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Vaccination 101: Why vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous

September 21, 2009 by  

Vaccination 101: Why vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous

One of the most reported topics of the last several months is the predicted pandemic of H1N1, also known as swine flu. Government bureaucrats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) are almost gushing over the estimates of deaths to come from the disease.

Meanwhile, promises are made by U.S. Government spokespeople of a vaccine against swine flu that, they say, will help us to weather the coming storm. But vaccines aren’t the panacea Big Government would have you believe. Here are the facts:

Vaccines are useless because…

  • Natural microbes (yeasts, mycobacteria, bacteria, viruses) are not enemies, but allies. They help restore our body’s health during the repair phase of a disease (Hamer’s German New Medicine).
  • We create our own microbes using the smallest particles of living matter that exist inside our bodies. These bear various names—microzyma (Bechamp), bions (Reich) and somatids (Naessens).

Vaccines are ineffective because…

  • They contain only artificial microbes that have been weakened and/or genetically modified that cannot prevent any disease.
  • They shock and exhaust the immune system and stimulate the explosion of degenerative diseases such as AIDS and cancer. They systematically destroy human health.
  • The efficacy of vaccines has never been proven scientifically. Their ineffectiveness becomes obvious with the need for repetitive inoculations and the appearance of diseases that vaccines were meant to prevent.

Vaccines are dangerous because…

  • Vaccinations stimulate and maintain individuals in a state of fear. In fact, we do not die of a disease, but from fear and exhaustion. The fear of microbes and illness knocks people out and vaccines finish them off.
  • Vaccines are extremely harmful. Innumerable complications go from minor problems (allergies, eczema, otitis, asthma, behavior and learning disabilities) to major disorders (autism, epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, leukemia, encephalitis, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Ebola, foetal malformations, Gulf War syndrome, Guillain Barre syndrome, Spanish flu, etc.) or even to death: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Receiving a vaccine is always devastating for the body. In fact, a vaccine is a witch’s brew made up of three types of ingredients: 1) A cocktail of microbes that have been artificially modified and often genetically recombined. 2) A purulent culture fluid composed of animal cells (chicken, mouse, sheep, monkey, cow) and human cells (blood, aborted fetuses) that are cancerous and contaminated (viruses, prions). 3) Preservatives and adjuvants that are in fact lethal poisons: Thimerosal (50 percent mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, silicone, polysorbates, sorbitol and a long list of extremely harmful substances known for their brain and nerve toxicity.
  • The content of vaccines is “Top Secret” and depends upon decisions taken by the military-industrial complex. The Ministry of Health of any country, the medical staff recommending and injecting them and the person receiving them cannot find out their exact composition or their true purpose. In fact, they serve as biological weapons of mass destruction for targeted populations—blacks, Asians, the poor, American Indians, handicapped, homosexuals and inhabitants of territories with valuable resources. They have been developed as perfect eugenic (killing undesirables) and mind control tools.

All vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous, without exception!

Key Points Concerning Vaccination (From Ghis, author of The Medical Mafia)

  1. The impending massive vaccination (2009) is the direct result of a pseudo-pandemic of swine flu (A-H1N1) officially declared by the United Nations (U.N.). The long-term ploy of the global elite is to reduce the world population to 500 million. The new vaccines contain an extremely vicious cocktail of avian, swine and human influenza viruses.
  2. Liquid crystals and nano-sized microchips may have been included into the vaccines to facilitate mind control at a distance.
  3. Vaccination is not a medical but a political decision. Its purpose is global population control. Vaccines can be used to eliminate undesirable individuals by repetitively weakening their health or by brutally killing them. The World Health Organization (WHO) makes all vaccine-related decisions. They are the U.N.’s Ministry of Health. Its decisions are imposed by force to all governments through the use of propaganda, harassment and threat.
  4. Vaccines are biological weapons of mass destruction. That is why research on vaccination first takes place in military laboratories. The first human guinea pigs are often soldiers and their families who are unconscious of being used as expendable test subjects.
  5. Qui bono? (Who benefits?) Vaccination brings in colossal profits to pharmaceutical companies and international banks. To vaccinate their populations, governments must borrow huge sums. The public debt skyrockets while the international bankers increase their grip on all valuable resources.
  6. The basic theory on microbes is false. Louis Pasteur was an impostor, a cheat and a liar. His experiments were falsified. The many scientists who have proven the beneficial role of microbes were ridiculed and punished. Any proof that went against the world elite’s best interests was systematically crushed. This situation is still going on today.
  7. There is an undeniable link between vaccine inoculation and the manifestation of an illness, even if it is difficult to prove. Doctors refuse to admit this link because they are afraid of retaliation.
  8. Vaccines induce permanent and hereditary modifications to the human genetic code. Short-term consequences are numerous (genetic malformations) while long-term effects are difficult to evaluate.
  9. Because of their neurotoxic effects, vaccines produce psychopaths, generating social violence and crime. This situation causes political unrest and the reinforcement of military and police control. It opens the door to the full implementation of an already legalized martial law.
  10. With the use of vaccination, the real sociopolitical problems remain hidden while techno-scientific pseudo-solutions are proposed. These are so complicated that most people are unable to understand the faulty assumptions on which they rest. Most people react by trusting the authorities and submitting without question.
  11. Vaccination keeps people powerless and dependent upon external authorities. As long as I behave as a sheep, there will be a shepherd to abuse me. The role of any government has always been that of a shepherd with his flock. His only purpose is to shear the sheep until there is no more wool, and then to lead them to the slaughterhouse, while pretending that it is for their own good.

“In reality, I am omnipotent and immortal. I need no vaccines, no doctors, nor governments. Compulsory vaccination is a gift that forces me to take the decision to get out of fear, disease and death once and for all.” Ghis (author of the book The Medical Mafia)

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Max

    I’m with you about the dangers of subjecting our entire population to an entirely untested vaccine, and won’t be personally vaccinating myself or my family with the H1N1 serum. But you’re completely insane. Ever hear of Polio? Scarlet Fever? Oh what an even more un-beautiful world this would be without such vaccines …

    • Jean

      I think the days of helpful vaccinations is over. What is being put out there today is a whole different story.
      Having always been healthy, after my first flu vaccination in the 90′s I developed Fibromyalgia.
      Then a few years later I had another flu shot, the one that they added a little extra that year. My husband and I had the same shot at the same time. He never is ill and has an amazing immune system. By the time we got home from the Drs. We both were so ill, headaches, groggy, sore arms and mine wouldn’t work for a week. About a week later, I developed 24/7 sweats. They would start at my head, down my arms, and disappear, only to start right up again. I had them for 5 months. I would have as many as 20 an hour. They never stopped the whole time.
      My Dr. told me to never get a flue shot again.

    • Charliebug

      Do not forget smallpox, mumps, chicken pox, measles, and I am sure there are others. There is no question that effective vaccination will prevent specific diseases. I have had flu shots for years, and I have not gotten the flu, whatever kind it was, since, even though I have been high risk through most of my life. Will I get a flu shot this year? I don’t know yet. There are a lot of things going on that make me nervous, where our government and its officials are concerned. I think there is a real risk of them unleashing an ineffective and potentially dangerous vaccine upon us. I will see what my doctor has to say about it.

      • isXperiajj

        You are so correct. I will not take the vaccine. I will continue to take my AloeRed and build my immune system. That is the best thing
        against the swine virus. No vaccine for me. God gave us natural products for this. People use what God has here already. I also take OPC+ for all I need to sleep good, energy, lowers my blood pressure, chlolestrol, takes care of the allergies I had, reflux, etc.
        I have the best insurance you can have. Take care of yourself. I certainly don’t depend on the government.

      • WarChief

        To say that vaccination has not been beneficial to the health and welfare of mankind is a blasphemy to logical thought. The needless death and suffering afforded by these treatments can not be disputed. I suppose a vaccination program could be subverted to cause illness; but, to imply such a scheme has been undertaken and offer no evidence as proof is seemingly schizophrenic. I’m not impressed by the safety and efficacy trials with the h1n1 vaccine, but I’m not signing on to any tin foil hat mind control theory without a little factual reference.

        • Ellie

          WAR CHIEF,Google search: Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Dyncorp…also go to and see what Mike Adams has revealed concerning this…you might not sleep tonight!

        • henry

          Many of these diseases such as polio were fading away when the massive vaccination programs came out back in the 1950s. When you do your own research like I do, then you see that this is almost always the case. The disease that the vaccinations are for were on a sliding scaling down before the introduction of the “vaccinations” for it. A

          And by the way, vaccinations are not immunizations.

          I feel for our military being taken absolute advantage of by the government. If anything is not right, it is this practice.

          When the government starts making vaccinations “mandatory”, there will be protestors, you can count on it because we don’t trust our government anymore and neither do many of us trust the AMA for good reasons.

      • http://Jones Vic

        There seem to have been some effective vaccines. In some cases those diseases some experts say seem to have been running their natural course.

        The flu shot is a whole different situation. It has never been proven to be effective in even one seasonal case. They even seem to always miss the strain of flu that is problematic for that year. It would be useless I do not care what they say. That even not taking into account all the harmful toxins contained in them.

        I have never once gotten a seasonal flu shot and have never gotten the flu.

  • Max

    I realized my post wasn’t clear — my Polio question was in response to vaccines proper, and my Scarlet Fever comment in reference to antibiotics handling what our natural mycobacteria and immune systems seem unable to do, by and large.

  • Dan

    This seems so extreme … but then, I’ve been suspicious of vaccines since learning that being inoculated for TB would make me show positive for TB in future medical tests. “Mind control from a distance ..” with nano technology? Some of the conspiracy rhetoric detracts from the message.

    Is there a reasonable wait-and-see time to determine whether the vaccine is doing what we want? How do we prove prevention? How do we watch for the negative affects described in this article?

    • MARIE


  • Alfred L Moniot MD GU M’71

    Sounds like Bob has had way too many vaccinations!
    I’ll be getting pneumococcal and shingles vaccinations in December, but I have never had a seasonal flu vaccination and will not be getting 09 H1N1 vaccination as I had H1N1 in late April here in Mexico.

    • Dottie

      I can not believe that this article exist. His first statement on why they do not work explains why they do work. I am glad you made your post and hope it will help people question the validity of this article and do their own reseach. I don’t deny that some people have had reactions to some vacines but these are usually due to allergies to items in the vacine not the “bug” itself. If one is worried about taking a vacine go to an allergist and have testing done to see if you are allergic to anything in the vacine. As far as the military goes, I do feel it is wrong to not give them one of the very fredoms that they are fighting for – freedom of choice.

  • Karen

    I agree regarding the vaccines. What readers need to question? Why are people getting polio,scarlet fever and H1N1. Our bodies were designed by God to fight infection, disease etc. What are we putting into our bodies???? I almost died in the hospital of a bacterial disease a few years ago. Antibiotics were pumped into my body for months. After I got better, thank God – I noticed I would get sick so easily. Someone sneezed and I ended up in the emergency room with an infection or pneumonia. Please research about pro-biotics. Antibiotics kill the bacteria that we need to fight infection. Think about the chemicals and foods we eat. We need to be informed. I have been taking pro-biotics for about three months now. I am around sick people. I have not gotten sick. I believe it is because I am building up my immune system. I won’t be vaccinated. I will have a healthy immune system to fight off the flu.

    • Mary Mortimer

      I have been a patient, and so has my family, with a Naturopath that agrees with the theory that vaccines are dangerous. He is a highly respected doctor with years of experience and around the world clients. Our grandson now has polio restrictions and they started
      after he received the required vaccinations. Coincidence? I think not!
      We can call it nuts, but why not kill off a percentage of the population? That’s where we are in this administration.

    • isXperiajj

      Good for you Karen. You are correct, build your immune system. Go to “The Medicine Man” a pharmacist with a Doctors degree in Natural Medicine. He’s on at 9 PM eastern on Mon. & Tues. You will learn how to do it. I listen to him he is very bright. That’s how I learned about Aloe Red and it’s loaded with Vitamin D3 the combination in that product is great!

  • Debbie

    I disagree with what is being said. I was a local county immunization manager (RN) and did much studying of vaccines. Vaccines are tested and thats why it takes 6 mos to get into the market. Children vaccines do NOT contain Thimerosol. The sad thing about the vaccines is that we have forgotten the DEATHs that have occured from these diseases. Do what you think is right but if a epidemic happens and diseases starts killing people, I wonder if you will take the vaccine then!

    • Elaine

      Please tell me you have reasearch this and are not just reapting status quo! obviously you haven’t!

    • Elaine

      We will not have a choice if the current administration gets their way!

      • Michael

        As a Board Certified MD in Family Medicine, I can affirm that this rant is paranoid and delusional. Study after study has shown that the effectiveness of better community sewage disposal AND vaccination programs are largely responsible for the tremendous increases in average life expectancy world-wide. Sure, you can find exceptions, but populations are living longer. Yes, the incidence of certain cancers are on the rise, but many more people would have died horrible communicable deaths, and many others scarred for life, long before cancer had a chance to develop. We are getting more cancers because we are living longer. I am sure that some on this thread will paint me as “part of the problem” and “indoctrinated” by the “system”. I guess that comes with studying intensely for many years and working long hours CARING for people, instead of selling some product or newsletter.

        • AN Hardin

          So, are you and your family going to take the H1N1 vaccine? You neglected to mention that, Dr. Michael….

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          No Michael – I will not say you are part of the problem. However I will ask – how many pills and medicines does the pharmaceuticals companies
          give you for free – so you can prescribe them for your patients for ailments they may have? Of course the patients will need a prescription from you to obtain the balance after the first few you gave them runs out. No, you are not part of the problem – you are being used by the pharmaceuticals. Are you rewarded for the drugs you prescribe for your patients? Not putting you down – just curious.

        • BOE

          to are so right! As a ICU RN I have seen what a horrible death people go throught with just the seasonal flu. Complete organ failure,,antibiotics dialysis,,,still we can`t save them. I have not seen the H1N1 yet..but the family of the person who refuses to vaccinate should be prepared to watch a horrible,suffering death. Not to scare anyone..but it is serious.

        • henry


          So working long hours and caring for people qualifies you to be an authority? Hmmmm, well, I’m sure you do it with good intentions, but please tell me why doctors have sometimes had 80 hours of classroom study on pharmaceuticals while less than 5 hours of study on nutrition? Could it be that they would rather not know about nutrition? Do you prescribe prescriptions with a knee jerk reaction? Oh sorry, I don’t want to expose you here.

          You know, when I took my kids off of vaccinations, the doctor argued with me. Then I ask him why there were posters on his walls warning against continuing the vaccinations for my kids if they developed brain damage from previous ones. So why put that danger into play in the first place? He didn’t have a response, only a glare and we walked out never to return for another shot and I am at peace about it.

          The school nurse gave a presentation promoting fluoride (for fools) and vaccination shot record keeping. She called them required shots. I ask her if the state law had changed, which gave parents a waiver option for kids? She said, no, the waivers were still available. BUT she didn’t tell that to the parents. I am sick of the deception out there and am thankful to the Lord for the internet.

    • isXperiajj

      you are correct about most children diseases, but not this H1N1.
      Please don’t take that shot, if you do, God be with you. There probably isn’t going to be an epidemic anyway. Look what happen last time they said there was going to be the swine flu. Nothing.

      • Tommy Barns

        If you take the vaccine the government will have control of your mind. It’s all about mind control. Obama will be able to know all your thoughts.

        • Dottie

          Tommy I think you need to ask your doc for some Resperidol

    • Honest to Goodness

      Debbie, some of these people have not seen the childhood disease’s that killed and maimed so many. Since we have done away with what used to be known as childhood disease, mumps, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, polio, small pox, these people have no memories of the horror involved when children came down with these. Mandatory Innoculations is the reason most of these are no longer a threat. Our elderly used to die at 65 due to weakened immune systems, since the flu shot has been available we are now living way into our 80′s. It is interesting that we have such short memories. If the prior generations had not been willing to trust our medical officials we would still have these disease’s running rampant and these same people would be up in arms, demanding that the government do something!!! If you buy into not taking advantage of the most up to date medical practices, when and if you come down with cancer, will you not pursue the medically advised plan of attack for your specific cancer? My younger brother died of polio so I know the horrors of that specific disease, I can’t imagine that any parent today would allow their child to contract that, knowing that they could prevent it. I can hear them now. “well son, yes I could have protected you, but I was invoking my right not to have anyone tell me what I should do for you. Looks like I was wrong, sorry you are blind, crippled, deaf or scared. But I stood my ground and they didn’t make me do what I didn’t want too”.

      • henry

        Bob, you fail to include the other facts of why people are living longer. By the way, our 84 year old employee was perfectly healthy, eating right, exercising, then he got his flu shot and died a week later. But anyway, people are not automatically taking their doctor’s advice anymore, but taking health and wellness into their own hands and doing their own research. Glyconutrients are on the cutting edge of nutrients we can get for better health.

        And if you ask a doctor about glyconutrients, they probably don’t have a clue. However, Ben Carson, at Johns Hopkins, one of the top 20 doctors in America, says glyconutrients are a huge benefit to those who take the one that has a patent from 1996.

    • henry

      To Debbie,

      No, I would not start taking the vaccination then and play into their hands. Too much data out there on the internet about the misrepresentation and lack of qualified studies regarding the effects of these vaccinations. Why do you think that it is against the law to sue the makers of vaccinations? Why is it we can sue police officers for doing their job albeit it is getting near impossible for them to do that, and yet not sue the ones that put various poisons into our bodies, not mine of course, but yours and others who blindly get in line.

  • Alan

    Nano crystals in the vaccines for mind control? Wow! How much of a wacko do you have to be to buy that?

    • Thurman Marcum

      Alan,A lot!

    • mel shae

      The author states “Liquid crystals and nano-sized microchips may have been included into the vaccines to facilitate mind control at a distance.” That is technology possible today, but he really needs to provide at least some evidence to this claim or else accept that he WILL be viewed as a lunatic.

      The point where he lost ALL credibility with me is the quote at the end about being immortal. Show me ONE person who is immortal in their physical body??

      To the anti “tin-hat” people: google how tin hats actually INCREASE the transmission of the specific band of radio waves reserved by government!

  • Steve

    I agree that the vaccine should be tested and proven safe prior to distribution. As for the rest of your article is sounds paranoid.
    I think you may need help.

    • Elaine

      You may wish to read the new laws/legislation that has been past in MA, OK and is being pushed through in many other states…you may not have a choice in whether will will be vacinnated or not..Hello… who is parinoid?

      • Tanya Peterson


        Is this one our freedoms they are trying to take away? The freedom to be sick if we want.
        What are the others? I asked in the previous story thread but you never answered. I wish you would share. Maybe I should be more afraid than I am.

      • Angela

        Geez! It is difficult to take anything you say seriously when your grip of the language and your spelling are at a third grade level.

    • Thurman Marcum

      To Steve
      You have to be paranoid.No vaccine, no human race.

  • Josh

    “Natural microbes (yeasts, mycobacteria, bacteria, viruses) are not enemies, but allies. They help restore our body’s health during the repair phase of a disease (Hamer’s German New Medicine).”

    H1N1 does not help the human body…

    “We create our own microbes using the smallest particles of living matter that exist inside our bodies. These bear various names—microzyma (Bechamp), bions (Reich) and somatids (Naessens).”

    Your point is?

    “They contain only artificial microbes that have been weakened and/or genetically modified that cannot prevent any disease.”

    It contains weakened versions of the H1N1 virus which cannot CAUSE any disease. The purpose of this is so that the human body can build up immunity to the virus before the strong H1N1 virus enters the body.

    I am not an Obama supporter, nor am I particularly an H1N1 vaccine supporter, but you need to do a lot more research.

    • DaveH

      Don’t masquerade as an expert Josh. Nobody knows for sure the long term effects that may result from injecting foreign proteins and other chemicals into a person’s blood stream. I will be damned before I let anybody inject anything into my body without my approval.
      It’s pretty obvious that the vaccine manufacturers need the force of the government to sell the vaccines into which they have invested so much money. Vaccines are notoriously unprofitable for drug companies. So how else do they make money if not for the force of government?

  • Scott

    Bob, what evidence do you have to substantiate these claims? I would appreciate citations from sources more credible than someone who claims (albeit rhetorically) to be omnipotent and immortal…

    • Elaine

      check health freedom .org there are mnay sources of info out there if you would just open your eyes.

  • krys the skeptical thinker

    Bob, most of what you say sounds very reactionary, some may even say fear-mongering. I would like to have accurate & well documented facts in order for me to check out for myself the claims you so boldly make. You COULD be right but great claims require great proof.

    • DaveH

      You have every reason to be skeptical. Be so also when it comes to the wisdom of government apparatchiks.

  • R Burmeister

    Vaccinations 101: This explains why there are so many Asians and helpful bacteria. Thanks!

  • Sherea

    It’s alarming to me that so many people who are posting about this subject actually believe vaccines make us healthier and improve our immune system. Seems to me the only creatures who get vaccinated are those who are forced: Small children, animals, and soldiers who are threatened with dishonorable discharge for refusing. A dishonorable discharge means you can never own a firearm the rest of your life. So they submit.

    Vaccinations are big business. Not science, not rocket science, but business. These stories about polio, black plague, scarlet fever, etc, cannot be verified by any other than publications written by the same business. We were forced to get smallpox vaccination as small children, and then later had measles, mumps, and chickenpox. Now days, children are also vaccinated for those diseases so they don’t get them. Their bodies get autism, allergies and asthma.

    We don’t want vaccines forced on us. We don’t want all the vegetables in the supermarket to be iradiated. We love bacteria and know it is all around us and keeping our skin healthy and clean. We believe the Creator was intelligent.

    • Tanya Peterson

      Let’s see if I got this right. We don’t want vaccines because big business is the only one that really bennifits from it. Government is forcing us to get vaccinated so business can make more money?

      Healthcare reform is bad because Government is telling big business what to do and insurance companies will fail because the government puts them out of business because government hates big business?

      Do you all understand how mixed up you are? You are so afraid of the government that you are now getting to the point you are afraid of your own shadow.
      I only hope that if you do get sick that you have enough sense to stay home and don’t go to work or shopping and infect others because you were afraid to get the vacine.

      • Elaine

        Oh my…there are none so blind as those who will not see…check the laws that are being passed get a clue!

      • Thurman Marcum

        You are right!Read Eighty-Four.It is base on fear and suspicion.

        Thurman Marcum

      • DaveH

        Isn’t it funny that the Liberals hate Big Business unless it is forcing it’s goods on citizens through the government. Government is force, not reason.

      • susan

        I dont put anything past the government. I mean they are bankrupting are country at this very moment, they cant seem to do anything in a timely or efficent manner. I dont trust the poeple we have in our government. I dont know if my family will vacinate or not, and yes I do have enought sense to stay home if I am sick. You seem to be a person that would believe anything the government said.. cant you think for yourself.. I know you must be one of those oboma loving, non wanting to work for a living, abortion supporting, non-godly people that think that your government is god.. give me a break.. I dont believe everything that was said, but things are happing right now that I thought could never happen…. I dont trust the people who are running the show!!

        • henry


          I couldn’t agree with you more. The government has been deceptive back before FDR, and if you happen to look at the Zapruder films it shows JFK’s scalp being ripped off his head from the FRONT to the back of his head. Pretty hard to make a bullet boomerang from the back and 4 floors up.

          No, I don’t trust our socialistic-leaning government. And really, it makes no difference who is in power, most all of them are in an oath to one another through the Masons to put the Masons above the nations.

          Autism was not even a campaign issue last year but it negatively affects one out of every 65 children born in California. Now how can that be? Well, start with questioning why vaccinations are not studied and why the producers of vaccinations cannot be sued and you will find the answers.

    • isXperiajj

      Amen! Sherea. Our creator is and was smart and vaccines are big business. It’s all about making money.

      • Honest to Goodness


        Yes, our creator is smart, he allowed us to find cures for many of our ills. I assume that you don’t haul your butt around in a car, as that form of transportation is very deadly for millions of people. The creator gave us two legs, why don’t you just walk. You people on this site, use the God, theory anytime you run out of a valid arguement. God, allows progress, or else you wouldn’t be able to type on this site coping out to the My creator is intelligent crap.

        • henry

          Honest to Goodness

          Uh oh another liberal in the mix to muddy the water and insult someone. I drive a car because it is practical, I don’t vaccinate my kids because I love them and have been studying this matter. A family friend used to be our kid’s doctor, but he was pushy about vaccinations without answering my questions. We are still friends, but my kids are taken elsewhere for their medical needs.

          By the way, “every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord”, unfortunately when that time comes, it will be too late to accept the Lord as your Saviour. So do it now “Goodness”…

          • isXperiajj

            Well spoken Henry! Thank God for people like you.

            I walked to school when I was a kid and it was good for me. Now there are no sidewalks and I’m forced to drive my car, which God and myself are in control of. Not the government.

  • cr747

    Well Bob you contradicted yourself numerous times. Looks as though you need to do a little more research before trying to scare the people into not receiving their vaccine. I for one am forced to take it ,and will have no problem excepting it. Go back and learn more about the H1N1.

    • Thurman Marcum

      A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Bob better look at his history.Europe was almost finish off by the black death and smallpox.


  • Katherine Tomsich

    The problem with ‘testing’ a vaccination for efficacy is that the diseases are rare enough that not getting ill after vaccination is not proof that it worked. There are ALWAYS undesirable effects of varying degrees, including death, from vaccines. It is a fact that measles, whooping cough and polio rates were decreasing BEFORE the introduction of mass vaccination programs. Bob makes great claims and most are true. Pro-vaccine operatives make HUGE claims and they are not bearing their burden of proof. Mass vaccination programs are ‘modern’ medicine at its most dogmatic and unscientific. This issue is clouded for people by the panic in the medical rhetoric- they believe that we HAVE to do SOMETHING! Even if it is wrong.

  • Bill

    I think all of you need to take a breath.


  • s c

    If you want to take an untested vaccine, take it. For the rest of us, we should not be forced to endure government’s predictable ‘our way is the only way’ mentality. We already have more than enough Gore types who will try to ‘save us from ourselves’ – and do it in the name of “CHOICE.”
    My main issue with vaccines deals with modern medicine’s utter refusal to see that Americans get quality food and different ways to strengthen our immune systems.
    Until MDs do their job, I see no reason to separate MDs from those whose life philosophy is ‘maximum profit at ANY cost.’
    As for government, their obsession was and continues to be POWER at all costs.

    • Titus Moore

      (SENTENCE REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT). Give the vacine to them and then expose them to the flu. See if it works on them first. Then we will know if it is safe for the rest of us hard workers in amerika. If it does work we should make sure no one gets it for free either.

      • isXperiajj

        You Go Boy! You’re my kind of thinker!

    • Honest to Goodness

      Do you want the government to mandate what we eat? Or are you saying that you want the medical professionals to have the power to decide what we eat? From your previous posts on the other sites, it appeared that you are a totally hands off from the government type,,,, these statements you just made are a little, how shall I say it nicely, hypocritical. Son, you can’t have it both ways. Or are you saying that you want them to interfere when “you” want them too?

      • Tom S

        To Honest to Goodness,

        They already are dictating what we eat(GM/genetically modified). We live in a nation of sheep. People in Europe rioted when they tried to force it on them.Here you barely heard a peep. All I ask is label it so we know. They aren’t going to do that. You might not buy their products.

    • Honest to Goodness

      My above post was for S.C. Also, I thought you wanted to do away with the FDA? They are the one’s who make sure our food is safe, but you want limited government intervention so how do you propose to make sure our food supply is healthy? Just asking, you are confusing an old lady.

      • Tommy Barns

        The food people will not sell us bad food. They check everything first before the sell it. We don’t need the government spending more money to us what we already know. The food is safe. It’s just another way for government to get more of our money. They probably inject it with mind control stuff anyways.

      • henry

        Read “The China Study” by Colin Campbell, MD. Nutrition is the key and knowing to stay away from all dairy products and meat protein, and emphasize plant protein. Of course, we now know that 2 peaches from the 1950s had more nutritional benefit than 53 peaches off the corner grocery store has today. That’s how far we have come, thanks to the FDA, our “protector”. Ha – what a joke they are.

        Actually back before the corruption set in they were very good at what they were supposed to be doing (1940s). Too bad, but we are definitely seeing a move to decrease the world population.

    • DaveH

      Isn’t it comical that many of the very people who support forced vaccinations also support abortion (birth choice) but do not support choice in vaccinations?

  • Bill

    go up on youtube and check some of the discussions about the gardisil that is being pushed on our young daughters. It will help to open your eyes about vacination risks.

  • Burgi

    Could each of us be right? Vaccinations have had and still have their benefits? To wipe out diseases that killed many because of their weak immune systems? Could it also be true that they have become a way to cause health problems to keep the medical profession going? Moreover, there is no doubt that there are people who hate, people who think only of themselves, and people who will do most any thing for power and control. Our trusting minds do not want to think that such things as planned mass destruction are possible, but are they?

    • DaveH

      Yes Burgi,
      And in a free country, both sides of the controversy would be free to make their own choices. After all, if we can’t choose the risks to our own bodies, just what in hell are we free to do?

  • Rhonda

    It may not be unreasonable to encourage caution with a new, relatively untested H1N1 vaccination.

    However, to proclaim all vaccinations as “useless,” “ineffective and “dangerous” is irresponsible. Having personally observed the life-long and crippling effects of polio in relatives, and the rigors of tetanus in farm animals, I am immensely thankful for effective, preventative vaccination!

    It should be noted, however, that vaccinations can only prevent, and cannot cure any disease – and they so by triggering the body to produce its own anti-bodies to stave of the actual disease.

    Additionally, those who refuse to participate in vaccination are depending on the rest of society to “assume the risk” to prevent them from getting a disease. Again, irresponsible!

    • Thurman Marcum

      I agree with you 100 persent.

  • Robert


    You are insane, not to mention irresponsible. Vaccinations has been PROVEN to save millions of lives.

    • Thurman Marcum

      I agree with you.Bob should be in the Guinness Book Of Records,saying the silliest things.

    • DaveH

      Explain to me how one would prove that somebody did not get a disease because they took a vaccination? It’s like arguing about God. I haven’t had any vaccinations in my entire adult life (60 now). And, gee, I haven’t had any of the associated illnesses. I guess that proves that lack of vaccinations prevents those diseases (sarcasm).

  • PJ

    I will stick to my own idea’s on this UNtested H1N1 vaccine that is going world wide. First, the most important people that we want to continue living a normal healthy life would be the first to get the UNtested vaccines.
    In our biochemical suits and masks, we head first to the white house and make sure each of them get vaccinated. Leave a doctor or nurse there, lock the doors to keep the vaccinated in and away from other people. Then, we go to DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and vaccinate them. Do the same, lock it up so no one can get out to contaminate the other people.
    They will need to be quaranteed for at least 10 days before testing them to see the results, and to carry out the body bags. Don’t forget the FDA and Pharma, they each need to receive this life saving vaccination also.
    Now we’ll head to each state house and vaccinate our UNrepresentative representatives, quarantee them.
    After the 10 days, we’ll go and test each one to make sure they are okay and won’t contaminate we the people.
    Will this work?

    • Bob R

      PJ: I love your idea. It will never happen because our reps are above
      any law but their own.

      • isXperiajj

        Good idea!

    • Terry

      Here…here…don’t we wish someone would follow through with your idea. IF they’re so keen to convince everyone how necessary this is…let’s see them get theirs on national television with the SAME vaccine they intend to give us and with the SAME CODED hypodermics they intend to use on us. Those of you who are so trusting should check out several web sites.
      First of all, a 60 minutes report on the SWINE FLU SCARE of 1976 (YES, they’ve tried this BEFORE)…learn from the video:

      Then find out about the nanochipping that is planned by reading:

      And if you’re still not convinced, check out some history on:

      You just might have your trust shaken a bit or a LOT as I have.

  • Titus Moore

    I think it’s just another way to get our money. This is how they help out the healthcare people by making us think we need these worthless flu shots. The flu only kills about 32,000 people each year. That’s like nothing when you think our population is something 10 million in this country. So I doubt I’ll die from flu. (WORDS REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT)

    • Elaine

      No… this is how they rid the world of the awful Americans…(sarcasim)..We’re ALL in danger from this its not just about H1N1 people WAKE UP! its about taking over..we are about to lose our NATION & possibly grant the wishes of our science czar, ted turner, rockefeller, soros, islam etc… DEPOPULATE the WORLD..those who delclare that it is OK to force this on the population there is a saying for you “He who tries to save his life will lose it” Food for thought! we are in very dangerous times.

      • Titus Moore

        Yes we are all going to die if we get the vaccine. It has little things in it that will comtrol our brain and make us vote for democrats. They are just trying to control our minds with these drugs. They have nothing to do with health and keeping us well. You wait and see. People that get the vaccine will begin to all vote for democrats. then after a few years they will start to die off. Once the population gets really low they will let the (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) in to do all the work. It’s all just a big lie. They think they can fool us. But we are smart we know better.
        Obama is going to sell Texas to China and good Americans are going to die from vaccines. We are all doomed unless we wake up and impeach Obama and his 74 Czars.

        • Thurman Marcum

          Sir, you are a certified nut!You should stop drinking that stuff.If you know how silly that sounds.I bet you are joking.Ha!Ha


        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Titus – I wish Texas would be sold to china – then we could live with all the Gods that sold America to China. Sure hope they don’t call in their markers on all the loans that the Cheney/Bush Administration borrowed from them.

        • Against the Idiots

          Wow dude, glad I don’t know you personally. As I instruct my children, think before you talk or write. Obviously, you missed that little bit of advise crucial to sensible conversation. Get some therapy…your wife will be much appreciative.

      • Thurman Marcum

        I hope there is someday a vacine for mental illness. You neet it.


      • Thurman Marcum

        You need the vavcine That may be available.It also cures ignorgrance.


        • isXperiajj

          Be careful Thurman. Ignorance doesn’t have 2 g’s. Better check the spellings of your words. Hope you didn’t get a little upset.

        • DaveH

          Typical liberal, calling others ignorant when he can’t even spell.

          • Thurman Marcum


            I also mispell vaccine. I got two years of college.There is one repulican vice president said he should take latin in college so he could speak the language in South America.He also couldn’t spell.That is his ignorance.If you get bit by a rabid dog let me know. I bet you be right there receiving that forbidding Pastuer treatment.

      • eyeswideopen

        Elaine, don’t worry, they are only going to make the Democrat’s take the vaccines. They will just round them up and shoot them. Those that survive will be trucked to a state and they will start a new nation.We don’t want them in this country as they are responsible for all our ills so this is the best solution. LOL

  • Ron Teidel

    This will be my first and last post. I have been skeptical about the content received by personal liberty, but this article ices it for me.

    I think vaccinations in certain circumstances have value, but should be dealt with by test of time and personal preference. It should not be something forced on us, nor peddled by scare tactics. Some years back they tried this scare tactic crap on flu with the “Asian flu”, remember? Hope you didn’t forget about the “bird flu pandemic” did you? We were all dropping like flies weren’t we? Good thing they had all that vaccine, huh? Hey if you get the flu, you get the flu. Wash your hands, stay away from people who are coughing, cut down on fast food, watch what you touch, and did I say wash your hands?

    In closing, there is one thing I dispise as much as far-left loons and it’s far-right loons. How did this article go from an opinion on the value of H1N1 vaccination to medical conspiracy theories? Give me a break. I’m outta here!

    Want some good leads and info tweet me at im2byteme

  • Thurman Marcum

    Bob, you missed the point.There is always risk to any vacine.Milk maids at the time of Jenner were immunize by cowpox.Jenner got the ideal from one of the milk maids,she said she never would get smallpox,she got cowpox from the cows she was milking.We all know nothing is not entirely safe.What could be one man’s drink could be another man’s poison.Look where we be without vacination.

    Thank you,

    Thurman Marcuum

  • Mary


  • ncolip

    I am not a supporter of the H1N1 vaccine. I have had the flu several times and my body is healthy enough to fight it off. I don’t feel, however, that vaccines are “dangerous”. What about the vaccine for HPV? If people are paying any attention there is a serious threat to our population regarding this virus. Just a few months ago I had a hysterectomy from a cancer diagnosis from HPV. I have since met MANY women who are in the same situation. I’m only 32 years old! My Oncologist told me that 85% of the population has this disease!!! This includes men who are silent carriers. This will affect our daughters 10-15 years from now unless we take action.

    • Elaine

      If you are suggesting Gardisil is safe you had better do more research ..its very dangerous with little or no benefits!

      • ncolip

        Elaine, I have looked at the stats about Gardasil and it is safe. Have you seen the effects of HPV if left undetected? I was lucky to have caught it early because it kills and/or leaves otherwise healthy young women unable to have children.


    The Last cure for any disease they created was over 50 years ago,the reason it’s been so long because they don’t make any money on cures, they make it off of vaccines.They’ll wait for you to get sick and then vaccinate you, the best thing is prevention, wash your hands,detox your body,eat healthy and make sure you get your vitamims and minerals, also get plenty of sleep.I say this because most people don’t do very much in terms of prevention.
    I would rather prevent a sickness if i can, rather than waiting intil i get sick,because the cost of prevention is alot cheaper than paying 35 to 45 dallers just to see the doctor for 5 minutes, and then you’ll have to pay more for the medication.I’m saying this because I haven’t taken any cold medicines or vaccinations in over 10 years.

    • eyeswideopen

      kEITH, no they make money off our premiums and us getting sick. The more times they see us the more they make. It doesn’t seem like most doctors want you to get well quickly. And they always have that “follow up” visit scheduled in a couple of weeks. LOL

  • Elaine

    WOW you answered one question …you are being FORCED to take it!

  • Ruth Alaskat

    I don’t trust our government. I don’t get flu and don’t need flu shots. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurologist, says NEVER get any vaccinations and tells you why. Look him up. “Each year 36,000 die of flu.” LIE. Most of this number are sick or aged and die of diseases common to this group, Not the flu. But hey, if it scares people into enriching big pharma and increasing govt. control, go ahead and lie. In our world today Any end justifies Any means, and science Will be twisted to prove whatever the elites want you to believe. Mandatory vaccines are Very scary. Pretty soon “choice” will only apply to those wishing to murder their unborn babies at taxpayer expense.

  • Boyd N.


    • Titus Moore

      Yeah, and the muslims like Obama

  • Dave

    Mr. Livingston, see what happens when you get off your medications.

  • Arthur

    As on FBI agent states” to understand a deviant one must think like a deviant”. It is beyond most to ‘have’ to try this but given this government and their associates, bilderburg, illuminati, trilateral commission and such, we must use the suggestion and not trust these folks. There was a great study done about the pandemic of 1918, which my father and uncles lived through. Most people who died from the flu were ones who took the shot’ If I can find it I will link it, if anyone has it please post it!

  • Arthur

    Here is something to think about, I see the bracelets being a hassle so ‘chips’ will be offered soon…..

  • Judy

    The comment above mentioned polio and scarlet fever. What about small pox, diptheria, and a dozen other diseases that killed off children by the hundreds before vaccines were invented.
    I thought, Mr Livingston, you had the best interests of the public at heart, but like the Obama administration, you have only the promotion of your personal agenda in mind when you write trash like this article.
    Please take my name off your mailing list.I have no interest in hearing from fear mongers from either the left or right.

    • Rod

      Thats it Judy, do nothing! Obamaites love people like you!

  • Rod

    When you send your sons and daughters to school, keep an eye on them.
    The government plans to the H1N1 to your children (without) your
    knowledge. If their plans are successful, and you don’t elect to
    take the vaccine like good little boys and girls, they have a plan
    to help you make up your mind!

    • Titus Moore

      Thats why all the new schools have air conditioning. They put stuff in the ducks to make our kids sick so we get them vaccineated and then it takes over their minds and turns them into communist and socialist. Just look at the generation of young people we have now. Most of them love Obama. The college kids now that voted for him. It’s because of mind control drugs in the vaccines and the air conditioning ducks in schools. When I went to school we didning have air conditioning and I’m ok. But are kids are being controled by the government. Its all muslims they are taking over and obama is one of them. Just ask Rev. Wright.

      • Against the Idiots

        Titus…let’s see…would I rather have Obama leading this nation or some friggin nut case like you…that ones easy…Obama…cause at least he is somewhat intelligent…you, sir, are a danger to society and yourself…get some therapy!

        • Titus Moore

          You must be taking the vaccine already. The government is controling your mind. They make you think Obama is a good leader. McCain should have won the election. Everyone knows it was rigged for Obama to win. Acorn made sure of that. They even had dead people voting and Van Jones is the leader of Acorn and he is a cummunist socialist just like Stalin is.
          If we don’t watch out the Russians will invade us. They will come into Alaska and take our oil. It’s all a big plan that Obama is working on to destroy the USA.

  • Craig

    Talk about fear mongering! Mr. Livingston throws out a bunch of pseudo scientific tests. Tests I would add that are invalid because they have not been peer reviewed or repeated. As a conservative, I am tired of all of the far right and the conspiracy bunch. Like flu vaccines in the past, the H1N1 influenza vaccine is made of attenuated viruses that are incapable of reproducing. This line of thinking is stupid and dangerous. Vaccines work for most people. If we sit back and do nothing, we will have a pandemic like the Spanish Flu pandemic. During that flu season, millions of people died without the benefit of vaccination. Apparently, Mr. Livingston has forgotten what small pox did to thousands of people The list goes on: diphtheria, measles and rubella.

    I will take both the influenza and swine flu vaccinations just as I have. I will experience no side-effects and rather than being controlled by the the government and all of the other horrors Mr. Livingston predicts, I will remain an out-spoken critic of all of the neosocialism being pushed by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the hand-wringing idiots in their cabal.


    if you don’t want your kids vaccinated and to remain in school you must get the non vaccination form from there school nurse. This is important info the Dr.’s & politician don’t want you to know. This form is constitutional and will protect your kids from the evils of vaccinations

    • Rod

      Sorry Lu, The Obama admin. is violating every law they come across.
      Try the 10th amendment of the Constitution for example.

  • Rod

    They don’t know what H1N1 is. So, tell me how the hell can they have
    a vaccine to cure an illness they can’t identify?

    • Titus Moore

      It makes it worse so you get sick and muslims take over the USA.

      We have to stand up and refuse to get vaccines

    • isXperiajj

      You are so right!

  • Michael

    Please, Elaine and others for this article, PLEASE offer objective support for the statements above:
    ■■The content of vaccines is “Top Secret” and depends upon decisions taken by the military-industrial complex. NO, it is public record and easily verifyable – just get an independent lab to audit samples.

    ■The efficacy of vaccines has never been proven scientifically. WRONG, it has been proven repeatedly.

    6.The basic theory on microbes is false. Louis Pasteur was an impostor, a cheat and a liar. His experiments were falsified. REALLY! Care to back that up with objective evidence? Who is the liar here? Who is the person with a mental defect here?

    • Thurman Marcum

      Where did you get that Louis Pastuer is a fraud? What about the rabies vaccine?If I were bitten by a rabid animal,you better believe I would seek Pastuer’s rabies treatment.He saved countless of lives from this horrible disease.Get your facts straight.


      • henry


        There is an entire book with the facts on how Louis Pasteur was a fraud.

    • Against the Idiots

      Intelligent post…rare on this rant page

      • eyeswideopen

        I know, I’m in shock.

  • Rod

    Check out what the Obama admin. is made up of. The Palosi’s, the Reid’s, the Holders and the 34 Czars that report to (ONLY) Obama!
    see if you can find out what branch of our government gives them
    their pay checks. Who signs their checks? How much do they make?
    Do you know what each and every czar is slated to do to YOUR freedom?
    When Obama’s name is mentioned, do you get that cozy ,confortable
    feeling knowing he is watching over your rights? I DON’T

  • Mom

    My children have been damaged as a result of vaccines. Where in nature do you contract 3 or 5 severe viruses simultaneously? You DON’T. Yet it is current protocol to give these to infants within months of each other. Please think rationally about what you want to inject into our children. One of my children acquired several allergies that seemed linked to vaccines and after we stopped the vaccines, and many years later, she is now healthy. Why would you inject children with ingredients that are not known to you???? Research what this author has to say before making any kind of judgment because a lot of it is easily verifiable. And for those of you that think some of what he says regarding our government is implausible, please take a good hard look at Obamacare that the current administration is trying to get passed and the rationing that results from that, including the withholding of medically necessary treatment for the elderly which they would need to continue to live all because there aren’t enough doctors and so they are no longer a priority or because they are deemed “unworthy” of the medical care in favor of younger individuals. If you don’t think this could be a reality please look at England and the Netherlands. If you are not vigilent about your freedoms and protecting your children, no one will do it for you.

    • Tommy Barns

      Old people lived their life. They are going to die anyway. So what’s the point of spending hundreds of thousands on them?

      • s c

        TB, what planet are you from? Do you have any idea what you just said? Do you really think that a government that would dare to say ‘it’s time for you to die’ wouldn’t hesitate to kill off people for any ‘convenient’ reason?
        Please tell me you’re not old enough to vote.
        Chum, you have some serious growing up to do, and there isn’t much that much time left to get it done. You sound like someone who has wealthy grandparents, and you can’t wait for them to die so you can “re-distribute the wealth.”

        • Tommy Barns

          Isn’t this they way Obama is thinking? So what, how long should people really live? When social security was passed into law people only lived to be 65 years old or so. Now they live to be 80 – 90- 100 years old. Thats why medicare and social security are going broke. Why do we keep people alive for so long? I mean it’s costing the rest of us lots of money. Look at nursing homes and how sad they are. What’s the point. After reading all the comments here this summer I came to realize that Obama care equals death panels . From a finacial stand point it makes sense. I mean you all are making such a noise about the cost of Obamacare and how it will lead to the end of medicare. I’m sure old people would understand that we just can’t afford to spend any more money on them. The country is going broke because of the old people. They live to long and cost us too much money. Isn’t this really the problem? If people only lived to be 65 – 70 think of how much money the government could save. Like you have all said. We stop the spending. The country is broke and we can’t keep spending. The first place to start to stop should be on the old people. Then we need to look at those that really have real social value. That way we can really start to save billions in healthcare and social services alone. That should be a good start to ending the deficit.

          • Mom

            I sure hope that when the government decides who has “real” social value, it doesn’t decide to seek you out first. Best of Luck!

          • Terry

            You have a lot to learn. Most of “those old people” kicked into Social Security and Medicare all of their lives and NOW when it’s time for them to get some of it back….you say they should just die! Shame on you! I hope YOU are NOT REPRESENTATIVE of most young people your age.

            Furthermore, if Social Security had been seperated from the General Funds of the government, our Congress would NOT have been able to repeatedly take large sums of cash out of the Social Security funds for OTHER purposes. Blame the Congress NOT the people who put the money into Social Security in the first place! There would have been more than enough for generations to come if Congress had not been raiding the funds over the years!

          • Get it right.

            Tommy, lets just keep the old, white, Christian Republicans alive. Obama isn’t being selective enough. He should know by now that we are the chosen party and only our old people deserve to live. We can also use them Democrats as test subjects as most of them had the polio shots, mumps and measles vac’s, the flu shots kept alot of them alive. We never should have required our military to get typhus and typhod shots, they could have brought that back here and our population would be so darn large now. Isn’t strange that these same people want Medicare for themselves and parents, but don’t want others to get protection from disease. They just want to cost us more money My Brother-in-Law died from the results of Scarlet Fever damaging his heart, at 36 yrs old, leaving a 4 yr old daughter. He was from W. Virginia and didn’t get any innoculations as a child. Natural selection is the way to go. stop all vacinees and flu shots, let only the strong survive. Might cost some money for equipment for polio, but it will be cheaper than expanding healthcare for more people who really don’t deserve it.

          • isXperiajj

            Old people are not the problem. Lazy people and stupid people are.
            You know those people that never pay anything in, but get and get and keep on getting.

          • isXperiajj

            Tommy Barns, I hope your parents and Grandparents outlive you and don’t leave you anything.

          • Tommy Barns


            My parents and grandparents are all gone. I got nothing from them and didn’t expext to.

          • eyeswideopen

            Terry, I find it interesting that MOM, Terry, ISXperijj all make comments to you, ignoring someone as radical as Git it Right. At least you weren’t going to make the Democrat’s test subjects. Interesting very interesting how they won’t even make a comment to someone like that.

          • DaveH

            Liberal exposed! His life is important enough to force other people to pay for his care, but he wants to choose who doesn’t deserve to live. How about this novel course – pay for your own care! Get out of my pocketbook.

        • Tommy Barns

          When I was in school I was told social security would be broke before I got a chance to get anything from it. Why? Because the baby boomers are going to use it all up. It’s not illiegals, its baby boomers. Now they are getting old and spending all my money. It’s not right. What about the money I have been paying in for 30 years? When do I get it? I don’t. People collect more out of social security than they pay in. That leaves me with nothing. I wouyld be better off to not pay in at all. It’s the old people in homes collecting money for doing nothing.We know they are going to die so why fight to keep them alive?

          • DaveH

            You are right Tommy. It is a Ponzi scheme. Do you vote for those who want to privatize Social Security? Or better yet, eliminate it?
            Many of the people who paid into Social Security have done so unwillingly (myself included). Should they now be penalized further by not receiving any benefits?

          • henry

            I am one of those baby boomers and my friend, if I took social security today I would get $400 a month. My rent is $1,600 a month.

            It is interesting to me that my parents paid huge amounts to social security, being wealthy, however now they don’t receive any checks at the ages of 88 for both and now that they need a nursing home, they are being told that they will have to pay at least $8,000 a month for the two of them out of their pocket.

            On the other hand, if one is 88 and English is a second language and this one is poor, he can get a nice facility to live in for free. Doesn’t even have to show citizenship. Nada, just bring a suitcase and move in.

            Isn’t it obvious to you libs what you are allowing to happen in this country? Wide open borders, manufacturing shipped to Mexico years ago, legalizing the illegals by the millions, letting govt run a car company, bailing out their friends by the billions, not to mention the libs favorite, ACORN. Ayahhhhhh

      • eyeswideopen

        Tommy, I know what you’re doing, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, But I enjoyed it. lol

      • isXperiajj

        At what age, do you want them to stop caring for you and stop your life?

        • Tommy Barns

          When I can’t function anymore. Some people it might be 80 others could be 50. It all depends. When you have no more value then why should the government keep paying for you? If you can’t work and be productive then whats the point?

          • DaveH

            Get one thing straight Tommy – the government doesn’t pay for anything, the taxpayer’s pay.

          • henry

            You mean the govt that is broke? . . .boy when they voted to allow the govt to not have to balance their budget and then they brought in the FEDS, the curtain for the last act of the grand performance slowing began to drop. Hey, it is almost to the floor now, look! The show is almost over and it has an ugly ending. The audience is starting to wake up and boo, demanding their refund. But wait, that refund is worthless! How can that be? You mean to tell me we have fiat money? I can only redeem my dollar for another dollar? WHAT?

      • mel shae

        eyeswideopen, Git It Right was kidding

        sense of humor is a sign of intelligence…
        a lack there of is, well… what you’re demonstrating

        • eyeswideopen

          Mel, You need to read more articles on this site, you will see that she isn’t joking. She definately is for real.

  • Reggie G

    It’s a historical fact that the CIA tested LSD for the so called mind control on unsuspecting city folk around the country.
    I think that this article is full of passion an or judgments.
    The Flu Vaccine is not for everyone as assumed by the Media and public there will be some side effects as with every inoculation and some will, die of it this to is a fact it is a numbers gambit I just hope that if there is a evil agenda that it will come to light as most do and the ones responsible will pay dearly for this we the people (not sheep) will stand up and say this is enough we won’t stand for this type of treatment from this so called Government for the people of these united states.
    Note if you turn a blind eye they will put it out.

    • Tommy Barns

      How did they test LSD? Can /I try that program?

      • mel shae

        how do you know you’re not, right now?


  • Nelson

    Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25 There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end result is the way of death.

  • Rod

    By the way, Why does Obama keep hiding the (certified) copy of his
    birth certificate? Why does he keep hiding copies of his passports
    starting in 1988 to 2008, documents that would have his birth place
    written on them? Why would he want to hide his files from his collage
    days? Don’t you think he would want to show the AMERICAN public these
    documents? I for one, would like to see them!

    • Tommy Barns

      Yeah and he faked the news paper with his birth anouncement in it too. Don’t know how but he did. He was born in China I think.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Tommy – He done it with a time machine – Don’t you understand he’s a magician?

        • Tommy Barns

          NO WAY!

          I know the government is working on stuff like that. Who knows what they have changed already.

    • isXperiajj

      They would prove he is not eligible to be president.
      Should not have been permitted to run. You should have to produce these documents before you run on a ticket.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        God really really loves you stupid morons. He made so many of you and you even get to vote when the polls are not rigged.
        I might advise you to remove your head and come into the light for a breath of fresh air – but I won’t cause the government has probably polluted the air you will breathe so you will die since they can’t tax it. This is for the likes of you isXperiajj – sounds like this is a foreign name or else you are cussing someone in your native tongue.
        God does love you.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Hey Rod – the info you request is out there. Can you read or do you know how to google or type for info?

    • Michael J.

      Rod, I agree, where’s the birth certificate. These people rely on Chris Matthews for their news and probably share the same Obama tingle, instead of searching these things themselves.

  • Titus Moore

    It’s the Stand. If we take the vaccine we will die just like in the movie.

  • Kevin


    Only recently did they take the Thimerosol out of the vaccinations for children. This is a substance that accumulates in the brain over time. What about adults or the elderly? Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, has been warning about vaccinations for years. Find him on the Internet.

    By the way, we still leave the Thimerosol in the vaccinations for children in third world countries—I guess they don’t matter. The doctors I communicate with, including Dr. Blaylock, tell me most of the medical journals doctors read are financed by the same companies producing and pushing the products. The problem with bureaucrats is that they believe what the government and media “experts” tell them, and disregard people outside their box of controlled information.

    Out of curiosity, what is your opinion about MSGs and their affect on obesity? They’re in most everything we eat. The government says that if it’s under 99% pure MSG, you can call it whatever you want, such as natural flavoring. According to Dr. Blaylock, because of the MSG receptors in most parts of our bodies, this is a major cause of obesity in America. This is something else that you don’t hear much about when you live inside the box.


    Vitamin D3 is a preventive measure for the flu. The doctors I trust take it. Americans don’t get enough of it. Flu vaccinations are not a guarantee for anything. As far as “irresponsible” goes, it would be irresponsible for anyone to take a vaccination they don’t have confidence in. We live in America, where the individual has unalienable rights. We’re not part of the collective that can be found in socialist countries, where people can be herded like cattle, because they trust their government. Society doesn’t “assume the risk” for me. I research and assume the risk for me and my family–it’s called taking responsibility for my actions, something lacking in this country.

  • Walt

    I seem to remember in the 50′s that I was required to take the polio vaccine and I believe it was administered in a sugar cube.
    And the one time I got a flu vaccination (in later life), sure enough, I got the flu.
    Then I had pneumonia for a month in the 80′s. Talk about scary. They kept giving me antibiotics to no avail. Finally I couldn’t breath and I went to the doctor and told him enough, I needed help here, I could not breath. So they gave me some kind of treatment through a breathing machine. Two days later I was fine. I often wondered why they didn’t do that in the first place.
    Anyway, that is my two cents worth.
    And NO I am not going to get a flu shot!

  • Barbara

    There is a plan by the world’s wealthest for a one world goverment and to reduce the population to about 500 million, because of certain limited resources.
    Whether you want to believe that or not, you should know that patents for the “swine” flu were received before the disease suddenly emerged in Mexico. You can verify this alarming fact yourself by googling swine flu vaccine patents.
    With fewer than 200 deaths in the US, this is hardly a “crisis”. Average fall flus kill about 36,000 each year in the US, and most of those are elderly with health issues or compromised immune systems. Ask yourself with such a minor issue, why is the world being brainwashed that this is a “crisis”?

    • Titus Moore

      It’s designed to kill spanish people. All of the people that dies in Mexico and US were Spanish. If you are white you won’t get sick. Its how the government does population control now.

      • eyeswideopen

        Titus, you should write for Big Brother.

  • Sue C


    You have got it right! I am so happy that someone else saw right through, this big fat lie! How can you ****know****in the middle of Spring,2009 that the USA will have an outbreak of H1N1/Swine Flu, in Fall, 2009?

    This is a definite set-up (as in the Aids Virus, when it first started, and the young people were targeted). Now, its targets are the children, and old people, whom it describes as ****the most vulnerable****, but that’s a guise, to trap the people, into what is really a population control situation/ethnic purge.

    It is a sophisticated type of bait (with sweet caring words), and trap the unsuspecting targets, in Euthanasia/Infanticide. Only God has to step in, and guide the targets away from this horrible planned mass murders, undercover, and I don’t say that lightly.

    In the month of August, 2009, Federal Agents, illegally entered my home, drugged, then gave me the H1Ni Vaccine, far into the left, far backside of my gum (almost near to my left ear, within my mouth, which left me, with two very large, and deep injection puncture marks, that made me feel as if I was given an injection by my dentist. I started to get fever, and my left inner jaw was sore, and it looked dark red, as the H1N1 flu advertisement.

    I have no health insurance, so I had to fight to save my life, by gargling, with strong, and very hot salt water, alternating with antibacterial mouth wash, every 5-10 minutes, and drinking pain relievers every 4-6 hours, and on the third day, the fever left me, and I was back to normal, again.

    At the end of August, the injected me with another Swine Flu Vaccine, and it is by the Grace of God, that I ran my left arm over my right arm, that morning, and found a very dark red, growing spot, on my right arm. I immediately took raw cooking salt, and made a paste with some body lotion, and put it on the affected spot, as a plaster, then I put scotch tape over it, to keep it in place, and in two days, the virus died, that was growing under my skin.

    I have a nursing background, so that is why I was able to detect the problem, early, on both occassions, and used common sense, to save my life. I don’t know how many people have already died, because they did not know what to do, and I will bet you my last $, the same Agency carried out the Mexican Border outbreak, testing it, to see how it works, first, and is now carrying out these pernicious evil criminal acts/operations, against Americans, Alien Residents, undocumented people, and visitors.

    So, Bob Livingston! You have hit the nail straight on the head. GREAT JOB!!!!! Thank you!

    • henry


      That is a pretty wild story, you are single and they broke into your home and injected you? You didn’t have any recourse action against this event? Surely you could find one honest person in govt. . .well, on second thought, that is a formidable task.

  • James

    There have been a lot of good posts on this topic, and some not so good. Please try and disagree without name-calling.
    A few things.
    For anyone who cares to check, there is an abundance of data regarding the efficacy of vaccines. That does not mean that they will be effective for everyone, and like any other medicine, they will harm some. But to say that polio and scarlet fever were on the decline before the vaccines, please submit your evidence. The incidence of disease rises and falls (think of smallpox), but examine the timing of true eradication with the advent and distribution of vaccines. How many people do you know who have had scarlet fever or whooping cough who were vaccinated? Don’t confuse imperfection with inefficacy.
    There is no doubt that companies, and governments have manipulated things to advantage. Did anyone elsenotice how hyped swine flu was just prior to Kathleen Sibelius’ confirmation, and how literally two days after her confirmation we heard that it wasn’t as bad as thought? The fact that there are corrupting influences involved with this process, and there are, does not mean that the products are not effective. It just calls for greater vigilance, both regarding what is reported and what we should do.
    I also appreciated the poster who noted the number of deaths from swine flu vs. normal flu deaths. That is a sensible comparison, and one way to evaluate the true nature of this crisis.
    And regarding the poster who advocated that money should not be spent on old people who have lived their lives, you are largely speaking from ignorance, at least in terms of what the older people want. But this kind of thinking has been around for a long time, on a large scale with Nazi Germany and its “undesirables” and “subhumans”, and you should be careful what you ask for. Once an arbitrary definition of the value of life is chosen, one arbitrary is as good as another, and you may be the next arbitrary, whether you have life you want to live or not.
    I do appreciate the posters who understand about the dangers of ceding rights to the government. History is full of painful examples of those who lived to regret it, or more likely, died regretting it.
    One problem I have had with this site generally (and with response posters sometimes as well) is unsubstantiated claims, and I have multiple times requested the source material for claims presented. Too often there has been a deafening silence, which, as one poster noted, diminishes the credibility of the site, and its author.

    • Scott Parson

      You have to admit, that this site is great entertainment. At this point you can’t expect any more from the posters here. Most are so paranoid and afraid from being bombarded with right wing extremist nonsense that you could tell them Obama is from Mars and here doing expirments on people and they would believe it.
      In the end you just have to except this for what it is. Entertainment. It certainly is fun to read the post and how people respond to things. Everyone believes themself to be right and everyone else wrong. However, like you said, ask for proof and sources and suddenly there is silence.

      • Professor Markanand Dharmreese

        I posted my true story, prior to reading the entire site. I enjoy the interest of my fellow folks on this issue, and add these reflections: The M.D. above who posted on the condition of Europeans when they lived packed in cities with open sewers, this is a common public health argument for vaccines. I don’t argue that argument, but remind those folks also had a HELLISH LIFE with rotten diet, horriffic emotional sanity, and other issues that cause disease. One factor alone does not make the result.

        I was forced to have vaccines in school, and in the Navy. When I was a professor in China, I caught the mumps and lost my ability to make babies. Doctors told me “you didn’t have a mumps vaccine, or this could not have happened.” I do not claim to have any of the above answers on vaccines clearly understood, but the argument against the SWINE FLU seems valid.

        Many weeks ago, our homes in Hawaii were FLOODED with early morning and late evening CHEM TRAILS, criss-crossing the sky. I went online and discovered this pattern was world-wide, at that time. A few days after those CHEM TRAILS, my body became ILL. My body never becomes ill, or if so, only for a few hours. Several friends of mine also became ILL. Our symptoms were IDENTICAL. Yet we live in different areas in Hawaii, and had not seen each other in person for a long time. Point: we did not give ourselves the illness. The symptoms of our ILL, oddly enough, were identical to the symptoms the “NEWS” reporters claimed SWINE FLU produced. How odd, to say the least!

        The CHEM TRAILS were repeated for several days, not every day, but in two weeks, many days. Meanwhile on the “NEWS’ came all the well-heard stories from the CDC and FEDS and UN on how many of us would get sick, without the vaccine, and die — of the same symptoms. It took longer for me, and my friends, to get rid of this disease than any illness I have ever had. It seems to go. Then returns. Each time it does that, it is less-and-less. Based on my experience with “my” government, I have little doubt that these events are related. The CHEM trails did not keep happening.

        Research by investigators is offered that the SWINE FLU was invented from the SPANISH FLU which was obtained from a frozen body, dug up from melting tundra. I don’t know. Who does? But clearly some PLOT is unfolding.

        BUT TO TAG MR. OBAMA with this seems beyond absurd. Research shows that NOBODY got or gets to be President, at least since WILSON, who is not in the actual pocket of BIG NAZI BUSINESS. YES, they do NOT respect life, as we who love CHRIST know it, even when they claim to know Christ. They seek FORCE and RAW MATERIALS and a removal of UNWANTED OTHERS. They are all idiots.

        Next point: new research, say in the book 1491, for example, shows a VAST INDIAN NATION in both Americas before the White Man came. It vanished suddenly. It vanished because “germs” from the White people got into the Red people, and the Red People died. This single fact must bring all the above arguments to a sharper focus. I BELIEVE, and it is MY experience, that my body can get rid of any disease that comes into it, even as I finally got rid of the Chem Trail gift of FLU — now I can never catch it, thank you. Yet all our Indian Family vanished within a few years, from “germs”. Why did their immune systems not work better? They were in Nature. They were well fed. They loved each other. These are documented facts.

        The idea of vaccines does not offend me, per se, but something doesn’t seem OK in this entire deal.
        Buyer beware.


        • Will Pierce

          Oh. My. Gosh. Are you for real?
          If you actually believe the things you’re saying, I’d recommend seeking medical help. It sounds as if you’re suffering from paranoia, or even paranoid schizophrenia.

          That also goes for the rest of you, including the author. No one in their right mind would really believe this.

      • eyeswideopen

        Well said. Thx

        • eyeswideopen

          Comment was for Scott.

    • henry

      I enjoyed reading your post. Part of what I see with not having the supportive facts for a response to a post is that within a few hours, these posts will be in the archive file and put away out of sight. So we post with a summary of what we took away from our research at another time.

      I can’t speak for others, but my reference materials, like my book on Louis Pasteur, is at my home, not my office. Regrettably, I don’t have the book title or an excerpt handy for supportive measure. Hope this makes sense.

  • Tommy Barns

    The vaccines turn us into zombies. The government will be able to control our life and everything we do. Don’t take it. You’re better off being sick. It’s all mind control. Obama is out to get us. He’s heading up the death pannels! OH NO! Obama Care it’s almost here. They are going to take over our minds. Be afraid be afraid.

    • eyeswideopen

      LOL, hand clapping loudly.

  • Walt

    On another note, when I was in the Navy 1969/73, I was required to take a battery of shots before going overseas (which I never did). Anyway one of the parts of that shot was the plague, I was never so sick in my life and my arm was sore for a month.
    And I have had the “required” Small Pox vaccination not once, not twice, but three times because the scar did NOT form any of these times and it was necessary to get vaccinated if you had no scarring when I went to college and when I was in the service! Oh, and by the way, I still do NOT have a scar, but I have been vaccinated.

  • Walt

    One more point in FACT!
    Also back in the 50′s it was required for toothpastes to have FLUORIDE in it! They claimed that it was all about tooth decay. BUT, it is a well known fact that fluoride is a known substance that reduces ones cognitive will power.
    It was introduced by the government to reduce the will of the people so that they can gain control.
    Looks like it has worked pretty well to me.

    • eyeswideopen


    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Walt – Check out the meat packers in good old US of A. Learn how much floride they put into their meat that you buy and eat.
      Some vaccines help some people and kill others.
      Everyone in under the impression one size fits all. We are all very different and there is no such thing as one size fits all.
      When the polio vaccine first came out as a shot replacing the lump of sugar in the 50′s my daughter was vaccinated. Later in the day her arm was twice the size as it should be and was very painful to the touch. I called the doctor and he said to bring her in stat. He gave her a shot in the first arm to counteract the vaccine – then re-vaccinated her in her other arm. He said she had the live polio virus in her system and had she not received the vaccine, at a later date the odds were she would probably have contracted polio.
      My personal opinion – Mother Nature is a very good Doctor and we are her enemy.I think any time a person puts any substance into the body our immune system rebels. It’s a foreign substance that should not be there so the war starts.
      Take penicillin as one example. Remember the amazing cure all wonder drug? How many people did it kill before they removed it from the market and replace it with another?
      There are a lot of good medicines that does help people and there are other that can kill.
      But I have one question to ask you Reich wing retards. Explain to me how in holy Jesus’s name can you also be blaming Obama for all the crap about H1N1?
      A lot of you berthers and nay sayers grasp at anything to point a finger at Obama for everything that comes down the pike and I must say 99.99% of all you say are out and out bald faced lies.
      He inherited one whale of a mess that was created by your loyal party members and you even blame him for everything that happened from 2000 – 2008.
      Take Afghanistan – He would not have to be dealing with this if your Republican party line Gods (Cheney/Bush regime) had kept their promise and finished the job of getting bin lauden (the one who financed the 9/11 attack killing thousands on American soil). Instead they turned tail to start an illegal war based on total lies bringing the thugs out of Afghanistan into Iraq (who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11) to kill and butcher American troops, Iraqi men, women and innocent children. For you to remain so loyal to the murderers makes you just as guilty by association as the monsters who done it. Another charge you sickos have accused Obama of – guilty by association, never mind he was just a child at the time.
      Please stop drinking you Kool-ade at the trough and stay away from Fauxx Noise and start thinking for yourself. All that will be required of you is just a little common sense.
      I don’t know about your God but my God is a LIBERAL. He believes in helping everyone and killing no one and you will be answering to him not your war lords in Washington.

      • Michael J.

        Dee D, I am so sorry to hear about what your daughter went through. However, the second half of your post went from H1N1 vacinations to a Bush bashing orgy. So I will say to you as I have said to others, that the justification you seek for the war in Iraq lies buried 700 feet deep in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Search it!
        As far as the blood of inocents goes, the constant barage hurled at Bush on a daily basis such as “Where’s the WMD” by such bomb throwers as Pelosi, Kerry, Reid and others in spite of the fact that they new where the WMD were as well as Bush did because they were all privy to the same reports and were sworn to secrecy in order not to embarass the Russians, French and The Chinese, decided instead to beat Bush over the head with this “Where’s the WMD” rant on a daily basis because they new Bush had no recourse as a result of being sworn to secrecy. These self degrading tactics inflicted upon us by our own politicians gave strength to our enemies and helped foster the belief that American will was crumbling and all they need do is hold out a short while longer. All the infighting inflicted by the Democrats is why the war took so long, cost so much and killed so many Americans and Iraqis
        And wasn’t it odd that the financial crisis broke just one month before the 2008 Presidential election? The fact is that this situation hinted at by the Democrats on the web as the “October Surprise” was formulated and cultivated in advance and designed to explode at precisely the right moment when it would do the most harm to the GOP.
        Brilliant! But not moral, Shows that democrats will stop at nothing to gain power. That they are willing to sacrifice the well being and financial security of hard working Americans to acheive their own elitist agenda. Now what is it you want me to beleive about the Democrats and Obama?

        • Bones

          I think that Mr. McCain did him self in when he agreed to run Sarah Palin as his running mate, plus tried to back out of the debate because of the so called finacial crisis. Mr. McCain even lied to David Letterman and was found out to have lied to him.
          So you sir are not quite correct with your memories.

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            Bones – Those are not memories – Those are the propaganda Fauxx Noise doled out to the sheeple instead of truthful news.
            Hope he’s listening to some credible news channels now to learn the real reason the CHENEY/Bush Reich wanted to keep all the so called documents sealed. Can’t have the non thinkers realizing how they’ve been lied to all along now can we? But no fear – it’s sooooo verrrrry easy for them to let the wrong ones do their thinking for them. They would never begin to believe the CIA could be corrupt and if the members in question were loyal party members they could do or say anything to help the party. Problem is there are no secrets that can be kept under wraps especially if one or two honest members are ashamed for allowing themselves to be dupped and used by the real greedy and lying thugs in Washington.

          • Michael J.

            Bones, MC Cain is a true patriot and war hero. However,I agree with you that Mc Cain was not right for the job. Sarah Palin will have her chance again someday. At the very least I can assure that both of these individuals are American born and bred.

          • Titus Moore

            Michael J,

            Do you know that John McCain was actually born in Panama?

            Born and bread huh?
            You know they speak Spanish down there?

          • eyeswideopen

            Micheal, didn’t anyone tell you that McCain is not a “natural Citizen? Look up Congress agenda in April 2008, you will see him on it, they were trying to legitimize him. Born in the Panama Canal. We only leased the property, it was not a territory and we didn’t own it.

          • Michael J.

            EWO, According to Theodore B. Olsen, former Soliciter General to the Supreme Court and husband of Barbara Olsen who trajickly died in the plane that terrorist crashed into the Pentagon, John Mc Cain is as American as apple pie. His birth in the Panama Canal Zone to two American citezens on a United States military base meets all requirements of the constitution to be President of the United States.

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Mike – I know I got off subject and started on the CHENEY/Bush Reich – but it was because comments above brought the names into play.
          The majority spoke in2008 and the sore losers just can’t get off Obama’s back. Give the guy a break and lets see what he is capable of. Stop giving him the credit or blaming him for all the Rightard Trolls actions between 2000 and 2008.
          You are misguided in the info you posted. The one true reason the illegal war was taken into Iraq was to keep the citizens from learning Jr’s beloved Daddy armed Hussein and was just as guilty for the killings, mistreatment and mutilations of Hussein’s people. Not over the oil. They don’t want whole truths being revealed either. The CHENEY/Bush Administration were cautioned time and time again there were no WMD in Iraq. Cheney wanted to be very selective on what records to be made public and when the wrong ones came to light he started blaming the CIA for lying.

        • eyeswideopen

          Michael, forget the war, just go read the bills that passed and come back and let us know how you would have spend the 1.2 trillion on medicare differently. How would you now change the patriot Act? Please tell us why the Republican Congress didn’t pass any immigration when Pres. Bush asked for it? Let us know why they sabatoged their own President.

          • eyeswideopen

            oops, make that spent.

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            This is for Michael – Yes, John McCain is a prisoner of war – a role he played to death.
            He is such a pure and moralistic family man who deserted his first wife because she was in a wreck and was disfigured to the point Dear John could not look at her or be seen in public with her because of her imperfections. The fact that he broke his promise to love, honor and protect till death parts them and broke his vow to God to cleave until death meant nothing to him.
            After all he found another beauty (?) who had good looks and a lot of money to boot. Yep, that’s the kind of leadership each and every citizen needs.

          • Michael J.

            EWO, Bush did what he did out of righteous compassion for our elderly as a means of repayment for their loyalty and service to this country by creating the future that we now enjoy. But not to worry, If Obama has his way with health care end of life consultants they will not be around long enough to absorb much of the deserved benefits that Bush sought to bestoe upon them.
            As for the Patriot Act, I would repeal it until someone came along to use it in the manner for which it was intended. To counteract Islamic terrorism, not turned inward on our own citizens. You see, it’s all in the name PATRIOT Act. You have to be a Patriot in order to use it properly.
            When it comes to imigration laws, that’s where Bush lost me. If it were me I would enforce existing laws while mounting infra red activated, full auto 50 cal. chain guns every 100 hundred yards atop the fence I would build from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Coast. But that’s just me.
            We are a nation of imigrants, that’s true, However we are first and foremost a nation of laws.
            My ancestors first set foot on this continent in 1680. Proud people who carved a living out of the wilderness. My grandfather ten
            generations back lived here, raised family here and died here before this land was even called America. Since then we have been knee deep in every struggle, revolution, world war and fist fight that was required to make this great country a place that everybody on the planet wants to imigrate to, which is fine as long as they follow procedure.
            After all, “E Pluribus Unum” has been the backbone of our strength.

          • Titus Moore

            Michael J
            “We are a nation of imigrants, that’s true, However we are first and foremost a nation of laws.”

            I’m glad you feel this way about the laws Michael. Then you will stand with us and demand that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others be tried for torture. Torture is clearly against US law and international law. It appears that These men ordered that certain people be tortured. They broke the law and should be put on trial for it. I’m so glad someone else agrees that we are a nation of laws and that no one is above the law.

          • eyeswideopen

            Holy Shit, Titus, I am in shock, I never thought I would read that on this site. I can’t even believe that they didn’t edit what you said. Please tell me you are a Republican and I will know there is hope for my party.

          • Titus Moore

            I am offically a Republican. However since about 2003 when the Iraq war started I’ve been turned off by the Republican party. Once I read up on The Project for the New American Century and realized that Iraq and 9/11 was all about world control. Cheney wanted to go to war so badly in Iraq. He was even quoted as saying the only way to get the American people to go along with war with Iraq is if something BIG were to happen on the scale of Pearl Harbor. (Those aren’t his exact words but they were along those line). Amazingly 9 months after taking office 9/11 happened. It left Ameicans scared angry and ready to retaliate. It was the perfect opportunity for Cheney to go to war with Iraq. That adminastration broke the law in so many ways, but the Republican Congress was full of “Yes Men” and went along with everything Cheney wanted. Notice I said Cheney. I believe he was running the show. Bush was just his puppit.

          • eyeswideopen

            Titus, Yea, I stated getting my political education around 2002 and have been dismayed, hurt, angry, totally blindsided, and most of all disappointed in the actions, and lack of integrity exhibited by the leaders of the party. It was not what I thought I was voting for. I always believed we were fiscally accountable and responsbile, but neither were true from 1995 till 2007.

          • Michael J.

            EWO and Titus, I was gone for only a few days, but when I returned I was surprised to find that my post had been stampeded by a wild herd of Rino’s. You know, large lumbering beast with the ability to smash through walls of logic and stamp out morality without remorse. Dimwitted creatures actually, driven by impulse to inflict pain and suffering by use of braun rather than brains. People have been mauled by a single thrust of their horn while simply trying to reason with them. As humans, we should give them a wide birth and observe only from a distance, this endangered species. If we are not careful, we may only be able to observe them someday in a museum, right along side of the Acorn display. Intrigued? To find out more read: Rules for Rino Radicals.

          • Michael J.

            DeeD, I suppose Teddy was your idea of a perfect politician after he left Mary Jo to drown before becoming the honorable senator from Massachusetts for forty seven years.
            And I thought Slick Willie said that politicians were not to be held accountable for their personal lives? I guess it depends on what your definition of is, is. Right?

        • susan

          I agree to what you have said 100%- thats why I know this healthcare deal is not about saving people, its about power and money.. our president is weak!! infact I really wonder if he is acutally running things, I think he is really working for communist in other countries. Its obvious that he hates America- His goal is to be a dictator, and when he and the Democrates try to abolish the constitution and write a new one- then I wonder what the Oboma lovers would do. Its the Democrates goal to have everyone depending on the government for everything, so they will be in total control, like othere communist countries. That is what its all coming down too. I believe less government is better- why do you think thousands of people try to come to the United States .. I dont see a rush of people trying to get into France, or Mexico, or Cuba ect, they are all trying to leave there countries to come here- duh! because we are free, and the government doesnt control each part of our life- however that is the goal now.. wait till we have nationalized healthcare and there isnt enough money to cover it, then the only option is excessive taxation or rationing… well at some point there wont be anything left to tax- so whats left………..

      • Thurman Marcum

        I couldn’t said any better.George Bush and Dick Cheney are the blame for this mess.Our economy is worst since the great depression.A republican was responible for that one.Bush and Cheney through lies and deception,got us in a war that may last for years.Bush Senior and Isreal suck Saddam Husien into attacking Kuwait. so they could remove him from power.He was no threat to us.They wanted his oil.We need to end the war now.

        Thank You,


  • Michael J.

    I have never been afraid of vacinations until reading HR 3200 with all it’s controversial provisions. Getting a shot to prevent disease was always a no brainer for me until I read about John Holdren. I thought antibiotics were a good thing until I read about “Spermicidal Corn”.
    This isn’t your grandparents government anymore. While some of the above article is probably conspiracy theory, it’s not the first time I have read most of these things. Be very suspicious of things underwritten by the UN. They have a globalist agenda that does not include the idea that all life is precious. In fact they and their subsidiaries state reguraly that the Earth’s ecology would function at a more efficient level if populations were reduced from six billion to one billion. I don’t know if I will choose to be vacinated against H1N1 or not but, I do know it should be my choice and not the governments.

  • GreyFuzz

    I got through the majority of the article… I guess perhaps you do not have the four small scars on your upper left arm? You know the ones indicative of the Smallpox vaccine given to most everyone in the US that is now over the age of 40(ish).

    There is a reason why there has been a very few isolated Smallpox cases in the US over the passed 25 years or so… I just can’t see the correlation between the vaccinations and the disappearance of such a deadly disease.

    I’ll grant some (few and far between) cases where a vaccine may bring about untoward results in a minute percentage of the general population. As with anything, the rare cases are there and do happen from time to time.

    I love a good conspiracy as much as the next one, but they have to at least add up to *possible* if unlikely even at just the surface.

    Perhaps now would be a good time to take down the tinfoil from your windows and let some sunlight into your life.. unless Vitamin D has some side effects that you have been privy to that we have not.

  • Michael

    I haven’t taken a flu shot or vaccines since I left the military, which was back in 1994; I’ve even worked in hospitals from 1996 to 2007, and I’ve never fallen pray to any seasonal flu since.

  • Penny

    I have worked in the health care field for close to 20 years, both clinically and administratively. I haven’t had any vaccines since my childhood. My children have not had any vaccines, not have my grand children. We rely on mother nature to provide us with the remedies we need, not multi-billion dollar synthesized drugs that cause more side effects then the illness. Our immune systems are much more hardier then the average person. We may get a slight cold every couple of years, but that’s about it. The side effects of vaccines may not show up for years. Vaccine makers rely on fear which is fed to us by the media.

    • http://anti-vax janet

      Hi Penney, I am 54,never been vaxed, my kids have not, neither have my grandchildren. My daughter was recently kicked out of clinicals at the university for lack of mmr vax. they violated her religious rights, we hired an attorney but havent gotten very far.They claim the hospital says no and the hospital has no legal dept. She was told no for the nursing home, but much to their embarrasment i called the home and she was allowed to participate. I haven’t been able to talk with hospital and nurse prof wouldn’t give me names of hospitals ’cause they are under contract. My daughter would like to be a cnm someday after witnessing the homebirths of her sibs and nieces and nephews. You are a smart woman!

  • James W

    How about micro-particle collodial silver? I’ve Been taking it for over a year and never get sick and I have been around plenty of sick people over that time. I Never take vaccines and don’t eat the best sometimes but we’re trying to do better on that front. Just thought I’d throw that out there!
    May the Lord Bless all of you and your families and give you all vaccine free health!

  • Professor Markanand Dharmreese

    I spent 20 years inventing a Spirulina based total meal replacement, by adding seven other natural items, in different amounts, into a TONIC, which was sent to a Lab by a VIP customer for testing, and one-half pound removed tumors in five patients whose doctors told them they were about to die.

    Westlabs, Columbia, S.C., Dr. Bob Dowling: “I’ve been trying to cure cancer for 20 years with no results.” We were going into business. One day, i called the lab. And a man with an Irish voice answered: “Didn’t ya hear wot happened?” COPS? “They all came in — terrible thing — pulled the computers — half the patients dead — we’re losing the rest — the director and wife in another State, hiding in a cabin in the woods…” I asked the Irish gentleman: “What kind of warrents did cops have?”

    “OH, they didn’t have no warrents.” PAUSE. “But they had their guns out.” IN A MEDICAL RESEARCH FACILITY, THEY HAD THEIR GUNS OUT? BEING A former member of the Seattle Police (1966) I asked: “You are in Columbia, what kind of cops? How many State Troopers?” PAUSE. “Two — they had their guns out.” CITY COPS? PAUSE. “One, in the corner, by the door. He didn’t have his gun out, but the rest did.” WHAT KIND OF I.D. DID THEY SHOW YOU? (pause) “None. They refused to show any I.D.” HOW WERE THEY DRESSED? “They was all in dark suits, over a dozen of them.”

    When I called WESTLABS two days later to talk with Vice President G., phone company said number was not in service. GONE. Seeking help, located a woman with a T.V. show in Las Vegas and one million viewers open to my story. She said: “Professor, I believe you, but my audience knows this is the way in America. We don’t need more stories like this.” WHAT DO YOU MEAN? “We’ve done 20 shows in the last year and a half on people, such as you, who invented a Cancer Cure, that were raided by men in suits, who waved their guns, had no warrents, and destroyed them. Some of the inventors disappeared, some tried to fight back. This is just how it is now in America (2001 at time of event)

    I went into depression for three years, because my daughter had quit her job with Bill Gates, in Redmond, and was helping me, moved to Las Vegas, and someone came in her bedroom and shot her in the face, killing her.

    When I began to market my invention again, I suddenly became the victim of IDENTIFY THEFT, and my credit rating vanished, and I was unable to obtain loans.

    I see this pattern identical with NAZI GERMAN in the 1920s and 1930s. I tell this story not for your sorrow, but to underscore the total disregard for humanity by the top levels of our so-called government. I eventually located a report that showed this pattern that destroyed my efforts is a routine pattern of the FDA. I was (then) shocked. I once had great love for “my” government.

    JIM MARRS in is work THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH further enlightened me as to how BUSH the first, and his son BUSH TWO decided they were virtual KINGS and wrote Presidential orders that removed both Congress and the Courts from bothering Executive Branch abuse of the Constitution. Marrs also showed how NAZIS control Big PHARM, and how Big Medicine is a Nazi-like scam.

    I am one with G*D, and have been SAVED by CHRIST, and would not take a vaccine if you put a gun to my head. I think it is a NAZI plot to remove “useless eaters”. Beware smile faced helpers who want to shoot you in the arm with their cure for something you don’t have. IF YOU EAT RIGHT, THINK RIGHT, AND DRINK GOOD WATER, DISEASE cannot long or at all bother you. The human body is capable of not having disease.


    • lonnie sturdivant

      good story, but why did you omit the O in God?

      • Professor Markanand Dharmreese

        To the lady who wondered why the O was not in the word G*D.

        The fact is G*D is all there is. And G*D cannot be defined. G*D is so beyond our mind’s ability to understand — believe it or not — so to HONOR this fact of basic humility — our JEWISH family has a custom — which I also “invented” or re-discovered — that to limit G*D with a NAME is basically absurd. Be that as it may, I do so often in my personal dialogues with Our L*RD, yet to remind myself that G*D is so much LARGER than my ability to fathom, I choose to employ this custom. G*D can be KNOWN DIRECTLY (a fact which goes against the conventional, and wrong, teaching of many versions of different religions, which insist a Minister is required)

        Meditation is ONE method of knowing G*D directly. Sexual orgaismic or Tantric sex, is another. There are as many ways, actually to know G*D directly as there are people who do so. But our culture is based upon the routine murder of such people, since G*D people get in the way of Power-Tripping, fear-based, seekers of Big Bucks and Mighty Weapons. One must work out of one’s personal history, to discover that the L*RD is all that exists. Everything is sustained by G*D, even the odd spirits who hate Him/Her/IT, are having their HATE GAME inside of G*D, who is infinite in patience.

        I am also a Man or G*D (“minister”) as well as a Proessor. And that’s why I leave the O (which is actually the letter in Jewish science, assigned to SATAN, who actually does not exist, except as a construction of the human mind, and also, as a type of E.T. that visited the planet eons ago. So I leave out Satan’s Letter as a sign of respect to G*D, who is my beloved, my Savior, my Friend, and my Dance Partner.

        Could CHRIST be angry? I am one with CHRIST, and sometimes, as this version, as this SOUL, myself, I am angry. But anger is a device of the BIO-bodymind, one of the fundamental emotions. Once you transcend your biological until, you will never find an ANGRY CHRIST. The CHRIST presence, or “RAY” in St. Germain’s terms, is ALL and ALWAYS LOVE, COMPASSION, INTELLIGENCE, and PLAYFULNESS. Believe it — or not.

        Have a nice day. Have a nice night, for that matter. G*D bless you.

        • Professor Markanand Dharmreese

          Sorry, LONNIE, my eyes read BONNIE, so the comment “a lady” was not personal, just a senior citizen’s blurry vision. But heck, every guy has a hidden lady, and every lady, a hidden guy. Cheers!

  • scooter

    Vaccines used for mind control? You’re insane Bobby boy….certifiable.

  • Ray

    If only those who are in favor of vaccines would take the time to research the efficacy and history behind vaccines, they would not make the faulty claims they do about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Bob Livingston is not loony or off base … he is right on the money!

    Without even considering the other contaminants and poisons contained in most vaccines, Thimerosal alone is enough to keep me distant from any and all vaccines. If you think mercury (50% in Thimerosal) isn’t a dangerous substance for any human, then you need to go back and get some learning.

    Do a Google on Dr. Len Horowitz (sp?)and you’ll get yourself up to speed pretty fast through his thorough knowledge of vaccines and the dangers they pose to anyone and everyone.

    ‘Nuff said!

  • M.S.

    In regards to the idiot who claims that the elderly are the reason this country is going broke??? Are you kidding? Did you really say that? Wow!! How about the freaking 13 million illegals that are breaking the backs of hard working Americans?? Ship their butts home!!! Back to wherever they come from. We pay for their health care, welfare, education, birth of their babies that now become legal US citizens. Come on people! Check the stats!

    Just use your brains and your God given common sense regarding vaccines. Don’t let the Government make the decision for you. Research what is best for you and your family. It is MY decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate, my children, not the governments!!! My children will be schooled at home if the H1N1 vaccine is mandatory in schools.

    This discussion is what this country is all about, freedom of speach and the right to disagree or agree with each other. Be thankful!

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      M.S. You forgot to mention the fact that the last administration wanted to legalize all immigrants and allow them to start drawing SS with only 10 points on record and not the 40 points American citizens must have to be eligible to draw SS.
      Also how many people know that SS benefits are being sent to many citizens in many other countries? It started with Jimmy Carter and most Democrats when in office make it possible for the average of 3 countries to receive the benefits and Republicans in office make it possible that 5 to 6 countries to receive the benefits.
      That folks is another reason SS may not be there for you when you need it.
      The sad thing being, most of these that receive the benefits in their home country were brought over here to work on a sponsorship where they worked 5 years tax free but had to pay their American sponsors a percentage of their pay. Let the sponsors who made money off them pay them a retirement benefit. If they stay here and contribute to our economy then let them draw SS. If they return to their homeland they forfeit any benefit at all.

      • M.S.

        I don’t care which Adminstration started it, let’s just stop it. It has to do with the person who posted that our elderly are draining this county. I say it is the illegals, not the elderly, that our draining our resources. Ridiculous!!

  • Rich

    Can someone enlighten me or did I read that right and the author of this article is completely paranoid about the government is watching us? Isn’t the point of government to be the necessary poison to freedom to ensure equality of freedom for all, lest someone abuse the freedoms of someone else? (yes I am paraphrasing a quote from a great man in American history) Oh I agree be ever vigilant in our watching of the government to ensure we do not become oppressed, but whoever this guys is has taken a major leap in hi thoughts to state ‘Liquid crystals and nano-sized microchips may have been included into the vaccines to facilitate mind control at a distance.’ I can follow the thoughts on who benefits but adding this conspiratorial overtone makes me question the author more so than the government on this one. With all that said I still have no intention of getting this particular shot as if I am meant to die from this flu then so be it, but if I am not then I have ensured that my body has started the natural process of creating it’s own antibodies to this particular strain of flu.


    I’m 42 years old.I’ve never received a flu vaccination and I’ve nver had the flu.

  • K G Rao

    Seems to be a case of most people deciding the issue has a black or white answer. Perhaps it’s grey. I dont know the details, so I accept that some vaccines may have resulted in complications and after-effects, mainly as reported in the US, but how can anyone dispute that vaccines have contributed enormously to the control of diseases that used to ravage 3rd world countries, including my India. Perhaps testing in some cases (H1N1?) has not been as rigorous as it should be, but vaccines for diseases like TB, cholers, diphtheria, polio et al, have proved themselves over the years. I dont see any comments disputing this with data, so lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater, saying all vaccines are bad.
    Anyone calling himself Jumping Jacks reading this? If so I’d be glad to know what you think.

  • Tagley

    46 yrs old. Never have taken a flu shot, never have had the flu. Never have believed all the hype surrounding any vaccinations mandated by the government or touted by the medical establishment. I also believe you should only take antibiotics for true emergencys, way too many people take them for common cold reducing their effectiveness.

  • corvettelady

    This whole H1N1 flu pandemic scare is all about de-population folks! This is all in the elite’s plan to reduce the world’s population to about 500 million. How are they going to do this? By forcing to get us vaccinated. From what I’ve read, even the MD’s & their families will not take this vaccine – what does that tell you? Our govt., including Obama, FDA, CDC, the U.N., etc., are all controlled by the elite (Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, Illuminati, etc., otherwise known as secret societies that you’ll never hear on MSM) and Bankers of the world. They are evil, immoral criminals committing mass murder period. Look at History. This is nothing new, only this time making us get the shot instead of using bullets. Even wars are planned towards NWO. Anything that the govt & MSM tell you, it’s the opposite! I do not believe anything the govt. says anymore and we have to take care of ourselves!

  • Bones

    I can’t help but wonder if you are all this parnoid and afraid all the time. Life is short and if you don’t enjoy it you will be sorry in the end.

    Polio (also called poliomyelitis) is a contagious, historically devastating disease that was virtually eliminated from the Western hemisphere in the second half of the 20th century. Although polio has plagued humans since ancient times, its most extensive outbreak occurred in the first half of the 1900s before the vaccination, created by Jonas Salk, became widely available in 1955.

    At the height of the polio epidemic in 1952, nearly 60,000 cases with more than 3,000 deaths were reported in the United States alone. However, with widespread vaccination, wild-type polio, or polio occurring through natural infection, was eliminated from the United States by 1979 and the Western hemisphere by 1991.

    Signs and Symptoms
    Polio is a viral illness that, in about 95% of cases, actually produces no symptoms at all (called asymptomatic polio). In the 4% to 8% of cases in which there are symptoms (called symptomatic polio), the illness appears in three forms:

    a mild form called abortive polio (most people with this form of polio may not even suspect they have it because their sickness is limited to mild flu-like symptoms such as mild upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, fever, sore throat, and a general feeling of being ill)
    a more serious form associated with aseptic meningitis called nonparalytic polio (1% to 5% show neurological symptoms such as sensitivity to light and neck stiffness)
    a severe, debilitating form called paralytic polio (this occurs in 0.1% to 2% of cases)
    People who have abortive polio or nonparalytic polio usually make a full recovery. However, paralytic polio, as its name implies, causes muscle paralysis – and can even result in death. In paralytic polio, the virus leaves the intestinal tract and enters the bloodstream, attacking the nerves (in abortive or asymptomatic polio, the virus usually doesn’t get past the intestinal tract). The virus may affect the nerves governing the muscles in the limbs and the muscles necessary for breathing, causing respiratory difficulty and paralysis of the arms and legs.

  • Bones


    Paranoia is a thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. In the original Greek, παράνοια (paranoia) simply means madness (para = outside; nous = mind). Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state.

    Sometimes in common usage, the term paranoia is misused to describe a phobia[citation needed]. For example, a person may not want to fly out of fear the plane may crash. This does not in itself indicate

    paranoia, but rather a phobia. The lack of blame in this case usually points to the latter. An example of paranoia, however, would be fear that while watching an American Football game, the team huddle was talking about the person affected. An important feature of paranoid thinking is its centrality: that the paranoid person perceives themselves as central figures in an experienced scenario which may be either dangerous (persecutory) or self-exalting (grandiose) and interprets events which have no reference to them in reality as directed at or about them.

    Most recently, the clinical use of the term has been used to describe delusions where the affected person believes they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:

    The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur,
    The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm.

    Maybe we need Bob Livingston to write about this.

    • eyeswideopen

      I think that is what is happening to the Republican Party. Thx for your insight.

  • Alan


    I agree. I do not want to take it. But what if it is forced on us like the news article on Hal Lindsey today says will happen. If we do not take it we will be forced on a bus to a camp? Is this America?

  • http://none bob

    Polio was just made up by the government to sell more wheelchairs, and when wheelchair supply ran short they invented the Vaccine. Like magic “Polio” dissappeared. Wake up sheeple, vaccinations are junk science. How on earth could exposing you to a “germ” make your body resistant to it? Don’t even get me started on that juvenile diabetes mumbo jumbo. I don’t need no insulin I eat all the cake I want, fake legs are better than real ons any ways.

  • D

    Enjoy your measles.


  • Angry Christ


    • eyeswideopen

      First of all, how dare you use Christ’s name? Who in the hell do you think you are? Secondally, It is too bad that you have access to a computer where you can spew such dirty ugly crap. Which Nazi party do you belong to? We are not just a “white Christian Nation” much as you would like that to be so, it isn’t and I personally hope that fact drives you nuts. You are exactly what is wrong with this nation. The Whites are the chosen people?? You are a sad little man, who has found your site. It appears that these people aren’t even phased with your ignorant statements about race. Well count on this, I recognize what you are and am ashamed that you even live in this country.

  • corvettelady

    Angry Christ, this has nothing to do with race and both Democratic and Republican parties are corrupt to the core. We have to throw those criminals out, vote for the 3rd party, such as Libertarian Party who are for smaller govt., less taxes, more freedoms, etc. Both Democratic and Republican parties are controlled by the elitists groups, who want to enslave us more by taxing us to death and lower our standard of living. We are already on our way to becoming a third world country. We are going the wrong way and we have to vote the bums out!

    Here’s info on HPV:

    However, do not get the Gardasil vaccine for girls ages 9-26 as there have been many young pre-teen/teen girls getting a serious reaction hurting them with permanent diseases, including death. We don’t know the long-term effects of this vaccine.

    • eyeswideopen

      Corvettelady, it that all you have to say to that Idiot you repsonded too? He is spewing such ugly crap and all you say, ” is it isn’t about race? How bad does it have to get before you call someone out on it? I tried not to respond to Get It Right who is very similar to this character, but this one using Christ’s name is going too far.
      You people all deny that race is the issue, when this (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) is being spoken on this site? Get real. You are in denial right along with the rest of the racists here, who deny they are. Sad thing is, I’d bet he is a member of the Republican Party. Guess what the Libertarian Party won’t take a nut case like him, they give everybody, blacks, orientals, gays, latins, women, the same rights. How ironic you are promoting that party to a Brown shirt like that. They might not even take you, since you seem to be oblivious to hate and racism.

  • Dariya

    Wow…I was planning on reading all of these comments, but now that I see how small the scroll is…. A lot of these comments seem the same, at least at the beginning.
    Anyway, I do not agree with this article.
    To say that VIRUSES are beneficial… and then state that they’re the enemy. Hmmm… I would have edited that, and jotted down some research from reputable sources. Some of the arguments are good; people do need to keep an eye on the government, since we are part of it and should be able to agree/disagree with some of the decisions.
    However, to agree that vaccinations are detrimental to society and people – that would hurt me to the core. I would be lying to myself.
    Viruses like measles, smallpox, TB, polio, would still be populous if it weren’t for vaccines.
    Especially since there are babies who are fed formula instead of breast milk.
    Anyway, just the fact that viruses were portrayed in a good way gets me. When you’re talking about gene therapy, then it’s different, but in terms of vaccination and general health, viruses aren’t yet identified as living/not – but they LYSE cells.
    Some of the vaccines may need more clinical trials to determine effects, so I would dare to read full research reports on them before getting administered with a new vaccine.
    I do like how this article might inspire people to educate themselves, though.


  • Teh Truth

    We can only hope that Bob and his team can develop some sort of anti-mind control syrum in time!!! Or maybe one of those ‘electeromagicpulse’s that I saw on television this one time that stops mind control bugs, reputedly.

    This is definitely a bit scary! What can we do when half of the population is being controlled by the ‘White’ House?

    Hopefully im safe below ground level in my basement!

  • Rich

    Teh Truth,

    Make sure you have tin foil on the walls to keep out all the X-RAY vision goggles they use to read what your writing as well it makes it impossible for them to read your thoughts, or so I have been told ;)

  • Merl Elton

    Some vaccines are necessary as the onces we got while children and kept us from getting dreaded childhood diseases like diptheria, whooping cough; and Polio. If it were not for Dr. Sabin many of us would be crippled for life. Thank God for Dr. Sabin. So let’s not say all vaccines are bad. It is as someone else said that too many shots all at once is possibly highly dangerous and toxic to the brain.

    As for flu shots, I think they can be helpful to some individuals who are immune compromised, asthmatics, diabetics; those too young or elderly to rid themselves of sputum and mucus by coughing it out; those who are mission critical in hospitals, armed forces, etc. However, too many shots at once should never, ever be given. In the olden days shots were spaced out in years; that probably explains some of why there was less autism then.

  • http://BobLivingston My parachute is working

    Today more than ever fact is fiction, and fiction is fact. What I have discovered is that it is really important to have an open mind.

    My best advice is to do your own research and make your own decision. An interesting book to read is, Bechamp or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the history of biology.”
    “Hidden Killers, The revolutionary medical discoveries of Professor Guenther Enderlein,” is well worth a glance.

    It can be very unsettling to break down paradigms and entertain new ideas, especially when we have been brainwashed throughout our whole lives. Below are some points worth posting.

    In 1976, Dr. Salk, creator of the killed-virus (polio) vaccine, testified than the live-virus (Sabin oral) vaccine had been “the principle if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the United States since 1961… According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) figures, from 1980 through 1989, every case of polio contracted within the United States was caused by the vaccine.

    The polio death rate was decreasing on its own before the vaccine was introduced, and there is no credible scientific evidence that the vaccine caused polio to disappear. Cases of polio increased after mass inoculations.

    The United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US today, with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently, 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine. Doctors and scientists on the staff of the National Institute of Health during the 1950′s were well aware that the Salk vaccine was ineffective and deadly. Some frankly stated that it was “worthless as a preventative and dangerous to take”.

    In 1956 with the infamous Francis Field Trials they discovered large numbers of children contracted polio after receiving the vaccine. Instead of removing the vaccine from the market, they decided to exclude from the statistics all cases of polio that occurred within 30 days after vaccination on the pretext that such cases were “pre-existing”.


    2. The United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US today, with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently, 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine.


    3. The success of the Polio Vaccine is the great credential of the medical industry. It is paraded before us over and over by the media and other forms of advertising. The fact is that when the truth is known, this vaccine and all others, may be toppled into the dust! Of course Polio was here before the Polio Vaccine; but the polio death rate was decreasing on its own before the vaccine was introduced, and cases of polio increased after mass inoculations.


    4. The United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) once admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently. In 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine.


    5. In 1956 with the infamous Francis Field Trials they discovered large numbers of children contracted polio after receiving the vaccine. Instead of removing the vaccine from the market, they decided to exclude from the statistics all cases of polio that occurred within 30 days after vaccination on the pretext that such cases were “pre-existing”.


    6. “Use of the salk vaccine will increase the possibility that your child will contact the disease. It appears that the most effective way to protect your child from polio is to make sure that he doesn’t get the vaccine “—Dr Mendelsohn M.D.(1984).


    7. Statistics on polio were manipulated. These new diagnostic guideline’s were issued by the CDC. If you object to polio vaccination, and you get polio–it is usually called “polio.” If you have been vaccinated and you get “polio”, it is called meningitis. Bob Catalano, author of “The Great White Hoax.”


    8. The Salk vaccine has been directly responsible for the major increase in leukemia in this country” Dr Klenner, M.D.


    9. “Within a few years of the polio vaccine we started seeing some strange phenomena like the year before the first 300,000 doses were given in the United States childhood leukemia had never struck in children under the age of two. One year after the first onslaught they had the first cases of children under the age of two that died of leukaemia…….. Dr Herbert Radnor observed that in a small area of this little town, in an area where no cases of leukaemia had been expected or at the most one in 4 years according to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic within a few blocks”—


    10. Dr Sandler in 1949 warned the residents of North Carolina to decrease consumption of ice cream, soda pop, and artificially sweetened products in hot weather. The incidence of polio dropped by 90%(20).


    11. Two children die after being administered polio drops

    • Rod James

      My parachute.
      Excellent information! The information on vaccines and their faults is out there if people care to look rather than blindly swallow the “cooked info” big pharma has put out over the years. I remember a fellow class mate that was given the polio shot and wound up with it as was far too common in the fifties. The right information is out there on the H1N1 as well! As Barb says this swine flu pandemic is milder than the regular death rates of the usual flu so there is no need to panic! What people should do is google the 60 minutes episode from 1979(?) on the original “SWINE FLU PANDEMIC” from 1976.

      • Rod James

        Hey Im not nuts!(well maybe just a little) relying to myself bu I ran ou of space on my Parachute reply.
        Any way. The 60 minutes program gives info about big pharma convincing President Ford to mass vaccinate against the swine flu (sound familiar?) The result was so many people harmed by central nervous reactions(thousanda) brought on by the vaccine (including deaths -400?) that the whole program was stopped and the health expert of Fords
        canned. The US government paid out millions in damages but this time around they have a guarantee of no laws suits if all goes wrong again!
        Maybe you TRUSTING individuals will cahange your minds if you watch it!

        • eyeswideopen

          Rod, Ford? Ford? was’t he a Republican? Big Phrma? Isn’t that the same combination that conspired in 2003 to pass the Medicare Advantage bill? That’s right Big companies + Republicans = havoc for the middle class citizen.

  • Angry Christ


  • Dr. Mosegris

    This article has been given a vaccine full of awesome and win.

  • eyeswideopen

    Bob, I want to thank you for removing the horrible comments made by Angry Christ. It was very offensive and I appreciate your quick action.

  • connie barlow

    Bob, I love you and i read your site EVERY DAY. However i am not with you on this one. It looks like you wrote this article??? Could not really tell, anyway, i want to give you some more info from a doctor that does not see the same way this article protest. Please do not look at the bad words because i cannot chg that. On second thought, i will email you and them maybe you will make a comment on this site because i beleive yu really should….I am a nurse and we are required to always have vaccines to protect us from our patients and therefore we will not give them germs likewise…I have never had the flu after a shot or otherwise..I travel medically and have to have vaccines. except for childhood diseases, already have the antibodies….see u in your emails……

  • Munster McGillicuddy

    No reasonable person would quote someone who believes vaccines are a form of mind control. The author is either an unreasonable fellow or he’s having a laugh at your expense, chuckling over every poor sod who comments in support of this madness.

    • David Hall

      Munster, my question is, when some vaccines & pills, that the FDA comes out with, some are loaded with WARNINGS, could cause heart, liver, kidney damage etc. What about that pill, Ritalin, they came out
      with? Some parents were giving their kids. Kids were sitting around in classes, and their homes, like SOMBIES. That kinda seems, like mind-
      control to me. Point is, when folks souly trust, FDA or GOVERNMENT, they because very FOOLISH.

  • David Hall

    GOOD, BAD & THE UGLY! Who knows? and if they did, would they tell us?
    I know this and everyone will agree, there is a CANCER EPIDEMIC going
    on in our Nation and maybe many other parts of the world. (don’t know).
    Could it be the long term effects from all the different vaccines, food
    we eat, air we breath, water we drank, the billions of radio-ways coming out & in from cell phones, ipods, computers, micro-waves, carbon
    dioxide we breath day in, day out, sitting in traffic jams, coming from
    car exhausts, house hold cleaners, hair sprays, deodorant sprays, we breath? Don’t know. But, there is a lot more to it, than cigarette smokers.

    • Tanya Peterson

      Or is that people are living longer and have a longer time to get cancer? Or are we just more aware of cancer now? How many people died years and years ago from unknown illness? How many of those unknow illnesses were cancer?
      We don’t know.

      • David Hall

        You, may be right. But, for sure they call the unknowns, cancer, today.

  • Tom

    now that is entertainment!!! i haven’t laughed that hard in years!! this livingstone character should have gone into satire, he would make a fortune. without vaccines this fool would have expired decades ago.

    i loved the “key aspects” the best, especially number 2 with the nano chips!! LOL!! the only thing that scares the hell out of me is that these people are permitted to vote once a year or worse yet participate for jury duty. can you imagine having your life hingeing on people like this?!? OMG!!!

    • eyeswideopen

      Tom, what is sad is that our lives do hinge on these people. They do vote… gotta laugh or you will cry.

      • tom

        i truly believe it is time for the country to split into two, a mutual agreement to split by the two factions. let one group have their president and other leaders, laws and policies and let the other do the same. the two groups are too disparate in their beliefs and do not want to yield at all to the other. i also believe the one will prosper while the other will dwindle and become insignificant. you see it now today, a few areas of the country carries the rest financially and economically. a tiny area of the country contributes enormous taxes to the federal government and gets a small fraction back. just look at all the money that goes to roads to tiny populations, military bases, space programs, bridges to nowhere, etc, etc, etc. the rest of the country gets our money and then act in an arrogant fashion. well i don’t want to vote with people who think this way and i don’t want my life to hinge on their crazy ideas. you would think after all these years they would look at the prosperous areas of the country and ask themselves what they do that works and what they (themselves) do that keeps their states desolate and poor. people who think nano chips in vaccines placed their by the federal government are destined to be hopeless and a drain on the rest of our country.

        • David Hall

          I totally agree. I’ve been saying it for years. It would do away with all this right-wing, left-wing madness. Those who believe in higher-taxes, bigger government, gay-marriage, God-haters, killing the unborn, welcoming with open arms the illegal aliens, gun-control, being kind to the child-molesters, (criminals), no Christain prayer and disicipline in public schools, eTC., could maybe all live in the BLUE STATES, those who believe the opposite could maybe live in the RED STATES, SOUTHERN STATES. WHAT A DREAM!! BUT IT’S A NICE ONE.

          • eyeswideopen

            David, So because we don’t agree with some of your rt wing ideas, we are now God haters, criminal lovers, etc. You are really something else. That is exactly what the Republican party does, you have to believe in everything right down the line or you are a liberal. Well, guess what David, life is not black and white, and some of us actually think, we just don’t accept what our great repub leaders are trying to ram down our throats. After your statement, I will be happy to give you Texas, Alaska, and a couple of other states for you to go make your heaven.

          • David Hall

            Eyesopenwide, Sir, with all due respect, if the shoe, don’t fit, don’t
            wear it, it’s not for you. If, your not a God hater or soft on crime,
            them two examples are not intended for you. You would have to through,
            The Great state of Tennessee, in with Texas, and Alaska. That’s where
            I was born and raised. Maybe a few more Southern States like Alabama &
            Mississippi, got family there, too, and many people feel the same way
            I do. By the way, last, time I checked, them Republicans can’t ram nothing down, no-bodies throats. The Dems, they control, the white house, senate, & house. What ever happens, we can’t just, keep on, on,
            on and on blaming Bush for his short comings. It’s all the Dems, Baby

          • tom

            I could not have said it better myself, thanks for illustrating my point. If your dream come true is poverty and desolation, continue worrying about inconsequential things but please don’t interfere with the rest of us in our bid to continue our prosperity. That is why a mutually agreed upon split is the only way. Then when the more properous areas bail out the poor poverty stricken areas we can call it international humanitarian aid and can limit the amount we send over.

          • David Hall

            Tom, if you believe, Obama’s policies, is the road to prosperity, I got
            some ocean front property, here in Tennessee, I’d like to sell you, CHEAP!

          • Skipper Parker

            Do you ever think for yourself or do you just let your politcal party and Fix News tell you how you should think?

          • David Hall

            skipper, if your commenting to me. What ever the left-wing loon-tunes
            (THINK), I think the opposite. You know, I’m kinda, for our constitution, not Obama. Think about it, you may see the light, too.

          • Michael J.

            Tom, By poor desperate areas you must be referring to California, Massachusetts and Ohio, right? All bancrupt or on the tipping edge. All Democrat controled, I might add as well. You people just don’t get it. Concrete and asphalt may be your idea of prosperity however, I like wide open spaces with green mountain meadows and a stream with wild deer running through it. Living here is my idea of wealth and prosperity. If you were to check you would probably find that many people you bump elbows with in your filthy urban evironment travel many miles each day to the suburbs because they don’t like it either. Some in fact, have moved out of the criminal infested concrete jungle all together as a result of being able to conduct their business and earn their livelyhood on line. Such a small minded atempt at belittling the people who actually make this country tick will no longer be tolerated. In 2010 you and yours will find out that you are not only wrong but you are not even a majority either.

          • David Hall

            Micheal J. Please don’t tell the Liberals, there are other places. Let
            them stay in their crime infested cities. I left, Memphis, Tn. 25 years
            ago. I live in a small town on the Tennessee River. Very, very small
            crime rate. I see more deer and turkey, than I do people, most days.
            I couldn’t imagine, them left-wing nuts living here. Well on 2nd thought, these River-rats and Hill-billies wouldn’t put up with em.
            Mean while they could all move to Memphis, Tn. They got a wonderful
            killing field, murders, rapes, break-ins, car-jackings, drugs, corruption. They could help Memphis out, with all their wisdom.

  • Smart

    (Comment removed for offensive content)

  • rafeeg

    Just take vaccines for serious diseases unlike flu

  • DaveH
  • tom

    if we didn’t have his policies we would all be living in “bushville” right now and in the midst of the greatest depression known to modern man. yes, even in the advanced areas of the country. that is precisely why we need two distinct countries. that way we would not have to rely on the next brainiac the “informed” voters shoves down the throats of the rest of us. somehow i think deep down you know this although i know it will be a snowball’s chance in hell you would have the courage and honesty to admit it. we simply could not have withstood another 8 years of those type of policies. i would never have believed any one group could have brought this country to it’s knees in just a scant 8 years, that was truly an amazing achievement.

    • eyeswideopen

      Tom, I call it amazing also, but achievement is not the word I would associate with this truly horrendous situation. Isn’t hard to believe that the facts don’t have any effect on any of these people? Hate to correct you but, we are living in “Bushville” right now, just ask those who have lost their jobs, houses, retirement, families.

      • David Hall

        Eyes, I work a solid 8 years under Bush. In 8, almost 9 months, Obama
        has spent trillions to save the housing market, banks and create jobs.
        9.8% unemployment and counting. Add that to your facts. Obama, said,
        the milk and honey would start flowing, jobs would be created by the
        thousands and he would save are jobs at home. Yeah right! they still
        keep closing the doors and moving to Mexico and China. But, I know, it’s all Bush’s fault. When, will it ever end, with you people?

  • DaveH

    It is all about money and power. It is amazing to me that people can be so fearful of corporations that can not force us to buy anything, and yet be so trusting of government that does have the power of force.

  • DaveH

    The question to ask is why are they (governments) so determined that we take the vaccines? The refusers are no danger to the inoculated. I can only surmise that they have ulterior motives.

  • Rich


    I disagree that this is ‘bushville’ as well to be honest my choice would be ‘Demopulican Land’ land where the only difference between the 2 political party are the talking points, but the agendas remain the same no matter which is in office. Primary Agenda is;

    1. Maximize the amount of Power we have over this nation
    2. Ensure we keep the people in the dark arguing over idiotic ramblings we plant in the media to ensure we reach our goal of power
    3. keep the media spouting only the information that we want them too to distract the people from anything real or with any substance as much as possible

    I could go on but the joke loses it humor after 3, because you start to realize that they aren’t any different, they just claim to be. I love it when people say we are or aren’t in ‘bushville’ all of the plans Obama is following thus far are continuations or expansions of Bush policy when the financial crisis started, and it did nothing then just as it is doing nothing now for the common person, but hey the rich fat guys are in a much better position. Don’t get me wrong they have thrown us some bones in order for us to keep saying ‘may I have some more please, sir?’, but hey that is life in the world of corrupt government.

  • james

    the world population must be reduced by 90% in order for the planet to become balanced once again,this is a perfect way to reduce it.

  • LoveMyLiberty

    Fort Jackson soldier dies of Swine Flu.

    Did this soldier receive the Swine Flu vaccine, which was mandatory for all soldiers in the military? If so, when? Did he has Swine Flu when he received the shot? Did he get swine flue after the shot? If so, then it was probably the vaccine that caused his swine flu and ultimately his death.

    Most recently vaccinated children are the ones who spread the disease, so it’s most likely the cause of his swine flu.

  • Wes

    I don’t know why, but that’s it.

    Fine, I’ll pretend most of you aren’t paranoid-schizophrenics with severe social anxiety. Let’s concede that vaccines make money. Big pharma pushes them. Big government wants them. Unless you think that the conspiracy goes so far that every scientist on the planet is controlled by Pharma and the US government (in which case I’m sure you have tinfoil to shape into a hat so you’re busy), read on…

    I honestly can’t believe the number of people leaving comments here who make life-altering and life-endangering decisions about their own health and more importantly the health of their children and loved ones with no empirical evidence to support their claims other than personal anecdotes and references to websites.

    This article borders on criminal. To advocate that “All vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous, without exception!” is a statement that requires evidence and support. If it’s not provided, the author is at best a liar and at worst a criminal.

    Evidence and support for insignificant claims and opinions can certainly use personal stories, references to websites or books. But to support a decision that effects your health and more importantly your child’s health and the health of others, without referring to the aggregated scientific, empirically verified, repeatable and observable studies that have been done on the majority of publicly approved vaccinations is to actively do harm to yourself and others. Shame on the author of this article and shame on every person who has commented who has ignored the evidence. Where is it? Depends on which vaccine. When you cite a specific vaccine and claim it’s ‘dangerous’ or ‘a government conspiracy’ or ‘ineffective’ know that overwhelming, repeated and peer-reviewed evidence in almost every case shows that you’re wrong. Proof? Try the World Health Organization. Try the American Medical Association. Try researching an article on the vaccine in a peer-reviewed journal written by people who have dedicated their lives to helping and saving other people through testing and re-testing vaccines. Then take that article and find another article that refers to the aggregated evidence of all studies. Then cite that…or shut up.

    Bob…you make me sick. Quite possibly literally. How do you defend Personal Liberty when you advocate actions that the majority of scientific evidence show will harm the personal liberty of more people than it will protect? Shame.

  • dan m

    you are very weak in your ad hominin are also very wrong – will answer your ignorance.All vaccines cause capillary watershed ischemic events.All vaccines are bad and deadly.You have been tricked.SHAME

  • mommadog

    I recently heard that in Oklahoma it is mandatory to get the H1N1 vaccine and if not, you are put on a bus to who knows where. If you do get it, the hospitals there have received semi-truck shipments of bracelets that will be put on each vaccinated person; they are permanent and have microchips in them—anyone else here of this

  • mommadog

    I had been vaccinated for the flu a couple of times in my life….I will not do it again; both times I had extreme pain in my calves and could barely walk for a few days and was very ill…I am done with it! Others, who were also vaccinated when I was, either claim it did not effect them or had a similar reaction as I did.

  • isaacjgs

    Eh. I don’t know, even after reading, because there are so many sides to the issue of vaccination, which side is right. It just appears to be a soup of confusion to me. All aside, all that I know is that the swine flu is NOT as deadly as the news or government are making it out to be. But given how corrupt our government has become (or has always been), it’s best not to trust them with ANYTHING.

    • David Hall


  • BeckySue


    So this means you won’t accept anything because of reason or “inform”ation but only “power” based/driven/forced “knowledge”.

    Being “great” could be measured by courage and daring…some people have the courage to challenge the status quo. I call your kind of thinking cowardly and fear based; NOT from real intellect following the truth. You will reap what you sow…the consequences are catching up with all the “sheople” who do not think, but only follow the “power” brokers of the world!! Wakee, Wakee sleepers or all our world will go the ways of deception!!! (The major deception here is unexamined consequences… just because the manufactures “say” there is no detrimental impact from vaccinations does not prove there is none…. just “because” they make all the rules and become enriched from these rules SHOULD cause everyone to be suspect first…not last. Remember an unexamined life is not worth living and you, Krys, have NO prowess in examining this issue. SHEOPLE you!

  • http://InternetExplore_Yahoo Loretta Lum

    I don’t believe in all these shots, the more they are giving the little babies bodies, it’s effecting them. What did they do years ago before they came up with all these diseases & shots, the babies & small kids were fine, now there sickly the adults (elderly especially), are more sickly & dieing off much earlier, no, you can keep all your modern shots, the one’s necessary is fine but the latest no thank-you & I believe your pumping those little babies bodies with all those shots are effecting them, do you need money that bad that you have to usee newborns as guinea pigs for medicine?

    • David Hall

      Ma’am, I hope you comment, wasn’t directed to me, when you wrote: (do
      you need the money?) I don’t have a dime, in the market. I have never
      taken a flu shot and ain’t going to.

  • Rolf Stålhandske MD

    The unveiling and courageous fight of Mrs Jane Burgermeister in the upsetting and dangerous Baxter case( and other sites) should be proof enough to any average intelligent human being that the (at least today ongoing !) vaccinations are far from pure, honest and in the best interest of humanity. It seems rather to be the contrary. I recommend anyone with serious interest in the subject to have a closer look at what she has found! Alarming!

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