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Voting Machines Rigged For Obama?

October 25, 2012 by  

Voting Machines Rigged For Obama?

It’s not even Nov. 6 yet, and voting problems are already here. At an electronic ballot machine in North Carolina, a crucial State in this year’s race, a vote for Republican challenger Mitt Romney shows up as a vote for President Barack Obama.

Early voters in Gulford County noticed that when they pulled their vote for Romney, the machine registered the vote for the President. It happened at the Bur-Mil Park polling location.

“I was so upset that this could happen,” said voter Sher Coromalis.

But Guilford County says the problem is not something out of the ordinary. The machine just needs to be recalibrated.

“It’s not a conspiracy it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” said Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert.

Election officials claim that the problem has been fixed, and no additional complaints have been voiced.

“I should have just mailed it in,” concluded Coromalis, who eventually got her vote for Romney counted correctly.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • DaveH

    “The machine just needs to be recalibrated”? What? Does it give out speeding tickets?

    • Joe H

      This same thing happened with harry reid and it is highly possible that is what got him his present term! The machine is only as good as the person that programs it!

    • Warrior

      “Voting Machines”? I’m still trying to get over the shock that there’s “boats that go under the water”.

      • Alex


      • deerinwater

        LOL! funny stuff ~ Well? ~ Romney was doing a ship count comparison with now and then ~to justify military spending and opening himself up to be talked “down too” as today a battle ship is obsolete and they purpose diverted to other types of vessels.


      WELL DOES ANYONE THINK THERE WILL BE RIOTS IF OBAMA IS DEFEATED This is the talk on the street- Maybe some body rigged the machine cause they were scared ?

      • tlgeer

        No. I don’t think that there will be riot’s no matter who is elected.

      • E. Blake

        I think no matter who wins, America will never be the same. But I believe that if Barry looses that it will get ugly, the left are promessing this, and they are an unstable bunch, and easily provoked because they refuse to be educated in the truth.

        • tlgeer

          Please provide proof of this.

      • Tarfu

        @tlgeer Proof of what? it’s called someones OPINION!

  • Harold Olsen

    Here in Washington state we vote by mail. Elections are controlled by Democrats, especially in King Country where I live. Usually, whatever way King County votes that’s the way the state goes. Supposedly, if signatures on our ballots do not match, they are supposed to contact the voter to verify his vote. Apparently they don’t, at least, not until after the election and the votes are tallied. Not surprising, it’s usually ballots that vote Republican that they determine the signatures do not match.

    • eddie47d

      One of the best reasons to have Early Voting so these problems can be corrected upfront. As Galt said how could it be rigged if the voting error is exposed immediately.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        ” As Galt said how could it be rigged if the voting error is exposed immediately.”

        1. How many people check closely to see that their vote is recorded correctly on machines that allow that.

        2. If all they have to do is claim “oops the machine needs to be re-calibrated” and there is no penalty for the miscalibration of the machine and those that voted prior to the discovery are not contacted and allowed to re-vote why not try it.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        How many people even know you can check to see how their vote was recorded on the machines that allow that? I did not know it and only found out because I try to be aware of things around me and noticed it on the machine.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Billy Gordon Hitt

      Even mailed in votes can be trashed. It all depends on the person that opens your mailed in vote!

  • GALT

    “It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” he said.

    As of Tuesday, the machines were fixed and no other problems have been reported, WGHP said

    Kinda stupid to let a voter KNOW their vote was going to the wrong person.

    Journalism 101: Day One

    Wonder how many MORE stupid comments this non sourced, non story, story is
    going to get from the mushrooms………

  • Vicki

    Re-calibrated? A voting machine? Re-calibrated to hide the trick votes maybe but there is no good reason why a voting machine needs calibration at all. Maybe they should go back to paper ballots. Those don’t need calibration.

  • Soundbiteme

    Third World Country CRAP!

  • Abby

    So, one vote was corrected but what about all the other votes that were directed to Obama that were meant for Romney? How is this being fixed?
    People, watch closely to see what happens at the polls when you select your choice for President. Speak up immediately and go to the right source to ensure voting at this place is stopped, until problem fixed.

  • Abby

    It sounds like voting results are being jerry rigged; this problem must be challenged and maybe revoting needs to take place. If it’s not dead people, pets, etc. voting; now it’s machine manipulation.

  • pete0097

    It show us that we need to check out what is going on when we vote. This is also why we have to have paper ballots for a real way to check voting. This is important no matter who you are voting for. If it isn’t counted properly, the entire election is bogus.

  • Travis Cundiff

    Maybe each machine should printout a receipt so the voter can
    cross check who he or she voted for? It would probably be less
    expensive than having a crooked politician controlling our check

    • Guest

      I tried to get proof last time but was told it was not possible.
      So, i have absolutely NO PROOF that my vote was counted.

  • twistingyarn

    From a person who calibrates machines:”recalibrated my ass! This machine was rigged to come up with the wrong vote on purpose it could not have been deployed without having been programmed and verified initially.So, this means one thing and one thing only :The fix is in! Obama the new Osama wins! By corruption and deceit…

    • eddie47d

      I brought this up 3 years ago that the three major companies who manufacture voting machines have Republican management (CEO’s). I listed them and their owners at that time. Now we have a fourth company in Ohio that has direct connection (Bain) to Mitt,Tagg and Anne Romney. Why would political families make an investment in voting machines? Fourteen thousand voting machines are involved so why isn’t that trail being followed?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        ” Why would political families make an investment in voting machines? ”

        The companies making them are profitable.

        If there is Republican influence in the use/programming of the voting machines why are all the reported problems in favor of the democrat party.

      • eddie47d

        That could be reverse phycology. Fix “Republican” machines to favor Democrats and then accuse them of voter fraud. Make them look bad and then win the election. That wouldn’t be any more far fetched than some of the things said about Democrats.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      YOU CAN COUNT ON THE VOTING TO BE RIGGED THIS ELECTION…AND IF IT IS AND NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT,THEN LETS SEE JUST HOW MAD THE REST OF US CAN GET….How many times can they slap us in the mouth and we just take it..I would like to think that the final slap has been made…Time to fight like real americans.,,.,Semper fi!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Next I hope to read a story about the Republican Party’s efforts to disenfranchise people, in several states this year, of the Right to Vote.

    • Nancy H

      Everyone should have some type of ID. If they’re in an accident their loved ones would need to be contacted. Why shouldn’t you have to prove you are who you say you are? Why should non citizens be able to vote in our election? Do we try to vote in other countries?

      • Floridastorm

        Nancy……unfortunately the voting machines are not the main problem in the election arena. Most people, I’m sure, are not aware that there is no way to regulate that American citizens only are voting. There are on three forms of ID that prove you are an American citizen: A Birth Certificate, a Passport,or Naturalization Papers. None of these documents are required for any type of ID in this country. Think about it. What type of ID were you asked for when you registered to vote? A driver’s license, social security card, or any other form of ID does not require any of these three documents be produced by the individual who is applying. So, what this means is that millions of non US citizens can vote with ease. Scary isn’t it. We have all been brainwashed to believe that only citizens can vote by producing a form of ID. These forms of ID only identify the person who carries the ID. These IDs do not prove American citizenship.

      • Guest

        You are so right Nancy.
        In Most other countries, you DO have to show your right to vote with a special voters card. I know this for a fact.
        In any case, so many people drive even the minorities so they DO have an identity card.
        Nowadays, you have to show a proof of identity just to go in so many buildings.
        And to get a library card when i mislaid mine, even though I was on their computer had to do so, plus show them proof of address and bills for this address.
        So, I do not accept all this malarkey about being bad for minorities.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Nancy, machines are just that machines but it is the dishonesty of the people who program the machines that is creating this particular hellhole trap for all.

      • Steve E

        If someone is too stupid to get an ID. Then they are too stupid to vote. They only suppress themselves by their own stupidity.

    • jt

      What do you call it when a Democrat candidate for the U.S. senate wins an election by less than 400 votes, after OVER 11,000 CONVICTED FELONS were allowed to vote (illegally) and more than 500 mail-in votes from U.S. service men and women serving overseas were DENIED because the GOVERNMENT didn’t deliver them by the deadline?? The votes of all those U.S. armed forces members were suppressed, and every one of those illegal votes from felons effectively canceled out opposing votes by LEGAL voters. We need voter photo ID laws NOW! When Democrats try to PREVENT accuracy and security in our electoral process, it shows that they benefit from holes in the system, and they know it.

      Democrats whine and cry and call it “disenfranchisement” when someone wants to make elections more secure, but they have NO PROBLEM with actual disenfranchisement of our fighting men and women. And they have no problem with disenfranchisement of legal voters by thousands of illegal votes. No surprise there…

    • momo

      You mean like Obama’s trying to do with the military?

      • tlgeer

        How, exactly, is Obama supposedly doing this?

  • texastwin827

    It’s not confirmed yet but there are claims, here in Texas that machines in four areas are doing something similar. People voting straight republican are having there votes come up as straight democratic. Check your ballots before you leave. Sorry for the lack of capitalization guys. First time I’ve used my kindle to post

  • northbrook

    You would think that all voting machines were already checked and calibrated/ This smells fishy and I think this is a trend that may lead to an OBAMA win in a state that he has already ceded to the GOP. I will be really surprised if it turns out that Obama wins NC.. What happened to all the votes cast on this machine prior to this discovery?

  • Alex

    Tagg Romney is going to want his money back.

    • Deerinwater

      Yea, it’s already started. ~ This is the response we can expect to get for bring attention to Tagg Romney voting machine business ventures that reeks of “conflict of interest”.

      The Carolinas are federal welfare states ~ if it wasn’t for Federal Money by the train load being dumped into these states, their major export would be cardboard.

      And what’s in Denver for Christ sakes? Trees, snow, Republican and the highest divorce rate in the nation.

      These hotbeds of conservatism scattered though out the nation failed to demonstrate the virtues they pontificate.

      Put all the federal money for the Carolina’s and lets see how well these Republican’s can make it on their own.

      Take Denver YUPPIE’s BMW, SAAB, and LEXUS away from them and see how fast “Tell Death do us Part” is forgotten, family values falls apart like a cheap suit.

      The words just don’t fit the picture, ~ hasn’t in many years.

      Arizona! the second largest employer in the state is Walmart ( and only because Mexican’s come across the border to shop) and they don’t like Mexican! The largest Arizona employer? ~~~ Drum roll please ~~~~~~~~~~~ Government!

      Can you believe it? !! ~ and all of these states offer us the CURE! ~ Government! Republican lead government!!! ~

      Did you know, ~ during W’s 8 year reign of horror government employment swelled by 900,000 employees? ~ While today, the GOP tells us that government does not create jobs ~ but still ! ~~they want those jobs back! and smaller government TOO! ~ now how is that suppose to work?

      You guys are funny ~ you know that?

      • Dana

        Deerinwater.You are so full of it,its comming out of your ears.Thats good because you need room for some brains.Hope you pass nineth grade.

      • David Fraze

        Your English would seem to indicate that English is not your native language. Are you posting from China? Iran? Mexico? You have no grasp on political facts and spout nothing but Democratic nonsense. Why don’t you do a little research and quit wasting your time and ours with a stream of nonsense.

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? variations of personal attacks are not rebuttals. Attack the message as Mr. Livingston’s forum rules encourages you to do and refrain from childish games.

  • northbrook

    You think this could be the reason Obama’s campaign is moving out of NC knowing that there are enough machines in place that need re-calibration?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Billy Gordon Hitt

    Yes! The President has not the knowledge to be Commander – In – Chief, much less be the President of the United States of America.

    • Doc Sarvis

      At least President Obama knows we don’t need a lot of horses in our military these days AND he praises our military in his speeches and his actions.

      • bachelorwithsense

        IF you think he (Obama) praises our Military, without understanding that he HATES our Military, YOU have your head buried in the SAND!!

      • texastwin827

        Doc, over 60% of our military do NOT support Obama….so apparently they see through all that “praise” he dishes out

      • Doc Sarvis

        texastwin827, care to provide me the citation for your figures?

      • lady kroft

        I believe that Doc Sarvis was being sarcastic and facetious. Wake up you guys!!

      • momo
      • Doc Sarvis

        momo, Those are veterans NOT our current military. Read more carefully.

        • texastwin827

          Doc, hate to break it to you but as the mother in law of an Apache helicopter pilot and having a daughter who is young and is a veteran’s advocate (and all her friends are military) based on her own observations, the active duty military seems to fall in line with the vets.

          A vast majority of active duty military are conservatives, not liberals….that’s why Ron Paul garnerned more military donations than all the other candidates, COMBINED!

      • Doc Sarvis

        texastwin827, Your anectdotal evidence is nothing to my facts:

      • momo

        It doesn’t matter if its veterns or current military Obama still loses, now go cry.

        • texastwin827

          Doc, Momo has given you two cites (to your old one) that support my statement.

          By the way, do you regularly provide links to old info that you think people won’t read, all the way through? Little hint…I read ALL of the article, not just the summary paragraph, at the beginning.

          Your cite was for ONE month….and consisted of donations, from the military, of $200 or more. Most likely those donations came from officers or Warrant Officers as most young enlisted people don’t have $200+ to donate.

          If you had bothered to read Momo’s first article, you would have found that a good number of those veterans, surveyed, were from age 18 up to 50, which would include young members up to those who may have just retired….and their opinions strongly corresponded with older vets.

          If it makes you happy to say the majority of the military support Obama, so be it…but it won’t make it fact.

  • seasidemommy

    why is it not okay to be proud to be an American citzen & have the right to vote, and protect that right with ID that you are you & a citzen? every other nation does it, they also protect their borders with immigration policys they enforce! why is it our gov. wants to make it so difficult to have a voice. We should have to present a photo ID, then mark a paper ballet with our thumbprint in ink for our choice, kiss (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) would serve our nation well to return to.

    • don

      its a little late in the game to wonder all these thing now. why now? we as awhole have a problem an want face it. in this lies our problem. an there is no way we will ever know if our vote is counted right.

  • http://PersonalLiberty david webb

    Sheep do not anticipate or fear, being sheered or slaughtered. Sheep are uninformed and simple minded, relying on their shepherds for sustenance and protection. It is a fact that sheep don’t know all forms of government eventually become corrupt, and that the term “Government” is synonymous with “Organized Crime”. Just consider the blatant eradication of every guarantee that was originally afforded every US Citizen by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Sheep are “Tax Slaves” and occasionally “Cannon Fodder”, and your purpose is to serve the needs of Government, at their pleasure or whim. Sheep are subject to being abused, as they have no natural means of self defense. Therefore, the UN Treaty will eventually be enforced in the USA, and they will strip you of your personal firearms, and the New World Order will be shoved down your throats. Of course the “VOTE” is rigged. The sheep are unaware that Government is a “Self Serving”, living, consuming, growing entity, which requires more sheep than are currently propagated internally. So sheep, standby for amnesty or whatever else they choose to call it.

  • http://n.a. mort_f

    I rather wonder how that voter knew what had happened. In Maryland, using Diebolt electronic machines, there is no way that the voter can tell what votes were cast, and for what candidates. As an election judge, I do view the summaries from each of the ten machines at the precinct where I work, but there is no way that if a portion of the votes were ‘miscalibrated’ it would, or even could, be detected. The voter has no way to verify that their actual vote is the vote that the machine records. Perhaps poll workers, I hate to use the term ‘election judges’, should be allowed, and required, to make ‘test’ runs on each machine before the polls open.

    • texastwin827

      Mort…y’all need new machines, then. Those at my polling station, here in Texas, shows you, at the end of your vote, how you have voted, before you are allowed to exit the machine.

      For those of you who have this kind of machine, check your ballots before leaving the booth! We have already had reports, here in TX, of at least 4 areas that people who pulled a straight Republican ticket were coming up, in the machine, as a straight Democratic ticket vote!

      • rayake

        HI TEX~~~ use to work the oil patch in Andrews;;; as I said earlier this is going on all around the country;;; only @$$hole’s think R&R are doing this;;gotta watch them dirty ole boy’s…and they want to have that bunch of FOOL”S from europa checking REPUB. areas only…YOUR GOV> told them he would have them arrested if they came within 100 ft. or tried to talk to the voter’s…GLAD we have him on our side..

  • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

    Funny samt thin happened in Las Vegas just bad machiene huh….need to pull all thes machienes and count ballets by hand agian and who started early voting and way but good thing catching the fraud..He and the UN need to get lost as he has already lost..

    • Stanley Mccumber

      and then we have the votes all going to Europe to be counted.. Fill in a box and count by hand is the only way to go and must be counted here in the U.S. the same day they are cast. Has this country got so lax and retarded that they cannot even count any longer???

      • rayake

        WE saw the same thing when chickenS%&T gore ran for prez;;remember that screw~up ??

  • Paul Caporino

    This article sounds like [expletive deleted] intended to distract from the fact that the Romney family is linked to H.I.G., the firm that owns the Ohio voting machines.

    • Dana

      If romneys son was buying them why would he make it vote for obumber.Jesus get your facts right.

      • rayake

        DANA !! you must remember thease people are inbread and don’t know any better..they just want there free stuff;;;DON”T even know what it mean’s to think for themselfes..

      • Charles A

        Rayake, I disagree with your statement. Liberals know exactly what it means to think for yourself. I quote: Regurgitate what your masters have shoved down your throat.

  • jopa

    Tagg Romney spends all this money on buying voting machines in eight states and forgets to calibrate them in his daddies favor.I guess he is not the genius in the family.

  • TPM

    Funny how every instance of machine error I’ve seen was an error in favor of Obama.
    The law of averages says this isn’t machine error. It’s voter fraud.

    • Grammy


  • wavesofgrain

    I wonder if the UNIONS have the maintenence contracts for the voting machines as they did in Nevada?? The UNIONS have to be abolished. They are complicit in total corrupt elections tactics and bully their way to get what they want.

    • Rick

      Wavesofgrain , the true solution is to pass laws by popular vote that 1. only registered voter can contribute to campaigns. Then have to be able to vote for that candidate, and can only give a set amount. No corperate money no Union money no foriegn money and most of all no Party money.And if they are caught collecting money from sources against this law they forfit it at 2 for one. This will force them to be responcable to the people not the special interests. And the suoreme court shoukld not be able to overturn the vote of the people. That is the law.

      • tlgeer

        It’s the US Supreme Courts job to decide if a contested law is Constitutional or not. The public does not, and should not, have that power. If it did have that power, we would still own slaves and still not be able to marry anyone of a different race. Thank God that the US Supreme Court rules that marriage is a right. And don’t forget desegregating our schools.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    There’s those damn RepubliRATS fixing the voting machines again. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    P.S. Go to Netflix and watch the Documentary “DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER” and then go see the movie 2016 and get the real Abomination.

    • Dana

      Are you sure you wrote your post right.Obumber is a dem not a repub. Viet nam vet 68-69

      • David Fraze

        Dana, are you sure you don’t know what sarcasm is?

      • The Big Easy

        ‘The machines have to be re-calibrated’—–Which is democraps code for the resetting to,one for Romney,two for mo-bummmer,one for Romney,three for mo-bummmer,etc.,etc..

      • Steve E

        How do you re-calibrate a computer voting machine? You don’t calibrate a computer. You calibrate a police radar gun, or a pressure gauge. Have any of you had to take your computer in to get it calibrated? Computers are instructed by program code.

    • RAY

      YOU GOT IT WRONG;;; THIS IS POPING UP ALL OVER THE COUNTRY;;;vote’s being changed to OBdogboy;;not the other way around…{{ NAM vet~~~~~NOV.67 to FEB.71~~~3 tour’s }} democRAT”S can call what they want to;;;BUT it come’s down voter FRAUD..nothing else..

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Come on grow up and learn to suck it up. Your not a young boy anymore .Look at the idiots that got cought distroying the votes of the demicats Ohio. You or the main stream can not change the results that happen.

    • Ed Weber

      Obama doesn’t know who his REAL father is. Seems that his mother was a little loose,,so to speak.

      • jopa

        Ed; I saw the same movie you are referring to and I could do a little snipping and editing of your home movies and in the end you wouldn’t know who your father was.I could even make it look as though Orly Tates was your mother.

    • jopa

      Nam Vet;Saw both and if you think that is reality you should contact the VA for some meds.I have never in my life seen such a poor job of editing snipping and clipping trying to make something factual out of old news reels and clips that were totally mismatched.For anyone to believe any of that crap they should be denied the right to vote or at least have some mental evaluations performed on them.LOL.

  • carolinerh

    Check to see if you can ask for a paper ballot in your state or drop your absentee ballot off personally in the ballot box. This is the safest way. Unfortunately, media did not reveal that these computers are 1) not capable of handling voting, 2) can be preset against you and you must complain for a revote (preferably on paper), 3) many do not give “receipts” so you can check that your vote was entered the way you entered, and 4) why are states and other entitles so quick to buy equipment for big bucks that don’t work? I know, because I have worked for public entities and they don’t have a clue about what they are buying, but will spend your hard-earned money anyway to look good and like they know what they are doing! NOT!

    • 45caliber

      carol: DON’T VOTE ABSENTEE!

      Absentee ballots are very seldom counted at all. If you want your vote counted, then you have to use the method everyone else does on voting day.

      Absentee votes are usually counted ONLY if the vote is close on an election. For instance, (And this was an example given me) if there are a 1000 absentee votes but one candidate won by 50,000 votes, then the absentee votes won’t change the election regardless of which way the vote goes. So why waste their time counting them? If the vote difference was 100 votes AND THE VOTE IS CONTESTED then those votes will be counted since they might make a difference.

      • Robert Smith

        45 says: “Absentee votes are usually counted ONLY if the vote is close on an election. ”

        Wow! According to you the Obamas voting doesn’t count.

        How’s come you ain’t in the streets dancing?


      • tlgeer

        This is why I like my state, Washington. We all vote by mail, except those who register on election day. Then they have to go to the Registrar’s office with ID and proof that they are eligible to vote.

        IOW, they all get counted. And as long as the envelopes are postmarked the day of the election, they are counted.

        • E. Blake

          We have vote by mail here in Oregon as well, and I don’t like it, we see nothing we just “TRUST!” that our votes get counted right. It also helps lazy uninformed voters, they don’t have to listen or make any effort at voting…

          • tlgeer

            Wow, that’s quite an indictment. I don’t know about anyone else but I research what is on the ballot, as I suspect most of the people posting here do, and vote accordingly. In what way is this lazy? In what way is this uninformed?

            Why should I listen, or watch, candidate ads when I can look up who they are and what they’ve actually done on my own? That way I don’t let the video’s or audio’s sway what is real.

          • E. Blake

            Try going out on the street and talking to people and see how informed they are, Be sure to hang on to your chin so your mouth don’t drop open. Just ask about Bengazi…

  • gabzilla

    In Washington state’s governor race several years ago we had several recounts in King County. When it appeared to not be going the Democrats way someone appeared at the election office with a trunk full of ballots they forgot to turn in, duh, how does that happen and then when counted the Democrat won by about 114 votes. Very suspecious.
    Stalin said “it doesn’t matter how the people vote, what matters is who counts the votes”. I like the idea of the person getting a receipt for their vote however that won’t work in Washington because we are a vote by mail only state. I am sure the machines counting our ballots can be rigged as well. I know of a nursing home where a nurse told patients that she would help them with their ballot however she marked her candidate on the ballot no matter what the person wanted. Since many could not comprehend any of the process anyway she got away with it until one of the patients asked to see her ballot after the nurse had marked it and caught her in the act.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey gabzilla… You claim: “When it appeared to not be going the Democrats way someone appeared at the election office with a trunk full of ballots they forgot to turn in,…”

      Got any newspaper articles or something from a TV station on YouTube?

      I really don’t trust anecdotal “evidence” from the right. I’m sure you can understand.


    • Robert Smith

      You know gabzilla, you posted: I know of a nursing home where a nurse told patients that she would help them with their ballot however she marked her candidate on the ballot no matter what the person wanted. ”

      I Googled that. All I found was YOUR quote in this forum.

      Shucks, if all there is to support your claim is your claim I’m sure you will forgive me for not believing it.

      And in my humble opinion nobody else should either. But then there are those right will believers who will accept it on faith because it’s something against…

      Just for the sake of asking: Why should we believe you? It’s clear you have an agenda.


    • tlgeer

      “In Washington state’s governor race several years ago we had several recounts in King County. When it appeared to not be going the Democrats way someone appeared at the election office with a trunk full of ballots they forgot to turn in, duh, how does that happen and then when counted the Democrat won by about 114 votes.”

      Actually, this happened in Minnesota, not Washington, and it was a State Senate race, not Governor, and the ballots in question had already been scanned but they couldn’t be found for several days. Yes, they had been in the trunk, but they had already been scanned.

      Al Franken won that election, despite all crap that his opponent tried to stop, or slow down, his swearing in. Finally, even the Judge said that the opponent was out of appeals. It was clear on each of the hand counts (which, btw, were televised) that Franken had won.

  • Henry David

    What is so damn hard about showing ID to vote. If you live in this country you need a damn DL to get to work. You need some form of ID to cash a check, to get utilites, to apply for a job, to apply for an apt to live if you live in an apt complex, if you own a house you need one to apply for financing for purchasing a house. What’s the big deal about making it part of the procedure to vote. I’ll tell you why, I’t so the Illegals can vote. Obamas plan to get back in office. People wake up and smell the coffee. Why should anybody that is not a citizen of this country be allowed to vote in our elections. This damn country and it’s citizens are [comment has been edited] nuts. We deserve to lose our FREEDOMS and experiance a whole new chance. Sad. It’s going to take a bad thing happing to wake people up. Enjoy your new country USA. Obama is going to make that promised change, and when he’s finished doing it, don’t bitch about it. It will be too LATE PEOPLE you’ll be fighting war in this country and have no way of changing things back to the good ol’ USA. The writing is on the wall…the only clear choice for President is Romney. I myself would rather vote for Ron Paul. But we need to get Obama out of office, so The clear choice is Romney. Anyother vote will be a vote for Obama. Citizens! of this once great nation, USE YOUR HEADS! and stop worring about the damn color of the man who is running for office. Vote who would be best for fixing the nations problems, fixing jobs, getting a balanced budget for our nation, we have been operating with out one for over three years now. Obama has been on Vacation, and more concerned about hanging out with the movie stars in Hollywood then to be running our Nation. Anyway Get out there and vote. Make sure before you leave the booth making sure the damn machine accounted your vote was make accurate. Stupid, BS anyway.

    • g

      Years ago
      I went into vote and when they checked for my name on their registry I saw my name and my dead wifes name under my name. I told the person make sure no one votes using her name because she was dead. Yes I firmly believe voter ID should be mandatory. The BS that some people in Texas possibly could not get to a government office to get necessary ID. What a load of longhorn dung that is. I bet welfare leeches have no problem getting to a government office.

      • Combat seabee

        Or the beer store!!!!

    • 45caliber


      It is only partly right to say they want no ID to allow the illegals to vote. Actually, most illegals can easily get a US driver’s license that has a picture.

      What they are REALLY trying to do is leave things open so a person can vote only with a voter card. Those you can get by the dozen by simply filling out a card and mailing it in. If your precinct is crowded, you can come back again and again under a different name each time. If it is likely you might be identified as coming through more than once, you can vote in different precincts. ACORN did this all the time. And we know who Oblama once helped.

      • Robert Smith

        Another lie from 45: “ACORN did this all the time. ”

        You claim it, you prove it. It’s that simple. If you don’t prove it it’s a lie.

        I’ve caught you before, and I’ll catch you again.


  • BetsyB

    A well known conservative radio talk show host (580am,Harrisburg PA) said that this happened to him when he tried to vote for McCain in ’08…it came up ‘Obama.’ These are not rare or isolated ‘errors.’

    • Myriam Giovannini

      Betsy this is still the Chicago thugs trying to steal the election!!!

    • Benjamin Fox

      When the left is immoral, they don’t care how they win, just win and laugh.

      • 45caliber


        They aren’t immoral if they win. The way they look at it, the end justifies the means. If they cheat to win, then cheating is okay … for them to win. The idea is that they MUST win. After all, they are the ones who know what we need more than we do.

      • Kate8

        45 – You are so right. The Left’s plans for us are really bad for us, and they know that we know it. They know that, in a fair election, we’d throw them out. So they have to devise any method they can to thwart our choices and FORCE their system on us.

        I’m completely fed up with all of them. In fact, I’m so mad that I’m ready to defy them all and everything they try to do..

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Kate8, how the heck are you? Here is what you blathered: “So they have to devise any method they can to thwart our choices and FORCE their system on us.”

        Sort of like Romney’s company being involved in supplying the voting machines for Ohio?

        Now you are trying to tell us that those units can be tampered with! Wow, another cheap product from Romney.


  • ODB62

    In my town we use paper ballots, mark them and then feed them into a reader. We do not use electronic voting machines. If there is a recount they have real paper ballots so our votes are not lost. The problems are with machines that have to be set by humans. A crooked person can change any outcome when there isn’t a paper trail. If you are dumb enough to allow your election officials to use these machines that do not have a paper trail, then watch out. It doesn’t matter which party did it, it matters who is in charge this year. Paper Trail Baby, that is the way to go.

    Now to the person who wants photo ID and thumb prints on ballots, our elections are to be kept private and secret ballots cannot be traced back to the voter. You talk about rights being taken away from us, well if we had to put our names on our ballots, it wouldn’t be by secret ballot any longer would it? We have voter registration cards that identify us and we have to sign a sheet verifying our info. After that we can vote. SIMPLE!

    • Benjamin Fox

      Isn’t it strange that to vote in Mexico you have to be born there and prove it, then your given a photo ID card that allows you to vote. Need a photo ID to get Welfare, Food Stamps, start a bank account, and drive but, it’s a hardship to have a ID card to vote? Stupid is as stupid says and does.

    • Vicki

      The “secret” part of secret ballot is HOW we voted. Asking us to prove that we are eligible to vote in no way disturbs the principle of secrecy in the ballot.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      In Nebraska we use paper and pencil! No hanging chads here.

    • E. Blake

      Reader machines are electronic machines, and give the same ability to change your vote.
      And even in states that hand counted ballots, the vote tallies were changed afer they turned them in to the state headquarters. Other counties votes were recorded as missing after they turned them in. Here in Oregon it is all mail in ballot, so we couldn’t tell who gets our votes. NONE OF US ARE SAFE FROM VOTER FRAUD


    The left is going cheat and sabotage a free election, that is a given.
    The good news is the heightened awareness of those wanting to maintain the integrity of the ballots and their diligence at the precints and polling places around the nation. This election will most likely be a major blow to communism, a massive rejection of the global thinkers and the socialist on the left but it may not also. This is why one man one vote, is the basis of this free society and it’s open election, it is a confirmation of the rule of law and all we hold dear….I PLAN ON VOTING FOR THE AMERICAN…Real credentials, integrity and ethic..

  • 45caliber

    This is the reason that I don’t like computers (which a voting machine is) to record and count votes. It is very easy to change the programing. And it is as easy to change the vote totals later as well. At least with the paper ballots, it was harder to change my vote to someone else’s preferance. I expect to see a lot of this in this election – and I also expect to see a lot of “repairmen” showing up an hour or two before the end of the election to “fix” the machine … when they really intend to fix the election.

  • http://none ron

    in 2011, Tagg Romney, the oldest son, and three of Romney’s ex-Bain Capital partners bought into Hart Intercivic which owns voting machines that will be deciding who wins the election in Ohio and 8 other states.
    And you wonder why he is confident???

    • texastwin827

      Then explain why the voting machine “irregularities” are in favor of Obama & the Democratic party, if Romney is rigging the machines, in his favor?

      There are already 4 (still to be confirmed) areas, in early voting in TX, where people voted straight Republican tickets and the machines showed it was a straight Democratic ticket. And yes, our machines “summarizes” your votes for you before you exit the machine as having cast your vote, so we KNOW how the machine is picking it up, before we leave the voting booth.

  • David Cook

    RIgged Voting machines set up to favor Obama doesn’t surprise me one bit. So far, he’s don’t nothing as a president, he bashes his opponet ruthlessly, he interupts duing the debates not to mention he won’t talk about and completely avoids his record during the past four years except he actually thinks he’s doing a great job. He will do anything to win. I don’t think he ego can take losing this election. People who are not in the know, are the only ones who will vote for him or selfish people who want him to win only to benefitt themselves. Obama is just a lying losing and I’m tired of people who are in office taking advantage of their position and constantly lying to the people who put them in office.

  • Charles A

    I just called the Board of Elections Commission in the city where I live. We vote by paper ballot, using a pencil to fill in the ovals. I am fairly confident my vote will be counted correctly.

  • Hoser
  • Dee

    That’s what I’m afraid of is the rigging of the voting machines, the new black panther party and acorn. obummer is so crooked that when he dies, if ever, he will have to be screwed into the ground like a cork screw. Heard that the UN will be monitoring the elections also.
    The UN needs to get out of the US.

  • Al

    I can tell you as an electronic technician it is quite easy to rig the count all you have to do is set the count to start from a negative count lets say -150,000 for romney and 000000 for obama when your 1 vote for romney is counted the count is now -149999 for romney
    and your 1 vote for obama the count is 000001 in this example giving obama a 150000 lead from the start. I am sure their are other ways as well.

    • FreedomFighter

      Voting Machines Rigged For Obama?

      Demoncrats are famous for cheating on the vote…

      Vote early – vote often – a phrase invented by liberal-progressives

      Ever heard of ACORN? Well its still around. Look at the polls, they are biased to influence the vote, early vote to influence the electoral votes, out right cheating — dead vote seems to be concentrated as democ-rats.

      We are also now faced with high technology fraud, financed and supported IMHO by — progressive communist rich men that want OBAMA to finish the job of killing America.

      IMHO we face as Americans a cabal of well financed evil forces willing to do anything to further the agenda of progressive communism/socialism in America, they want control of our RESOURCES of 1000 years of oil, gas and coal, our unmatched military power and most of all control of Americans, subjecated and enslaved.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Mike in MI

        Well, Freedom Fighter -
        The Bible says, ” The borrower is slave to the lender”.
        When the sequester hits in January our money will drop precipitously in value. Then people around the world will have little reason to use the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency. (God knows why they still continue to use it when Chinese money now has so much more real value behind it. Question: Do the Chinese manipulate markets to keep their money’s value low? Or, are we forced to pay higher for goods because of Obama’s economic ignominy, profligacy and ideology – which to him is holy writ?)
        When that happens our credit will become nil internationally and, consequently, interest payments will skyrocket here. Inflation will automatically set in at any point where people lose confidence in the dollar’s value. (You won’t be able to make in a month what you need to survive for a week. Gonna’ be a lotta diein’.)
        Then, the final nail in the coffin will come when those who hold the note on our debt start to demand something of real value – like our personal valuables, resources, work or productive capacities – instead of worthless…yuck, “dollars”… to pay the INTEREST PAYMENTS ON THE NATIONAL DEBT(At a valuation determined by…whom?). Not the Debt (the Principle) itself, just the annual INTEREST PAYMENTS.
        Wanna bet something like that isn’t written into those contracts – ever SEEN one of those contracts we’re borrowing on?
        That’s when we become the collective eternal “slave to the lender”.

        Guess who will own your soul – and what you’re allowed do with it…daily.

        ‘Course Jesus Christ paid the price to redeem your butt from the above. Think about it.
        He WAS raised from the dead for this day, time and hour. AND, it’s either Jesus Christ or the other Dude who will be and YOU take as your LORD.


      • Robert Smith

        Fighter asks: “Ever heard of ACORN?”

        Yes I have. They are the folks who REPORTED a rogue employee who didn’t abide by the rules to their local election commission.. The fired him. They did the right thing. Then the right wing crucified them.

        As opposed where the election commission CAUGHT a Republican agent.

        Which is more honorable? The ones who self reported, ACORN, or the Republicans who got caught again?


        • Charles A

          In the past couple of days I have seen at least a dozen of Rob’s posts, and they have all been lies. He is a typical liberal.

      • tlgeer

        Do you have actual, provable, facts to back up on this?

  • Palin16

    The voting machines were certainly rigged in 2010 here in Nevada, when somehow Harry Reid pulled out a win over Sharron Angle. All of the polls had Angle up by +5 on the morning of the election and many cars throughout Las Vegas had bumper stickers that said DUMP REID. In addition, SEIU bosses were coercing casino workers to vote for Reid, otherwise “they might find themselves without a job.”

    • tlgeer

      “Harry Reid pulled out a win over Sharron Angle”

      Yes, he did. And it was Sharron Angle’s own fault. She is a racist and a bigot and she showed it to everyone.

      Most people who are racist and/or bigots don’t realize that they are. They believe their way of thinking is just common sense. When it isn’t at all.

  • Patriot FMJ

    If all else fails.We can not exist under Obama,I suspect he will have to declare Martial law.Keep your powder dry.Remember they just bought millions of 40 cal hollow points,

    • pweiters9

      10/26/12, I hate to invoke the power of suggestion, but this time around with people’s emotions (instead of intellect) running high, anticipate unrest either way it goes. This is going to be one election for the books.


    Vote Romney/Rayn 2012 !!!!!need i say more?????

  • Palin16

    Obummer just voted in Chicago and was asked to show his ID. He reportedly said something to the effect “sure, no problem”.

    • E. Blake

      You mean his forged ID…

      • tlgeer

        No, his ID. You can’t seriously be ignorant enough to doubt the State of Hawaii or the State of Arizona. Not to mention at least 7 State courts who have seen a certified copy of his birth certificate and said that he was a natural born citizen? Are you?

        Not wanting Obama to be here, and be President, illegally does not, by any means, mean that he is. It’s just that you want him to be. Regardless of how many officials have stated that he is not only legal but that he is a natural born citizen.

  • ma grindle

    Machines that are in Vegas can be and are “fixed” and so are voting machines. Who could resist that???

  • tlgeer

    So, you people already have an excuse ready if Obama gets re-elected – the voting machines were rigged. And if Romney wins is it because those machines weren’t?

  • Zeropoint

    How do we know this isn’t happening elsewhere… How can we as voters make sure our vote is being counted correctly?

  • http://personalliberty ann

    machines were rigged in 08 so all mccain votes put obama instead to make obama the winner. they rigged them this time to remove all republicans and stealelection for democrats. every romney vote machine gave to obama; only if voter reviews ballot before casting ballot do they see this. dems cant win so cheating only way to stay in power. plus thousands of illegals hisp and blacks casting illegal votes

  • Azrider

    I put no faith in anything the media, this administration or anyone associated with him. This man has lied and it’s covered up. All his documents are sealed and we don’t know a thing about him. I have read and seen so many people who have changed their party or stated that they wouldn’t vote for this man again. Yet, he gets re-elected. Something is not right and because of that this country will be down the tubes in 4 years.

    I just heard that they are tallying ballots by hand in the electtoral states as we speak because the “calibration” was either never fixed. The thing is if the media doesn’t report this, we will never know


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