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Vote For Ron Paul

November 28, 2011 by  

Dear Bob,

I received an email in support of Newt Gingrich. So am I understanding you correctly that you are a supporter of Newt over Romney?

Please explain why you feel that way?


Dear Gerald,

No, you are not understanding correctly. Both are part of the political elite, Bilderberg, CFR, corporatist cabal who will grow government and continue to lead us down the fascist path we currently tread. There is only one statesman in the race, and that is Ron Paul. A vote for anyone else is a vote for the status quo.

Best wishes,



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robert Huebner

    He is more qualified inspite of his baggage.

    • Joan

      Gingrich does not stand for Liberty! He’s more of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole political elite! There’s really only one sane choice for change in the right direction and that’s Ron Paul!

      • BrotherPatriot

        Agreed…only Ron Paul is a vote for the American way of life as I understand it is supposed to be. His voting record coincides with the Constitution like no other politition that I can think of.

        God Bless.

        • http://BobLivingston Marjorie McEntee

          The people that want Ron Paul are hiding behind what they want…legal drugs, legal forever abortions, legal gay marriage,any thing you want to do to yourself is legal. This country has gone down the wrong street for years , and getting this guy in office would take the whole country into the gutter socially. He may believe in a smaller gov. but it’s what you don’t know about him that will be our downfall.

      • Donnell Hill


        • waveform144

          Newt is but a reflection of the problem…a problem that resides in you and so many others so quick to set aside integrity.Try as you might, there is no digging your way out of this hole. The good news…their is still a year…time to wake up…(and ditch the “ALL CAPS”)…

          • jen

            great comment, waveform144. people are so quick to blame politicians for problems, especially those from the other party while pretending their party is pure and perfect. the truth is that voters are equally the problem as they support vile and dishonest politicians like romney and throw out integrity when someone makes a few good remarks that they like.

            it is voters that have brought upon the american decline as they submit to those people who are corrupt and hence, merge in with the problem. it is unfortunate that the empire exists, because americans will end up do irreparable damage to the world in fighting wars for certain middle eastern countries.

        • Joan

          You don’t have to yell at me Donnell! Me a democrat? Now THAT’S funny! I think there’s more chance that YOU are or a Neocon at best. I’m for getting government OUT of our lives and letting us live in Liberty & Freedom!

          Republicans have lost their way and morphed into democrats to the point where there’s hardly any difference between the two!

          RON PAUL 2012!

          • Dara

            I have never liked Romney, I do not trust him, and the MSM’s ‘love’ for him makes me trust him even less. Newt is smart, but he’s one of the ‘elite’ in DC… 10 years removed. Santorum and Bachmann seem to be ‘true conservatives’… but they have no traction, so far.

            There’s more than one problem with Ron Paul, but the major one is this…I don’t think he’s electable.

            And a third party run by him, or a ‘write in campaign’, as is being touted by some of his ‘devout followers’ … would virtually insure a second term for ‘the won.’

            All that said, I’ll vote for whoever gets the R nod. This is imperitive… We must also work hard to maintain control of the House… and gain control of the Senate. (Being from NV, I’d dearly LOVE to see ‘Dirty Harry’ pushed back to Minority Leader…)

        • Anthony

          Donnell are you really that stupid???

        • Bob C B

          Donnell Hill, don’t be a cool-aid drinker. As a pre-Goldwater conservative I’ve watched this scene for a long time. The GOP establishment has it’s cherished members. Gingrich, is suddenly
          at the top of the poles, (surprise surprise). R Paul is a Constitutionalist. The far left party, as well as the
          GOP (good-old-polluters), do not intend to be restrained by the Constitution. They pretend to be right of center, but their record betrays them. Look at what they do, not what they say. Romney is the perfect GOP leader. Anyone, coming any way near their anointed contender, will be trashed. They try to just ignore Ron Paul. If The next best contender Michelle Bachmann, ever rises to the top she will be declared to be too religious by the “establishment”. Too religious means: actually living the life of a Christian.

          • Oregon Will

            Ron Paul is the only choice the republicans can make to defeat uhbamma. If republicans don’t field Ron Paul this time we are guaranteed a second term of uhbammanation. I started out the believing that Michelle was the man to beat him until I discovered that she and Cain are both federal reserve alumni.

        • RWS

          Donnell, when I read a comment like the one you posted, I’m often wondering, is this a comment from a genuine supporter of this candidate? If they are, are they just uniformed? Or are they just getting paid to come here and post these opinions? And what I really like about Ron Paul is that the people that support him are informed and genuine and want the best for this country, not what is convenient or what pays them the most. So I always know that a post that supports Ron Paul is never a paid lackey of any kind.

          • USAF VET

            Well, there are quite a few of us who aren’t paid lackeys, yet we wouldn’t support Ron Paul. As far as being in the House of Representatives, that’s fine, but as President NO. Ron Paul is not a Republican, he is a Libertarian and I just cannot trust a Libertarian because you just don’t know which way they will fall when there is a big politiacal windstorm. He is also an isolationist which just doesn’t fit for a world leader in the 21st century.

        • Papa

          Tip O’Neil left Congress on Jan. 3, 1987, during the Reagan years. The “Contract with America,” authored by Gingrich was released by the Republican Party during the 1994 election campaign, two years into the Clinton Administration. O’Neil was gone long before the Contract with America was ever written…

    • Frank Lubinskas

      Ron Paul should scare the pants off of everyone! While he has a basis of some sound domestic ideas and beliefs he is not realistic in his foreign policy ideas. He is so far off the cliff on so many issues there is little doubt that if he were elected President his management and leadership style would polarize the nation to an extreme level. The ONLY sensible candidate in this upcoming election is HERMAN CAIN! Mr. Cain is not part of the Washington “inner circle”. For that reason THEY don’t want him. Very simply, they can control all other candidates, but not Mr. Cain. He is a strong manager and an honest person who would make sensible decisions based on facts, not political commitments. If America is to have any chance of recovering from the huge problem we are in it must be done by someone from “outside the Washington connections”. We talk so much about needing “fresh blood” in Washington, but we keep electing and re-electing the same fools who brought us to this point! It is well past time to bring in Americans who are not only well qualified for the job, but also who are not beholding to the old guard Washington politicians.

      • Joan

        Herman Cain worked for the Federal Reserve! His 9-9-9 plan is scary! We most certainly do not need him or his plan! We need someone with common sense and decency! That is RON PAUL! You can check Ron Paul’s record. His views do not change to get votes.

        The mainstream media does NOT want Ron Paul to win the republican nomination. That in itself should tell you something! He’s NOT an insider and that’s what this country needs!

        RON PAUL 2012!

        • granny mae

          Talk about scary, Ron Paul’s idea of handling foreign affairs is really scary ! His idea may have worked years ago but it will get most of us killed today. He is for ignoring the threats of Iran ! His idea is they don’t mean it they are just all talk ! Forget that noise ! I agree with most of what he says but when it comes to foreign affairs he puts up a big red flag in my book !

          • ChristyK

            If Ron Paul is so off base in his foreign policy, why does he receive more donations from active duty military than all of the other candidates combined? Does our military know nothing about foreign policy?
            I will admit that some of what Ron Paul says when giving a 30 second sound bite doesn’t sound perfect. Read his real policy statements where you can hear the details of where he stands. It really makes sense. Compare his statements to some of our founding fathers, especially Jefferson. They sound very similar. “Peace with all nations; entangling alliances with none.”

          • Mike

            I’m with Christy on this. There is a time and place for everything. Right now, with the shape we are in financially, we do not need to have so many miltary bases and personnel stationed over half of the world. America needs to regroup. We would never ignore a threat to our security and Ron Paul would not do so either. Before we were over there, they were too busy killing each other to worry about us. One terrorist attack later and everyone wants to abandon their liberty for a little safety. Does anybody seriously believe if we bring our troops home that we will be invaded? There are a few places where our troops are necessary, but there are far too many overseas that have no reason to be there. America is making its own enemies with its foreign policy, and Paul knows it. Anyone but Ron Paul is a vote for the staus quo. And yes, I was in the service. Ron Paul in 2012!

          • 1FreeSpirit

            Hi Granny, The remark Ron Paul made during the debate last week ‘they’re not doing anything, it’s all talk’ he was referring to the other politicians claiming to reduce spending and fix the economy. I’ve never heard him make that statement about Iran. But he is right…if they threatened us at all, it’s because we are threatening them. We should just quit pissing others nations off and we wouldn’t have these problems. There would be peace. What’s wrong with diplomacy?

        • texastwin827

          Take it from a retired bookkeeper (with CPA firm background) Herman Cain’s 999 plan will hurt the everyday American. What it does is make everyone subject to at least 18% tax, regardless of what their income is. He never goes into any great detail about what will be subject to the 9% sales tax. In Texas, food is exempt from sales tax…will it be exempt from the 9% federal sales tax? Who knows!?

          What he also doesn’t say is will Corporations, that would normally capitalize their major purchases, as Assets, and presently only able to take pro-rated depreciation, annually, be allowed to write off those same capital purchases, at the purchase price, thereby reducing the amount of net profit (the taxable amount), by the full purchase price of those assets?

          There are too many unknowns about his glorious “999″ plan…most of which may be to the benefit of big business, while the average taxpayer gets slammed!

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest vieteravet

            It needs to be tweaked, but it could work. I want the 47% who no taxes to start paying up. I don’t care if it is just $10 a month,they need to pay!

        • steve

          I love Ron Paul….but I fear for his saftey….do any of you actually think the elites would ever (allow) him to be elected???
          They would poison him or find some way to take him out…it makes me think of JFK…

      • Anthony

        Cain is a Federal Reserve puppet! The Federal Reserve will keep printing fiat money if Cain is president or any of the other candidates! ONLY Ron Paul will stop the Federal Reserve! THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS THE ROOT OF AMERICAS PROBLEM!!! I find it hard to believe so many Americans can not see this! ALL CANDIDATES ARE PUPPETS EXCEPT RON PAUL……

        • BrotherPatriot

          If this is the Anthony that I remember…it’s good to see you post again, good sir.

          It would be nice to have Mr. Livingston make it so we had unique moniker’s.

          God Bless.

        • Mike

          Agreed. The Federal Reserve has done more to harm this country than any attack. The Fed must go.

      • Toni

        The Republican Party pretty much sucks in 2011, terrible disposition

        Go independent Ron Paul, you got my vote this time around.

    • les

      Bob….define qualified!!!

      • BrotherPatriot

        30 years of votes that coincide with the Constitution…the will to end the Federal Reserve.

        Qualified…Vote Ron Paul 2012!

        Oh…& your post was actually in the wrong spot…but I see what you were attempting to do.

        God Bless.

  • Joan

    Whew, that was scary! There for a moment I thought you were endorsing Gingrich and I would have to unsubscribe!

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      LoL..ya, my eyes got pretty wide there for a moment as well, Joan.

      God Bless.

  • Bob in Boston

    Nobody in the race is more qualified than Ron Paul. If you look at his 30 year voting history, not once has he voted for something that wasn’t constitutional. And if you look at the bills he has sponsored or co-sponsored, they are probably the EXACT kind of legislation you’ve been hoping someone in Congress would initiate. Unfortunately alot of Ron Paul’s bills get squashed by the rest of the Congress and never see the light of day, but at least one congressman is trying to do the right thing!

    • Joan

      EXACTLY Bob! RON PAUL 2012!

  • Jack

    You’re wrong — Newt’s only problem is his stand on immigration . Everything else is a go !!!

    • BrotherPatriot


      He’s a puppet of the NWO! Rubs shoulders with the Bilderberger’s and is helping push their Agenda. Wake up!

      God Bless.

      • Joan

        RIGHT ON, BrotherPatriot! YOU make sense!

        I don’t even understand how someone who is on “Personal Liberty Digest” could endorse Newt or Cain! Do they REALLY think they care about our personal liberty??? Ron Paul is the only one who does!

        • BrotherPatriot

          Agreed, Joan. Ty for helping and the work you do to bring awareness to the rest of our brothers & sisters.

          God Bless you.

    • CD

      There is no point in electing anyone that will not do the right thing.Ron Paul is the only one running that even comprehends doing the right thing.

      • Dagney

        Unless, of course, you want another four years of Marxism. Not voting is the same as voting for the Marxist, Barack Obama. You think we’ll be better off with another four years? No, it will be worse, much worse. He will be a lame duck and all pretense of being an American who supposedly loves this country will fall away. So, I will vote for WHOEVER is the republican nominee, even Romney, because I cannot stand the evil that is the Democrat party. And, though, there is no perfect repubican, even Ron Paul, is not perfect, any one of those running is world’s apart from ANY democrat.

        • granny mae


          I agree with you. I am for who ever gets the nomination. Even though it may not be the candidate I want , any of our candidates is better than Obama, so if we definately want to defeat him in this election we will have to stick together and not split our vote. That will take away from our candidate and assure Obama of a win. I say do what we have to do this time and fight hard for our prefered candidate next time.

        • ChristyK

          We don’t have time for “Anyone but Obama”. If we don’t make massive changes immediately, our country, as we know and love it, will cease to exist. Romney/Cain/Gingrich/Perry might make small tweaks, but that won’t do any good. With them, we might take an extra year or two to go over the cliff, but we still go over the cliff. The only presidential candidate that would turn things around would be Ron Paul.

          We also need true consitutional conservatives in Congress to fix things, so everyone needs to start researching their state House/Senate candidates. If we truly filled Congress with constitutionalist, Romney might be acceptable, because he seems to go where ever the wind blows so I think he would go along with Congress, but he definitely can’t be counted on to lead in the right direction. Perry/Gingrich/Cain are all dangerous. We don’t want them anymore than Obama.

          • USAF VET

            Romney or Perry are the two true RINOs in the herd. Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich are not. You’ve got to know that Romney is the one that the driveby media are picking because they know that the only difference between him and Obumski is that letter R after his name. Otherwise there isn’t much difference. Like I’ve said before, Romney is cut from the same political cloth as Obumski. The only reason Perry is running as a Republican is because he had to switch parties in Texas to get himself elected, otherwise there isn’t much difference between him and Romney.

        • Mike

          I unfortunately must agree with you. Ron Paul is BY FAR the best candidate for the job but I don’t think the republicans will give him the nod. I will vote for a brain-dead comatose republican before I ever vote democratic again.Ron Paul 2012!

    • Donnell Hill


      • http://Yahoo Rob

        Donnell….You forgot one important factor regarding ILLEGALS in this country. WE LEGAL CITIZENS are getting tired of getting raped by ILLEGALS receiving FREE social assistance benefits. Being here illegally and living off the taxpayers can only be described as a “PARASITE”.

        • alex

          rob besides that we have too many muslims and communist in the white house now we don’t need to give anymore free rein to come here

        • Randy G

          Actually they are called INVADER. They really are theives stealing what Americans have worked to construct.

          • 1FreeSpirit

            That’s why Ron Paul has the sign on his desk that reads…”don’t steal, the government hates competition’…. He knows what’s up. Ron Paul is our only chance to regain our country from the fascist that have stolen it

        • Jack


        • Jack

          What is it that these folks don’t understand about illegal???

        • http://none Gadfly32

          The problem with Newt, as far as I am comcerned is: he was a leader and founder of the “contract with Americ”, which was going very well. democrats put pressure on him and he folded. That was the end of the ” contract with America. I would not vote for him again. ” FOOL ME ONCE YOUR THE FOOL, FOOL ME TWICE I’M THE FOOL”.

          Immigration: if your here illeagelly. you have 6 months to get your things together and leave. Get letters from employers, church, friends turn copies over to the police ( who will pass them on to immigration). after that if you are caught , ALL property will be confiscated and you willnot be allowed back in.

          When the immigrants get back home he can apply to the U.S. to return and become a citizen. these people will be given a prefrence to return.

          They may be good people, but the first thing they did was break our laws. there is no stute of limitation on illegal entry, and there shouldn’t be. Neither party thinks enough of our conutry to control the border , the main job of the Fed Government.

          • granny mae

            Amen !

          • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

            The title of Newt’s contract should have been “Contract on America”. His function as the chief RINO was to get the freshman conservative congressmen in line with the establishmeNewt Party Line and he succeeded. The conservative movement was quashed before the following election could put more conservatives in office. A vote for any of the RINOs running for the Republican nomination is a wasted vote. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE! A vote for RON PAUL is the only vote that will count for Liberty! The election of any of the other so called republicans will be just as bad as Obama, if not worse! They will herd this country off the same cliff as the current Obamination, maybe not as fast, but the lemmings will blindly follow the leader.

          • USAF VET

            Hey guys, it’s not “statue, or stute” it’s Statute of limitations. and also those who are sent back to their home countries should not be put at the head of the list to come back. Let them get in line with everyone else, no cutting in line just because you already sneaked in before.

          • USAF VET

            Gadfly, the quote is “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

      • Thomas Rand

        Yes, Ron Paul is right on. To me, Obama is too Christian with his giving health care to all U.S. citizens and caring for people with recurrence of cancer who are currently refused medical coverage. And, the way Obama is acting to jumpstart jobs with his American Jobs Act sounds like Franklin Roosevelt after Hoover in the time of the Depression. At least Ron Paul would get rid of governmental departments and throw out to unemployment the people currently employed by those departments. As Paul says, those people don’t contribute much anyway!

        • alex

          well i guess thats one way to spin it now if you can get enough people that are stupid enough to believe it

        • Dagney

          Ignorance is bliss, I guess. There is nothing CHRISTIAN about giving away health care or Obama’s policies, for that matter. If you think he is acting like a Christian, you really are ignorant.

        • Joan

          Obama is too Christian??? Thanks for the laugh of the day!

        • les

          Tom…how much does George Soros pay you?

        • ChristyK

          Taking from one person who worked for it to give to someone who didn’t work for it is theft. It isn’t “Christian”. If I personally see someone in need and decided to voluntarily give to help them out, that is Christian. If I see a homeless person, who is hungry, and use a gun to take your money so I can give it to the hungry person, this is not Christian. It is theft. The government just uses legal theft, but it is still theft.

      • texastwin827

        You are sadly mistaken if you think the illegals “pay taxes”. As a retired bookkeeper, here in TX, I can assure you that they DON’T! IF they are not paid “under the table”, and most are, they steal or make up an ID# and work under it. You have no idea what kind of problems that creates for the REAL taxpayer (YOU try convincing IRS you don’t owe them money!).

        IF they work under someone else’s ID, they all know, in advance, to take at least 9-10 exemptions (dependents) so that NO Withholding taxes are deducted from their checks. That means they only have the mandatory Soc Sec (FICA & Medicare) deductions coming out of their checks…leaving the poor sap whose ID has been stolen, on the hook for the withholding taxes on the income they made, under his stolen ID#. If they make up an ID#, at some point (months later) IRS will notify the employer that the name & number are not a match…that’s when they haul butt and find another job, using the same ID#!

        In the meantime, the American taxpayer is helping support their family and they have anchor babies as fast as they can for two reasons. More welfare benefits AND it makes it more likely they won’t be deported if they have 4-5 (or more) children who are US Citizens. The taxpayer also gets stuck with paying for all these children to be born…google “illegal aliens” and “Parkland Hospital” in Dallas or the Houston hospitals, if you want to get a clear picture!

        So, at best, they MIGHT pay a little into Soc Sec, while their anchor babies (US Citizens) collect all the welfare benefits they are entitled to, as citizens.

      • Mike

        There are many many Mexican posters on the Internet who are proud of being illegal. They claim we stole this land from them, and they are going to take it back without firing a shot, because our government lacks the will to kick them out. I have worked with many illegals who save money to bring more of their family here. These people all need deported. I don’t care how long they have been here; they need to be gone. There is a perfectly easy way to become a citizen of America. Why do they choose to come here illegally? Why don’t they fix their own country instead of coming here and making us put up street signs in Spanish? Why don’t they conform to our country’s norms, instead of making us conform to theirs? If they really want to be here so badly, then they should be legal, speak English, and conform to the American way of life. Illegal is illegal…period.

      • Jack

        After hearing Newt speak on the O’Reilly I’ve changed my mind .. His immigration approach is better than I thought!!

    • les

      Jack….what about Newt’s support of the “global warming” bunk?
      Ron Paul is the only choice we have and a extremely good one at that.

      • Randy G

        Look at the weather reports. The ONLY place with Global Warming is in Arizona. That’s why we call it ‘the valley of the sun’.The joke is while some people are getting sunblock,Others are buying snow equipment.

    • Toni

      Newt, Cain, Perry and Romney SUCK !

      The Republican Party really sucks this time around

      Is there another 3 individuals who can show these losers how to run a campaign for all Americans? All this division and name calling has to stop. Reagan, where are you….we need restoration in America

    • CJM

      Sorry Jack, but Newt’s problem is not ‘only immigration,’ but it is his inability to convince the citizens of his own home State to back him—and most of us DON’T. I wouldn’t vote for Newt if he was the only person on the ballot. Yes, he’s intelligent, but he lacks the integrity necessary in good leadership. I highly disapprove of Romney because he is just as much a liar as the incumbent in the Oval Office. Bachman is better, much better as a leading candidate but the media is out there crucifying her like the did Palin (obviously, they are anti-women given the yellow journalists adoration of the shar’ia). Ron Paul has many good points, but I am hesitant in my vote for him. The media mistreatment and liars from the left are destroying Cain on a daily basis. What we need to be concerned about is how the media is defining the Republican Party moves in the nomination process in order to insure that either obammy or one of their ilk retains the Oval Office. Quite frankly, we do need a major third party for CONSTITUTIONALISTS.

  • Chris Hayne

    I would love to see Ron Paul run as an independent because either party would attach too much baggage including undeclared wars which among other tings are creating more enemies along with much of our financial disaster!

    • Dagney

      If Ron Paul does split off and run as an independant, that would be PROOF he is in it for himself and not for this country. As I stated above, this country CANNOT last under another term of the Obama regime. Ron Paul would probably split off enough republican votes to ENSURE Obama has his opportunity to be a lame duck and further destroy our Constitutional Republic. Face it, Ron Paul votes right mostly, but he has NO personality and NO communication skills. He will not win. He will be the catalyst in the further destruction of this country if he does the selfish thing and runs as an independant.

      • Mike

        Agreed. He will not run as an Independent because he knows that would ensure an Obama victory. He should get the republican nomination, and if enough of us vote for him in the primaries he will. That’s where the battle will be won; the primaries.

        • Pamela B

          Please don’t sell out your vote to the fear of “the other party” that seems to be how we have let go of our freedom in the first place. We really do have more choice than the lesser of two evils

        • 1FreeSpirit

          Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that has a large number of crossover voters. There are lots of dems and independants registering as Rep just to vote for him in the primaries. He is the only one that can actually take votes from Obummer. Therefore he should be the GOP nominee. Plus he just ROCKS the R3VOLution!

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Unfortunately, unless the communist democRATS and the RINO’s are voted out and replaced with those of like mind to Ron Paul (or any other true conservative for all that matters), Congress will just lock him in the Whitehouse, take away the keys to AF-1, and cut off the phone and internet until his term is over. You have to give the communists credit, they do know how to plan and execute a bloodless coup.

  • Gayle Nasca

    Why does the press ignore Ron Paul? It’s appauling to watch them cut him off. I’ve seen some on Fox News sneer at him. He’s the only one in the bunch except for Huntsman who is intelligent enough to be president. The other candidates make inaccurate or ludicrous statements and most need history lessons. Ron Paul and Huntsman are the best choices for President. The US public could be proud of Ron Paul or an ambassador like Huntsman.

    • alex

      we do not! need huntsman we have too many RINO’S in DC now they are worse than dumocraps

      • USAF VET

        Are you kidding me? Huntsman? Gimmie a break. I’ve noticed that noone has mentioned Michelle Backman who is a true conservative. And all this trash about Newt Gingrich is mostly just that, trash. If you want a strong President don’t pick Ron Paul. Domesticlally he would be alright, but we need someone who projects strength of character which he just doesn’t have. The only three viable candidates we really have are Bachmann, Cain, and Gingrich.

        • Donnell Hill

          Hey Vet, 22yrs (USMC/USAF) Retired in 77. I like Newt because the Republicans that were in Congress when Newt was the speaker don’t like him. The reason is they were forced to balance the budget and they couldn’t be like their Dem buddies and pass a bunch of pork bills. You will notice that after Newt left the budget went to pot. Why did that happen? Do you think that maybe they lost their real Leader.He is a leader and all but one of the charges were dismissed against Newt because they all (rep/Dem) did not like to be forced to do their job. I say Newt is the only choice. God bless him and God bless America.

  • CP

    Rom Paul possibly would be a good president, but remember, the president can NOT act alone. Even in our undeclared wars, the president had some support from within both parties and from the military. He also did a bit of research on his own hook before starting things off, including getting a good number of other countries involved with us. Mr. Paul at this time is unelectable unless he can get the kind of money behind him that pretty much runs from his name. As much as I hate to say it, you do not get elected much of anything past dog catcher if you don’t have financial backing of some sort, and the higher the office, the more money you need behind you. For my money, either Romney or Gingrich would be a good choice, as both of them do stand a chance of bringing money, and just as importantly, voters, with them.

    • Dan Fitzgerald

      There ARE ways in which a President can act alone. He can veto bills (think Appropriations). He can pardon (think tax “crimes”). He can bring all of the troops home. His Attorney General can investigate the Fed. That spending frenzy that happens at the end of the fiscal year? Under President Paul, a large chunk of unspent money gets returned to the Treasury (as already happens with his Congressional Office budget, year after year). He can lay off unnecessary federal workers…

    • 1FreeSpirit

      One of the main reasons we the people are supporting Ron Paul is because he DOESN’T have big financial backers. He has integrity! We have to get money out of politics! That is the problem. Dr. Paul cannot be bought. So we the people support him!

  • FedUpWithTheWashingtonTraitors

    I would love to see Ron Paul become President but it would take a very powerful and informative ad campaign to educate the American voter as to the real truths about the two parties and the elitist politicians. How to accomplish this without the aid of the news media is a good question. And then there’s the potential (and high likelihood) that these Washington Traitors/Elitists would simply have Mr. Paul assassinated if he became a serious candidate or were elected. JMHO

  • Russell

    If and I hope they do, those protesting want to make a difference in this country they should start by sending a CLEAR MESSAGE to Washington and vote for Ron Paul. I cant see why anyone with half a braain would vote for anyone else!

    • peter

      Hey Russell -you answered that one yourself. The voters in America just like anywhere else on this planet don’t even have half a brain.
      That unfortunately is the problem. If they had a half a brain would we have the arse creeping scum in office that we have now ruining our country instead of running it? Careful what you wish for…..etc.

      • Russell

        Maybe they could start by watching something besides Fox so called news. It just blows my mind that ANYONE would give Orielly the time of day. Try Google yes its government funded but no ads no corporate slant. Im 56, and the only time I ever voted was for Ross Perot. Your going to hear a LARGE SUCKING SOUND. He was right. I am truely concerned for my country right now!

        • Don

          Russell, what news station do you watch, cbs, abc, msnbc, cnn, ????? just wondering

          • Russell

            I dont watch any of them, I just Google RT. com watch live news from folks who are not bought and paid for

      • Dagney

        Just like the democrats, you insult the American people. This is why I don’t care for many Paul supporters, they are just as arrogant as the democrats. They act like they know it all, have all the answers, and treat people with other points of view with disdain. Most American people don’t follow politics, that is why the democrats have been able to pull the wool over their eyes for so many years. It is NOT because they are stupid. Please can the arrogance!

  • Beverly

    Gingrich is the only one to stand up to BHO in a debate. He has been there and has matured over the years into a viable candidate.

    • Dagney

      I agree.

    • Jon

      Of course they could debate on equal footing– they are reading out of the same book.

      • Jack

        You’re wrong there!!!

  • Emily Brobst

    I don’t understand the fascination with a guy (Paul) who says Iran has a perfect right to the bomb and that if we are just nice to them there will be no problem. The IslamoNazis are already infiltrating our government, thanks to our Muslim president-pretender. We were going for Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann, but are worried that Mr. Cain would not carry the day (against our devious, handsome, mellifluous Occupier-in-Chief) in a one-on-one matchup.

    • Dagney

      I love Herman Cain. He would certainly take away the race card from the democrats.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Emily Brobst,

      You are a victim of government propaganda. Please do more to educate yourself so you can escape conventional wisdom.

      Best wishes,

      • BrotherPatriot

        Eloquent & polite.

        God Bless ya, good Sir.

      • granny mae

        I have been watching all the debates and doing my research but I have to say, Paul did say Iran should have the bomb and if we were just nice to them there would be no problem! It was those precise words that put up the red flag for me. I was all for him until then. In my book anyone that says they want to kill you should be taken very seriously and at this point in time I don’t see that from Ron Paul. I’m afraid he would be like Nero and sit and fiddle while America burned !

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear granny mae,

          Sorry, but you must have misunderstood. He never said they “should” have nuclear weapons. What he said was he understood why they would want them since they are surrounded by countries that currently have them. He also said it was none of our business whether they have them as they could not attack us because they cannot even produce enough gasoline for their own use, but have to import it. He also said that China and Russia have thousands of nuclear weapons yet, where we once were enemies, we are now trading partners, if not friends because we continued to speak to them as opposed to isolating them. Isn’t it natural for a country to want to defend itself? Our political leaders are threatening regime change, embargoes and no-fly zones, which are acts of war. These things have only made Iran more belligerent. Perhaps a change of tactics would produce better results.

          Best wishes,

        • rusty steel

          the fiddle wasn’t invented til Nero was dead

    • texastwin827

      Emily, what Ron Paul says is that we have NO RIGHT to dictate to Iran that they can’t have nuclear weapons and that most of our problems with the Middle East comes from us sticking our nose (uninvited, I might add) where it doesn’t belong.

      Do you honestly think that, with China & Russia’s willingness to sell to the highest bidder, that we can really keep Iran from getting these weapons? North Korea has them…are we bombing them (even though their dictator is a complete idiot & crazy)? Do you honestly think that loud mouth cleric in Iran is stupid enough to attempt to bomb Israel with Nukes, when they have the ability (thanks to the US) to level the entire country of Iran and we all know that Israel DOES retaliate, if they are attacked!

      To be honest, we had the right to invade ONE middle east country…Afghanistan, to go after Bin Ladin. Instead of concentrating on that country, we went into a bogus war with Iraq. Now, when we leave (per the “Master” at the end of the year) Iraq will not be able to defend themselves against an Iranian takeover. As horrible as he was, Iran wasn’t stupid enough to try twice as long as Hussein was in power!

  • Marion

    It is getting scary! The same old, same old. Rick Perry is also a
    member of the Bilderbergs, Illitirati, etc., etc. Seems they are all
    trying to ruin the greatest country in the world. Newt Gingrich’s
    lack of integrity is enough to eliminate him on first sight. God help
    us with what we have running as far as election goes. A split could
    ruin our changes.

    • texastwin827

      Marion, what few realize…Rick Perry has been re-elected, in TX, for one simple reason…he was the least of two evils!

  • Donald Albert

    there is no way i can vote for Ron Paul not when he is for amnesty they need to be stopped if the USA wants to get back on their feet with jobs not counting the bills they rack up with ssi or hospital now if he was for stopping amnesty then it might be different just my opinion

    • Bob Livingston

      Donald Albert,

      Either you are ignorant as to Ron Paul’s views on immigration, or you are a liar. If the former, please educate yourself here: . Paul is not for amnesty.

      If the latter, go away.

      Best wishes,

      • BrotherPatriot

        LoL…brutally honest.

        But once again, eloquent & polite.

        God Bless.

    • texastwin827

      Where on earth did you ever get the idea that Ron Paul is “soft” on illegal immigration? He’s even gone so far as to suggest that the automatic US citizenship, for all their anchor babies, should be stopped!

      • granny mae

        That is so true and it is one of the reasons why I am still so undecided. Anchor babies is one big burden for this country ! Take that away and you have made a big step in the right direction.

  • James W. Cassell

    It appears that every one’s comments are all over the board. We conservatives appear not to have a unified and deceive thought in the bunch. Has everybody written off Bachman?

    • Russell

      Maybe not everyone, but I did a LONG time ago. CRAZY ASS religious FANATIC. might as well run JIMMY SWAGGERT!

    • BrotherPatriot

      She lost me when I found out she voted to continue the Patriot act.

      No true american who believes the Constitution is the highest law of the land would vote in such a way. Ron Paul voted against it.

      Enough said.

      God Bless.

  • http://chrome DB

    WHOA, WHOA, wait a minute.

    While no one endorses what Dr. Paul stands for more than me, taking his medicine in one lump sum would/could, be disastrous.
    Noticed how the ron paulers, the environmentalists, etc for the most part already have IT MADE?
    Immmigration? Who does the work? I speak of the desirable illegals. So does Newt. If you don’t know any, sorry for you.

    • Jack

      Another thing , get rid of NAFTA and the work problem would be solved !! People would have to go to work to survive! Too many people on the dole!!!!! I’m 82yrs old and still working !!!!

    • granny mae

      Lets not be aking excuses for the law breakers. They are a tremendous burden on our society financial, no matter how likable they may be. Ted Bundy was likable too but he sure raised hell on society !

  • Russell

    I am in construction, or at least I was till things went south. My experience is that MOST mexicans are hard working good people. I have no problem with ANYONE trying to get ahead. Big banking, Fed Reserve, Corporate Bought and PAID FOR Politions, Rothschields, One World Order mindset, has sold us all a line of CRAP. The REAL problem is that WE have ALL been DECIEVED by some very SINISTER, Wealthy beyond imagination folks who have been playing us all like Pawns for Hundreds of years. if you dont believe me thats ok, but at least Google the history of FIAT Currencys and do your own research

    • BrotherPatriot

      Very mild reply to the problem, Sir…but you are correct in what you stated.

      Since the 3rd central bank got instituted…America has become once again the slave to the Bankers. He who controls the money supply…controls everything. Who controls the money supply? The same people who control our media, entertainment…everything. They control what news the masses read and they have been at this game now for a very long time. Long enough to put people/their children into positions of power throughout our world. They are international and they owe alligiance to their Agenda over the country they are citizens to. All in all…they are ALL working towards their New World Order and to scoff at this…will be all of our undoing.

      We MUST rise up and educate the masses to the simple truths that History tells us is true. We MUST begin to talk about that which is not talked about. PLEASE, become aware of who the Rothschilds are as all roads lead to them, the Illuminati & deep level Masons. Not all Masons are aware of what they are part of…and I certainly hope many who do become aware begin to speak out against what is happening and leave that order.

      Any organization that puts a rope around your neck and leads you around by it and puts you on your knees, is initiating you into slavery to that order. Each degree that is achieved is more control that is given to that order over the initiate and their FREE WILL. As they progress deeper into the degrees(levels) their rituals become more bizarre and dark. Check out what the people who have fled from their order who did manage to make it deep into their society say about it. Indeed…Lucifer the light bringer is who awaits. Read what Albert Pike says in their bible, “Morals & Dogma”.

      God Bless and do your research.

      • Russell

        Brother Patriot,
        I see you have done your research, sadly I believe for the most part that Americans are totally clueless about any of this info. It should BE common knowledge for ANYONE that really wants to understand whats going on. For GODS SAKE quit watching Dancing With The Stars, and use the internet for something besides watching porn, or at least do Both!

        • BrotherPatriot

          Agreed, brother…agreed. It’s a sad state our Great Nation is in.

          Keep up the good fight, Brother. At this time…it’s all we can do.

          God Bless.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Oh…and I have no problem with Mexicans if they are not here illegally. If they come & assimulate then that’s fine…but this press “1″ for English mentality has GOT to stop. I say we round up all the illegals after a 2 month warning & ship them ALL back to where they come from…close the borders, pull our troops back home, clean the political house, elect loyal Constitutionalists, end the Federal Reserve, coin our own money, make congress follow all the laws that regular citizens have & have term limits,…etc, etc…and that’s just for starters.

            Just some common sense stuff from a loyal veteran and lover of American Exceptionalism…may we one day return to being that which most of us all wish to be…Free & Independant!

            God Bless!

          • Russell

            Bro Patriot
            Since the media wont tell Americans Anything that matters, soon as I get more cash Im thinking about a Billboard along side of a major Interstate that simply says Google some VERY BASIC info. Dont know if something like that would be possible or not? At least some folks would check it out simply out of curriosity. Very frustrating when I try to tell someone this stuff,either they look at you with a blank stare or just dont care or possibly think the problem is just TOO BIG to fix. I understand this is, or should be very basic history 101 but is also Very Overwhelming. My prayer is Father please help us understand before it is TOO LATE!

          • granny mae

            Brother Patriot,

            why don’t you run for President ? I’ll vote for you !!!

          • BrotherPatriot

            That is flattering Granny Mae…but I’m a few years young to be elligable to run (45 required), even though I AM a natural born citizen (lol).

            Besides, there are far more qualified candidates such as Ron Paul in position right now and who has the experience to do the job. It does take more than a good heart & good intentions such as I have to successfully lead our nation back to what we Patriots believe she is supposed to be. However, due to the control that the elites & the secret societies have upon our nation…it will take someone who understands the equation as I do to actually effect the changes needed or nothing will ever change. As for me…I’ll gladly do my part especially if I’m called upon by my Nation to do so…but I’ll not serve the current puppets in power as I have become aware of far to much to follow them so blindy ever again.

            We MUST expose them for what they have been doing now for so very long. They are real. They actually do have an Agenda. Dissbelieve this simple truth at your & your children’s peril.

            This all coincides with the Tesla equation and what they did to him & his dreams. It’s all about power & money. If Tesla had his way…we would have unlimited, environmentally friendly, safe energy that would not polute our world or deplete the natural resources. But due to the people in charge and their greed…we have the world we now have instead of what he envisioned for us. What a great man & a great tragedy for us all…when they railroaded him aside and gave us this world instead.

            So…much…injustice…lies…deceit…1/2 truths…corruption…murder…betrayal…sooo much unnessary pain & loss. Lucifer is pleased with what his tools have accomplished right in front of our noses over the past 100 years since the 3rd central bank, the Federal Reserve was put back in place lashing the American citizens into slavery. America the free…yeah, right. I believe Congress sold us out so long ago & incorporated AMERICA. We are slaves and don’t even know it…many have no clue what I speak of…but it’s all there…if you take the time to research it. Here is a link for this train of thought…


            May the patriots of liberty & freedom succeed and stop the NWO. The only way this can be done is to Nationally recognise & expose them. Hollywood is not what it seems to be and look for “their” symbology (black/white checkered whatever, for example) thoughout the movies both past/present/future.

            God Bless us all during these times of trouble we live in & are about to endure. Continue to wake up people…and learn the truth. The world is NOT as it seems.

          • libertytrain

            to run for President the age is 35.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Doh! The age requirement IS 35. My bad there…just showing my fallible human memory as I was typing on the fly.

            Ty, libertytrain.

            God bless.

      • scada jim

        Whoa there “BrotherPatriot”………..

        I must have missed something, I saw no rope and especially not around my neck. You haven’t been drinking the cool aid, you been drinking anti-freeze and whoever told you that doesn’t want you hanging around outside. Better get yourself a new story to shock the multitude.

        Have one of those good days you hear about…….. /jk/

        • Jack

          In the U.S. we speak english . Why do we use spanish at all ? Stupid is as stupid does!!!!

        • granny mae

          scada jim,

          Tell me why there is a pentagram on the floor in the meeting hall of the mason’s ? I saw that myself and it gave me chills ! Sure reminded me of whitch craft !

        • BrotherPatriot

          I hazard a guess that you are a member of the Blue Lodge? That would explain your ignorance then perhaps but not really.

          Perhaps some further research on your part may help you see some truths concerning the society that you have involved yourself in. Here can be a beginning but there is so much more besides this…if your truly interested.

          God bless…the positive God is whom I refer to…not the other, the one that Albert Pike calls the Light Bringer.

  • LexRex

    I agree with Bob. Ron Paul is the ONLY viable candidate to undo the status quo. Governors Gary Johnson and Jesse Ventura are dark horse alternatives. Polls show that even now, despite negative press coverage and GOP antagonism, Ron Paul would beat Obama head to head.

    ALL other current presidential candidates (Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, Obama, Clinton, et al) represent business as usual or a further entrenchment of fascist socialism.

    Vote RON PAUL in 2012.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Love your post…LexRex.

      God Bless.

  • Polski

    Ron Paul gets an F from NumbersUSA, on getting rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS. That in itself eliminates him from consideration. The ILLEGAL ALIENS are the biggest source of ALL our problems.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Polski,

      You are wrong. Ron Paul is strong on border control and is against amnesty and welfare for illegals. Have you even studied Paul’s stand on the issues?

      Best wishes

    • texastwin827

      NumbersUSA has, conveniently I might add, taken excerpts from his book, however, I notice there is little emphasis on his wanting to REMOVE the incentives that illegals come here for, to begin with.

      Those include US citizenship for as many children as they can have (before getting caught)at taxpayer expense, Medicaid for all their anchor babies as well as the mother, during her pregnancy, Welfare benefits that EVERY anchor baby is entitled to because the states are not legally able to deny them because they can’t even ask if the parents are illegals, as well as the cost of educating ALL their children being mandated, by the Supreme Court, which includes their illegal alien children as well as the anchor babies, even though they pay little tax into the very systems that they drain the resources for. The cost of the illegals using the ER’s as a clinic (so they can avoid paying for the care since they can’t be refused), alone, is a staggering amount, not to mention the delays they create in hospitals to care for US citizens, with legitimate emergency medical problems!

      Just because a group “grades” candidates doesn’t mean they don’t have an agenda…keep that in mind.

      Does he advocate deportation? Let’s be realistic…even those of us in border states know that you can not undo what has been done in over 30 yrs of abuse, overnight, and he knows it too. So you start by enforcing our immigration laws, as they should be enforced, elimination of automatic citizenship & eligibility for the anchor babies in all welfare programs. The cost of living in the US, without all those little “perks” will make many return to Mexico (or whatever country they came from) without deportation because the US is no longer to their benefit.

      After all that is done, then is when you concentrate on deporting those who are already here, illegally.

      • Jack

        You hit the nail on the head — you’re exactly right!!!!

  • Tim

    Ron Paul is the only true American left – as some fear, Ron will probably get assassinated, and I think he knows this – But he’s our only chance. And research will show the vets are for Ron – they were on the front or still there. Ron is the only one who wants them home – all these other clowns are war mongers. Have you guys seen this?: This is just one of the groups out there – there are 100′s of others who ready to fight to restore the Constitution. And note that those who support Ron will not be settling for anyone else, so all those will not be voting if Ron doesn’t win the primary. I switch from Dem to rep just for Ron, and like many others, I’m preparing myself for the fighting in the streets that will occur. The bill before the senate now will allow US military to arrest us and detain us without charges or trial on American soil. This will cause anarchy like you’ve never seen – Newt is a puppet just like the rest. The only resolution for this is to restore the Constitution, Ron Paul 2012 – Americans are tired of losing freedom -we want peaceful, but many are locked and loaded – ready to defend against this government control and sending our troops to die needlessly.

  • Tim

    P.S. Many like myself would take a bullet for Ron – What other candidate can say they have that people that willing to die for what they believe in?

  • Elizabeth Sloot

    Whom ever gets the GOP nomination needs to be able to stand eyeball to eyeball with Obama and call him what he is, a Communist. Also no one ever mentions NAFTA and GATT. Both of these has to be repealed. Also the EPA has to be brought under control or done away with. Our trade agreements need to be reviewed and revised so we have a more even playing field. I haven’t decided yet who would be the best one. All I know is we had better do it right this time or we are done the tubes.

    • r.p.

      Dear Elizabeth S.: Ron Paul has mentioned NAFTA. to paraphrase him from one of his few interviews. “It tramples on our right to sovereignty and our Constitution. And should be done away with”. May I state… Ron Paul is the only sane, responsible, intellegent, and correct choice. All others are for more of the same. And He will tear Obama apart.

  • Rebecca Proctor

    I would never vote for Ron Paul as he is not presidential material.

    I would definitely vote for Herman Cain and Donald Trump if either of them run for President.

    We don’t need politicians in the 2012 election – WE NEED BUSINESS MEN


    • BrotherPatriot


      Obama didnt make the mess…its been made by the Puppet Masters that have been controlling him & the past presidents all the way down to the basic founding of America herself.

      We have been sold an illusion. It’s time to wake up to the simple truths that History tells us is true. Stop listening to the Main Stream media as it’s the greatest source of propoganda there is.

      We MUST promote the Republic and Free Trade. We MUST reduce government and elect officials who have a proven track record of loyalty to the Constitution and we MUST fire virtually all of Congress and the professional polititions who have sold us out to the Elite Bankers who control everything. The only way this can be done is to educate the masses to the truths that many of us Patriots are shouting.

      Does it not scare you that Veterans are being labled as “terrorists”? The people who served our country, many who have died, in which the survivors are yelling, “WAKE UP, AMERICA! You have been decieved!” People such as myself who think that the Consitution should be the highest law in the land and that we shouldnt’ follow someone, much less elect them as our President when they say things like, “It’s just a piece of paper”…when they refer to the Constitution.

      Seriouly…elect those people who have served loyally…such as Lt. Col. Terry Lakin…he’s a GREAT example of a Patriot. We NEED people of his caliber in public office if he was willing to serve.

      God Bless America and those who fight the good fight for her & the Constitution!

    • r.p.

      Dear Rebecca:
      Do you really believe Cain and Trump are presidential material? How sad.

    • Jack

      Amen on the business men !!!

    • r.p.

      Let’s see now… Ron Paul is a businessman and a doctor. And might I add, “A Veteran”. With the exception of his time served, he did it all without being on the government dole or bailouts, and ran a succesful clinic for over 20 years without Medicare or Medicaid. Explain this for me will you. Cain & Trump???? Gimmey-a-break!

  • dlsimm

    As high ideals as the libertarian congress from Texas has, a vote for Ron Paul will split the party and will be Obama’s best chances for election….just think about it!!

  • Les

    I enjoy politics and with politics you have to know how to play the game. We need a quaterback for president when elected can hit the ground running. I can see winning the house and the senate and the president with republicans in the drivers seat. I haven’t seen any thing that Ron Paul has introduced any bill that has become law; not one; the only one that can do this is Newt Gindrich has the wisdom and knowledge to get things done in the first two years he is in as what has to be done is not going to resinate well with the voters so in the third year one will have lost the house or the senate back the other way and we will be dead in the water once again. To many of you are living in a dream world. Lets play politics as both the Republican party and the Democratic party are well oiled machines so get ready to get you hands dirty as dirt is going to fly.!!!!!!

  • Jeff in OH

    My vote is for Bachmann. Ron would allow Israel and all our Allies over seas which we need for peace to be exterminated along with us being nuked by Islamist from the atmosphere. Once they have the capability to launch in space and control it to hit us then were dead. There is nothing Iran leaders wold like more than to see Israel and the US gone… We need there strategic locations to prevent this which Paul can seem to get through his head. He would even help them…..

  • Bruce Porter Sr

    Gotta say this, and I’m a combat wounded vet.
    I’m voting for Ron Paul, period. Whether the r’s choose him or not.

    I voted for McCain, took me 20 minutes of staring at the ballot to do it. He is the true manchurian candidate, what an absolute scumbag…..and it hurt me to say it, but it is the truth.
    I went home and took a shower, I felt so slimy and dirty.

    So, this time I vote conscience. Period. I’m voting my conscience and for the one that I feel has the ONLY chance to change DC.

    • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

      Bruce, Hats off to you! That is what everyone should do, vote for principled candidates of integrity and not waste their vote for the lesser of two evils. Just because we are told that a vote for Ron Paul is going to be a wasted vote for someone who can not win should be the warning that masses are lining up to accept compromise that brings on tyranny over standing up for conviction to preserve liberty. Dr. Ron Paul is the candidate that will stand up for the Constitutional Principles established by our founding fathers. As Patrick Henry put it, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!


    This has been a very difficult few years for lots of hardworking Americans. Bush 43 didn’t help us with the first stimulus handed over to obama and his regime (for the democrat coffers), but after the complete failure by this administration you’ve got to be stupid not to see the writing on the wall. I agree with many of the intelligent posts here stating that integrity (look it up for those who feel we’re being arrogant pointing out the ignorance of America) is the key to restoring OUR nation. Pandering to the different teams/parties shows how quickly some compromise/rollover, but those of us who have worked hard also gain the wisdom that goes with it. RON PAUL 2012 will set our nation on a path, but each American will have to roll up their sleeves and get to work and history proves that the first settlers learned that not everyone has the integrity/fortitude to do the right thing.
    “It is said correctly that law exists not for the just but for the unjust, for the just carry the law in their hearts, and do not need to call it from afar.”

  • Stuntman

    Vote for Gary Johnson. Has similar views to Ron Paul and a good track record serving two-terms as Governor of NM. Unfortunately, he’s not even given much of a chance by not being invited to most of the debates even though his poll numbers are as good as some who are.

  • Incredulous1

    I am the biggest Ron Paul supporter – I voted for him in ’88 for President. (That’s how I switched from Repub. to Libertarian Party – which has been VERY disappointing.) Anyway, I understand and agree with all you Ron Paul supporters; he would be the best President since Jefferson. However, unfortunately, without more like him in Congress, he could accomplish very little. Repub.s wouldn’t go along with his agenda and Demo.s would have a heart attack. RP wouldn’t go along with Repub.s – he would veto everything they sent to him. The best argument for R.P. for POTUS is that it would be 4 years of absolute gridlock. Fedzilla would be stuck in limbo – not growing but not getting any smaller. I suppose that could be considered a victory.

    • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

      4 years of gridlock would be the best blessing we could be given from government. Don’t you suppose the elimination of 5 agencies and most of the un-elected czars and administrative staff would be a blessing also?

  • Russell

    I am not a Republican or Democrat I am just a simple hard working AMERICAN who is very concerned for the future of my country.I would hate to see that the freedom sooooo many Americans have FOUGHT AS WELL AS DIED FOR is in jeopardy of being LOST!Look around folks, even the right to assemble peaceably is being questioned by those that dont want want us to ROCK THEIR BOAT! I realize at the end of the day we will only have 2 choices,time for a heart check not a Party Check

  • jerry sweet

    a vote for newt is a vote for obama!!paul just doesnt have a chance (maybe?)tho he gets my vote.

  • http://yahoo Stephen

    Some really unbelieveable comments. I see the most important job for our President to acheive is to bring our troops home like yesterday and secure our borders starting about 60 years ago. Seriously though, to have our troops right in the middle of the cesspool of islamic extremist is not wise. It’s almost like our President wants our troops to be wiped out. To allow our Southern border to be so blatently insecure and to actually have the Federal administration bring lawsuits against those states that try to enforce the existing laws is only a sign of the times. I have a feeling things are going to get considerably worse as time goes on. I mean just look at what has happened to Christmas. What started as a celebration to honor the birth of Jesus is now a stand in line all night to be able to purchase cheap, basically obsolete items made some place else, to help give the economy a jolt. Who knows, maybe the worlds population needs to be thinned out considerably, and whose left can start it all over again. Then it’s merely back to the basic survival of the fittest. I’m personnally casting my lone vote for Ron Paul, stocking up on water and non-perishable food and investing in lead. I refuse to go down with my tail between my legs. Thank You and God Bless America.

    • jerry sweet

      i stocking up in Christ Jesus.and yes with our military sidelined it will be easier to accomplish the goal of slavery,they have formed in their empty head.

    • Jack

      Correct again!

  • Raymond Clements

    Ron Paul can be elected. But if you do not support his Administration against the Democrats and the Neocons all will be in vain. He will not be able to do it alone. Get in the boat and fight for Constitutional Freedoms. Ron Paul/2012

  • texayn


  • Diane

    I had to vote for McCain also….a very difficult thing to do.
    I’ve heard about some things in reading all you “all” have said, that I have never read or heard about before.
    Ron Paul has my vote domestically, but like so many, I fear his foreign policy. It is time we get to hear more from the other candidates, other than the ones the moderators choose. I’d like either Republican/Libertarian/Independent moderators. Then I’d like to have such things brought out in public: The Bildeberger Group, and ea. candidates association with it; And the other forces you all were speaking of, the Masons, etc. that are a force against our Republic. Let them explain these things and their relationship. How else can we be an informed electorate? Diane

    • r.p.

      Diane and Bruce Porter Sr.:
      I didn’t have to vote for McCain, and I didn’t have to vote for Obama. And I didn’t buy into the MSM “pablum” that any other candidate would be a waste of my vote, and that I should vote for the “lesser of the two evils”. I voted early and demanded a paper ballot. Then I wrote in my ballot “Ron Paul”. Who was the ONLY qualified man for the job. No, my vote wasn’t wasted, but so,ooo,ooo many others were. When you go to the polling site bring your integrety and leave second guessing at the race track where it belongs.

  • B.G.

    I didn’t read all these comments but I did read most of them and I read them every day.
    What I find amusing is the die hard republicans will vote for the republican nominee and tell those of us who will vote for Ron Paul that it will be us that give the election to the won. What they don’t see it is them who will loose this election to the won. They are stuck in the liberal way of thinking can’t see there way to the truth. A slow death is just as bad as a fast death. If Ron Paul does not get elected we might as well have the won in office the death of the country will come quicker and then it will be over. So all of you die hard republicans and rinos vote for your choice it will be you who loose this election not the true conservatives.
    Give me Ron Paul or the death of this country. No other choice.

  • texastwin827

    OMG…I believe if I see one more person say Ron Paul is “unelectable” I will scream!

    He’s presently polling 1% behind Cain in Iowa and is in #2 slot in NH. Keep in mind…this is a man that the MSM has tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to completely black out!

    You have Senators that also will come up for election in 2012. Replace the do nothing, business as usual ones with new people! That would at least give him some help in the Senate!

    From the Christian Science Monitor, this morning:

    It refers to a Public Policy Polling survey earlier this month in which Paul beats Obama among independent voters 48-39 percent with 13 percent undecided.

    Unremarkable, you say, since Obama beats Paul 47-41 percent among all likely voters in the PPP poll. Besides, I agree, such polls are ephemeral at best, more art than science in their dissection.

    KEEP IN MIND….this is a man that has not been touted by the media as “electable”; this is a man that speaks to a lot of Independents & Libertarians AND given Obama’s approval rating is well below the % of voters who put him in office, apparently many Democrats no longer view him as positive with all his “Hope & Change” since they didn’t know he meant he expected them to convert to socialism! All you have to do is visit a few other blogs to realize Paul speaks for a lot of Democrats & Republicans, as well!

    As we say here in Texas..get off the pot or take a sh*t (a chance). Do what is right for this country, while we still have a country! Forget about voting for the two party system as we know it, otherwise we may find that our right to even vote will disappear!

  • Dorwin Thomas

    Interesting comments – BUT now let us look at the big picture.
    Statistics will show that the majority of people will chose a younger person over an older person most every time. In todays electronic world of Facebook, Twitter etc. the younger generation of 18 to 35 years of age will most likely vote for a younger President, such as Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton. This was proven again with Obama 46 yrs vs McCain 72 years. In the 2012 Presidential Matchup you have Obama 50 yrs vs the oldest Ron Paul at 76 yrs; Newt Gingrich at 68 yrs; Herman Cain at 65 yrs; Mitt Romney at 64 yrs; Michele Bachman at 55 yrs; Rick Santorum at 53 yrs, and Jon Huntsman at 53 yrs. Age does matter – ask the younger generation – they are tired of the old geezers in politics no matter what they say. AGE DOES MATTER, and Obama knows that as he twitters away with the young voters who got him in power in the first place. As a staunch and loyal Republican I for one am very worried as to the outcome of 2012. So lets get behind ONE Candidate ASAP and move forward, as Obama has a 4 yr jump on us and heap more money to spend wooing everyone he can, particularly the younger generation.

    • FWO21

      You may be right as far as the young people goes, but I hope they have smartened up in the last four years. Obama was and still is inexperienced; I believe him to be a puppet on a string. Someone else is telling him what to do and George Soros comes to mind, for one. He can’t even get in front of a bunch of people and give a speech from the heart without reading a teleprompter. What kind of public speaker is that? They made fun of Sarah Palin for having little note cards in her hand or notes on her hand; whichever it was. That isn’t the point anyway.

      People thought the Republicans were the enemy, so they put in a democrat and since Hillary was asked to step down, all that left, was Obama. My information comes from an article in when they were invited to the Bilderburg meeting. Sorry for the misspelling.

    • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

      Tell me, Mr. Smarty Statistics, why there is such a huge support from young people for Ron Paul! Ron Paul is supported for his integrity and Constitutional principles, not statistical calculations that compromise the reality of conscientious support. What republicans need to do is get off the “Party Line” band wagon and focus on the real issues of the liberty that we are loosing by all the political bureaucrats we are settling for. Don’t let Newt Gingrich get a hold on the party and co-opt the conservatives to toe the establishment party line like he did in the mid 90s. Ron Paul and a second batch of true conservative in 2012.

  • texastwin827

    This is just one more reason I believe Ron Paul IS electable!

    Congressman Ron Paul is leading by a significant margin in Iowa, according to preliminary results of a new TeleResearch poll

    The TeleResearch survey is the first to incorporate disaffected Democrats and Independents who will not vote to reelect Obama and will instead crossover to participate in the Iowa Republican Caucus, as well as likely Republican caucus-goers.

    Survey sample size is approximately 2,900, with almost 700 likely Republican caucus-goers. Indiana’s TeleResearch Corp., which has been polling voters for more than 18 years, reports that the margin of error is less than 3%.

    Factoring in both Republican caucus-goers and disaffected Democrats and Independents who’ve indicated that they will participate in the Iowa Republican Caucus, Ron Paul leads at 25%, with an approximate 4-point advantage over Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain.

  • Lynxx

    A third party candidate equals a sure win for obama. The most important thing everyone must do is VOTE him OUT OF OFFICE! Though I have my preference, I WILL VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO RUNS AGAINST obama. You can argue GOP candidates all you care to but the bottom line is: GET RID OF obama!!! If you get into a sulk because your favorite GOP candidate lost, then please hold your nose while you cast your vote AGAINST obama, because vote you must!

    • Oregon Will

      If Paul can’t get the rep. candidacy, uhbamma will win again. Too bad for us if that happens. All of the other republican hopefuls are borrow and spend reaganites. We are absolutely at the financial cliff. We are broke and more borrowing is out of the question, pure and simple. The obvious plan is to default by way of inflation through money printing, without EVER making the hard choice to pull our horns in on federal spending and increasing revenues. This is making china and japan very unhappy and will eventually lead to bond auction failures ala the latest german bund auction failure. This is not far off and when legitimate citizens hit the streets in protest. We will be attacked by “security forces as well funded and as well equiped as the military” who will put down uprisings with brutal violence like the banana republic that we’ve been turned into. Ron Paul leans toward antisemitism which as a follower of Crist is abhorrent but as a pure constitutionalist, and his record is clean here, he is a much less dangerous choice than 4 more years of islamic hatred from uhbamma. Those are the only 2 choices we have.

  • DH

    he is a kook.

  • manuel a

    what i would like to know is where do people get off saying that there is 40 to 50% of people dont pay taxes. if they are working for someone that employer is takeing out the taxes out of your check look at your pay stub it tells you what was tooken out many people fall below the tax line to even file for taxes and its up to them if they want to file for them or not so dont blame them blame the rules. cause where i i live if your sigle and make under 15,000 a year you dont have to file for taxes but that dont mean the people that they are working for dont take taxes just saying blame the ones who make the rules

  • r.p.

    Dear Bob Livingston:
    I also would pose the same question that Gerald asked with two more. I received an e-mail from PLD which for all intent and purpose looked like the same e-mail sent me by PLD asking for support for Ron Paul with a link provided to direct me to the Ron Paul Campaign to donate. Although the e-mails looked identical with the exception that the later e-mail provided a link directing me to the Gingrich campaign. I also thought with dismay that PLD was supporting Newt. No; I didn’t click the link for Newt so I’m not sure if it would have sent me to a Gingrich PAC as the Paul link did. I immediately deleted it but it left me thinking. How could you support somebody you have been so vehemently apposed to? Has your site been hacked? Or your e-mail accounts?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear r.p.,

      No it wasn’t a mistake and we have not been hacked. The Gingrich campaign ran a paid advertisement. It is no different from a candidate running ads in a newspaper or on television and does not imply endorsement. It makes perfect sense for them because a great number of our readers support Gingrich, according to our GOP candidate poll.

      Best wishes,

      • r.p.

        Dear Bob:

        That answers both of our questions. I was aware that it might have been a paid advert but wasn’t sure. I was under the impression that you weren’t a supporter of Newt personally, that’s why I had the questions. Thanks for clearing it up, and thanks for the reply.

  • Bob Madden

    I don’t think Romney has the fortitude to navigate our current love of ‘profit and power’. Only Newt, among the current canditates, can demonstrate his ‘insidesmanship’ and back it up with map and shovel.
    …sort of like having a set of keys…etc. At least Newt will be hip.
    So what if he appears to be smug, sometimes…He has the experience.

    • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

      Newt has the experience of getting the conservative movement quashed. He did a fine job of co-opting the freshman conservatives in the mid 90s with his Contract ON America before reinforcements could be voted in in the following election. We do not need the biggest party line RiNO leading us into destruction! Ron Paul and a second wave of conservatives in 2012

  • FWO21

    I believe they all have baggage because these people are only human. I would vote for Ron Paul if I thought enough people would vote for him so Obama would not get the votes out of default.

    • libertytrain

      if everyone thinks that way – waiting for others to decide…we have a problem… Lead, follow, get out of the way..

  • Elba Saravia

    I would vote vote for a dog if I have to, it would take care of the country better than scumbama and his ganstgers.

  • Ruben

    It is clear to my that most of the people on the planet have no ideal who is in control and are the creator of this reality. We are leaving in a false reality and those who represent us in government are the actors who represent the roll for the real controller who have been out of the sight for centuries and have a clear agenda and as long as you participate in the debate, as long as you go to the sport events, as long as you go to vote, they know that the plan is marching as planed. It is clear to me that their plan is working and by the time you realize you were fooled is going to be to late to fight back. The war on terrorism was planed 50 year ago and I bet you have no idea was the next step on the control on humanity.

  • Amiabelle

    I like Ron Paul. I also like Cain and Bachmann and Gingrich. Is Cain being set up by liberal power brokers who think he might be the most electable Republican? The race card would be gone. He has proven himself to be a problem solver. If he teamed up with Gingrich or Bachmann, they would have the bases pretty well covered. Bachmann is a Christian and though the media would make that a liability, there is a large bloc of Christian voters who would embrace her. Paul is the best person for the job, but the drastic changes he would try to make might well cause major rioting in the streets and horrific turmoil.

    • Charles, A Watchman on the Wall

      Rioting is here with the ungodly rebellion of the so called occupiers. The real horrific rioting will be coming with the extreme regulations and government tyranny that will come with the establishment politicians like Gingrich A return to constitutional government that Ron Paul is espousing will bring confidence and liberty back to our nation that will calm the protests and return civility to our way of life. Maybe even get folks to realize that Christ is truly the giver of life and peace.

    • Oregon Will

      Cain proved himself to be a federal reserve employee. This country is doomed if we can’t abolish the f/r and get the treasury dept. to do it’s job under congressional oversight. Cain is NixonCarterReaganBushWilliebobBushUhbamma in every way and we’d be doomed to more NWO destruction. Gingrich Romney Perry Bachmann are NWO elitest’s also. The private company that creates our money out of thin air (kinda like counterfeiters) and debases the currency we earn has zero oversight and a plan to break this country so they can implement a one world government. Those of us who can read our bibles can see a real problem with said one world government and currency. How M. Bachmann can be a christian and not have a problem with the federal reserve is a question I’d really like her to field in a debate. Of course no matter how many Christians feel compelled to vote republicrat so the demonicans don’t maintain control, no questions regarding the end of the world are Ever asked of any candidate. I’d be able to support D. Trump if Fox news hadn’t pushed him so hard at first, but that seemed to indicate that he made some deals or promises. Ron Paul is it and I’m afraid the neo-cons would rather have uhbamma for another term than let a constitutional American have the reins. For anyone interested in what the greatest statesman this country was ever blessed with thought of isolationism, read George Washingtons farewell address. It is a somewhat difficult read for most dumbed down current citizens, but like everything penned by him, incredibly thoughtful. What a man.

  • Robert Ashfield

    by personal view is that no politician can be trusted for his word of why he ran for political office. Too many of them have made money being in the position to control the outcome for them personally my past 20 years or so have shown me what they’re all about. Especially these last few months the real truth is coming out I hope that the people who read my response understand where I’m coming from I just don’t know who to vote for especially the presidency of this great country.oh I was proud to serve my country.

  • Brando Fontaine

    It’s a shame that we only have these retreads to choose from — the dumbing down of America was done for the reason of making these guys look smarter then the suckers they are playing for.




  • Ursus Magnus

    Ron Paul is not perfect, but he’s way better than any of the other cornwholes that are running so far. Baggage IS indicative of future action.
    If you whiners would just VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE, Paul could win handily.

    Any other R candidate will be 4 more years of Obamanation, which is nothing but BUSH 43 redux.

  • Maidenamerica

    Keep these simple thoughts in miind:
    1) The Constitution is the highest law of our country. It demands that the government defend its citizens.
    2) The only candidate who argues from the position of the constitution is RP.
    3) RP would bring the troops home from foreign soil and entanglements to defend our own soil
    4) RP is not isolationist. He would attempt to maintain good relationships with all countries, recognizing them as sovereign entities as well. This means they can do what is in their ability and benefit, as long as it does not injure any other sovereign nation. No binding entanglements.
    5) Simply enforce the immigration laws already on the books. No free school, no free medical, no food stamps. section 8, voting, driver licenses. No work unless one has a work visa and is here legally.
    This is elemental, and RP is the only exponent of common sense, which seems to be in mighty short supply.

    Any candidate can win if he promises to give people what they want. If freedom, personal liberty and the right to run your own life is what you want, RP is your man. Support him now by phoning, writing, sending him a couple of bucks. He can’t win if you don’t put your own effort into assisting. And if you don’t you will have no one to blame but yourself, and those people who voted for the candidate who promised to give them everything THEY wanted….

  • CaptTurbo

    I believe there are two worthy candidates and wonder why most leave Michele Bachmann out of the conversation?


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