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Vitamin D3 and Ultraviolet Therapy

June 26, 2009 by  

Vitamin D3 and Ultraviolet Therapy

If I knew that I had cancer of any kind or any other intractable disease, I would think first about detoxification of my blood. Life is in the blood.

I believe that the benefits of ultraviolet therapy—detoxification of the blood—can be received through massive doses of vitamin D3 daily. Even a short-term loading dose of 50,000 units per day for a week should be considered (under medical supervision). It is not toxic but uninformed people will tell you that it is.

The shortest route to blood detoxification would be ultraviolet sterilization. It is also called blood irradiation or photoluminescence. The alternative doctor draws a small amount of blood, places it for a few seconds under UV light and then re-injects it into the patient. The history of this procedure and its success goes back to the 1920s, according to Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

Now, of course, any alternative success which is not under the controlled medical system is forbidden and risks the medical license of those doctors who actually put their patients’ health first. I myself had photoluminescence treatments and I think they were beneficial to me and others that I witnessed.

The doctor was well aware of the risk from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) et al. He would remove his equipment at night from his office in case of a raid.

Let me inject here that doctors—or anyone else—do not come into conscious reality until and unless they have inquiring minds and never, never cease questioning the modus operandi of "authority." One must always suspect that money and power motivates authority, and the very last thing would be an interest in the welfare of the public.

Now my doctor (can’t reveal his name) was savvy about alternative medicine. I would drive a few hundred miles to see him. But like so many intelligent people, he had a black hole in his thinking. He served a Federal sentence for "failing to file and pay his income tax." He protested his income tax on the grounds of refusing to "support the Vietnam War."

Come now, would any of you have been so foolish? I hope not.

The truth is that the Vietnam War and all wars were and are funded with NOTHING— called fiat. There is no such thing as income tax funding anything. This is the big deception and my good well-meaning doctor went to jail. How sad! I said nothing as this subject goes beyond the parameters of conventional thought. He would not have understood that fiat means that there is no payment, only exchange simulating payment.

As long as we believe that fiat is money, we will be grossly deceived. We cannot know reality.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Alexander

    I’m not a doctor but between this so-called “blood detoxification” and that same doctor going to prison and violating all sorts of laws sounds to me like criminal quackery, to say the least. We can not survive by making it up as we go along. That’s why we are a nation of laws. Furthermore, any and all therapies, unless shown by scientifically based tests to be useful, are a fraud. I would also note as I read more and more of your emails that they seem to contain an increasing number of apparently fraudulent claims, articles, and/or ads that are misleading. That’s not what being a conservative means to me.

    • Diana

      I myself have had these treatment from a Naturalpath in Denver Colorado. Before I went out to receive these treatments my doctors had told me there was nothing else they could do for my lung disease. They have had my on antibotics since I was 16 and I am now 65. They said call us when you have a fever of over 101. So, I went to my doctor and told them I was going to get this treatment and they said they had never heard of them but they wanted to see me as soon as I got back. I had several treatments and was in detox mode when I got back. I went to see my doctors when I got back and they told me they had never seen anything like it my lungs were clear. They said that I should have those treatments often. I asked if they would like to learn how to give the treatment and they said they could not because their insurance company would cancel them. Sad isn’t it the treatment worked but they can not learn how to help people. The story even gets worse. The man who gave me the treatment is now in prison for not have the proper license. It is a long story with which I will not bore you. But now I can not get the treatment that helped me so much.

    • Craig

      Quackery labels on alternatives, + Big-Pharma-FDA, & insurance mandates are reasons why Benjamin Rush [ Dec of independence signer] requested freedom of health provisions be added to the Constitution. To not do so would ensure a future health-& drug tyranny he said, which has proved now to be true.Doctors & patients live under threats of penalty if they don’t succumb to huge political funded policies.

    • Bob Hamrick

      The true “quackery” is the so-called “orthodox” medical “profession”, which cannot cure anything. With few exceptions, MOST prescription drugs are designed to “manage symptoms”, with ZERO consideration given to side effects. I am 69 years of age, have not been to an MD in over 20 years, a dentist in over 10 years, and just had my first eye exam in over 10 years. I am on ZERO prescription drugs, and have NO “sickness insurance” which only pays for treatments GUARANTEED to keep you sick your entire miserable life. In the unlikely event that either my wife or I ever have a “catastrophic illness” we will continue to rely on our Father YHVH and our Lord Yeshua to (a) heal us; or (b) show us how to get healed; AND (c) provide us with the money we need to do so.
      FYI ALL cancers are FUNGAL INFECTIONS and can be treated with changes to diet, adjustment of the blood pH to a more alkaline state (oral bicarbonate of soda), and oxygenation of the blood via exercise &/or hydrogen peroxide therapy.
      Interested parties should write me for websites. We have NO financial interest in any information provided.

      • Doug

        Hi Bob.
        With all thats going on in the world today. I would be interested in those websites. I am not ill or anything. But if i ever do become ill, maybe these websites can help. Here is my email address again

        Thankyou Bob.

      • w.a.miler

        I too would appreciate any and all information on these methods. I live part of the year in the Philippines and doctors there are more open minded. Also they don’t worry about “AMA, lawyers or, big pharmacy.”

        • Bob Hamrick

          Kindly supply email address, and we will forward URL’s etc.

          • Jim Butler


            Would be very interested in the websites (URLs) you mentioned. God bless. Thanks

      • William

        Would like information on the websites. Mail to

      • Illene

        I have stage 4 breast cancer metastasized to the lung and stomach cancer. I received radiation to the inoperable tumor in my lung and I’ve been receiving chemo for over a year.

        We believed my condition was terminal and I would have died within 3 to 6 months without radical treatment. The chemo and radiation reduced my cancer drastically and I’m doing much better, but I became so ill that I began to feel I was dying from the chemo and not the cancer. I recently told my doctor that I felt I couldn’t take any more chemo at this time. My plan is to never take it again.

        It’s been a couple of months since I had a chemo treatment and I’m feeling much better. I’ve learned a lot from Bob Livingston and other sources about how diet can help heal me. I’m eating to heal my body now. I know if I don’t find ways to make my body work properly to overcome this disease, it will come back with a force that will take me out. Many others have lived healthy lives for many years once they began eating for healing. I would welcome any information that might help me live.

        I’m 55 and I believe I am productive and have a lot more life to live. But, I believe if Obama has his way, I will be one of many patients who are not worth treating. So I can’t rely on the medical community for my future. My healing is in the hands of God and I can improve my chances by learning how He meant for things to work together. He provided us with everything we need including healing plants. I need to learn all I can about alternative healing methods.

        • Bob Hamrick

          Hi Ilene:
          Please send email address, and we will forward everything we have.

        • Illene

          My e-mail is
          (My name is Star Illene Davidson)

        • Toby Lee

          any one with breast cancer should know about the data on vitamin D. Go to and look under the ‘Cancer Treatment’ page

        • mike

          Have you had your vitmain D levels checked. Their is data showing that breast cancer patient with high levels do much better than those with low levels. You can see the data at

      • Amy Nason

        I am 70 years young. I take no prescription meds and see a doctor once every 2 or 3 years just to get a blood workup and track my numbers to see if I need to pay more attention to particular supplementation. I would be very interested in receiving the informaton you mentioned.

        • Bob Hamrick

          Happy to help. Please send email address.

      • Yarbyaya

        Bob Hamrick, I would like to receive the information, too, please: Thank you very much!

      • Robert

        Please send websites for alternative health…thanks

      • Michelle

        Please send the websites on alternative health. Thank you.

      • Bob Hamrick

        From Bob Hamrick:
        Anyone wishing the information offered in the above MUST INCLUDE IN YOUR REQUEST an email address to which to send it. Otherwise we have no way of knowing where to send it.

      • murray


        please also email your links collection to me at:

        Thanks, Murray

      • s c

        You got it, Bob. ‘Orthodox’ quacks are owned – body and soul – by the unholy AMA/FDA/drug company ‘priesthood.’ In turn, these concentration camp sycophants are aided and abetted by career politicians. What we get from this twisted mutual admiration society is outrageous prices, unscientific treatment and a lowered quality of life.
        Good health begins at home. You need an open mind, courage and the willingness to test all medical ‘expertise.’ The alternative is to live in slavery, hoping that your slave-masters will not gleefully steal all your money while you and your family are sacrificed on the altar of false gods.

      • Beve C

        Hi Bob,

        I’d like to have the websites you mentioned. Thanks so much.

        • Bob Hamrick

          We can’t send you anything without your email address.

        • Beve C
      • Marlyne Thompson

        Please send me all these web sites…..I have been diagnosed with cancer of the sinus cavity. Thanks

        • Bob Hamrick

          We need your email address in order to send the info.

      • Ray


        Everything you have stated is so true. Where did you get this type of information? The reason I asked is that I have a nutrition and health Information club in The Villages, Florida. Our club has speakers and your topic would be very interesting for discussion.


        Ray Trubey

      • Sue Gallion

        I’m also interested in getting the info. Thanks so much!

      • Susan K.

        Please send the info you have to


      • Flo


        Would like the url list/websites.

      • Rose

        Please send the websites that you referenced above.


      • Nick

        Please send me the website information on preventing and curing cancer/fungus.. thank you

      • Carrie Wilhelm

        Would like the info. my email is Thanks.

      • Terri Dance

        Please send info,I am mom of 6 and not well

      • Bob T

        Please send info on websites to

      • Jerry Carson

        HI Bob Hamrick,

        I am not seriously sick but 2 of my relatives are. and I would appreciate it very much if you can furnish me with the website

        My email address is my country is the
        Philippines and I am a client of Health Resources.

        Ephraim Jose L. Tiangha

      • Lynda

        If you please I would like those websites. I also have been manipulated by the medical establishment and I am so afraid of what
        they might ask me to do.

    • AJ

      Alexander, you are right as far as the U.S. being a nation of laws; however, they are no longer Constitutional laws and that’s what forces all of us to break away and return to our God-given rights. Every human being should have the right to CHOOSE what to do with their bodies as far as maintaining and healing. We should not have to subjected to FORCED treatments and immunizations as we are, either.
      I thank God for people like Mr. Livingston…..the brave ones who are willing to risk everything to keep us educated and free!

  • David Gallo

    Bob, I have followed your news letter and web site for quite awhile and generally been in agreement with you. However, on your health info I have to take exception, especially on cancer. I was diagnosed with chronic lympocitic leukemia in 2006 and have persued many supposed cures to no avail (all alternate types ) and have avoided the poison and burn mainstream treatments. After 3 years I’m still going nowhere!
    ( Including most of yours’) I have been seeing an alternative dr. for 8 mos and you’re right about how skittish they are. I’m, of course, being told every one’s different, however I’m beginning to believe thats just an easy out. I guess what I’m ultimately saying is, don’t be so sure of your advice on cancer. An example is Farrah Faucett, the 6 trips to Germany were fruitless. I have spoken to some who beat it but it’s a rare occurance.

    • Lori

      You’re mistaken about Farrah. She had chemotherapy before going to Germany and also just a different type of targeted chemo in Germany. She would only be considered alternative methods had she never had any chemo and used alternative only. Chemo has a less than 1% cure rate, only reduces the size of tumors and when it comes back it will come back with a vengence as the body’s immune system has no way to battle it and the patient usually succumbs.
      Studies done of people that had no chemo and no treatment have outlived chemo patients and with less pain. Generally it is the chemo that the patient dies from when the body organs can no longer process the toxins.
      If you were to watch “Farrah’s story” on TV (and they don’t emphasize this statement to the public a lot) at the end she states 3 things and one of those are “I wish i had known about alternative therapies earlier” as if she had it to do over she would have never gone this course of treatment. Please go back and listen and hear that if you get nothing else from her struggle and death. JMO Lori

    • NMB63

      Have you ever read the research of Dr. Hulda Clark?

    • Ray

      You need to contact Bill Henderson at and get his ebook. His book is “The Bible” on cancer healing. Bill is a wonderful person and has written his 3rd edition and has over 40,000 subscribers worldwide helping over 3000 people even in stage IV survive from cancer. He also has a newsletter and a weekly webtalk radio show.

  • Robert

    A couple points to make:

    I have heard ultraviolet therapy referred to as photoluminescence. My understanding is that ultraviolet light kills bacteria and viruses. Oreck manufactures the halo vacuum which kills germs with a UV light. Hospitals use UV to disinfect surfaces. I know of an individual who was sick (with the flu or a cold, I know not which), and had the UV blood procedure performed, with good results.

    My understanding is that Dr. Royal Rife researched the effects of frequencies on living organisms (bacteria, paramecia, viruses, etc), and discovered how to use the organism’s own resonating frequency to cause it to explode and die. Perhaps this UV technology is related to Dr. Rife’s work?

    Vitamin D comes in several forms. At least one of the synthetic forms of Vitamin D has been shown to be toxic. Of course, the Vitamin D found naturally in certain foods and produced by the body is the good kind (I believe D3). Therefore, buyer beware: ensure that you are getting the good kind of Vitamin D!

    • Toby Lee

      UV certainly kills virus and bacteria but within the body this is thought to occur due to its production of vitamin D. Vitamin D stimulates the body to produce natural antivital and antibacterial peptides. Its why we get colds in the winter-our vitamin d levels are even lower than in the summer( almost everyone is deficient these days) and its is why TB patients were sent to rest in the country and get sunshine. You can do yourself a great deal of good by getting your vitamin D levels up. Fears of toxicity are way over rated. is a very good source of information

  • s c

    Not all German clinics are equal. Trying to defeat death is not why we search for better medical care. Given the pathetic record of the AMA/FDA approach to life-threatening conditions/diseases, it’s no wonder why alternative therapies are used. Finding something that works is #1. Cut, burn and poison may be your cup of tea. It shouldn’t be any surprise that doctors who are ‘expected’ to endure cut, burn
    and poison when THEY get ill see things in an entirely different light. When the AMA earns its reputation is when people should see them as scientists and healers who care. Until then, shop around.

  • Jay


    I’m not sure what is meant by this sentence: “I believe that the benefits of ultraviolet therapy—detoxification of the blood—can be received through massive doses of vitamin D3 daily.”

    I understand that you suggest both D3 and UV may be useful in detoxifying the blood. The statement, as written, almost implies a relationship, but perhaps you are saying that a person can detox their blood to a similar degree and effect by simply using D3. And that this is much more easily done, since doctors have gotten in trouble with the UV method. Yes?

    Responding to Alexander’s comments, limiting all therapies to what has been scientifically proven useful, is: impractical, doesn’t apply in situations where all else has failed, and probably means modern rigorous testing. For therapies, I include the simple scientific method of results based trial & error…if 80 out of 100 people improved significantly, that’s good enough to try it myself. Major factors in determining that some therapies are worth trying without rigorous testing is the potential for downside reactions, how ‘natural’ and cost. Hey, if historically charcoal soothes an acidic stomach, has little to no negative side effects, and costs cents, but there aren’t numerous, rigorous studies, then “little scientific evidence” is trumped by numerical odds – common sense should prevail.

  • Craig

    I’ve lost my mother & 2 friends to cancer. They all had the same comment when confronted with alternative methods by friends & family ; I cannot afford anything except what health insurance will pay for & chemo-radiation is the Only method approved .
    Two were on pensions , one disabled, and all past their productive money-making years.
    The only way I’d support gov’t sick-care is if they delete the chemo-radiation only [Dr. penalty mandate], allow choice ; and teach alternatives + nutrition in oncology school.

    • Ray


      For a very inexpensive way to heal from your cancer visit this web site . This website is from Bill Henderson. He has written is 3rd edition and has helped over 3000 people even in stage IV survive cancer and has a newsletter and a weekly webtalk radio show.

      Just check it out for yourself.


  • Les Wood

    Some Naturepaths are brilliant. Some are quacks. My wife’s life was saved by a brilliant Naturepath, after being diagnosed with a kidney desease that was going to require strong steroid treatments with many, many life alterating side effects. We elected to pay for the private diagnosis of a Naturepath, and 8 weeks later, when she returned to our HMO paid doctor, he could only say: “We must have made a mistake, because there are no signs of a kidney desease”. I too went to a Naturepath, and the quack wanted to sell me every herbal medicine in her stock.

    My advice is to find that brilliant Naturepath, because with Universal Health Care looming on the horizon, you will have very little chance of receiving any care let alone proper care. If you have the time, write your concerns about socialized medicine. We need the freedom to free-market our medical needs without government rationing that will discriminate against the elderly sick. You must take care of yourself, by learning about preventative medicines such as vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Vitamin D-3 in dry powdered capsules is a must of at least 4000 IU’s per day.

    Les Wood

  • marshall carpenter

    russia is big user of photollumniance treatment many us dr have been to exp it read the dockmented book by an fameious dr called “into the light’ also the best approved treatment in usa and world tha is the highest success rate check the website ‘ cyberknife by ARAY the usa factory is years behind demand form hosp and outhe countries it is a secret that every one needs to know over 50,000 have ben saved painl-free. PLEASE SPREAD THE WEB SITE CYBERKNIFE .COM CHECK OUT THE STOCK ARAY ITS A WINNER AS MORE LIVES ARE SAVED PAINLESS AND LOW COST WE CAN AFFORD THIS HEALTH CARE CHEMO ? RAD ? IS NOT NESSARY

  • Stan

    The only health care system that is going to work is one that emphasizes prevention over treatment. That isn’t going to happen through the system as is, because it is based on profit-making, and the more, of course, the ‘healthier’, for the system’s operators. So the current system, with its built-in anti-social incentives, has to go. But a tax-based system won’t work either if the same mentality is involved, ie, treatment over prevention. So we are at a crossroads, with our approach to health care.

    Alexander is right to the extent that alternative medicine needs to have a verification process for its claims. Yes, ‘quacks’ can ply their trade in the alternative field; but they are also present in mainstream medicine as well. In any event, the answer is not in letting mainstream medicine carry the day; that is horrendously expensive, and has proven to be not fit for purpose. The answer, to me, is a combo of both private medicine practice and public medicine practice – as in Australia – with the public practice emphasizing prevention, and not paying huge, budget-breaking amounts for drug therapy. The CAM field – Complementary and Alternative Medicine – is ready to go. It’s time for it to be unleashed, and the political clout of organized medicine & the pharma industry rolled back.

    As for incentives, I like the old Chinese system, where the ‘doctors’ were paid to keep the citizenry well, and if they got sick, they were treated for free. That would clear up a heckuva lot of the current distorted incentives, where the system’s acolytes make more money the sicker the people are. Great for business. Not so great for society.

    Lao Tzu said a lot of wise things, 2500 years ago. One of them was: The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers. I pondered on that for a while, before I got it. And a current-time equivalent is: The more doctors and hospitals, the more illness and disease. Think about it. And join the revolution.

  • Eric g

    I really cant understand how drawing out a little blood with a syrnge and treating it with light ,and than inject the blood back in . is going to do much good . But it is true that sunlight will kill germs . maybe a continuse clear tube and heat the blood up even and bring it back to body tempeture before it goes back in the body .could possibley kill more germs . This should not be a expensive treatment ,but we dont want any air bubbles . I guess I might try this if it was available for a couple of hundred dollars .but anything this complicated would most likely cost fifty thousand per treatment .

    • debra can not heat blood up because the red blood cells will hemolyse.Which means the red blood cells will burst and all the electrolytes contained within the cells are released . The most dangeous is sodium and potassium. The is why when someone has a high fever..say with the flu..and the fever is not controlled they may die. This swine flu going around really scares me. The body is overwhelmed with fluids,organ failure and resp.failure. Debra

      • s c

        Blood cells can be heated – if you use the right type. I don’t have that info in front of me, or I’d include it here. If you got your info from an AMA source, consider doing more research. Remember, the AMA and its robots have no use for vitamins or nutrition – let alone heat therapy (they can’t get rich from things that can’t be patented). AMA ‘science’ is closer to politics than true science. It makes MDs rich, but does nothing to help patients (how can people revere these quacks?).

        • debra

          SC…no I did not get my info from the AMA. I am a hemodialysis RN. Because there is a unit of blood out of the body(circulating via the artificial kidney) the pt.gets cold. We have to keep the dialysate solution at 37c in order to keep the blood warm enough. Pts have been killed from an increase in the temp. from hemolysis as stated above. Thank God now the machines we use now have so many protective mechanisms on the machines there is little human error. Something else you might find interesting..there is no such thing as a VAMPIRE! The human body cannot digest blood. They will either vomit it out or it will go straight thru. No nutritiants will be absorbed. But you are right about the AMA..everything is about money. DeBra

  • Jack

    Why would they not try this with DIALYSIS MACHINES? Like all they have to do is add the Ultra Violet light to it and it could be used for more than what it is currently used for. Good grief they have the equipment to clean your blood already so why not take it a step farther.

    • debra

      Jack please what I wrote above..Trust me pts have died from the temp. on the machines malfunctioning. Now the dialysis machines are much better and don`t depend on humans mucking up as bad.

  • Jayme

    That’s an excellent idea Jack. My Mom left this world because she was to have dialysis and it was overwhelming, just awful. All that scares me so.

    Has there been anyone that has made the decision to use the ultraviolet therapy instead of chemo and it completely healed them?

    Also, the vitamin D3…is that is what’s in our supplements we are taking? I thought all of them were natural. I’ve never heard of synthetic D. ?!

    • s c

      Check with Bob Livingston on supplements. Anything that makes money in this world attracts people who don’t hesitate to sell things that should not be bought. In supplements, there is quality and there is garbage. Read the labels. Stick with name brands. When you can buy something that seems like a bargain, be suspicious. Sellers will line up to make money at your expense. It can bad for your health. You have to protect yourself at all times.
      Good health you and yours.

  • Ruby Stackhouse-Lester

    Please keep me up to date on this subject…Thank you

  • Jack C. Trabucco

    How can I find a list of Drs. that apply photoluminscence. Thanks for your efforts in this regard.
    Jack C. Trabucco

  • NJ Benmayor

    Bob Hamrick, I would like the alternative sites please send to

  • http://willnotbepublished LV

    Please send me the list of alternative sites, treatments, etc.

    Thank you so much!


    • Bob Hamrick

      Again, we cannot send anyone anything without an email address! EVERYONE! Send it to

      • Rae

        I would also be interested in those Web sites, Bob.

  • toby Lee

    Light therapy has been used for many years. The Germans and Russians used UV to improve the performance of their athletes. We now know that this UV therapy produces its results by producing vitamin D and that has now been shown to improve athletic performance. Before long everyone will be discussing their vitamin D levels rather than their cholesterol levels! has all the information.

  • David Gallo

    Taking a moment to play devils advocate, my personal experences with many of these “cure’s” have not been very encouraging. I’ll name a few which have been less than successful.and are mentioned often in these replies. vitamin D3, bicarbonate 0f soda, aloe, flax oil with lo-fat cottage cheese (Dr. Budwigs claim to fame), flax seed lignans, uv light treatments, intravenous vitamin C, chelation for heavy metal removal, removal of all almagam fillings (mercury). essiac tea ( Rene Caisse’s claim to fame), ahcc (mushroom blend), Avamar, marketed in the U.S. as Ave, I had several conversations with the president of the co. he couldn’t believe my not responding to Ave, diet changes’ life style changes etc. etc ,etc, I won’t bore you with anymore of this. except to say this is over the past 3 yrs. I’ve had to face up the distinct possiblity there are no definite answers and many will fail regardless of our best efforts and the experts should temper their claims. Many who’ve never had cancer!

  • mike

    There is so much news about vitamin D that I have looked into this and we all need to be taking it. The web site has some of the best summaries and their new tiny micro pill is the best I have seen. They also give free supplies of vitamin D to their customers children. You should check it out

  • Merl Elton

    All vitamin D or any other vitamin should not necessarily be taken in massive doses; as this can cause liver problems, skin problems, other organ damage. The key to being healthy dates back to ancient times when philosophers and other sages advised living in moderation. In medicine dosage is determined by weight,
    physiology, and age. A 5 foot tall, 100 pound woman does not require the same dose as a 6 foot man weighing 180 pounds. Also, several recent scientific studies have show that too much vitamin A;over 500mg a day; will block the absorption of calcium and other vital bone nutirents; and quickly cause osteoporosis leading to hip and back fractures. Any vitamin must be carefully evaluated through scientific studies, investigations, and trials before being recommended for everyone. In chemistry and in medicine, one size does not fit all. Caution is therefore advise in recommending massive doses of any elment.

    • mike

      to worry about vitamin D toxicity is like a someone dieing of thirst worrying about drowning. The data shows we are all below optimal levels. Take a look at

  • http://----- John R Clark MD

    When I am made King of Planet Earth I shall make all inhabitants abide by the following rules. Then we shall not be bothered by diabetes, obesity, most cancers, cardio/cerebro vascular diseases, nearly all arthritis, nearly all autoimmune illnesses (e.g. multiple sclerosis, autism, hyperthyroidism), plus a huge number of other diseases. Most of my subjects shall honor me for their vitality, but some shall curse me for making their occupations unnecessary. The rules are these:
    1. No further ingesting of animal proteins (i.e. all foods are plant-based)
    2. Daily exercise for all ages
    3. Daily exposure to sunlight: the darker the skin tone the more the exposure
    4. Vitamin D3 for those whose latitude precludes sunlight for lengthy times
    5. Charitable acts for others

  • Ghem

    I already heard about Ultraviolet therapy and other alternative therapies specifically for cancer and AIDS. but here in the Philippines those treatment should be considered as “No approved therapeutic claim” otherwise you’ll go to jail. There are some filipino inventors protested that their inventions could’nt go to market because they will never get the license required by law. Hey Bob please send me more info. thanks a lot.

  • Jayme

    Hi, I hope I can still get that information sent to me about the ultralight therapy! My email is Thank you!

  • Virginia

    When I met my husband he had been given months to live. I bought an alternative herbal treatment for him to try. It dates back to biblical times. Now even though the “last ditch” experimental treatments did nothing for him, as stated by his doctors, the cancer began shrinking months after beginning this treatment and he has now been cancer free for more than 4 years. This was the 2nd time he had cancer and did the chemo route, etc. The last treatment they tried, the experimental treatment, was the saliva from a Monitor Lizard. 6 out of the 12 participants of the study were cured. The others were not. One of the problems they believed kept it from helping my husband was that his white count always stayed up, which was unusual. They believe his immune system may have fought off the enzymes from the saliva before it could attack the cancer. They even tried doses 2 or 3 times the original amount. If you would like to know more about it send me your email address and I will send you the link where I have ordered it.
    And it was not expensive. At the time I did not feel that it was a scam someone was using to prey on people who were desparate. It only cost me $15.00 plus shipping.


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