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Wal-Mart Invasion Part of Larger DHS Takeover of America

December 9, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TIME

    I fear that the Basic Stupid Americans, “BSA’s” are the down fall of the United States of America.
    Yes many of these BSA – Basic Stupid Americans even have PHD’S.
    As a a matter of fact from Gov stats 65% have 4 years of Colledge Education, and from the same the Gov stats 88% of the persons who got a FLU shot have at least 2 years of higher education.

    Really ~~ and I bet you also fear eating Salmon due to the high Mercury levels. Yet you will get more Mercury in 1 single Flu shot then if you ate 1000 Salmon’s per day for 1000 years.

    And guess what Mercury will do to your brain, any ideas?
    Well Its stops its NORMal functions from performing to peek levels.
    As a matter of fact it reduces Brain Function by as much as 65% on average.
    Thats just one single shot. So how much damage will 10 shots do, how about yearly for 20 years?

    SHEEP. Just little more than STUPID Mindless twinkie like SHEEP.
    My God what have we become a nation, educated IDIOTS.

    The ranting about NAZIS on the NEWS all the time, like X Nazi living in New York, He’s a war crimminal, yet our own Government makes the NAZIS look like childs play.
    So who will place them all on trial for “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?” Hell what your politicians have allowed to be lined up for you and the rest of the world will make 50 Million killed look like a Girl Scout cookie sale on a sunny day in May.

    Its over for this country ~ its down for the count you all bought into the terror BS just like good little sheep. You all have sat back and let the DHS – DEA – DOJ – FBI – IRS – NSA – go about their work your all such good little SHEEP, and yet you all still sit around and do nothing but Bitch and Wine about what you don’t like.

    And yet I would be willing to bet very few of you have ~ FAX’S Emails, or even Phone calls to your state reps.
    If you did ~ this would not be going on now would it??????????

    I can’t fathom tye depth of this stupidity displayed by Americans let alone the people of Europe as they too as just as STUPID and MINDLESS.

    Can I sell you a FREE CUP of CRAP Juice? If not why not?
    Your buying it now, so why not pay me for a better cup of crap?
    Mine is cheep, how about $1.75 per cup now thats a deal, and X 325 million hey thats less than your now paying but Trillions..

    Can any of you wake up? If you did then as Per what Alex asked wheres the trillions of dollars thats been missing since Clinton was the POTUS, and that number has grown to now near $15 Trillion.
    Still think that TARP was really about what they told you? How about your Stimulus, and if your really think that the HCR bill is about your Health Care, how about that cup of Crap for $1.75???

    • http://none Mike

      Time, I told you where this stuff goes when we were discussing the millitary budgets. I think this is no diffrent. It dissappears down the black hole of black projects. Someone needed more funding for one of these internal spy projects and thus it got funneled away.

      This type of thing has been comming since the 60′s. We are just now seeing the real results of the 60′s mind control expermints. You know the ones that were supposed to have been defunded in the 70′s(yea right)We made huge pushes into the relm of medical mind breaking,Reprogramming, And useing ultrasound tecnologies. We did this in a varity of ways. People were programmed to respond a certin way to a stimuls.The Manchurian canidate was only one of these.

      You say out there that this was all science fiction? Take a good long look at Georg Orwell’s 1984 and think again. Some people like Orwell seen these steps comming.Where do I get such wild ideas hmm lets see. Recently the History channel ran an expose into the 60′s mind control experiments. They named names and places and even the type of experiments that were run. Ok let’s extrapolate from here.Thes experimens were supposedly funded and ran by the C.I.A from the early 60′s to as late as 1974. This covered 10 years in research and developement.Entering the late 70′s we have huges tecnology jumps in computers.At this time things are starting to heat up on the C.I.A because of leaks about their human experiments. Time to duck back under the radar. Publicly these experiments are discontinued. They drop these advancements in the millitary’s lap at this point and tell them to bury it deep in some budget so that reserch can continue under black opp’s.

      Fast forward from 74 untill today.If these experiments were continued. Which I think they were. You are now seeing the results of 26 more years of continued research in these areas.We are now entering the area of mass experimentation. Ill list these one by one. So you think I am a paranoid conspericy nut. :)

      1 Medical mind control. This was developed out of the experimentation with LSD and other drugs of that timeframe. If you look in todays world. How many people even on a short list of friends are on some sort of anti-depressent drug?These drugs interact with neuro receptors in the brain. These receptors are either blocked or certin ones are stimulated. The higher reasoning ones blocked the emotional ones stimulated?If you wanted complacency here is where you could get it.Once the higher reasoning centers in the brain are slowly shut down. The emotional centers start to take over their functions. Thus people are programmed to react emotionally to any subject.

      2 examples out of hundreds that became obivous to me here in the last 10 years.9/11/2001 the terror attacks on U.S soil. Here the experiment was lets see how the fear reaction has been stimulated.Needless to say they got the reaction they wanted. Most americans were willing at that point to give up everything in the name of feeling safe once again. What better time for thoes in power to draft a first run of homeland security?

      Second example. Enter Mr. Hope and change. Here the experiment was. Lets see how the emotional centers have been stimulated.Thus the tingles up and down all the legs in america. The fainting in the isles. And the gross overreaction to any sentence uttered by this man. Here we see the higher reasoning of a vast majority of america has been overridden by the emotional reactions of the brain. Love comfort ,security and joy were all felt by this mans followers.Now what better time to rack up the next phase of the experiment.Thus the higher levels of restriction on our movements and freedoms.Mike L. To be continued.

    • http://none Mike

      Ok now lets get into soundwave and visual manipulations of the brain.These experiments were carried out in the 60′s as well. They leared at this time certin sounds and visual que’s could illicit deeper emotional reactions. Pair this with the allready chemically altered brain and you have the perfect reprogramming tools.

      How many people are now useing cell phones including you and I? Almost everyone?You could very easily program a que into the transmissions of these devices.They found out long ago that ultrasound although not audible could still affect the brain.

      Visual que’s. everyone and I do mean everyone has a T.V now. During the 60′s it was found that through subliminal suggestions that peopels minds could be programmed to react a certin way. Programming reactions at a subliminal level would not even be registerd by the subjects consious mind. Here in the last 5 years they have found out the digital format gives them more and more options for this. And here you thought they mandated the change for all our goods.Mike L.

      • TIME

        Yes you and I could have a really good long talk, you not unlike Jeff and Dave and a number of others seem to understand a lot that most just can’t grasp or will not allow themselfs to grasp.
        BTW – I now live in Athens GA, but that may not last much longer.
        Why? Well I have to tell you this is not the old Athens GA I knew from years ago.

        • http://none Mike

          Time , I live just outside of Athens Tn, we arent that far apart. Mike L.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I eat fresh caught salmon and trout every spring and fall. how do I know they are fresh caught? I catch them myself and as far as a flu shot I havent taken one since 1971 and NEVER will again!!

      • TIME

        Joe, Good for you, Nothing like Fresh Fish cooked on the camp fire.

        Shots, of any kind never had one and oddly other than the cancer as I have said before, I have never been sick. And as I said the cancer we strongly feel is from a Tooth Implant………..

        My Grand Parents and their parents and there’s never had any shots never were sick, and all of them lived well into their 90′s but in most of the cases we just don’t know their real age, and records remaning records show that its highly possible they were well into the 100′s when they did passed on. A very Strong Genetic’s pool.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Mine were well into their 80 and 90s. great granddad was 100 when he died.

  • johanna



  • arlenice

    Thanks for info. we are in danger and only God’s Divine intervention and intelligent thinkers can undo and stop the dangerous foolishness. We are facing danger.Back in October 2010, while reading my emails I had my internet experience takenover” viruses & trojans &… hijacked and my computer crashed. I took it to get it fixed & had my document & pictures salvaged before they cleaned up my computer. To make it short; after the face; in checking my documents & pictures after my computer was hijacked…when it was fixed, one of the pictures that was saved by whosoever gained access to my computer…one of the pictures that was saved, was under the title of: “subject to be checked!” this term seems to be a government terminology! When we think that we can see no worse; we do! The dems are using every tool that they can to spy on us and I say: Only God can protect us from the such! God bless and protect America before it goes into doom phase!

  • arlenice

    sorry for the typo; the last word on the fifth line should be ‘fact’
    it should read: (after the fact)…thanks for your understanding.

  • s c

    Yes, American ‘education’ is a FAILURE. We have a living infestation of useful idiots and utopians who actually believe the insanity they learn at the university level. Couple that with political indoctrination, and you get exactly what we have. That is, we have useful idiots working hand-in-hand with retards who think the rest of us owe them a living. We have in-house traitors who belong in other countries.
    And, we have career whores and camp-followers in Congress (AND the White House). You could almost say we have something for everyone. What we DON’T have is enough patriots who are willing to put those pathetic, useless scummy bastards in their place and OUT of America.

  • Overweight Will Not Be Tolerated

    As of Wednesday, Big Sis was not on the big screen at our Walmart, but the camera are on the doors as you walk in and out the front doors just like a poster said they were. Very creepy. I just walked in to check and then turned around and walked out.

    Well Alex you wanted to know what is next. Here it is…I filled out a job application and they wanted to know my weight. I was like what… It is due to ObamaCare, because if you are carrying any extra pounds the health care premiums are higher. So the overweight can now look forward to long, long unemployment and be listed as the next to be unemployed. Check out Region 7 Texas application for proof. It is at the end of the application process.

    • HardTimesandGettingHarder

      What state was this in? I have shopped in Wal-Mart’s in four states in the past two months. I will definitely avoid any Wal-Mart that is spying on it’s customers. Go to Target or K-Mart while they are still free. Sadly, this is all about conditioning. Getting us ready for the NWO of George Soros and the owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE banks of the world. Many would put up with this if they knew the government really cared about security, and were keeping out foreign Muslim terrorists or even homegrown Muslim terrorists but that is apparently off limits and not politically correct. The fact that thousands of Muslims have come across the border from Mexico is of no consequence to many in power and they are working overtime to be able to shut down the Internet. Freedom comes at a price and some wonder why over 150,000 a year get out of the US while they can.

  • Rob Harlan

    Aucht to lever! (or something like that) Zig Heil! (again, something like that)….We had better learn what it is that Father Obaama, you know, The Immaculate One, Hallowed be thy name, (all said tongue in cheek) wants from us…other than to make the working man give of his hard earned dollars to those who refuse to work. Merry Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS) to us all. Rob

  • Norman Taber

    Have you lived in an East German society or even in West Germany? I have and you are off base. We have so many foreign immigrants that do not understand our society. Talking with them reveals that they think our system is stupid and their societies are better than ours. Teaching in Africa twice and seven years in China reveals that they no concept of our society. Have you visited Wallmart during a heavy shopping time? Mothers and fathers let their small children run around without them. It would be easy to have a child kidnapped. San Jose had a two year old was raped in a Dollar Store while she was alone. I told the cashier: “I am a retired MSG and you only have to yell, ‘Hey Rube’ and I would be there.” Unless there is a reduction of foreigners in California these and similar events are going to increase. Sixty percent of Chinese students abroad do not go home. Immigrants are allowed to import their parents with no English language and they support continuing their habits without reguard to others. This is not racist, but when the level of foreign students get high in a classroom the level of education drops. Foreign studednts that get an BS in accounting do not learn GAAP and can not understand simple procedures to protect the company or reduce costs. The needs to be a policy of sending unemployed foreigners home and not let them bring older relatives here. China does not let foreigners retire in China and we should not either. We did not vote for republicans in California because they were not even touch with the reality of the situation.

    Force Last Election Republican Voters to Beg for Unemployment Payments

    President Ronald Reagan got Democrat support for the largest corporate tax increase in history to balance the budget. He used the funds to buy military weapons from his rich supporters and increase jobs.

    Present George Bush gave tax cuts to create good will with the rich voters to support his bad decision in creating two wars. His administration over spent the funds coming and still the rich ask for less taxes on inheritance. Why not limit $2 million tax free for related inheritors. Tell the Shanghai Six we are leaving in six months. China has enough population to protect itself with the help of the other members of Shanghai Six.

    Silicon Valley economist predict continued debt spending due to this compromise. This will effect the reduced funds going to the Social Security Fund, which the administration uses. Increasing the tax cutoff limit to $150,000 would save it from Republican attempts to destroy it. It is alright that the rich have sent new investments and jobs overseas? The rich will continue to invest abroad, especially with the touts from financial advisory firms.

    No unemployment funds will probably shut down some of the large firms that depend on purchases of the poor. Those rich companies should be supporting a tax reform to support reduction in deficit spending. Bring them into your deliberations, especially Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

    Do not surrender to supply siders when Supply Side Economy does not exist.


    Norman Taber, MS Accountancy, Financial/Tax (Professor); Enrolled Agent; MSG(AOT)Rte, Junior Officer Qualified (seven years 3-day call up), French & German Qualified

    San Jose, CA 95158

    • http://none Mike

      Norman, Where the arguement for higher corprate taxes breaks down is this. These corperations really pay no taxes at all. They do this by increaseing prices for their goods and services while cutting cost.Unfortunatly the best way to cut cost is to lay people off. Thus the high unemployment numbers.

      The higher cost of goods and services. This results in a vicious chain friend. The higher prices are passed on to thoes that can least afford them. The american consumer is at this point just about strapped to the wall. We the consumer are amoung thoes cost cutting mesures right now. Real time unemployment(thoes both with and without benifits)is closer to 14% than the 9.8% reported. These people are caught between a rock and a hard place at this point. Many are just barely hanging on to their homes much less having to pay for higher food and energy cost. But yet you and your crowd want to tax the corperations at higher and higher rates. Thus driveing the cost to the consumer ever upward.

      The collaps starts. As the cost of goods and services rise ever upward. More and more consumers start to fall into the catagory of the poor.Check the numbers and you will see this is true. The middle class consumer starts to bear more and more the cost of higher taxes on thoes rich corperations you speak of.This results in the middle class and some you would even call rich(250,000 to 500,000 a year)haveing to cut discresionary spending even futher to offset the higher cost of the nessasities. Smaller corperations start to loose out and go under. Here again check your numbers its true.This results in more unemployment and more people falling into the classification of the poor.

      End result here is this. More and more corperations that have the funds and wherewithall to do so start moveing out of this country.And takeing those precious jobs with them. I see by your disclamer at the bottem of your comment that you are a tax law professor. Did you ever look into H.R 25(fair tax) or did you just dismiss it out of hand? I encourage you to take a good long look at it. It might just be the answer we are looking for here. Rather than just taxing more and more of our buisness away to forigen countries. Mike L.

  • http://Yahoo Deanne Costello

    Oh crap i just got another flu shot.Nice of them to tell us after the fact, as to how much mercury is i a single flu shot.As for Wal Mart, i can`t stand that store, it stinks

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Do like me don’t get one in the first place!! Haven’t had a flu shot since the Army made me get them for three years running and three years running I was in the hospital for almost a week and had IVs in my arm and couldn’t keep anything down. Temp would spike to about 103.2* After three years of it the Army gave me a profile against taking them!! I have never had the flu either, even after spending a week taking care of my handicapped son when he had the swine flu in the hospital last year!! Since he was handicapped there had to be someone with him 24/7. I never even got the sniffles!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        By the by, that last shot was in 1973!!!

        • Dan az

          Dont let your kid get a flu shot either I have a friend up here who had a kid that got palsi from it years ago and when they went back to the hospital they forced him to let them give the flu shot to his kid or he would face jail time.he did and now his kid is dead three days after the the shot was given.They wont sue so they just let it go.When I explained to him that the flu shot did it to him he said they couldnt prove it but suspected it and there wasnt anything that they could do.I wanted to bitch slap him right then but the damage was already done.If they force you to do it leave with him then and call a attorney.If your like me first I would drop then right where they stood then walked out.

  • Rennie

    Vote with your feet, boycott the store, places and events that require the groping or radiation. Pull the plug on computers or cameras that are scanning you.

  • Diane

    I have had no flu shots and no flu even when exposed to others that have the flu. I will not ever get one. My mother in law is in her 80s she also has not had the shots, her mind is sharp as ever. Other elderly that I know have gotten the shot and some of these all of a sudden are having the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. I believe it is related, these diseases are on the rise as is autism in children. Never heard of autism when I was a child 50 some years ago, I do not think they were putting mercury in the child hood shots then. Of course the parents of these children that think it is related to shots are told they are crazy.

    I do not trust the governments motives and the experiments they love to try on us. I want to watch them line up first to do all the things they want to force on us. I think we should force them to have cameras in all of their offices and buildings so that we can watch them as they go about the peoples business. That makes more sense because they work for us and spend our money. I have not seen the public announcement screens at our nearest Wall Mart yet as soon as I do I will flip the bird at the camera and walk back out. 1984 is reality now.

  • Gman

    I cant stand how many people will not listen to this, i’ve been trying to explain stuff like this to my friends but they say there is no way it could be possible. a few of my other friends are in the military and they think im anti american because i suspect bad intentions from the government. i wish i had the chance to reveal all the lies, the world’s so (offensive word removed) brainwashed it’s not worth it.


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