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Victory Looms In Arizona For Gun-rights Advocates

February 15, 2010 by  

Victory looms in Arizona for gun-rights advocatesArizona lawmakers are preparing to consider a new bill that would allow school faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus, media reports suggest.

Currently, only certified police officers are permitted to carry a weapon on school grounds in Arizona, but the bill introduced by State Senator Jack Harper of Phoenix would extend that right to select groups of ordinary citizens, according to ABC News.

"Any step toward allowing the people the right to self defense is a good thing," said Daniel Crocker, Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, quoted by the news provider.

He added, however, that his organization believes the right should also be extended to students.

As expected, not everyone is happy with the possibility. For example, Andy Pelosi the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus told ABC that introducing guns will make campuses less safe. "More guns are going to create more problems," he stated.

In the past year gun-rights proponents, such as Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as the Second Amendment Foundation, have registered some significant victories. One such victory came when the Texas legislature voted last May to allow college students and employees to carry concealed handguns on campus.

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  • L, USA

    Very good. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    • independant thinker

      I am glad I went to high school in the 60′s. Our chemistry and higher math teacher said in class “I think the rule against carrying a knife is stupid for you never know when you might need to cut someone”. He was also a gun collector and gun smith who would occasionaly give a program on firearms at school. If he were still alive he would most likely be banned from going on any school property these days.

      • jeffH

        I can only agree with you. I had my first hunter’s saftey course taught by my 6th grade teacher after class on school grounds, in my classroom in 1962. I applaud Arizona as they also allow concealed carry permits to law abiding citizens.

  • Gary

    Why in your picture do you show a Desert Eagle a very large and heavy pistol which almost nobody would be able to carry concealed??? Are you trying to play to the no brain rants of the gun grabbers???

    • Joe H.

      Sometimes all that is needed is the threat of defense. there aren’t many that would try you if they see you are carrying an eagle!!!

    • DaveH

      Well it’s certainly better than showing a handgun image when the crime was committed with a shotgun or rifle as the media often does.

    • JC

      Arizona already allows open carry.

  • Jack from Seadrift

    Just like the CCW law’s, were going to have a RIVER OF BLOOD, in the street’s! This is also going to be a River of “blood” in the School’s? Look at the School’s in Israel. Every Teacher has, and carry’s a Gun. NO SCHOOL SHOOTING’S! I WONDER?????
    The real reason for GUN Control is PEOPLE CONTROL!

    • Scott Brown

      Not to mention Switzerland. I have no stats, but I’m just guessing there are more injuries/deaths through accidental electrocution by household appliances than by the weapons which are by law kept in every Swiss home.

      • albert j. beddy

        I was in Switzerland in 1974. The man I was visiting was in the Swiss Army and had ALL his Army equipment in his apartment. He told me that all able men of age 18 to 50 years were in the Swiss Army and had their weapons in their homes.

    • RON HERT

      How quickly we forget Culumbine, Denver area, Colorado. When that event happened, I stated that it would not have killed so many people if there would have been CCWs on that campus. Its just like there are no reported people going onto Firing ranges and killing anyone or at the least, more than Culumbine. When there are CCWs present, but not confirmed as to who they are, then you cut down the advantage that the bad guys have regarding the element of surprise, and having the power to completely control the senerio. If the CCW has been trained effectively, the element of surprise is one of the power tools that the CCW has in his favor. Plus, we know that that CCW has been put through the extensive process of background and mental evaluations.
      It is common knowledge that CCWs are checked and double checked concerning their ability and right to carry a weapon. We need to try to remember that all of the Facists had gun control before they took the power away from the people, now its not my fault that certain people of the left parties don’t study their history-but the majority of Americans do and we need to remember that when we vote the next time. I know that most CCWs value life and don’t believe in Abortion or lost Sovernity-so why keep voting for those that want to abolish
      our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and to be able to get our ammo without the present hassle we get?

  • myrton woolen

    this is not going to help assighn a officer to walk the school grounds with a dog it may cost money but it would be safer but again the cost is more than being safe like always safty is how much money it cost besides most people would be scrad to pull the trigger and then would cause more trouble.i have been taught guns are not used to shoot people but to be used in self defence and for hunting reason let the law offices do protecting start hiring officer to protect the schools these can do a better job can find drugies and others from harm if money is a factor take it from the politians paycheck

    • JC

      Right, when seconds count the police are only minutes away…

      • Harold Olsen

        Here in Seattle, it could be hours, if they show up at all.

    • prsmith

      Nonsense. The first to get taken down in a bank robbery is(are) the security people and that would be true at targeted schools. The advantage of concealed carry by everyone is that the perp has no clue from what direction fire will come. As a side benefit, school violence will decrease; as the saying goes, “An armed society is a polite society.”

      • DaveH

        So true. I was talking to a friend about gun control. He said if people were allowed to carry weapons in their cars, he would be afraid to flip anyone off. I asked him “Is that bad?”

        • JC

          You’ve both just described Arizona to me (my home state). I don’t see people fighting in bars, flipping each other off or cursing at one another…”polite, respectful, society”

          • Ron

            When I moved to Klamath Falls, OR in 1976 it was well known that most people had a gun in the car and open carry is legal in OR. A CCW cost $0.50 from the sherif’s office. There was no blood running in the streets. I never saw such a polite soceity. I moved from Detroit, MI where they had strong gun control and at the time was the murder capitol of the country.

    • Kyle

      Bro, I’m hoping English is your second language.
      First, no one cares more about you and your safety than you do. In America, cops are not required to protect anyone. There have been multiple court decisions on that.
      Second, As another person pointed out, what keeps the thugs from killing the cop. Though it may be hard to believe, most cops are not shooters and more than a few are dangerous with weapons, to themselves and others. (This was originally told to me by cops and has been confirmed by my experience on shooting ranges.)
      Three, and possibly most important, a diffused offense, where the attack can come from anywhere, requires a diffused defense where the defense can come from anywhere. Many examples exist in Israel of people, housewives, grandmas, etc killing a terrorist before he can do nearly as much damage as he otherwise would have.

  • Curtis

    Please note that “the reason no standing army” attempts to invade Switzerland is this. Citizens are required to enter the army and are provided training in how to use automatic weapons and defend themselves and their households. Then much to the chagrin of the anti-gun community; they take those weapons and ammunition home with them. Check it out. A standing Army in each household. Lowest crime rate on the planet.

    • ajb

      And their elected officals do a good job.

    • JC

      So how do you define “Homeland Security”? The way the Swiss do it, or the way Napolitano’s mob do it? I know which is more effective and more civilized…

  • Edward Martin

    I have never understood the reasoning which concludes that making guns illegal will stop the violence from guns. By very definition criminals ignore laws and the only thing accomplished is to deny law abiding citizens the means to stop such violence. Any place that legally prohibits guns only spotlights itself for the criminal, why not? It has become an easy mark! Only when there is immediate appropriate response to an action will the perpetrator learn the lesson they need to learn. Simply that it costs too much in their own personal pain to do such actions. Get rid of these “no carry” and “gun free zone” laws, they just direct the violence to those very places.

    • s c

      Edward, it’s not a matter of ‘reasoning.’ This is “feeling.”
      You can divide this group of wannabe demi-gods into two groups. Group 1 does the other’s bidding (that makes them “useful idiots”). Group 2 does so in an attempt to CONTROL society (because these supposedly enlightened, illuminated, superior beings who have always known ‘what’s best for everyone’).
      No one can reason with such people. We must always be on guard. Their freedom-hating assaults will never stop, Edward.
      Ooorah for Arizona! Those who love the Constitution and freedom are obligated to be alert and never forget that those who hate the Constitution – and freedom – are dedicated servants of evil. To give them the benefit of any doubt is to put yourself (and America) in peril.

  • Loyde Williams

    All our problems along this line stem from the day the Supreme Court banned Prayer and bible teaching in our schools. This is when we began to notice a strong reaction to Authority;ignorance of what education and religion are all about(to produce great American citizens) In the absence of Divine Authority we have juvenile “wisdom” and reactions.Pregnant school Children, drug addicts, alcoholics, murderers,rapists, and teachers who fear for their lives each time they enter a class room. How do the parents feel about these things? Ask them!!Since when does a Supreme Court Judge have the Authority to dictate Life Principles to any ones Children? It sounds like the day the Priests said of Christ “away with this Man we will not have Him to rule over us”,Well you have what you wanted! Can you afford the consequences?

    • Harold Olsen

      You’re right. I don’t recall ever hearing about shootings or a lot of crimes in Christian schools.

    • Richard Pawley

      You may already know this Loyde but there is actual scientific evidence, statistically significant indices, that what you say is true. It began in 1947 but the real clincher was in 1963 when the Supreme Court decided that they knew better than the founding fathers and even the “Lord’s Prayer” which we said each day in homeroom (the 15 minutes before classes began) in our public high school was outlawed. The few Jewish students in class were not required to say this even though it was the same “Father” to whom we prayed (no one had ever heard of Muslims and their god back then, or at least not in this country). Well, starting that very year, there were statistically significant increases in all manner of crimes in schools, not just the usual increases evident in an increasing immoral society. Of course the atheists, the Progressive/Socialists, and the ACLU believe this was all coincidental. We are already paying the consequences you mentioned. Remember to vote for truly independent representatives come November. I don’t think we can stop what is happening but perhaps we can slow it down. Otherwise Congress with their insane spending are going to crash the dollar, interest rates and inflation are going to skyrocket. We could have gone to the moon and begun mining there with all the money we have thrown at the banks, and Wall Street but that too has been canceled because we are broke, broke, broke. No matter what you hear from Washington, get ready for higher taxes of all kinds, fees, and the most hidden tax of all, inflation. Last weeks attempt to sell more US Bonds was a disaster, nobody wanted most of them. My sources also tell me that we are headed for incredible volatility in the markets, stocks and metals and commodities, up – way up, one day, and then down – way down the next. Even the dollar is likely to become more valuable – for a short while as other currencies lose value faster but it’s all make believe and all our currencies are going to eventually end up like dust in the wind. Many are going to lose even more this year and there will continue to be housing defaults and shopping center defaults with many more likely to lose their homes. Like they did last time (the 1930′s) the government and the FED is doing all the wrong things. Do your best to get out of debt. Buy what you really need, especially anything imported because after this year it is going to cost take more dollars to buy it, and above all I don’t need to tell you to pray because what may be good for one will not necessarily be good for another. May God bless the United States because no one else is going to do so.

      • jim

        Hi Richard, People who think there is no prayer in public school, hasn’t been there during finals week. Dear God, How can you allow violence in the schools? signed Parent. Dear Parent, I’m not allowed in school. Signed God.

  • JC

    I think it’s time we used our heads and stopped turning schools into “soft targets” for nut jobs. Teachers carrying guns would stop this pretty quick.

  • Lyn

    I don’t think at this rate the schools would be any worse off if they were all shut down. What is taught, except for the basics, is govt. propaganda, especially in history and civics, if they even teach the Constitution.

    Society in this country has been breaking down by design. If you fragment the population and turn them against each other, you can control them. Communities working together will not be subject to a police state because the people are hanging together.

    You have to look at what is the cause of this problem and address it rather than looking at the symptoms and offering quick fixes. Sound familiar? That is exactly the way conventional medicine operates.
    The guns are a quick fix and a dangerous one at that. The police state is succeeding. Wake up people. The public schools no longer teach children much of anything and the teachers, for the most part, are robots, diseminatng the information that they are told to.

    If you want to have a gun to defend your home, that’s fine, but leave the guns at home. If it is that dangerous to teach in these schools, you better ask yourself…..why?

    • Harold Olsen

      Yeah. These days, a great many schools are undeserving of the name. Too many people are being passed on and graduated who can barely read and write. We seem to be raising a nation of (barely) functional illiterates. Just look at the spelling and grammar in many of the messages on this forum. It’s sad. Instead of learning anything helpful, students seem to learn nothing but violence. Teachers almost have to go to work wearing a bulletproof vest.

      • michael

        yes they are called republicans.

    • Scott Brown

      Hey, Lyn: “If you want to have a gun to defend your home, that’s fine, but leave the guns at home. If it is that dangerous to teach in these schools, you better ask yourself…..why?”

      Okay, I’ll bite. Why? Because the law-abiding grown-ups in schools are unarmed, and every dumbass, violent video-playing kid knows it. What the adult knows is that guns are real, and that life is not a video game. The kid does not know this. What the kid does know (because he generally spends far more time blasting victims on his computer than he does on homework) is that an unarmed target is an easy target. A similar mentality exists among violent criminals, roaming through a cornucopia of unarmed sheeple. The question is not whether the average citizen is a target, but which one looks like the the easiest target of opportunity. If such an individual knew for a certainty that a high percentage of his intended targets (and civilian bystanders) might very well decide to “stand and deliver” return fire, how many idiots would attempt to control a room or a crowd with a firearm?

      At the very least, we’d see some Darwinian culling for a time, with deserving miscreants on the receiving end of violence, rather than innocent victims, and after a time things would quiet down.

      And by the way, people actually don’t own guns “to defend their home.” Most homes can absorb a lot of punishment. People, and their loved ones, not so much.

      • JC

        Word for word…spot on!

    • DaveH

      You have just made a good argument for Vouchers and School Choice. You could then send your kids to the unarmed schools and we could send our kids to the safer, armed, schools.
      Both sides would have choice.

      • JC

        Choice is what it’s all about. I chose a Kimber .45 semi auto. ;)

  • Harold Olsen

    Though I personally do not like guns and do not own any, I hope Arizona gets this passed. A law abiding citizen who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon should be allowed to carry it anywhere. Here in Seattle, Greg Nickels, the idiot mayor that we just got rid of, passed a law forbidding the carrying of guns in public parks. This past week a judge ruled that that law was illegal. Can you imagine that? A judge in ultra-liberal Washington State who actually believes in the U. S. Constitution. Maybe there’s still hope for this country yet!!

    • 2outspoken

      In Washington state the BS’ers pass the baton between each other and now Seattle has the same type A–hole coming to power again. Will the people ever learn?

  • clydeG.

    When GOD evicted Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, he, in essence,
    said to them, from this day forward you are required to fend (defend) for yourselves. [think about it]!

  • http://none George Halepis

    Leave the guns at home? Are you serious? How are law-abiding citizens supposed to defend themselves AWAY from home? “God made men. Sam Colt made them equal.” Amen.


    It’s a case of win and lose, a perception of how the law is applied, we win in AZ. and then a doofus like the half wit Hillary encourages the criminals in the UN to try and impose their unacceptable law om a soverign country such as this one. The hillary’s of this world are going to go by the wayside but it won’t be easy or fast to rid society of her kind of mischief.

  • Nancy

    In my opinion, especially in the current world we live in, all teachers and professors should be allowed to carry. All law abiding citizens should be allowed to concealed carry as well. What this will mean, is that there are no longer easy targets for criminals. For the most part, you can’t tell who’s carring and who is not. The bad guys look for low risk victims…and there won’t be any.

    • 2outspoken


  • 2outspoken

    I read Andy Pelosi (any relationship to good ole “Nancy” Democratic gasbag?)doesn’t like guns on campus. Well, if an attack occurs on campus paint a target on Andy and shove him out front, maybe someone will put him out of his misery.

    • s c

      2outspoken, that Pelosi seems to be connected with a group known as New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. That is, he has a hidden agenda (temporarily). It’s fitting to say that Andy Pelosi might as well be related to Queen Nancy, as neither seems to have a nickel’s worth of common sense (ESPECIALLY her).
      Without a doubt, Queen Nancy takes her orders from a group that bastardized a maxim known as ‘be as innocent as the dove and as cunning as the serpent.’ She and that group will fail.
      Some won’t understand, but it’s not my job to explain life’s mysteries. It’s enough for me to try and help people THINK.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    My, my, my. What a touchy (feely) subject. Away back when the earth and I were a whole lot younger, my fourth (or was it fifth?) grade teacher (who looked like Wally Cox who played “Mr. Peepers” on TV) at the Laurel Hill Ave grade school, packed a .38 S&W Special in his suit jacket pocket. I don’t remember if it was a Colt Detective Special snub-nose, or a Smith and Wesson Chief’s Special snub-nose, but snub-nose it was. (And yes, male teachers used to wear suits and female teachers wore dresses in those days.) Funny thing is, after he showed us his firearm, no one complained, no one ran to the principal, school board, police or anyone else with a complaint, nor a hue and cry of outrage. We all just felt a bit safer instead.

  • John Ball

    Growing up in Mississippi, I remember students with gun-racks in pickup trucks in High School who carried openly. We had a few fist fights back then. I knew one guy who had been cut with a knife because he seemed to like the bad side of town. I think he is in prison for murder. His family won’t say what happened to him. But even he did not step over the line at school because he knew the rest of the guys would take him on and they would have ruined his day badly. We also carried knives to school back then. The only time anyone got hurt is if they accidentally cut their own hand or finger.
    We didn’t have mothers keeping us from playing outside or climbing trees either. We had BB guns when we were 7-8 years old and hunted without parents or a license anytime we could. I’ve never known anyone personally that got killed but just about everyone I knew had a gun.

  • jim

    In the article the mention of armed teachers on campus makes sense. I just remember some of my teachers and wonder about their ability with a fire-arm. I would hope the ones who have no ability with them will refrane from bringing one. The mention of students being able to carry,are we talking college campus? It doesn’t mention an age level. Show and tell day could be fun.(he he he).

  • Norm

    I graduated in 1959 from a small high school in Idaho. We had fights like all schools and people got hurt now and then. The fact that nearly every car in the school lot contained a firearm nobody ever went for it and started shooting.

    Now, with the way things are I believe that anyone with a permit should be able to carry anywhere they go. In fact in view of the 2nd amendment why do we need a permit.

  • JC

    And you call me a right wing extremist? Welcome to the club! lol
    At least we agree on SOMETHING!

  • michael

    I do not know many teachers that would support this idiotic plan. If the teachers in Arizona support it than that may be the reason the students are not doing well you cannot let idiots teach.

  • Infidel

    Michael has no knowledge of what he says! The true Criminals have

    found they will have no resistance at Schools and Military Bases that

    have banned Firearms! MORE Victims!!!

    • Infidel

      We the People have Rights and intend to exercise them for the

      Protection of us and others!!!

  • Infidel

    We went thru this with the Carter CLAN and many died in America

    and Lebenon!!!


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