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Viguerie: McCain’s Victory Is Tea Party’s Victory

August 31, 2010 by  

Viguerie: McCain's victory is Tea Party's victory The Tea Party movement in Arizona may not have endorsed incumbent John McCain (R-Ariz.) in Tuesday’s primary elections but this did not prevent some conservatives from hailing his victory as a triumph of the grassroots movement.

For example, chairman of, Richard Viguerie, commented on the Arizona primary outcome by saying that McCain prevailed precisely because of the pressure put on him by the Tea Party and other fiscal conservatives. In Viguerie’s view, this allowed the Senator to rediscover his conservative identity.

"To receive that support, he had to give up his maverick positions that have sometimes given aid and comfort to the liberals," he said, adding that he is "sure Senator McCain knows very well that he would not have won if he had continued his reputation as the Democrats’ favorite Republican." has also expressed the view that if McCain had run a similarly aggressive and non-compromising campaign in the 2008 elections, he would have defeated Barack Obama for the presidency.

The incumbent’s opponent in Tuesday’s race, J.D. Hayworth, won only 32 percent of the vote against McCain’s 56 percent.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19931700-ADNFCR

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  • DaveH

    So this is what the Republicans want – a phony that will say anything to get elected? Gag me.

    • chula

      A phony that said anything to be elected would be Obama. John Mcain is a Vietnam vet. He cares about America. He has class and grace. Evidently he is what the republicans want, maybe the independents, and perhaps some democrats as well.

      • DaveH

        He is my state senator. I have written plenty of Emails to him concerning gun-control and other issues. I can tell you his replies are always mush-mouthed fence-straddling double-speak that is typical of politicians that will say whatever they think will keep them in office. He is a RINO.

        • Allan Halbert


          What is your opinion of Senator Kyl?

        • PootyPants

          He is one of “them”. If their light be darkness, how great is that darknss!

      • s c

        Chula, do you have a functional conscience? Can you distinguish between crap and shinola? Do you REALLY care about America?
        McCain is a has-been’s has-been. Many people made the same mistake with Bob Dole. When it comes to ‘leaders’ who owe their political careers to having been in the military, there is but ONE guideline.
        “THAT was THEN, but THIS is NOW.” If you ever forget that (and it sounds like you fell for it), America gets stuck with ass-kissing, media pimped, finger-in-the-wind, let’s be friends at all costs, buffoons like a certain character from Arizona (yes, I mean John frickin’ McTwit).
        Are you fresh out of high school? Do you not know the difference between reality and fantasy? Ye gods, chula. Please get used to having standards. For now, you could pass for a budding progressive.
        McCain was a RINO long before he ran for the White House. Grow up. That sharp pain in your back is caused by the knife that McCain uses to get suckers to vote for his sorry ass. Your country is being flushed down the toilet by RINOs, fence-sitters,
        warped progressives and DUPES. Wherever your head is, it’s NOT where it belongs.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I respect McCain for his military record very much!! I do! I am an RVN vet as well. That said, I do not respect his record as a politician at all!! He crosses the aisle so much, it’s hard to tell which side he is from!! He was all for amnesty until he figured he might lose in this campaign, then he’s all rough, tough, and protect the border!! If he holds on to win, it’ll be business as usual and amnesty!! The people of this country are tired of empty promises and back room deals and not representing the people that elected them. This is why Nobama will be a one hit wonder!!!

      • Deb B

        Dave H is totally right. John McCain is a progressive, trying to pose as a Republican. This has been going on since John McCain has been elected. Remember the Illegal Alien debacle a few years ago. Prog McCain and Prog Bush – and we had to stand up and howl to stop it.
        This has always been McCain’s M.O. and he will not change.

        • Commonsense

          I totally agree. All incumbents are crap. Dems and Reps. The whole senate and congress need to be cleaned out so our country can start over again and get back to our Constitution and reality, and I don’t mean someones’ own view of reality, but the “OUCCCHHH! That stove is hot.” kind of reality. And before any of you out there want to tell me how wonderful your state representatives are, I don’t care, if they’re in there now and haven’t stood up and said,” This is bullsh-t!” At the top of their lungs every day since they FDR or since they went in, they’re there solely for their own gain. OUT WITH THEM I SAY! We need people in our government who are for America Instead of for themselves. I just heard Obama and our state department apologize to the U.N. for the laws that Arizona passed on illegal immigration. How assinine does that sound. He is a bigger boob than I previously thought! Made me puke listening to that trash spew such rabble. From now on, any more crap I have to listen to coming from the idiots who support such a crock of filth as Obama or Pelosi or Reed, I am going to jack them up. I didn’t spend five years of my life in the military to let some moronic freeloader and his weepy schoolyard meathead thugs screw up the best country in the world. All of you pansy self-villianizing idiots out there that think The U.S.A is some sort of criminal, all you gotta do is ask me and I will buy you a one way ticket the hell and gone from here to any sorry-assed third world country you think is better than ours. This country is for U.S patriots only, anybody who thinks they need a free handout or free medical or thinks I owe them a living can get stuffed! It’s time to stand up, get grip, and get America back on its’ feet, and if the rest of the world doesn’t like it, TOO DAMN BAD!!!!

        • s c

          Deb B, here’s another chance for McCain to act like a theoretical ‘Repub’/RINO/pseudoconservative. If you haven’t heard it yet, two California professors are funneling tax dollars to provide ILLEGALS with cell phones so it will be easier for them to enter America ILLEGALLY. Those cell phones are equipped with satellite ground positioning technology, which will let them stick to ‘safe’ routes.
          How is this NOT a prime example of a prez who willingly and knowingly aids and abets ILLEGAL behavior? This “open” administration has more secrets to hide than Russia’s old KGB.
          Mr. Obama, you’ve done it again. Obama jock strap supporters, here’s your false “god” doing his best to destroy America at OUR expense. A pox on your philosophy, and a swift deportation to any country that will take your sorry arses. BE GONE!

    • Stephen

      Yes DaveH. I am with you. Understand I am a registered Republican and I think the harm McCain is doing us is tremendous. The food safety bill is just another way to pigeon hole the public into the codex harmonization.

      I really hope people wake up soon. Don’t take this to mean I like what Obama is doing. He is pigeon holing us too, only they are different pigeons going suck on us.

  • dan az

    He has always been for imagration reform along the lines of the libs so to put much faith into him would be like reelecting allah.hayward was not much better he talk the talk but cant walk the walk so be prepared to be disappointed once again!

    • DaveH

      This is why we can’t trust the Republicans to get us back to Constitutional law.
      There is only one political Party with the Principles to deliver Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government:

      Watch John Stossel and Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Channel to learn more.

      • George Halepis

        Just come right out and say it! THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY!

        • dan az

          actually george Ron Paul is a republican now!

        • Allan Halbert

          With the 2012 election just around the corner, I think the Tea Party is more likely to grow than the Libertarian Party.

  • s c

    The drug that Dickieboob Viguerie is mainlining is rotting what’s left of his brain. McCain and ‘grassroots’ are NEVER to be mentioned in the same breath.
    For now, let McHorse’s Ass enjoy his ‘victory.’ He knows that his days in Washington are coming to an end. As for Dickie, if he’s a closet progressive, it will come out sooner or later.
    Perhaps someone should contact the FDA and let them know that a dangerous and new designer drug is being used by RINOs and some people who call themselves ‘conservatives.’

    • JRHowosso

      I agree…….

  • J.M.R.

    what a choice in nov. vote for a lib or a lib.

    • CJ

      This is why we can’t change the direction of the government. NOBODY worth electing it running. You can’t fix a problem with only broken or defective parts.

  • jillian

    Are you freakin kidding me??!!! I’m so done with this crap!!! What a bunch of losers!!!

  • http://personalLibertynews Jamie

    As we all figured the TEA party is just another word for Republican. Its a shame but this country no longer has a conservative party. When the TEA party tells us that the Mavrick is there candidate its pretty much like a slap in the face of all real conservatives.

    • newspooner

      Patriots in other states should do what we are doing in Taxachusetts with the Tea Parties. One by one, the Libertarians and Constitutionalists are getting control of the local Tea Parties by getting into leadership positions, then doing the day-to-day work. The misguided Republicans (RINOs, neocons, country-clubbers, and other lazy pseudo-Republicans) quietly fall by the wayside and no longer taint the movement. So, while the Tea Party phenomenon continues, we will make some very good progress in the battle for freedom. We recognized very early on that if the Tea Parties became just another arm of the Republican Party, the whole movement would be doomed to failure and would further discourage good people from being involved. We are actively finding and recruiting many new tigers in the battle. You might be amazed at how many excellent candidates we have for Congress and State Legislature for this election cycle. Most of them are total beginners politically; they just became so pissed off that they finally wanted to do something. So now it is up to us to provide the leadership for them. We need to be realistic in our predictions because this is, after all, Taxachusetts, and we know how hard it is to get anybody good elected. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could replace even one of our 10 Socialist Congressmen with one of us? We are hopeful and definitely working hard.

      • DaveH

        Kudos, Newspooner. Keep up the good work.

      • rwnut

        newspooner…Hoorah! Way to go Patriot!

  • Loser

    John Hussein McCainoma will say anything to get elected, then run to his liberal progressive roots as soon as the vote is counted! You would be better off with a DemocRAT. At least you would know where they stood!

    • James

      I am continually amused (and saddened) that so many voters continue to believe that there are substantive differences between Democrats and Republicans. If one were to plot the Federal budget and the number of Federal employees as a function of administration in power, one would discover that the only thing “progressing” in Washington is the number of voters who have been deceived.

  • Dagney

    Since the Arizona primary, I’ve been wondering why McCain did not fight against Obama like he did conservative J.D. Hayworth. And, reading this article, I had a “what if” scenario run through my brain. What if, in 2008, McCain was against a Conservative Democrat who actually loves this country? Can you imagine the show we would have had? That would have been a sight to see! Sigh! Of course, as evidenced by the votes this last 20 months, there is no such thing as a conservative, or even moderate, Democrat. And, certainly no Democrat loves this country as it was constitued. So, our best choice is to completely stonewall any Democrat ever again reaching office, even if you have to accept a RINO. RINO’s at least care about being reelected and can (mostly) be counted on to listen to the American people. The Dems, however, just bowl over the American people and arrogantly think they know what’s best for us. I don’t think this country can stand much more of that!

    And, you libertarians, get over the third party idea. All you will do is hand elections to the Islamo-Dems. Not a good idea! Help take over the Republican party a piece at a time with the conservatives! It will take time, it took Reagan about 15 years. There is lots of hope, don’t pull away from it and hand victories to the evil side!

    • DaveH

      I’ve been hearing that same tired “don’t split the vote” scenario for 40 years. What has it gotten us? Bigger Government. Much Bigger.
      If you want to get back to real Freedom (not the Democrat version that your money is their money, or the Republican version that your body is their body) then the only real solution is to vote Libertarian. We believe people should be free to make their own mistakes with their own bodies and property. If they screw up they pay for their own mistakes or go begging. It is not the business of Government to protect people from themselves.
      Also, the morality expected from individuals should be expected of Government (who are just people). It is wrong for individuals to take the money and property of others and it wrong for Government to take the money and property of others. It is wrong for individuals to take the lives of others (except in self-defense), and it is wrong for Government to take the lives of others (except in self-defense).
      Vote Libertarian, those votes you split may well be the Democrats (there are some non-thieving Democrats). Regardless of that, continuing to elect quintessential politicians will just get you more of the same.

      • Dagney

        Oh, I agree with what you say about the evil of taking other people’s property and such. We’re on the same page. However, I deal with realities. Clinton got elected because of a third party candidate. Clinton, in some ways was not as bad as what we have now, unless you look at what he did with the CRA. Historically, though, look what happened when the Conservatives took over the Republican party in 1979 and we got Reagan. If Reagan had been blessed with a conservative senate and congress, just think of all the good he could have done! In that scenario, possibly Clinton would not have been able to help bring down the economy with the CRA.

        The Republicans have been doing a pretty good job of holding the line against the evil of the other side. Not one voted for the medical disaster coming down the pike. You are never going to have perfection. But, with the mood of the country now, it’s a good bet we can take over the Republican party and steer this country away for the so-called “socialist utopia” the democrats have planned for us! It is our only hope of keeping our “natural rights”!

        • ConnieTooshun

          Apparently you don’t quite understand Ronald Reagan. He was a really nice man. He was basically a good American. He spoke well, seemed honest, and probably really believed what he said. BUT, even by 1980 he was no longer his own man. He was controlled by his advisors (which included mostly Establishment figures, neocons, trotskyites, CFR conspirators, and others who were not fighting for the same things that we are fighting for), and he did not do things that he promised and could have done without the help of a “conservative” Congress or anyone else. For just one example, he promised me that if he got elected he would immediately eliminate the Department of Education. He could have done that easily, immediately, and unilaterally. He didn’t do it because his “advisors” urged him not to. And there are many more examples. So Reagan was not part of the solution; he was just a small application of letting up on the accelerator of slavery. If you had been able to talk with him back then, you too might have seen that while he was a warm, wonderful, and talented guy with a good heart, he was not psychologically capable of being an independent leader, which is what was needed. I suspected that he was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease even then. He just did not have the strength and awareness to provide what America needed. People with strong political awareness and insight have sensed that since his Administration, and that is a large part of why many of us realize that no real progress in the restoration of liberty was made then.

          • Dagney

            Hi, Connie: I’ll admit that while I was an adult when Reagan was president, I did not pay attention to politics at that time. I’m going off of his wonderful speeches that I’ve seen and read. My understanding was that he was pretty much ham-strung by a Democrat congress. You sound as if you have intimate knowledge and you could be right that he was in the early stages of Altzheimer’s at that time. However, if he did not succeed completely, for whatever reasons, the embodiment of what America should look like is in his words. I think he had many successes and America was hopeful and GOOD during his time. We are so far from that right now, it is frightening to many of us. I think we all want the America of strong self-reliance that is embodied in Reagan’s words.

        • Allan Halbert


          The problem is that the Republicans will resort to the same self-centered RINO behavior once their power is restored! They are 99.99% complacent and work for themselves! When they spend the next two years fighting the Democrats/Obama and don’t get much done, the Democrats will campaign on that to relect Obama! That’s why I don’t think Obama will feel bad about mid-term losses. I see it as do we want two years of stalemate with Obama getting reelected, or do we want to grow the third party to help defeat Obama in 2012? And if we do, the Republicans will also have to be more respectful. Said differently, is it more important to defeat liberals in 2010 or 2012?

      • Dagney

        And, no, there is no NO SUCH THING as a non-thieving Democrat. They never met a tax they didn’t like! Because, it’s “for the collective good”! That is their mantra.

      • newspooner

        And allow me to add some wisdom about racism. For good or bad, we are all stuck being whatever race we are. It was not our choice. This is true for everybody. Simple logic tells us then, that racism is stupid. Now who are the real racists? Are they Republicans? Are they Tea Partiers? Are they Libertarians? Are they “conservative” businessmen? Just who are they? The answer is quite simple. Just look at government programs and regulations. The real racists are those people who use government to control other people’s lives. They promote “affirmative action”. They dream up new regulations to tell us how to live our lives. They steal our money to “do good” as they see it. No, the real racists are not Tea Partiers, L:ibertarians, “conservative” businessmen, or most Republicans. The real racists are those who call themselves “liberals” (a misleading name since they are not in favor of liberty) because they promote government racism. Just read this year’s Census form. Individual racism is bad; institutional racism is worse; governmental racism is the worst of all.

        • CJ

          Although from the same root word, liberal and liberty have NOTHING similar in application to politics. A liberal is simply more generous, and conservative is less generous, when making decisions. In other words, a liberal will sway to the side of spending more on a project.

          • Allan Halbert

            I would say it differently…conservatives are known to give more to charity than liberals. That is generosity. I would say liberals believe more in entitlements than conservatives, which is being generous with other peoples money. I think it was Margaret Thatcher who said something like “liberalism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money”.

      • Fay

        went to Your site listed. not much there as far as I was concerned. You are on a site condeming or praising McCain but nothing nor any one is listed for Arizona. maybe all those letters we write to mcCain are helping Him to see who butters His bread so to speak and if He changes tactics once back in office We can all start an impeach Him petition. and let Him know it. right now we need to protect Our borders and get the UN out of our business. Help Governor Brewer and help keep McCain on the straight and narrow. I let Him and Jeff Flake have it with both barrels when I disapprove.

        • dan az

          I find it hard to say his name also so I just call him what he thinks he is and thats allah.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I respect your position, honestly. I asked you a question once before and if you answered, I didn’t see it. what happens if Nobama gets re-elected??? I think that will be the signal to ALL politicians that we agree with what he is doing whether we do or not. I’m worried that this country will not survive that and if you want to call me spineless then go ahead. I love this country, fought for it for eighteen months in a hellhole little swamp country that wasn’t worth one American life. I don’t want to see this country end up like that. Do I want any of the present crop of RINOS in office? HELL NO! But I don’t care to see what new horrors Nobama has in store for this country either! This country has never had as bad of a president as this progressive we have now, so you tell me, what will happen if he gets re-elected???

        • http://naver samurai

          I don’t even want to think about that.

  • Steve

    I agree with most of you, McCain is nothing but a fence jumping RINO. His past record of siding up with Kennedy in the Senate should have told the story. He will say or do anything to keep that office. His stance on immigration amnesty has always been a stance with the liberals. The Republican party as a whole has no feel for what the American people’s wishes or needs are. Just look at the idiot leading the party. It’s all about the special interest groups, political correctness, and keeping the puppets on stag to dictate. We need to THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT!

  • Arizona Don

    I’m from Arizona and I do not support John McCain, I am conservative. He is not conservative he is a progressive. He will not say he will not vote for amnesty therefore I believe he will. Consequently, I will not vote for him. I sent him a list of 10 things to find out his position on important issues, he has to this date not responded. Therefore I suspect it is right to predict he cannot be trusted to uphold conservative values.

  • Nate

    I waited 6 years to vote against this perfidious RINO in a primary. McLame had NOBODY on the ballot last time around. When this lying snake back stabs America , again, I’ll proudly say I was one of the 32% that voted against him. Now I’m faced with having to vote again for two-faced John because as rotten as he is , he’s not pure evil , like the Islamic-Communist party otherwise known as Democrats.

  • Frankie

    I used to think a lot of John McCain, but lost all faith with his wishy washy ways lately. I can’t vot for or against him (Texan) but do not trust him anymore. I did vote for him in the presidental election, only because I felt he cared for our country more than Obama. We realy don’t need thousands more Mexicans here. This rumor will bring them over by the droves!!

  • Maverick

    You so called libs and cons are sickening. If we had true no holds barred lack of taxation and any regulation you all would be imprisoned in some death camp with a maniacal dictator shooting you ass in the streets.

    • George Halepis

      What on earth are you talking about?

  • hwlone

    I would love to see JD run as an independent. We do not need a lying rino in the Senate to stab conservatives in the back. This gives lie to the mantra that the teaparty should not seek a third party. Alaska and AZ show the Easter elite GOP will not change.

    • George Halepis

      A true conservative should have no problem running as a Libertarian.

  • az wayne

    I like the spirit shown in comments and recognition of true mccain the RINO, worrying about how his republican handlers took over tea party is of little value. Mccain did not change mind and views and Actions speak louder than words. Giving in to democrats is as bad as uneducated who voted fore mccain. It is not that difficult to get true conservative gilyeat elected, to replace him so why not get going? Less than a third of republicans like mccain, a lot of democrats do not like glas man, a third of all voters are independent, how difficult can it be to get independent gilyeat elected? Does it take too much effort to take our country back, you don’t think it’s worth it?

  • bud

    Most Americans do not know what a hero is anymore. People have been calling John McCain a “hero.” Geez, so being a prisoner of war makes you a hero? Then there were thousands of Medal of Honor winners during WWI and WWII and every other conflict. Lets try to tell the difference between a “hero” and a “patriot” or a “soldier.”

    First of all there are no democrat heroes. However, there are a vast preponderance of democrat drug users, tax cheats, homosexuals, and cowards.

    Now the heroes were people who did something “above and beyond the call of duty.” McCain flew his plane and got shot down and became a prisoner. So all of a sudden he is a hero. Maybe he was just unlucky or maybe unskillful or maybe made bad choices. He was beaten by the NVA which I am sure was painful. But what did he do that was “above and beyond….?”

    No just doing your duty does not make you a hero. I will certainly give him this – he is so much more a hero than any of the democrats of the last 50 years. Look at how many of them lie about the military service – almost all of them.

    I have observed McCain for many years and he has always been a rino. The only thing he did while in congress, that could be considered
    patriotic or republican was to vote to give more funds to the military to keep us safe. Other than that he was a liberal who like to conceal his leftwingness by calling himself a “maverick.” His kowtowing to obama lost the Presidency to the worst traitor in American history.

    I truly hope that when this cancer on our Nation is exposed they will be tried and convicted of conspiracy to destroy the United States of America. There are probably about 54 of them who are the leaders and they should all be jailed, tried, convicted, and if they are the cause of a single death, they should all be given the gas chamber.

    • Don

      I think a good old fashioned PUBLIC hanging will provide the appropriate message to the traitors.

  • Rotties4

    John McCain is just like the BO he is easily influenced. Will turn on us in a heart beat. They need to come up with a real winner that is not a threat to America just like BO and his cronies are.

  • Dan Burke

    Here are some sad truths I learned from hearing of McCain’s victory.

    1. Money does buy elections.
    2. He’s smart enough to know to say the right things.
    3. If actions speak louder than words, then the American people are not listening.

    • George Halepis

      You mean that they are not WATCHING.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Although McCain would’ve been a better POTUS than the Kenyan Marxist we now have, how can any conservative really be happy to see McCain win a primary over the kind of conservative we really need? Don’t be naive!! We should guess that Mccain is putting on a good conservative act merely beacause it’s election year and he obviously wants one more term before he retires. Conservatives should ponder – assuming McCain gets re-elected in November, won’t he just regress to his ‘pander to the liberals’ ways after the election?? And have we forgotten what a poor campaign Mccain ran 2 years ago – which led to the election of the worst leftwing POTUS we’ve ever had?? The only positive side to this is that assuming McCain’s re-elected, we’ll be no worse off than we are now. It’s highly unlikely that any candidate in today’s Democrap party would be any better or more conservative than McCain. Our #1 priority this year and in 2012 should be to defeat as many democraps as possible.

  • Bob L

    Arizonians were victims of that old saying:
    “Fool me once, shame on you”;
    “Fool me twice, shame on me”.
    But, “Fool me three or more times”?…

    I would like to give the folks in Arizona the benefit of the doubt and hope the election was stolen rather than them being taken in by a con artist.

  • Robert Lebischak

    I used to like McCain, then I noticed that he changes his view as needed. Now they say he has gone back to being a conservative, the question is for how long. We need to remember McCain does not elect himself, he may spend money hand over hand to run, but we the people elect him. I hate to say it but, until we wake up and really think and look into those running for office, then we will get what we deserve. We control the outcome if we would just realize it and then do something about it.

  • Josh

    The citizens of Arizona can do the American people–and liberty itself–a great favor this year by giving Senator John McCain his walking papers. Big-Government dinosaurs like McCain are an albatross around the neck of freedom and constitutional government. If we don’t send them packing now, the shackles they put around our throats will become insufferable.

  • Mrky

    S, C, That was grate comment you sead it all THANK YOU Mcain is RINO who belonge to the same clan as our president.

  • Joanne

    It is amazing what alomost 25 million dollars and being the poster boy for FOX news can do. The so called “right wing pundits” such as Hannity and Beck had a field day knocking Hayworth’s infomercial but did nothing to bring up McCains dubious past. McCain has become a nightly fixture on Fox. Murdock is a big open borders fan and Van Sustrins husband is a big McCain backer. Many of the same pundits hemmed and hawed during the Presidential primaries and we got stuck with McCain as our nominee. Much of the money he had to spend on the Primary against a Consrvative Repulican was money left over from the Presidential campaign that he did not spend opposing Obama.
    Soon the public will find out that McCains so called “10 point Border Protection Bill” you know the one where he says in his commercial “We will build the darn fence” is a scam. The bill as written says that a double and triple layer fence will be built along the Tucson and Yuma sector. However it goes on to say:
    The Secretary of Homeland Security will deciede at its DISCRESION, after consultation with state, tribal and local officials, where the fence will be built.
    Where do you think Janet Napolitano will agree to build the Fence???
    We have been scammed again.
    We the People of the United States have been led down the wrong path once more but the biggest looser will be the Repulican Party when McCain rejoins the other RINO Republicans in the Senate jumping across the asile to vote with together the Liberal Democrats.
    How do you spell amnesty and cap and trade?

  • helen

    What a great batch of postings.. it’s hard to resist, but totally impossible, responding to all of them.. there’s nothing to compare with a thought provoking column to kick-start ideas into action..
    I went to ..asked for: senate voting records “immigration”
    I got a list, name and state, of how our Senators voted. Space doesn’t permit forwarding the complete list; if I can do it, so can you. If we’re to make intelligent choices, we need to know this.
    I’ll bet this also will work, asking for such issues as “ABORTION”, “BORDER” “DRUGS”, “EARMARK”, “ECONOMY”, “EDUCATION”,
    “PATRIOT ACT”, “SOCIAL SECURITY”, “STEM CELL”, “TAXES”, “TRADE”, or “VETERANS”…you get the idea..
    I believe we need to see what these birds really do… not what they ”’pay lip service”’ to…
    Readers may be interested.. or not… but, if we’re ever to take back our Nation, we’ve got to get serious about routing out the dead-wood…
    Perish the thought, but I do believe we’re being lied to by real experts!!
    Take back our Nation
    Restore our Honor!

  • helen

    —the “I went to” — referred to a search engine.. any good one will supply this information… h

  • Magnum1

    I am disgusted with McCain. WHy the Republican Party put him out for
    their party for President is beyond me. I really like Mitt Romney. He has run a business and has money to support his ideas. Did he cave in because he is a Morman?

    John McCain will continue to go with the flow. As someone said, he is no hero!

  • alpha-lemming

    I am not comforted. McCain and Fiengold/Kennedy etc. is all I need to know as to his governing philosophy.

    I’m not sure how we ended up with him as the GOP candidate (I coulda lived with Mitt or Thompson…. Rudy to a lesser degree) but he surged late AND in states I thought would’ve known better. There may have been a little mischief from cross-overs, but how much??? We’ll never know. I know… I crossed over in my states’ open primary so I could cast a Sharpton mischief vote. Regardless, we were left with McSame and Chairman ObaMao.

    2008 was a giant wet-dream to the uber-left (probably ~2/3s of the party at this point). They couldn’t lose… either a Socialist or a Communist was going to be POTUS. And when the choice is between an imitation and the real deal… authenticity will win every time.


    Real Republicans and conservatives will tell you flat out that McCain is not who they would put back in office, there is no justification for this man to remain a senator or be holding a office that good conservative could put to use. The nutballs in Az will get what they deserve when it comes to the amnesty fight, McCain will sell them out again and he will torpedoe good conservative legislation just as he has done in the past….We the People just got screwed again.

  • DG

    Although I support Arizona’s stand on illegals, their vote for McCain cancelled it. They can go screw themselves like they just screwed the rest of the country. MORONS!!

  • jopa

    I think we should go with Sharon Angle because she wants to eliminate social security, medicaid and medicare.She does seem to be a little slow in her thoughts so I believe the rumor to be true that her ancestors came over on the Juneflower.


    I’m amazed at all the rhetoric over McCain. As conservatives you would have had him as our President.

    • http://naver samurai

      No way! I’d rather see a ticket of Bush/Palin or Palin/Condi Rice. Now those would be winning tickets. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://gmail i41

    TBA, most conservatives didn’t want McRino, but we all do know every socialist democrat liberal progressive wanted democrats to have total control and even if it meant using ACORN. You all know knew he was a marxist,muslim, and an educated moron. Democraps will not, can not, and refuse to acknowlege what a muslim smuck they picked as a leader, or their idoit Congresional dem. representives.


      Are you referring to YOUR President, YOUR Commander and Chief? The man YOU will scare others into re electing in 2012? Come-on let that foul mouthed extremest come out. Show everyone what the Right Wing is made of.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I knew it! I knew you were a dyed in the wool progressive!!!

        • rwnut

          Joe H…Right On!

        • dan az

          come on joe I know it didnt take you that long to figure it out!

      • http://naver samurai

        As Mr. T used to say: “The man’s a fool!”

  • rwnut

    This is the phoney Benedict Arnold who has opened our borders to the enemy.He is THE CAUSE that America is being taken over.SHAME ON YOU,ARIZONA! I’ll predict you’ll regret the day you voted this leftwing RINO back in. He said in his “victory” speach,that,”he was going back to D.C.and vote for what he thinks is best for America.” I emphasize the words,”for what HE thinks is best.” This guy doesn’t give a S— what his constituents want. Watch Teddy McCain flop in bed with Scott Brown(another RINO)and John Kerry.He votes behind closed doors,with the enemy. He has not changed!


      All this and you still would have (or did) vote for him as President. No wonder the GOP has become Spin central.

      • rwnut

        Take Back America…We knew what the half-breed Marxist was all about,too.


          All I need to do is say that all politicians are evil to assure your vote. You think too much of yourself if you think you have a valid opinion.

          • rwnut

            TBA….—— and YOUR trashy opinion!

          • http://naver samurai

            One thing I have to say is that your opinion isn’t needed here red or robert or elaine or proud american or seriously or OMG or whatever name you decide to use these days. You are a traitor and coward and will never have the Balls to quit hiding behind many different masks.

      • dan az

        I think I’ll be moving to alaska!

      • Allan Halbert

        Who are those who wanted a public option going to vote for?
        Who are those that wanted support for gay marriage going to vote for?
        Who are those who wanted us out of Afghanistan going to vote for?
        Etc, etc, etc.

    • dan az

      give me a break will ya there is no way that this state would vote for amnesty you know it!

  • Palin12

    Breaking news!!! Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has conceded defeat to Tea Party endorsed Joe Miller up in Alaska. Yahooooo, I need some champagne! Score another successful endorsement from Sarah Palin :-) Another RINO bites the dust.

    • http://naver samurai

      Free at last. Free at last. Thank GOD Almighty, we’re free at last! I know November is still a couple of months off, but it fits the situation! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Allan Halbert

      Yes! Hope it sends a message.

  • Ponder This

    Oh for Pete’s sake. I am from Arizona and know better than believe this propaganda from any news source.

    John McCain is no conservative unless you refer to a conservative as a neoconservative.

    The Tea Party’s in Phoenix and Tucson were taken over by McCainiac’s and JD Hayworth supporters.

    The real Constitutional Candidate was Jim Deakin, but the media hid him from the people just as they do all real Liberty Candidates.

    The reason John McCain won was the old people still in the GOP only watch TV and do very little research on their own, as well as the progressives in the party that are in the McCain camp.


    What, now McCain’s not even good enough to be Arizona’s Senator? I thought he was your best hope for President. Considering the way most of you feel about him I would think that you would be ecstatic that Obama was elected.

    • http://naver samurai

      Time for you to check back into rehab for your kool aid addiction!


        You must have voted for John and feel a little foolish now. That’s ok, you can vote for Sarah next time.

        • http://naver samurai

          Wrong again, tba. I never regret who I vote for, win or lose, because it is my right to do so. I’m proud to say that my vote could influence the direction this country goes. “A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man could be the difference between victory and defeat.” I’m proud to be able to vote, how about you tba? By the way you talk, you don’t sound too proud of who you voted for. Did you vote for Obama bin Laden? Don’t worry, you can always vote for someone else this time and get it right. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


            So you didn’t vote for John?

          • http://naver samurai

            Yes, I did. And I still stand by my decision till this day. You must have voted for your “messiah” in Washington. McCain wasn’t perfect, but was the better choice.


            Wait, first you say I’m wrong, now you say I’m right. Are you sure you voted? If so, you see McCain being a better president than Obama, but not Arizona’s Senator? You seem a little confused.

          • http://naver samurai

            No, just said I voted for McCain. I don’t live in Arizona, so I don’t know the senatorial situation there. I do know that he and Sarah would do better than the terrorist we have in office now. Right or wrong? You’ve never been right to begin with, so what’s your point? Keep up the fake appearances. We know that your just a lib! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Carol

    McCain is a nice guy. BUT
    He has been in DC TOO LONG.
    He has been WAY too friendly with the Dems.
    He is WAY TOO OLD.
    He only speaks of finishing the Border.
    He doesn’t say anything else about illegals beyond finishing the wall.

    Did you ever notice that when our representatives in DC get REALLY old they begin to waver on decisions? Old people can be swayed by anyone–ALL Dems feel they are doing the ONLY right thing and you MUST vote WITH them for the good of humanity, no matter how much it costs.

    Right before Obama was elected–REMEMBER McCain said he thought Obama would make a very good president. I wouldn’t be surprised if HE voted for Obama.

    Yes, I am in Arizona. And, no, I did not vote for McCain in the Primaries this time. I only voted for him for Pres. because Palin was on the ballot and he was the only choice against a Muslim thug.

    Maybe we should write in SHERIFF Joe Arpaio.

  • Randall A. Robinson

    Sen. McCain authored a bill that would have made illegal all non-prescription vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This is part of the Codex Alimentarius plan to destroy our health and nutrition freedom. It is also part of the food fascism plan of the government-corporate state ruling class. It is obvious that McCain the “maverick” is in the hip pocket of Big Pharma. If this RINO is a conservative then I’m Barack Obama.

  • Karen T.

    The author of the book “The Hypnotic States of Americans” doesn’t need to sell copies.

    We citizens of this once-great nation need both the information he imparts and the technique he presents therein.

    Most of us sense something of mammoth proportions is about to happen in our nation and world. We not only sense, but with such developments as young people forming into “flash mobs,” are also now witnessing our nation and some among us failing to cope with whatever it is that feels “just around the corner.”

    Within the pages of this book exist nothing less than the proverbial life-jacket, boat, paddle and potential destination of safety and success.
    Please take the time to go to and preview this most profound and timely publication. There are very few times in our lives when something comes along that sounds “too good to be true” but is not.

    This is one of those times.

    Very sincerely,

    Karen T.


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