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Veteran Congressman Rangel Found Guilty Of Corruption

November 19, 2010 by  

Veteran Congressman Rangel found guilty of corruptionA House ethics subcommittee found Representative Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) guilty of 11 counts of corruption charges on Nov. 16.

According to USA Today, the eight-member committee concluded that Rangel, who has served his congressional district since 1971, violated House ethics rules by soliciting millions of dollars in donations, housing a campaign office in a rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan, and failing to disclose assets and pay some taxes.

The case will now be brought to a full ethics committee, which will recommend a punishment for Rangel.

On Nov. 15, Rangel requested a delay for the hearing because he claimed he did not have enough time to hire a new legal team, but that motion was denied by the subcommittee. According to media reports, Rangel said that he wasn't being treated fairly and that he deserved to have a lawyer before the trial commenced.

After Rangel walked out of the proceedings, members of the subcommittee moved to a closed session and decided that the trial would continue without the congressman's presence. In a written statement, Rangel condemned the panel's decision to proceed and called it a violation of "the most basic rights … guaranteed to every person under the Constitution," quoted by CNN

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  • Claire

    Okay, fair enough. He has been found guilty. Now he can get out of town. I have no sympathy for a person that is supposed to be a “representative of government” and conducts himself like a lowlife. If I pulled his stunts, I would be peeking behind bars. Begone with him. Immediately.

    • william

      you are so right Claire. if any of we the average working men and women of this country did what charlie rangel did or for that matter what a lot of politicians and beuaracrats do we would be behind bars. but you see ole charlie is a charter member of the good loe boys and girls club. so therefor he is exempt from the laws and the rules of good living you and I must abide by. but the people of New York seem to love that class of low life. after all they did reelect him while he was waiting for a trial,

      • Disgusted

        He was re-elected because the majority of voters are so “uninvolved” that they probably didn’t even know what was happening. They just go in and vote the same guy in because hey – without knowing anything they think he is doing a great job. Why rock the boat – right!

        • diane

          they are all blacks and have no understanding what is going on except that old rangel is black

          • http://none sean moor

            you said it,diane. black people showed their true colors to me.HYPORCRITES!!! they want to point fingers to whity,on how evil the white people are…BUT THEY ARE NO BETTER.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            Rangel is a Mulatto, Puerto Rican, a disgrace to the United States Marine Corp. He should be be shot by a firing squad period! However and sad to say the good old boys led by Botox Nancy will never punish this thief/crook to the full extent of the law. As for his Congressional District, what can you expect from a populace of the plantation slaves/welfare dumbocrats.

          • who cares

            diane you must not like Blacks. why?? And whites are not saints look at you. chenney he shot a white man on the face.

          • Claire

            There is good and evil in the white race and there is good an evil in the black race. Regarding Rangel, I could care less if he is white, black or blue. He is guilty of tax evasion–and truth be known, there are probably many more that have not yet been caught. The old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is the way of life amongst the government in DC. Quite a few of these politicians “cover” for each other over many issues, legal or illegal.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            who cares,
            Any one that steps up when a man is pulling up to shoot at a bird on the fly deserves to be shot!!! It is just common sense!!! If you don’t want to follow or don’t know the rules, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE FIELD!!!

          • meteorlady

            who cares – it does seem that there are a number of Black congressional representatives a that are unable to comprehend the bills and law they are voting on. They are elected by a majority ethnic community of under educated people.

            One Black leader is on YouTube wondering if Guam might tip over if we add 25,000 military people to their population. Another is on YouTube taking 15 minutes of floor time yelling “Go Gaotas” for the Flordia national title. Then there’s the one that got caught with a lot of money stashed in his freezer, plus Maxine Waters and she gets elected again and again.

            We could add Pelosi and Reid to the list though, they just haven’t been caught insider trading and passing laws to benefit their investments.

          • SiliconDoc

            For Disgusted and Diane I say it’s far worse than that. I say most of them vote the name because we actually have proof:

            1. It’s the uppermost on the charted ballot

            2. The name is vaguely familiar, and rings a slight bell in some unknown fashion, so they go for that, feeling they’ve achieved an actual decision.

        • Ted Crawford

          WIA, Rangle is, clearly, corrupt! That, however, doesn’t effect his service to his country in Korea! He is a hero, credited with saving many of his comrades lives! I fail to see how that makes him a discrace to the Corp! That being said he should still be jailed for his corruption.

      • who cares

        how can any of you right wing nuts compare what Rangel’s done. your party gop has done far worst. chenney shot a person on the face, they started a war on lies. Hundred of thousands were kill. remember eithe you with us or you are agaist us!!!

        • Bruce D.

          What Chenney did was an accident. What Rangel did was a total disregard for his position and would be put in jail if it was you that did it. The two do not compare. It is a far stretch of the imagination to even make the comparison. You should be careful of who you call names with that kind of reasoning. The left should care a little more when their politicians break the law. The right does care and that is why the Tea Party was formed. The Left always make excuses for their criminals. Tell me who is the “nut”. Do not try to justify crime by citing other things that you believe to be crime. When you do you create a crime against your own integrity.

          • Anthony

            Bruce – If Rangel was a Republican, they’d oust him from every Committee he’s ever been a part of. If they could, he’d be unseated, as well.

            Truth is – since he’s a Democrat (the party thats sold out America for communism) he will most likely get a free pass. I’m sure he has a lot of insider dirt on a great many people.

            Rangel has to stay in palce right now – he’s the one pushing to re-instate the Draft. HR 5741. What say ye, to that, “who cares”…?

        • meteorlady

          OK call names when you don’t get your way. I’m not a “right wing nut” – I’m an American who has been responsible my entire life. I never borrowed more than I could pay back, always paid for my health care, never asked the government for even an unemployment check and have been saving for retirement. I also run a small business which the city, county, state and federal government believe is something they need to keep upping the taxes on.

          So, I’m just tired of all my hard earned money going to entitlements, social engineering scams and things like a health care plan that will bankrupt this country. If that makes me a “right wing nut” then I wear that name proudly.

        • meteorlady

          Get over the war thing. Bush could not have gone there if the congress and house had not voted for it. They all had the same intelligence as Bush but were too lazy or stupid to check out the facts themselves.

          • SiliconDoc

            Well, don’t let them rewrite history and give in a bit like that for brevity.
            There was no credible information for any of them to acquire that Saddam had no wmd. The dims had been preaching it publicly since before 1998, and saddam had his own top military people convinced he had wmd.
            Further on top of that, as soiled John Kerry noted, after the 911 attack he stumbled around the capitol grounds alone and in a dreary and fearful daze.
            So the democrats in DC voted to save their own skins, while they allowed just enough dissent to maintain their tree hugging public liar face. As we see till the vote just past the leftest admin and congress keep that war footing going and add to it – as well as the TSA oppressive measures.
            If the dim dem / un-useful commoner fools ever wake up and have an independent thought there might be actual change, progress, or hope. Yes, don’t bet on it.

        • SiliconDoc

          NO, that’s what you dems did with vietnam – and the gop did no such thing, as all you dems screamed wmd at the time too, and for years beforehand under Clinton and his saddam bombings.

          Stop lying because you did vietnam and – btw – kosovo under clintoon – Now there’s a big lie.

    • Wanda Murline

      Do you expect the Democrats to do anything to good ole Charlie? Get a life…they postponed this trial until after the elections, so he could get re-elected. He should be discharged from his seat…in other words “FIRED”, but that will not happen. However, after January 1, we must seek out the new administration because there are a couple of things that have not as yet been investigated about Charlie. If would seem that he has been paying for his legal defense out of his campaign PAC money…and that is of a more serious nature…like a crime. So, if the Demorats do not have the gonads to fire Charlie, you can bet the American people are going to ask for investigations into this…and I think the Republicans will have the vote to kick him out of Congress. I actually laughed yesterday when he did his “crying act” before Congress…the only thing he is sorry about is that he got caught…nothing more, and if he says, the criminal corrupt behavior will continue.

      • Richard, rural west Texas

        Now Wanda, you did notice the Dumbocraps went out of their way to conduct this “trial” before the house changed to the Republican held majority, so they could convict Rangle and then do nothing to him. They feared that the Republicans might really do something to the guy, and he might loose his seat, this way the n—-r can get re-elected in harlem in two years and act like nothing happened. Would be funny if it were happening in a third world country and not ours.

        • who cares

          rich from g#$ state nothing really happen is all in right wing nut mind.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            who cares about brains,
            I know a lady that didn’t pay her taxes for one year. She had ALL her accounts frozen, they fined her almost twice what she owed, took her to court and almost put her in jail. After all was over, she was a nervous wreak!! Rangle owed a lot more than her, lied about owing it, took three rent controlled appts off the market to the taxpayers to use as an office,all the while helping to write the tax lawsAND having that rent paid by his budget!!!

          • Bruce D.

            It is people like you that enable political crime. You are part of the reason why Washington, D.C. is broken.

        • SiliconDoc

          Good point, I hadn’t noticed that. I guess those libtards already rehabilitated another crimitard congrycritter with the get outa jail for free cheat, the usual pattern.

    • frank


    • ROERT

      get out of town
      ull go to jail directly to jail do not pass go

    • kenneth

      I couldn’t agree more and why they are given more latitude for their wrong doing, I don’t care if it was for or not for his own personal gain) you were on the ethics committee you knew wrong from right and you stepped over the line. That makes you corrupt. The degree of expectation should actually be higher for these individuals. They are leaders and leaders should be held to a higher standard not lower. If you work any where else you are fired and civil and government suits are taken up for more damages. He always says “well I have been a servant for 50 years.” “That should mean something.” Yes! With all of the perks, pay and status how is that suppose be some kind of argument for leniency. It shouldn’t. Anything less then the punishment of a regular civilian is a hypocrisy to the American people and the trust we put with each and everyone of them when they are voted in. A just punishment would include jail time which should send out a clear message we do not put up with this no matter who you are, period. The the very thing that he did is why the American people are fed up with our government and why we are in the economic mess we are in. Here is biggest reason why we want the moral value that God brings to our government in our government. His punishment starts here but it will end with him. If we all bought into that more, we would be the country we all pine for today.

    • EddieW

      Now they can slap the back of his hand, and say, don’t do that anymore!! I really don’t expect much ounishment from the Democratic house…dl they even believe in punishment???

      • http://?? Joe H.

        all they did was censure him. No expulsion!! He can finish out his term and for that matter, run again!! what an azz!!!!

    • who cares

      Lets start with the gop. right wing have done fat worst than any democrat they’re SAINT compair to chenney, bush.

      • allison

        Keep on subject.

      • Bruce D.

        Is it true that most on the left are poorer and less educated and they vote democrat because they consider themselves to be lifelong victims.

      • http://naver samurai

        Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! GOP, baaaa! Chaaaaange! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Can you sheeple please come up with some new material or will we hear you morons say the same things over and over again? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Earl Edwards

      Rangel is not supposed to be a “represenrative of government”…he’s supposed to be a “representative of the people” of a defined area. By accepting and assuming the moniker of “congressman,” he has shed all semblance of representing anyone but himself.

  • http://none Mike

    Good Now on to the rest of them. We can only hope more comes out on this crook.Anything less than leaving in disgrace will be to little punishment. Mike L.

  • Dan az

    I could only hope that he would have to pay it all back while doing time.I think they only make a couple of dollars a day.

    • Al Sieber

      Dan, not a damn thing is gonna happen to him.

  • Palin12

    Throw him in the slammer.

    • http://naver samurai

      Maybe we can put him in a nice cell with a view, say in Guantanamo? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • sam adams

        He’s the guy that wanted to re-enact the DRAFT, so let’s put HIM in the army, just for “effect”! Bet he wouldn’t like that.

        • marvin

          sam adams
          rangels served in korea in the 50 that has nothing to do with being a crook ,the congress and swamp drain pelosie will just slap his wrist and the beat goes on a liberal dem tell their crook don,t let us see you do that or we will spank you , a repulican lies or steals get,s FIRED OR JAILED

          • who cares

            marnin do you have something agaist someone serving in the military, and or a black person servings its country. they you even serve?? If republican have gone to jail is bacause they really broke the law. Not nearly enough should be in jail.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            who cares for brains,
            I dam well was in the army for almost eight years, eighteen month in Viet Nam and I honor rangle for his purple heart and bronze. but I curse him for his political carreer!!He is a crook and has cheated the American people with disdane!!

          • http://naver samurai

            It is true that he served in Korea and won some medals, who cares. The issue is the crimes he has committed while in office. Just think, since he has committed crimes and betrayed the people who voted him into office, his medals are pretty tarnished by now aren’t they? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • who cares

          sam we realy need the draft back far to many chicken hawks like to start wars, and other serve in threir place . chenney had 5 deferments, and 5 different people took his place. ever wounder if any of those survived Veit Nam. bush he did’nt go either in fact he went AWOL. far to nany of chicken hawks beat the war drum scare to serve. republicans are good at that. return the draft.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            who cares for brains,
            you sir are a liar!!! Bush never went AWOL!! That was a rumor started by a mainstream reporter that was later fired for not checking his sources and not checking the info that was given him. The “proof” given him was typed on a modern type machine that hadn’t even been produced at that time!! Go hunt for your brains you NEED them!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Where did Obama bin Laden serve, moron? Who cares is just a waste of skin. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • kenneth

        With Barney Frank and Chris Dodds as his cell partners.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I haven’t seen any posts from sook young tonight. she’s ok?? give her my best!!

        • http://naver sook young

          Sorry everyone, but they’ve changed me over to 2nd shift and I don’t really have too much time for the computer. Thank you for asking.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Sook young,
            Glad to see you are ok! what with samurai being in the hospital recently, it was a concern!! We care about ALL our friends and patriots here!

  • Mick

    Just got a slap on the wrist, what else was to be expected?
    The same punishment we the people would have gotten in the same situation ?,,,yeah,,,,Right !

    • meteorlady

      We would be in court or at the IRS defending ourselves before the fined us and maybe sent us to jail.

      • America First

        But the laws don’t apply to Marxist Democrats (or RINO Republicans). They are above the law. Didn’t you know that? Even Obama said months ago he should retire.

        • kenneth

          I guarantee you he stayed so he can have the protection which the representatives get just by being one of them. Who ever did jail time for what he did. If he wasn’t, then that would make it whole different deal. There wouldn’t be any place for him to do his wining and crying.

  • MN

    I doubt anything will come of this, he has been there too long and knows all the dirt on the rest.

    • meteorlady

      “soliciting millions of dollars in donations, housing a campaign office in a rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan, and failing to disclose assets and pay some taxes.”

      Correct me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t these criminal offenses?

      • Pat R

        Rangel is also the one who helped Obama weasel his way into Harvard.

        Obama’s grade point average did not qualify him to be admitted to Harvard; but, a few well-to-do people met with Harvard officials (passed
        a large amount of money) and Obama was admitted to Harvard!

        Just another act of Rangel’s criminality!

        • who cares

          do you pat believe bush had the grades for yail?? had not been for his family he would not graduate from reform school. and he became a president. if he can do it you can do it to. you wing nuts.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            slow down!! you’re gonna drown that little pea brain in all that koolade!!! who cares, you are a ……..!!!

          • Kim

            It is apparent, who cares, that you are quite nearly illiterate. Guess the only thing you gleaned from your education, if you had one, was liberalism…

          • meteorlady

            Actually if you want to research it Bush has a fairly high IQ. It’s around 129, but it doesn’t take into consideration his grade school and high school testing.

          • http://naver sook young

            Are you in need of a psychiatrist? Can you try to spell better and state some facts on the matter at hand? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • kenneth

        Absolutely! But! Not if you are a Democratic Representative, or a representative period. They are paid to know better, to make sure it doesn’t happen, and to punish people, all people when it is violated. Not only ethically but criminally also. This is where we find out just how equal and fair our justice system is.

  • Ray

    His punishment should not be administered lightly, the guy is a thief and a scoundrel. A proper punishment would be immediate banning from Congress and never be allowed to run again for office. He should face fines and interest equal to 8 times the amount he is culpable for. It is time to send a message to Congress and to the voters that this type of BS is not going to be tolerated any longer. If he is given a mere slap on the wrist then the tea party needs to start a very serious movement against him and Congress for deriliction of duty.

    • featheredchick

      God only says 7 times. Why should we demand more?

  • Mick

    MN says:
    November 19, 2010 at 10:17 am
    I doubt anything will come of this, he has been there too long and knows all the dirt on the rest.

    MN………………So true !!!
    They’re all afraid to be exposed if one goes down………..

    • http://yahoo richard

      the dems have a minimum of fourteen members that would be felons anywhere else including the pres and sec of state and i dont know how many repubs are in that catagory

      • kenneth

        Bingo! Give that guy a cigar, because it’s the truth.

        • SiliconDoc

          addition: Convicted felons and three time losers.

  • Ron McEwan

    I am surprised that he got that. Nothing happened to Slick Willy. It seems that you can’t be bad before you enter the government (except for the president and his cabinet and czars) but after you get in, it is a no, no. I agree with the statements above me on this crook. And to think, he will get a pinion for the rest of his life.

  • Dennis

    I still can not believe they have gotten this for, if it had been a Republican he [she] would have already been tared and feathered. This thing just proves the need for term limits, not a life time position.

    • Dennis

      From the other Dennis,
      You are right, Term limits would help, if that had been you or i, we would get 10 to 20 years, home taken away and sold, and then sell everything you own. Whats he get, A slap on the hand, you bad boy now don’t do that again. Don’t you just love the government.

      Well, I’ve been here sense 2008 as Dennis, i guess its time i for me to change my name. We can’t have to Dennis’s here now can we.

    • kenneth

      Keep going, and they are to leave without anything that they didn’t come there with. It’s serve to the country not a gravy wagon. If the people of that state want to award him or her with something that can be up to them, period.

      • featheredchick


    • meteorlady

      We have term limits – it’s called voting and it happens every few years.

  • TIME

    People really, he will get a slap on the hand and told not to do it again. Thats how the laws YOU all have allowed them to write for themselfs work.

    Its up to you all to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please will you all wake up. get out and spread the word wake up others, explain how this all works and if you don’t understand it, Learn about it and do it NOW. Don’t embellish anything “just the facts alone” should make anyone with a single brain cell that works mad as hell.



    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      BRYAN, “Beam me up Scotty” Trafficant , was sent to the slammer because he defied the Democrat establishment, so they nailed him for “racketeering”, now on the other hand good old Charlie Rat-angle will get off lightly!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Yeah, and he ran again this year!!! he only lives about 45 minutes from me!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    It is time for Rangel to face real justice and not just a finger wagging. They need to make an example of him and make sure the rest of them know that they will be held accountable.

    Pelosi promised to drain the swamp. Yeah, right! Wouldn’t be many left, would there?

    • thinking

      Pelois just gets away with her evil acts, she takes tax dollars for her own use. The swamp she was refuring to was tax money.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Now THAT she drained!!!!!

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    if it was me i would in jail now, jail is too good for him throw him out of the country.



  • Mike

    I love how he now wants a new legal team and how he chimes the typical bell about not being treated fairly. I wonder, was that before or after he walked out of his own trial? Typical democrat. Typical politician. Blame everyone and everything but yourself.

    Waters, you’re up.

  • http://boblivingston ol’pole

    HE has been electedto a postiion of trust,( how much can we trust any lying theiving politician ), what will the other liars and theives around him decide how to punish him? They will slap his hands (maby) and tell him not to get caught again. In my opinion he should be fined a minimum of 25X of what he stole ( the money to go into Social security where other politicians can’t touch it )and go to jail for at least 25 years. We must demand accountability from our represenatives, when they break the law or public trust they have to be punished more harshly than those they serve(?)

    • kenneth

      Absolutely! That is how I am judged at my job.

  • Teresa

    And the “ethics” committee is above the law why?…..but, do you all REALLY think this man will get away with his crimes???
    I remember growing up and something happen where I was soooo angry at this person and wanted revenge on them for their actions…my grandmother telling me Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord…as angry as you are, you are only hurting yourself and making yourself more bitter inside, hand it to me. I remember laughing and saying yea but I want to be around when it happens and she said is not for us to judge but pray for him to handle his way….moral of the story…she was right, everyone will pay, God will work thru us at times but never for revenge and we have to stand together, firm, with our faith for God and Country!

    • LEL MN

      Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition! Save these politicians from self corruption and demand TERM LIMITS!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        LEL MN, the only TERM LIMITS is 600 sharp shooters.

    • marvin

      THE BIBLE SAZ JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGE ,that being said if you judge, someone be sure you judge rightly for you will be judge accordingly we are to judge but to do it correctly and by fact not fiction,i know all about ye who have not sinned cast the first stone this is not about getting even it,s about paying for the crimes you commit,jesus said render unto cezar that what is cezar,s rangel broke cezar,s law and need be punished by cezar,s like jesus told the whore go and sin no more he did not say just don,t let me know about it

      • Teresa

        Yes you are correct, the Bible does state that…I was making a point…I do not want peoples hearts filled w/anger and bitterness. I want them to think! And yes it also states Vengeance is mine.

  • LEL MN

    A Congress dominated by democrats finds Charlie guilty on 11 counts. They were being kind!
    TERM LIMITS !!! Eliminate the “Ruling Class” !
    It’s no secret that Power Corrupts, yet American’s prefer to re-elect incumbents because they know how to “get things done” ??. After a while incumbents develop a sense of Entitlement and learn how to Get Things Done for themselves; Bring Home the Bacon to the Little People and buy re-election. Congress is The People’s House! The People must demand TERM LIMITS (2 terms maximum) to assure Congress remains a body of The People. We The People did Not intend to be Ruled by de-facto Royalty.

    • BOOKER


      • thinking

        To be politically correct, they must vote in blacks anything else would be racism! Now if it was 80% white then anyone can be elected, even a white person.

  • Tasmanian devil

    Teresa, God has worked through us. The man was found guilty on 11 couunts. So there you have it.

  • http://none FLO

    It is so strange to me how they all remember the Constitution only when it concerns them!!!!

    • SiliconDoc

      lol – Unfortunately, as it was on the floor, they have their living breathing corruptsitution, upon which they claim they cannot be stopped going to or from a vote, which includes apparently from a vote convicting them personally.
      What should have happened is the Capitol Police should have at the chamber exit, marched charliecrim right back to his seat with handcuffs and an orange bag shirt both applied, as of course is done to The People.
      That’s how far off reality con-crime-critters live.

      You bet they live the American dream. Near absolute immunity – and so much bounty for the taking it cannot all be taken in.

  • Rick

    Oh yeah, they sure made an example of him. They gave him a slap on the wrist with a censure. Oh, THAT should really put old Rangel in his place. If any of us had done the things this guy was just found guilty of we would be put under the jail. Here it is in plain view for all Americans to see. Justice for the ELITE RULING CLASS vs justice for us peasants. What are We The People going to do to stop this kind of crap coming out of DC. When and how are we going to say no more! No more double standards for those that are elected to “serve” the people. It is time we bring them back down to our level. It is time that they live like we live. If they are not willing to serve us then get the hell out of DC. We don’t need any of these clowns and they are all easily replaceable. Rangel needs to be run out of town. He needs to made an example of. Call your congressman and senators and demand that they make him pay in the same manner, or worse, than if we had done the things he did. It is time for Americans to rise up, stand up, and no longer put up with these elitist in DC. Tell them that if they will not clean up their house, WE WILL!

    • LEL MN

      It’s difficult, especially in Congress, to find an innocent to cast the first stone. Men of Honor are rare; those that go to Congress have a short shelf-life.

      • Teresa

        But they are good people, and we are better than that! Evil is all around and Satan and his army is working hard…WE WILL PREVAIL IN GODS NAME!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        LEL MN, Somalia has Pirates we have Congressional Legislators !

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’m still trying to figure which is worse!!! We MUST let our reps know we are holding them on a short leash!! They can go as easy as they came!!!

  • John R. Harbison

    Whats scary is that people relected him. What really scares me is how we could elect a nobody President thats done nothing, came from nowhere and put him in office. Has enyone read what the dutys of a U.S. President supose to be. Where has the God fearing people of our nation gone. We all can no longer stand to the side an let someone else worry about it all. When we see something thats wrong we must see that its made right. What I am seeing from both (D) and (R) all the way down to even small towns is really way way wrong.We must stand up in our schools, churches,citys,countys,states and start making things right or this nation will be a page in the history books

    • meteorlady

      The “God fearing” people are under constant attack by the left as being nut cases, far right wing wackos, and religious nuts. They have beat down and insulted and their children have been under educated in public schools.

      • Teresa

        Does not matter if they are under educated in public school, as long as they are educated in the Bible! One can NEVER stop learning!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        meteorlady, Ever heard of Neighborhood Home Schooling. I believe they only require educated volunteers.

        • meteorlady

          Actually yes, we have it in our neighborhood. I find the children to be a little socially naive, but they are far better educated. Maybe that’s why there is an attempt by the liberals to stop home schooling. Maybe these children are too smart to be taken in.

  • LEL MN

    It should be amusing to hear Queen Nancy read the public chastisement & censor of Charlie before Congress – The pot calling the kettle black. I’m sure that’s what Charlie will be thinking as he stands to hear Nancy’s admonishments.
    PUBLIC CARRIER flights for Nancy! TERM LIMITS !

    • http://?? Joe H.

      LEL MN
      Public carriers, hell! Let the witch WALK!!!

  • Bob Uda

    The guy is such a crook. He should retire. Reminds me of Nixon when he said on national television, “I’m not a crook!” Right! He was a crook and will always be a crook. Same with Rangel. He should have retired with grace before he was convicted. The Progressives, as expected, let him off the hook with just a slap on the hand. Progressives are enablers and empowerers. That’s why we have nothing but crooks in Congress and in Washington, DC. And that’s why we have all the problems we have in society with homegrown terrorism, illegal aliens, border problems, etc.

  • LEL MN

    The stench of corruption from Charlie must have been so strong even his democrat party could cover it up any longer. I wonder how long it’ll be before Congress does something about the powerful oder emanating from Queen Nancy.

  • FirinPin48

    Gold ole Charlie, well i guess its back to business as usual, lets see what he can steal from us now, of course he will get a little help from his friend Nancy.

  • meteorlady

    He found it a violation of the constitution? This is the same guy that has been stepping on the constitution for years. This is the same guy that said he was broke and couldn’t afford council, but now he want to hire a legal team. Isn’t he a lawyer?

    Can’t believe that the people of his district keep re-electing this ineffective and self serving crook. Wonder if he will go to jail for tax evasion – oh wait – that’s OK because most of Obama’s advisers also do that.

  • Curt is A Nic

    He’ll only get a “gag order” (cough, cough! GAG me!) This kind of corruption is WHY so many, do not vote! Term LIMITS NOW! Except for Jingle Gangle Rangel & he needs LIFE in Levenworth, KS (he’s x-military, u-know? He should remember the UCMJ-Uniform Code of Military Justice…which superceeds the Constitution when U sign on the dotted line!) Go To Jail, CREEP !

    • Teresa

      You hit the nail on the head, the military has an obligation even if the ethics committee does not for his violations of law

  • Joan

    sadly the guy (Rangel) will continue with all his benfits for life, on your pay checks and laugh all the way to the bank about how stupid and/or unaware the American public is about what they do with our money on Capitol Hill
    the Democrats are guilty and Republican are not to far behind sooooo American wake!!! stop the dream or we will be living the nightmare

  • Larry F

    Let me see IF I have this straight??? If a Congressman or a Senator is guilty all kinds of illegal things, he gets kicked out of his POSITION.
    However the criminal proceedings are then dropped??? so as to say, that he has been punished enough??? REALLY???? Send corrupt Representatives to jail, starting with him, then Waters, then Pelosi, and then any others that are guilty, Republican, Democrat,and even the Progressives.

    • BOB


    • http://?? Joe H.

      He didn’t get kicked out!!! He can even run again!!!

  • Mick

    meteorlady says:
    November 19, 2010 at 11:57 am
    He found it a violation of the constitution? This is the same guy that has been stepping on the constitution for years. This is the same guy that said he was broke and couldn’t afford council, but now he want to hire a legal team. Isn’t he a lawyer?

    Can’t believe that the people of his district keep re-electing this ineffective and self serving crook. Wonder if he will go to jail for tax evasion – oh wait – that’s OK because most of Obama’s advisers also do that
    meteorlady,,,I can believe that the people in his district keep on re-electing him.
    It’s harlem for God sake !Every black district will always elect one of their own no matter how crooked.This keeps the racist problem going, they would be much better off trying to clean-up the rot that has been integrited in their neighborhood since ever and would unite ALL people instead just one category of people..
    I know some black folks who feel this way just because they want to be equal not superior…………

    • meteorlady

      Surely there has to be some educated people that live there right? Maybe not….. I know the lady from Florida that can’t hardly talk is elected again and again.

  • Brainz325

    Hi, I don’t know what you folks will do but I for one will write to my Congressmen and Senate to let them know that I feel Rangel needs a bed in the slammer. He’s used our tax dollars and anything else he could grab his nasty paws on to live high on the hog.
    They take a little time but the ones in office do reply to any emails sent to them.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest DUD

    Charlie is a good start.He seems to forget Adam C.P..Now lets get on to the others that have done much of the same.Too many of them feel untouchable.

    • Maggie Mihcok

      Well Dud, your right, we’ll see what happens with Maxine Waters next, she’s as bad she’s as bad as Charlie, they are always in front of the TV cameras acting like their God but when they get caught their face drops, ever notice that and shed tears, only because they got caught, the Democrats ALL seem to be in the money from all directions, Bill Clinton and the President both get an average of more than $75,000 per month in personal income. Gore got his also, wish he had to pay that back too.

      And get this…
      This money is not government related in any way. All kickback probably for favors. .
      , how would you like that for an income, I have NEVER seen such corruption in my 81 years as is going on now in our government, COME ON REPUBLICANS, SEE IF YOU CAN’T CLEAN THIS UP, I’M COUNTING ON YOU, TRY TO DO IT BEFORE I’M GONE, I WANT TO WATCH.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        May you not only live long enough to watch it, may you live it as well!!!

  • Dale Weaver

    Now that he has been found guilty, He should be kicked out and stripped of all government Benifits, Write CONGRESS and DEMAND THIS HAPPENS

  • Teresa

    Can I make a suggestion….why not call the NAACP….ask them why this man is being allowed to get away with so much more than the average man? Ask them if it was a man FROM Harlem would they be allowed the same treatment? Flood them w/phone calls. If they are going to represent as an organization, they need to represent everyone as a whole.

  • Charles

    Please Mr. Rangel, step aside. You do not represent what the heart of America should be.

  • Cathy

    My now deceased mother always said, “Those damn crooks in Washington.”

    In her later years, she used a stronger word than damn. My mother was a wise woman…

  • Samkd

    Personally, the should kick him out of Congress, but I doubt that is possible. This old hack has been doing this and probably many more offensive and illegal things throughout his career. The people in his district are real dummies and have kept re-electing him because he gets special deals for them, usually back room deals and earmarks have been his methods.

    If we ever expect to get our government from top to bottom straightened out, we need to start with Rangel and let the rest of these bums take notice, that times are changing and that business as usual is not an option..

  • Mike

    This is still a disgrace. This, more then every proves that these people we put in office to SERVE us, think that we are here to serve them. They believe they are America’s Prince and Princes, and they can do what ever they want without fear of retribution! what happened to serve the people? They are not into this for us they get into politics for them. I hope he gets jail time because I know I would, but I doubt he will.
    Vote them all out!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Given that the democraps are still in control (for a lame duck session), I’m surprised Rangel was convicted at all. But of course, I’m sure they won’t oust him from Congress. LOL!! On the other hand, if Rangel were a republican/conservative, I bet they’d not only expel him from Congress, but maybe send him to jail as well!!…..BTW, why not put Barney Frank on trial also?? (possible racial bias among democraps??) After all, it seems Barney ‘Elmer Fudd’ Fwank deserves to be in jail a lot more than Rangel.

  • jerry

    How can he quote the constitution and his rights when he violated his privileges while in office. Can’t get a lawyer in time. That is a big joke. Time to skip town.

  • Dave R.

    Mr. Rangel should be expelled from Congress.

    Expulsion is what Congress should do and would do if a sufficient number of its members had any honor or guts.

    Below is a link to a 2005 article on Rules of the House of Representatives which discusses expulsion among other disciplinary measures available to them. This article is written like a legal brief or article with voluminous footnotes to cases. In summary, the court cases recognize that Congress has the power under the Constitution to expel a member even if he/she has not committed a crime. According to the US Sup. Ct. all that is necessary is that the member exhibit conduct which in the judgment of the body “is inconsistent with the trust and duty of a member” even if such conduct was “not a statutable offense nor was it committed in his official character, nor was it committed during the session of Congress, nor at the seat of government.” (166 U.S. 661, 669-670 (1897)).

    Most likely, all Congress will do is have members who choose to do so enter into the congressional record their comments critical of Rangel.

  • bill

    He keeps whining and crying that he didn’t get a fair shake.This process has been going on for over 2 YEARS and now he needs more time to get legal representation.He knows that when January comes there will be a new group of people on the panel and he may not get a small slap on the hand,he may be removed from his seat.

  • jopa

    bill;Removed from his seat,Heshould be removed to the nearest prison cell.That is where they would put me if I pulled off that crap and plead STUPID.When is John Ensign due for his assessment?

  • http://none Over Your Shoulder

    All the more reason we should pass the congressional reform act of 2011. (gleaned from the internet}
    Congressional Term Limits (12 years Total, all accumulated offices)
    No tenure/ No pension
    Collects salary only when in office
    Congressmen,past present and future participate in social security
    All funds in the congressional retirement fund inure to the Social Security Fund. Congressmen may purchase private retirement plans.
    Congressional pay raises tied to CPI or maximum percentage thereof
    Congress abides by same laws as they impose on American Citizens
    Congress participates in the same healthcare system that they impose on American Citizens
    Void all past contracts between congress and the federal government
    Serve your term and go back to work like the rest of us.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Over Your Shoulder, Dream On ! Somalia has Pirates we have Congressional Legislators !

    • meteorlady

      Ummmm…. the congress of the United States does pay SSI taxes. That happened a few years back. They also pay their own money into the same government pension fund as all government workers. They have to be vested to get anything out of it (5 years). The do not receive their full salary, plus benefits. Most retired congressional people get an average of about $37,000 if they are in the new pension plan. If they are in the old one they get higher payouts – more like $75,000 per year, but those folks have been in congress as long as Ted Kennedy was.

  • http://com i41

    third party, Whorehound Clinton didn’t lose his eternal salarie and benies, Daschle the same, now Rangel will just climb in the party aperratus. In the standards of Congress, it states if convicted of a felony they would lose and forfiet all money and benefits. Never will be enforced until the people speak. That is why dealswere curt on Willies getting impeached, Daschle didn’t pay the fines that are inflicted on average citizen, and now another democrat n—-r get to walk free. Same goes for the DOJ kenyan and the marxist muslim moron Kenyan n—-rs, If you are cross bred you do no time!!!!

  • J Man

    I’m sure he will get a slap on the wrist.These people are above the law!I’m sure he has made millions with his DIRTY DEALS over the last 39 years + his salary.There has to be a time limit put on these people!! It’s just STUPID !

  • robertl1938

    this man should have been thrown out years ago.what can i say crooks stick together,and believe me there are a lot of crooks in congress.

  • Don

    The use of the term “The Honorable (Congressman/Senator) ….” is a joke, an oxymoron, and I refuse to refer to anyone of them as “honorable” for they collectively are anything BUT!! This guy Rangel has been a crook for years, and anyone who reads English or has a brain in their heads knows it. The fact he got re-elected is, quite frankly, a testimony to the stupidity and ignorance of his constituents! They should collectively be ashamed of themselves!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      how’s this? The dishonorable Nancy P-lousy!!!

  • Don

    Good for Over Your Shoulder! I couldn’t agree more – what else is there to say??

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    Trade him for American prisoners in Afganistan, freeze his assets and demand repayment of every dime of his pay for such “public service” and then prosecute each and every person or entity that provided him with such ill-gotten gain with a 200% penalty and prison sentences for the boards of directors of all firms involved in the scams.

    Next, we need to charge each and every elected official that violated his or her oath of office to uphold the U S Constitution and in fact and findings did not do so. Clean out the barn. Deny wrong doers their pensions and/or any entitlements they might have otherwise enjoyed had they obeyed the U S Constitution.

    Or watch the news for a week, forget about Rangel and go back to business as usual in mid-December 2010.

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We’re talking about Rangle here, not Nobama!! LOL!

  • Another Voice

    He’ll get a slap on the wrist just like other congressmen who have been found guilty of ethics violations. That’s just the way the system works, maddening though it may be to us.

  • pilot007

    Rangel needs to go. His district votes by race not by the Rep’s actions, capabilities, or his association with communist support. Censure is not enough. The ignorant voters in his district will continue to keep him in office. His presence fouls the House!

  • http://com i41

    Send him to the TSA pat down and cavity search model for training. He is greasy enough to be a good training model. Seeing how he has been beating on the citizens and water boarding all citizen to get all their money!

  • Claire

    What is it with these Democrats??!! Geez, the Mayor of Springfield, IL owes the IRS $90,000.00. It has been in the newspaper several times now. He hasn’t said he will run for mayor again, and when reporters ask him about the $90,000 he always says “no comment.” Talk about a double standard. The Sheriff was re-elected, he had a wreck driving while intoxicated–he didn’t get a DUI. Different set of rules, and I am tired of it. But then, there was never any fairness in politics.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      we had one here that was drinking driving back from a dinner a couple of towns over, stopped to take a leak at the side of the road and a passerby hit his police vehicle and wrecked it!! two weeks loss of pay!!! WOW!!! Let’s see drunk driving, public exposure, destruction of city property!! Two weeks pay……..Yup sounds about right!!!

  • http://none Mike

    Just herd on the radio,Wrangel is going to get a centure(slap on the wrist)Guess we will still have to put up with him. Mike L.

  • featheredchick

    Do you really think it possible, with the motley crew they keep around Washington, for Congress to honestly juror each other? I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw the heavest of them.

    • http://none Mike

      feathered, Nope it will be another dog and pony show. He might be forced to pay some money but he will just skim that from somewhere else. Then their frieds in the media will do their best to sweep it under the rug somwhere. Mike L.

  • http://com i41

    Claire, that mayor probably is bucking for a czar position in Omoron’s new dictatorship. Remember it is Ill., what was he trying to claim it was for Ommoron’s campagn coffee bill deduction? As for the Sheriff, was citited for anything on that date, or who stopped and know he was drunk. Last, check the accident records which are public record, if he was citited for anything go to the State Patrol records. Because if it is a county law offical the next higher law agency should have written the report. Check the public records, also was it an offical or private vehicle, and were more than one vejicle involved?

    • Claire

      i41–Regarding the mayor, he was an executor for a relative, and did not pay the money that was owed the IRS. In other words, he kept it for himself. The sheriff was in his own vehicle, drunk, hit a telephone pole–no one else was involved. The officer that came to the scene did not do anything about it. Of course, gossip flies, and everyone found out about it. It was hushed up, swept under the rug.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        My late brother hit some ice and hit one of those metal poles and knocked it over. It was about 30 feet tall. Well, they gave him a ticket for failure to control and fined him. About a month later they sent him a bill for the pole. He got peeved and went down and asked them where his pole was. They asked him what the heck he was talking about. He said he was sent a bill forthe pole and if he was going to pay for merchandise, he wanted it delivered to his house and he would put a light in his lot! They tore up the bill!!! May not work all the time but sometimes it pays to make noise!!

  • who cares

    Any of you right wing nuts receining unemployment? because your do nothing obstructionists republican party refuse to extend unenployment benefits. even though the party you love to hate wanted to help even you wing nuts.

    • meteorlady

      You are ignorant of the facts. The Republicans want it, they just want the money to come from the TARP funds or the stimulus money that is put aside. They don’t want it to add to the national debt.

  • Rob Reiken

    Well ok then , if a lynching has begun how bout we go to higher levels for the other scum suckers such as Obama, Bush, Bernanke, Geithner,Clinton,CHertoff, Goldman Sax, Gillard you name it to clean out all the trash garbage lowlifes in Government. After all these scum of the earths n others only work to profit from creating misery on peasants like us. No truth these days comes out of government cause almost all of them are TREASONIST TRAITOR LIERS. I gotta wonder why are they making an example of this cockroach did he piss of one of his Elite criminal collegues in office. Can only hope one day justice prevails to send these cold blooded vermin to hell .

    • http://?? Joe H.

      WORKS FOR ME!!!!

  • Gary Wise

    Welcome to the world of the underclass! Now you know how we feel when you pass bills against our will. He had plenty of time to get a lawyer as it was not a surprise that they where going to try him. How about fairness when laws you pass that you do not have to abide by like the Obumercare! Or auto pay raised you get if you don’t have to say anything to get them. We need to test you on Americanism and paid accordingly. The only thing is it is disgusting that he was thrown out of congress! If we had done this we would be looking through bars now! Screw you Rangel!

  • http://google guyleggett

    When will Charlie be going to prison? I hope that he gets BUBBA as his cell mate.

  • jim

    just another crooked democrat

  • george h

    We are now a third world nation. Laws for the peons are different than the ruling elite.

    • http://none Mike

      George This happens when noone is accountable for anything they do in politics anymore. Unless there is an R behind their name. This guy and Barny Frank if they were in the real world would be in jail. But no they reside in fantsy land of goverment so any means justify any ends. The very fact they see theirselves as exempt from any law they make for the rest of us should scare the crap out of us. But this will continue untill there starts to be some conciqueces for their actions they will flaunt the law openly. Mike L.

  • http://aol Raymond

    Be careful, if all crooked congressman get kicked out, ,,,WELL so-much for a CONGRESS, LOL LOL LOL, ohhh, now my stomack aches!

  • djusasomthin

    Boot him out of congress with no pension (none of them should get anything after they’re out) and put him behind bars. That’s what would happen to any of us for the same crimes.”All men are created equal”


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