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Vitamin D May Provide Health Benefits To The Obese

September 24, 2010 by  

Vitamin D may provide health benefits to the obese  Recent estimates have indicated that the costs associated with treating conditions related to the obesity epidemic are putting a significant strain on the healthcare system. Obesity causes a person's health to deteriorate in a range of ways, resulting in the need for significant treatment.

However, a recent study from researchers at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center found that increasing vitamin D intake may help overweight individuals reduce their risk of developing some of these conditions.

Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, who led the investigation, said that losing weight is the preferred method for improving health. However, if that is not possible, vitamin D supplementation may provide positive results.

"Since over 50 percent of women in the U.S. are overweight or obese, and losing weight is difficult, other means are needed. One way is to use progesterone, but it increases breast cancer risk. Vitamin D supplements are likely to be safer than [alternative treatments]."

She added that taking vitamin supplements and spending a few more minutes in the sun each week may be an effective way for individuals to increase their intake of the nutrient.

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  • littlelucy

    DA,you think,this has been common knowledge for 100 years,read a book.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      You might want to consider reading more than one….then you might realize that for every natural or alternative treatment book there’s an army of Big Pharma subsidized books and Big Pharma subsidized medical doctors manipulating people through fear.

  • s c

    Littlelucy, knowledge that isn’t acted on is basically worthless. It’s no coincidence that the one grup in America that doesn’t agree that Vitamin D is important to good health is the same group that takes its marching orders from Big Pharma and the FDA [the AMA].
    In effect, we’re on our own when it comes to getting the knowledge we need to get and stay healthy. What do you think will happen when 1) people start to admit that Obummer’s healthcare ‘miracle’ is a curse and 2) America is stuck with CODEX?

  • http://gmail i41

    BarryOcare will kill off a lot of fat people. The biggest problem for fat people is when they are young is there is nothing forthem to do. Cann’t mow lawns because they must be permitted, over 18 to operate lawn mowers over 12 hp. What elitist Congressional union rear kisser wrote it up? Drunk Teddy Kenndy and his smuck socialist democrats pushed the idea kids should just have fun and screw off. Just look at the fat hogs of all ages America has, same pasture pool players that claim they need exercise, use golf carts and such alcohol like fish. These same paremnt let their brats sit on couches and go to a few camps and eat crap. The other problem is staying up all night and not getting up and doing something by 7 in the morning. Fat lazy a$$ed kids develope in to do nothing fat A$$ed slobs. The idea someone take cares of you till age 27, I though you were an adult at age 18. Parent need some back bones and stop the brats from eating junk food and drink pop non stop. If women are so fat they cann’t walk and need to start acting alive, go to the swimming pool every day for laps. We are creating more 40 hour overeducate lazy pigs every day.

  • s c

    It’s very disappointing to see such a poor response on this topic, America. Much of the time, it’s apparent that Americans are “too busy” to care about health matters.
    For now, be glad that insurance companies don’t go out of their way to target obese people. If you think Uncle Scam won’t use that as leverage, you have too much faith in the old SOB.
    A single issue has MUCH to do with so many Americans being obese. That issue is the heavy use of government-sanctioned, corn-based sweeteners [via 'government-blessed' monopolies]. If Uncle Scam gave a damn about doing his job, firms that make corn-based sweeteners wouldn’t make so much money or affect the health of so many Americans.
    At the same time, it needs to be said that the AMA and the FDA make a bad situation worse. Where are your true priorities, America? Uncle Scam will NOT protect you. He will abuse, manipulate and try to enslave you, but he will NOT protect you. Learn that lesson, or put on your chains.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      I agree with you; sad turn-out on such an important topic. In our/their defense….I think it’s more than just being too busy; While the AMA and FDA’s initial intent may have been to help people…they now seem to use their talents (such as it is now) to discredit just about all treatments that don’t fit in their neat little traditional medicine trunk. Even for the few non-traditional medical treatments they may not be openly discrediting….they still tend to confuse by manipulating our fears. They have now morphed into a power-grubbing accomplice to the lobbyists and politicians they serve.

      Thanks for your comments; I enjoy reading your posts.

    • dan az

      with what they put in cows to fatten them up dont ya think that it is the reason that kids eating nothing but burgers and fries that it is doing the same to them if the hormones are doing what they are to the girls?Seems to go back to the billions of dollars that are made each year on fitness gyms and pills that have allot to do with it!

      • Granny Mae

        dan az

        You are so right! There are additives in all our food from the vegies and deserts to the meat we put on our plate. There are so many additives that it makes my head spin. It is not just beef that you need to be concerned with there are growths stimulants even in chicken. If a farmer is going to butcher a chicken for his Sunday dinner he has to stop feeding that chicken any feed for 48 hours before butchering ! This is to allow the junk in the feed to leave the body of the chicken ! I don’t think they ever completely leave. I know because I raise chickens for our own use and we don’t feed any of that junk food ! All these growth hormones are so the animal will grow faster so as to get the animal to market quicker and cost the farmer less money ! I read one time of people feeding cattle cement to make them weigh more at the time of sale ! Disgusting !

      • s c

        Dan az, Uncle Scam is at the heart of every health issue in America. The Unholy Three [AMA, FDA and Big Pharma] tell Uncle Scam what to do and how to act as a Nazi-like enforcer.
        To me, corn-based artificial sweeteners (and sold-out, pimped-out, prostituted MDs) are responsible for getting and keeping so many people
        (kids and adults) sick. Try and find an MD who has the GUTS to tell parents to STOP letting their kids drink pop and eating food that’s laced with that POISON. A pox on the Unholy Three. Keep a baseball bat and a healthy grudge handy for Uncle Scam.

    • Granny Mae

      S C,

      You are very right about the poor response and I am one of those Americans, I’m sorry to say. For me it is because I have been talking about this and the possible causes of the weight problems in this country but it always falls on deaf ears ! I am of the opinion that much of our weight problems are caused by several things , none of which are being addressed by the powers that be ! One is as you said, there is a tremendous amount of corn syrup being used in our foods today and no-one listens and looks ! Just about everything you pick up from your pantry has corn syrup in it ! Off hand I can think of coffee creamer, ketchup, store bought jam and how about worcestershire sauce,breakfast cereals,boxed mac and cheese and crackers, and those time savers for the working mom, Hamburger Helper just to name a few. It is in everything and there is not a day goes by that you don’t get it somewhere. Is it any wonder that we are plagued with diabetes today? Two, I also believe that Thyroid problems are more prevelant in this country than most people know and it contributes to many other diseases that plague us than we are aware of. More people live away from the ocean than live near it and those people stand a high chance of suffering from and undiagnosed Thyroid problem. I was born and raised in a state that is far from the ocean and we never ate sea food when I was growing up because it was not available to us. I remember my cousin had to have iodine added to her milk everyday to treat her for a Thyroid problem. It wasn’t until I was 50 years old that we discovered that my parents and grand parents had Thyroid problems and they have been handed down to me and my children. Shortly after my discovery we discovered that my husband and his family also have Thyroid problems. His mother and his sister and he has it ! Makes me wonder how many more people walking this earth are having the same problems, and also have trouble loosing weight ! For some people with this problem it is impossible to loose weight untill they get treatment. These people will suffer with tiredness that will range from falling asleep easily to have no energy to get out of a chair to take themselves to the bathroom ! Doctors give them the brush off for years before they will treat them for this problem. I know because I’m one of them !
      Three is far to many people go to their doctors for treatment for something and over time they find that the doctor has put them on six or seven different meds. and never taken them off any of them and who knows what these meds. are breaking down into combined together, at body temperature ! Eventually they effect the heart, kidneys and liver and eyes and most of all the immune system. This can lead to a lot of weight problems because when you are not getting well you are not as active as a healthy person. You won’t necessarily look sickly, in fact you may look just as healthy as the guy next to you so others will make the mistake of thinking that you are just being lazy or inactive when they feel you should get up and go to the gym or the spa or the pool! If the things wrong inside you are effecting your heart you will look perfectly fine but you sure will find yourself being mighty careful doing any strenuous exercise ! You just can’t tell by looking at someone if they are healthy or not if your going to judge them by their size ! When I was a child I was very thin and active, but I was the most unhealthy child in my school. I caught everything coming my way all the time ! Everyone would tell my mother that she should force me to eat more or she should make me drink malted milks and high calorie things when I was younger. I just didn’t gain weight and I was not a kid to eat candy ! There are many things that cause people to be obese. Some of it is within them and some times it is their eating habits. I have also discovered that people with diabetes will crave sugar and sweet things and they have no clue as to why. The reason is that their body isn’t able to change the sugar into energy so they begin to crave it as their brain is telling their body they need fuel for energy. The more they eat the more that food is turned to fat because it isn’t getting used as energy and it becomes a vicious cycle. People that don’t know about diabetes think the diabetic is fat because he eats too many sweets and on the surface that is just what it looks like when infact it is because they are diabetic that they are so fat ! Once they get the right treatment then the craving for food goes away and they can then loose weight ! Type II diabetics don’t start having problems untill they are older and perhaps that is because other illnesses have taken a tole on their pancreas or even perhaps some medicine taken in their early years has effected their pancreas and it just takes a long time till it gets to the point of effecting the body to the degree that it is noticable to the patient and they have been diabetic for years and never knew it ! All these know-it-all people that think they have all the answers as to why everyone is so fat really don’t know their butt from their elbow ! Under Obama this problem is going to get worse instead of better because people will start being refused coverage for their medical care and it takes time for doctors to find your problems. Finally I believe that there are so many additives in our foods and dyes in our foods that no one pays any attention to and believe me these substances are making us very sick and fat. Most of these substances cause cancer and they are in our foods that we eat every day. Especially the foods that our children eat. Why is it that we can make homemade vanilla pudding and everyone loves it and never says UGH because it isn’t of a certain shade of vanilla white, but if you buy that pudding in a box to make or even buy it already made it will have red or blue food dye in it ? One of the red food dyes was developed as a insecticide ! We eat it in our food and then we wonder why we get cancer ! Why is it that no-one is screaming about all these additives and dyes ? Why are we not demanding the government stop allowing their use in our foods? There are people out there that shout from the highest pulpit that the government should take cookies out of schools and no sugar deserts allowed but they will say nothing about the food dyes those same children eat and they are doing more harm to their health than any cookie full of calories that a child will burn off just running in the halls at school ! Makes no sense to me ! I discovered one thing by raising my hyper active grandson and that is food dyes were a killer for him. I challenge any parent out there that has a hyper and behavior problem child to take a test. Take your children off all food dyes and food additives for one month and see what happens ! After three days I will guarentee you will see the biggest difference you can imagine! I also promise you that for you it won’t be easy. You will have to look at every label on every thing you buy ! I mean every label on every thing ! To make it easier for you I will tell you the secret is to check the label from the bottom up to find the dyes ! For more information on this check out the Feingold Institute on line.
      It is difficult at first but it gets easier with time and even the kids can help. My grandson use to tell me grandma I can’t have that it makes me crazy ! You will also have to watch all medicines too. I made the mistake one time of giving him a capsule that was red on one end and yellow on the other, for his headache ! Not thinking. After about 5 or so minutes he was off to the races ! Please try this if you have children with hyperactivity and some behavior problems as it sure does beat putting them on drugs if at all possible. You can make homemade food coloring from foods themselves to use instead of the store bought ! Also watch marshmellows and marshmellow cream, they have dyes in them too !

      OK sorry for the long speach but once I got started I just couldn’t stop. Here is to your good health !

    • liz marsh

      You’re right Uncle Scam will not protect us, we each need to study and become knowledgeable about health for ourselves and our families. A famous old book says, “They perish for lack of knowledge”.
      About the corn high fructose sweeteners, I was disappointed to learn that the glycemic index is about the same for it as it is for honey. What it comes down to is the quantity used. That means we need to eat less pre-prepared packaged foods and instead start cooking from scratch (like fresh veggies and fruit) again. That’s also easier on the pocket book.
      Personally, I go organic as much as possible, mainly to avoid the pesticides and altered foods, and hopefully get more minerals and vitamins from food grown in rotation, etc. Supplementation helps.

  • Captain H Frith,II

    Health Care MUST be taken out of the hands of insurance companies. Imagine the logic behind insuring someone’s health You bet you’re going to get sick or have an accident and lay your gamble on the table. The insurance company takes the bet stating that you’re not going to get sick or injured.
    However, as in the recent past you state you’re obese or have diabetes, ETC. and the insurance company states PREEXISTING CONDITION! maybe they will … maybe they won’t… but, in the case of accepting you as an beneficiary … THEY KNOW THEY WILL LOSE MONEY ON YOUR COVERAGE. So, what’s the natural thing they’ve always done? Find a way to not provide coverage. What might that be? Only they know. Could be, they lose your file, your claim is denied, deny the benefit because the doctor or clerk failed to check a box.They are clever! Really clever!! They force it into arbitration where rich doctors who work for the insurance companies (past… present …future) almost always decide in favor of the provider.

    • dan az

      captain H
      they would just raise the cost of the insurance so high that you would have to look somewhere else for service!

    • Granny Mae


      I agree with you to a degree but I also know that the insurance company’s have also been taken advantage of. Have you ever been in the hospital for something and then asked for an itemized bill? If not I sugest that you do it some time, it will knock your socks off ! The hospital charges the insurance company over a dollar each just for aspirin ! My last stay in the hospital my insurance company was charged for things I never recieved ! When I inquired about it they told me it was their policy to do that so they could cover the costs of those that have no insurance coverage ! In other words the hospital was scamming the insurance company ! I no longer wonder why my insurance costs are so high !

      • dan az

        Ive seen it to allot when they asked me if they could get me anything I just say no and on the bill they just add what they want!


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