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‘Violence Tax’ Just Another Attempted Gun Grab

October 10, 2012 by  

Illinois gun grabbers are getting creative in their efforts to make one of the most restrictive gun law States even tougher on legal gun owners.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is considering imposing a “violence tax” on guns and ammunition. The county encompasses Chicago, which has seen murders rise by 25 percent this year, according to recent police statistics.

In Illinois, a person must first obtain a State permit to buy a firearm. The State is the only one in the Nation that does not allow concealed carry in some form.

Preckwinkle’s Chief of Staff Kurt Summers cited a report issued last summer showing that nearly one-third of the guns recovered on Chicago’s streets were purchased in suburban gun shops. He did not say how many of those guns found on the street were stolen from the lawful owners. Odds are it’s most of them. He also failed to mention a Chicago Police Department study that showed that 88 percent of all murderers and 76 percent of all murder victims had prior criminal records, which indicates the city’s recidivism rate is extremely high.

The move, Summers said, is designed to curb the number of guns in circulation and pay for the cost of people injured by gun violence. According to Summers, it costs the county $52,000 to treat a gunshot victim that does not have health insurance, and 70 percent of gunshot victims are uninsured.

This is not a completely new idea. In 2007, Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado — now a Chicago alderman — tried to pass a 10 cents-per-bullet tax (and even tried to make it 50 cents per bullet). That proposal failed.

Passing such a tax would have no effect on the number of guns in circulation, which is already heavily restricted. It would hinder the free exercise of 2nd Amendment rights by lawful gun owners by forcing them to either pay more for their guns and ammo or go outside the county to make their purchases. Illinois County gun dealers will doubtless see decreased sales, and the poorest of the county’s residents may no longer be able to afford to protect themselves from the growing criminal element in the county.

Meanwhile, criminals — who are criminals because they disobey established laws — will continue to obtain weapons and ammunition by stealing them from homeowners and purchasing them on the black market (without paying a tax).

Additionally, two bills are in the hopper in the Illinois State Legislature that would create taxes on ammunition. This is further indication that in Illinois, the elites are gun grabbers and money grubbers with no interest in the health and well-being of their poorest law-abiding citizens or the financial health of a group of small-business owners.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • CZ52

    I would not call this a gun grab because it only affects future purchases of guns and ammo. However, if they succeed in getting this put into effect you can bet they will next attempt to tax ALL guns in Cook county (politicians and cops personal guns exempted of course). This will be a gun grab because you know the penalty for not paying the annual tax will be confiscation of the firearm. This is the major reason to oppose gun registration. In fact I will go so far as to state anyone who supports gun registration also supports gun confiscation at the whim of those in power politicaly.

    • Vicki

      Future purchases are still an attempt to make gun ownership too expensive for the poor.
      Thus it IS a gun grab.

      • 45caliber


        The idea is to make it too expensive for the poor to own a gun or any means to defend themselves. Then – it is assumed – the criminals will tend to rob the poor since it would be safer than robbing the rich. It is simply another attempt by the elite to protect themselves at the expense of others.

      • CZ52

        Vicki, the reason I say it is not a grab is because to me “to grab” something means forcibly removing it from them not preventing them from having it to begain with or making it more difficult to have it..

    • eddie47d

      Cigarette’s are taxed because of the harm to folks and higher health and hospitalization costs. Alcohol is also taxed at a higher rate because of the damage to individuals and to society. I won’t say if this gun/ammunition tax is right or wrong because no one wants to be taxed out of the market on any product. Gun violence is the issue and somehow the hospitalization costs have to be recovered. Even a $.10 tax on one bullet seems extreme which as the article stated those buying will go someplace else.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        maybe we should tax the Ghetto rats and cut off their handouts….Seems like 90% or more of this gun violence in concentrated in the hood.. Everyone is getting sick and tired of these liberals always blaming guns when they should be blaming the shooters….Politically correctness is the cause of the problem…Always afraid to say it like it is in fear of hurting the black community feelings…I for one have had enough of this crap…

      • 45caliber


        If what you said was true then any person harmed by tobacco smoke or alcohol could get free aid in a hospital. They don’t.

        These items are taxed simply because a lot of people use them. Therefore the government can get more money from them than they could if they taxed liver for instance. It is the same reason the government taxes gasoline or many other things people want and uses.

      • CZ52

        45 you are correct. The taxes on tobacco and alcohol were started because the products were so popular and it was easy to raise revenue with taxes on them. However, it is true that in the last few years the powers that be have used the excuse that it is bad for you to justify raising those taxes even more.

    • Steve

      They would have to confiscate all of my bullets before they get to the gun. :)

      • 45caliber


        They don’t have to confiscate my bullets. I would be happy to give the bullets to them, one at a time. They can even have the cartridges if they pick up the empties later.

    • grover

      i wont give them my guns but they can have all my ammo EVERY LAST SHOT ,FREE

  • http://none Claire

    Personally, I think there should be gun registration. Beyond that, forget it. Criminals will always get guns so the issue is fruitless. I own guns and I will keep them and I will stand up for my right to have guns. That said, the issue of guns is just another ploy for the upcoming presidential election. Some organizations like the NRA are too big for their britches. Whatever happened to the possibility of electing a candidate that has no connections with these big organizations and big corporations? One thing for sure, I bet this candidate would be honest. Corporations and organizations are ruling America. They want their favorite person to be elected so that they can continue to receive their perks,etc. And Illinois politicians should be working on the economy and other issues instead of wasting time screwing around. Wonder if Rahm has sent anyone a dead fish lately? The little twerp–he knew he would be elected mayor of Chicago.



      • CZ52

        I would suggest first joining the NRA then if you can join one or both of these:

        Gun Owners of America
        National association for gun rights.

      • ChristyK

        GOA and NAGR are much better protectors of our rights than is the NRA. The NRA endorses candidates that don’t really stand up for our 2nd amendment rights and especially our other rights. They have gotten so big that they are more about power and less about protecting us. It is just like AARP which used to be a conservative organization, but is now only about money and power.

    • Rob

      Gun registration would only add your name to the list of homes to visit when they come to take them away. Besides, registration wouldn’t do anything to thugs who obtain them illegally. How many firearms and what types I own are none of the government’s business, unless I use them for illegal purposes, which would land me in the same catergory as the law-breaking thugs.

    • 45caliber


      Why bother to register them? If one is stolen from you and used in a crime is it going to be able to be used as evidence to convict the criminal? Registration does nothing except tell the government who has a particular gun if they want to collect it. Besides, they are registered. Every time you buy a gun from a dealer you have to fill out a form telling the government that you bought it.

      And don’t think they won’t use it against you. A man I used to know grew up in New Jersey. When he was a teen, he bought a .22 semiautomatic rifle there. Nearly thirty years later they banned it – and sent him a letter in Texas telling him that he had turn it in. The only way they could get his name was to use the original form (which legally was supposed to be destroyed by that time) and trace him to Texas by some method such as income tax returns.

      As far as the NRA and other such groups backing a politician – is it any worse than unions spending the money they take from members to back politicians the members don’t like or want in office? I freely contribute to NRA because I have no problem with the politicians they select to back – in BOTH parties.

    • Ranchman

      You’re a gun owner who supports gun registration? Wow. That’s like being a Conservative Socialist. Why would you support the government’s right to take away something you own? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • http://Summer William

    Really! this is an ammunition grab. An analogy, they don’t have to take your cars to keep you off the road, just the gas!

    • 45caliber

      As Schummer once said, “We can’t take their guns because of the d**m Constitution but the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the ammo. If we make ammo too expensive for anyone to buy, the guns are useless.”

  • pete0097

    If they are going to have a “Violence Tax” then they should tax the violent, not the peaceful. Make a tax on every person that delibrately shoots someone. Recover the lost medical bills.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      how can you tax a convict??? Just give him a warm place to dwell and feed him better than most people eat..Give him a flat screen tv for his cell and a free cell phone..Give him the best medical care and make sure hid feelings aren’t hurt so he wont sue the prison system..Send him there to prey on the weak and learn to be a better criminal…Yep,thats the way it is..Thank you liberal Pendejos for your contribution to society.

      • Larry K.

        man! have you got that right.

    • eddie47d

      You are only correct with your first sentence. Our prison system is no Holiday Inn which you assume. If an inmate wants a TV in his cell he has to buy it himself. No cell phones are allowed in prisons either. The food is lousy and generally not fit for a dog. Medical care is weak and often denied. Instead of great rehabilitation programs in some prisons Conservatives take them away. The prisoners are released and thanks to those Conservatives who denied them help they end up right back in the justice system. To make another point it takes approximately $10,000 to help a prisoner get off of drugs (1 year) and with little recidivism. It costs $30,000 a year to incarcerate a prisoner who doesn’t get help and the recidivism rate is high. Conservatives are usually the ones that deny the wiser choice.

      • Larry K.

        tell all that to a poor homeless person. they would even like that food not fit for a dog.

      • Robert Robbins

        Sounds like u have been there. And pray tell me how u can blame the conservatives when u liberals have been in charge all tyhe time. U LIBERALS MAKE ME SICK, FROM THE TOP ON DOWN.

      • 45caliber


        So if a convict wants a TV in his cell, he has to buy it himself. Boy, isn’t that horrible? The rest of us have to do the same thing if we want one.

        In any case, the food is actually quite good. When I was a prison guard I ate it every time I had a chance. As you stated, cell phones are not allowed – primarily to keep gang leaders from giving orders to their gang from their cells.

        All prisons have some form of training for prisoners so they can get a job when they get out. But as one convict stated, “Why should I get a job when I get out when I can rob someone and don’t have to take someone’s orders all the time?”

        I know it is a convict’s right to gripe, just as it is a soldier’s right. But that doesn’t necessarily make it so. From the sound of it, you can personally testify to that.

      • eddie47d

        I was responding to Bob Peters comment and proved him wrong Caliber. Yes I do have a relative in prison and what does that have to do with Liberals Robert Robbins? Its Conservative who enact draconian laws which piles more citizens into prison. That is why the system is over taxed in taking care of so many.

      • Ranchman

        So, Eddie, Conservatives are to blame for criminals being criminals? This is exactly what’s wrong with America today; bleeding heart Liberals who try to blame everybody except the guilty one. Maybe his daddy didn’t love him enough, so why not tax dads to death? Maybe his mommy didn’t breast feed, so why not tax baby formula to the max? Are you getting my point, dufus?

      • gunner689AI

        if it’s so bad why do so many do their best to get back in. Obviousl some people need to stay in prison because that’s the only place where they obey the rules.

    • 45caliber

      I would love to tax the violent. However, that isn’t allowed because the violent NEED their money. After all, they have to pay expensive lawyers who are generally law partners with the politicians who make the laws. You wouldnt’ want those lawyers to have to work for free would you!?

      Incidently, many prisoners love it in the pen. As one told me once, “I have a good place to sleep, I get good free food, I get free clothing, I can watch TV, I have my ‘ho in the next bunk, and I have you suckers to wait on me.”

  • dan

    only amiteurs use guns…real psychopaths use governments and armies

    • TIME

      Dear Dan,

      What a fine post indeed, saddly the wisdom ~~ will be lost on many who are with either to slow in wit, ~ or have no wit at all.

      As History repeats its self yet again, after how many times now ~~ still Human kind finds the circle has not changed.

      As we trade off one Hitler like figure for a new updated style. Afterall you know those uniforms just don’t work anylonger ~~ so now we use the special $10.000.00 tailored Armani silk suits, ~~ with a $400.00 Hermes tie, – $2500.00 Bally shoes and that special $200.00 hair cut, to impress the mindless sheep / TOOLS so they will be willing to take away their own rights,

      Then ~ place themselfs in chains ~~ inside of gated homes, with bars on the windows, and yet they think they are safe.

      *** But the question’s are really quite simple ~ let alone the same TIME after TIME :
      Just what are you safe from?
      How is it that being in lock down makes you safe?
      And safe from WHOM?

      Saddly humans are in love with the idea of being tools for their own enslavement ~ let alone thier own self destruction. Thus ~~ Ignorance is King LIVES..

      Peace and Love be with you, my Brother, stay WISE, and Stay well.

      • 45caliber

        Humans do make their own chains and those in power know it. All they have to do is give the prisoners something to make them happy in their chains. I believe one of the real reasons so many want to make drugs legal is to help keep those chained people happy.

        One thing to keep in mind. The Romans gave free food to all the poor and gave them free circuses (gladiatoral combat) to keep them happy. Our government is more progressive. They give the poor free food and TVs with sports games to keep them entertained.

  • Chris Williams

    Rahms values are spreading to the rest of the state. Slowly disarm the good citizens in one of the most violent areas of the U.S. We get what we vote for. No wonder originally only male land owners were allowed to vote. They had a stake in the game. Now it’s a free for all.

    • 45caliber

      His values are spreading to the rest of the state primarily because Chicago has the majority of any voters in any election. It’s like many other states with a single large city. Most of the state reps come from that city and the person running that city can control them to make sure the state has the laws he wants. Why do you think the Dailey’s held power there so long?

  • Jerry Nappi

    Another Tea Tax of 1774? Of course what would be expected from Illinois. First to tax something else for more money to squander, then as a sidebar an attack on taking away 2nd Amendment rights. It’s getting so bad out here that I think the govt’s should all be downsized to reduce all our taxes. We don’t need all the taxes and the govt doesn’t need all that money they squander. There are many programs you can put a finger on- millions in aid to middle east countries that hate us; billions to rebuild Mosques in foreign countries; millions on how monkeys react to stimuli; spiders living in N.E. but not in N.W.; how long it takes a mailman to walk his route; do your eyes stay open when you sneeze. You, yourself could think of many more. Theses are but a few of many programs where Govt. squanders our taxpayer dollars. Even down to the local levels where free use of govt. vehicles, gas, parties, etc. is squandering of more tax payer dollars. We are the only ones that can stop this abuse.

    • 45caliber

      My God, Jerry! You want to deprive all those politicians from being able to buy votes? That’s unAmerican, isn’t it?

      Seriously, I agree with you. In my family, if we aren’t bringing in enough money to buy everything we want, we have to cut back our spending. But the government simply steals more from the taxpayers. It is like the loans the Feds are now taking out so they can spend more money. They aren’t the ones who have to pay off those loans – we are.

      I think we should go back to the original government of the USA. That was the Dept of State (to deal with foreign countries in peace), the Dept of War (not Defense, to deal with foreign countries who refuse to deal with State), and the Dept of Treasury to pay for those. Congress would meet once every two years for a couple of months to make sure those departments were doing their job. And Congressmen weren’t paid to do it.

  • Denni


  • ajax

    Chicago has always been pro criminal. Criminals from all over the country have gravitated to this haven. The idea of the citizens securing some protection against the criminal is a criminal act in itself. Citizens are prohibited to have any form oif defense against the pltitician’s ally.

    • 45caliber


      I disagree with one thing you said. You stated that the criminals were the politicians’ allies. They most certainly are NOT! The criminals ARE the politicians! They have been since the early 1920′s.

  • AmericanIcon

    Another example of terminal cranio-rectal inversion syndrome. Even someone with a room-temperature IQ is aware that those responsible for Chicago’s ‘gun violence’ don’t walk into a store and legally purchase firearms or ammunition – just as GCA 34 took arms out of the hands of the public by taxing – a $2 suppressor was taxed at $200 – and had no effect on criminal obtaining them, the only ones this will affect are honest civilians. Additionally, anyone who bothers to read history is fully aware of nation after nation following the three steps: Registration, confiscation, extermination. Whether civilization will be murdered by thugs with no regard for any ‘law’ or ‘tax’ or by its own perverted government is an open question.

  • 45caliber

    Please note one thing in the article above. Nearly all murderers and most victims are criminals already. Like Houston, they prey upon themselves. Should we really get concerned about that?

    A friend who is a cop once told me, “If they would simply leave the honest people alone, I’d be willing to give the criminals all the ammo they wanted.”

    The main reason the politicians there are concerned is because they ARE part of the criminals.

  • FreedomFighter

    One of the highest crime ridden places in the United States, Chicago, IL – has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

    Restrictive gun laws = high crime and murder rates

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Henry

    Since Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle thinks it’s such a good he should personally pay the tax for everybody.

    • Henry

      Oops that should read: thinks it’s such a good idea, he

  • Dee


  • gunner689AI

    Prisons should be quonset huts surronded by guard towers and razor wire. The yard should consist of 2 piles; one of large rocks the other sledge hammers. Dawn to dusk, Sundays off.
    As to violence taxes, how about an unwed mother’s tax. They’re the ones breeding these little cretins.

  • carolyn marlin

    When Cain’s children stopped hanging Children rapers, any raper, killers, Did not Cain’s children’s courts kick out God our Fathers Biblical law(send these people to Me, God your Father)????If you are anti-God/Christ/Holy Spirit, are you not Cain;s child???????

  • Mark S. Schroeder

    The state of Illinois and the city of Chicago legislators are Draconian in their approach to gun laws. Meanwhile the majority of states in the US are passing sensible gun legislation that safely makes it possible for law abiding citizen’s to purchase guns and obtain CCW permits so they can protect themselves and their families. It is a statically proven fact that in the states that have law abiding CCW licensed gun owners the crime rates keep steadily dropping every year. Back in Illinois people like Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle are drafting legislation that will be punishing law abiding citizens by attaching a local Tax on top of the already very high state and federal taxes on gun and ammunition purchases. You may remember when cigarettes were under $2 dollars a pack and the Federal Government decided to teach smokers a lesson by raising the cigarette tax so high that one pack of smokes now costs over $6 dollars in Michigan. The Federal Government decided to place an extra tax on ammunition trying to make it too expensive for gun owners to even practice shooting their gun. I have receipts for ammunition I bought back in 2005 and 2006 where I was paying $6 – $8 dollars per 50 count box of ammo and since then the price per box for the exact same brand and caliber of ammunition now costs $18 – $25 dollars per box. What Preckwinkle wants to do in Chicago is place an additional tax on top of the already excessively high state and federal taxes on ammunition and guns to help pay for criminal actions. This is equivalent to blaming law abiding gun owners for the unlawful actions of criminals by forcing gun owners to pay an excessive tax each time they purchase ammunition. How would you like it if the Government added $5 more dollars per gallon on top of what we already are paying at the pump to help pay for careless drivers getting into accidents as well as criminals who commit crimes using a vehicle? Well, that’s exactly what Preckwinkle wants to do with the “violence tax.” It doesn’t exactly seem right or fair does it?

    • a j foster

      Go back to my comments a few days ago and you will understand the reason.

  • JustAnotherJoe

    It is too bad that we cannot ship every last gun hating, second amendment hating citizen and politician in this country to places like Chicago, just so that they will feel safe knowing that the gun control they so willing embrace works so well-for the criminal. That would leave the rest of us who believe in the 2nd amendment as a right, to freely exercise our God given right to defend ourselves.


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