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Vigilante Border Patrol?

April 11, 2012 by  

Vigilante Border Patrol?
Roads on both sides of the border between the United States and Mexico.

In Arizona, a group of armed vigilantes have allegedly taken to conducting their own deadly border patrol missions.

At about 10:35 p.m. last Sunday, officers in Pima, Ariz., responded to a call of shots fired on a vehicle carrying illegal aliens into the United States.

Police say that the vehicle, which is thought to have been carrying about 30 aliens, was ambushed by an unknown number of men dressed in camouflage and armed with rifles. When the men opened fire, two of the passengers in the truck were killed.

Dawn M. Barkman, a spokeswoman for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, told The Arizona Republic that police are unclear why the gunmen opened fire on the pickup, but the shooting happened in an area commonly used by human smugglers.

The surviving passengers fled into the desert, according to reports. Five were located hiding in the brush, interviewed by homicide detectives and turned over to the Border Patrol.

In a similar January 2007 incident, four men wearing camouflage and berets and armed with assault weapons killed a smuggling suspect and wounded another person after ambushing a vehicle in a nearby town. In March 2007, gunmen wearing dark clothing ambushed a vehicle loaded with more than 20 illegal aliens near Green Valley, south of Tucson, and killed two people.

While police currently have no suspects in the case and do not know the motive, some people believe the actions were acts of vigilante border patrol.

The incident comes as many Arizonians are becoming increasingly frustrated that the Federal government has not done more to secure the Southern border. Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen introduced S.B. 1083, a bill that would create a volunteer militia to patrol the State and pursue and apprehend illegal border crossers. The proposal is gaining little support in the State Legislature.

“Everybody just wants to sit around and gripe about it, complain about it, blame the federal government for it,” Allen told AzCapitolTimes. “But when it comes to saying, ‘What can we do as a state to really try to solve the problem?’ Now it’s all the reasons why we can’t solve this problem.”

Liability and training concerns have slowed legislative action on the initiative.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sirian

    After all the years that our southern border has been standing basically wide open is this realistically surprising? No, it’s not that surprising to me at all. There are limits to everything and the people of Arizona have simply reached that point. The southern border has been nothing more than a very useful political football that has been played with for decades and the reason behind the game is to obvious. The police may currently have an investigation in process but that too is probably a “back burner” type investigation. There are probably way to many illegal alien burglaries, trespassing, rape, armed robberies, drug trafficking, human trafficking etc. investigations in process which take precedence over this. Who knows, this may have been happening much longer and simply hasn’t been reported until now. It will be interesting to see how Senator Allen’s bill – S.B. 1083 – will fair. It doesn’t appear as if it has much clout at the moment but if the “vigilante border patrol” continues there may come about enough pressure on the State Senators & Representatives from their districts constituency that this bill and a possible house bill will ultimately be passed. As I said before, there is a limit to everything. And the total disregard of the security of our southern border has without doubt reached that point. Which leads me to wonder if AG Holder will sue Arizona once again?? Oh how he loves to sue. . . :(

    • Warrior

      Yes, but all the politicians are for new “comprehensive” immigration laws. What the heck is that?

      • Gary


      • Sirian

        Another political football play Warrior, that’s all it really is. Disgusting!! Gary’s right – amnesty. And needless to say, amnesty = votes. Sound familiar? :(

      • Cliffystones

        Not just amnesty! Amnesty with group hugs while singing “We are the world”, dammit!

      • Sam

        I see the one replay was “amnesty”. Actually it is “surrendering my homeland to the criminal invaders from Mexico”. That is all it is. Obama needs them so he can use them to execute us loyal Americans in the streets when he declares his totalitarian dictatorship.

      • eddie47d

        Well then Sirian how many voted for Reagan when he granted amnesty? If none then you will have your answer. If a few then Reagan would have gotten illegal votes since they wouldn’t have been immediately eligible . It wouldn’t be any different for any President.

      • JC

        Try this on…they don’t get any action at the State or Federal level to secure and enforce our border laws resulting in a virtual invasion on our southern border. It’s been going on for years while the police agencies, State and Federal legislators turn an increasingly blind eye to the problem.


        It is my impression that there is an overall power (elite bankers) that actually gives the marching orders and that their goal is one world government.
        A very simple tool to use in this effort is to break up the culture and foundation of any given group whether it’s a church, a club, a family or a nation.
        People divided are unlikely to “organize” and would be more easily ruled.

        So…there are people who are tired of it and doing the job the Federal Government was charged with under our Constitution, but has decided not to for purposes that are injurious, even treasonous to the United States of America.

        That’s not an endorsement of vigilante border patrol, it’s just an observation.
        I think we’re nearing a boiling point and I hope Americans are prepared.

    • Flashy

      The answer is simple. Don’t punish the poor slob who’s only crime is wanting a job. Day after day I read here posts which state people should get a job…a hard work ethic is a good thing (which it is).

      If someone hires a worker they knew, or should have known, to be undocumented…that employer spends 60 days in the county hoosegow. Appropriate fines to cover costs of the sixty day vacation. Convicted may appeal, but no stay of incarceration on appeal.

      When the Mrs (or Mr.) has to tell friends that John (or Jane) is not going to be around for a few weeks, the social embaressment will be a strong motivation to check and verify employment paperwork. When john (or Jane) can’t be around to run the company, economic factors outweigh the immediate want for cheap labor.

      If there aren’t jobs, there is a huge lack of incentive to come here to look for employment.

      Now why would the elected local officials not want to impose this ? Why hasn’t Arizona contemplated this avenue instead of trying to put a wall up on the border (walls work both ways…one can’t get in, but neither can one get out)

      • polmutant

        the south of the border critters want welfare not jobs. if they wanted a job they would clean out their own incested retard halfbreed government. just as we the people are working to rid ourselves of the Obamanation of desolation. God bless America and damn the Obamanation of desolation.

      • Ellen

        Flashy, While your comment is compassionate, we live in a world of reality. Over 80% of the earth’s population lives in poverty. Are US citizens responsible to help all of them? Mexico’s economy is in better shape than ours, as they have very little debt while we have debt we realistically can’t ever pay. Immigrants have damaged our school system, as teachers must teach to the lowest level in the class. They’ve cost our school systems a fortune due to the language barrier and additional educators needed to help them. They cost our health care system, as they get free care and the cost is passed onto those of us who pay for insurance and pay taxes. They make up over 50% of the population in our federal prisons, which costs us even more money. They have babies who get automatic citizenship and, thus, welfare. Free housing, food, health care, utilities. If we stopped providing welfare to immigrants, we would eliminate this problem. For those who claim blacks won’t work and they must hire hispanics to do jobs that require no skills or education, I say the same thing: stop paying them welfare. If they have to work to support themselves, they will. Currently, we pay blacks to stay home and collect off the system and we pay hispanics to collect off the system so they’ll do menial jobs. We need to switch welfare to be a loan. If you have a baby you can’t afford, you take out the loan. The loans will be in 5 year increments and can be renewed for a total of 10 years. Then, you start to pay back. You can be guaranteed we’d eliminate most of our welfare abuse. We’d also see the return of the black family, which has been decimated by welfare.

      • Rollie

        Arizona already has laws against illegal entry, however, that idiot Janet Nap and her buddy Eric Holder wants to prevent them from using this law. You’re right about arresting the people who hire the illegals, but, they have to make the penalty more severe. Make it a year in prison and a 10,000 fine for every illegal they hire and I will guarentee this will stop right away. The other problem is still that the illegals already have broken the law by crossing the border without papers. As for the fence, you state it also keeps people in. Tell me one person that wants to head south into Mexico and by the way if you do not have papers they will throw you into prison. Now who has the more stricter laws, the U.S. or Mexico. You have to attack the problem from all fronts and a great start is to get rid of this president and the HS head and the AG who by the way protects the Black Panther Party. It is time we Americans take back our country from these communists who are presently in office and restore the constitutional law.

      • Sam

        The slobs don’t want jobs. They want anything they get their hand on including my homeland. If they wanted jobs they’d clean up their own homeland and work there. They come here for handouts and to server dictator Obama.

      • Flashy

        Sam…you know anyone who hires undocument workers? Did you castigate them for being the problem…hiring undocumented workers and encouraging more to come because of the jobs?

        Had a contractor or landscaper over lately? Did you turn them in or not hire them?

      • mac

        If the poor slob only wants to come to the USA for a job, he can come in the legal way. It would probably be cheaper for him, not having to pay a coyote to bring him in. If “poor slob” only wants welfare and a gov’t handout, then he will choose the illegal way, AND he won’t have to know ANY English.

      • EyesWideOPEN

        “God bless America and damn the Obamanation of desolation”.. (polmutant).

        … And what’s you’re answer to this ‘Obamanation’? To elect another Bush clone for four more (if not eight) years of Bushanomics, wars and corporate profits? You’re simply exchanging one evil for a worse evil.. Idiots of the world, unite! And may the rest of us elect Ron Paul 2012…

    • joe lafond

      Your comment is so in line with the existing problem that I cannot add anything to strengthen it further….All I can say is our Government that is supposed to protect
      us and are not doing their jobs.Its sad but a needed thing for them to do to stop this before it escalates further

    • Kingfish

      Odds are it’s our own people doing this, furthering their agenda for amnesty, i wouldn’t put anything past Holder and Obummer.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        More like something in the footsteps of “Fast and Furious”. Something else to say,,take their guns away. Just another attempt at gun control.

      • Kate8

        CS4A – That was my thought. Another ruse by our (illegitimate) government in its determination to start wars in America.

        They’re firing up race wars, with blacks now openly saying they’re going to kill “crackers” in large numbers (and what do we hear from the liberal PC crowd? Nothing by chirps…)

        So now that they’ve armed the south-of-the-border drug runners with especially lethal weaponry, they’ve most likely moved into the next phase…lighting fires to instigate border wars.

        We have millions of armed hispanics everywhere in America now, armed and waiting for the signal to move on Americans.

        And before some cry-baby lib chimes in on me, no…I did not say that ALL hispanics are involved in this. I have many hispanic friends who are great Americans and wonderful people.

        But there are very large numbers who came for just this purpose, along with other nationals who will, no doubt, find opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

        We are a gullible and trusting people, we Americans. Hope we can be ready.

      • Vicki

        Kate8 writes

        They’re firing up race wars, with blacks now openly saying they’re going to kill “crackers” in large numbers (and what do we hear from the liberal PC crowd? Nothing by chirps…)

        Oh we will hear from the liberal PC crowd. Liberals come in many colors too. When “crackers” start dying (probably by gunfire) you will hear the liberal “crackers” squeal for more gun control.

        We have millions of armed hispanics everywhere in America now, armed and waiting for the signal to move on Americans.

        And those liberal gun control fanatics who don’t own guns will squeal for more gun control. Of course not all liberals are dumb. The ones who are the leaders (DiFi), Bloomberg etc all either have guns or or bodyguards with guns.

    • Donald York

      If i were president (beleive me, i would be a better one than what we have now), I would declare war on our borders. First, i would bring ALL of our troops home from those Arab nations (they hate us anyway) and i would station them all along our borders and give them the authority to apprehend crossers if possible, if not FIRE AT WILL! I agree with Congressman Paul that by bringing our troops home, provide them with good wages and billets, and that alone would be a boost to our economy. Second, If Germany and S. Korea wanted us to guard their borders, they pay for it. US taxpayers should’nt bear the cost and lives for their nations! and lastly, i would get on with the trials of these terrorists who brought war upon us inside our borders and killed our citizens. I would order those sons of bitches hung by the neck and let them gag with a pork chop stuffed in their mouth.
      Have a nice day now. TOTALLY ENGAGED AMERICAN

    • Sirian

      Quite being such an idiot. It happened in his second term dummy, votes didn’t matter at that time. Reagan wasn’t really behind the amnesty bill, as so stated in several articles that have been written about it, and actually threw up quite a resistance to it. But in the end caved on it and signed it into place via the “Immigration Reform and Control Act, 1986”. As I said, look at the end result. Be sure to read that act so you will have a clearer understanding as to exactly what it’s primary base rules consist of and how it’s been played with, politically, ever since. It doesn’t matter whether it was a Republican or a Democrat that prompted it or pushed it on through. The end result is the same. And yes, it is also quite obvious that if amnesty were to be handed out this time around it most certainly would be trolling for votes – millions for sure. And you are probably foolish enough to not see the forest for the trees. Lord! We are now 25 years past the initial “amnesty” attempt to sway the influx of illegals. Once again, it has produced the exact opposite. If you haven’t a lick of common sense about you, which does seem to lean that way, I have no sympathy for you at all. Since then – 1986 – there has been a never ending hook setting out there to pull in as many additional votes as possible. It has been played by both sides. So, give your typical idiotic argument a rest.

    • Jerry

      Here is a question you could ask: If these “amatuer” border guards can find vehicle loads of INVADERS, why can’t the real Border Patrol find these INVADERS, as well?
      I believe these amatuer border patrolers are about as sick and tired of the ANTI-AMERICAN REGIME in the White Mosque as a lot of other citizens and patriots, and decided that if nobody else would do anything to protect the U.S. from a foreign INVASION, then they would!

  • Originalintent

    If our elected officials are going to refuse to do the jobs that we elected them to do, then we will have to do those jobs ourselves.

    • tg sherman

      I can send you an extra gun!! Kep firing away. It is no different than someone breaking into your house.


      • Sam

        Amen to “do you need more guns”? Maybe I should get my gun and come help.

      • slapjack

        Who ever they are, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!! My home town is literally being taken over by these crimminals.

      • 45caliber


        I’m not sure where you live but here in Texas I think the Mexicans are the majority race now. There was a guy from Washington state who came down a couple of years ago for a short while. When he showed up, he was wondering why anyone would care about illegals; when he left he was ready to go to the border with his own gun. AZ is the same. No wonder people are upset along the border.

      • Kate8

        45 – Yes, and they are the majority in CA, as well.

    • Patriot1776

      And remove those from elected office who are unwilling to perform the responsibilities of the position that they were elected to. Regardless of political affiliation, our government is supposed to be representative of the American people and everyday it becomes clearer that very few of those accepting our tax dollars are representing us.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        OR, do the American people really care anymore. Have they ground us down? After all, does Snookie care? (tongue in cheek there). I keep feeling like I’m mostly alone in feeling that America is lost. I CARE!!!

      • Kate8

        CS4A – You are definitely not alone.

        The only way that we are lost is if we continue to bend over with scarcely a whimper.

        It’s up to us to stand up and hold firm. Some of us will, no doubt, have to pay a very big price. But living under what is coming is, in my mind, a fate worse than death.

        What is truly sad is that, at the townhalls being held around the nation, most of those in attendance are the elderly. Are we going to have to be the ones to man the front lines?

        That the younger ones are largely mind-warped or apathetic is not their fault, either. We let it happen. We’ve sacrificed our younger children on the altar of convenience…government educa…er, indoctrination/brainwashing (drugging).

        We kind of owe it to them to turn things around. But are they capable of understanding what is at stake… Maybe some of them are.

    • Larry Van

      I can not tell you how many times I brought up our politicians options of conducting impeachment hearings against obama. They just side step the issue and tell me that this is not an option at this time, when I do recieve a response, that it.
      I have given our U..S. senators ever good reason why they need to return to the values that this country is based on and yet, they do absolutley NOTING. They think that if they impeach obama, they will start this country’s biggest racial war in American history, I am no sure of it.

      • polmutant

        it is already war. the lines are being drawn. perhaps we should consider stock piling essentials. it is going to be difficult there are alot of amafricans who think they are Americans. they come from Kenya and other cursed places.

    • Sam

      More power to the Vigilanties. Lets cheer them on.

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        you guys sound like henny penny. The dam sky is not falling it is your brains.

      • Jerry

        I really love it when the lawyers/politicians try to get involved and tell us that INVADERS of our sovereign Nation have ‘right’ of habeus corpus, and other AMERICAN RIGHTS!
        These people are knowingly INVADING our Country, and if the elected representatives won’t do anything about it, then it HAS to be up to CITIZENS to protect their sovereignty, their property, and their lives!
        Unfortunately, we have BRAINWASHED ostriches, like ‘fisherman’ (below) that has NO IDEA what has been happening in the Southwest and Western States, and is conditioned to listen to PROPAGANDA from the LEFTIST MEDIA that these are just poor migrants trying to find a better life!
        Then they should do it in their OWN COUNTRY! We’re trying to survive, ourselves!

    • Jazzabelle

      “If our elected officials are going to refuse to do the jobs that we elected them to do, then we will have to do those jobs ourselves.”

      I think the original intent was the other way around. It’s the job of the citizens to protect themselves, their homes, and their borders. They eventually pooled their individual authority to do this and created governments to which they delegated that authority. But delegating your authority doesn’t mean you lose it. On the contrary, it always has been, and still is, the citizen’s authority to protect and defend–himself, his family, his property, and his country. So the issue isn’t, “If the government doesn’t, we’ll have to.” The issue is, “We have to. If the government won’t do the job we created it for, we’ll have to change it or else fire it and get a new one–just like any non-performing employee.”

      • Katrael

        Jazzabelle, Bravo. We have our work cut out for us and we get what we have now when we don’t do our work. It’s time to get rid of our corporate criminals and to return to a constitutionally seated government.

      • Jazzabelle

        Katrael – try
        They are working on that constitutionally seated government you’re talking about.

        • Katrael

          Jazzabelle, I’m only a little familiar with team law and I mean only a little. It takes time to study the information they have available and it is a slow process for me. Their way of saying what I said is “original jurisdiction”. Our original constitution says quote ” Section 3. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.” Next quote, “Section 4. The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.”

          The only place that Senators can be chosen is in the State Legislature and the constitution fobids changing that. This law was meant to be inflexible and unchangable and there would first have to be an amendment to discuss a need to change the place for chosing Senators.

          A point here: the idea for this rigid structure of “chusing” Senators was to keep all of the legislature out of the hands of the democratic mob which would hopefully keep the government a statue (stable). We didn’t need to change this “chusing” because we had a House of Representatives where we the mob did have a more direct say. Now the Senators respond directly to the mob instead of a more stable body of wise men chosen by the people who more directly know them.

          Article II section one is where it tells us how the POTUS is elected and who does the vote counting and that happens in the Senate so if the Senate isn’t a Senate by law then the POTUS they chose is not the original jurisdiction president.

          In 1912, our government could not pay it’s debt to the criminal federal reserve so the IMF bought the District of Columbia lock stock and barrel then they re-incorporated the district of columbia, then they changed the currency into the current federal reserve notes that we now use whereby the new corporation could then rent the new federal reserve notes. This new corporation has to pay rent on the federal reserve notes as long as they remain in circulation.

          In 1913 the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments were added by this new corporation giving us the new corporate structure we see now.

          Then we the people entered into contracts with the new corporate entity and this is the reason that the income tax laws are legal because we contracted as corporate entities with this new corporation and not because the taxes are really constitutional. So our corporation has to pay taxes to that corporation.

      • Jerry

        I just wrote nearly identical comments! I’m sorry,Jazzabelle, I didn’t meant to plagerize, but I didn’t see your comments until mine were posted!
        I DO agree with you (obviously) that if those we elect to represent us, and those we hire to serve, won’t do their jobs, then it is up to US, the CITIZENS, to protect ourselves!
        Keep the faith!

      • Katrael

        Jazzabelle, I’m wrong about the US not being able to pay a debt to the Federal Reserve in 1912 as it didn’t have a contract with them then but the US couldn’t pay it’s debt the the international banking system and thats when, in 1913, that the US entered into a contract with the new Federal Reserve corporation to rent it’s federal reserve notes.

  • marcialee Campbell

    stand your ground

  • http://comcast Lee Bird -Veteran USMC

    Actions taken by a so-called vigilante border patrol must be totally blamed by Obama and White House staff. Does Obama and staff expect people to just sit back and comply when they don,t enforce the law ????? No one wants to see people killed and when Obama and Holder look in the mirror each day this will remind them of not doing the job of protecting the border and letting illegal aliens into this country without proper process to become a citizen.

    • Dark_Archer

      Lee, obama and holder are destroying America any way they can ,illegals are part of their plan , they see the deaths of these illegals no different than any other deaths that further their cause , acceptable losses, Americans ,mexicans,illegals ,legal, black,white,border patrol agents , our armed service members ,it dont matter its all a means to their end of America as we know it

      • JimRed

        Look for contingents of U.N. troops to be stationed here for “training” starting this summer. While our militias are busy on the border and our military is dispersed throughout the world, they will help Obama’s personal army of thugs get us under control to prevent our winning civil war 2. But we’ve learned the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan; a few dissidents with the will can tie up the world’s best armed forces.

      • nc

        Dark, look back at what the Republicans had done to regulate the immigration problem in the 20 years of the bush-Regan presidencies and 12 years of control of Congress before Obama came to the White House. THEY DID NOTHING!! Was that part of some Republican SCHEME to control Americans as you claim against Obama and Holder FOR THE SAME SITUATION THAT EXIST TODAY??

      • templer

        I think that’s a great idea. A bounty on illegals crossing illegally into our borders. If DOJ won’t say squat over a bounty put on the head of an American ie. Zimmerman thenis it any different? How many muslim terrorist enter daily dressed as a mexican? Humm…Don’t be disillusioned there are plans underway as we speak with Hezbola, Al Queda, and obama’s personal national socialist communist army to conquer America and make us all subjects and himself dictator.

        • polmutant

          The commie pink negroloid amafrican kenyan is illegal.

      • Jackson

        Jim Red, I’m not worried about the UN, if you have ever seen them in action you’ll get a good look at thier back sides. It’ll be the back shooters in our own country I’ll be worried about.

      • Katrael

        They’re not just glad that they can use the illegal aliens for their purposes but they rejoice when some are killed by vigilantes because they can get more milleage from a murder than they can from a living alien. It won’t be long before you hear a politician crying about “Oh how terrible it is that some vile person claiming to be a patriotic American would stoop to murdering helpless aliens who are only looking for a job.” I don’t condone murder but maybe this was self defense and not murder?

      • Dennis48e

        “Dark, look back at what the Republicans had done to regulate the immigration problem in the 20 years of the bush-Reagan presidencies… THEY DID NOTHING!!”

        nc you are getting as bad as Flashy in telling your un-truths. Where I live INS conducted regular raids under Bush 1 and Reagan. When Clinton took office the raids stopped cold. When Bush 2 took office their was a few raids conducted but certainly not as many as there should have been and under obaba there have been NO raids conducted.

      • eddie47d

        That is not what we are seeing and hearing so NC is also correct. More have been deported under Obama than any other President since Eisenhower. Besides Dennis that Katrael fellow above you just endorsed murder. Too many dangerously strange bedfellows hanging out here.

        • Katrael

          Hey eddie47d thank you for your imput about what I endorse. “Besides Dennis that Katrael fellow above you just endorsed murder” I have never endorsed murder. Do you even know what murder is?

        • Katrael

          Besides eddie47d, why don’t you read the whole comment instead of making a comment on one word I used. If you had read my whole comment you would have seen that I specifically said that I don’t condone murder. I was only saying that the main stream media or politicians would use this incident somehow to it’s advantage while calling it murder. It might have been murder and not self defense but, that’s up to a court to decide. I guess that the MSM is full of people like yourself who know how to spin a whole word into a long lie.

    • Flashy

      What’s to prevent a state from enacting laws which would jail any employer who knew, or should have known, they were employing undocumented aliens? What’s preventing a state from going after those who employ undocumented aliens on tax evasion for not paying proper taxes ?

      think about that …

      • NStar

        Holder and his DOH would just get an injunction against the State and not allow them to implement the law….just as they are doing with voter ID laws. Those entering by illegally crossing the border are not as you say “good people”. They are criminals and should be treated as such. I have no problem with legal immigration. There is a process for them to come here legally and I would welcome them with open arms if they took the time to follow the law.

      • Flashy

        Hmmm…i note that when georgia enacted their law that requires employers to use the E-verify system there was a huge backlash from farming and other labor intensive sectors.

        Wonder why there was such a backlash? you’d think employers would be at th forefront on immigration controls. Especially since they would be able to pay the proper taxes due, employ Americans, and deny the undocumented worker a reason to be in Georgia.

        Think about that….

      • Dennis48e

        “Hmmm…i note that when georgia enacted their law that requires employers to use the E-verify system there was a huge backlash from farming and other labor intensive sectors.”

        Prove it Flashy. I live a lot closer to Georgia than you do and I have heard nothing about any “backlash” from anyone.

    • Steve E

      Keep up the good work vigilantes! Pedro better think before he crosses the border.

    • Rusty Rooster 24 Years USAF

      Obama and the Democrats in charge are looking for “voting illegal`s” and have little interest in the citizens of S. Arizona. Vote them out, all of them, if the new politicians dont do better vote them out. If I lived in S. Arizona I would be one of those citizens protecting my family any way necessary!

    • Shakeyjake

      I think it is a great idea to set up sniper posittions at the illegal highway at the fence . We shoot em as they poke their heads up and knock’em back into mexiland . this way we don’t have to bother with the clean up .

  • dan

    did they really think it wuldn’t come to this….only a taste of what the ‘officials’ might expect if they don’t figure out who they work for and get to doing their jobs. You’re gonna hear a lot about “men in camo” before long…don’t need no stinkin’ hoodies !

    • Dark_Archer


      • skippy

        :) :)

    • Kane Bittner

      You got it right Dan! From what I hear on the streets, the boys wearin the camo are soon gonna be hunting more than “illegals”!
      Bout damn time I say!

  • http://google Mary

    Well, ole Janet said our border was more secure than ever, of course she is like her slave masters and lies, 30 people eh, HOW do you get that many in one van? Sure it’s secure when Obama goes there and slaps us legal citizens up side the head telling us we want crocs in the Rio Grande, they will be POURING over now that Obama told Univision Radio that he will work on the comprehensive immigration (read amnesty bill) in his next 5 years, WHY should they believe his lying mouth, he told them that in 2008 when he had TOTAL CONTROL of congress, but he worked on the un-affordable health care bill, one that will have us further in debt, he’s a stupid man!
    Call Dave Camp’s office 202 225-3561 and ask WHY he is holding up H.R.2885, the E-Verify bill, his office will LIE, so tell them you will be calling your representative U.S. Capitol Switchboard 202 224-3121 and ask them to put pressure on WHY this bill isn’t brought forward for a vote, Illegal Aliens can not get jobs with this bill!
    Sign up at, and SEND FREE faxes to congress, and find articles that will open your eyes!!!

  • polmutant

    Hopefully this will catch on nation wide. when looking at statistics color=crime. just look at the District of Communists. maybe when the sheoples wake up the it will be discovered they have teeth.

  • RivahMitch

    Three cheers for the Patriot defenders of American sovereignty. If the government won’t defend the borders, the citizens must… It also helps destroy the old canard about how much we “need” the government to do “essential” tasks.

    • leelee3

      What the hell is going on..a van with 30 criminals and only got 2 of them..that is what is called a good start, have those guns sighted in for the next time

    • JC

      I’m all for scaring the sh*t out of them and turning them around…but sniping at “people” in the dark is a capital crime on every level.
      Why cant the boys just fill the radiator full of lead, kill the vehicle and scatter the intruders back the way they came?

  • http://google Mary

    Another tidbit this district is the 7th, good ole Raul Grijalva, he is co-chair of the Progresssive Socialist caucus, and he LOVES his Mexican Amigo’s, he is for OPEN borders, check him out at wikipedia, his father was part of the Bracero’s, not sure what that was all about, but he is NOT looking out for LEGAL U.S. Citizens, it’s all about “cheap labor”, not cheap when we pay for their babies, housing, food stamps, and other things, what a deal, the land of honey to live in, and FREEBIES, and tax refunds!!!


    [Offensive post removed]

    • jimmy the greek

      [Offensive post removed]

      • Steve E

        [offensive post removed]

      • polmutant

        [Offensive post removed]

      • Shakeyjake

        [Offensive post removed]

    • jay

      [Offensive post removed]

      • Shakeyjake

        [Offensive post removed]

    • castaway

      Offensive to who? Our damn government offends us everyday.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear castaway,


        Best wishes,

      • jimmy the greek

        Well bob your not turning pc on us are you ?

      • Libertytrain

        It is his freedom to disallow offensive vulgar behavior, and it is his site, it has nothing to do with those foolish words politically correct – on your own site you are more than welcome to do whatever you choose. You don’t have to stay – you are free to leave anytime.

  • http://google Mary

    Further info, Grijalva is a member of the Communist party, what a representative eh???
    All about “justice” for the illegals, a member of MECHA, what a guy! WHY would you vote for such a jerk!!!

  • Larry

    Lets do what Stonewall Jackson would do when they asked him if they should take prisoners. He said no kill them all.

    • eddie47d

      Why would anyone endorse Conservative principles if that is your only and final answer. Seems like there is more to fear than illegals.

  • dee

    I am proud of the those that are doing what the gov wont do. I think a bounty would be a great idea. then the state would cry who will pay the bounty? still cheaper than having them here. We need more persons on the border to help out these others. I would if I were there. hang in there and may God protect you.

  • crowvet

    Well isn’t that typical news media and corrupt government hand in hand. A Press found to have forged birth certificate, forged slective service records and criminal possesion of Social Secutity cards. This evidence uncovered by a Arizonia law enforcement agency. This gets no news coverage. These biggest criminal acts in US history is silent. Now because the American citizens with no where to turn, because of this criminal government,
    is protecting our boarders againsts illegal intruders and gets the news media crying unjust and criminal acts.
    Keep on going Arizonia Militia. What we need is a couple thousand Militia on the boarder showing the government what needs to be done. Keep up the good work doing the same thing. No one coming across the boarder other than at the legal check ppoints is legal and should be treated as such. No more cowering.

  • http://aol woody

    They are fighting for whats left of their homeland,there is going to be much more of the same thing we’re fed up

  • crowvet

    If there were a couple thousand of Militia on the border I don’t think that the Feds would have the nerve to try and arrest a show of force of that many.

    • skippy

      Hmmmmm….now THAT’S a thought!!! :) KUDOS crowvet

  • Jake48

    It about time someone has done something right wrong or indifferent. Things cant go on the way they are we are becoming a suburb of Tijuana…..There getting heavy. We cant even support ourselves any more…..

  • Desert Eagle Vet

    How do they know it wasnt a rival drug cartell doing the killing? Inside information? Who called it in?

    • JC

      Good question.

  • http://Firefox John Golt

    Being a Member of the Communist Party and beinng a Rep/Sen. is and should be and ACT of TRESON!

    • Flashy

      How so?

      • polmutant

        Because communism is a type of marxism, as well as other isms, that lead to collective {commune}. Capitalism and our constitution is individualism. In God I trust. no government. God Bless America! God bless Israel! God Damn the Obamanation of desolation. no more feeding the welfare trash. no more welfare = no more color wanting to come here. death penalty for the illegal intruder and anyone who helps them.

      • Flashy

        I see …so’d jail anyone who didn’t think or vote the way you’d want them to. They’d have to hold your political ideology or be jailed. Hokayyyyy

        • polmutant

          if the ideoligy is against US constitution then death. why should i feed 2 leg trash? why should i pay for things that do not concern my life? you feed the trash on your dime. not tax money. jail no expense too high. death is best. cut and dry.

      • eddie47d

        I think it was your “no color” comment that he is talking about POL. That makes you the unAmerican and working against the Constitution.

      • JC

        Because, dipstick, you can’t be a communist and swear to uphold the Constitution at the same time…DUH!

    • jimmy the greek

      Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin . in ether system the people that do the the work get screwed by the few at the top that run things

      • 45caliber


        There is one difference. I prefer capitalism since there is at least a chance that I can at least work for one of them at a decent wage (as I’m doing now). Under communism or socialism, that is impossible. The only ones getting a decent wage there are those on top.

      • jimmy the greek

        @45 this country did not turn capitalist until the late 1800s it was not set up a a capitalist country it was set up as a republic capitalistism is something that was set up by the likes of the rothschilds and the bilderbergs and there kind the ones that were little hats and rock back and forth when praying

      • Jazzabelle

        jimmy the greek says: “Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin . in ether system the people that do the the work get screwed by the few at the top that run things”

        You’re thinking of crony capitalism.

      • jimmy the greek

        Is there any other kind ? @ Jazzabell

      • Jazzabelle

        Yes jimmy the laissez-faire system we had before Reconstruction was a good example. No corporate welfare, no individual welfare.

      • JC

        I sure don’t see it that way jimmy.

        I think your making the mistake of comparing what we have today to capitalism. It isn’t.
        It isn’t true capitalism when the government is involved. that’s something called by many names. “Corporatism” is my favorite.
        True capitalists are people who learned a skil or developed a product that they could market…bakery’s, auto repair, manufacturing…all in a free market setting without Government intervention. Except in cases of property rights infractions/ damage which should be handled by the judiciary.
        But it isn’t “capitalism” as I believe was intended by the founders of the nation, or any truly free people.

        But as soon as you have bankers, CEO’s and Senators golfing together…you’re right, it might as well be the Politburo for all the represenation we have.

    • roy

      how about being a president?

  • Jim

    some people believe the actions were acts of vigilante border patrol.

    And some of us wonder if its another “fast and furious” op.

    • 45caliber


      It could be another op, at that. After all, Oblama’s HS troops need training on how to execute Americans, don’t they?

      • Shakeyjake

        One way to find out . Do an autopsy and if the bullets are 40 cal hollow points, you have your answer .

    • Jazzabelle

      Jim wrote: “And some of us wonder if its another “fast and furious” op.”

      I have an idea. Since our fascist government wants to considers its “subjects” guilty until proven innocent, why don’t WE start considering the fascist government “guilty until proven innocent.” When someone gets shot, we’ll just ASSUME that DHS is behind it until they can prove they weren’t. Sounds good to me. ;-)

  • peter

    It maybe that some folks in Arizona feel that the time has come for less talk and more action in keeping out the invaders. Can anyone not understand why these folks just do not want illegals coming across their border as they wish? I fully understand and agree that it is a violation of one’s rights and privacy and surely any country or state has the right to screen who comes in or not. It begs the questions -who are they, what do they want and why do they insist on bothering us, because if they come looking for trouble, they will find trouble soon enough and more than they bargained for. Just because the government is lacking a back bone, does not mean the folks in Arizona have gone soft too! Sometimes one can just get sick and tired of the (expletive deleted) that goes on man!

    • Katrael

      There is also a legal issue here: the rights of citizens to be secure in their property. An illegal alien may pose a threat to that security and since the state belongs to the people they have a right to protect it as their property against all threats and too many of these illegals are criminals…well they all are if they try to enter illegally.

  • Jake

    Supposedly, these are vigilanty americans protecting the border. Maybe they’re mexican nationals coyotes, pissed of cause they didn’t make the money transfering these illegals to the US.

  • jimmy the greek

    Its about time !

  • joe lafond

    I am happy to hear that someone is taking the incentive to stop this full blown invasion of the country I spent 6 years defending to earn the rights of my family and I to live as citizens in peace only to have officials that are ready to ignore the illegal acts they have done by crossing our borders at will and taking our work, collecting our tax moneys to live here for free while we struggle to keep our families safe and fed God bless these heroes this may make a point to the illegals to follow proper channels to come here as our ancestors did and maybe to contribute to build the country rather then to use us as a welfare country

  • polmutant

    let the UN troops come for training. we can teach them how to pushh posies!

  • Subliminally Obvious

    NEW INTERNATIONAL BORDER ISSUE RESOLVED Lui Kleinsasser – Congressional Correspondent, Washington 1/4/12
    The Supreme Court, has affirmed their ruling which states that “any Agreement (contract, sale, purchase, favor, consideration) made while either party to the Agreement is under the duress of the other party to the Agreement, shall not be legally binding. Accordingly, the President has agreed in principal that most of Texas and all lands to the west, stolen from Mexico under President James K. Polk should be ceded back to Mexican rule.
    During the 1835 political upheavals, Tejas (Texas), then part of Mexico, declared itself an independent Republic. Mexican President Santa Anna relinquished the Presidency of Mexico and took charge of the Mexican army to quell the Texas revolution. After the fall of the Alamo, Santa Anna’s troops were surprised by a small contingent of Texan volunteers led by Sam Houston and Santa Anna was captured.

    Under threat of death he agreed to declare Texas “independent” of Mexico. As Santa Anna was not acting as President of his country the Agreement could only be between Santa Anna and Sam Houston, but was still invalid due to the threat of “sign or die” duress.
    In 1845 the U.S. annexed Texas as the 28th State against the protest of Mexico which had never approved the Agreement under Duress between Santa Anna and Houston. Knowing full well that the Agreement had no legality, and desirous that Texas remain part of the United States of America, in 1846 under the orders of President Polk, a U.S. cavalry force entered Mexico to force a confrontation with Mexican troops which Polk used as a “false flag” attack by Mexico on the U.S. to enable him to order the invasion of Mexico. Then Congressman, Abraham Lincoln, vehemently opposed the invasion and demanded that Polk show the exact spot where American troops were attacked on American soil by Mexico. His pleas were ignored and animated by a popular belief that it must be “Our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions”, Southern Democrats supported the war in the hope of adding slave-owning territory to the South thus avoiding being outnumbered by the faster-growing industrialized North.
    When Mexico City fell to the American invaders, again under duress, the Mexican government was forced to confirm Santa Anna’s un-enforceable declaration of independence for Texas and to also agree to sell all lands west of Texas to the U.S. for the sum of $18 million. In Polk’s mind the financial transaction would erase the illegality of the Agreements made under duress.
    The new International Boundary will run from the southern-most point of the Texas-Louisiana border, north to the Arkansas River where it will then progress two meters inland along the River’s northern bank to its source in Colorado from where a line will run directly west to the California border which it will follow north and then west terminating at the Pacific Ocean where California meets Oregon. The Arkansas River will be dredged to a minimum depth of two meters and, towards the Mexican side, widened to a minimum of twenty-five meters.

    Accordingly, as from 4/1/2015 the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada most of Texas, and parts of Colorado and Oklahoma will come under the control and administration of Mexico. The new boundary will roughly equalize the populations of the New United States of America (N.U.S.A.) and Mexico (U.S.M). Mexican citizenship will be offered to all residents wishing to remain within the new boundary of Mexico and all taxpayers will be eligible for Mexican Social Security including free, full medical coverage and full retirement benefits at age 65. Qualified non-citizens may obtain work and residency permits on an annual renewable basis for the appropriate fees. Those Americans who choose to move from the United States of Mexico to the New United States of America will need visas and passports to re-enter Mexico to vacation, seek employment or visit family members who choose to remain and become Mexican citizens. It’s important to bear in mind that once the boundary change occurs, entry of Mexican citizens into N.U.S.A. will be subject to “American” regulations unless granted dual citizenship.

    • guest

      Wow..Mexico can’t even care for their own. Their country is an absolute mess..their law’s are non existant..corruption is wide spread.just what we need another mexico but on OUR land. I shudder at the cost to every American citizen when 30 or more Mexican’s come across our border everyday..24 hour’s a day. School’s and hospital’s are closing because they can’t keep up with illegal aliens.Diseases,once eradicated are now becoming a problem as illegal alien’s are bringing in leprosy,TB,exotic parasites and other health problem’s that prevail in countries and infecting American citizen’s. If we don’t seriously address this,our country will break down. But maybe that’s the plan.I am all for ppl. coming to our country but there is a legal recourse to do this!

      • 45caliber


        At one time, we needed immigrants here and welcomed them. Now? We are crowded and don’t have enough jobs for Americans born here. Why should we welcome even more here? I don’t have a problem with minor numbers of immigrants who have a reason to be here, but just open it to everyone? We get about 500,000 Vietnamese a year legally who have no education, no skills, and no jobs waiting for them. They come from refugee camps in places like Thiland. And they have more born there every year than we bring in. Most immediately go on welfare here. In fact, the feds bring them in, assign them apartments with the first two months rent paid, and automatically sign them up for welfare without even checking to see if they can find a job.

      • Thor

        Remember the Alamo!…or, at least Lynchburg Ferry!

    • jimmy the greek

      Boy you need to quit smoking that crack , its messing with your head .

    • 45caliber


      Can you tell me where this is printed? It is fascinating that it appears to be arranged but no one knows about it. Basically it says that we are giving all lands back to Mexico including the Louisianna Purchase. Are we going to give the rest of the lands back to the Indians too?

    • jay

      just how much of all this land belonged to the native aAmerican Indians not the mexicans.
      like it or not you have to include them and remember that we don’t really own anything.are you willing to give it back and be put on a reservation.

      • Dennis48e

        jay if you look at it that way the mexicans will have to be thrown out of Mexico as well. The whole of North, Central, and South America belonged to the American Indian at one time.

      • http://google Mary

        Jay, WHO says they have to stay on the reservation? You mean they can’t move to wherever they want?

      • 45caliber


        WHICH American Indians are you talking about? Just the latest immigrants? There is considered to be at least 7 immigrations to the Americas before the white man showed up.

        Practically, it is ridiculous to talk about giving any land back to anyone just because someone owned it centuries ago. And I’m quarter Indian. If you do that, half of Europe would be changed, all of Africa would be, the Middle East would go, and so would all sorts of other places. Take the Falkland Islands for instance. Argentina claims they should belong to them and has even tried to take them from England – but the islands were NEVER claimed by Argentina or its governments until after the English had taken them. Most there didn’t even know they existed until the possibility of oil there came up.

      • 45caliber


        If we give all that land back to Mexico, then we need to give most of New England back to England or France. And Florida needs to go back to Spain. To tell the truth, MEXICO would need to go back to Spain since they ruled it first. In fact, does anyone know when Mexico as a nation of its own, originated? I seem to remember that the Spanish still controlled it prior to Napoleon taking over. I don’t think Mexico was a nation until after the French were driven out.

    • Jazzabelle

      Subliminally Obvious, a treaty (contract) isn’t the only way for one nation to transfer ownership of land to another nation. There’s also WAR, ya know. Lands are commonly transferred by “war prize,” and yes, those transfers are considered legally valid all over the world. The Supreme Court’s ruling didn’t rule out war prizes, thus, the current US/Mexico border still stands. Nice try, though.

    • http://NONE Mari bayer

      In your dreams, Buster. The Treaty of Gualupe Hidalgo says nothing of the sort.
      Stop putting out false information,or, support your “facts” with documentation.

  • Dad

    Who is to say that the vehicle or a spotter did not fire first? Lots of armed foriegners wandering along the border!! After all, Americans should be able to defend themselves…

  • Doug

    Keep up the good work. The lousy Feds & AZ aren’t preventing the breaking into our home. These people are protecting their lives, their family, their jobs, their friends & country.

  • Waldo

    Check out this article about our homeland security buying all the ammo they can find, only one group they would need it to protect themselves from and that is the citizens of the united states.

    • 45caliber


      Please note that these are “hollow points”. Those are illegal for military use since they are also known in military terms as “dum-dums”. So it is illegal to use these against soldiers in combat but perfectly legal to use them against citizens of the same country as those meant to use them …

      • jimmy the greek

        I remember when i lived back in jersey in the sixtys even the cops could not use them and i believe they are still not legal for the people to have them in jersey i have been in Texas since 1976 so i am not sure

  • Joseph Jr.

    No matter what the crime, if the public is scred and nervous for long eneough they will take action sooner or later. They see how under staffed the boder patrol is and sit in their houses watchin illegals and drug smugglers going in and out of their supposed secure country. I wouldn’t call them vigilanties. I would call them concerned scared citizens who know that we need 10 times more border patrol and or a State Militia to protect the border.

    • 45caliber

      How about federal troops rather than a state militia to guard the border?

  • CSW

    Everyone understands we have a non born American socialists as President. Along with Eric Holder and the Socialist President of the USA,They’ve tried hard to get rid of the 2ND Amend in the Constitution. But this dirt bag President wants to get rid of The Bill of Rights and Constitution all together,So he can become the first King of America. Since people don’t need to show proof that there true Americans,Obamo needs a few more millions from Mexico to come and help him win, I’m paying nearly $5 per gallon for gas now,I heard a report say Obamo wants gas at $8 per gallon. I would like to see Holder and Obamo next’s on the Border. Maybe someone would think there illegals,Sorry only wishful thinking….

  • George

    If the government won’t, someone else will. An AK carried by a hired gun vs a BAR 300 or a Remington R-25 carried by an experienced hunter. Who’s up for a bit of sport shooting along the southern border? Disclaimer; Be advised, the Obama administration reserves the right to kill on sight ay US citizen engaged in the act of defending the southern border.

    • polmutant

      thats because the commie pink negroloid kenyan is illegal too. maybe the District of Comunists will have a dose of the same.

  • Dav

    screw the Govt, time to let the people take defense in its hands and secure the border , NOW !

  • aberdeenvet

    Right on. We need lots more of this as long as those in power in our government don’t give a damn what is right and proper to keep it’s citizens and country safe and secure.

  • Andy

    Why don’t we put up a sign on the border that states all illegals crossing here will be shot on sight? That should put a dent in their “in your face” attitude since they know nothing will be done otherwise. Aren’t we taught to heed caution and warning signs? What’s the difference? It would be an “enter at your own risk” situation then.

    • 45caliber


      But the libs don’t think that is “fair”!

      • oldnyfirefighter

        Tough shamanskies!

      • Art in Port Angeles, WA

        Why should we care what the libs think, or do, for that matter? A lot of our problems stem from that very concern!

    • teaparty13

      Good idea, but make sure it’s in English..or better yet, make one of those yellow signs showing an illegal crossing with a bullseye.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Are we to stand by as our country is invaded by foreigners? Do we not have the right and the responsibility to secure our borders? We have been invaded. We are at war. It’s just a different kind of war, but war nonetheless.

    • eddie47d

      This whole nation was founded on invading foreigners. Some legal and some not so legal. The first two hundreds years they were all illegal and that would include many early ancestors.

  • Calonzap

    When it comes time for the feds to make a decision, what do you think they will do? Will they enforce the law against illegal immigration or will they take up arms against the vigilantes who will be guarding the border and doing the job that the feds won’t do?

    • 45caliber

      Three guesses … and the first two don’t count.

  • J.d. ‘Duke’ Schechter

    Anyone actually SEE the people who fired on the truck, or speak to them? Just how does the writer ‘know’ they were ‘armed citizens’, and not a rival gang? With a ‘border’ that porous, and cartel ‘lookouts’ camped on mountaintops all over southern Arizona, AND the money to be made by smuggling illegals, drugs and terrorists in, it’s at least equally likely that these were as much the victims of competition for the almighty dollar as ‘Bugs’ Moran’s gang was on Valentine’s Day, 1929.

    • 45caliber


    • eddie47d

      That is nothing more than a opinion and extremely unlikely unless the occupants could be traced back to gangs.

  • tomcat

    good job…keep it up…you’re doing what many of us would like to…

  • Dens

    Lets see….our joke of a Justice Department under the racist Eric Holder will intimidate or imprison anyone who dares enforce the law concerning illegals pouring over the border. We have former Border Patrol officers in prison for shooting at or just roughing up these illegal scum. Sheriff Joe in Arizona is being harrassed and intimidated because he dares to refuse to co-operate with Holder’s goons. The so-called Justice Department has filed charges against him for the “crime” of being a decent citizen Sheriff doing the job the citizens of Maricopa County Arizona elected him to do.

    So…..more and more people living along the border are realizing they must take action themselves to stop deadbeats, criminals and terrorists from flooding the Country and turning it into a dangerous multi-culti cesspool like much of Europe. The Mexicans are well known for using deadly force to protect their southern border… so, since law enforcement in the area is shackled by Obama and Holder, I see no problem with our own citizens doing the same…and quite effectively.

    It may also be noted, concerning Holder and his “justice” department there has not been a peep out of them concerning the hate crimes being commited against whites in the form of highly imflamatory hate speech by the New Black Panther Party. Holder and his boss Obama are encouraging these hateful racists with their obvious “silent support”. To expect any of our laws to be enforced or upheld by anyone associated with the Obama bunch seems a fantasy. These racist Marxists and their “progressive” enablers are apparently far more interested in disarming and brutalizing the conservative citizens of this Country than enforcing any of it’s laws.

    • 45caliber


      The King Ranch is the largest ranch in the US. It is in South Texas and has a border with Mexico.

      For some reason there is little news about Mexicans coming across the border there. Up until a few years ago, the employees of the ranch were also deputy marshals and were meant to not only run the ranch but also protect it from crime. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, they did this by shooting any Mexicans who came across the border. As a result today, the Mexicans still avoid this ranch border.

      I wonder why ….

  • 45caliber

    When the government refuses to enforce the law, someone has to do it. The problem is that when individuals do enforce the law, they can get carried away. Let’s get a decent fence built and start guarding it, with military if needed. All the other countries do.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Be aware… It’s a TRAP… We Leave our houses we may loose our houses! There must be a Smart way to win! We should Arm our Volentier CONVICTS, to guard the Boarder… They do good, They get freedom sooner!!!

    • 45caliber


      The only problem with that is then we’d have to guard the convicts.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        & Some Convicts are Institutionalized! ( Love it inside!) Don’t want Freedom!

      • 45caliber


        Unfortunately, most are instutionalized. They love not having the think. The guards tell them what to do all the time. Very typical of welfare recipients too. All they have to do is vote the way they are told to do.



  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Then we need to put a Wall around Washington D. C. Keep Politicans inside, that don’t support THE CITIZENS of United States of America! ( Does everyone know what D. C. Stands for?) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA! { Not U.S. of A.}

    • polmutant

      it is the Dsitrict of communists. home of enslaved and depraved. this is the greatest evidence of evolution.

      • 45caliber



    • oldnyfirefighter

      DC stands for District of Corruption

      • Katrael

        Not only is it the District of Corruption but it is entirely owned and operated as a corporate entity by the IMF. The only legally seated elected officials are our Representatives to the House of Representatives. Our Senate is filled with corporate imposters.

      • Jazzabelle

        Katrael, I’m not so sure that our representatives are consitutionally elected. The corporate governance structures have changed “their” election processes quite substantially from the requirement of both State and federal Constitutions, indicating that most if not all federal Representatives hold corporate-only offices, not national political offices. See and/or

  • lee

    If the government would take care of illegal immigration like they are suppose to there probably would not be a problem.They set there in Washington D.C. making up all kinds of new stupid laws to make law abiding citizens criminals but they wont enforce the laws on the books already. No common sense in D.C.

    • 45caliber


      ever heard of the GAME of politics? That’s what is going on. They are playing a game. All their opponents are on the other side of the aisle. They simply have no interest in what happens in the rest of the world. If they can gain a point by some act, even if it harms millions of people or even kills some in a war, it is all a game to them and they might WIN it! “Fast and Furious” is a good example. The Demos expected to win a few points with it over the GOP by banning gun shows the GOP favor.

      Why else do you think they won’t support work the other party does that might actually help someone or something? Or support a justifiable war that the other party was in favor of? They are playing their game and MUST be against whatever the other party is in favor of!

  • Rafael

    Vigilantes or Para-Militars do not have the right to take the life of another civil person unless for auto defense and this is not the case in point. What would you all say, if americans were haunted down in any other country for any reason like having no papers, drug smuggling or terrorism by vigilantes? You probably would cry unjustice or perhaps send Al Gore or President Clinton to criticise through their NGO.

    • 45caliber


      Americans ARE hunted down in other countries for no papers, drug smuggling, etc. In fact there is a woman in prison in Pakistan now for smuggling heroin. So what is your point? That we shouldn’t do what other countries do? Take a real look at Mexico’s immigration policy. We need one just like it.

      • Rafael

        The point is “Vigilantes or Para-militaries”, are not the law.

        Besides migration is a matter of economics, as more advanced the countries the more migration occurs, take the USA, since Obama and his political economy there has been more americans leaving and investing to better countries.
        The farmers for example need cheap labor due to americans won’t work the fields since it is backbreaking, what is going to happen to those farmers?

      • 45caliber


        In most cases, if the farmers want to get the produce picked, they can either pay more (which will force the government to quit restricting the price farmers can charge) or new equipment can be created. The cotton picking machines are an example. It can force the prices up but that’s to be expected. But they can probably get enough workers IF they are willing to hire individuals. Most larger farms want to hire crews rather than individuals and the Mexicans provide crews. It just means that the way they hire would have to be different.

  • Mark in LA

    Be very careful about whyat you believe. When the Minutemen were patrolling the border the ADL was sending lawyers and acivists down to Mexican shanty towns looking for people to lie about them being mistreated. The idea was to bankrupt the Minutemen with false charges about mistreatment, that is why the Minutemen always video taped themselves. They learned this because the SPLC used the same tactict to bankrupt Ranch Rescue after SPLC found some guy willing to lie in court if he got as piece of the take.

    I wouldn’t be supprised if these are really drug mules being robbed and in order to avoid drug smuggling charges, they claim border vigilantes because their open border advocate buddies tell them too.

  • oldgringo

    The Democrats want more votes…..Any votes…..Illegal or no…..They also want terrorist and drug dealers to infiltrate our country so those criminals can do their dasdardly deeds….This gives justification for more anti citizen laws like the Patriot and National Defense Authorization Act while pissing on the Declaration of Independence…..Both these titles bemoan what their purpose really is and that is to take away the civil liberties of American citizens while thumbing their nose at our US Contstitution and Bill Of Rights!

  • Boomerbabe75

    On the first day of hunting season in Pennsylvania, ONE MILLION armed men are in the woods. This is only one state. Not counting New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, ……you get the idea.
    Just a thought………

    • 45caliber


      And people believe it will be easy to take over the US; that the American people will be helpless before them.

      • Flashy

        45…you know I am a supporter of the 2nd for that very reason. THAT is why the 2nd exists. The fiction that it is for self defense is the hype so the NRA and gun lobbies can make a few shekels from the ignorant Clint Eastwood wannabes.

  • 45caliber

    What about a contest?

    5 points for a Mexican.
    10 points for a Columbian.
    3 points for those of other countries.
    20 points for a cartel member.
    15 points for a HS member.
    15 points for a Mexican criminal.

    and so on.

    The winner would get a million dollars provided by the American government and a free Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle…

    • Flashy

      100 points for vigilantes who want to take the law into their own hands.

      • polmutant

        vigilant means diligent. you must be a free loader. what subsidies do you rob tax payers of?
        perhaps you are worth less points than a yellow belly?

      • leelee3

        Flashy, did that van have your family members in it ?

      • eddie47d

        If you must play the point system then those Vigilantes who don’t respect life should have at least 200 points for their heads. Vigilantes are also lawbreakers so why shouldn’t the bounty on their heads be much more.

    • Shakeyjake


  • Walt-2

    The Dems have come up with a new solution for vote rigging that makes the fraudsters at ACORN, and pandering to the Hispanic vote obsolete.

    Old George Soros has a new trick up his sleeve….it’s called SCYTL.

  • Mike

    After reading accounts from people who live on the border I can understand the frustration. I don’t apprrove of the killings, but…….One farmer related he may have to give up a farm owned by his family for years because it is no longer safe to go out and tend to his crops. He gets threatened on his own land by illegals who tell him “go away”. There are reports of the land littered with trash. Soiled diapers, plastic junk, papers, bottles, you name it. There have been breakins by people looking for food and water. One farmer was found dead by gunshot.

    The problem with vigilante action is it will give the government an excuse to enact Marshall law. That would be sooooo wrong since the government has already issued warnings for citizens to stay away from one area that has a national park because, “it is too dangerous for citizens.”

    Instead of policing the area and cleaning up the corruption, the government tells its citizens to stay away!!

    Where are the “Untouchables” when you really need them?

    We better get Ron Paul or someone like him in the white house to fix the mess or the US will be another third world country before 2014.

    Since the system is seeing to it Ron Paul isn’t winning th GOP nomination we the people, will have to write his name in.

    • oldnyfirefighter

      That is why they make backhoes. Shoot em, bury em deep & plant wheat.

      • polmutant

        you cannot eat wheat grown in that fertilzer you will get spicitis. for export only to allah monkeys.

      • 45caliber


        It depends upon how deep that fertilizer is.

  • ranger hall

    The States have the right to Protect thier own borders.
    The Border patrol was given the job of Protecting the Mexico american Borders. The states have the right to Protect their Land. When the feds and the states do not do the job then its up to the People,
    Sheriff Joe and the sheriffs of other Counties along the borders,az,nm,tx and calif. Have the right to Deputize citizens for help. ITS Just that the Politicians do not want this to happen FOR it shows the People the power they have over The Powers to Be.
    In an Emergency its the sheriffs job and responsibility to protect the citizens of his county, The State and even the fed Govt. When its legal of course.
    The Sheriff is the ONLY legal People elected law inforcement officer in the Country.
    All the others are Put into this Position by the Powers to Be.Not by the People. In other words they work not for the People but the Powers to be.
    WE the People need to Stand our Ground and Protect what is Ours From WITHOUT and from WITHIN, we have just been to long in waking up.
    I do not Hold with Murder, But i do hold with Killing for A Good and Right Cause.

  • JAMMER 2


    • http://AOL JOSE0311USMC


      • bpante

        Every time a Border Agent does his job he gets locked up. Remember Ramos & Campion, and another one recently. Not counting the ones shot by guns provided by Fast & Furious.

        Hey Marine, How about some Coast Guard Back up?

  • ranger hall

    Oh and i do not believe like the Amish, Kill my children and i will forgive you, But with these people its ok for others to kill for them. These are Good People, And i can respect their way of Life. But i will kill for food and the Protection of myself and Family,and sometimes others when needed.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Some truth is The Mexican Government ( Cartell) sends the week to cross the border, than claim the Statue of liberty isn’t for them… The Statue is in Black Face!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        + The Catholic Church Helps Border Invaders With Protection & Duties for them here.

  • gnafu

    Sorry to say but that is the only way to stop illegal immigration because the federal government isn’t doing their job. If enough illegals find out that they will be actually fired upon and perhaps killed, that should stop the illegals from entering from the south west border! Word travels fast and if it takes actual “fear” to crawl into the U.S. then so be it.


    All the drug smugling into the U.S. is because there are a lot of Americans that want to use drugs. Screwem…Intercept shipments of the contribaned, lace it with arsenic, cyanide, draino et-al and send it on it`s way ! Two months on, problem solved…No demand, No supply…

  • Concerned

    Makes one wonder why DHS has ordered 750 million rounds of .40 cal. hollow point ammo and .223 rifle ammo within the last 3 years and now most recently some 90 thousand bullet proof check point booths…….maybe it’s for our homeland security and border control?……. NOT……. It’s to keep the government in control of it’s people so they can prevent us from excercizing our 2nd Amendment Rights our Founding Fathers Gave US so they can take away our rights altogether. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms and to Form a Militia…..was put there to KEEP THE GOVERNMENT IN CHECK because they knew first hand what a government was capable of coming from England. Martial Law is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  • Miracle

    I think it’s high time to act! I believe we should put armed US soilders on the southern border with orders to shoot any suspected illegal traffic headed NORTH and let any traffic headed SOUTH proceed unappossed. Enough said!

  • mike

    It seems to me that people are taking care of the problem. It’s too bad it has to be done this way. There are better, more correct way’s of doing this. I’m not talking of politically correct either as that is the problem

  • Ken Paul

    I have a feeling that the federal governemnt refusal to enforce laws we are going to see more vigilante action. It has worked in the past, San Francisco etc.

  • Pepper

    Until the citizens of this country wake up and take a stand to stop what this out of control Government is doing to our nation and it people, this is going to continue. All I ever read and hear is complaints but no action. Until everyone get off their caboose and does something, nothing will change.

    Talk is cheap, what are you, as an American Citizens going to do to make changes and bring our country back to it once greatness?

    Better hurry before it’s too late, because if Obama gets voted in again, then it is a done deal. Freedom and Constitution will be things and words of the past.

    As Thomas Jefferson once said, “If You Are Not Apart Of The Solution, Then You Are Part Of The Problem.”

  • Dennis

    Don’t be too sure these are “vigilante border patrol” people who want to end illegal immagration. My guess is that they are shooting at the behest of the left wing and maybe even the Obummer Admin. I have expected for some time that something would happen before the election that would be used as justification for Obummer to declare martial law, suspend the constitution and cancel elections.

    This will only happen, of course, if it becomes clear that OB won’t be reelected. I’m certain that he will not just go quietly into the dung heap of history. His ego, Marxist political philosophy and dictatorial compulsion will not allow it.

  • william

    I fear the America we long for, as recalled by those of us old enough to remember her greatness, is gone, perhaps forever. At least for the next 20 years.The demographics and political circumstances here have changed dramatically and the world has become a global economy leaving us behind. Corruption in our government and insatiable greed are the driving forces here and I don’t see any changes for the better on the horizon. I have to spit the words out of my dry mouth but I believe Obama will be reelected. How I don’t know given how many people dislike him and his socialistic policies, but likely something will happen between now and November to assure we have four more years of this mess. And if you think we’re suffering now, wait until Obama doesn’t have to worry about getting reelected. Republicans and Democrats alike are corrupt so an independent electorate, perhaps the Tea Party or variation of same is the answer. Bush’s bungling and corruption got Obama elected and I’ve talked to several who voted for Obama who otherwise would not have because of their anger toward Bush. I suspect there was much voter fraud as well much of it driven by ACORN, a bunch of racist nuts who do not care what Obama does, because he’s BLACK. He’s one of them.

  • Bill Webb

    Anyone that votes for Obama has got a screw loose. Anyone that shoots at illegals crossing the border has got a screw loose too, but at least I like them for trying to defend our country. E-verify would do as much good, and legally. (Government blog snoops- up yours!)

    • Speak2Truth

      Considering the heavy Communist backing for Obama – anyone voting for him is not American. When our nation’s sworn enemies get the Democrat Party behind them, we are in serious trouble.

      It would be like voting for the NAZI Party candidate in 1943.

  • http://Aol CommonSense4America

    Research “Athens Tennessee 1946″ and see what happens when WE take back our powers.

  • Bob Howell

    Glad to see vigilantes, private citizens are doing the Governments job. When Government officials will not protect our country, then it’s up to its citizens. Holder and Obama will not keep the oath of their office because they’re the two biggest crooks in in the U.S.
    Keep it up vigilantes! Let Obama and Holder know you mean business. I suspect that there will be more to come help out.

  • Steve

    We have so little control of our border, that for all we know this is a rival drug cartel KILLING the competition off! This would not go on if our border looked like the border between north and south Korea!!!!

  • Tom

    Personally, I do not blame the vigilantes one little bit for their taking action where the federal government refuses to do so. There are federal laws regarding illegal aliens and more laws have been proposed and summarily blocked or states sued over by the federal government, obama, and sanctuary cities and groups to try to neuter responsible efforts to enforce our immigration laws and to protect the citizens of border states and other states from the criminals and terrorists who enter the USA to do harm and prey upon us. The blood of their victims and of the illegal aliens not being shot are completely on the hands of obama, Erick Holder, the crying liberal scum who will not enforce U.S. immigration laws, the sanctuary cities and the groups who would rather help go after the Sherriff in AZ and the states trying to enforce immigration and protect the rest of us than to try to support the laws. The blood is also on the hands of the Mexican government and other nations who are joining obama in punishing the states instead of enforcing current and responsible laws. I am just sorry that these people didn’t start by invading the no mans land ceded illegally and unconstitution to the drug cartels and human traffickers by obama miles into the US Southern Border instead of our government forcing these criminals back out of the USA and back into Mexico where they belong. If anyone should be opposed here, it is these murdering scum drug cartels and the others who have taken over this no mans land and made this stretch of the USA unsafe for actual U.S. Citizens.

    It is just fortunate for these idiots that I am not the president. If I were, I would likely start by deputizing these shooters and putting actual police and border patrol in charge of them to more lawfully and less lethally work on the border issues where citizens are at risk of harm and death. Then I would mobilize the states’ national guard and some of the USMC to address the issue along the border, fully armed and supported. Any possible tensions with Mexico, be d@mn&d! Then I would have the Marines go in and clear the drug cartels out of the nomans land and drop any resistors and leave the bodies as they went. When and where cartel violence or Mexican military crossed our border, there would be bodies left, including (when our towns or military are fired upon), taking out the areas on the Mexican side of the border and the offenders on both sides of the shooting where hostilities originated. Full military resources would be authorized. A U.S. border town gets shot at endangering our citizens and the Mexican shooters and neighborhood where the shots originated would be obliterated. Innocent casualties would be expected and Mexico would recieve the political blame for not keeping its own mess away from our mutual border, and thus, the blame for the innocent dead. No apologies given, no reparations offered or given either. The same would exist for any further wars we engage in and the UN would be driven from our territories. I guess this means I will never be president. LOL…

  • Ready to Fight

    I say good for the gunmen keep it up. If the government won’t put a stop to illagal imigration then we the people will.

  • afdbghq

    The only problem I have with the Vigilantes is that they left some alive. They should have killed them all and left the bodies for the varmints to eat. The varmints have a right to exist also and by leaving the bodies for them we are helping them to survive. If this happens often enough it will go a long way towards stopping the illegal aliens from entering the US. If the people trying to enter illegally start to fear that they will be shot they will think twice about entering. Then if they still try let them be shot on sight for breaking our laws. Either way problem solved.

  • TheOtherWhiteMeat

    Hah ! S’bout time ! How about the illegal POTUS?

  • justme

    Arizona , eh? You mean that state that’s had so much attention for the last couple of years from the fed? Hear some of those guys are pretty handy with a gun.

  • TK

    It was a rip crew and was not American Vigilantes……….Too bad though, I was hoping it was!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    UNDERSTAND THIS: The Constitution & Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independance ….
    ARE FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS!!! Visiters Must Obey the Rules for VISITERS!!!

  • ron

    our nation is being invaded sometimes by armed men, any other country in the world they would call it what it is and put the military on our border. but not America anyone can come here illegally and its the people of America that pay the price. its about damn time we the people of this nation stand up and defend our nation. our own government is our worst enemy. our rights are under assault our freedoms are being taken away we are called racists for asking that our president prove he is who he says he is. now i dont know about the rest of you but im sick of it. we the people are the ones who own this nation. if our president cant produce his proper legal documents them hes got no business asking me to trust him. in fact i dont. i dont trust any politician today. they are all liars and corrupt. and i am ready to take up my guns and fight for my life liberty and freedoms. this does not make me a racist or a terrorist. this just makes me one more American that has awakened to the criminals in our nation that have more protection than i or my family does. we are at the point where we need to arrest the politicians that are in office that refuse to follow the constitution and today this is all of them. It is time for all Americans to come to the aid of our nation and ourselves. the criminals in DC need to be removed and jailed before they finish our nation off. if its a fight they want its a fight they will get we just wont be fighting ourselves we will be fighting our own government that has turned on us and now calls us the enemy. we are not the enemy unless you are trying to destroy my life liberty and my freedoms then yes you are my enemy!

  • brianS

    Where can I send a donation to support the so called viligantes. You are doing the country a service and I salute you

  • Pingback: InnerSanctum News | InnerSanctum News

  • Trust in God

    A bullet is the cheepest way to go, it cost tax payers $3k to $5k to send one illegal back,
    Maybe by the action, taken will put fear on all iilegal to think twice to cross the border,
    1) they are trasspassing,people have a right to defend there home’s,and families.
    2) they come here just to work and send money back to there,( where ever they come from)
    the banks gives them a cridet card ,witch they don’t pay back so we the citizens left holding the bag and pay for them .

    I say good job Vigilante- Border – Patrol. shoot them all before they cross in USA

  • Silas Longshot

    Well, if the government won’t do the job……
    But more likely, with the Mexican gangs, drug cartels and human trafficking all competing for ‘running zones’ through Arizona, this is more likely gang on gang turf wars. It would take some luck for ‘vigilantes’ to find this action. Even the feds with all their gear cant’ find ‘em all. Oh, wait, maybe they’re not looking as hard, either.

    Click the name.

  • simian pete

    The Federal Government needs to patrol the border. They aren’t doing their job. These citizen soldiers, using deadly force under martial conditions, are all that is stopping the invasion.

    It’s going to get WORSE. As the Federal government can’t fulfill it’s obligations. individual citizens are going to have to fill the vacum. A vacum caused by the Federal government inbility to stop the invasion …

    We are just seeing the beginning ……

    Welcome to “Sherwood Forest”. In this situation “the rich” are illegal immigrants who want to steal welfare benefits and jobs, from the poor middle class ! The invaders are doing very well here …. when they get thru.

    • http://NONE Mari bayer

      It seems to me that vigilantism is the only way to stop the border incursions, since our
      government seems hell bent on allowing illegals in. And if you think it’s bad now, wait
      and see what happens if Obummer is reelected in November. We won’t recognize our
      country and the US Constitution? – in scraps on the Oval Office floor. And, don’t
      expect our Congress to do anytning to protect the Constitution, in flagrant disregard
      of their Oath of Office, any more than they have paid attention to the eligibilty issue.
      Let’s vote all incumbents out of office in November.

  • sandy daniels

    I have news for you all ,it’s Not just mex’s coming over the border it’s also arabs who speak spanish fluently. This has been a known factor for several years. They get in by going to any one of several central American countries then to mexico then to the US in a truckload of illegals…….. bam their here it been being done for years.

  • Dennis

    eddie47d: No, the first two hundred years of people coming to North America were not illegal. In order to be illegal there have to be laws against it. There was not a country and so there were no laws. This isn’t to say that it was right to take land that was occupied by the people already here. But it is important to keep truth in the conversation. However, be that as it may, it changes nothing in 2012. Non-citizens of the USA that cross the borders without proper papers and permissions are illegal. They have broken the laws of the USA and they should be treated as having done that. And they specifically should not be given the rights of American citizens, especially, in any way that takes the fruits of American Citizens’ labor and transfers it to non-citizens. It is, among other things, unjust.

    • Katrael

      You have made a good point about laws Dennis and there are laws now about this issue that make it illegal for someone to enter without proper documentation just as you have said.

  • Tackleberry

    I don’t want to seem heartless, but if more illegal’s & their coyote’s were shot & killed, then maybe these moron’s would finally get the message!!!! They come here to live off of us, @ to bring their criminal way’s with them. The Boarder Patrol is overworked & with idiots like Obama & Holder, we’re just spinning our wheel’s & nothing is getting done!!! I think we should put a bounty on them, that would keep them where they belong, south of the boarder!!!!!!

  • bpante

    Does that count as American jobs saved?

    • http://NONE Mari bayer

      it might now count much toward saving American jobs, but it does count toward the
      growing numbers of Americans who are willing to step up to the plate and try to
      save our country. Would you?

  • Gear4War

    Why do we have a problem with dealing with invaders in the manner that people have dealt with invaders since man started living in groups? I personally do not care the reasons that people come across our borders whether for jobs or to take advantage of our generous social safety nets. They broke our laws and that makes them criminals and therefore enemies. We deal with them in a manner they deserve as criminals. Round them up and send them back to wherever they came from or we incarcerate them and use these incarcerated criminals to build the fence. Failing that I have no problem with seeing them shot. Shoot enough of them and maybe they’ll work to make their third world hellholes better for themselves and their families.

    • Bill


  • BlackwingA520

    I say start shooting the crooked politicians, the drug dealers and the radical Muslims too , why discriminate.

  • LeeS

    I applaud those patriotic Americans for taking the responsibility for protecting our borders seeing that our socialist/muslim president doesn’t have the guts nor backbone to do what he took the oath office to do – protect our borders. If we had more people like those patriots we would have less illegals in this country.

  • Pete Gordon

    It has not been a long time since this border was entirely open. Cattle herds used to cross the border. People would live as free people, riding to a town across the border to buy what they needed or to work. With the increase in world population, we crack down more and more, being stingy about what is ours. Bush used the flow of hungry immigrants as an aid to driving wages down. Today people begin to wake up and try to close the border. Maybe this will help bring wages back up. Deportations have reached new record highs under Obama, and the Bush depression sent many home for lack of work.

  • James

    The southern four states are at war with Mexico and, apparently, our federal government is supoorting the Mexican side. Their “Fast and Furious” gun giveaway armed the Mexican drug cartel, and their suit against Arizona’s attempt to protect our southern border also favors Mexico.

  • http://AOL JOSE0311USMC


  • Bill

    First I want to say there are laws and rules that we, the law abiding people of this county live by and one law/rule is how do you immigrate into the USA legally? All who live here and come to this county are required to follow the “laws of the land” PERIOD! The United Sates is a sovereign country with a constitution written for the people and by the people that not only allows but REQUIRES the government “to protect and defend its borders from all invaders” but this is not being enforced. The government or a portion thereof, for whatever reason is not protecting and defending the borders with vigor therefore the govmt is not upholding the constitution. That said, when a segment of the govmt turns a blind eye to the document they the govmt employees (remember they work for us not the other way around) swore an oath to protect and defend and are now (their words) sworn under oath are just blather then everyone had better wake up because this is a very serious attack by some in the govmt on the people of the United States of America. If I lie in a court of law and is proven then there is a legal fine and/or punishment imposed on me for lying under oath, yet the politicians are not held accountable for their lies so they take the oath followed by lies and more lies. Once you have an out of control govmt that lies to the OWNERS of this country and they coose not to follow the constitution then it is only a matter of time a total breakdown and collapse will occur. After all the Revolutionary War was fought by a bunch of farmers, shopkeepers and the like who were outnumbered under gunned and uneducated in the art of war against the greatest army in the world the British Army and how did that turn out for England? I believe this is part of the grand scheme by PART of the govmt to change the essence and fabric of what this county was originally founded on and I myself will not let the honor of all who have fought and died to keep this country safe from tyrants and the like… so let this be a warning to all that spit in the eye of the American people and treat us as farmers and shopkeepers… don’t “F” with my COUNTRY or my FREEDOM!

  • JP

    maybe the Vigilantes are after the wrong people. These guys sound like pros. I hope they don`t starting looking at the real Illegals. Dam I am sorry (Illegal) is supposed to be racist now!


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