high. Unresearched and irresponsible comments such as yours serve only to spread untruths and scare people. Check your facts.

    • Bob

      Do they have any shots for Progressive Fright Syndrome. You need it.

      • Al Sieber

        Bob, I’m not a progressive, but, the shot would be .357 cal.

        • Bob

          Was replying to SC> Everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a Progressive.

          • Al Sieber

            Bob, oh! okay. it would still be a .357

        • dan az

          thats what i like about you quick draw magraw !!!

      • LocalYokel

        Somewhere in your future you may admit that others have more facts and insight to substantiate many layers of a conspiracy cake to which you have only addressed the icing. The huge chemical consortium that has assured that it’s product s are well distributed in your food chain for personal consumption also provide you with a wide variety of doctor prescribed symptom reliefs that also compound the effects of your contaminated food. Any form of health care controlled from the top down will only perpetuate a ripoff greater than the controlled energy charade. The biggest difference is that one is extracted from your fiscal repertoire and the other from your longevity.

    • refuse2lose

      Billions of unused vaccines were supposedly thrown out,but I am wondering if in the name of “saving a penny”some of those vaccines won’t be used this year. Kind of like a local grocery store changing the sell by date on their meat. They keep changing the date until someone is stupid enough to buy it.

    • EddieW

      I will no longer shop at Walgreens!!! if they want to be a part of Big Pharma, and stick it to us with deadly vaccines, I don’t need to do business there!!!
      Something worse is coming down the pike really fast…there may not be anything we can do about it, but be prepared…Pleas pass this on!!!
      Making decisions on who lives and who dies, who goes to FEMA Camps etc NOT Healthcare!!…Need to see this!!!!

  • Dean

    I have always valued the opinion of Mr. Livingston, but this is just too far on the fringe. As a physician, and a flight surgeon for the U. S. Air Force, I find this article to be ridiculous. Flu vaccines have saved millions of lives. They are required for all military members every year. I have been vaccinating my children since they were 4 years old (they are now 29, 37, and 38). The incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome is extremely low, and in fact almost non-existant, particularly with the new vaccines that have been produced for about the past 15+ years. The only notable incidence of Guillain-Barre was with the OLD Swine flu vaccine back in 1975-76. It was an admitted disaster and was handled inappropriately. But to scare individuals with this type of misinformation is not responsible. I admire most of your stands, Mr. Livingston, but I have to vehemently disagree with this one.

    • Al Sieber

      Dean, as a physician, why do they put thimerasol (mercury) in a lot of our vaccinations? and why do children have to take a lot more different shots then we had too.

      • Dr. Mabuse

        Excellent point Big Al, Mercury is only one of the metals found within the vaccines being administered to the public today. I urge everyone before taking any vaccine to ask to see the insert of the box the vaccine was packaged with. Here, they have to list what ingredients are contained within the vaccine. For my friends out there on the “fringe”, this is just another delivery system (soft kill) to cull the population.

        • Al Sieber

          Dr. Mabuse, I had my Dr. pull out the insert in the vaccine box and it said Thimersol, he didn’t know what it was, but his nurse did. he won’t give out flu. shots anymore, that was years ago. I work in mining and gold and silver recovery and use mercury for recovery. a couple of weeks ago I was tested for mercury blood levels, it came up a 2.5, a 15 and or better, you should be writing out your will. he said to keep taking zinc and selenium, because that takes out the heavy metals. anybody who feels they need a flu shot should take zinc and selenium.

        • blv54

          my son had a friend who died last yr a wk after he had the shot, he was 28 and kind of sickly so they told him he should get the h1n1 to be on the safe side I guess anyway it didn’t work out for him, I’ve heard of others dying who weren’t overly healthy after taking it, of course they know this it’s just a way of getting rid of the unwanted people early, I hope parents of handicapped kids don’t fall for it this yr.

    • M

      I was hospitalized in 1983 with Guillian-Barre Syndrome, whether or not it was from a flu shot remains a mystory as the doctors at that time stated they could only speculate what might have caused the illness. With over 6 months of combined hospital and recovery time, I will not take the chance of getting another flu shot. Apparently, I was also one of the blessed ones as I have no side effects from the illness.
      I was also in the Army for 20 year and there are options for miltary members to avoid the “mandatory” flu shot.
      I now work for a large medical/pharma company and I know all too well, how they operate. Vaccines are a huge money maker, not only for the companies that sell them, but for the hopitals, clinics, doctors, etc that push them.
      My belief is God designed our bodies perfectly. If we would simply take care of them responsibly, eat right, exercise and in take the proper vitamins, there would be no need for vaccines. Additionally, there are way too many vaccines out there that are derived from questionable sources such as fetal tissue from aborted infants to grow the viruses.

    • Bob

      A friend of mine got her first flu shot 2 years ago and after 2 weeks her legs started bothering her. Soon after she was unable to walk. After 2 years of therapy at John Hopkins in Baltimore she can walk a little and is improving. They have to drive from NJ to Baltimore once a month for treatment. Their lives have been ruined.

      • Al Sieber

        Bob, I don’t know if you can sue big Pharma since Joe Liberman tried to push that bill through, about suing them if something goes wrong.

      • Jan

        A neighbor of mine became totally paralyzed from the flu shot last year. The hospital pretty much left him to die. His wife, a nurse/nutitionist, took him home and he is now able to walk with the help of a walker — he is a retired boxer, was a trainer at the time of the flu shot and ran 5 miles a day. Now he barely gets around and is deteriorating every day. He cannot sue because he signed a waiver. I have had one flu shot ten years ago and will never get another.

        • Jan Follansbee

          FYI…This was not posted by Jan Follansbee.

    • DaveH

      Flu vaccines have saved millions of lives? Yeah, and Obama’s Stimulus plans have saved millions of jobs. Get real. There is absolutely no way you can prove such a statement.
      Doctors have quite a scam going. You get ill. You see a doctor. He/She listens to your chest, depresses your tongue, maybe takes some blood tests, and prescribes antibiotics or some other drug. You get well and assume the Doctor made you better. But did he/she? Would you have gotten over the illness without the Doctor?
      I had a deep chest inflamation once. I waited several days and it seemed like it was going into Pneumonia. I don’t like Doctors much, so I debated whether or not to make a visit. Finally, my fear got the worst of me, so I went to an emergency room. While waiting, still pondering whether or not to see a doctor, I remembered one of my pet peeves about Doctors. They generally don’t tell you up front what their charges are going to be. So, I decided I was going to ask before I committed to anything. I asked the nurse at the window how much the visit would cost. She told me $200. That was kind of steep I thought, so I sat down and thought about it some more. I decided that it was worth $200 to have some peace of mind. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics. As it happens, it was a Friday on Christmas Eve and all the pharmacies were closed (small town in the mountains). I wasn’t able to get the drugs until Monday when my sister brought them up from the Big City. By then, the worst of the illness had broken and I was recovering before I even took the anti-biotics. Then several weeks later, to add insult to injury, I got a bill in the mail for $70. It turns out that the nurse only quoted the emergency room visit charge, the doctor’s fee was separate. Where’s the truth in advertising? Sheesh.
      I’m not advising people to forego Doctor visits. That’s a personal choice, and unlike the Liberals, I wouldn’t dream of forcing my way on others. I’m just saying, much of the time (if not most), we don’t really know if the doctor or nature saved us.

    • kate8

      Dean, as a child, my health was nearly destroyed by medical intervention, despite my mother’s best intentions. The same thing happened to my elder daughter, who now suffers from both physical and menatl impairment (not to mention mottled teeth) due to added fluoride, overuse of antibiotics, etc. Now she is held in bondage to a life of psych meds, which have made her obese, caused impaired liver function and myraid other pharma damage. Oh, and let’s not forget the loss of a personality.

      And my infant grandson nearly died from the hep B vaccine he got when he was hours old. He still suffers from digestive problems.

      The wonders of modern medicine.

      I became educated in alternative practices because of this, and my health is now great. Haven’t seen a doctor in 25 years. My daughter, as an adult, is now too controlled by her doctors to listen to me. But the rest of my family and myself all do our own ‘doctoring’, and are far better off.

      ‘Death by doctor’ claims a lot of lives in the US. Keep your vaccines, and all the rest of your drugs and toxic treatments. Medicine is all about the money – BIG MONEY. Why else would big pharma and the FDA be working so hard to remove all access to natural healing products.

      • DaveH

        I’m with you, Kate.
        I estimate that about half of my family encounters with doctors has resulted in more harm than good.

        • kate8

          An interesting guest was on a radio show awhile back, explaining the todo about squalene. It is the oil used to suspend the onnoculant in the vaccines so it stays evenly distributed.

          Squalene is natually found in many living things, including our bodies. When we are given a vaccine w/squalene, our bodies then read our own squalene as being a thing to attack, and this leads to “auto-immune” disease.

          Things like lupus, hashimotos and a host of others are most likely vaccine-induced.

        • blv54

          I know what you mean, viox almost killed my husband yrs ago, he took 1 dose and nearly had a heart attack said he’d never felt so bad in his life and he didn’t even have arthritis I don’t know why the doctor gave it to him

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I took Vioxx for over a year without ill effects, in fact it helped my arthritis. I guess it isn’t bad for all.

      • s c

        Kate8, statistics prove that it’s safer to drive on America’s highways than it is to survive a stint in a hospital. In many instances, an MD tends to be someone who has a business license, and is not even close to being a scientist or a healer.
        An MD who finds a way to overmedicate a patient in a hospital (or a rest home) is a quack of the first magnitude. We need to see those pretenders as the medical version of a career politician who has sold his ass for money, a title and a personal, Hollywood pedestal.
        Hippocrates would disown MANY MDs [yes, MANY American MDs, especially when they're in bed with the AMA/FDA/Big Pharma cabal]. “Those who put money before lives” is a polite way to describe such people.

        • dan az

          If you think that is bad now just wait for obumercare your not aloud to see a doctor only a assistant what an improvement.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      DOC DEAN,
      I had a flight surgeon tell me for two years running that I was required to take the flu shot and both years I ended up in the hospital puking my guts up. I.V.s in my arm pumping fluids into me, the whole nine yards. I was given a permanent profile in my records against taking the shot after the second time of spending almost a week in the hospital!! no, I’m not allergic to eggs before you ask!
      They still don’t know what caused it, but they didn’t want to take a chance the next time would be even worse!! At one point my temp was 103.5!!! So please don’t tell me it is safe for all!! I do hope your kids will always be able to take it without harm.

    • jespren

      There was a reported case of guillain-barré syndrome in the winter of 08-09 that resoluted in a woman’s death because of the h1n1 vaccine. They had flyers about it in my child’s peds office saying how rare it was and, besides, ‘that was a different form of the vaccine, than what they had. I’m not a big believer in the flu shot. My mom had us innoculated religiously every year growing up, and every year I caught the flu. Usually more than once. (My imune system sucks, I catch everything, even managed mumps despite the vaccine) imy doc always said, well if you hadn’t had got the vaccine you would have had a worse case, the vaccine kept it mild. (104+ degree fever and sick for a week mild mind you) since I’ve stopped taking them, I still get the flu every winter, but they really have been ‘mild’ cases, haven’t had a fever over 102.6 since I stopped getting flu shots. I don’t know a lot about the research behind the flu vaccine, but I know enough 1st and 2nd hand to know that it doesn’t work for everyone, nor equally well on those it does work for.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dean,

      My objection to vaccines is not “just too far on the fringe,” as you have stated, but is based on research. According to Meryl Nass, M.D., the H1N1 vaccine produced last year by Novartis and GlaxoShithKline contained squalene-containing adjuvants. The are not approved by the FDA for us in any U.S. vaccine. Squalene adjuvant has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome, the devastating auto-immune disease suffered by veterans who were given the anthrax vaccine. More on the H1N1 vaccine is at

      Vaccines are dangerous because they turn minor problems like (allergies, eczema, otitis, asthma, behavior and learning disabilities) into major disorders (autism, epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, leukemia, encephalitis, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Ebola, foetal malformations, Gulf War syndrome, Guillain Barre syndrome, Spanish flu, etc.) or even to death: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

      They are a witch’s brew of three ingredients: 1) A cocktail of microbes that have been artificially modified and often genetically recombined. 2) A purulent culture fluid composed of animal cells (chicken, mouse, sheep, monkey, cow) and human cells (blood, aborted fetuses) that are cancerous and contaminated (viruses, prions). 3) Preservatives and adjuvants that are in fact lethal poisons: Thimerosal (50 percent mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, silicone, polysorbates, sorbitol and a long list of extremely harmful substances known for their brain and nerve toxicity. More on this subject can be seen at

      Disagree away. The truth and research are on my side.

      Best wishes,

      • dan az

        Bob L
        thanks for that info!But if the progressive liberals want to take it then by all means take it you wont believe anyone here anyway so why start now.!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackson

    Is it that time of year again? What’s the variety of flu we should worry ourselves about this year? Turkey flu? Muskrat flu? Watch everyone fall in line and beg to be inoculated. It’s the literal dumbing down of America. All that wonderful Mercury and monkey puss. I’ve said NO to the “shot” every year since the big push to get one became popular. It’s a matter of time before we’re told we MUST be shot up. I’ll say NO then too.

    • Bob

      This year it’s Blue Flu. Watch out for those tasers.

      • Duende



    • http://?? Joe H.

      The Mexican pig flu!!!

  • AndyR

    I am new to this website, and yet, I, too, believe that the government and “Big Pharma” are in bed together. Why in the world did the WHO and CDC start all the hysteria over the flu last year? Good lord, thousands of people do die from the flu each year, but then, thousands of other folks die from cancer, too… Why aren’t they yelling their heads off and recommending shots for that? Because they know they can’t cure it! The drug companies are finding they can’t make enough money just on doctor’s prescriptions, so they devise this scheme to scare the beejeezus out of everyone. I personally believe that they’ve been behind all of the nonsense for the last few years. Ever since they’ve been allowed to do commercials on TV, all we see are ailments and solutions. Put enough stupid ideas in people’s minds, they’re bound to get a bunch of hypochondriacs to request help, thereby helping themselves.

    • http://??????? Stephen Browning

      Those crooks can cure cancer, but cancer is a billion dollar scam. and they do not want you to fine about it because they would loose all that money. That is the same thing they do about a lot of the medical probles that we have. There are a lot of DR. that will you the same thing.

      • AndyR

        I agree. I don’t trust any of them. The last time I went to the Dr., I had been up all night, sick as a dog… I had to sit in his waiting room for almost 3 hours, then in the back waiting room for another hour, before he ever saw me! Then, when he finally showed up, he received a call on his cell phone, sent his NURSE in to administer a show and had the nerve to tell me he wanted me to come back in 2 weeks so he could “check out my progress”… Needless to say, I didn’t bother to go and see his ass again! He had so many people in his office, he didn’t have time to be a decent doctor. All they care about is the money!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          not all of them are like that. I have a very good lady doctor, an internal medicine Dr. that takes very good care of me. Prescribes vitamins, Meds as needed, Will even call in prescriptions in for me when I call. She has even written off my co-pay a couple of times. My health is more important to her than my money!!! she has taken care of three generations of my family. My mother before she died at 97, me and my wife and my kids!!!

      • LocalYokel

        Ask “Why would they reveal a cure that would end a multi billion dollar ripoff in every phase of their horrendous game”? Abuse of antibiotics in both food production and health care have predictably created mutated super bugs now making commercially produced food and hospitals items to be avoided. Monsanto genetically altered seed now provide 80% of all grain production with it’s Round up accomplice bringing record harvests and predictable super weed mutants. The direct effects of one are documented but long term effects from consumption are yet to be exposed by populations used as guinea pigs. If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have contributed $22 billion to WHO population control it would only be prudent to inquire about other methods and unscrupulous politicians eager to contract more campaign funds. A review of products used in food production and water treatment banned in Europe may be an eyeopener for many.
        When one examines health care cause of death statistics it becomes much easier to determine the priorities of all concerned down to the lowest participant whether intentional or otherwise with a permanent horizontal result. Condemning evidence is mounting while prevention is widely ignored except as another diversity for pharmaceutical conquest. A legislated cap imposed on medical practice settlements in one state has lowered such litigation 45% in just one year.
        Other than a huge malpractice insurance premium required to practice medicine, doctors are bound by rules and restrictions laid down and continued by authorities that not only control what they can prescribe but supply the cooked data for diagnosis that is seldom reviewed or questioned. Any deviation from these rules can result in a loss of license to practice. Controlled research is just that, controlled by big pharma with profitable outcomes guaranteed with a legislated monopoly. Like all business expenses the cost of TV ads are used for corporate tax exemption or added to the final costs and paid by the consumer. Anyone tired of playing the game of life with their ball on their field?

  • AGracia

    Dean, with all due respect, my daughter (age 30)was severely injured by the Pertussis of DPT. Seizures and a massive sepsis left her with cerebral palsy, and the MMR at 18 months finished the job. Now she has acquired Autism, mercury poisoning, no speech, as well as the CP. the numbers don’t speak truth, b/c they fool around with the data.
    The increase in autism and autoimmune diseases have risen in direct correlation to the increase in immunizations.
    The govt. tells parents that they will compensate in case of lifelong injury – THEY LIE!!! I have every requirement and they refuse. Instead she gets SSDI and we have to prove disability every other year, and a whole in our budget where we pay for extra help, swim therapy, vitamins, and special food.
    Japan has an extremely low incidence of injuries b/c they altered their timetable to begin at the 2 yr. mark when the neurological system is matured. Somehow our govt. can’t do what’s right for our families.
    Research the issue. Follow the money trail. Mr. Livingston hits the nail on the head.

    • kate8

      AGracia, I’m so sorry about your child.

      There are many things you can do to safely eliminate mercury and other toxic metals from your child’s body, and many parents have been restoring health to their vaccine injured children.

      A great one is zeolite. It removes toxic metals and minerals without depleting the body’s mineral balance. In fact, it re-mineralizes.

      HMD (for Heavy-Metal-Detox) is another good one.

      These, and others, are fairly inexpensive and effective. I hope you get her some real help.

      • kate8

        Sorry, I missed the part about her being 30.

        I know the agony of having a medically-injured child. If she is willing, there is still help using the same things I mentioned, plus many alternative clinics do chelation therapies which will remove toxic metals.

        It is never too late to get help.

        • AGracia

          Thank you, Kate. We have done chelation in several different forms and she improves for a while, but then she needs chelation again. Antibiotics, lead paint poisoning, and food allergies have all taken a toll as well. Unfortunately, at 30, it is a continual ebb and flow. One supplement that has done more than any other is Vit. D. Although very bright, she would only watch certain videos over and over, with great resistance to new ones. Since Vit. D, she has gone from 25 or 30 videos to about 90, in 18 months and all real stories, not Disney movies. A miracle really.
          She graduated from high school with honors and has taken college classes, but the over 22 funding for auties is incredibly meager.
          Unfortunately, I have to agree with most on this board who think forced vaccines will become more prevalent. Just leave us alone…

          • AGracia

            Also – I am going to take your suggestions on the heavy metal chelation. They are not any that we have tried. Thank you very much!

          • kate8

            AGracia, Just remember that chelation only pulls out small quantities of metals at a time, and all the tests show is what has been removed, not how much is still there. My sister (who is a nurse and career Army, which means many mandatory vaccinations) became so sick she couldn’t function. The doctors basically told her that it was all in her head.

            She went to an alternative health clinic and they tested her for things MDs didn’t. Turns out she had massive toxic metal poisoning, and Hashimoto’s disease, both probably from the vaccines. She spent a couple of years having periodic chelation in series, and today she is pretty much back to normal.

            BTW, she became very ill following the last flu shot she ever got. She will never get one again.

        • LocalYokel

          Oral chealation also works but slower with less risk of reaction and longer daily therapy.

          • kate8

            Yes, and there are newer oral chelations treatments that do a much better job than using just the EDTA. You need to include chlorella to bind the metals so they’ll pass without just settling in some other tissues. The trick is to get the metals out of the body.

  • Jim Allen


    Who tells YOU that flu shots are needed? Answer: Medical Doctors.

    Who tells the Doctors that YOU need a flu shot? Answer: The

    companies who make Millions and millions of dollars off of people

    like YOU AND ME!!!

    Think about it! Are WE being used a pin cushions so a big

    corporation and its stockholders can make a big profit.

    Just for the record, I have never had a flu shot and I have never had

    the flu.

    • Mary F

      I agree with you, Jim. My husband and I have never had a flu shot, not even during the H1N1 flu scare. We’re both at 55+ or near. Don’t need them and never had to take it. Only had one flu episode about 10 years ago, thank God. I don’t trust these big pharmacutical corporations telling my doc what MY doc must do to sell their meds just to make their stockholders big $$$ at risk of ruining OUR good health. We want our DOCTORS to make medical decisions about our health based on their highly EDUCATED decision, not the pharmacutical’s greed for $$$.

    • kate8

      And do not forget that the Rockefellers and other elites who own the medical system and the pharmaceutical industry are big-time EUGENECISTS. They are dedicated to the drastic reduction of our population.

      What better way than to insure we become sick and debilitated, and then take our money while “treating” us with substances that hurry us into an early grave.

      We were created with magnificent body systems intended to keep us healthy and whole. What better way to create a huge profit market and accomplish cherished goals at the same time, than to expose us to things that wear us down and then convince us that we need the “experts” to take charge of our health.

    • AndyR

      I have never had a flu shot either, and I will gladly take my chances! I don’t trust these crooks as far as I could toss them!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I forgot to add above that I haven’t had a flu shot since and even though I spent a week by my handicapped son’s bed in the hospital when he had the swine flu last year, I didn’t even get a case of the sniffles. My D is up and I take suppliments, 50,000 units twice a mionth now, was twice a week then. I also take 1000 IUs of vitamin E, tpo keep my sugar levels down. I have proved that works to my Dr. as well.

  • Chad H.

    I read an article a year ago that claimed the W.H.O. was in bed with big pharma, and they reduced the standards for declaring a world pandemic on the swine flu so big pharma could rake in the $$$. More people died last year from regular flu, than the swine flu.

    To Al S.: Thimerasol (mercury) is apparently used as a preservative in the vaccine. There are some thimerasol-free children vaccines available.

    • Al Sieber

      Chad H, thanks.

  • Marilyn

    I guess we take our chances, don’t we? When I got flu shots, I became very ill and could not navigate for one-two weeks…feel healthy before the shot then real flu symptoms after; just asking to be ill. Now, I take my chances and do without the shots. I’m a chelated vitimin and mineral ‘freak’ and believe in zinc and echinacea. Also, during the winter, I place one un-peeled onion in each room of the house to collect bacteria. I take the stairs and not elevators. Store doors – Carry a bottle of sanitizer in your purse or in your pocket. Sure beats the flu shots.

    Take your chelated vitamins and minerals, extra zinc (great for sore throats) and echinacea for the immune system, normal rest, nutritional foods, and, cleanse your hands.

    • LocalYokel

      Search hydrogen peroxide therapy and far east eight hour cures for illness caused by a virus or bacterium using non FDA controlled vitamins and amino acids. Look here: to get an idea what a physician trained in Europe to cure disease has to face when upsetting the most prominent cancer clinic in the US by curing patients they sent home to die with simple amino acids. His analysis of autopsies performed on deceased victims of inoperable brain tumors all proved to exhibit a deficiency of the particularly cheap amino acid he used in treatment and cure of the living. Needless to say his patients followed him to court where every possible angle was used by boards of barristers retained by the FDA and their bed partners in the AMA to discredit his success including the first ever seizure of patient records by the IRS Twenty years have passed and they still maintain a stranglehold on his practice.

  • Jan Follansbee

    I too, have usually agreed with Mr.Livingston on most issues; however, as Dean (the physician and AF flight surgeon) stated, this article is ridiculous. As clinical manager of a private immunization clinic, and previous ANG Chief Nurse and officer in charge of an immunization clinic, my knowledge of flu vaccine, as well as other immunizations is fairly extensive. Most companies, private or public make money or they wouldn’t be in business. Have you argued against large companies and institutions who make money? I don’t doubt that “Big Pharma” makes lots of money from vaccines. Without this money, they would not be able to conduct expensive clinical trials of vaccines or other pharmaceuticals. (My nursing experience includes conducting clinical trials for a non-profit foundation as well.) All drugs/vaccines have side effects. No vaccine/drug is 100% effective for everyone. If consumers read the fine print for any drug, it would give most people reason to question the risk. In fact, most people might consider it frightening. One has to consider risk when taking any drug or vaccine. Before attacking pharmaceutical companies for “pushing” vaccines, do the research with regard to the complications associated with the influenza virus, especially in small children and the elderly. When discussing the evils of vaccines, consider those who have been hospitalized and/or who have died from these complications. There is NO preservative, (read NO thimerosal) in single dose preparations of H1N1, seasonal flu or the intra-nasal flu mist. Ask your immunization provider for a preservative free vaccine. Also when discussing vaccines, consider the photos of children in “iron lung-respirators” with life altering disabilities as a result of polio. Polio has been erradicated in the US as a result of vaccines. Consider the photos of children with tetanus, diptheria, meningitis, etc. when arguing that immunizations are unnecessary. Please be responsible and present all sides of the vaccine argument.

    • airangel

      I find it amazing the sheer number of vaccinations children are required to get now and the rise in autism and I will never be convinced one-size fits all for vaccinations…too many have ANA anti-bodies and problems going on with their immune system…we are leading a nation to be dependent on Big Pharma and Government rather than on good hygiene, preventative measures and “real nutrition”…not modified this, and franken-fooded that…we have grossly allowed criminal activity into our food system and companies like Monsanto need to be shut down…no wonder so many diseases with so many toxins and medical cocktails at every turn!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i haven’t seen Dean for awhile must be sitting back on a pillow from getting his butt chewed!!!

    • kate8

      Jan, With all due respect, your “extensive knowledge” of vaccines comes from the folks who make them. You are indoctrinated by the same system as the rest of the medical profession.

      The problem is, the premise is flawed and the research is contrived.

      • Jan Follansbee

        May I correct your assumption. My knowledge of immunizations does not come exclusively from the product manufacturers. The manufacturers were the last reference with which I learned anything about immunizations and vaccines. Using the manufacturers of vaccines as the only information on vaccines is like using the PDR for information about all drugs. My basic information was from textbooks. I doubt the authors of the textbooks are “in bed with big pharma”. If so, the big pharma companies must have HUGE beds. I’m not trying to convince anyone to get any vaccinations, just trying to provide factual information to dispel some myths. I know there are horror stories with regard to vaccinations, and I can understand why someone who has experienced one/some has a negative attitude toward vaccinations. (No doubt, I would feel the same.) Find the truth from reliable sources.

        • kate8

          Jan, just what would be a “reliable source”?

          Everyone has their basic perceptions upon which they base all of their conclusions. It all depends on their indoctrination, and the paradigm from which they operate.

          I do know that a “drug” is deemed “effective” if it meets just one marker. I also know that side-effects are often left out of reports. It is less expensive to go ahead and put a drug on the market, reap the massive profits and then deal with the damage later, which costs far less in the long run. What’s a few damaged or lost lives when you’re talking $$multi-billions.

          I lost faith in conventional medicine long ago. I have not seen any condition (after many years in the alternative health industry) that couldn’t be treated better using natural approaches, with the possible exception of an emergency situation.

          You people in the medical field like to imagine yourselves as being the last word, the highest rung, of god-like intelligence and training. I’m here to tell you that more and more of us are not buying it anymore. You are no different, no better, than the rest of us. You have just gotten training in a mindset, and for every person who has benefitted, many have suffered. I watched as people came to us after conventional medicine had cut them up, poisoned them and relieved them of their money and their dignity. I saw many others who came to us first and got well.

          Western medicine treats our bodies like a collection of independent parts. We are, instead, body/mind/spirit. What affects one part of us effects the whole system.

          We were created as magnificent creatures, with systems meant to keep us healthy for a very long time. We have become convinced that we are vulnerable, hapless beings adrift in a hostile world, with microbes lurking everywhere, just waiting to do us in. If we believe we will be sick, we will be sick. And the converse is also true.

          It’s time for a new paradigm. It’ time for us to take back our power, our dignity and our personal sovereignty. We have been trained to rely on “experts” for everything. We’ve heard the scare stories. The truth is, we can all take charge of our own health, our own minds and our own choices, if we are willing to take responsibility for it and go the extra mile to learn how things really work. And that doesn’t come from an industry that thrives and depends on our ill health for its very survival.

          • Jan Follansbee

            Kate8, I think you should take back your power. I’ll continue to vaccinate my children against deadly communicable diseases. We all have to make decisions for ourselves and our children. I’ll make my decisions based on proven research. nuff said.

          • airangel

            Jan, I agree with Kate….Doctors do a great job in the ER, trauma situations, setting bones and saving lives in critical situations, however there is a very telling LACK OF EXPOSURE to NUTRITION and disease prevention…meaning, stay healthy, feed your cells nutrition to do their job rather than empty, toxic calories….we are seeing a pandemic in Obesity – why? Frankenfoods! Lack of Exercise, Techno/internet junkies, no fresh air, no solid nutrition…I really wish the Medical Field and the Naturopath Field could combine their efforts for true HEALTH CARE AND QUALITY OF LIFE, NOT DISEASE CARE. That would probably drop our billion dollar disease industry in half!…but then again, there’s no money if people are healthy and cancer free and sharp as a tack! Vaccines are being fast tracked like candy and that’s a travesty because data is being falsified, Big Pharma corporations are not being held accountable for negligence and “bad safety” reporting as in “omitting” the bad stuff but then the labs that do the testing are not independent but rather paid for by the drug companies…kind of like the Medical School curriculm. Nutrition and prevention needs to be added in and then I might think they care about the population at large!

    • blv54

      what your saying about no thermisol in the h1n1 is not true, it’s on the package insert it does indeed have thermisol along with a whole host of side effects, everyone should ask to see the insert of these vaccines instead of blindly believing what the so called experts tell you.

      • Jan Follansbee

        I stated that the single use, prefilled flu vaccines have NO thimerosol in them. Yes, multi-dose vials have the preservative in them, in tiny amounts. The 2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine contains the H1N1 strain. There is no separate H1N1 vaccine. I recommend that anyone who doesn’t want to take the flu vaccine NOT take it. No one will make you.

    • LocalYokel

      But Jan, not only have you failed to describe any child photos of victims of contaminated vaccine or a just one single form of prevention other than potentially contaminated vaccine.
      Perhaps your fairly extensive knowledge of vaccines can reveal the existence a multi million dollar trust fund established for victims of contaminated polio vaccine that was revealed just as the trust expired. Or maybe reveal a tittle of information about the use of H2O2 for control of the pandemic of 1918-1919 that may be in one of the 39 references in CDC data at that covers every known theory of flu virus mutation from 1847 to 1995 without revealing an iota about the most effective non prescription virus destroyer of the era. Be careful where you cackle. Observers may think of you as a buzzard rather than a necessarily chicken.RN.

      • Jan Follansbee

        To continue my “cackle”, I trust medical doctors above people who can’t even spell. Clearly the US should concentrate it efforts on teaching its citizens proper grammer. Sorry, I intended to take the high road as opposed to most of the bloggers. I hope the people who have commented on this blog NEVER find themselves dying as a result of refusing appropriate medical care. I have attempted to present a responsible opinion about vaccines. This was a mistake; however, I have learned not to waste my time like this again.

        • libertytrain

          Jan – I was glad to read your opinions on these vaccine issues. I think sometimes people forget that for every comment that is made, there are thousands of readers who don’t comment, who just read the articles and postings.

          • Jan Follansbee

            Thank you.

  • alpha-lemming

    Thank you Bob for the straight-poop

    I don’t get shots due to the reasons you cited (not the current strain, additives etc.) and I believe big-pharma is making a killing.

    A follow-up question I have is: Are most of the major vaccine producers foreign or domestic at this point? There were major shortages during H1N1 and as I recall at least PART of the reason for that was “The Bill & Hill Show” policy of mandatory child-hood flu shots in the 90s. They removed the profit, and subsequently a LOT of manufacturers got out of the vaccine business. The remainder can control supply and price and (as I said)… make a killing. I think they’re the foreign giants (Solvay?? etc.) but it’d be nice to know regardless.

    • Jan Follansbee

      There are foreign and US vaccine manufacturers, with either production facilities or research and development offices in the US. For instance, Sanofi Pasteur is headquartered in Lyon, France, Glaxo Smith Kline is headquarted in the UK, and Merck is headquarted in the US. Most large companies do have worldwide facilities.

  • DaveH

    What happened to this country?
    We have gone from a nation of fearless, rugged pioneers to a nation of cowering wimps seeking protection from every little misfortune in just a little over 200 years.
    Anybody have a Time Machine?

    • Duende

      I do but you need a license and have to wear the seat belts :-)

      • DaveH

        I’ll pass.

    • Al Sieber

      DaveH, how about Mr. Peabody’s “Way Back Machine”? so are you ready for the Ariz. primary’s tomorrow?

  • DaveH

    Another thing I would like to add. When Doctors give you medical advice, is it tinged with self-interest? Are Doctors any different than any other professionals? When an Insurance salesman tries to convince you his product is indispensable, is that advice tinged with self-interest? Of course! So you must always do your own thinking. Get as much information as possible. Listen to what the Doctor says, but do your own critical thinking before you make a decision on some onerous treatment. If you ask questions and they give you that attitude that you should just trust their judgement, Run.
    And why is the Government trying to control our access to natural supplements? There have been no proven deaths from natural supplements, yet the Politicians are trying their best to control them. Who is behind this effort? Is it Big Pharma? Is it the Medical profession? Is it Politicians wanting to control more of our already over-controlled lives? Or is it a combination of the three?

    • coal miner


      Eat only organic foods,vitamins can be risky or even toxic.

    • kate8

      DaveH, have you read any of the boods by Leonard Horowitz? He has extensively investigated the NWO/big pharma/eugenics/military industrial complex machine and is a brilliant author. Every word he writes is backed up by numerous documents and studies, and he is extremely thorough. So much so that TPTB now have him in their crosshairs.

      He recently filmed a documentary called “Pharma-whores” and it should be out soon, if not already.

      • kate8


        • dan az

          no more books for you you probably have your own library! tell me is any of the books you own make a statement that these new flues are man made? Just sounds like there making a profit form what they create.

          • kate8

            dan az, Yep. The flus are man made. As are many diseases, including cancer and AIDS.

            Scientists have been creating biological weaponry for a long time. They combine viruses with bacteria, mycosodes (fungi), parasitic organisms and even prions. Lyme disease is a good example of a lab-created multi-organism disease. This makes them extremely virulent, the body has no defense against them and treatments are very ineffective.

            Think about this: the same people who develop the “treatments” and vaccines are creating the diseases!

          • dan az

            thats what i thought just needed to hear it from a book worm lol

      • DaveH

        No, I haven’t Kate, but I have successfully treated a lot of physiological problems with various supplements. I stay away from Doctors and their drugs.

        • Al Sieber

          DaveH, I’m fortunate I have a old country doctor who is also into natural healing. I have his home phone and cell, and he would come all the way out to where I live if I needed him, 35 miles. not too many Dr. like that anymore.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            Keep HIM healthy as long as you can!!!

    • DaveH
      • kate8

        DaveH – Yes, it is part of the agenda of WHO, under Codus Aliamentarius. It is already being implemented in Europe.

        They are out to remove access to all natural health products, natural organic foods, and even the right to grow your own backyard garden. We are to be limited to nutrient-deficient, toxic GMO foods that wreak havoc on our health, courtesy of Monsanto, and to the medical industry and what they have to offer when we are sick. And, of course, they are doing all they can to make sure that we are.

        Eugenics. Population reduction. Time to cull the herd.

        • DaveH

          Let’s start with the current leaders.

          • Jan Follansbee

            Now that is something I can agree with.

  • airangel

    Big Pharma – is Maffia Medicine. I do believe there are still decent, caring doctors around but they too are being targeted to meet their “pimp push” of certain drugs. If they don’t, their clinic is paid a visit. If they suggest alternative, preventative treatment, some are even being sued for not following protocol. FDA is in bed too….look at the egg recall…guess what? Salmonella is in the chicken you buy, look at the spinach last year…so far the FDA has convinced us to irradiate spinach, almonds, pateurize…basically “KILL” all living food because only “DEAD” food is good for you…they are going after ALL fruits and vegatables…if they get their way, anything healthy and living with vital nutrients and live giving force to our cells will be destroyed in the name of “saving lives” while we as a nation are getting sicker and sicker, fatter and fatter and more and more diseases are being “identified” so that guess what? MORE PILLS CAN BE SOLD!..THEY WANT YOU SICK AND DEPENDENT ON DRUGS! We are slowly being poisoned by Franken-Foods! From fertilizer, water, to pesticides to Genetically Modified Sees and now to cloned bulls and cows…fake meat and milk! WHAT A SICK BUNCH OF PEOPLE RUNNING OUR HEALTH!!!!

    • DaveH

      The doctor we use (I use her rarely, but my girlfriend uses her often) is a naturopathic MD. She said the regular doctors have often referred to her line of work as “quackery”. But she also has the same MD training that most of them have had, so I don’t know where they get off.

  • Ruben Banuelos

    Dear Jan. A lot of good people like you defend they profession and that is understandable but that is why they are successful because your good intention and care makes people trust the system but in a deeper search I found that during the polio epidemic there was e famous doctor who probe that with extra doses of vitamin C he was able to prevent and cure polio but the pro- business government and corporations had no intention o helping people but make money and they ignore this finding. The economic system need this kind of approach to create a lot of business. Not solving problems is the best way to create lot of employment and for them that is more important that the citizens welfare.

    • DGHarrison

      Ruben Banuelos points out that “not solving problems is the best way to create lots of employment.” I think the U.S. government has gone a step further by generously creating the problems so it can hire more government workers to not solve the problems. That’s why we have a growing public sector and a shrinking private sector in America. And all those public employees think they’re helping.

    • kate8

      Remember, our bodies were intended to function with nature and with spirit.

      There is no such condition as a drug-deficiency.

      Every substance emits a frequency. If it is in harmony with our body’s frequencies (much like an orchestra), it is healing and healthful. If it is of a frequency out of harmony with our bodys, it is disruptive and destructive.

      Can you guess which category pharmaceuticals fall into?

      • airangel

        Kate8 – you are so right about frequencies

        Every disease has a frequency. Certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and others destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises important questions, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breath and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz. Essential oils start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of rose oil.

        Clinical research shows that essential oils (non-adulterated, not synthetic but organic without pesticides) have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live.

        Get some pure essential oil, especially with Melissa and Ravensara in it. Essential oils have the ability to penetrate into the cell membranes faster than any known substance. Essential oils are fat soluble which means that the body absorbs trace elements of the formulas directly into the blood stream and immune system bypassing the kidneys and digestive system, where they combat your condition internally. They are applied topically at the feet because this area is the fastest way for the essential oils to be absorbed by your body (approx 21 minutes). Far safer and WORKS! Start doing a few weeks before flu season to super charge your immune system!

        • kate8

          airangel – hallelujah! Another soul who has caught on! Usually, when I try to discuss things like this, eyes glaze over and I’m labeled a kook.

          I’ve had excellent results with essential oils also. Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano cures many things that modern medicine can’t touch, including Valley fever (Desert fever), which is a deadly fungal lung infection.

          I began using vibratory medicine 30 years ago, and there is so much more to learn than we can ever imagine. What a fascinating field.

          The time is coming when those who understand these things will be the ones sought out for help. Keep up the good work, and Godspeed.

        • Bob

          Have you heard of the ” Prowave Frequency System “? It’s the best solution for killing viruses and bacteria in the body. Works better than going to a doctor. Website is

  • DGHarrison

    Walgreens is about to make a killing … and not just the people that get sick from the flu shot. Retailers always make a profit from the gift card system. Not only do they get the usual profit margin from the goods sold to a captive audience, but they also get a 100% profit on all the gift cards that get lost or are never used (often because the recipient forgets he has it, doesn’t like the retailer in question, or doesn’t use it before the expiration date). It’s pure profit to retailers, who make big bucks from unredeemed gift cards.

    Okay. Now think about that. If a person isn’t inclined to get a flu shot on their own, do you think they’ll run right out and get one because they got a gift card? I’ll bet that flu shot gift cards will be among the least often redeemed of all gift cards ever devised. Genius! What a bonanza for Walgreens!

    • TeresaE

      While you are 100% right, you neglect the final bonus (probably the most important one).

      Gift card sales are NOT counted as taxable income.

      Read it again.

      They only become TAXABLE INCOME at the point of redemption.

      So, if they sell $1,000,000 in gift cards and 25% of them are never used, they have just pocketed $250,000 in TAX FREE income that they won’t even share with shareholders.

      HUGE scheme that should be changed but won’t because big business writes the laws in this country.

  • airangel

    This will seem extremely sci-fi and unbelievable but if a Pandemic can be created then WE will all be required to receive a flu-shot…The Swine Flu almost did that. Some prisoners in Utah have been tested like experiment animals with some vaccines…Guess what? These vaccines have a chip, a tracking mechanism…how flippin scary is that…this new Healthcare bill has Verichip as a big profiter…VeriChip is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip…think about that!

    • kate8

      airangel, Yep. There is always the thing about the chip.

      These power-crazed psychos will do to us whatever they CAN do to us.

    • dan az

      apparently there so small that they can be given through shots.thats why I refuse them at the VA who knows?

  • Ceddy Bear

    Like some on this post I too worked in the medical field (rehab to be exact). Medical professionals are taught to believe in the product they are selling. How else can you get people to believe the information you are giving them. I believed this for the longest as well until one of my supervisors working in rehab as well had me write a research document highlighting treatment techniques that we used on patients and describe positive outcomes. When he proof read my document he asked me would the patient have gotten better without my intervention. I couldn’t honestly answer the question yes or no. He then procceeded to inform me that in order for us to bill for services rendered that we needed to justify our existence otherwise we go out of business. In other words medical practice is just another big business that disguises itself as “caring” to get into your pockets. It is very hard to argue with medical practitioners as they “have” to believe in what they practice. Otherwise the police officer’s children are delinquints, the dentist’s spouse has cavities, and the weight loss expert is obese! I do believe that there are kind individuals that mean well who pursue medicine to help others as a passion. Big pharma, unfortunately, is the dark side of the force.

  • donna

    Here we go again into the deadly flu vaccine season. Time to stock up on
    Viralox and Colostrum. Everyone around me got the flu I even took care of them and never got sick last year, this works and is all natural go

  • Bon, from the Land of Babble

    The last flu shot I received was in 1995. I became deathly ill for a few days and it took me about six weeks after that to recover fully. Never again. I’ve only had the flu once in my life, in 1992, even though I am a school teacher and exposed to just about everything imaginable. It never ceases to amaze me how many parents send their little darlings to school with every type of ailment–strep throat, pink eye, chicken pox flu, high fevers, vomiting–straight to class.

    And yes, I understand that many parents cannot afford the time off from work, but the bottom line is this: YOU the parent are responsible for the health of your child and WE have the right to exclude him from school and call child services if you tell us no one is available to pick up the child–or if your cell phone is turned off and none of the emergency numbers work.

    I was told, very clearly and slowly by my son’s school that if I didn’t pick him up within 30 minutes, child social services would be called. I took the threat seriously. The school told me when I got there that the threat is part of every call to the parent of a sick child because the standard response from parents these days is ‘No one can pick him up.’

    One of my colleagues contracted chicken pox from a student and almost died–the dr. told him the only thing that save his life was his youth and previous good health. He was out of school for three months and came back horribly scarred. Parents: Please make arrangements if your child is sick.

    Dr. Blaylock reports:

    “…Of particular concern to me is the link between vaccination — especially when multiple vaccinations are given close together — and chronic brain inflammation. Many recent neuroscience studies have shown a
    link between vaccination and brain inflammation that can last for years and possibly for decades.
    media — including all of the television networks.

    To the vaccine advocates, unvaccinated children become “enemies of the state.” What most of the
    This assaults their brains by triggering a process called immunoexcitotoxicity during the brain’s
    most critical period of growth and development. Immunoexcitotoxicity can appear as learning
    difficulties, behavioral problems, language difficulties, or impulse-controlling difficulties.

    The elderly are also at great risk from vaccinations. The flu vaccines contain a full dose
    of mercury (as thimerosal) as well as dangerous immune stimulators (called adjuvants). Virtually
    all neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, are triggered and
    worsened by chronic brain inflammation. As we age, our brains become progressively more
    inflamed, but in some, the inflammation is severe.

    These are the unfortunate people who will develop neurodegenerative diseases.
    Repeatedly vaccinating those over age 55 will make the problem worse. To date, over 150 vaccines are being proposed during a person’s lifetime. This plan is not only idiocy, it is criminal…”


    • TeresaE

      @Bon, agree with a lot you say, take exception to one fallacy.

      Once a person has symptoms, they have already been contagious for awhile.

      So, unless little Johnny shows symptoms on the first day of school for the year, the entire class has PREVIOUSLY been exposed.

      There is no way to protect yourself from illness germs prior to the illness showing itself.

      Strong immune systems prevent illness, not avoiding coughing children (or adults).

      • Bon, from the Land of Babble


        LOL, of course.

        My point is that parents often send their very sick children to school. Children who are vomiting, have high fevers, ear infections, pink eye, and/or the flu should not be at school. Period.

        We have a legal right to exclude sick children just as my employer, the school district, has a legal right to exclude me if I show up for work vomiting, with the flu, etc.

        More from Dr. Blaylock:

        “…A typical vaccine could include aluminum, mercury, hydrolyzed proteins, monosodium glutamate, oils, and many complex molecules known as immune adjuvants. Several of
        these (aluminum, mercury, hydrolyzed protein and MSG) are known to be directly toxic to the brain.

        In addition, the mercury in childhood vaccines, as well as adult vaccines, accumulates in the brain
        and is very difficult to remove. The idea of having yearly mercury injections is insane, to say the least.
        People need to be made aware of this…”

        Are our soldiers being used as guinea pigs?

        “…Our soldiers were given approximately 17 vaccinations during a short period of time, despite manu-
        facturers’ warnings that many of the vaccines were to be spaced over a one-year period.

        For example, recent studies by Dr. Garth Nicolson, head of The Institute for Molecular
        Medicine, have disclosed a high incidence of contamination of the anthrax vaccine with mycoplasma
        organisms. In addition, he has shown a strong correlation between ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
        or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and this mycoplasmal infection. Recently, Pentagon officials reluctantly
        admitted to a 200 percent increased incidence of ALS in Gulf War veterans…”

        Two superb articles on vaccines from Dr. Blaylock of

        “Vaccinations: The Hidden Dangers”:

        “Vaccinations and Brain Injuries”:


    • kate8

      I read that report from Dr. Blaylock. I then sent it to my daughter’s doctor. He didn’t have much to say.

      Doctors are locked into standard treatments, and, regardless of what they think, they have to follow them or risk losing their careers.

      It is a sad situation we’ve got today. For all the medical advancements, our quality of health is not good, and medicine can actually cure nothing. It’s only interested in disease management, which supplies a steady supply of money and holds people in bondage to them for life.

      • Bon, from the Land of Babble


        I read most of your posts and thought you might be interested in this article as well from Dr. Blaylock on fluoride. I live in a city that recently began adding this poison to the municipal water supply to ‘prevent cavities.’ Before the addition of the fluoride, there were ‘hearings’ from researchers who have studied fluoride and know the damage this toxin does to one’s body and brain, especially the young, and implored the city not to add the fluoride. To no avail, of course, as the idiots on the city council had already made up their minds. A month later, the fluoride started to flow.

        From the article:

        “…A number of fairly recent studies have shown significant damage to many parts of the brain caused by fluoride….With every drink of water, the fluoride levels in the brain increase — and so does the danger to you.

        Very few studies come from labs in the United States, but those that do find fluoride to be very toxic to the brain…Even more shocking is the fact that the Proctor & Gamble Company’s own scientists found a link between fluoride ingestion and bone cancer risk before they began adding fluoride to Crest tooth-
        paste. This information was not released voluntarily but required a Freedom of Information lawsuit to
        pry it loose…”

        And finally:

        “….The largest study ever done in this country, involving 39,000 schoolchildren, found no overall reduction in cavities in communities with fluoride in their water. Additionally, the largest worldwide study shows
        that children who live in areas with no fluoride in the water had lower cavity rates. Simply put, stop using fluoride in its many forms.
        This includes avoiding:
        ➔Teas high in fluoride
        ➔Fluoridated water
        ➔Toothpaste with flouride.

        It is also important to note that virtually all European countries have banned water fluoridation. The most heavily fluoridated country by government policy in the world is the United States…”

        Mr. Brimelow, blogmeister of is certainly correct when he writes: The Internet is as important an invention as The Written Word!



        • kate8

          Bon,, Thank you. Yes, I did see the article, and many others. I have been fighting the addition of fluoride to the water since the ’70s. It’s only real purpose is to further dumb us down and make us docile and compliant.

          Berkey makes a fluoride filter you can add to their system. Plus, it’s a gravity system, in case the grid goes down and there is no tap. It will filter any water.

          The Nazis came up with adding fluoride to the water supply in order to damage people. It’s just as damaging today. Like so many things going on now, most people just accept it without too much question.

          • Bon, from the Land of Babble


            A countertop steam distillation system also removes fluoride from tap water:

            It’s a bit pricey but worth every cent to remove this vile neuro-toxin. I have a good whole-house, double-filtration system that removes chlorine because in S. Cal, we have some of the most heavily chlorinated water in the entire country. When I moved here, the local aquarium store told me not to use the local tap water in my fish tanks because of the heavy chlorination (and God knows what else) would quickly kill my fish.

            If it kills fish why would anyone want to drink/bathe/ wash in such water?

            Fortunately, a lot of mainstream markets now carry Tom’s of Main flouride-free toothpaste and I’m seeing shower filters on the shelves as well in ‘regular’ supermarkets.

            The Word is getting out about the poisons in our tap water and the dangers of vaccinations.

            Without the Internet, we’d be toast….is it any wonder the government wants to control it?

            May it ever stay free, open and uncensored.

            All The Best To You.


  • TeresaE

    The last three times I had seasonal flu, were in the three years I let the bastards talk me into the shot.

    Then, last summer, my family and I came down with the swine flu (at least that is what we think by symptoms, it was the weirdest illness ever). None of us received the vaccines, none of us rushed to the doctor. All of us immediately starting supplementing with zinc, echinacea, vitamin C (mega doses) and vitamin D. Also drank colloidal silver. Not one out of five was sick for more than a couple days, and it wasn’t a horrendous sickness, more like feverish, no-appetite and easy to tire. I worked over 12 hours each day in summer heat and was fine.

    This debate reminds me of my debate with my doctor over cholesterol. My count is within 10 points of where it was 12 years ago. 12 years ago I was on a strict low fat diet (less than 20% daily calories from fat) and in the “high normal” range.

    Now, I eat whatever I want, within moderation, but have a focus on whole, natural foods. Even though my count is essentially the same, my doctor fired me because I refused to sign up for a lifelong pill that “might” keep me from developing a condition I don’t have. At the risk of my liver, when my mom died from liver failure of an unknown origin (no drinking, drugging, hepatitis, just unexplained liver failure).

    IF that is health, then I’ll choose to remain “unhealthy” but feeling the best of my life.

  • Jan Follansbee

    As I stated previously, the single dose, prefilled vaccines, and the in-tra nasal flu mist contain NO thimerosal, a mercury derivative. I have the vaccine inserts in front of me. I would be curious as to what are the 150 vaccines proposed during a person’s lifetime. In over 30 yrs of nursing, I have never heard this. Yes, historically there have been awful complications from vaccines, as there are awful complications from the diseases themselves. However, historically the benefits outweigh the risk. And, please get the facts correct… The immune response from the vaccinations does not occur in the brain. This all boils down to who you trust to give you factual information. If you don’t trust a board certified physician to provide vaccine information, do the research yourself from multiple resources. Don’t trust a non-professional healthcare person….and don’t trust me. The information is out there. You decide the truth.

    • DaveH

      How can you say that historically the benefits outweigh the risks?
      There is no way to prove that the vaccinated people would have gotten the diseases that they were vaccinated for.

  • Robert Nelson, MD

    It’s all about Risk v. Benefit. How about a medical history lesson for some perspective: When pertussis, diphtheria, and polio were killing and paralyzing children at an alarming rate, or more recently, when parents watched the precious babies and small children dying of H.influenza meningitis or pneumococcal invasive disease we were begging “big-pharma” to come up with solutions and treatments or prevention. Now that HARDLY ANY CHILDREN in the USA contract these once deadly diseases BECAUSE of immunizations, we are so quick to point out the side effects and risks, now that the risk of cathcing the disease is minimal; all thanks to immunizations! Wow, how ironic don’t you think???


    Oh, Jan is right on another issue too. Preservative-free vaccines have been available for a few years now and now are readily available/used primarily in most areas of country. With that said, the link to preservatives and neurologic disorders is weak at best; and in many cases the statistical link is so weak as to not be credible. The GB cases were associated with the Swine flu vaccine in the mid-1970′s: a vaccine that was rushed through and not manufactured with the same quality controls as todays’ vaccine. GB(ascending paralysis) has not been associated with any other seasonal flu vaccines; the warning is still mentioned in all current vaccines but it specifically sites the Swine flu vaccine from the 1970′s. READ THE PACKAGE INSERT INFORMATION FOR YOURSELF! Quit relying on internet sites and half-baked pseudoscientists who have ZERO clinical experience and very little if any scientific training.

    Mr. Livingston, I love your political commentary and Liberty Alert! Please stick to what you know. Vaccines are not one on them!

    • airangel

      Yeah our “Big Pharma” conspiracy theories are right-on! Somewhere down the road – Greed won out on “real care”. Why do you think they’re being sued for billions for negligence and falsified safety reports? This of course is peanuts to them. Instead of pulling dangerous drugs off the market, they just slap more warning labels. Drugs are advertised like candy on TV ads and in magazines. Patients are having to do their own research and still pay “medical professionls” to write a prescription – not really diagnose the patient! So many symptoms overlap, so many drugs deemed “safe” are tested exclusively for that drug (not interactions with all other drugs and toxins and metals and poisons like ammonia sprayed beef patties at fast food chains). Our water is laced with pharmaceuticals from urine, over 109 beaches have been closed because of toxic waste in the sewer systems passed through “medicated urine”….seriously Doc…get a bedside manner and actually care what’s happening in this country…for all the millions in fundraising, it’s pretty amazing people are sicker than ever before and I don’t consider living until 95 in a bed ridden condition or in a wheelchair or crippled beyond activity actually “living to a ripe old age”…it’s quality that counts! I would rather live 10 years less and have a quality of life and do things I love than waste away watching life pass be by or feeling like a zombie trapped in my own mind! It’s really sad what has become acceptable in healthcare…oops! I mean disease-care!

      • airangel

        Merck and Pfizer were the most recent law suits which were a joke. Only about 3 months worth of profits to them! Just a few examples of negligence and “fast tracking to market”

        Pfizer pleads guilty to felony crime in fraudulent marketing of Bextra, pays billions in fines

        • Viagra Now Being Increasingly Used as a Recreational Drug By Younger Men: Is Pfizer Responsible?

        • Lipitor class action lawsuits expand; Pfizer cover-up alleged

        • Pfizer to pay $1.3 billion criminal fine for misbranding its drugs

        • Pfizer ends development of “Torcetrapib” cholesterol drug after excessive patient deaths and cardiovascular complications.

        • Pfizer forced to cut 20 percent of U.S. sales force

    • blv54

      bill gates said with the help of vaccines we can probably lower world population by 15%, heard him with my own ears on you tube, he’s all for sterilizing everyone to with vaccine of course, the polio vaccine they gave in the early 60s also had live cancer virus in it also which they say is causing people who got it to develope cancer in there 40s and 50s, thanks to the internet we can now know what the elite are saying which is why they want to shut it down.

      • Jan Follansbee

        There was no “live cancer virus” in the polio vaccine. There was live polio virus in the vaccine. There were two types of polio vaccines: live virus and inactivated virus. Today the US only uses the inactivated vaccine. There are other vaccines which are made of live viruses also. It has not yet been determined what causes cancer. Viruses are one theory….and certainly in the 60′s little was known about cancer. Since it has not been determined specifically what causes cancer, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a “live cancer virus” to have been put in the polio vaccine. Of course, I’m sure there are other “conspiracy” theories in this blog, and on disreputable sites on the internet.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Dr. Nelson,
      Please explain why I got sick within 36 hrs of getting the vaccine to the point of a 103.5 temp, IVs for fluids, and inability to keep anything down? Even the Army flight surgeon put a permanent profile against me taking the shot after two years of being in the hospital for about a week. As I stated above, no I am not allergic to eggs.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Robert Nelson MD,

      Sorry sir, but you are a victim of your educational indoctrination. As I responded to Dean above, vaccines contain squalene adjuvant, a product not approved by the FDA for use in vaccinations and linked to Gulf War Syndrome. Finland just suspended use of H1N1 vaccine over fears it is responsible for a 300 percent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy among children and young people over the last six months. In April Australia’s chief medical officer asked providers to stop giving children under the age of 5 the seasonal flu vaccine after receiving reports of fever and convulsions in children in Western Australia. Guylain Lanctot, M.D. writes that vaccines induce permanent and hereditary modifications to the human genetic code. Because of their neurotoxic effects, vaccines produce psychopaths, generating social violence and crime. Dr. Shiv Chopra, who worked with vaccine development in Europe, states, “No flu vaccine has ever worked. Swine flu, we don’t eve know there is such a thing. It’s a misnomer. Avian (bird) flu, these are all made-up things. The whole thing is a hoax. It has been for the last 10 years. First they started with the avian flu, and then the swine flu. A recent court case proved that the so-called peer reviewed articles published in medical journals and citing the efficacy of vaccines were written by ghost writers paid by the drug manufacturers.

      Yes, it’s a Risk v. Benefit, and there are no benefits.

      All the best,

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Dr Nelson,

      While some of your stats may be correct, I can tell you I personally know someone who did end up with GB Syndrome after taking the flu shot and it was not in the 1970′s; it was in the early 1990′s. He was told the recovery time could be as soon as 6-months or as long as 2-years and that most people recover about 90%. He had about a 20-25% improvement in approx 2 years and soon after he medically retired. I saw him a few years later and he was using a wheel chair and occasionally a walker; to my knowledge, even years later he did not improve further. To his credit, he was (and I hope still is) a remarkable human being; I never saw him when he wasn’t trying his best and he always tried to seem upbeat. I believe he was about 36-38 at that time.

      I think what upsets people is the “scare” tatics the government, many medical providers and pharmaceutical companies generate. People should have a choice as to whether they take a vaccine or not. The gentleman I referenced above did not have a choice, because he was in a military unit and it was mandatory. For whatever it’s worth for you to know; I’m not a physician, but I worked in the medical field approximately 23 years and it frustrates me to no end…that the majority of traditional medical providers do not actually provide choices to their patients, not even to suggest some traditional and some complimentary treatments. So, please try and cut people some slack….and if you have a moment, maybe you can explain how my friend (above) ended up with GB Syndrome in the 1990′s. For me personally, I have not received a flu vaccine since shortly after my military retirement and God willing, I won’t feel pressured or manipulated into taking one before I die.

  • Robert Nelson, MD

    To DaveH: Reasonable question about historical comparisons and what is the true risk of getting the disease you are vaccinated against. Answer: we already know this data as it applies to the general population. We can’t know it for any one individual, ever. We know the incidence and prevalence of the targeted diseases and the death rates from those diseases. We can track the effectiveness and impact of treatments/vaccines by looking at pre and post vaccine incidence/prevalence of the disease in question. You can’t say that anyone individual would or would not have contracted the disease. What you can measure is the risk of developing it or catching it and the subsequent incidence in the population at large and the at-risk population specifically. This is the only way to measure efficacy of a treatment or intervention. Again, when incidence is extremely high, it’s easier to measure a positive effect as compared to when the incidence of a problem is much lower. Risk v. benefit curves start to coverge as incidence of infection goes down due to the applied treatment or vaccination. At some point they may even meet of cross. That is when we usually declare a condition to be eradicated.

    • DaveH

      Robert says “We can track the effectiveness and impact of treatments/vaccines by looking at pre and post vaccine incidence/prevalence of the disease in question”.

      Guess again, Robert, you have no proof that the diseases in question wouldn’t have died out due to immune propagation or other factors.

      Can you cite any studies that have evaluated the vaccine through a double blind, placebo controlled environment to determine if it actually has any preventive or mitigating effect on the disease of interest?

  • Robert Nelson, MD

    To All: keep an open mind and remember just because you read it on a website dedicated to “vaccines” or whatever the subject always question the source of the “conclusions”. Where did the date come from? Was the study designed well to answer the questions that were asked? Are the facts behind the theory sound? If facts aren’t right to begin with or the data flawed, you can not arrive at the right conclusions!

    Many campaigns are just that campaigns; they find “evidence” to back up the pre-ordained conclusions instead of letting the evidence and data guide their conclusions.

    Facts are stubborn things. Deal with them. Vaccines work. They are less risky than the alternative that they help protect us from. When that risk becomes greater than the risk of the disease, then we should stop using them.

    • DaveH

      Those are your facts, not mine. You can paste MD behind your name all you want. It proves nothing. I have seen well more than my share of screw-up doctors. If indeed, you and your fellow professionals have the answers, why do your cohorts fight so hard against alternate remedies offered by physicians in other countries? Why do your cohorts fight so hard to prevent people from freely choosing to treat their illnesses with natural supplements? Your “facts” will stand on their own in the field of ideas if they do indeed have validity. They don’t need to be forced upon an innocent population by Big Government.

      • Jan Follansbee

        His facts happen to be based on documented evidence. Your facts are your opinion.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Then why did he avoid the question?? Like in the movie “dodgeball” If you can dodge a question, you can dodge a ball!!!

          • Jan Follansbee

            Joe H. Dr. Nelson didn’t “dodge” the question. He realized the futility of continuing a conversation with conspiracy theorists.

    • DaveH

      Another thing, Robert, you say “Many campaigns are just that campaigns; they find “evidence” to back up the pre-ordained conclusions instead of letting the evidence and data guide their conclusions”.
      And you aren’t subject to those same kind of self-interested proclamations? Of course you are. You make money from sick people. In the case of vaccinations, if found to be indeed wrong-headed, you may get your buns sued off. I know that isn’t your fault, but that possibility is a powerful motivator to toe the line.
      You talk like there is No Risk to allowing Doctors to make the decisions for the average lay person. That is patently false. I have experienced it in my own family and with my own body. Doctors and hospitals can be very risky.
      So don’t get all high and mighty because you attended Medical School. It does not make you superior to an individual’s choice for his own body and life.

      • Jan Follansbee

        Dave H. I don’t recall Dr Nelson stating or pretending to be “superior” because he went to medical school. However, the mere fact that he was accepted to medical school indicates, at a minimum, a reasonably high degree of intelligence with high grades to support it. FYI, there are “screw ups” at every level of our society. Your stereotyping of MDs is indicative of your prejudice.

    • DaveH

      And why, Robert, if vaccines are so efficacious, were vaccine makers given such broad protections against civil suits? It seems to me that they would easily be able to demonstrate to a court that the benefits of the vaccines far outweigh the risks.
      Any Doctor that can’t figure out that there would be immense pressure by the vaccine makers to cover up the risks of the vaccines is not a doctor I would seek help from.

    • DaveH

      I was taking pre-med courses to satisfy my Biology major. I never really wanted to be a doctor, but one of my fellow students did. She was a beautiful person, both inside and out. And she wanted badly to go to med school. But she wasn’t wealthy and had to work for a living while attending college, so her grades suffered. Not bad, mind you, a B+ average. But probably not good enough to get into medical school. I lost track of her. She may have made it after all. But the moral of my story is that the attraction to the profession is usually about the money, not about helping people. She would have made an excellent Doctor, because her main focus was on helping people.

    • kate8

      Dr. Nelson, Do you have an open mind when it comes to natural and alternative medicines? Do you have an open mind about energetic medicine? Are you interested in, or even open to, anything that is outside the realm of standard medical practice?

      I bet not.

      I’ve been involved in both approaches. I’ve found one to be about disease management without much hope. The other is about restoration of health and is about life.


  • Jan Follansbee

    Considering that there have only been a few cases of polio in the US since the US CDC declared that polio had been eradicated in 1994, one can assume that the number of cases has been significantly diminished by the vaccine. Compare that statistic to the polio statistics prior to the development of the vaccine. Compare all of the statistics of vaccine preventable diseases prior to development of the vaccines. There is clear, documented, statistical evidence that vaccinations have decreased or completely eradicated the development of these diseases. There is also a good reason that people who are traveling overseas come in to our clinic requesting vaccinations for diseases endemic in certain countries. Typhoid fever is horrible. Yellow Fever has a huge mortality rate. Hepatitis A,B and C are like the gift that keeps on giving…it NEVER goes away. It can only be treated symptomatically. Without required immunizations, polio and many of the other communicable diseases might also be endemic in the US. Now that there is a vaccine for chicken pox (varicella), one is much less likely to have shingles later in life because the herpes zoster virus is not remaining latent in the body following an active case of chicken pox. This is another “gift that keeps on giving”.

    • kate8

      Jan, How do you explain that numerous plagues of various types have swept through and died out before there were vaccinations?

      So, we just trade one source of ill health for another?

      • Jan Follansbee

        Kate 8, …and killed millions of people before they “died” out.

  • kate8

    R N, MD, You keep your vaccines, and I’ll take my natural remedies. And you can also keep your side-effects, because my cures are effective and, best of all, safe.

    If only one child suffers harm, that is not acceptable. Especially if the child is your own. Risk/benefit? Tell that to the mothers.

    The meds my daughter is taking is damaging her neurological system, her liver, her muscles (including her heart). I asked her doctor, don’t these drugs cause early death from heart disease?

    “Yes”, he told me. “We see it as a risk/benefit situation.”

    Really. Our risk, your benefit.

    • Jan

      Kate8…I have to wonder why you would continue allowing your daughter to take meds which you state are damaging her body. If there is no benefit to them, why continue them? Or is it that the meds are the only available treatment for her problem? I have great empathy for anyone with a child who has serious medical problems. I have one of my own. The reality is that often medical treatments have terrible side effects. But, individually we have to make our own decisions about what manner in which to treat disease and/or disability. You shouldn’t allow anyone, including physicians, to make that decision for you. One can only accept their recommendation based on their education and experience, or go elsewhere for another opinion.
      Dave H. I have no self interest in stating my opinion. I have no allegiance to, nor investment in the vaccine manufacturers. I just hope that people will read scientific information before determining that all vaccines are dangerous. This data is more reputable than information found on an internet blog.

      • kate8

        Jan, If you had read my earlier posts you would know that my daughter is now 38, and is making her own choices. I have discussed this issue with her many times, but her (also mentally impaired) husband is from a family of MDs, including his father, and is totally against her going off meds. They, of course, all exert a great deal of influence over her, and none of them listen to me.

        BTW, the meds cause people to be completely compliant. She believes that she has to do what her doctor tells her. All I can do is pray for her.

  • Anthony

    Kate8 – No one says you MUST keep abiding by one single Doctor’s recommendations. I’m betting he would never do that to his own children.

    Here’s an alert for all to read and research –

    Last year, everyone around me was getting that flu shot… I refused.
    I will never take any flu shot… I’ll take my chances.

    YOu can improve your immune defenses in several ways…
    Bob Livingston has the articles right here on this website.

  • Jan Follansbee

    Thanks to Dr.Nelson for providing scientific, factual information. My trust is in the medical establishment. They are not perfect. No one is. However, a good physician has science on his/her side.

    • DaveH

      Self-interest is on your side. And voodoo science.
      Do you deny this?

    • Al Sieber

      Jan Follansbee, that’s why they call them “practicing” physicians, they are “practicing” medicine on us.

      • Jan

        Al Seiber…that’s an intelligent response.

    • kate8

      Funny thing, Jan. That’s what my son-in-law’s MD father always says. “I believe in science”.

      How is natural healing NOT science? It has been around far, far longer than western medicine, and many things are tried and true. It has worked very well for me and my family and for many, many others. And new remedies are being discovered every day.

      How is homeopathy not science? The British Royal Family has always used homeopaths as their physicians.

      What is required to class something as “science”?

  • RFI me too

    We are to be treated worse than beef cattle by the US government that is putting RFI tracking chips in all vaccines and injections that communicate with cell phones, i phones, and all the other personal communication gadgetry to track us. The chips are as small as 200 microns. They are powered by movement through ever present electromagnetic fiels and heat energy from the body. The chip activates the device which tells the chip who is emplanted. Once every minuite, the combination chip, gps, cell phone, and biotic sensor sends information to the NSA that sends it to the FBI.

    • DaveH

      Do you have any references for these claims?

      • Who Dat

        References? What dat? I don’t need them anyway. My proof is that you are where the device tell us you are located now. At home, reading a RSS from the Daily Kos on an I phone while sitting on the John. Sorry, I had to reveal your situtation to prove the power of this thing. Face the reality. You’ve been chipped.

      • airangel

        DaveH, I believe he’s talking about Verichip. Their stock rose when Obamacare passed. They make RFID chips. They have tested this in vaccines on some Utah prisoners..Google Utah prisoners and Ron Paul statements….also I believe Florida is already beta-testing these implant chips under a patients skin for Alzheimers.

        The chips, which are approximately twice the size of a grain of rice, were approved by the FDA for human implantation in 2005. But the Associated Press has revealed that as early as 1996, researchers had uncovered a link between the devices and cancer. Rodents implanted with the chips were found to develop malignant tumors beneath the skin, usually surrounding the devices.

        So far, 2,000 people have been implanted with VeriChip’s RFID chips. The company has identified is target market in the United States as 45 million people, starting with Alzheimer’s and diabetes patients.

        • Who Dat

          They are way smaller than a grain of rice. Search on Japanese world’s smallest RFI chip. The NSA is testing them in hot dogs which do not have to reveal the extact ingredents to protect the appetite of the hot dog eater. These chips are passive chips and are tracked in store to “see” where the shopper travels and stops after buying the dogs. At check out, the shopper’s selections are compared to his stops and travel time in the store. All this is to determine shopping patterns, stock placement, brand purchasing, price sensitivity in hot dog ( a low cost food ) purchases versus price sensitivity in other purchases, etc. Hot dogs were out test case. Soon, most all food will be so tracked with chips way too small to see. Not much research has been done on tracking people on a second by second basis because most of what people do in their daily lives is not worth devoting the bandwidth to track.

          • airangel

            I would think that’s illegal. People have a right to know what is going in their body. They need consent to knowingly implant you.

          • Al Sieber

            I’ve heard both stories, it is in the Heath Care bill, and it’s mandatory, somewhere around pg. 1000, sec.?

          • kate8

            Why do you think the TVs were all converted?


          • LocalYokel

            Perhaps chip exposure to rare earth magnet will expand the bandwidth to a usable parameter.

  • Norm

    The best part of this years flu shots is the government isn’t paying for them, at least not directly.
    They’re optional and up to the recipient’s discretion.
    As far as the magic of vitamin D, this years wonder vitamin, that remains to be seen.

    • Ruben Banuelos

      The main source of faulty thinking is that most of us don’t know how nature works but if we just respect the Creation by taking care of It and us as part of It. We are trying to play Gods role.If we just be benevolent an respectful with other creatures and humans, never feed our bodies other that nature’s (God) made food. Anybody who is not protecting his own body is a sinner and by nature laws he/she will pay the price. We do nothing without a consequence. A real protection of our bodies is so easy by just reinforcing our immune system and how come is that this is not promoted as the best solution instead of going the easy way of vaccination. Putting poisons in your blood flow is not a way to make our bodies fight the rel thing and became stronger. Vaccination is a way to have control and easy access to your body and a way to plan to do whatever the system wants to do with you now or in the future.

      • Norm

        Ruben Banuelos
        Unfortunately there are a lot of Jehovah’s Witness and other off the wall religious sect members who have died, and allowed their kids to die, from easily curable and preventable ailments.
        I’ll take modern medicine, as imperfect as it is, over religious incantation anytime. But again, the choice is for each of us to make.

  • Who Dat

    The chip is in and out of ya in two days. No consent needed. What do you think is being embeded in your drivers license, id cards, credit cards, and other plastic cards you carry everywhere you go. Did you give your consent to whatever is on the magnetic strip these cards have as a rule? Do you give your consent to be filmed by most of the retail outlets in the US. I know that you do not cheat on your romantic interests but for the rest of us the cameras have been a problem. Did you consent to all the tracking that Google and the rest do? You probably did but did not realize the consent was being given at the time. You probably have at least three passive chips in your house right now and consented to them without knowing it. Data collection is the new liberty and freedom frontier. Your data will be you.

  • DaveH

    Above all, people, don’t just take the Doctor’s word for anything. Get second opinions. Do your own investigating.
    I will give you an example from my own life. I tore a cartilage while doing wind sprints. For about a week, I limped around with my leg bent about 30 degrees. It was extremely painful. I went to a knee specialist who told me the repercussions of not getting it fixed. He gave me several scare stories of untreated torn cartilage. He told me the cartilage would not repair itself or grow back. I was waiting in his lobby on a follow-up exam and I read some of his own material pertaining to cartilage problems. One brochure explained how they burred the bone in the case of some arthritic damage and that would spur new cartilage growth. Remember he told me the cartilage would not repair itself. So, meanwhile, I got talked into a knee operation that would cost me $5000 (I have no medical insurance). So, I thought about the cost and what the brochure said and finally a day away from operation day, I called it off. I decided to save my money and give a try to physical therapy. If the bone-burring could spur cartilage growth, why wouldn’t putting stresses on the joint do the same, I thought? So, I started doing squats with light weight at first, but then increasing to heavier weights as time went on. I worked out the problem (took a few months) and have had no knee trouble since. That was 25 years ago. Yeah, you probably know that I’m pretty stubborn. Am I recommending other people do this? Only if they want. Each person must figure out their own course. Do not let anybody figure it out for you against your will. Question authority.

    • Mic

      DaveH., best advice I’ve read all day =^)

  • pessimistically correct

    David Kirby investigated big pharma and vaccinations and wrote a book “Evidence of Harm’” only wish it came out before I had my kids inoculated. Youngest now suffers from rett syndrome after suffering from seizures from first set of vaccines that the Doctors at the ER said was a ‘normal reaction’ at the time, nothing in our life has been normal since.

    • Lawrence Edward Calcut

      @ pessimistically correct, and other readers

      PC, I hate to be the barrier of bad news and upset you but I have to ask you if you have learned your lessen about Vaccines yet? Many people who think they know it all and have had their kids given all the shots have unfortionatlly learned to late that they don’t know anything about the harm they do to their children by allowing the shots in the first place.

      I was lucky, back then (1939-1955) if the Doctors knew that say mumps were going around they advised parents to have the children in the family imunized against the Mumps. If worked for me, the Same thing happened for Polio and Meesals and… but the difference than was the Doctor always asked when the child had had the last innoculation or vaccination and if 2 or three months had passed it was ok to have the shot. BUT ONE Shot (for One diease) ONLY AT A TIME. Their thinking was that they wanted the immune system to only have to deal with one pathigen incerted into the childs body at a time. ONE AT A TIME.

      My immune ststem worked well and I never suffered from any childhood dieases.

      Now, the Hospitals and the Doctors insist that its a-ok to pump 6 to 8 different pathigins for 6 to 8 childhood dieasea and possibly a couple of Flus into the childs body all a one time. Maybe a tretnis shot for good measure.


      What the hell are they thinking.

      Do they want to kill the immune system or the child if it has a less than perfect immune system?

      Back then they were so carefull with the shots that could possably harm or even kill the youngster or baby, but now….

      I depopulation of the earth involved, or… may simply getting rid of humans who have a poor or deffective immune system?

      What if the immune system can’t handle all the shitty stuff the 1 in all supershot is putting into your child’s body, then what…

      Maybe a wee bit of AUTISM for the child if it lives?

      There is no AUTISM in countries in the world where they do not hyper vaccinate and innoctulate for childhood dieases.

      I wonder why that is.

      • Jan Follansbee

        Do you think people in third world countries, where they don’t provide immunizations, recognize and/or diagnose autism. How can you make a statement like that? Do you seriously believe the US would selectively “get rid of” people with defective immune systems? What purpose would that serve? SERIOUSLY?

  • Mic

    Just a couple of questions (and maybe a couple of comments):
    1. What pandemic?
    2. Why have people been scared into taking a vaccine for a flu (the “Hiny” flu, according to the kids) that has been been one of the milder flus that we have seen in many years?
    3. Am I the only one who has heard that this year they will be mixing H1N1 with the seasonal flu shots, possibly including an A flu strain, a B strain or some variation thereof and the H1N1?
    4. Has anyone ever heard of Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)? Ms. Fisher wrote, “In 2009, public health officials declared a pandemic H1N1 influenza emergency and played up the potential complications of the swine flu while playing down the potential risks of the untested new swine flu vaccine. When two-thirds of Americans “just said no” to swine flu shots, NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman ridiculed them and quipped “Just get the damn vaccine.” “

  • Jan Follansbee

    Mic, you are correct. The H1N1 flu strain is a part of the seasonal flu vaccine this year. There is no separate vaccine for H1N1 “swine” flu virus.

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    on the net. I’m going to recommend this website!


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