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Voter Petitions Prompt Recall Elections For Three Wisconsin State Senators

May 26, 2011 by  

Voter petitions prompt recall elections for three Wisconsin State SenatorsAt least three State Senators in Wisconsin will be forced to participate in recall elections this July, an elections committee ruled on May 23.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the State’s Government Accountability Board has voted unanimously to schedule three recall elections for July 12. The lawmakers whose seats will be up for grabs include Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) and Luther Olsen (R-Ripon).

The legislators are three of nine State Senators — six Republicans and three Democrats — who are being challenged by voters because of their support for Governor Scott Walker’s law limiting collective bargaining rights for public workers. The news source reported that petitions must include at least 15,000 signatures to prompt a recall election.

If more than one candidate emerges to challenge a State Senator, the July 12 election will serve as a primary, according to the media outlet. The general election would be held on Aug. 9.

The results of the recall elections could have a significant impact on the Badger State’s redistricting process, The Post-Crescent reported. If Democrats can pick up three seats in the State Senate, they would hold a majority of the chamber.

Currently, the Republican Party holds a majority in both the House and Senate. Charles Franklin, a political expert from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told the media outlet that the recall elections could “put the brakes on what otherwise would be a runaway train” when lawmakers draw up new district lines.

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  • pete0097

    They better watch out. The anti people will be out in droves. The supporters had better start ordering their absencee ballots.

    • wandamurline

      The unions are behind this…they were behind getting Possner out of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin … they even had a recount of the votes, and it did not work. The people of Wisconsin are smarter than the labor unions think they are…and if the public unions don’t want to see their future retirements bite the dust in total collaspe, they had better start becoming informed and quit listening to the union bosses who care nothing about them…all the unions want is power over the entire US….it is time to see them disappear….starting with Richard Trumpka. Wisconsin wake up before you lose it all.

      • Kinetic1

        You’re right, the people of Wisconsin are smart enough to see what’s going on. That’s why they had no trouble getting far more signatures than needed to recall the republicans while the right failed to get a fraction of what they need to recall the Democrats. A recent poll showed that if Governor Walker were recalled he would lose to former Governor Feingold by 10 points. Yep, the people of Wisconsin are smart.

        • Ron The Marine

          WTF is your problem kinetic1! Why don’t you look at your states financial condition! The union with teacher and public employee members will be out of work when Wisconsin is broke. You cool-aid drinkers! Do you ever wonder why your backsides are sore? Just may be from all the smoke BO and liberals have blown up your tail pipe during your ignorant and miserable life span! All you need to look at is BO’s and his liberal dumba$$ friends stance on abortion. It does not matter how you frame abortion, In GODs WORD, The HOLY BIBLE, it is still murder of one the most precious gifts HE has ever given us! May GOD have mercy on BO and all other abortion believers’ miserable souls (and the United States of America for ever letting this abomination see the light of day)!!!

          Semper Fi

          • Mike in MI

            Ron The MARINE – Thanks for serving .
            I have spent some time in Biblical studies over the last, almost 40 years. One thing I’ve learned is that nearly all socialist ideals are rejected or labeled “sin” by God, via his men who wrote what He told them to record. The Devil has always anted to rule the world and have everybody worship him, by their knowledge and acquiescence. The time is nearing when the Devil expects to attain that goal. So he is fronting the est, most powerful of his children and servants to bring in the goods. Everyone of them does it because they expect to gain something or they have been coerced. That is how he will get what he wants in the rest of the world, too.
            The United States’ believers and Israel (not all of them, but there are some descended from Abraham – God knows who) are what primarily stands in his way. He must overcome standing believers, mentally, either by trickery, deceit or coercion to align with his goals. But if he gets to out-front and overt people will recognize the evil and run for GOD Almighty and Christ Jesus. If that happens he has to pull back – which he must avoid at this point.
            You learned and disciplined yourself to stand as a Marine and succeeded. Learn to stand as God’s kid against His enemy – who you can have authority over if you know from scripture how to do it. Many of the principles of personal authority and control cross-over in to the spiritual contest.
            Find someone in your locale who has a track record in spiritual goals and take on this endeavor, too. It will have eternal benefits for you and yours.
            Pay scant attention to kinetic1 and his sort or things they say. He’s a tool…convinced – without evidence – he’s promoting something of value.

          • Robert Smith

            Ron says: “May GOD have mercy on BO and all other abortion believers’ miserable souls…”

            The Founding Fathers did NOT address the issue of abortion in any way. That was womens’ stuff and they rightly figured it wasn’t any of their business.

            The christian bible doesn’t have the word “abortion” in it in any way. It’s all subject to mortal interpritation.

            Please quit blowing smoke up our tail pipes.


          • Ron The Marine

            Robert Smith, you are so ignorant, OPEN THE HOLY WORD OF GOD and read what GOD gave MOSES as the 6th commandment (which applies to everyone, even dumba$$, cool aide drinking liberals like yourself!) at EXODUS 20:13 “You shall not murder”. Yes, you infidel, abortion is just a liberal weasel-word for murder and is absolutely in the HOLY BIBLE!!! CLEAN THAT TAIL PIPE OF YOURS OUT, FOR YOUR SOULS SAKE!!! JESUS CHRIST said in JOHN 14:6 “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME”, so you need the ABC’s of Salvation- ADMIT to GOD you’re a sinner. Sin is refusing to acknowledge GOD’s authority over your life. Everyone sins. The result of sin is spiritual death or eternal separation from GOD when you die. Repent; turn away from your sin and toward GOD. (see ACTS 3:19; ROMANS 3:23; 6:23.) BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST as GOD’s SON and accept JESUSs’ gift of forgiveness from sin. Jesus took the penalty for your sin by dying on the cross because you could not meet GOD’s requirement for a perfect sacrifice for your sins. (See JOHN 3:16.) CONFESS to GOD your faith in JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOR and LORD. As LORD, JESUS has earned the right to be obeyed as a sheep obeys his shepherd. (See ROMANS 10:9-10; 13; 1 JOHN 1:9.) You may pray “Dear GOD, I know that You love me. I admit I am a sinner. Please forgive me for my sin. I place my faith in JESUS as my SAVIOR and LORD. Thank you for saving me. In JESUS name I pray, amen. If you sincerely asked JESUS to be your SAVIOR, tell a pastor or another Christian about your decision. Show your faith in CHRIST by asking a Bible-believing church for baptism by immersion. (See MATTHEW 25:19-20; ACTS 2:41.) May GOD have mercy on us all!

            GOD Bless, Semper Fi

        • patxtra

          I wonder who conducted the poll and who was behind it.. perhaps the union thug democrat establishment???

        • RoBoTech

          Sorry lil’ buddy, but at least THREE Dem recalls have gotten enough sigs. They just haven’t been certified by GAB, YET!
          And unlike the GOP recalls, there are GOP candidates standing in line for the Dem recalls.
          This will backfire on the Socialists. I believe that there will be 2 Dems lose the recall and 1 GOP.
          Watch and see.
          And if you actually think that the Unloons can get 500,000+ sigs to recall Walker next year, then you ARE delusional.

          • Bill Black

            Not only should all the Dems, who abandoned their elected positions to run and hide, face recall, but to prevent future nonsense like that, their recall vote should be mandated by new laws enacted by the Republican majority.
            While they have it (the majority), propose such a law (calling for recall automatically if deliberately abandoning elected posts) and call for it (following Dem action in the US Congress) on a simple majority up-and-down vote, based on the Democat’s own example, citing that it would have been and still would be budget positive, which is true.
            This time, however, allow only enough people into the proceedure that can be managed by security. If more force their way in, bring in National Guardsmen to drag the rats out!

            The SEIU needs to control it’s thugs or be banned from State participation. (another new law?)

            Grow some courage GOPers.

      • Mike in MI

        Wandamurline – Total agreement here!!!
        If you want to know the real thrust and concerns of the unions and the NEA nationwide you need only look to Michigan. If you are confused about why the unions are so vehement in ther efforts “on behalf of…our c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n (when you say it, generate the maximum possible tone of snide sarcasm)”, bring this little event to mind.
        Last week, representatives of the teachers’ unions-s-s shwed up in state epresentative Jim Stamas’ office to complain about the House’s efforts to curtail spending so Michigan can get its financial situations in order.
        They did ot contend with him on anything regarding cuts to curricula, grounds and equipment or anything related to operational considerations.
        Their only concern was that teachers and staff take NO CUTS or extra COSTS regarding income, pensions and increases to reach a 20% out-of-pocket co-pay level on medically necessary health expenses.
        In other words cut the kids and educational outlays all you want. Just don’t dare touch our union members’ health costs nor incomes (which come from dwindled taxes) in ANY way. Park the school busses, bid out maintenance and upkeep, cut and lay-off admin. grow hay on the football and recess fields, turn the parking lots into canyon-lands, whatever…we don’t care about that stuff. We are only concerned about the gains we’ve made for the proletariat, working people of Michigan education. And don’t touch our automatic step raises for tenure and teacher training, either.
        So, that’s what the teacher unions mean when they cry out about “good educational experiences and the value of education…or short changing the youth.

        • Karen

          All I know is in business you cut salaries and/or fire employees…no money constraints, no jobs. That’s what Walker should have done.

      • Ellen

        This will be very funny if the voters turn out and re-elect the Repubs by a huge margin. It is just common sense to reduce union employee benefits. Corporations have had to reduce benefits to remain in business, yet the unions think the govt can continue to offer benefits that are unsustainable. Have they all forgotten that layoffs will occur if union expenses don’t get under control?

      • Robert Smith

        Hi wandarmurline, You declare: “The unions are behind this…”

        When did human beings who belong to unions stop being part of the people?

        Clue: They are just as much “the people” as stock holders and greedy management.


        • Robert Smith

          Oh BUT! There is a difference…

          Unions are made up of people, nurses, teachers, police, fire, and manufacturing workers who actually PRODUCE something that can fit in your and and add to your life (like education).

          Stockholders and others on Wall Street are those who don’t create anything except satisfying their own greed by moving money around.

          Then they whine when those who actually DO produce want part of the pie and not just scraps.


  • Ronald, Maryland

    Why not include all the ‘run and hide’ Democrats in this re-call election?

    It should be obvious by now, to win against Democrats you occasionally have to lower yourself to thier no rules hypocracy and dot their Tee’s until their eyes are crossed.

    • Kinetic1

      The right tried to recall the Dems as soon as they heard about the recall movement against the Repubs, but they couldn’t get enough signatures.

      • RoBoTech

        WRONG, and either you just post without research, are delusional, or just an out and out liar.
        THREE Dem recalls have been successful, but not Certified as yet.
        For the adults here, each recall petition Dem or GOP, have their own end dates, depending on WHEN they were started.
        The ones listed above are only the ones that have been certified as of the last GAB report.
        Wait and see, more will be coming.

        • Robert Smith

          RoBo claims: “THREE Dem recalls have been successful, but not Certified as yet.”

          Name them so we can follow it.

          Or, is it just another right wing pipe dream?


      • celia jardeleza

        Typical reaction from the LEFT – just say anything that comes to mind without checking the facts and hope that people will be stupid enough to swallow it. Well, conservatives are well read and better educated than the LIBTARDS WHO DON’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

        • Robert Smith


          Riiiight, a bigger piece of the pie going to the folks who actually do the work isn’t “thinking for themselves.”

          While the rich get richer and the poor die because they are getting less and don’t have health care.


      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “The right tried to recall the Dems as soon as they heard about the recall movement against the Repubs, but they couldn’t get enough signatures.”

        Is that the PEOPLE speaking?

        Seems to me they are tired of greed.


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    This is the true nature of why a Democracy has never worked for long, and none have ever endured for any reasonable length of time. This is the reason our Founding Fathers chose a Replubic form of government, and is why our government has lasted as long as it has. Recall elections should be limited to wrong doing, not for the elected officials doing what they were elected to do. This is an aberration of our Republic form of government, inserted to create a Democracy form of government, that as all have done in the past, failed, so as the ones who instituted these policies can morph the Republic into a Socialistic Communist state, that the Unions across this country are now publicly calling for, and are the ones behind this aberration in Wisconsin. In todays public schools, controled by these Unions, the true nature of our government, as defined by the Founding Fathers, is not taught to our children, nor the reason it was chosen, a Republic instead of a Democracy. In fact these Union teachers have convinced our children, falsely so, that we are a Democracy, instead of a Republic, and keep pushing our children to take power from our elected officials and put it in the hands of the individuals, or mobs, which was the down fall of all Democracies, bar none, through the history of the world. Now the Unions, in hope of destroying the Republic and instituting a Social Communist state, are pushing these Democratic form of government policies, that will achieve their goals. This will entail the fall of the Republic of the USA and the lost of all human rights and freedoms, for in a Socialistic Communist state, all live for the benefit of the government, which controls all aspects of one’s life, which the USA has been headed for since these Unions became so powerful, and these recall elections are proof of that, for the people who are being recalled did nothing wrong, but only fulfilled the mandate they were elected to do.

    • Mike in MI

      Randy131 – (s-s-si-i-gh-gh)
      Yup! Onward and upward to the United Ant-Colonies of Amereeka-a-a. “We are just weeks away from the Transfomation of America,” the teleprompter instructed, so he said in his Deifecesation Address.

    • Robert Smith

      Randy says: ” This is an aberration of our Republic form of government, inserted to create a Democracy form of government”

      So much for “WE THE PEOPLE…”

      Seems to me the PEOPLE don’t mean much to you Randy.

      Thanks for that insight to the extreme right.

      BTW, the Republic was developed as a practical thing because travel and communication were slow. We can go to a straight republic now and I’m sure the Founding Fathers would agree.

      After all, then Gore would have been President instead of Bush stealing it.


  • nax777

    This story and all the cute comments and slams will mean nothing in less than 30 years. Invasion is of no consequence as long as the two parties can hold their power. The powers can change names and faces this too matters not. Peoples desire for power will always remain constant.

    The US reached a zero population growth in the mid 80’s our leaders increased their yearly appetite for immigration. The legal yearly immigration rate went from 100,000 to 1,000,000. From the years 2000 to 2010 our leader’s yearly appetite for legal immigration grew to 3,000,000. At present levels the US population will swell another 130 million to 442 million by 2040! This is a very conservative estimate. US immigration rate is the sole reason for overpopulation in the US today and tomorrow!

    It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work best. It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

    A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it.

    We can destroy the power by replacing them with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens should they grow a greedy bone and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • wandamurline

      This country, if we don’t get control of the elists in Washington, is going to see great pain. Food and gasoline are the beginning of inflation…it is going to get worse. Now one third of our country’s corn crop is going to make ethanol…soon you will have to decide wheter you want to eat or put gas in your care to get to work. With the floods and devastation across Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama and Missouri, this will have an impact on the prices of essentials in America. How in the world did we allow 535 people to completely destroy America? What were we thinking? The dollar is now worth about 79 cents and that is why things are getting higher in cost…it takes more dollars to purchase the same things we used to get for our dollar. The Federal Reserve and Wall Street are manipulating our economy, and our government is doing nothing to stop them…they are helping with TARP and the bailouts…and Barney Frank with Fannie and Freddie. Where in the Constitution does it say the government has the authority to be in the mortgage business, the auto business, the banking business or the health care business? It doesn’t…and after reading the Constitution in November, 2010, everyone in Congress should be aware of the unconstitutional things this overgrown government is doing. If they would do what they are supposed to do like stop the invasion from Mexico, infrastructure and trade, that would be fine, and let the states take up the powers not given them under the Constitution. America is economically standing on a cliff and being pushed closer to falling off everyday.

      • Aix Sponsa

        The dollar is worth far-far less than 79 cents. Gold is the issue. Look what has happened to gold price in the last 2 years. The last 40 years. Gold is $1519 as I write this. In 1953 it took 100 ounces of gold to buy a new Cadillac. Today would be $151,000. Gold price is 342% of 2005. DUH? When inflation catches up our foreign driven life style, and total economic/social collapse is imminent. The best we can hope for is delay by fiat.

        • Dan az

          Are you kidding (The best we can hope for is delay by fiat.)Do you really believe that printing more paper can solve the problem of printing more of the same.Where did you go to school?I know you where the ones outside kicking the can down the road.Come on that just dosen’t make sence.

        • Mike in MI

          Aix Sponsa -
          Nobody ain’t goin’ get no “fiat”. A Volt or Segue, maybe, if you’re lucky. You won’t be able to afford the costs of trans-shipment nor customs, duties and other Government Motors protection fees and union inspired hate campaigns against foreign producers. Obama Motors will get another bite out of your wallet pocket.
          The thing that will be the real tooth grinder will be that everytime you want to take it for a spin something will fall off or go wrong due to union “quailty” and “work” rules.

          • Robert Smith

            Actually many “forign” cars are made right here in America. Check out:

            You will find…

            Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Tupelo, Mississippi – Prius Hybrid This facility is currently being built, and production is scheduled to start in 2010/2011. The facility will be named “Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc.”[4]

            Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc., (TMMK) is located in Georgetown. Engine manufacture – 2GR-FE and 2AR-FE. Vehicle manufacture and assembly – Camry, Hybrid Camry, Avalon and Venza.
            Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, Inc (TMMTX) is located in San Antonio. Vehicle manufacture and assembly – Tundra & Tacoma.

            Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. (TMMI) is located halfway between Princeton and Fort Branch. Vehicle manufacture and assembly – Sequoia, Sienna & Highlander.

            Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Inc. (TMMAL), is located in Huntsville. Engine manufacture 1GR-FE, 1UR-FE and 3UR-FE. Engines mostly for TMMTX and some TMMI.

            Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, Inc. (TMMWV), is located in Buffalo. Engine manufacture 2GR-FE and 1AR-FE.

            BTW, Ford Motors that manufacturs cars in America, was boycoted by the American Family Association because Ford advertizes and sells to ALL Americans. That turned out to be an excellent plan because they didn’t need any government money.

            Why don’t you take a few moments and do some real research and find out the truth instead of ranting?



    • Robert Smith

      Really: “It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty.”

      The lower tax rates for the rich have been in place for almost ten years. We’ve gotten the deepest recession in a very lot time during those ten years, the difference between rich and poor has grown wider…

      Tell me, how are “lower taxes” working so far?


  • Vic

    Is there voter ID check in WI? It better should be in place, otherwise there will be convoys of union ‘voters’ from out of state rushing to the elections.

  • eddie47d

    Irregardless of what Ronald and Randy said those 3 Senators brought it upon themselves.Those 3 Senators made the Democrats lower themselves not the other way around. There is no communism involved here either although that is what the right always reaches for in their bag of tricks to persuade the public of all the evils lurking around. Gov Walker brought in rough and tumble politics and endorsed it and now there is a back lash. Those 3 Senators and others attacked peoples livelihood and the citizens are mad as hell.The Gov. brought on the personal vendettas and divided the State so reap what you sow. The voters of Wisconsin can kick them to the curb just like the voters in NY booted out a Republican because of his attacks on Medicare.

    • Margaret

      Who is attacking Medicare? The ones that have a proposal to help future seniors get the medical care, or the ones that force voted out over $500 billion dollars and instituted “rationing” in the form of a board that decides what procedures are acceptable for what seniors? Tell me who the enemy of Medicare is again?

      • truth be told

        I know! I know! Its the Repubs. The answer to your first question is repubs are the enemy of Medicare. But that was easy, they have always been against Medicare if you know history. The second part gets a little tricky because as you know insurance companies already have boards and sometiems it is a managed care person that decides if you get coverage or not. That is why so many people are denied coverage depending on what it is, how long the care is, or if you will die sooner. But I am sure you already know that. However, the good thing is that the exeucutives of the companies and congressman never have to worry about this. Are you an executive or congress person?

        • Robert Smith

          patxtra asks: “Are you an executive or congress person?”

          Executives are accountable to greedy stock holders and their cronies.

          A congress critter can be voted out.

          Once congress critters learn that the PEOPLE are paying attention the PEOPLE will win.

          Executives won’t ever care. Big business is always out for itself. Think, which do you think the PEOPLE have a shot with?


    • wandamurline

      Let me ask you a question. If you take your hard earned money and have a new idea and get investors and the loans to start your own business, do you own the business. If the unions decide to make your business a union business and you have to deal with their demands before your bottom line, who is actually in charge of the business? I don’t believe in the unions, I believe that it is unconstitutional to be made to join a union in order to work. Maybe, that is why so many people are out of a job and the factories and businesses are locating in foreign countries…they don’t have unions to tell the owners of the business how to run it.

      • Dan az

        You just expressed the mob control mentality that is behind the unions perfectly.Union thugs are no different than mob thugs forcing the shop owners to pay them for protection from them.Thank you for that.

      • Robert Smith

        wandamurline asks: ” If the unions decide to make your business a union business and you have to deal with their demands before your bottom line, who is actually in charge of the business?”

        I am. We had an election to unionise several years ago. The union lost. Our workers knew they were being treated fairly and they are respected. That kept the union out.

        It’s when management abuses the work force that the unions can get in.

        Greed begets unions. The best anti-union tactic is fairness and respect for the workers. That’s a point you seem to have missed.


    • Bob

      Walker did not attack anyone’s livelihood – he attacked their “right” to parasitize the taxpayers through union membership. Walker and those who supported him are heroes in the fight to remove the leeches of the unions from the veins of the taxpayers.

  • jopa

    Margaret Okay.The enemies of Medicare are the Conservatives.They want to replace the current system with a $6000 voucher system.They should realize that you cannot get insurance for seniors at that price and that is the reason for Medicare.That kind of money today will buy you a cheap funeral and they should call Ryan’s bill the casket bill.

    • wandamurline

      Would you rather it belly up and you get absolutely nothing? If something is not done, there will be nothing for anybody. At least Paul Ryan had the gonads to come forth and let people know the shape of the entitlements in this country and that they are unsustainable at the present rate. I have seen nothing brought forward by the liberals…they only want to slam anything that the Republicans bring forth by attacking it…where is their plan to save these entitlements? Even the CEO’s of Medicare and Social Security stated a week ago that they would run out of money five years sooner than they had anticipated. You cannot kick the can down the road any longer if you want to salvage some of the program. Yes, there are going to be reductions and as a retiree, I expect to pay more in the future. But, under obamacare, seniors will be $300 more a month by 2016. We can have some small pain now, or some excrutiating pain in the future.

      • Aix Sponsa

        IMO: What I find amazing is that 80% of the people who seem concerned NOW didn’t give a damn 25 years ago when some of us 35 yr. olds were yelling that this system cannot continue, that it WILL collapse and we will have nothing. Now we are faced with too little, too late, and total collapse is imminent. Maybe some of us might outlive it, but I believe that if YOU haven’t prepared during the last 25-30 years, you are just going to reap what you sowed.

      • http://deleted Claire

        The supplement that my husband and I have certainly was increased. But then the costs of health care is astronomical. The insurance companies equals greed, plain and simple. Plus the fact people have abused the system. It has been this way for decades. The cost of everything has increased on a steady basis.

    • Push comes to shove

      What is your sides (liberals) plan? Oh, that’s right you don’t have one. Who is the party of ‘NO’ now? Me thinks it is the demo-cretins

      • Robert Smith

        Push says: “What is your sides (liberals) plan? Oh, that’s right you don’t have one. Who is the party of ‘NO’ now? Me thinks it is the demo-cretins”

        There are plenty of countries who are setting an example. Canada, France, Japan… Oh! One of the reasons cars made in Japan are less expensive is that the company doesn’t have to pay for health care. Do you think that is an unfair advantage over American car makers?

        Oh, and there are plenty of plans out there. Hillary had one almost 15 years ago.


    • Doug

      If you are so worried about why don’t you write everyone in the house and congress and ask them to put the money back in that they took from SS and medicare. I am sick and tired of you uninformed idiots listening to anything most representives tell you. And you Eddie maybe the Republicans should have left Washington when they broke every rule they could to pass Obamanation care you my friend could not be straighten out even if a mountatin fell on your head! And me being 52 would be most effected by it. All I want is to stop giving my money to the government to take care of me I don’t need them to take care of me they are the last organization or person in the world I would go to take care of me!

      • eddie47d

        Yes Doug some of those same Republicans supported a decent healthcare plan until the arch conservatives gang banged them into not cooperating. You all have your ways of making things happen too or is that to make sure they don’t work.SS and Medicare do have to be on the table but not abolished like some of you want. I know Democrats have raided SS over the years and that was wrong. Changes are a coming no matter which side you are on and we all better be willing to accept some painful choices.

    • Robert Smith

      From japa: “They want to replace the current system with a $6000 voucher system.”

      And after that they die.

      Talka ’bout rationing.

      No thanks. I want to be treated for all things that might kill me, not just the ones you think can be dealt with for under $6,000.

      BTW, don’t insurance companies RATION health care? They need to pay all those fat cats and stock holders. Where does that money come from?


  • jopa

    One of the main problems is there are too many tax loopholes and the rich and corporations are not paying their fair share.We have this trickle down economic thing the conservatives love so much that produces nothing.Nobody likes taxes but you have to be realistic and fair.Whether you like it or not we are all Socialists, with our Socialist military, school system,interstate highway system, health system and everything else that is good for mankind, and we all share the cost.God blessed America and shed his grace on thee.Good day

    • Bob

      I am always amazed when a God-hating lieberal invokes God’s name. What gross hypocrisy jopa, you support everything God hates – lying, envy, theft, parasitism, murder, oppression, sloth, and everything else from the lieberal agenda.

      • Robert Smith

        From Bob: “I am always amazed when a God-hating lieberal invokes God’s name…”

        Not the same brutal christian god you worship Bob.

        Some know of a kind and giving gentle christian god.

        Too bad you haven’t met him.

        Eat any good saviors lately? Look up tramsmogrification.


    • Push comes to shove

      Yes, lets make EVERYONE pay their fair share, even the large portion of the population that does not pay any taxes at all (the so called poor that have 2 cars 2-3 TV’s, cell phones, cable TV, etc).

      Institute a flat tax with no deductions period for all businesses and citizens of the united states, and stop all subsidies that both DEMS and Repubs are in favor of.

      • Dan az

        I agree with a flat tax more so than a fair tax.What I have read about it was A Single Flat Rate. All flat tax proposals have a single rate, usually less than 20 percent. The low, flat rate solves the problem of high marginal tax rates by reducing penalties against productive behavior, such as work, risk taking, and entrepreneurship.

        Elimination of Special Preferences. Flat tax proposals would eliminate provisions of the tax code that bestow preferential tax treatment on certain behaviors and activities. Getting rid of deductions, credits, exemptions, and other loopholes also helps solve the problem of complexity, allowing taxpayers to file their tax returns on a postcard-sized form.

        No Double Taxation of Saving and Investment. Flat tax proposals would eliminate the tax code’s bias against capital formation by ending the double taxation of income that is saved and invested. This means no death tax, no capital gains tax, no double taxation of saving, and no double tax on dividends. By taxing income only one time, a flat tax is easier to enforce and more conducive to job creation and capital formation.

        Territorial Taxation. Flat tax proposals are based on the commonsense notion of “territorial taxation,” meaning that governments should tax only income that is earned inside national borders. By getting rid of “worldwide taxation,” a flat tax enables U.S. taxpayers and companies to compete on a level playing field around the world.

        Family-Friendly. All flat tax proposals have one “loophole.” Households receive a generous exemption based on family size. For instance, a family of four would not begin to pay tax until its annual income reached more than $30,000.[6]
        As for as the fair tax goes it can be manipulated by congress and it will be up to the business’s to collect for them at the cost of the business.So to better explain my thoughts on the subject I will leave this site. so everyone can make up their own mind on the subject.

        • victoria blood

          Dan Az, This does nothing to help us with the millions of noncitizens living here and working and paying no taxes. Nothing will change til everybody has a little skin in the game. A consumption tax, like the fair tax is IMO the way to go. Your argument that it is too burdensome on business owners is bull. They already have the equipment and they already pay someone to prepare their tax returns every quarter, so no the fair tax would not burden them any more. And the flat tax that you are touting is more suseptible to manipulation by congress. My advice to all is to actually educate yourselves about the fair tax @ I’ve read as much as I could and shot down all the objections I’ve heard by my own reasoning. Think of this, we would have millions of new tax payers over night. Every pimp, prostitute, drug dealer, illegal immigrant and tourist would be paying taxes. No tax returns for most no loopholes for the priviledged class. Companies would be relieved of the burden of the tax regulations that are strangling growth. We would see a quick return of companies to the U.S. and soon every one who wanted a job would have one. Take our tax revenue away from government manipulation for special interests. That’s all for now I guess. I just wish people would wise up.

          • Push comes to shove

            Unfortunately with ‘Richard Craniums’ we have in our elected positions (past & present)any tax system would be subject to thier manipulations. If we could get the money of ALL special interest groups out of DC and our state capitals we would be better off.

            In my opinion the only people who should be able to contribute to an persons election campaign should be individuals, no companies, not unions, not special interests, etc. The money contributed by those people are to gain favor for laws that only help a small percentage of the population. Our laws and regulations are supposed to, constitutionally of course, benefit the majority of the people, but that does not happen anymore. A long winded way of saying we need tax reform and now.

          • Dan az


            Title II, chapter six, section 603 of The Fair Tax Act sets up the Problem Resolution Office and authorizes “problem resolution officers.” There will still be tax courts according to title II, chapter six, section 602 and chapter nine, section 7451. Changing the phrase “Internal Revenue Service” to “Department of the Treasury” and “Commissioner of Internal Revenue” to “Secretary” doesn’t eliminate the federal bureaucracy.

            With the FairTax, the federal government will also be a tax collector in a new way: at the post office. There is no exemption of postal goods and services mentioned anywhere in the Fair Tax Act of 2005. I suppose this means that stamps, P.O. Box rental services, and package mailing services will be subject to the new 23 percent tax.

            The FairTax is progressive. What could possibly be fair about a progressive tax where some people have to pay a higher percentage than others merely because they are deemed to be “rich”? How is the FairTax progressive? I thought it was a flat 23 percent on all new goods and services? It is and it isn’t. Under the FairTax plan, everyone pays the 23 percent tax on everything, but “every household receives a rebate that is equal to the FairTax paid on essential goods and services.” The rebate is given out each month, and is based on family size and the poverty level. But like the current tax code, the FairTax can also function as a tool for income redistribution because “the poor [will] actually pay less than zero-percent retail sales tax on their spending. Much like with the earned income tax credit of today, the rebate may give them more money than they actually spend on retail taxes.”
            The consumption tax, on the other hand, can only be regarded as a payment for permission-to-live. It implies that a man will not be allowed to advance or even sustain his own life, unless he pays, off the top, a fee to the State for permission to do so. The consumption tax does not strike me, in its philosophical implications, as one whit more noble, or less presumptuous, than the income tax.

    • Doug

      Jopa you are so clueless anything regulation, taxes that the govt puts on corporations they pass on to you. The problem is the government they are the worse cancel ever!

  • jopa

    Doug;Okay I am still waiting. GE didn’t pay any taxes but received a refund. Where is my check? I thought they would pass it on.Just an example.When push comes to shove speaks of the poor with two cars, cable tv and cell phones.Those people are probably whats left of our middle class when their jobs were sent overseas by the Republicans.

    • Bob

      GE didn’t pay taxes because it is in bed with your hero maobama. In other words, payoffs to maobama and the maocrats work!

      • Robert Smith

        Those rules are from the Bush administration.

        BTW, 60 Minutes did a lengthy segment on how so many conpanies have gone to Switaerland to avoid taxes.


  • r.p.

    When I first saw the headline on this article I thought, “Hooray For Wisconsin”. But after reading the article I thought “Another Black Eye For Wisconsin”. I thought it was great that the people were able to use the Constitutional provisions to Indict, Impeach, or Recall those representatives who violated their oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the People of Wisconsin. But instead they are using this valuable tool to go after the very people who are trying to do just that. SHAME SHAME>>>SHAME ON YOU WISCONSIN!!! Your greed and self importance is clouding your judgment.
    Please feel free to use these links provided below to see who your representatives are and how they are voting. They were provided to me by two great representatives Ron and Rand Paul through C4L and YAL.

    Go here to see how your senator voted on the PATRIOT EXTENSION:
    Go here to contact your senator and let them know what you think about them defending the Constitution:

    • r.p.

      Sorry, I don’t have links to
      State Legislators yet.

    • r.p.

      SORRY… the second link is for Congressmen..

    • Dan az

      Thanks I’ve been waiting for that and now see that both of mine just lost all respect.Of course they are retiring this time around so threats to fire them aren’t going to do much good.Hopefully this time around we can clean house and get the right ones in,if there is anyone!

  • patxtra

    for sure there will be corruption weaving its sleazy head into the polls…the dems/unions will be there in full force to use every means possible to perpetrate fraud once more.


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