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Visible Proof That Oswald Was Innocent

January 10, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • meteorlady

    I find it hard to believe that Kennedy wasn’t assassinated because he signed an Executive Order that would have put the federal reserve out of business by not allowing the government to borrow money from the federal reserve. That EO was totally ignored and never enforced after LBJ took power.

    • Vigilant

      Sorry, meteorlady, the EO was designed to to do just the opposite, i.e., to give the Fed MORE power.

      Please see from which this comes:

      “E.O. 11,110 did not create new authority to issue additional silver certificates. In fact, its intention was to ease the process for their removal so that small denomination Federal Reserve Notes could replace them in accordance with a law Kennedy himself signed. If Kennedy had really sought to reduce Federal Reserve power, then why did he sign a bill that gave the Fed still more power?”

      • Rocky R.

        I remember the “President” made a speech before he left for texas,the
        part I remember was he said there are people waiting in the wings wanting him to do something and he said he won’t do that, so a few day’s later he was shot in texas,they never show the weapon any more that oswald alledgedly used was it because it was hard to focus because of the scope you would have to move it around to try to refocus it.
        It was like a magnifying glass scope,show the people the real weapon with the same scope,thank you!

  • Vigilant

    PROOF???? PROOF?????

    My God, I’ve seen some stretches in conspiracy theories, but this one tops them all.

  • Palin16

    Read “LBJ: Mastermind of the JFK Assassination”. The author presents very compelling evidence that LBJ ordered the killing. LBJ had the motive (to become president), the means (through buddies in the CIA and FBI) and the opportunity (he planned the motorcade route through Dealey Plaza). Johnson was photographed ducking in his car (2 cars back of Kennedy’s) 10 seconds before the first shot rang out. LBJ also chose who would be on the Warren Commission. He also ordered JFK’s body to be returned to Washington, DC without an autopsy in Dallas, contrary to Texas law. This was done in order to conceal entrance wounds from the front (grassy knoll), as Oswald’s view from the Texas School Book Depository would have been from Kennedy’s back, leading to the Magic Bullet theory.

  • s c

    Some readers weren’t around when JFK was murdered. November 22nd 1963 was a long time ago, folks. In all that time, I have never heard anyone explain certain issues.
    First, no self-respecting killer would use a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Second, Oswald was never viewed as a first-rate expert with a rifle, let alone a Mannlicher-Carcano. Third, to do what was done, either Oswald was a ringer, or he didn’t do it. Fourth, look at who was put on the Warren Commission. Fifth, what are the odds that so many people who were part of the JFK event (or were ‘too close’ for their own good) would die so close to November 22nd?
    This was the handiwork of a loner murderer? No way, folks. No flipping way.

    • Angel Wannabe

      sc, Oswald was nothing more than the “Fall Guy”!

    • Gabriel Benzur

      I always love it when clowns like you knock the Carcano, since they , like you, usually have no idea what they’re talking about. First, it is not a “Mannlicher-Carcano”. It is a Carcano Model 91/38, 6.5mm. It was an excellent weapon, and just as accurate as any Mauser, Enfield or Garrand, particularly at close range, say 100 to 200 yds. My teenaged daughter can hit a one inch target with a scoped 308 at 200 yds. It requires no special training- just a rest, as Oswald had in the Book Depository. In addition, while Oswald was no super marksman, he was trained by the USMC and was familiar with weapons. He was designated a Sharpshooter. Dopes like you fail to explain the fact that only a few months before the successful assasination of JFK, Oswald attempted to kill Gen Walker on April 10, 1963, using the same rifle Kennedy was killed with. If you don’t think the Carcano is an accurate weapon, we can test one. You stand 100 yds from me and give me one shot at you. We’ll get all your conspiracy theory chums to watch. I’ll make it ever better: I’ll use iron sights and shoot flat-footed. Oswald used a scope, and was braced with boxes of books, to kill Kennedy. Go put on your aluminum foil hat and try to contact Buck Rogers.

  • metroman

    check for this newer conspiracy.

  • mickey

    News Flash
    There is no Santa Clause and Obama cannot walk on water.
    Who cares who shot Kennedy anyway? Marylyn Monroe and some other hookers?

    • PATRIOT 101

      You are (probably) a young fool. This murder was never properly investigated and was (quite possibly) the biggest conspiracy ever gotten away with (so far). This was a government takeover. If that doesn’t bother you, you need to find a new country to call home!
      This still bothers me, I was only 19 yrs. old at the time of the assassination, but remember it well.
      What I remember is Walter Cronkite announcing that 3 shots were fired. It always caused me to wonder about how (so soon) he definitively reported 3 shots being fired. On ground eye witness reports were that many shots were fired! This tells me that the “fix” was in all the way to the “most trusted name in news”, Walter Cronkite. It would have been irresponsible to report 3 shot unless this was to be the official story. In other words, the story was written (by whoever the cover-up committee was!) before any shots were fired!

  • Rocky R.

    Everyone I urge you to obtain this survival book on,”Martial Law.”
    Listen to him very closely and heed his warnings,stay safe “America.”

  • http://Facebook&Yahoo John Boswell

    I have researched this for some time and personally knew Joseph Milteer,in the 70′s,who was said to have known about the assasination before the act.I disagree with this and many other details I have heard.Here are my findings, I believe to be true:L.B.J. set J.F.K.up to be assasinated.He was being blackmailed by an oil tycoon in Texas, who had fixed the election for become Governor in Texas.Remember the names:Clark..Cord Meyer(Kennedy had affair with his wife)..Lee Bowers-friend to Walter Rischel. J.F.K. was shot by James Files,from grassy knoll,in left temple.Johnny Roselli & McColetti shot from depository.Oswald was C.I.A.,undercover,was there to personally try to save Kennedy, but placed there as a patsy.*Also-added comment- Aristotle Onasis paid to have Robert Kennedy shot.

  • CJM

    I have always questioned the assassination of President Kennedy and I have always believed that Oswald did NOT act alone. There really were two gunman–one in the book depository and the other on the grassy knoll. Frankly, I believe LBJ had something to do with the death of Kennedy; his behavior in demanding the swearing in as President and FORCING Jackie Kennedy to witness his “Oath of Office” says a lot about the lack of character in LBJ. And, yes he did force Jackie to be a witness–that was clearly documented during the investigation. There was no reason for LBJ to be sworn in at that awful moment, and he certainly did not need Jackie as a witness. Additionally, he treated the First Family quite shabbily in the aftermath–demanding that she be out of the WH immediately after the funeral. Crass, dirty old man that he was, his actions in the aftermath of the assassination are unforgiveable.

    • Please no more

      While LBJ was accussed of a lot of things, character and integrity were not among them. He was the most inconsiderate people that you could ever know. I don’t know if he was in on the plot, although I don’t doubt that he could have been. I agree that a lot of questions still need to be answered, but I don’t think all of them will ever be answered.

  • BrotherPatriot

    The conspiracy is so vast and reaches into so many organizations and has been going on for so long that it encompasses the children of the children of the original people who started it.

    The simple existance of the people who follow this Agenda defies logic & makes it hard to even believe that its all true. But, this does not change the fact that they actually exist and are indeed, pursuing a common Agenda.

    You see, what’s interesting about This conspiracy is that instead of having a goal attainable by the participants during their own life times…these people’s goal’s actually stretch deep into the future.

    The evidence of the History that has been left to us can not be refuted.

    A conspiracy theory stops being a theory when the evidence of History gives us facts concerning it. It’s a fact that through it all…the Masonic Cult’s connections into all the various organizations is present.

    It’s time to start talking about that which is not talked about. Reveal the truth…it’s the only way we’ll ever fix what is wrong w/our society.


    True American’s ABHOR secrecy!

    Especially since in a society that is trying to be fair and equal as the Constitution would allow us American’s to be, we then find ourselves having a faction within that very society. That if your not a member of it, your personal success is affected when you interact with it’s members. In other words, your hindered.

    I find this deeply disturbing when this faction is international.

    It’s real members primary loyalty is to this organization that they all participate with, instead of the very society of their Host Country that they are interwoven into.

    They have sworn oaths upon pain of death to not reveal. I mean, seriously…this isn’t rocket science. They indeed are concealing something that if it were to be revealed, comman man would rise up and put down this insiduous work.

    So say I.

    God Bless.

  • Larz

    I was attending 6th grade Parochial Catholic school just ending lunch period when news of Kennedy’s assasination rang the halls in CA. Nuns and many kids were crying probably because the adults being soo emotional. When the movie JFK came out I watched with steep ire as the events unfolded. Did it happen this way? If you rationalize what took place and how easily Kennedy was killed the only conclusion is to look at those responsible for his safety! In there lies the lies and deception. The Bible-Code show Oswald but is incomplete due I think to the missing parts eliminated for reasons unknown by clerics thus the missing Bible original writings. Sometime in the near future with super-super computers I suspect the whole truth will be revealed. Ending all the speculation and well, “BULL!”

  • http://FortWorth G.S.

    There is a videio tape”The men who killed Kennedy” that explains the conspiracy but not the actual killer.

  • S. V. Anderson

    Of course this video by Ralph Cinque is nonsense and no educated person should be duped by such shoddy theories. The following factual rebuttal should open a few eyes about hos goofy this theory really is.

    1. Oswald himself, during two days of questioning NEVER said even one time that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the assassination. Logical minds would assume that IF Oswald were in fact standing in the doorway at the time of the assassinaiton he would know this and HE would offer this fact as proof of his innocence, yet strangely for Cinque’s theory, Oswald NEVER once told authorities that it was him standing in the doorway.

    2. Billy Lovelady, the TSBD co-worker of Oswald (and who bore a general resemblance to Oswald) was shown the Altgens photograph in question and without hesitation picked himself out as the man standing in the doorway. What is further proof that it is Lovelady is the fact that Loveloady doesn’t appear anywhere else in the Altgen photograph nor in the Tina Towner film taken from directly across the street from the TSBD.

    When confronted with this uncomfortable fact, Ralph Cinque’s response was that Billy Lovelady was working for the CIA. Cinque is also convinced that the conspirators were nervous that Lovelady was about the spill the beans prior to his 1979 appearance before the HSCA so an invisible conspiracy-controlled hit squad “heart-attacked him” (Cinque’s exact words NOT mine.)

    3. Other co-workers including Wesley Frazier pointed out the individual in the doorway as being NOT Lee Oswald but Billy Lovelady.

    Ralph Cinque responded to this point by alleging that Wesley Frazier was ALSO working for the CIA.

    4. Oswald stated plainly and clearly that he was INSIDE the building at the time of the assassination during a televised question and answer interchange in the hallway of the Dallas Police department headquarters.

    5. James Altgens took the photograph in question at exactly 12:30 CST moments after the second bullet had struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally. His camera holding this film never left Altgens hands, and he NEVER stated that his camera was stolen, nor did he hand the film over to any strangers, nor did he lose his camera with the film inside for even one second until he handed it personally to the film developing technician at the AP headquarters located less than a block from the assassination site. The film was turned over for developing at approximately 12:48-12:50. The film was developed and a print was rushed to the wires where it was IMMEDIATELY sent around the world. Newspapers around the globe received their copy of the photograph in question at 1:03 (according to the time stamp located on the photograph.) Therefore, there was NO unaccounted for time in which Cinque’s imagined alterations could have occurred. When confronted with this uncomfortable yet incontrovertable fact, Cinque only responds with “Well I see alterations to the film and therefore it must have been done somehow by someone at some location. I just don’t know the answers to any of these questions.”

    When asked to explain Altgens’ firm testimony that he never gave up his film to anyone other than his film development technician he responded that the AP service was crawling with CIA agents and disinformationists.

    None of these CIA individuals have ever been identified however.

    6. Cinque bases his claim that it was Oswald in the photograph on his misinterpretation of an exchange between Capt. Will Fritz and Lee Oswald during Oswald’s questioning. According to recently- released, hand-written notes taken during Oswald’s interrogation, Capt. Fritz stated that Oswald told him that he “was outside talking with Bill Shelley.” During another questioning session, Oswald stated emphatically that he met with Shelley AFTER the assassinaiton and that he asked Shelley if there would be any further work for the day and according to Oswald, Shelley told him, “No.” That was the reason why Oswald said he left work for the day in mid-shift. The glaring problem with this point for Cinque is the fact that Bill Shelley denied ever talking with Oswald after the assassination at all. And Shelley denied vehemently that he ever told Oswald that he could leave for the day.

    When confronted with this uncomfortable fact, Ralph Cinque’s response was to allege that Bill Shelley must be working for the CIA.

    7. Ralph Cinque received his “training” to be a chiropractor at UCLA in the early 1970s. Cinque has never taken a photographic analysis course, never attended a photographic analysis seminar, is not a member of any photographic analysis organizations, and has never stated that he even knows the NAME of any such organizations, yet ALL of his photographic “interpretations” have been done by himself. Even though Cinque has been peddling this “theory” for nearly eight months now he has been unable to find ONE reconized photographic expert anywhere in the world that agrees with his convoluted and confusing claims about the alleged alterations made to the Altgens photograph in question. The best he has been able to do is to organize a rag-tag team of dentists, chiropractor buddies of his, close friends, and fellow conspiracy cultists to lend their ‘support” of his “findings.” But try as he might he cannot find a single photographic expert to voice their agreement.

    When asked about this lack of expert concurance Cinque states that privately MANY photographic experts have secretly contacted him and given their complete support to his “findings”. Cinque has failed to produce even one name however so that other researchers can double check his claims.

    When asked why the mainstream media has failed to report on his “findings” which he believes exonerated Oswald, he claims that the media is all controlled by the government and they are only allowed to publish news stories favorable to the “powers that be.” When asked why conspiracies such as the Watergate scandal, the Iran-Contra affair, Monika Lewinsky, Geniffer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Travelgate were all written about by seemingly unregulated journalists, Cinque remained silent and failed to address this contradictory evidence.

    8. In a nutshell, Ralph Cinque’s convoluted claims are as follows (and forgive me if I get some points wrong but there are so many different versions of his theory that are always changing that it is impossible to keep straight exactly WHAT it is that Ralph Cinque is trying to prove):
    a. The Altgens photograph was snapped at the moment of the assassination.
    b. A team of conspirators were located within the crowd at Dealey Plaza looking for people that took photographs that might reveal Oswald at the time of the assassination. Exactly HOW this team knew of Oswald’s whereabouts at thie time Cinque never bothers to clarify, nor does he clarify why this team didn’t simply confiscate cameras prior to the assassination for “security” reasons rather that allow dozens of cameras to snap pictures of Oswald and then have to go through the unbelievably complicated process of locaing the film, stealing the film, altering the film, returning the film, and covering up all evidence of said alteration). Nor does Cinque explain why OTHER cameras were NOt confiscated, such at the camera used by Jim Towner as he snapped a photograph directly across the street from the TSBD and one which could reasonable be expected to reveal Oswald much more clearly than the Altgens photograph would.
    c. After the one photograph that showed Oswald was miraculously located, it was somehow stolen from the hands of its owner without his knowedge, whisked away to some unknown, unidentified, and unlocated photo lab where alterations were made to the picture, using the limited technology available in 1963.
    d. Apparently according to Cinque’s theory the team of conspirators already had a photograph of Billy Lovelady on hand so that they could replace Oswald’s face with Lovelady’s face. But of course this poses a problem doesn’t it? Wouldn’t the conspirators have to have had dozens and dozens of photographs of Lovelady all of varying sizes so that they could match Lovelady’s head size with the head size of Oswald. Surely since they didn’t WHICh photograph would reveal Oswald nor from which angle this photograph would be snapped, the conspirators would need an innumerable number of Lovelady photos so that they could match Oswald’s body size, torso orientation in respect to the camera, and head size. Exactly WHERE the conspirators acquired all of these head shots of Billy Lovelady Cinque never is able to explain.
    e. Another problem exists however with Cinque’s theory of photo alteration–how was this done with 1963 technology? When Cinque first floated the Doorman Theory his explanation was (and I quote) “It could easily be done by altering the contrast between light and dark.”

    It was also pointed out that the head of Billy Lovelady (or Lee Oswald in Cinque’s mind) was actually about the size of a dull pencil’s lead. HOW such tiny film space was successfully altered was never addressed by Cinque, he simply ignored this logistical problem.

    No one needed to tell readers that Cinque didn’t have a scholarly background in photographic alteration. It was immediately clear that he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

    9. Another problem with Cinque’s theory centers on Oswald’s co-workers. Why didn’t even ONE of them state that they saw Oswald on the front steps of the TSBD at the time of the assassination? If Cinque’s claims had ANY credibility one would reasonably expect that at least a few co-workers would come forth and state, “Oh yeah…I saw Lee, he was standing on the steps right by me at the time of the shooting.” But instead, NOT ONE SINGLE co-worker corroborated Ralph Cinque’s groundless claim that it was Oswald standing there rather than Billy Lovelady.

    And finally…

    10. The entire premise of an overly-complicated, ridiculous, unnecessary photo alteration plot is…simply stated…moronic. There is NO REASON for this invisible team of unnamed, unidentified, unseen conspirators to allow photographs to be freely taken by possibly hundreds of eyewitnesses (not to mention possible flims as well that would reveal Oswald in the doorway) and then have to go to the trouble of locating all of the incriminating photographs/films, steal them right from under the noses of thgeir owners, whisk them away to a nearby photog lab–staffed with individuals that in 49 years have never breathed a word of their nefarious deeds) alter them using limited 1963 technology, return them to their orignial owners without detection, all to frame a man who’s fingerprints would later be found on the murder weapon and whose own words would not concur with this ridiculous conspiracy plot.

    The fact that ANYONE has bought into Ralph Cinque’s “Door Man” theory is possible evidence that critical thinking in America is dead. The ONLY victims to embrace the Door Man theory have to be individuals whose background into the Kennedy assassination is so limited they know virtually nothing of the actual evidence, the timeline constraints, or the logistics of altering photographs with 1963 technology.

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