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Usama Bin Laden Exposed

May 23, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Abe Massey

    Ithought usama was left handed!

  • eddie47d

    Nothing new in this video and who ever made this political clip must be a master of communistic propaganda. I’m not surprised that Bob endorsed it except that his ratings must be slipping faster than Obama’s. The explanations for all that was said have been hashed over several times on this site so this clip didn’t clarify anything.

    • DaveH

      Your lack of credibility and integrity has been hashed over often on this site, yet you’re still here, Eddie. Why is that? Are you really a Livingston-style True Conservative trying to make Liberals look bad?

      • BrotherPatriot

        Eddie47d’s credibility is zero. I second that.

        God Bless.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          More like a negative ten!!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      I assure you our “ratings” are just fine. But thanks for your concern.

      Best wishes,

    • Sevnth

      Sometimes you read someones words, and you know, you need not meet him, it will prove no value to you.
      Pray that God reveals your heart to you, before you die.
      God Bless you sir…and, um, good luck ;-)

      • Sevnth

        Sorry Bob, I meant to reply to eddie the know-it-all.

        Thanks for everything & keep up the great work, you’re a light in the Darkness they’re creating.

    • Sevnth

      Sometimes you read someones words, and you know, you need not meet him, it will prove no value to you.
      Pray that God reveals your heart to you, before you die.
      God Bless you sir…and, um, good luck ;-)

  • kenneth kilmer

    The cartoon video of Obama is the true depiction of his agenda using
    the tactic of distraction,knowing that the american people are so gulable to believe him without questioning. That is why God has turned america over to retrobate minds. This country I once knew as
    the greatest ever,is no longer reconizable, and deserves everything
    unimagineable.For decades, we the american people have been caught up
    in our own selfish desires that we took our eyes off our own govern-
    ment to allow them to do what ever they please.I can never ask God to
    forgive this nation and re-bless us once again.We have given cause to
    our own destruction By turning away from God. If you know anything of
    jewish history, we have been going down the same path.Is there a turning point. You, collectively have to decide our nations fate.

    • Christina

      Kenneth, you mention the reprobate minds issue – I believe Scripture tells us that God turned them over to reprobate minds b/c those persons did not like to acknowledge Him as God, in their lives & thinking – there are still many, many in America who believe in God & honor Him, as well as the Founders’ vision for our country. Maybe not in gov’t, to the dgree that we’d like! But it seems to me, from what I see & hear, there is yet a remnant, maybe greater, among the people.

      Many disagree, I guess, but I think it is premature to throw in the towel. Why would you say, “I can never ask God to forgive this nation and re-bless us once again”? His mercy endures forever, and Jesus is all about redemption. All the promises of God in Christ are Yes and Amen. The testimony of two establishes a word, and there is still a chance that that testimony could be positive rather than full of despair. Twelve men who knew & believed Jesus brought about a change in the whole known world, back then, which continues today. The odds seemed insurmountable then, as they do now, but…change happened.

      To say America deserves everything unimagineable reveals an Old Testament mentality. America is not old testament Israel,unless she or anyone chooses to be. We exist in a New Covenant. We can always avail ourselves of the Blood of the Lamb.

  • http://none dave buslknkl

    I have been telling people this for 2 1/2 years….nobody wants to listen

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    Just more continuation of the lack of candor from Washington. Did not consider one neighbor proof one way or another. And beards can be dyed these days, so beard colour is not convincing either; need examination to see if it is surface colour or the same all the way through.

    But the sudden intensification of clamping down and curtailing Civil Rights over here says there is something going on, probably another coverup!

    But still, the runaway inflation will wipe the slate clean very fast. Did it back before Hitler appeared also. And as the Jews in Hitler’s time were persecuted for their religion, it appears real Christians are being persecuted for theirs more and more now.

    Not sure which to fear more, an economic coup/collapse akin to Germany, or an Islamic coup instigated under our present government, or a secular international coup run by the UN. Maybe all three at once over here??

    Either way, not at all sure that a hoard of gold, nor a stockpile of heritage seeds, arms, and wind-power generators, will help the scapegoats much!!

  • TIME

    How sad the MONKEYS want to believe what they are told, and will OBEY like SLAVES what ever the Government post for them?

    It takes a very strong person with COURAGE to admit let alone see the EVIL that exist within our Government.
    I am shocked that there are as Tazo put it even; 1% that can see the EVIL for its true value.

    Whats even more so sad is that when the 1% stand up and tell the other 99% whats wrong and as well clearly display Intel by way of strong Evidencce that supports the facts presented to us such as this video has cleary done.
    Yet we are labeled as a Conspiracy Nut’s for not going along with this FRAUD.

  • AJ

    The cartoon charature appeared more believable than Obama.
    It wasn’t using a telaprompter.

  • DG

    Trust the Government??? Really ?? I used to –Joined the Marines during the Vietnam War -Thank Jesus I didn’t go– Then I took the red pill and woke up and found out the the POWs and MIAs didn’t come home because this government refused to pay the $1.6 Billion ransom that they had agreed to pay–No tickee- no washee

  • Carlucci

    Great video -! I will forward it to my email list.

    BTW – The “pizza face” photo of OBL is so fake. The biggest flaw is that the mouth is closed – dead people cannot close their mouths as all muscle control is lost all over the body when people die, especially the facial muscles.

    Wake up everybody – ! As the film says, the PTB and their meat puppets are laughing and popping champagne corks every time they orchestrate a false flag operation and the dumb sheeple fall for it.

  • Christin

    Wow, Good video, Bob L.

    I think you did a GREAT job putting things together on osama [usama] bin laden and barack hussein obama.

    How can we be proud of this kind of America? It is no wonder many countries hate us… the Ruling Elites are making America do terrible things (all the false flag wars) and lieing about much of it.

    What a horrible game the elites [TPTB] are playing with Americans… I don’t want to play their evil game or see their deceptive puppet show… can we just get out of this dismal nightmare and get back to reality?

  • Patricia Brittell

    This was exactly what Obama and his owners did,,,its all fake. The birth certificate fraud is still going on. Now its news wide about OB
    and his remark to what Israel has to do. He had to get the media onto
    another subject while he sneaks in another agenda. Has anyone heard OB signed a Bilateral Declaration with Canada, first move to combine our borders, and how about Janet (scumbag) Napolitano signing with Mexico for a “Trusted Traveler” card which gives 84 million Mexican citizens passage to come into America and use it at ATM look-a-likes known as the “Global Entry” kiosks which is already in 20 International airports in the U.S. NAFTA, folks is going big and we will soon have to make a new Constitution, and new currency to work for the new North America Community.
    Maybe you can now understand why OB doesn’t want the borders closed or protected. It’s not just for votes, its to make a new world. OB is so power hungry he has sold his soul to the devil. ARE WE READY FOR A REVOLUTION YET? Our country has been divided so now everything will fall in place with George Soros the billionaire, and OB the puppet, and yes they are laughing at the stupid sheep.

  • micahq

    I’m just sick to death hearing about this maniac, why on earth do they insist on spelling his name wrong? I heard a few nitwits cried “oh no my Obama has been shot in Pakistan” so the name went from osama to USAMA. anyone care to elaborate on this i’d like to know. even CNN is mispelling name. I see hillary and obama had a gooooood cry over the loss of their good friend.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Osama and Usama are both correct!

  • SiliconDoc

    Joe Wilson stood up and and ” You LIAR!” rung out – the MSM had their snitty fit – Joe had to personally call Obama and apologize – the Congress went bonkers screaming for his head — then we find out Obama fit ” YOU LIAR ! ” 100%

    Citizen of Britain till age 21 and citizen of Indonesia for at least 6 years, who cares where Ofraudster was born.
    Before the election I studied the 57 lies list, and concluded 56 were lies – first time I’ve seen that kind of outing before the vote even occurred…
    Then I’ve watched the bailout – with the Barney FRank lies and excuses replayed from years past…—

    The video is correct when it asks who do you believe – because with what has gone on the last decade or so, I have no idea which lies are not lies that I should believe – and the secrecy of course only makes the matters less clear.
    Governor Ventura after his win questioned by a roomful of CIA assets/agents, CIA embedded in State governments high up – the FBI and the NYPD all over the WORLD in foreign nations… the anything goes cop break in ruling…

    No one knows what to believe anymore. After the Gov. compartmentalization claims post 911, I suspect most agencies and bureaucracies and people working for the Gov. have NO IDEA what to believe either.
    Looks like the “truth is malleable” communists are winning, and winning big.

  • petrovern

    The organization that made this video are a British Muslim group opposed to the state of Israel that supports muslim terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank that further support Iran and call for the destruction of western civilization and conversion of all “infidels” to Islam. You must be careful to background check the sources of these sorts of things, dispite whether you agree with a peticular message they put out or not. One can easily lose credibility through carelessness. Stalin was opposed to Hitler, but would we use his propoganda and alli ourselves with him to make Hitler look bad, or would we just say “Hitler is bad”? Just food for thought…

  • rafael


  • MsJan1955

    If He was alive he would do whatever it takes to discredit Obama’s claims and make him look like a fool.

    • AuntieBigDigs59

      WOW!!! hmmm…this is the best statement I have heard since this whole Osama being dead started..

      • AuntieBigDigs59

        Oh one more thought… Why IF OBL was killed years ago or anytime before this mission to kill him was carried out…Why is Al Qaeda just now naming his replacement? Don’t get me wrong…I am just as weary and untrusting of our government as anyone else and I don’t believe anything they say…

        Also, I did too hear of that very secret signing of that bilateral declaration with the Canadian prime minister. No press, no congress, no courts…just an outright signing away of our borders and our sovereignty. Here is comes folks… The North American Union on its way to being part of the New World Order…

  • messup

    If you’re happy with things the way they are,i.e.,1)education in the dumps-loses to Hong Kong’s high schools and universities, 2) religion being highjacked for Islamism, 3) financial markets in complete flux, 4) government expansion into every nook and cranny of American life…then vote for “4 more years.” If none of this appeals to you…vote the alternative, a conservative (constitutional) conservative ticket…but dammit VOTE FOR jimminie crickets sake. Our Constitution is being highjacked by marxist, leninists, socialist, islamists…can’t you see???Just pick-up your childs school books, read it (especially their History book). You’ll be shocked at NEA’s agenda at indoctrination of OUR children. Act and React. VOTE


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