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Ventura: Obama, Romney Putting On A Show

September 24, 2012 by  

Ventura: Obama, Romney Putting On A Show
Jesse Ventura said there's no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

In an interview with RT last week, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura summed up the upcoming Presidential election in his own words as one that leaves voters without a choice.

Ventura, who recently suggested that he may begin preparing for a 2016 Presidential bid, says that he doesn’t feel there is much difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney because the two are simply putting on a show for voters. Behind the scenes, Ventura suggested, it’s simply all business between the two.

Ventura, a former professional wrestler, had this to say about the election campaign:

I think what you are seeing is them finally rising up to the level of professional wrestling. In Pro Wrestling, in front of the cameras, we all hate each other. Behind the scenes, it is a business.

And it is the same way it is for them. It is a sham.

In front of the cameras and the public, they hate each other and they are on different sides of the fences. Behind the scenes, they are going out to dinner together. They are ensuring their two-party dictatorship maintains its power.

There is no difference between these two. Don’t kid yourselves.

Ventura, a Navy veteran and former SEAL reservist, also decried the Federal government’s penchant for claiming to peddle democracy in the Mideast while quashing various forms of democratic protest at home.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    I think there are differences between the two but the differences isn’t major like it is between either one and Ron Paul. I wish the Libertarian party had gotten off its a$$ 12 years ago and built a local base so it could field candidates on all levels in all states.

    • Michael J.

      Buster the Anatolian said:
      “I wish the Libertarian party had gotten off its a$$ 12 years ago and built a local base so it could field candidates on all levels in all states.”

      If Ron Paul had done as you suggest, he would be eternally resting beneath a granite stone, as are all others who forcefully oppose The Rothschild Dynasty.

      Direct confrontation is what is needed. David did not slay Goliath by nipping at his heals.

      • FreedomFighter

        “It is a sham”

        Been a sham for a while now, all we have is incompetents and more incompetents.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Kay

        So very correct. Take the fight to the enemy. The world should be given the list of elites responsible for robbing them of everything.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Michael & Kay…you two are very much correct.

        If We the People don’t act first…then eventually Their pieces on the game board of life will be in place. If they act first…there will NOT be as many of us then as there is now. Look at the Georgia Guidestones. What does the first line say on the monolith’s? Reduce population to 500 million. In case you can’t do math…that’s roughly 12 out of 13 people dying. What they do to trigger this will not be pretty & will take on many forms.

        Now, as a former S.E.A.L myself I have to say that Ventura is calling the duck a duck. I’ve spent the past 4 years or so researching what’s going on in this world and the Rothschild dynasty is securely in control of the majority of the world. Indirectly…but in control non the less…don’t you kid yourself to that fact. If you do some research into what they have accomplished up until now…you will keep running into death, corruption and secret societies.

        You all need to wake up before it’s to late because they are poised to bust a move here soon. If We the People don’t get on the same page and properly, openly investigate these people who the Media refuse to cover because they are being told not to…then this world WILL lose it’s freedom and America WILL go down as a memory.

        Though I care about humanity in general & have hopes that perhaps we can turn this around before it’s to late…it very may not directly affect people like Ventura and myself because we’ll probably be with the Good Lord by then. There’s no way I’ll take the R.F.I.D chip or go to a FEMA camp to be burned in the furnaces.

        It will be welcome to Nazi America if we let Them take us down that road. Open the investigations by people not connected to the secret societies or were in seriously trouble!

        God Bless!

      • Michael J.

        Trill the Killionaires!!!
        Of all the countries in the world, there are only three whose central banks are not owned by the Rothschilds. Those three are North Korea, Cuba and Iran.

      • Don

        president john kennedy wanted to do away with the federal reserve. i’ve read that the fed is part of the rothchilds dynasty. i believe that it was’nt the communists or the mafia that assasiniated him. it was the big world bankers. i kind of feared for ron paul if he would have been nominated for president. he’ll probly have to watch his back with his audit the fed bill. i guess when you are in the world bank club you are immunee to anything. sorta like getting away with cold blooded murder. the democratic senate leader reid who is democrat the party that is for the people said he would block it. you can bet there is a big paycheck if he gets it . done. what happen to government of the people,for the people, bythe people. looks like its ofor the big money. reid almost lost his last reelection. too bad he did,nt. he’s about to become minority leader after november.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Reid is a criminal…as are the Vast Majority of those in key positions through out not only our Government here in America, but also across the earth.

        This THING spiderwebs out into variously named organizations. Names such as the UN, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Rothschilds & other banking familes…Illuminati. <—- Very real. They never "disbanded"…they went underground & began to infiltrate. Through several generations of their family tree they now have players (pieces) placed into key roles throughout the world.

        Brilliant psychopaths…& worshipers of Lucifer who is their "light bringer." All tying into an ancient pagan religion. So enormously unbelievable that they exist in plain site.

        God Bless.

      • Dena Stewart-Gore

        Never mind that, where the hell were these people when Iwas 18? I’ve been JERKED AROUND BY BOTH PARTIES onlky because I had to and still have to put up with peopoe ltelling me I’ll waste my vote on Ron Paul! I’M SICK OF THIS JUNK!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        If the Liberatarian party, not Ron Paul, had done as I suggested they would be a major player in American politics now not a minor party that is only heard from every four years and that barely.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Agree 100% Ron Paul would have been more effective and a TRUE American and Constitution, Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment Advocate all of his life unlike Romney and Abomination. Jessie Ventura is an idiot because there is a difference between Romney and Abomination. Romney gives to charities and helps people and the slam he outsourced jobs and laid people off is not even close to what JOBS and Businesses he produced and saved versus what he closed down, but as usual the brain dead voters listen to the Marxist Pravda ass kissing Abomination supporting Press!!!! People we are on a path from which we can NEVER return if you vote to re-elect this Marxist Lame Duck Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Half Breed Semi White Man just look at the destruction and DEBT $6 Trillion more debt than Two World wars and 10 other Conflicts and spending of all Presidents since Roosvelt and all he has to show for it is a Stagnant economy 26 Million out of work for a record 44 months, massive debt, Amnesty for 1.7 million ILLEGAL ALIEN’S with JOB VISA’S to take even more American jobs, OVER DOUBLE COST for GASOLINE AND HEADED BACK TO $5.50 A GALLON OR MORE, 48% more on welfare, 98% more on Food Stamps, food costs going thru the roof and now inflation is starting to show its ugly head and costs of goods and services are up and new jobs production going down again below 100,000 and sliding. Don’t forget his foreign policy of Bowing and Scraping to all our enemies and Apologizing to the World for our Arrogance!!!! This out of touch Abomination Marxist dosen’t know the diffewreence between Arrogance and American PRIDE for winning TWO World Wars and protecting the World from Enemies of FREEDOM for 236 years, Abomination is trying to enslave us with Marxism, redistribution of wealth that is called Communism and it has never worked. Like Machell said only in reverse, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM NOT PROUD OF HALF OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WHO FEEL THAT STEALING FROM PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE AND GIVING TO THE LAZY AND NONPRODUCTIVE IS THE AMERICAN WAY THEN I GIVE UP ON YOU AS AMERICANS. VIET NAM VET 67-68



      • Dena Stewart-Gore

        i AGREE AND THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE AND WELCOME HOME. We need your help- freakin’ commies again!

      • DarLin

        You are so right. God Bless You

  • Charles S. Stdevens

    As a former Vermonter and graduate of UVM, I obtained an excellent job on Wall Street for 39 years at the same shop, engaging in financially evaluating over 400 publicly held companies for listing purposes. I am now retired and living in rural Pennsylvania but have a fond afffinity for my home state. Give me a reason to return. Charles Stevens

    • Christopher Coolidge

      Here’s a reason: Vermont is one of only two states that has the right to secede written into their constitution. The other is Texas. The USA may even be glad to let Vermont go, but Vermont’s secret weapon is the freedom-loving native Vermonters you find once you get out of the Burlington and Montpelier areas. Vermont also has one of the most liberal gun policies in the country, with full concealed carry rights, not a well-known fact that gun control lobbyists want to get out. Bernie Sanders taking care of the pro-gun lobby has kept him in the Capitol as an independent since 1990, if it were only the socialists voting for him he would have got maybe 10% of the vote the first time.

      • GALT

        You also do not have to be a member of the BAR to “practice” law in Vermont, the
        only state in which this requirement does NOT exist……..which means that someone
        that actually is a “constitutionalist” ( not PAUL, not VENTURA, not Naplolitano, not Gary Johnson ) can provide “assistance of counsel” with regard to “admiralty/maritime and UCC
        reservation of rights” requirements.

  • roger gunderson

    If Ventura run for President, he would probably be marginalized like Ron Paul.

    • BrotherPatriot

      I would like to see them, Paul & Ventura run tandum as President & Vice President.

      At least we would know that we have Constitutionalists running! What a dream team, imho.

      God Bless all those out there trying to fight the good fight. Just by talking about this stuff w/friends & neighbors can help awaken this world to the sad truths of who’s been running things and what They have been giving us down through History.

      I’m extremely pissed off by the crimes against humanity that They have gotten away with now for so long. All the broken familes and parentless children I lay at Their door steps due to the wars & covert actions that They have engineered.

      One day…justice will be served and They will pay for their crimes.

      God Bless.

  • Jeri Taylor

    Jesse was right about both parties working together for one common cause. Dictatorship. Ron Paul was our only hope. That’s why they pulled off every trick in the book to keep the media from covering Ron Paul’s popularity & his message, whenever possible. Thank God for the few brave souls in the media that allowed him to be a guest on their program. In case anyone hadn’t noticed, both parties played the same game (blatently, I might add) to just see who is paying attention. John Boehner read the teleprompter & ignored the people’s votes, just as the Democratic party proceeded to do at their convention. The speaker ignored the people’s vote & continued the program according to the words fed through the teleprompter. I have told people the same thing Jesse Ventura said as far as them going out to dinner together. But I had also included the similarity of divorce lawyers. They rape their victims blind (the husband & wife) & then meet for lunch. In this case, I guess (we) are the politicians lunch.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    ventura needs to go do something productive ; like badger hunting or the like.

    • Soundbiteme

      Right! Who the F cares what that idiot Ventura says, thinks or does!!??? Just because he was “famous” enough for the idiots in his state to elect him to their government it doesn’t mean he has anything good to give back to it! Personally, I think he’s had the “pile driver” applied to him a few times too often, stick the the mat Jess, it suits you and your fktardedness.

      • larry h

        As i recall Ventura was resounding failure in Minnesota and everyone i’ve ever talked to from there when asked about Ventura usually chuckle and say words like what a joke or a mistake. Ventura is the show man and hustler and it paid well in the pro wrestling world. His conspiracy about everything tv show he had was pathetic to say the least and was a hustle an dissappoinment.

      • JC

        Say what you will, but at least Ventura is an American and he ISN’T part of the Old Boy system that’s been shafting us all for far too long. Personally I think anyone in the first 50 pages of any major phone book would be better candidates than Romney or the Kenyan Commie.

      • dan

        larry h ….would ALL of those people been the Al Frankien Dembats who are generally in the majority or the DFL socialists …. the progressive reform party managed to sneak in a leader,
        but ,just as with Ron Paul, it takes support to make reform happen

  • John R. Howell

    There is a “difference” between Obama and Romney. Obama will take us over the “fiscal cliff” in a few months. It will be slower under Romney. John R. Howell

    • jopa

      larry h; Go easy on Ventura and his conspiracy theories.The folks here thrive on that stuff.I guess it’s okay though, when I was a kid growing up in th fifties and sixties I watched the Twilight Zone and would think there may be some facts or truths here even.Makes for great entertainment of sorts.

      • momo

        You’re still in the twilight zone.

      • dan

        it’s was only a theory until the proof that it was a Moussad operation was in

    • TIME

      Dear John,

      How right you are in fact with Gau Berlin Omen we will hit the wall very – very soon as in within months.
      Where as with Gau Mitti Omen, it will take couple of years longer to get more of the ZOMBIES back to sleep.

      You know – The only differance between a five pound bag,
      (keep in mind that the bags are the same make and model;)
      of Cow dung or a bag of Horse dung is they are in differant bags. Otherwise there value is the same.

      Thus again as I have said countless times now, there is no differance between an R or D.
      Also science proves this – Based on the letters size being the same {they take the same amount of ink to produce.}

      BUTT & thats one BIG FAT ASSSED BUTT -
      Saddly there are millions of ZOMBIES can and do vote.
      Let alone these mindless worthless eater’s also have OPINION’S based on what type of “INDOCTRINATION” they have acquired during thier lifetime.

      So the choice is this, do you want to get to hell faster or slower?

      BTW- You all should look into the UN’s Gun Treaty that NOW exist, {as in is “now the Law of the Land.”}

      As Galt keeps posting, { to Conquer – you must DIVIDE.}
      Saddly folks – This nation is in splinters.

      Peace and LOVE

  • beabet

    the only thing different between these to is obama wants us to live in huts with no water and power; they both steal our money and lie; and people r all gulable but a few; the ones that dont talk and r getting prepared r the ones that mayb will survive to what the government has in plan for us;

    • Doc Sarvis

      You wrote; “…obama wants us to live in huts with no water and power…”. Do tell us how you come to that conclusion.

      • JC

        How about the systematic destruction of the economy? That’s not just an Obama thing though, it’s an agenda that spans many administrations and it will continue as long as we keep playing the right / left division game.
        America needs to honor it’s Constitution.

      • Doc Sarvis

        JC, For the most part the economy was doing pretty well under Clinton – not perfect of course. Two terms of Bush threw our economy into a tailspin. President Obama first had to put a stop to that disaster and it has taken some time. His aim is to get us back on the footing that Clinton established.

      • JC

        It was the Clinton administration that let Fannie and Freddie run wild so that “everyone” could own a home…thus lighting the fuse on the economic time bomb inherited by Bush.
        I have no respect for any of them as the only difference is the color of tie they wear.

      • Doc Sarvis

        That leaves you to vote for ____ ???

      • BrotherPatriot

        It does NOT matter who you vote for. The rig is set in the Electorial College. They determine who wins the vote & they are being told by the NWO who that is. Don’t kid yourself that the “common vote” or the “popular vote” even really matters. Their built in screen will pick who they want to win and the peoples word will be ignored.

        Now…if you doubt me then ask yourself…who are the people who make up the Electorial College? You would think that people who make the decision of who’s going to be the presidency, which directly effects the people…that the people would know who those people are.

        Do you know who those people are? Have you EVER heard the media talk about them?

        With some research you may find out who some of them are…but it’s not broadcasted and what I have been able to find points me into seeing a election sham. These people who make up the electorial college often times are politically alighned…and guess who’s picking them for the electorial college….? Nawww…I’ll leave you some research to do. I wonder how many of you will look into this? (I think w/modern communication we no longer need to use the archaic electorial college & we need to reduce the amount of government employee’s…which will reduce government expenditures.)

        What we need is a non electronic voting system…yes paper trail…and then have a legitimate way to ensure no voter fraud happens. The People’s Vote is what matters…votes from true Americans!

        God Bless.

      • ChristyK

        Doc, You ask who that leaves us to vote for. Based on the RNC convention(that I attended) and the DNC convention, our votes don’t count for president. In my state, all electoral votes will go for Romney and my vote won’t change a thing, so I will vote 3rd party as a protest vote, to let the powers that be Know that they are being watched and we aren’t happy.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Exactly, ChristyK…my vote is for Ron Paul.

        I’ll write him in if I have to. It seems if our popular/common vote always goes against what is being forced down our throat..then perhaps a long enough paper trail can be left that the future generations can take action eventually. It’s my way to protest as well.

        Talk about the truth and don’t be afraid to stand out & speak out. Your enslaving your children & grandchildren if you dont is what I have finally realized.

        God Bless.

  • x-mil

    We are getting JUST what we deserve, when you take/remove God out of a nation this is what you get !

    • Jeri Taylor

      It’s called Executive Orders. Obama can take anything he wants at any time. Google it…look up Obama’s Excecutive Orders. Your jaw will drop.

      • Doc Sarvis

        President Obama has fewer than half the number of Executive Orders(in his one term) than the number President Bush created (in two terms). I don’t remember anyone getting upset that Bush had so many Executive Orders.
        G W Bush had 292
        Obama has 134

      • ChristyK

        Doc, the problem isn’t the number of executive orders. The problem is the context of the executive orders. Obama is giving himself dictatorial powers (admittedly some are similar to the past 3 president’s EOs) and giving himself the powers of Congress & the supreme court. If the Congress and SC were doing their job, he would be stopped. Pretty soon we will be a dictatorship and the Congress & SC will be obsolete if not totally eliminated. Have you read the history of Rome lately? We are following in their footsteps quite closely.

    • liberty4us

      Read .. 2Chron: 7-14. Says it all!

    • Ron Brown

      it is a fact (GOD will give us the leaders we deserve repent as a nation and things will get better.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Very true, x-mil.

      But if I may ask…who’s definition of God are we going by?

      It’s my very humble opinion that no matter how you worship God…as long as it’s done in a non violent manner then the energy you create is going towards the positive side of the “force”. (Star Wars gave us hints…wink.)

      Only when a religion is Forced upon it’s people, often times through violence of one degree or another…then that style of religion is a false religion and the energy created goes to the negative side of the “force”.

      So it is once again my humble opinion that we do readdress our Constitution in this one manner. That religious practice be welcome here in America if common sense tells us that the religion isn’t promoting negative energy and therefore serving the “dark side”.

      I believe due to what the Koran says & the dynamics of the Single man who wrote it…the agenda of the Koran follows exactly the tenants of negative energy production through intimidation, physical violence and control…so there for, both Islam & Satanism/Luciferian worship should not be tolerated in a free Republic of people such as the United States of America. A country founded upon Judeo/Christian beliefs. Yes, bloodshed has been done even from christians but it’s the people in control using the religion as a tool. It’s not the religions tenant to dominate and destroy all other people and religions such as in the Koran. Kill the infidels! (There’s a definitive difference between Chrisianity & Islam.)

      My problem with the whole religous angle is the simple fact the stories in the Bible echo older stories from earlier religions from different civilizations…so numerous the sheer amount of them speaks for themselves that “something” is going on with the use of religion as a way to control the masses.

      How long have human beings been on this planet? Why does our earliest written records date only to sumeria or so?

      We as a species are suffering from amnesia. There’s alot more going on than we are being allowed to know. Our Republic can not continue to stand if there are so many secrets at the government level. We must no longer have a secret society controlling our Nation secretly. It’s time to start talking about this or all is lost.

      They have an unbroken Chain of Knowledge & Item Possession which we do not know publicly. It’s time for an indepth investigation and most likely legal action on behalf of the People of this World due to the crimes against humanity that they have committed. This done if History provides the proof of their deeds which I believe is staggering if you connect the dots.

      God Bless.

  • Deerinwater

    I’d like to see Ventura spend some money.


    Jopa and Larry, really; conspiracy theories. You two cant see that both parties dont have the best interests of the american people at heart. If you two cant see that, then i guess who really cares what you post from now on. Good luck in life guys.

    • dan

      now that’s an interesting perspective….relax , you’ll like it….sshhhh,don’t struggle ,it’s goood for you. Trust in Rothshield….

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      maybe those conspiracy theories are correct…Before you talk down on someones opinion,show your facts that the theories are not correct…I tend to have an open mind on this and you or the government wont politically correct my view.. Sheeple…


    Yes Doc keep bringing up Bush, maybe throw some Reagan mistakes in there to. Hey Lincoln was a republican, and he had no use for the Constitution either; why dont you excuse Obamas actions by refering to Lincolns mistakes to you Jackass!

    • dan

      .an excellent point for the ardent federalist / big gov/neocons,. too
      …and don’t forget that Lincoln was an approved hero of Marx and the
      Glorious Socialist Peoples Revolution
      …no argument from THIS states rights advocate

    • Doc Sarvis

      I see, so history has NO baring on our current condition. I can bring up President Clinton and talk about President Obama but the eight years of the Bush Administration is off limits; why?

      • Doc Sarvis

        that’s “bearing”.

  • Chris
  • Roger

    Obama will dig us further into debt and Romney will keep us at war! Take your choice. Bottom line there is NO CHOICE for President! Ron Paul is the only one who “got it” but sadly mainstream America is afraid of anyone who is just “too honest!” Sorry Abe!

  • Chris

    Does anyone know Jesse Ventura’s current email address or contact info.?

  • dcjdavis

    By his words and actions it is obvious that the apologist lives to see America punished for being America. All of Mitt’s shortcomings together don’t add up to anything so bad or as threatening as that; but then, there are the powers that be behind the office of president.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      yes of course there are powers behind the president..The New world Order freaks…The Bush family,the Clintons,Obamas,Carters,Timothy Geitner,Henry Kissinger,Bilderbergs,Rothchilds,Etc..ETC!! Why do you think Bush never defends his ADM.?? Because it it supposed to be that Obama uses him for his excuses…They are in this together,,,,Like Daddy Bush said,,The New World Order is the future and you cannot stop it! Have you forgotten?? If Obama gets a second term you will see the end of America…If Romney wins We get a few more years of slow down…So Romney is the choice…People are waking up slowly but surely and maybe with Romney slowing down the transition we have time to save the country from Communism….Maybe we can avoid the Civil War that is looming…Yes,the civil War…Don’t think everyone will lay down and accept the destruction of our country!!! Dems and Repubs of the past are history! The Progressive socialists have hijacked the democratic party totally and they are now close to hijacking the republican party. Call me whatever you wish,,but you better wake up…

      • Don

        bob peters, you talk about last presidents being involved with elitists. at the beginning of his campaign its been written that romney met with representitives of the bilderburgs. that bunch probly had a lot to do with ron paul getting pushed out of the picture. if you ever look at the”obama deception” online they talk about these big boys getting their chosen candidates into office. mi think that it might go clear back to ike. maybe further.

        • Ron Brown

          In truth it goes all the way back to 1776 although they did not have too much influence until the 1900s.

      • BrotherPatriot

        It goes back even further than that, Ron Brown…but you are close enough that I’m not going to go deeper. Heck…most people have a hard time just reading & comprehending a few sentences.

        God Bless & please continue spreading the word, my brothers & sisters.

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    To each,his(her)opinion !!!!Why should some people call other people rude names just because they express their opinion???Can’t we be a little more kind to each other?then we have the nerve to say that muslems are A@@holes!!!

  • Dave Gunn

    To say that there is no difference between Obama and Romney is to display abysmal ignorance. The two differ widely on tax policy, the size and scope of government, governmental regulations, foreign policy, and social issues.

    Now there is more difference between Obama and Ron Paul. However, an honest assessment of Romney would put him at a 80% acceptability by conservatives and 60-70% by Libertarians. Of course, when put up next to Obama, Romney looks good.

    Sometimes politics is the art of getting the best deal you can at the time. You who demand absolute adherence to your position will be a factor in the reelection of Barack Obama.

    The ancient Romans had a saying that went something like this: “The intelligent man knows his world, and he knows his place in it.”

    Here is the reality of our world: At this time next year, either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be the president of the United States.

    As a far-right conservative, I must admit that Romney is not all that I want. However, he is the best electable choice.

    • JC

      And all the Hamsters keep running on the same tax and spend wheel as we once again choose the lesser of two weasels. Sad.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        yes,the lesser of two evils..So for now we must chose the lesser in order to garner time to the ignorants to wake up.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Aye…JC. But I’ll cast my vote for Paul & bid my time as I spred the truth.

        God Bless & great seeing you still posting.

    • ChristyK

      Romney’s acceptability might be 80% if you only look at his election year rhetoric, but it isn’t anywhere near that high if you look at his actual voting and leading record. One example is that he said during the debates that on day 1 he would sign an executive order that would give waivers to all states and effectively nullify ObamaCare. 1. The president is sworn to uphold the constitution and the laws passed by Congress. As much as I want ObamaCare gone, he doesn’t have authority to do so. That is a dictatorial power just like Obama uses even if it is supposedly for a “good” cause. 2. He has repeatedly stood by RomneyCare that he signed into law in Massachusets. He will not accept any critism of RomneyCare which leads me to believe that he actually likes most of ObamaCare and is only speaking against it to get elected.

      On the last day of the Republican National convention, he changed from “I’ll repeal it on day one” to “I’ll repeal and replace”. (oops what will he replace it with?) A week later when he was interviewed, he said he wanted to keep a bunch of things that are in ObamaCare. This whole conversion seems to follow closely with what his campaign manager accidentally said when interviewed months ago. He was asked “Since Romney is running so far to the right, how does he expect to win over independents in the general election?” His campaign manager answered “It’s like an etch-a-sketch, you shake it and start over”. I don’t know if Romney really has any principles or not. Most of the time it seems to be what whoever he is talking to wants. I just hope Romney doesn’t have a secret agenda like Obama because Romney is much smarter and will be better at hiding it, especially once the good ole Republicans go back to sleep because they believe that they have been saved from Obama.

    • Chief Boring

      Finally! Someone with common sense. There is a vast difference between Obama and Romney. Our choice is between those two. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for Obama. The popular vote in each state will decide which group of members of the Electoral College will cast those votes for President. So each vote counts. As Constitutionalists, it is not a choice to do away with the Electoral College, which protects the power of smaller states. A simple majority vote would give the power to the large states; i.e. California and New York. Do you want them deciding the election for President? The next President will appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices. That alone is enough reason to vote for Romney, and for every Republican running for the Senate, including Akin in Missouri. I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with an interest in history. My great grandfather and two great uncles fought in the Army of Northern Virginia. They owned no slaves, but fought for their state. I swore to uphold and protect the Constitution. You guys can spout all the conspiracy theories you like, under the First Amendment, but those of us who live in the real world know our choice is either Obama or Romney, and we have seen the disaster Obama has given us. That makes the choice easy, if you have been paying attention. If Romney doesn’t do a good job, we can pick someone else the next time around. It will take grass root work at the lowest level. If that had been done in the past, maybe Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would be more than also rans, with all due respect to what I am sure are fine men. Senator Paul, the Congressman’s son, has endorsed Romney. That should mean something to you Libertarians.Jesse Ventura is a joke.

      • Ron Brown

        Right on I voted for Ron Paul in the caucus in 2008 and in 2012 I was the only one in 2008 but there were several in 2012 I hope that means some are waking up.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    What voters and all American citizens really need to understand is this: Who are the string pullers behind the puppets Obama and Romney. Once we awaken to that, we will know how to take back our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our Country. That’s why the media is so hell bent on keeping us in the dark about what is factual and adversely affects our lives–so most people don’t even know what’s really going on.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      you have been told what is going on many times…Just conspiracy theories hey??? Yeah right!

    • SarahR

      You have a computer, right? So go look up Bilderbergs and the High Priests of Globalization. Look up attendees at meetings. You will see names such as, Geitner, Rockefeller, Kitzenger, Henry, Clinton, Google CEO more than I can remember and if you go far enough back you will see Rick Perry. It began in 1950 with Rockefeller. Rothschilds and Goldmen-Sachs. NWO is what they want and to rule it. They’re in a hurry now. They’re wrapping things up and they are not going to let Obama lose.

      • Michael Hennessy

        So let me get this straight …the super powerful elite who can control the government, the media, the police and nearly everyone else cannot stop the secret guest lists to the super secret high power clandestine meetings from being published? I mean these guys have access to the data centers, the programers the whole deal …Right? now you want to believe that this list is real? ….. Come on people its not really like that! …. Woha I hear you all cranking up the rhetoric based replies even as I type… Yes, Yes i do know that there are some very powerful people who use their leverage to gain “some” control ….BUT IT IS NOT just one group with one all encompassing plan. YA I know BIG BANK…FED yep yep.. I have read it all too.. I just stopped drinking the cool aid and took a bigger look. You see it is us yes us We the people that have the ultimate power. We get that power because even the rich need “US” the middle class to keep the economy churning. Who I ask you will buy the products and make the investments if it is ONLY rich and poor? Thats right the only answer is that nobody would be buying spending. the whole deal colaspes on the rich and poor alike. So.. Yes right now its WAY out of balance and the rich have the upper hand. Here is an idea..wait for it…OK raise tax on the rich and lower it for the middle class!!! Use the money to pay down the national debt and equalise the balance. Hummmn makes a lot sense does it not? Seems like I have heard somebody selling that plan, and lots more GREAT ideas, you know stuff that will actually help. Quit drinking the cool aid, forget what race or religion he is and have a good look. It actually does make sense.

        Yes I know its not that simple ( sorry about the tongue in cheek tone of this post ) and there is much more that has to be answered. No it wont happen quickly, yes we have a lot of work to do and it will not be easy for anyone. Those that have the power (money) to do more should kick in and yes they should DO MORE because they can do more. As Americans that is the way we have always been and that cooperation is a big part of what has made this country great. We as a people can fix all this but it means working together. The guy who is trying to make that happen is President OBAMA.

        Yes I agree this election is so very important. More so than ever. Have real good open minded look at the facts. You can find them. I have.

        OBAMA 2012

        Wide Awake


    No Doc its just that everytime someone points out something that the current president does that is unconstitutional or just plain wrong, you liberals go back to Bush. Doc I voted for Bush and he turned out to be the exact opposite of the person I voted for. I’ll b the first one to say Bush was a big spending neocon who cared nothing for Americans and the Constitution. But if you can’t see how this current president is destroying our constitution and democratic processes than I don’t know what else to say to you. Doc I know Bush turned out to be a “Piece of crap,!” but guess what so is the current one!

    • Michael Hennessy

      OK CBUETT lets have the details …. show us exactly with references to “real” supported information on what Obama has done that is actually unconstitutional.

      • Realist

        NDAA…Patriot act on steroids…tromping on everyone’s constitutional rights.
        Full blown amnesty has been promised to over 12 million illegal immigrants.
        We can’t afford to feed, educate,medicate, and house 12 million+ impoverished illiterate
        Mexicans. We can’t find work for the 40 million+ unemployed American citizens now.
        Promised us he would get rid of the lobbyists..they are more influential than ever.
        What is up with Afghanistan?..he pulled troops from Iraq to bone up that war!
        He ruined the military with open gay conduct. Bad mistake if the troops still have to serve around a dense Muslim population.
        There’s a start!

  • Dave Gunn

    Two ideas:

    1. Lesser of two evils? I think not. Romney is a good choice (not a great choice). It is doubtful that he, or anyone else, can reverse the generations-long decline of our nation, but he can slow it down. Obama will take us headlong into more socialism.

    2. As for “taking back” our Constitution and nation, there are two ways to do that:

    The way provided in the Constitution will take 2-3 generations. There is too much wrong with this nation to fix in a presidential term or two. Change must be gradual to avoid societal break-up.

    The second is revolution. The problem with revolutions is that they are messy and easy to hijack. We would likely end up with a totalitarian government (much more so than now) or anarchy. I don’t favor either.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Correction…we have an Oligarchy currently. The few ruling the many…and the many is waking up.

      Interesting dynamics…

      God Bless!

    • waltinseattle

      take back or walk around them. anarchy is not disorder nor lawlessness. east europe basically walked around the old order. few would support it or oppose. most in place to do so smiled and breathed a big lungfull then sighed. they ACTED AS IF THEY WERE ALREADY FREE. They did not riot and plunder. like law loving people, they went about everyday life…they took posession of freedom. some used it to move certainly…the future was not promised to be safe…until it all had come down.

      are we the people ready to start posessing freedom? or will we stay splintered ? can we remain civil lawful without a police state overseeing us? can we the people practice self rule…true anarchy…no king! or can we only whine…wait and whine..


    If you are an American who gives a damn about the Constitution, then there is no way on “Gods green Earth” that you can support the current president unless you are a liberal democrat before an American.

  • Maryland Freestater

    Either way ya look at it, we’re royally FCUKED. If there really are extraterrestrials in our midst, HELP!!! Get me out of this madhouse!!!

  • Doris Buchanan

    I believe this to be true since neither of these two political candidates have any concept of what the constitution says and worst, the president totally disregards the constitution (e.g. NDAA). What do we do. Pick the lesser of the two evil. If we do nothing, the lemmings will pick for us.


    Haha Freestater I hear yah. Hey, ah Aliens; can you make that two tickets please? Being probed and assaulted by aliens can’t be any worse than this.

    • Michael Hennessy

      Oh dear I wonder. Really all jokes aside, do you guys truly believe in Aliens? You do know that there is no real scientific proof that any alien has ever been to earth…Right?

  • SJJolly

    Monday Tin-foil Hat Day at Personal Liberty?

    • Jeri Taylor

      That’s why Ron Paul supporters are not giving up & are proceeding to do whatever is necessary to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states. Go to:

  • Tunaman


  • Chuck

    Jesse was our governor in MN and he was somewhat of a whacko. I don’t remember any specifics, except that when he was on Letterman he said that the streets in St Paul were messed up because the Irish there were drinkers.

    He talked conservative but often gave in to the liberals. He gave us light rail in Minneapolis. After Comumbine, CO, he said it might have been better if the teachers or administrators had guns. He was right. However, the next day he said he was wrong – apparently gave in to the liberals.

  • Quique33

    Jesse said that it was a show, yes and it was. What we need is someone with a powerful hand that stops the incoming darts, one with knowledge to go be on the agony of defeat, and one with a heart to care for those he guides.

  • seadog

    Those of ypu hailing Ron Paul should do more research on the man,as for Jesse Ventura the guy was body slamed once to often in the wrestling ring,it shook his head marbles loose,

  • Buffet

    Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, Leftystrat (thermionic emissions), and myself, all seem to agree on this point. So who’s to argue?


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