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Voting Netanyahu 2012?

September 20, 2012 by  

Voting Netanyahu 2012?
While touring Israel in July, Mitt Romney met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney have a long-standing friendship that dates back to 1976, when they both worked as corporate advisers to the Boston Consulting Group.

Despite some efforts to downplay the 36-year relationship, both men have noted that they formed a lasting bond during the time they spent working together at the Boston Consulting Group. In a New York Times article from April, Romney and Netanyahu were both quoted saying they share a common worldview in many respects.

Romney told the newspaper: “We can almost speak in shorthand. We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

And Netanyahu described their communication as follows: “[D]espite our very different backgrounds, my sense are that we employ similar methods in analyzing problems and coming up with solutions for them.”

Now with Romney in the running for President, the close relationship between candidate and Israeli Prime Minister is an unprecedented one that may pose some heavy questions about the future of American foreign policy in the Mideast and how Israel-dominated its direction will be.

One of Romney’s closest foreign policy advisers is Dan Senor, a high-profile and decidedly neocon foreign policy expert whose resume includes advocating a number of Bush-era Mideast foreign policy initiatives. But even when George W. Bush was hesitant to unleash an American or Israeli military assault on Iran because of a stretched-thin military battling in Iraq and Afghanistan, people from Senor’s school of thought were openly calling for the United States to embark on an aggressive bombing campaign against the nation. Senor has exhibited a career-spanning support for Israel and was reportedly one of the key orchestrators of Romney’s recent legally questionable campaign fundraising event in Israel where he received money from a number of unnamed donors who were alleged to have been linked with illegal diamond trading.

Indeed, Senor is not the only pro-Israel advocate tied to the Romney campaign. In a recently leaked video, Romney admitted that his campaign uses the same consultants that manipulate campaigns the world over to garner favor for the globalist-backed candidate in a given race. He said:

I have a very good team of extraordinarily experienced, highly successful consultants, a couple of people in particular who have done races around the world, I didn’t realize it. These guys in the US – the Karl Rove equivalents – they do races all over the world: in Armenia, in Africa, in Israel. I mean, they work for Bibi Netanyahu in his race. So, they do these races and they see which ads work, and which processes work best, and we have ideas about what we do over the course of the campaign. I’d tell them to you, but I’d have to shoot you.

Romney’s allusion to his international thought shapers raises questions about the true origin and purpose of events that have transpired in recent weeks throughout the Mideast and what Israeli-manipulated shenanigans may unfold over the next month leading up to the election.

Here’s another telling remark from the same Romney speech:

[I]n the Jimmy Carter election, the fact that we had hostages in Iran, I mean, that was all we talked about. And we had the two helicopters crash in the desert, I mean, that was the focus, and so him solving that made all the difference in the world. I’m afraid today that if you simply got Iran to agree to stand down on nuclear weapons, they’d go, “Now hold on. It’s really a-” I mean, if something of that nature presents itself I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.

Will a manufactured Iran crisis arise before November? Only time will tell, but it is getting pretty close to October surprise season. And given the amount of speculation that the recent round of Mideast riots are part of a psyops ploy, it isn’t implausible.

Paying attention to American/Israeli news coverage, one cannot help but notice Netanyahu’s recent push for media visibility in the United States. He has essentially inserted himself into the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Netanyahu has repeatedly made critical statements about Obama’s foreign policy stance of crippling economic sanctions and patience to stifle Iran’s nuclear ambitions, saying that the United States must essentially draw a line in the sand and dare the Iranian regime to step over it.

He had this to say on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press”:

I actually I read this in the American press. They said, well, you know, if you take action, that’s– that’s a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons. Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East– stabilize the Middle East. I– I think the people who say this have set a new standard for human stupidity. We have to stop them. Don’t rely on containment. That is not the American policy. It would be wrong. It would be a grave, grave mistake. Don’t let these fanatics have nuclear weapons. It’s terrible for Israel and it’s terrible for America. It’s terrible for the world.

Whether Obama or Romney assume the office of President following the election matters not to Netanyahu, because Israeli influence in America’s military-industrial complex and legislature guarantees American backing of Israel should it launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran. But his relationship with Romney and Romney’s promise to telephone him with questions like “Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?” before making key American foreign-policy decisions make Netanyahu’s most-favorable option clear.

With the prospect of a virtual handover of Mideast foreign policy decision-making to the Israeli government, American voters can bet that Netanyahu, with the help of Mossad, will do everything in his power to ensure that Romney takes the White House.

Many “conservatives” reading this are likely saying to themselves, “Good, anything to get Obama out of the Oval Office.” And unfortunately, they have been brainwashed into believing that support for Israel is a biblical mandate that directly affects American prosperity through divine intervention. (That doesn’t sound all too different than the way some other cultures make policy decisions, does it?)

But the harsh and unavoidable reality for more pragmatic thinkers is that Romney’s willingness to give Israel such a powerful role in American policy goes against any true patriotic value left over from our Nation’s founding.

During his farewell address in 1796, President George Washington gave a grave warning against the very kind of relationship the United States has cultivated with Israel, a relationship that Romney seeks to further embolden with Israeli power in American decision-making.

Washington warned:

[A] passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges denied to others which is apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained, and by exciting jealousy, ill-will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld. And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.

… Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.

… Our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course. If we remain one people under an efficient government the period is not far off when we may defy material injury from external annoyance; when we may take such an attitude as will cause the neutrality we may at any time resolve upon to be scrupulously respected; when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or war, as our interest, guided by justice, shall counsel.

Of course, more prophetic was probably Washington’s understanding that money and zealotry would lead the Nation astray and into a spiraling collapse as he said later in the speech: “I dare not hope they [these counsels] will make the strong and lasting impression I could wish; that they will control the usual current of the passions, or prevent our nation from running the course which has hitherto marked the destiny of nations. But, if I may even flatter myself that they may be productive of some partial benefit, some occasional good; that they may now and then recur to moderate the fury of party spirit…”

There are thousands of reasons to support “anyone but Obama” for President and maybe even a few reasons to believe that Romney would make a good President. His slobbering love for Netanyahu and willingness to wholly entangle the United States in the battle between Muslims and Jews are not those reasons. Anyone who believes otherwise cannot be called a true conservative, and most definitely not a patriot, in the sort of Nation envisioned by America’s Founding Fathers.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    I forgot, which year was it that Israel stormed our consulate and burned it down? I say, in life, if you’ve made a friend, he is a friend for life.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If we consider the Leftists/Liberals as two legged predators of the wolf persuasion, would they not by their nature look to associate with their own kind, O, and his Muslim cronies across the world.
      Wolves don’t make friends with each other, they establish pecking orders.
      America is unique in that it still has the capability to recognize friends and support them.

      • 2l82takeitiz

        Love the analogy and totally agree.

    • Vigilant

      Agreed. Personal friendships with our allies are beneficial in presenting a monolithic front to the evil players in this world. Reagan and Thatcher is a prime example.

      • eddie47d

        Carter ,Begin and Sadat worked in harmony and achieved an important goal. It was the muckrakers on all sides that tried to make their efforts fail.

      • Vigilant

        And now that important goal is being smashed to pieces by the Muslim Brotherhood and those criminals who support them.

      • eddie47d

        How many Conservatives supported Carter or his efforts in the Middle East? Only the failures are mentioned. The same in Egypt were the Generals sitting next to Sadat when he was killed didn’t even like him. They then went on to run the police state under Mubarak. There are many criminals waiting in the wings to plot their crimes on several sides.

      • Vigilant

        “How many Conservatives supported Carter or his efforts in the Middle East?”

        Just about everyone supported that, as I recall. Once again, provide a credible source for your misrepresentations of the truth and I’ll check it out.

        If you can’t provide any credible linkage, then just STFU.

    • Barry Hackney

      It was June of 1967 when Israel attacked the USS Liberty in international waters of the eastern Mediterranean, killing 34 sailors & injuring over 200, in a failed attempt to pull the US into the ’67 war which Israel had started by bombing the Egyptian air force on the ground. The attack was utterly unprovoked, and the ship was flying a very large US flag. Israel had knowledge of the 1983 Lebannon barraks attack in which 200 US Marines perished, but decided not to notify the US..If Israel is a friend, we do not need enemies!

    • Terry

      Google Chinese Water Army ….then reference all the repeat posters on this website…you will see what I mean. peace.

      • Terry

        Nadzieja Batki, Vigilent, etc, paid by the word….so soak up those pearls of wisdom.

  • Robert

    Netanyahu is a totally corrupt terrorist and does/has sacrificed his own people for the Israeli goal of world domination. It is clear that Israel, not Iran is the country that should be shut down. Romney prays at the Israeli alter. Neither candidate will make a good president for the people but Obama presents us with a better mideast solution, Romney would be the choice for the economy. What a choice!!!

    • Patriot1776

      Really, Israel is after “Total World Domination”? What is you basis for this claim? Is it Israel that is threatening to eliminate an entire people off the face of the earth? “Obama leaves us with a better middle east position”? From the looks of what has been happening in the middle east for the last week, that’s not a good thing.

      • Linda

        How can anyone say that Israel is trying to take over the world? Obviously you don’t know anything about the Middle East and their hate of Israel. Iran is the worst enemy of Israel. Israel wants to protect it’s people from total destruction. Obama wanted Israel to go back to their old borders before the time before they gained what land they have now. Such a border would endanger their country much further, because they could be gone across with small weapons and have no way to defend themselves. Israel needs to know that America is own their side. We should always be their best ally. Obama thought it more important to go on television with David Letterman than to talk with this leader who came and told him this was very important. Obama said, I will get back to you. That was just wrong.

  • TonyD

    Israel is no ones friend/ally but Israels. Netanyahu’s tacit somewhat underhanded endorsement of Romney is hypocritical at best as he would be the first to claim that any American endorsement for an israeli head of state before an election would be interefering in his nations politics.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What I replied to Tazio2013 applies to you. Instead of dancing around with words, just admit that you stand with O and his Muslim cronies across the Middle East.

    • Vigilant

      Endorsement is interference? You give the English language a bit of a workout with that one.

      And if it’s “tacit,” as you say, that’s even less of an interference than you imagine.

    • eddie47d

      Why is Israel demanding that we start a war with Iran because they want it? They are usurpers of our Constitution in telling us what to do. That has nothing to do with anyone loving the Muslims as Nadzieja assumes.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        eddie your right !

      • Vigilant

        “Why is Israel demanding that we start a war with Iran because they want it? They are usurpers of our Constitution in telling us what to do.”

        Eddie, you’re long on claims and short on facts.

        Show me ONE credible reference where Israel has or is “demanding that we start a war with Iran because they want it.” That’s absolute poppycock and you know it.

        And do you understand the Constitution of your own nation? NO foreign country can usurp the Constitution, because it’s not theirs to usurp, even if your falsehood were true that Israel is telling us what to do.

        I await your credible references. I’ll be waiting a LONG time.

        P.S. How does it feel to have Jimmy on your side?

      • eddie47d

        I answered that two days ago so if you missed it Mr Pious well too bad. Snippy remarks get the same reply!

      • Vigilant

        In other words, eddie, you can’t answer it. Fine. I win.

        I repeat, how do you like having that poor excuse for pond scum, Jimmy the Geek, on your side?

      • JD.

        Remember this gem?…EVERYTIME WE DO SOMETHING,
        AND THE AMERICANS KNOW IT.”……Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
        October 3, 2001 (IAP News)………just quoting the fat man…

      • Vigilant

        J.D., you are NOT quoting the fat man. You are promulgating a statement that was NEVER made by Ariel Sharon.

        Odd you should leave out the explanation that I.A.P. News stands for “Information Association of Palestine.”


        “Kol Yisrael political correspondent Yoni Ben-Menachem, who reports on Cabinet meetings, confirmed…that he never made such a broadcast and that Sharon never made such a statement. Nor was it reported by any other news service.”

        Care to reply?

      • Peter J Shepherd

        Netanyahu is NOT demanding that we start a war, but rather that we help PREVENT a war. If we draw a red line in the sand, like Reagan did, war is far less likely. If Iran is prevented from having Nuclear Capability, war is less likely. If Iran develops nuclear arms, war is an absolute certainty, and it is certain they will arm rogue terrorists, and, not only attack Israel, but the U. S. as well, at a time when our military is the weakest it’s been in years. Unfortunately, we have waited so long to do anything. We could have toppled the regime and helped the oppressed people in Iran break free, but we refused to do so. As a result, war is virtually a certainty. The only question is, what will our role be, and will we prevent Iran from attacking Israel or the U. S. with Nuclear Weapons. If not, this will be a war, literally of “biblical proportions” and could indeed be the war predicted in Revelation, in which 1/3 of the world’s population – over 2 BILLION people die.

  • Tommie

    By the tone of this report, it’s sounds to me, this reporter is suggesting that the events currently going on in the Mideast is the work of the Israelis and not our President’s “Peace Loving” brethren. This this another liberal attempt to muddy the waters?

    • Vigilant

      Tommie, you do Mr. Rolley a great (and unwarranted) favor by calling him a “reporter.” I would class him as a propagandist and a provocateur. I would never honor him with the moniker “journalist.”

      The anti-Israeli sentiment, found on both the left and right of the political sprectrum with a vengeance, urges one to a conclusion that antisemitism is the thinly veiled motivation for such invective.

      Rolley and others who contribute to this site, such as Paul Craig Roberts, are as anti-Israel agenda driven hacks as you can find.

      • Ted Crawford

        Very saddly ,I believe you are correct Vigilant. In the time I’ve been comming here, I’ve watch this site degenerate from a place where real facts, admittedly right leanin, could be obtained, into one who’s sole purpose seems to be Rebublican bashing, Conservative bashing America bashing, in fact anything bashing, save for their unrealistic, idealistic, narcissistic, Anarchist viewpoint!
        Oh they run screaming from that title! Claiming to be Noninterventionalist, Constitutiionalists, Libertarians. Even as those in the Democrat Party disavow their Marxist, Socialist, Communist leanings. Instead calling themselves Progressives!
        Shakespere explained that best I believe ” A Rose by any other name”

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Freedom of Speech allows even for the stupidest people to talk. It behooves us to know when to reply to them and when to keep our own counsel.
        Wise and good people have kept silent for many times when they should have said no with authority and have meant their no. We have come to this point with O and his handlers and minions because people would not say no to Progressives and Leftists.

      • eddie47d

        You first sentence describes you well Nadzieja or didn’t you think before you spoke. Israel will not or at least should not be allowed to dictate terms of war to us. If our sovereignty is important to you and this nation then you would wholeheartedly agree with that. Why is Romney saying they have a right to make that claim and he will follow their lead. .

  • Tazio2013

    BHO will undoubtably get a 2nd term because Mittens has proven to be incompetent at everything except raising $**t loads of money from the 1/10th of 1% AmeroFascists. This will set the stage for Jeb Bush in 2016 and the single-party Republikrat Kabuki Infotainment Theater will continue as before.

    3 Reasons the US and Israel are Lying About Iran

    Perhaps the greatest myth in regards to US-Israeli policy toward Iran is that it is driven by concerns for national security and the survival of the “Jewish State” of Israel. In reality, the overall foreign policy pursued by Israel’s government has demonstrably run contra to both the Israeli people’s survival and their own prosperity. The Israeli government’s posture toward Iran is perhaps the most dangerous and unhinged manifestation of this.

    In August 2012′s “Israel’s Netanyahu Attempts to Shame UN,” it was reported that, “the Israeli government is the greatest enemy of the Israeli people,” because:
    Western corporate-financier oligarchs have done more to send both Americans and Israelis to their deaths than any combination of suicide belt-wearing, Kalashnikov-waving ‘terrorists.’ The ‘War on Terror’ is indeed a fraud, and Israel’s government has masterfully played a pivotal role – maintaining a strategy of tension to keep its own people in perpetual fear, while keeping their perceived enemies in perpetual and absolute rage. When enemies are difficult to find, the government of Israel and its corporate-financier backers upon Wall Street and in the city of London create them, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (and here), and Al Qaeda.

    The result is a nation at constant war, with an inexhaustible supply of enemies in an unending conflict giving the interests of Wall Street and London – the very interests that created the modern state of Israel to begin with – an excuse to remain perpetually engaged in the Middle East with a military encampment the size of a nation at their constant disposal.

    Fiat veritas, et pereat mundus
    Momento mori
    Semper fi!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Tazio2013, would it not have been shorter and better if you just admitted that you stand with O and his Muslim cronies across the Middle East.

      • Tazio2013

        Nadzieja Batki; I am indeed pro-Big O and his Muslim cronies plus anti- AmeroIsraeliFascism/Judeo-Christian Rothschild Zionism. And it appears that a few of the responders to your islamophobic statements express themselves similarly.

        The Final Word

        With Friends Like Israel, Who Needs Enemies?

        “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

        Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

      • Tazio2013

        The Great Islamophobic Crusade By Max Blumenthal

        Inside the Bizarre Cabal of Secretive Donors, Demagogic Bloggers, Pseudo-Scholars, European Neo-Fascists, Violent Israeli Settlers, and Republican Presidential Hopefuls Behind the Crusade

      • Tazio2013

        The American Taliban & America Stuck on Stupid by Willy Scanlon

        The American Taliban a.k.a. , the Tea Party/Tea-Baggers and all with their mindset, suffer from the same affliction. They’re infected with an imaginary disease, or a fictional Barack Obama, one they’ve created. It’s much like a phantom pain. It aches something fierce, yet it doesn’t exist. The angry, ungodly, Jesus-hating, devil-worshipping, Kenyan, secret Muslim who wants to enslave whites, take away our Constitutional rights to our guns, piss on the constitution create a socialistic society … etc … has never existed. This is why their imaginary illness can never be cured, because they can’t see or hear the real Barack Obama. They have blocked out any chance for dialogue with lies, innuendos and plain nonsense.

        Now we’ve got a super rich guy, admiring himself in his in greed, which by Christian standards is a deadly sin, running for the highest office in the land, a man who couldn’t care less about abortion, our elderly, our sick, our poor and our minorities. He only cares about ambition and making a profit mostly for himself. Like a good car salesman he is willing to say or do just about anything to get that job, even if it’s a lie. A good example is healthcare. Obamacare is based on a healthcare model created by Mitt Romney when he was governor in Massachusetts. Yet now he says that plan was not his doing.

        Anyone who can’t see this is willfully blind. He also is not a Christian, but it seems nobody but Bill Maher wants to talk about that issue. Calling Mitt Romney a Christian would be the same as trying to call Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam a Muslim. Neither is. The general ignorance of the American public about what Mormons are. If they really embrace the official positions of their religious group, they are not Christians, though they often present themselves as such, for example, calling their meeting places churches sometimes (but notice– no crosses to be found on top, or worn either).

        Mormons deny the sufficiency of Christ’s death for salvation. They suggest, as the linked article says, that each of us must do all we can and then trust in the mercy of God. In other words, the de facto position is that Mormonism is to a significant degree a works cult even when it comes to salvation. Bring on another emerging fanatical cult, the Tea party.

        Again HBO’s series the Newsroom said it best about the Tea Party ; “Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress they can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives and they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.”

      • Tazio2013

        Is Obama the Trojan Horse, a Psychopath, a Bad Boyfriend or all Three? By Jill Dalton

        September 20, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – I believe Barack Obama was put into office to do what no Republican could ever have gotten away with. Obama has extend the wars, created new wars, extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich, given additional bail out money to the banks, allowed the health insurance industry to write the healthcare bill, extended the Patriot Act and signed the NDAA.

        Under his watch not one member of the Bush Administration has been held accountable for leading us into wars built on false evidence and lies; not one banker has been held accountable for the fraud and corruption that brought down the global economy. And the final nail in the coffin, Mr. Slim Shady signed the NDAA bill on New Year’s Eve while most American’s sipped champagne and sang Auld Lang Syne. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) makes America the battlefield and allows indefinite detention of U.S. citizens suspected of ‘terrorist” leanings without due process.

        Now look, I know they’re still plenty of Obama supporters among us but I find it very difficult to understand why so many people still love, honor and support this guy. I voted for this guy too. I fell for his smooth talk, cool demeanor and wide open smile. I’ve always been a sucker for tall dark and handsome but if he wasn’t lying then he’s lying now and I for one am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

        I know it’s hard to admit you made a mistake. I get it. You really believed this guy was “the one” and he is the one for the 1%: Wall Street, the too big to fail banks, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, i.e. the corporate fascist state he’s so gingerly locking into place.

        Believe me the Obama brand is collapsing just as the Bush brand before him became so craven even the most deluded had to recognize the fraud that had been perpetrated upon the American people.

        For those of you who still don’t see it you’re sort of like the Bushies who believed in the Iraq war and defended the honesty and integrity of their fearless leader no matter how many lies he told. I guess it may prove the old adage. Love really is blind.

    • Ted Crawford

      Really? For any of that to be true, Romney and Netanyahu would have had to infiltrate and subjugate the IAEA, remember they are also declaring that Iran is deep into creating Nuclear Weaponry! I believe the term they used in fact was “unmistakably”

    • eddie47d

      Actually the IAEA had inspected and has said Iran has no nuclear capabilities. Whether they do or don’t is not a good enough reason to have this allegiance for war. This is a concern for the world but not an act of war on the part of Iran. A preemptive strike on Iran would be!

      • Ted Crawford

        Oh WOW! Your Uncle Saul is proud of that one Eddie!
        You are correct they said that they didn’t currently posses nuclear weapons, however as I stated they also said that they were” unmistakeably moving towards” that capability!

      • momo
      • eddie47d

        They said the same thing about Saddam and where did that get us? If you want to dominate a country like the US wants to then I guess the best thing to do is take away their ability to defend themselves. Iran did comply until we started bullying them and then they balked. I’d like to see all nukes abolished but there are too many countries out there that think they have a right to possess them and others don’t.

      • swampfox

        are you really that obtuse?
        that’s like,well…willfully ignorant,good lord like all you nincompoops who say sadam didn’t have end’s,he damn sure did,what do you think he killed all those kurds with?phosphane musterd gas,that’s one of the chem wpns he used.
        his stockpile was moved to Syria.
        are you just contrary by nature or just stupid?

      • swampfox

        damn spell checker,#@*’%&!!

  • Kim

    Netanyahu the only leader that I see in these very scary and trying modern times. A leader that you’d want for President of your country.

    He’s actually standing up and fighting back to protect his people. He’s fighting for his and their faith principles. Their fighting to just survive every day. Especially with all the “cyst pool” of anger, greed and extremism that surrounds Israel. He gets up every morning fighting to make his people safe.

    I wish we had that, as our Ambassador, service people needed in Egypt and across the Middle East. To think Netanyahu is surrounded with violence, bomb going off constantly.

    • Dulceb

      I have to agree with you, Kim. Imagine if you and your family’s house was a nation. All of your neighbors wanted to kill you. Every time you went into your own yard, someone threw rocks, or worse at you. How would you feel, especially, if your grandparents and cousins had almost been annilated by a madman and his henchmen?
      That is how Israel lives everyday. At one point, the country is only seven miles wide.
      Maybe, they are not angels, but they do what they have to do to survive as a people.
      I respect Netanyahu. He is single minded in his determination to protect and prosper his people. I wish we had someone of a similar mind in our government. We have mostly those who are single mindedly filling their own pockets, living like royalty.

      • Barry Hackney

        Imagine that you were squatting illegally in someone’s home after murdering or violently driving the owners away and you were waging a genocidal war against the remainder of the neighborhood. When the local police arrive and surround the house, you call in a huge gang of hired bullies from the other side of town to protect you because you have connections with the mafioso who launder the gang’s money….
        Is is pitiful that so many Americans are brainwashed by the pro-Israel media and corrupted pastors who shill for anti-Christ, so-called “Israel”. We will pay dearly for it- it is the price of stupidity. US Christians should read their Bibles.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Barry Hackney, if as you say that you read the Bible then why are you not believing the God who says he is in control of what happens.
        Read Isaiah.

      • Barry Hackney

        God is in control, no doubt, and if He truly supports the Zionist megalomaniacs they do not need America’s help, money, or complicity in their crimes. See Jn ch 8. A tree is known by its fruit. Truth will make you free from Zionist lies.

      • eddie47d

        God might have the final say in events but it is mankind who is setting the stage for more wars in the Middle East. Using any God to further wars or conflicts is getting old and tiresome and a very poor excuse.

    • R L Pugh

      Finally a voice of sanity around here Kim. Too many conspiracy freaks here. Too many children. Too few adults. Israel good, you bad. Deal with it.

  • Corkey

    Now, which country was it that attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 and killed dozens of our troops including machine gunning ten down in cold blood as they ran across the deck of an American flagged ship? Just asking.

    • Vigilant

      Yes, dragging out something that happened almost a half century ago is really relevant. Just answering.

      • Dulceb

        You are right, let us forget all past. That way we can make the same mistakes over and over again.
        Does this day and age taste anything like 1973 -1980 to anyone, or is it just me? We have high oil prices, inflation, recession, joblessness and division. I remember it all well, even though I was a kid.
        Isn’t it nice to try to just get along like we did in those days and Iran took our embassy hostage for 444 days. Don’t you just love paying 3 times more for a gallon of gas and getting unemployment?
        Ahhh, good times, good times.

      • Corkey

        its not relevant to you because you have answer or excuses for it. Lousy answer

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Corkey, history is to learn from so not to repeat its’ mistakes. You have no capability to go back in time to undue what was done. Even if you could, your corrections would cause worse mistakes.
        So your comment is pretentious outrage.

      • Barry Hackney

        Hey, Viggie- Does that mean that you are in favor of ending the ceaseless indoctrination of the US public about the hollo-caust and just letting bygones be bygones? Are you willing to throw that event down the memory hole along with the much larger mass murder of Christians by Jewish commissars in Russia, E Europe & China which was financed and aided by rich Jews in the US? Perhaps it is time to move on! Wouldn’t it be nice to get a break from having that bit of history shoved down my throat every day! Let us excise it from our public schools and stop making movies about it. Perhaps we could then begin to learn that Jews are not the only people in the world who have been victims. After 70 years of hearing about the way the Nazis treated them, it is very obvious that Jews have learned nothing from it by the way they treat anyone over whom they get the upper hand.
        I suppose that is how people who believe that they are a master race behave.
        They certainly have learned nothing about how they can prevent earning the animosity of other members of the human race. (I almost forgot that they are the only real humans with souls and that the rest of humanity are merely animals in human form)
        What happened to them in no way justifies the way they are treating the Arabs and certainly does not justify setting off another huge war. It makes little sense to dwell on a holocaust that happened decades ago while ignoring the on-going holocaust in Palestine! I am tired of paying for Israel’s genocide and war-mongering. Israel is no friend of the US and does not represents any American values.

      • Vigilant

        Barry Hackney, you are as brainwashed as it is possible to be.

        And your “Hackneyed” attempt to minimize the horror of the Holocaust is worse than despicable. You couldn’t even spell the word correctly.

        You say, “Perhaps we could then begin to learn that Jews are not the only people in the world who have been victims.”

        Your failure to recognize the Holocaust for what it was shows you have no RIGHT to talk about history with any sense of proportion. And to make the absolutely ludicrous statement “Let us excise it from our public schools and stop making movies about it” shows that you prefer to dwell on the deaths of 34 people to the exclusion of 6 MILLION.

        The Holocaust was MUCH more than the tragic deaths of people in the heat of war. It was the ONLY time in history that a government, with premeditated and murderous intent, spent millions on an infrastructure, transportation system, logistics plans and in a cold, calculated manner set out a “final solution” to wipe out an ethnic/cultural group within their midst.

        Like the good national socialists that they were, the Germans meticulously documented their calculations of how long a human being could be usefully employed on starvation subsistence until they had to be discarded. The absolute dehumanization of the Jew by a psychotic government, and the nonchalant murders of such a number of people, is undoubtedly the most unconscionable act of any nation in history.

        I’ve been to Dachau, and I freely admit I wept when I saw the ovens and the “shower.” No one (except perhaps you and your ilk) can walk away from such a memorial untouched.

        So fine, condemn the Israelis for a rash and inhuman act, but DON’T EVER PRESUME TO DRAW A PARALLEL BETWEEN THE USS LIBERTY AND THE HOLOCAUST!.

        “Holocaust in Palestine?” “Israel’s genocide and warmongering?” You have absolutely no clue as to the dictionary meaning of those words.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Barry Hackney is right !

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Then why is all i seem to hear out of all you zionist supporters is This myth about a holocaust ? That myth supposedly took place over 75 years ago .

      • eddie47d

        The Holocaust was very real Vigilant but Hackney did not minimize it but only expanded on the other worldwide atrocities that occur.

  • JImSJN

    Of all the issues in thic coming election, the one that gets the least attention, but should be front page headlines is the fact that the next president will appoint from 2-4 supremes which in turn will make decisions for the next 20-30 years.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      You are right ! and that is about the only reason i well be voting for Romney ! he is just as bad as obongo and the business . What would be best for the country would be to keep obongo and vote the far right into the house and senate so nothing gets done and we get four years to figure out what ye can do to fix the government .

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Sorry spell check got that should be the bush’s not business

  • spktruth200

    Bibi is a hard core right winger nut. Even his own party wonder if he is mentally competent to serve. Lets us not forget that Israel attacked the USS Liberty and slaugtered 134 of our US sailors, and told those who survived never to mention that it was Israel or face court martial…well they are speaking out, you can see it all on Youtube. Israel is not a friend of the US, and Israel is not an ally, they under the leadership of the right wing are destroying any chance for peace in the middle east. Our 16 US intell agencies reported again and again that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon nor do they want one,…but only ole lying Bibi the terrible wants to drag the US into another war for ISRAEL, with our blood and treasure…Obama aint buyin it…but Mutt Robme who will say and do anything to become elected, has already committed us to another war for Israel. Israel has spied on american citizens, robbed our treasury with lies and deceptions..its time to let Israel do its own warring and stay out of it…we have delivered one trillion since 1948 for this
    “state of terror”…its time to vote out all the Israelie sympathizers who would deliver billions more while our citizens are out of work and foreclosed on.

    • Dulceb

      You are wrong. We did little enough when Roosevelt sent 7000 Jews back to the Holocaust before we entered WWII. If we had not been attacked by Japan, we might not have ever entered WWII and helped at all. I knew a man who parachuted in to liberate death camps. What he told me was horrible. They say “Never Again,” and I agree. Some want to say it never happened. Eisenhower made sure the photgraphs were taken and archived for this very purpose.
      Israel is not a state of terror, but they live in a state of terror. Have you seen very many Jewish suicide bombers? They want to live, that is why they fight. Given the circumstances, I imagine most would do the same. I stand with Israel.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        The zionist were the first terrorist of the middle east ! Google The stern gang , The bombing of the king David Hotel , Or how about the USS LIBERTY !

  • boyscout

    G.W. was speaking in a day that our isolationist nation was ruled by the Constitution and obviously hoped that it would remain so. Corporatist interests and the M/I. although foreseeable, had yet to appear on the scene, let alone become the cancer that it presently is. We have changed; many would say “lost ground” and I would be among them.

    As for the populations and many governments in the Near East, – they have not changed, not since the days of G.W., not since the days of the Gospels, and probably not since pre-history. And now, we want them to attain ‘democracy’ like ‘ours’,and do it overnight. It was very insightful of Sam to call in a reference to our first (and greatest POTUS in my opinion) and I believe that several rereads of his post would be well worth while.

    • Barry Hackney

      GW said that the Constitution is “nothing but a G.D. piece of paper” He delivered for the Israeli lobby, going so for as to allow a false flag attack on US soil and cover it up. He then began 2 wars for Israel and signed the Israel lobby’s Patriot Acts. Romney has surrounded himself with the same Israeli agents of the Bush administration- people who belong in jail for their heinous acts of murder and treason. ( Chertof is now a billionaire, and a top Romney advisor who will have a high position in a Romney administration)
      It is time to remember George Washington’s advice, stop the foreign meddling, and put America’s interests first, for a change. As long as the ZIonist Fed Res vampire has its fangs in our jugular, we will dance to their tune. It is a real shame that America’s conservatives went for a sold out loser like Romney when we could have nominated a real patriot!

      • Ernie

        Barry, Barry —- boyscout’s GW is George Washington! I’m with you, Barry, before Zionist Israel became our “friend”, we did not have any enemies!!!

  • sesame

    No matter. When it comes to the Mid-East, the Israeli tail is still wagging the American dog.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      100% on the money !

  • Liberterian

    The reality of it, is that Israel has always been for Israel and we are the the work horse to do its dirty work. We should not be in this part of the world unless they come to us, then we smash them. We are the most powerful nation on earth and don’t need the Zionist Netanyahu to kill our youth and damage further our economy because the Israeli’s and their brethren Arabs can’t get along. What causes all of this? Religion, remember the Hebrew, Islamic and Christian reliegions are all the same religion from the same man Abraham. Why do we want to send our gifted young soliders to die for this and end up with another unfunded war. Oh I guess Romney can go to China for another big loan like GW did. Or Obama continuing that insane war in Afghanistan for nothing more than politics. The Israeli people aren’t in favor of a war it is the Zionist party. Ron Paul would get us out.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are not a Libertarian. Your ideological pendulum has swung so far right that it has come around erratically to the Left. You are siding with O and his muslim middle east cronies.
      You are in with some strange bedfellows.

      • Liberterian

        I am siding with no one, we are not the whipping boy for anyone. As far as I am concerned it is not our war and don’t tell me that I am siding with Obama. It is time we listen to Ron Paul and don’t get involved in other peoples problems. I think that you, the arabs and israel should deal with your own problems. We don’t need more unfunded wars and our blood spent for political battles. We had the Monroe Doctrine and we should go back to it. If I were to the left I would be supporting you war mongers.

      • eddie47d

        Thank you Libertarian my exact sentiments. We can get into wars all by ourselves without Israel demanding we do so and it is not about defending the Muslims so get over it Nadzieja. America can and will go to the defense of its allies but it should be done only if they are attacked or in imminent danger. Neither scenario is valid at this time. I know there are player out their who are trying to make these flag wars happen but they shouldn’t be encouraged.

      • Terry

        Chinese Water Army recruit….paid by the word….oh my look at how many posts..he must be making a fortune.

    • momo

      The Monroe Doctrine was to keep foreign powers out of the western hemisphere.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Sam Rolley got this right ! israel is a vampire sucking the blood out of America , And we would be better of in the long run to cut the zionist state off and send all of the so called dual citizens we have in the United States to israel to live . And when they are leaving they can carry under each arm a fundamentalist Christan ( What i call a crazy Christan ) with them . No i am not a muslim , I am Greek Orthodox ( If you don’t know what that is youtube ” Orthodox Army ” ) israel well be the cause of WW-3 and after the dust settles those of us that are left well hunt what are left of the hooked nose devils and finish them off for the good of the the new world that well have to be rebuilt .

    • http://speedle speedle

      Jimmy, I would suggest that in addition to carrying a fundamentalist Christian they should also carry an Orthodox Greek, and maybe any other member of an oddball cult like Scientology or you name it. Heil Jimmy, Mein Fuhrer.

    • Jefferson Thomas

      Couple of questions for you to consider:

      Does Israel have the capability to destroy their Arab and Islamic enemies with a nuclear weapon?

      Do you think it is just the US that constrains them from destroying their enemies or is it some other type of code of ethics that restrains them?

      Do you disbelieve the Hitlers of Iran and other Islamo-fascists when they say they would destroy Israel and the US with nuclear weapons if they had them?

      Since you believe Israel is a “vampire sucking the life out of the US” maybe you should do a comparative study on the amount of money given to Islamic countries in foreign aid versus the state of Israel. I have not done a study on this but I am quite sure you will find it is a much larger amount and you will see who are the real vampires (not that I approve of sending tax dollars to foreign countries).

      Another study you might engage in is to find out about the contributions of Jewish scientists and other Jewish people to mankind…not to mention the contribution of your Jewish Messiah if indeed you are Greek Orthodox as you say.

      • Jefferson Thomas

        A quick google search of foreign aid for Israel versus Islamic countries revealed that Islamic countries receive twice as much foreign aid as Israel….sounds like that jinni vampire is twice the the size.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Jefferson put down the crack pipe ! The zionist state gets way more than anyone else on the planet , However it is all not called foreign aid !

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Yes Jefferson the zionist have nukes ( even if they are not supposed to ) However they know if they use them the rest of the world well not be happy about it and may even turn on them , And you can be your rear end the Russians would nuke them back to the stone age .

      • Jefferson Thomas

        @Jimmy “it’s all Greek to me”

        Is it a coincidence that you mention crack Mr. Greek?

        Of course you would not mind citing a credible source other than the Hitler Weekly Magazine for your assertion that “the Zionist state gets way more than any one else on the planet” ?

        Perhaps the Jews own the whole world and the rest of us just can’t see it as they send all of the assets to Israel?

        Do tell us how they get way more than any one else Jimmy. Is that “way more” financial, spiritual, physical, mental? Who decides what is “way more” and how do you measure it?

        If as my Jewish Messiah says “A man can gain the whole world but lose his soul”, do the rich in the material assets of this world really have “way more” than the rest of us?

      • Jefferson Thomas

        @Jimmy “it’s all Greek to me”

        Do you think that Israel has nuclear submarines? Do you think they have the capability to target major cities in Russia? Ever hear of something called MAD…..mutually assured destruction? As a quick side comment….MAD would not work with Islamo-fascists in Iran or elsewhere because they are literally MAD.

        If your back was against the sea with no where else to go and your enemies had you surrounded with your very existence at stake…. would you care two cents worth about the “opinion” of the rest of the world?

    • Vigilant

      Well, there you have it. Mr. Livingston and Mr. Rolley. When Jimmy the anti-Semite serves up such a ringing endorsement for Mr. Rolley’s propaganda, I am vindicated in my assessment of the tenor of the article and the bigotry of Mr. Rolley.

  • SCConservative

    You Ron Paul disciples drive me nuts. At a time when our own nation is teetering on the brink of destruction (which will be virtually guaranteed by the reelection of Barack the destroyer), you still feel obligated to play all of your victim and antisemitism cards, wasting valuable time trying to rabble rouse everyone because your personal “messiah” didn’t win. Get over it! We all had our personal favorites in the primaries, but when they didn’t win, the rest of us moved on and united behind the ONLY candidate who can defeat the destroyer.

    The messianic view that some of you have of Paul, as well as the foolish “all or nothing”, “if I can’t get Ron, I don’t care who wins” attitude seems no different to me than the Nancy Pelosi-style “true believer” Democrats, and the effect is the same! If you don’t understand the history, philosophy, and life-long goals of our current POTUS, and why he is so dangerous, then you need to turn off your computers, and go watch Cartoon Network. That would actually be more of a service to our nation.

    Romney brings a very useful skill set to our nation, and I think that God has given him to our nation to get us through this difficult time, when so much is at stake. No one will ever agree 100% with any candidate, but I have infinitely more in common with Romney than I do with Barack the destroyer.

    We need to quit focusing on Romney’s perceived vulnerabilities (which is exactly what the destroyer wants us to do), and work on electing true conservatives to congress that can bolster the conservative movement in our nation, and push us back on course. We are at a critical turning point, where we will either end up ushering in a new era of true conservative leadership (in the spirit of Dr. Paul), or we are about to be flushed down the toilet of history. We must defeat the Marxist that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or in ten years we will all be wishing that we had the freedoms that the Chinese enjoy. Make no mistake, this election is about no less than that!

    Wake up, smell the coffee, get on the “Save America” team, and become part of the solution! Pray daily for our nation, for this pivotal election, for a return to our cultural foundation of Judeo-Christian values, and especially for a return to faith for so many who have strayed from God’s will. Our current political and economic troubles are merely a symptom of a much larger problem, and we must humble ourselves and ask for help from the only one who can help. We must also exercise our right to vote in a responsible manner, and do everything that we can to support the VIABLE candidates who most closely match our values and beliefs.

    • Barry Hackney

      Romney or Obamination= no choice for patriots who value their freedom. Either way we are saddled with another 4 years of the Federal Reserve, more war, and more minority favoritism at the expense of the US majority. Either way, we get a 75% Zionist administration and judiciary. With Obama we will get more Muslims & homosexuals and with Romney we will get a few Mormons along with high level terrorists with the blood of 9-11 victims on their hands. It is heads, the globalist psychopaths win; tails, America loses.
      There is a very good reason that astute Americans do not want Romney and can not in good conscience support him!

      • SCConservative

        Be careful my Barack Obama supporting friend. That KoolAid you’re drinking was tainted by leftists! I’ll choose the guy who has a great chance of fixing our most desperate ills, over near-certain demise! I suspect that you must be an operative for the left, who is trying to demoralize conservatives into staying home in November.

        The president can’t fix everything by himself (even your savior Paul can’t), but his power to break things through executive orders, abuse of power, etc. is far greater, if he chooses to do so (e.g. our current situation). Instead of spewing vile antisemitism here, why don’t you work towards fixing the legislative branch, which is where the real potential for reform exists?

        Yes, it will take time! The progressives have been patiently moving the ball in their direction for the last 100 years, and it is going to take at least a few election cycles to move things back to constitutionally limited government, but we are already making progress (e.g. 2010).

        Reform happens gradually, but even the Republican Party can be reformed and brought back to its conservative roots. We also must push the ball forward in the arena of public opinion, and that is starting to happen as well. But, if the destroyer gets another four years, he will be extremely aggressive in his second term, and no one will realize that the damage is irreversible until it is too late!

      • R L Pugh

        I though this was a site about personal liberty & all I see is a bunch of childish, antisemitic libertarians spewing the usual insane bs.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        RL Pugh, they are not Libertarians at all but Neo Nazis. They are so far out right that they have come around to the Left, Neo Nazis are kissing cousins with the Marxists/Fascists/Leftists and all the other “ists”. That is something that is very peculiar, if you read enough history, that these ideologies are as old as the humans’ timeline.

      • Terry

        Chinese Water Army recruit….paid by the number of words the write about a subject on blogs, etc….oh my look at how many posts..he must be making a fortune.

      • Terry

        Nadzieja Batki, Vigilent, etc belong to a Chinese Water Army or don’t have productive employment, as they are here all the time, posting …maybe a few dollars to be made, delaying patriotic Americans finding the truth?

        • Linda

          And you solution for the dire situation you claim that Obama nor Romney is….and don’t say the libertarian party. That is a p i p e dream that could be a n i g h t m a r e if it came to pass and might not be any better than the choices we have and could be worse. That ain’t gonna happen. Would be better to work with what you have to get as close to what you want as possible remembering all the time that what you want might not be what the millions of other Americans have in mind for their country.

          or you can migrant into some far away land and form your own country with you own government putting yourself as the leader. Chances are you have just as much chance at that…..

    • swampfox

      WELL SAID!!!
      truth every word!

    • Ernie

      Let’s see if i got this right
      1.God sent us a Mormon to save us—–
      2.Romney is the only one who could win the election—
      3.Rommney has perceived vulnerabilities——-
      4.Romney is a true conservative—–
      5.Barry Hackney has been drinking kool-aid—–
      6.the republican party can be reformed——–
      Pal, you are the one drinking kool-id

  • Jimmy the Greek

    To all you people on this site that think israel is our friend do your self a favor and Google ( The Samson option ) and see how israel is blackmailing the western world into doing what israel wants .

    • R L Pugh

      your looney. antisemitism is so uncool.

      • Realist

        Go study the term Anti-Semite before you wave it around like you know what it is.
        Study and define properly these:
        Torah vs Talmud
        And then study these: Gentile
        AIPAC and their mission
        Listen to about these S.O.S. attendees.

      • Vigilant

        If you are indeed a realist, you would understand that the term “anti-Semite” in general usage means “anti-Jew.” Delving into anthropological hair-splitting only muddies the waters.

      • Realist
  • Moment of Clarity

    NOW I understand why Bibi was critical of Obama – he wants an friend in the WH

  • CWA

    “…Romney’s recent legally questionable campaign fundraising event in Israel”

    “Romney’s allusion to his international thought shapers…”

    “…Romney’s promise to telephone him with questions like ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?’ ”

    “…a virtual handover of Mideast foreign policy decision-making to the Israeli government…”

    “Many ‘conservatives’… have been brainwashed…”

    “His [Romney's] slobbering love for Netanyahu…”

    With his relentless emotional pseudo-logical attacks against Romney and conservatives, Sam Rolley sounds like a rabid liberal.

    • Janell Milstead

      Yep–You can tell the Liberals right off the bat. They are ALL alike– they Hate everything that’s Right and Good- including God and Israel- they want God out of the picture so they can murder, (abortion) homosexuality, marriage between same sex, hate, lie- you name it. There are some good Liberals, but few and far between!

  • Tracy

    “His slobbering love for Netanyahu and willingness to wholly entangle the United States…” I’m trying to picture Romney “slobbering”. Not seeing it.

    Just because the two men are on the same wave-length does not make Romney Bibi’s lap dog. In fact, one of the things I like about Romney is, he is his own man. He’s not owned by anyone, not unions, gay coalitions, environmentalists…. and not Israel. I believe he will actually make a good president, even if he gets elected as the not-Obama.

  • swampfox

    I stand with Israel and romney.
    that psychopath in Iran needs to be seriously dealt with,imagine Hitler with nukes.
    ROMNEY 2012

    • eddie47d

      Maybe Romney can become Israel’s next President since he has that inside connection. More than likely he would be Israel’s “Vice President” that way Netanyahu can still wag his tail.

    • Janell Milstead

      AMEN Brother!! I’ll take Romney anytime over Obama! If Obama goes back in we will be under the Muslim rule- Obama is a Muslim by his own admission. At least Romney believes in God and also Netanyahu! I’ll take my chances with the “God” Believers!

  • gunner689AI

    We have a Kenyan as pres.; why not an Israeli ? I’d trade a thousand BOs for one Bebe.

  • Peter J Shepherd

    I agree with my governor and former presidential candidate, Rick Perry, that there should be “zero daylight” between ourselves and Israel. Our Creator, mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, who is the source of our rights AND our prosperity, has assured us in Scripture, that those that bless Israel shall be blessed.

    Romney and Netanyahu’s friendship goes a long way in convincing me to vote for Romney. IF I was a single issue voter, which I’m not, that single issue would be Israel. I WILL vote for someone that will side with Israel, unlike Obama, who said he would side with the Muslims, “if the political climate gets ugly.”

    • Vigilant

      “Our Creator, mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, who is the source of our rights AND our prosperity, has assured us in Scripture, that those that bless Israel shall be blessed.”

      The Deist “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence was not in particular the God of th Bible.

      While our nation was founded on Christian VALUES, it was not founded on the Christian RELIGION.

      • Tracy

        The history revisionists like to try to convince us that the Founding Fathers were all Deists, but the fact remains, there were actually very few Deists among them. Many of them were pastors and preachers, GW was deeply religious, TJ founded the chapel for use by Congress, Ben Franklin was Quaker, and insisted that their meeting to hash out the new Constitution be opened with a word of prayer.

      • Jay

        The True Reason Why America Is At War In The Middle East.

      • Vigilant

        For Tracy:

        “Some books against Deism fell into my hands; they were said to be the substance of sermons preached at Boyle’s lectures. It happened that they wrought an effect on me quite contrary to what was intended by them; for the arguments of the Deists, which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much stronger than the refutations; in short, I soon became a thorough Deist.”

        Franklin, Autobiography.

      • Vigilant

        Tracy says, “The history revisionists like to try to convince us that the Founding Fathers were all Deists.”

        No one is revising history except those like yourself who deny the reality of the Founders’ Enlightenment philosophies. And no one is trying to convince anyone that all the Founders were Deists. I assure you that neither I nor anyone I’ve ever read has ever claimed that ALL the Founders were Deists.

        The Founders as understood to be not all, but the prime movers in the Continental Congress at the time of the crafting of the Declaration of Independence, were primarily Deists or had Deist-favoring sentiments, all of whom believed in Christian values but not necessarily in the supernatural aspects of the Christian religion.

        Franklin and Jefferson were Deists. Adams was Unitarian (One God, not three in one). Washington and Madison, Christians with Deist leanings (Washington wouldn’t take Communion). OF COURSE they all attended church, as that was the tradition, and failing to do so in those days would have branded them as apostates, not healthy for the leadership roles they assumed..

        Deism has no church, didn’t then, doesn’t now, as would be expected. It was/is a philosophy that demands no formal ritual or worship. It espouses the same blessings and values of Christianity as does Christianity.

        What’s so mysterious to me is why people like Tracy feel somehow threatened by the truth. That the Founders, one and all, would espouse the benefits and propriety of Christian VALUES, without all of them being devout Christians, in no way degrades Christianity as a faith, nor does it diminish the greatness of those men in creating the greatest experiment ever devised on earth.

        Jefferson especially, the man who so eloquently expressed the concept of individual sovereignty and Creator-endowed rights in the Declaration, totally rejected all supernatural aspects of the Bible, including the divinity of Christ. Does that make him somehow less of a great man in your eyes?

        Many non-Christians, Agnostics and Atheists conduct their lives under the guidance of Christian values. Jefferson commented once to the effect that he conducted his life more in tune with Christian principles than many Christians. I believe him, and I believe that many who call themselves Christian could take a lesson from Jefferson.

  • Jay

    Not 1 in 10 Americans are aware of these astonishing facts about Iran

    Would you support a war against Iran if you knew that:

    Iran has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world, and the second-largest in the Middle East, behind Israel.

    Jews are protected by the Iranian constitution, and are guaranteed seats in the Iranian parliament.

    The CIA admits that the U.S. overthrew the moderate, suit-and-tie-wearing, Democratically-elected prime minister of Iran in 1953. He was overthrown because he had nationalized Iran’s oil, which had previously been controlled by BP and other Western oil companies. As part of that action, the CIA admits that it hired Iranians to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its prime minister

    If the U.S. hadn’t overthrown the moderate Iranian government, the fundamentalist
    Mullahs would have never taken over…

    • Peter J Shepherd

      I do NOT support a war. I support preventing a nuclear war by eliminating the ability of Iran to acquire Nuclear Weaponry. If we don’t, we are looking at WW III in the very near future. If we don’t act soon, and wait till Iran attacks US, we’ll see a lot more death and war than we would if we had acted already.

  • Joe C

    Foreign Aid , Military assistance in their region, political control in our Government & Media, and of course they want to be our friends. Israel does not respect other nations and their will to survive. 80 nuclear weapons and they still invade nations , which is a declaration of war if the shoe was on the other foot. Israel most likely new information prior to 911, and now has a fighting partner in that region.

  • http://N/A Excalibur14

    After reviewing this article, I must reluctantly dmit, Romney has managed to make his foreign policy proposals look even worse tham Obama. The only thing worse than apologizing to those to attack us is to slavish devote our country to the policies & whims of some foreign government. America’s slavish devotion to Israel is a main reason for the animosit felt against the US by the Muslim world. I blame the politicians in Washington addicted to their Israeli campaign contributions & such almost as much as I do Muslim extremiss for 9-11. A slavish Israel First policy, to the extent former administrations sent missiles into Muslim countries (remember Clinton doing this) invited retaliation. Before someone goes off & twists these words, note I said I blame Washington politicians ALMOST as much–we did need to fight back. Before Israel, we had no enemies in the Mid East. An America First policy should have been followed–not an Israel First one. As a former Ron Paul supporter, I have felt that this year’s system corporate two party play pen into which we are supposed to be perpetually corralled has finally reached the point that there really isn’t a “lesser of two evils.” This choice is more like being asked to choose between two forms of terminal cancer. Choosing a third party alternative is the only effective way we have to register our disapproval of both halves of the Wall Street/Israel Firster “choice” we are supposed to be perpetually duped into supporting–much like the former USSR selected their handpicked candidates to feign “giving a choice.” I have some leftist oriented friends who are as disenthused with Obama as REAL conservatives, REAL populists, REAL patriots are with Romney & who also are coming to the conclusion we must no longer limit ourselves to this perpetual “two party” scam.

    • Linda

      Romney is bad because he is friends with Nat. What planet are you from? Obama goes to his Letterman show and his View show and wherever and whatever and does not take the time to meet with our ally from Israel. The leader from Iran will be here and He has promised to annihilate Israel.The planned attack on Libya that killed our ambassador, Obama still is trying to blame the film for. He has yet to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack. His bragging about killing of Bin Laden at the democratic convention. I guess when the people cried. We are Bin Laden. We are Bin Laden, you do not see any correlation between that and the attack.He has yet to take up for our personal freedoms of speech and is saying we did not make the film. I wonder what he will say when his moving on Killing Bin Laden comes out right before the election, what will that do with the Muslem, and he can not blame that on some film producer. That is all him. All Obama.

  • http://N/A Excalibur14

    To Linda’s comment on “reply” to proposla to vote third party to show disapproval with the wall street zionist lobby pet “candidates,” who advises, “work with what you have.” Here is what we have. A Republican Party which recently enacted rules to effectively prevent any more Ron Paul style grassroots candidates–after cheating Paul out of delegates he won, whether “recognized” or stolen (few remember Paul won a few states). Giving us a Republican neo-con wall street “greed is good” candidate as a “choice” from the neo-marxist one. To someone who hasn’t voted before or perhaps once or twice, their naivtey or ignornce can be excused for falling for the perennial “lesser of two evils” “you waste your vote” if you don’t vote for the wall street zionist lobby neo-con/neo marxist “pc” selected “choices.” (If I recall, the Soviet Union had “elections” but voters only had communist approved candidates–perhaps a revival over here?) But for someone who has followed several elections, but who have never even considered getting out of the wall street neo-con/neo-marxist controlled play pen, have you not noticed how the perennial “two evils” have gotten continually more evil until this time around, its more like being told to choose between two forms of terminal cancer. Remember the definition of insanith (or stupidity) once being said to continually do the same things but expect different results? If we get Romney, it will be one kind of disaster. If we continue with Obama, we get another kind of disaster. No, this time around, the only effective way to show your disapproval of this scam is to choose a third party. For conservaties I have chosen Libertarian mainly because they have gotten it together the most. In my state last time around they had candidates for all offices. (Liberals perhaps have the Green Party as their functional equivalent–interestingly enough a few of them are on to the scam & have noticed Obama getting wall street donations as much as Ronmney). Then, after the election is over, get together and build a REAL third party alternative. One committed to avoiding repeating the mistakes of previous failed attempts. Do it the right way. Cease being confined in a “pc” wall street dominated corral.

    • Linda

      This article seems to think that the friendship between Romney and the Israel leader is a bad thing. It is not. It is a good thing, better than the relationship with Obama.

      I started reading that spill you had and I stopped. I could see that it was the same old stuff. You obviously are an Obama supporter, because if Romney does lose, you will be a good part of it. Thank you, You obviously think things are going well with Obama because you want him to win again. These last few weeks should be enough to give everyone a gut full of Obama. That is if they don’t all listen to the leftist media manipulators.and deveatators int the tank for Obama. The day after Fox had the right news and Obama and Clinton were spouting the lies about the video being the cause of the killing of our ambassadors. They had it right about it being a terrorists and the Getmo released leader part of the planning of this terrorist attack.

      Obama is planning on releasing 55 more from Getmo. This man is crazy and you want him back in.
      Do not start the insanity about the libertarians. taking over and winning this race.
      This is right here. Right now. That is not going to happen.
      Romney is just what we need a good businessman. He knows how to make money handler money, take care of his family, is loyal to his beliefs and his church.
      Check out how much money he donated out of his money. Over four million dollars in comparison to Obama, less than a million.
      If you look deeper into his business dealings they pan out to be respectable. Unlike Obama.
      Check out about Obamas real life history. He was never poor. Always in most prestigous areas where he lived. Best schools, etc. Even when his wife claimed they had it tough when they were first married. Check it out. I should have such a tough life.

      The truth about Obama should give you a guttfull.

      • http://N/A Excalibur14

        I came close to not responding to your irrational rant. And an irrational rant it is. You flat out state Romney’s friendship with Netanyahu is a good thing. ThisA zionist militant who if there was an Amercain extremist equivalent wouldn’t get very far. This friendship is good only if one is an Israel Firster, or one of those characters who want to nuke the world for Israel thinking their second coming may come about. (Please don’t go to Israel and preach that–because that country’s government made it a criminal offense to do so.) If someone is so hot to want to back Israel no matter what, then please, go over there, join their military and fight their wars over there–and at their own expense and not ours–and leave the rest of us alone. Perhaps you rank among those deluded into confusing Israel First with American interests. I believe AMERICA’S interest should come first, and that our country should not be subordinate to ANY foreign power. Please spare us the spiel about Israel being “America’s only friend” in the mid east, because before Israel came along we didn’t have any enemies in that region. Now for the non sequitor that I must want Barack Osama re-elected. IF you and other neo-con sycophants and pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-patriots were as serious about wanting to defeat Obama-Osama as you pretend to be, you would have come up with a better alternative than Romney. Of the original field, as much as I disliked the others (with the exception of Ron Paul–you remember him, the one CHEATED out of delegates by your neo-con conglomerate called a party), Romney was the absolute worst. But the goofiness he was more “electable.” Really? Why is he having so much trouble. We now have a situation where there is no “lesser of two evils.” BOTH are so bad that regardless of who wins, four years from now the country will be far worse than now–assuming we still have a country. I remember some years ago the late conservative columnist Sam Francis analyzing the two halves of the two party playpen, characterizing the Democrats as the Evil pPrty and the Republicans as the Stupid Party. After this, I think I will reserve comments to the more rational, the more genuinely conservative, the genuine patriots, on this list. Rather than waste our votes on choosing the “lesser of two evils,” this time around more ike choosing one of two forms of terminal cancer, free your minds and your spirits from the corporate neo-con neo-marxist wall street corral, and choose a third party, let your vote be registered there. If Osama gets re-elected, we all know the current disasaster will get worse. If Romney gets it, there may be a slow drift into another disaster, a George Bush on steroids. And then, what? Continue being victimized by the perennial two party scam and deal with the next monster the Democrats and their wall street string pullers then come up with, who will look better than the Republican, like what happened with a lot of deceived people four years ago? Remember why two years ago there was a Democrat grand sweep? Because people were fed up with the mess the Democrats made. How did the Democracts get in? Because people were fed up with the mess the Republicans made–who were voted in because of the mess the Democrats made, and on it goes. For an alternative, one important criteria for me will be one who is geneuinly America First. Not Israel First. Nor, when it comes to the creation of jobs, Mexico, China or India First–but America First. I chose the Liberatians mainly because they seem to have it together more than the others.

        • Linda

          Who has the irrational rant, Not me.


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