Veteran Barred From School Property For Facebook Post Of Concealed Carry Permit


Tanya Mount, an Army veteran living in Georgia, claims she was banned from her child’s elementary school after the school’s principal found a picture of the veteran’s concealed carry permit on her personal Facebook page.

Mount told WRDW-TV, that a police officer working for the Richmond County Board of Education approached her recently at McBean Elementary School and advised her that she was going to get a criminal trespass warning for being on school property.

“He asks: ‘Were you in the Army?,”‘ she said. “I said, yes. He’s like, ‘Do you have a concealed weapons permit?’ I said yes,” she told WRDW-TV.

The officer informed Mount that the school’s principal, Janina Dallas, was afraid of her and didn’t want her on the school’s property.

According to the local news station, Dallas confirmed in a follow-up interview that her fear of Mount was related directly to the post of the concealed carry permit.

“It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students,” she said.

Mount, who has since transferred her daughter out of the school, said she wants a public apology.

“I am a private person. However, after serving OUR country, it is my DUTY to make sure that our lives are not infringed upon. However, do it all within the confinements of the LAW, I am a law-abiding citizen,” Mount said on Facebook.

Watch the WRDW-TV report here.

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