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USA Today: The Gun Disease

August 14, 2012 by  

USA Today: The Gun Disease
Public health officials are calling for gun violence to be examined as a “social disease.”

In the wake of recent mass shootings, some public health officials are calling for gun violence to be examined as a “social disease” to use science as a way to restructure gun laws to avert the tragic events.

According to USA Today, doctors involved in violence prevention research say that by examining firearm violence statistics in a manner similar to highway safety statistics U.S. policymakers could implement gun laws that would reduce violence.

The article says the researchers want to look at the following:

• “Host” factors: What makes someone more likely to shoot, or someone more likely to be a victim. One recent study found firearm owners were more likely than those with no firearms at home to binge drink or to drink and drive, and other research has tied alcohol and gun violence. That suggests that people with driving under the influence convictions should be barred from buying a gun…

• Product features: Which firearms are most dangerous and why. Manufacturers could be pressured to fix design defects that let guns go off accidentally, and to add technology that allows only the owner of the gun to fire it (many police officers and others are shot with their own weapons). Bans on assault weapons and multiple magazines that allow rapid and repeat firing are other possible steps.

• “Environmental” risk factors:  What conditions allow or contribute to shootings. Gun shops must do background checks and refuse to sell firearms to people convicted of felonies or domestic violence misdemeanors, but those convicted of other violent misdemeanors can buy whatever they want. The rules also don’t apply to private sales, which one study estimates as 40% of the market.

• Disease patterns, observing how a problem spreads. Gun ownership — a precursor to gun violence — can spread “much like an infectious disease circulates,” said Daniel Webster, a health policy expert and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research in Baltimore.

In discussing gun ownership as if it were a disease, the article follows the trend of many news stories that have appeared since the recent shooting tragedies which portray gun-ownership as an oddity.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • TIME

    Dear People,

    How strange is it that I know hundreds of people who own guns and to date {not a single one has ever commited an act of violence toward anyone!} These folks also know hundreds of other people who in turn also know hundreds of others, all of whom have never commited acts of Violence.

    So the question is:
    {what mindless sheep are buying this utterly worthless rhetoric?}

    Lets be real, this argument that everyone is crazy is not working, nor will it work ever.
    Science can prove that by way of “PURE MATH” a science that will not lie.
    So if anyone wants to argue with REAL science, “not quasi NEO Fasciest Science” -
    Then the ones with the TRUE PURE SCIENCE will win hand s down that owning a gun will never make you a MAD DOG KILLER.

    Thus displaying that the “NEO Quasi Fasciest” are nothing more than outright liars with a covert agenda.

    ** BUT – Saddly with the limited amounts of {NON Controlled Mass medai} its going to be nearly impossible to get the PURE TRUTH out to the vast numbers of Americans, afterall its just all to easy to flip on the TV and slip into – La La Land.

    Peace and Love

    • DaveH

      The PTBs will use any excuse in their efforts to disarm us. People mustn’t believe a word those Progressives say.

      • FreedomFighter

        Well if they look at it as a disease then the government is a disease factory and should be disarmed:

        1. since guns were invented governments have used them to kill hundred upon hundreds of millions of people.

        2. its a disease every government has, all have stockpiled of guns.

        3. governments hand out guns to millions of people and tell them to shoot others…

        Dont listen to the spin masters and puppet controllers, once America is disarmed you are helpless.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • eddie47d

        I agree Freedom Fighter yet it is Conservatives who always vote in and approve increased military budgets. That puts more arms and ammunition into more peoples hands and “millions” more are killed. We are also the number one arms dealer in the world and we do sell some pretty big guns. I say don’t listen to those who want to make a mad dash to oblivion or those who support such government decisions.

      • Average Joe


        You write:

        “I agree Freedom Fighter yet it is Conservatives who always vote in and approve increased military budgets.”

        While I realize that you are a “party” man, you may want to actually do a bit of research….check voting records…I believe that you will find that your “progressive” democrats were also complicit in this voting…as well as your “progressive” democrat presidents…You do realize that one party needs the help of the other party to pass spending bills right? You also realize that the president (whether democrat or republican) must sign these bills into law, right?
        Please take the time to pull your “collective” head from your backside and learn to be honest in your reasoning. Placing your head in the sand and accusing the “other side” is not only wrong…but also detrimental to your own sanity.
        Time to wake up and admit…both sides are and have been…complicit…period.

        Best Wishes…. for a full recovery,

      • eddie47d

        I meant exactly what I said and that fact still holds true about votes for the increases. There are always a few tag alongs in each party on every issue but that doesn’t invalidate my comment.

      • Average Joe

        eddie47d says:

        August 14, 2012 at 12:09 pmn

        “I meant exactly what I said and that fact still holds true about votes for the increases. There are always a few tag alongs in each party on every issue but that doesn’t invalidate my comment.”

        Nor does your “opinion” , validate your statement…got anything to offer in way of proof (you know voting records of both parties) or just more opinion?

        Put up or shut up…the ball is firmly in your court…oh and bring the voting records of both parties (not just the repubs) if you want to have any semblence of credibility.

        Best Wishes,

      • eddie47d

        “each party” meant I was including both in my last statement.

      • DaveH

        True or not, Eddie, you are talking about NeoConservatives, NOT Conservatives. Get it straight.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, don’t feed eddie to much info at one time. Remember he’s the one that’s still confused about capitalism.

      • eddie47d

        Is Jeff sipping or chugging that capitalist kool aid. Hear no evil and see no evil and Jeff is still blind as a bat.

    • CZ52

      “… some public health officials are calling for gun violence to be examined as a “social disease” to use science as a way to restructure gun laws to avert the tragic events.”

      If the violence is a disease you should treat the disease not in-animate objects. Their proposals do Nothing to treat the disease or in otherwords what is wrong with the individual. It only attempts to control objects which by themselves can do no harm.

      “That suggests that people with driving under the influence convictions should be barred from buying a gun…”

      If that is true then those individuals should first be banned from ever owning any kind of motor vehicle and I have yet to see any serious proposal to do that.

      “… and to add technology that allows only the owner of the gun to fire it …”

      That technology does not exist as a practical operable solution if it did police departments would be requiring it on all their weapons.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If government agencies have medical and psychiatrist professionals question their patients if they own guns, the docs are useful idiots.

    • Thor

      One simple arithmetic formula blows the gun-banners’ entire paradigm:

      14,000/90,000,000 = the number of homicides by handgun(1993)/number of households owning them

      = .00015%

      or 16,000/245,000,000=the number of homicides by firearm/number of firearms privately owned

      = .000065%

      Even if one tenth of one percent (0.1%) of these firearms owners committed a firearm homicide in 1993(the highest homicide rate in the last two decades), we would have expected there to have been 24,500,000 homicides committed with firearms. But, there were only 14,000—few to none of them committed with legally owned firearms.

      It should come as no surprise that little statistical analysis is focused on the offenders themselves; they pose a threat to only .000065% of the population—14,000 persons or less (most of them criminals). All efforts are directed at the 36% of the US population who are legal gun owners who have never committed a crime; they pose a threat to the US Government—or, so it thinks.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Truth hurts the government, so here is one, the reason firearms are allowed in the second amendment is to keep us safe from a out of control government, these men came from where only the government had firearms or weapons and they saw what it caused, wake up America, guns don’t kill people, people kill people, if you lay a loaded gun in the middle of the street and nobody picks it up, guess what? Nobody die’s, a fact, Cain didn’t own a gun yet he killed his brother. I’m more worried about my government then some idiot in the street, I can handle the idiot but it’s a out of control government that scares me and with a marxist in office I pray for this nation and those who are yet sane.

    • JeffH

      TIME, I too have friends with guns and have spent my whole life around them, including 48 years of ownership. To my best recollection not one person I’ve known has ever commited a gun crime or even had an accidental shooting. I remember only 3 incidents that occured in several of my hundreds of hunting forays where a gun was accidentaly discharged in the field, without incident, each by a young new hunter. Believe me when I say they were embarrassed and learned a valuable lesson…there is a reason why safety come first.

      Science, schmience…always searching for an exscuse for gun control. Man is and always has been the most violent alpha predator in the world…that will not change and banning guns will not stop man because he is the most intelligent of all predators on this earth.

    • Kate8

      TIME and all Patriots:

      BTW, for all you lefties who laugh at BIN, it is not the source for the article. It is just the easiet access to it.

      We have no way of knowing what is true and what is disinfo, but even disinfo usually has truth in it. I think we’re getting the gist of the gameplan.

      In the “religion” of elite, their only “moral” requirement for whatever they want to do is to tell us first. They do this is many ways, and that we can’t possible correctly decipher the messages is irrelevant to them.

    • Jon

      Sloppy doctors and hospitals kill a lot more people than guns do. Maybe they should be outlawed or subject to exacting psychological tests before being licensed. And to be fair, gun owners get to define the questions.

    • Average Joe

      DHS place order for another 750 million rounds of high power ammo and a half a ton of nitrate explosives to be delivered by the end of the month….training purposes?…My arse ….Get ready for the Chit to hit the fan, folks….




  • Michael J.

    Like the Moon landing, once you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all. That goes double for these dispicable mass shootings that coincidentally, also happen to be government sponsored.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Other than allowing “mega-clips” of ammo and assult rifles, how are the mass shootings government sponsored?

      • firefight

        I believe our recent operation “Fast and Furious” was government sponsored. Where were you?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I’ll give you that one – out of dozens.

      • Rocky Night

        *Hands Doc another full glass of social kool-Aid for enjoyment*
        Enjoy Doc

      • Ted Crawford

        What a wonderful coincidence (?), for Progressives, that this cluster of gun violence occurs at the exact moment that the UN is presenting their Arms Control Agenda, and an Election is just around the corner!

      • Doc Sarvis

        I don’t hear President Obama saying ANYTHING about taking our guns away.

      • cawmun cents

        Dont think for one moment that this describes my feelings,but to answer your question,they feel that since gubment isnt doing anything to change their environment,they will just have to take gubments place and get it done themselves.
        This often proves to be disasterous.
        Mainly because,since like gubment,they really have no way of performing this particular task of changing their environment to suit their wants and needs,the only real way to make changes is to become frustrated and take it out on others,which doesnt change much,but results in you being taken care of for the remainder of your life,however long that will be.
        When you’ve been taught your whole life that gubment will provide,and they dont,you may get frustrated and lash out at other people.
        On a personal note,I am and have been smart enough to figure out that gubment cant do much of anything correctly.But because of my religion I am obliged to pretty much live by the rules,unless they conflict with my religion,in which case I cannot abide by those gubmental rules anymore.
        (it has to do with following my God’s rules,because He is more important to me than secular humanistic thinking.Luckily for me,my God teaches me to love others,and not to kill them indiscriminately.By the way,I am patently aware that others in my religion have committed heinous acts in what they believed to be my God’s name.But those people will be dealt with severely by my God,just like I would,if I snapped and murdered lots of folks.But my God also teaches me to rely on Him and not what the gubment provides,so I can certainly understand the frustration of those who do not have my God,and the knowledge I get from Him,to rely upon.)
        It all has to do with the degree by which you understand these things.
        Some of us can be frustrated without a cog breaking loose inside their heads.
        Others among us seem to be able to cope,but when pressured by life’s shortcomings,explode in to violent fits of rage and murderous intent.
        This is not something the gubment can fix…..period.
        It’s just that some are hard wired differently that others and the gubment cant tell which is who,or protect you by devisive means from the person who decides to go large primate feces(ape-scat),on the rest of those around them.It just isnt possible for gubment to know who is going to snap.
        It goes back to my previous statement about being taught that gubment can provide.
        But since they cannot tell who is going to go off the deep end,they cannot provide protection from such a person,for those who will end up becoming their victims.
        This causes folks to wonder aloud about restricting peoples means of killing others.
        But that in itself,only breeds using other methods besides those which are restricted, are comprised.
        It also breeds a tyrannical style of gubment,if taken too much out of context,in which case I am no longer obligated to be subjugated by such a gubment.
        Nowhere in my religion does it say that I must refuse to defend myself.
        I think that others misinterpret the words that are written for our benefit,and that is tragic.
        However I think the fundamental right to defend oneself comes from my God.
        So when others use these tragic events as a means to curtail my ability to defend myself,I may get frustrated too.
        That is not a warning that I will snap and murder my fellow human beings in a fit of rage, but I cannot speak for anyone else besides my own person.
        The gubment cannot protect you from these tragedies,though they try to convince you that they can.
        It is the same as their supposed provision for me,which I cannot count on.
        If I cannot count on them to provide a way by which I can crawl up from the hole of debt which I find myself(along with every other American citizen by the way),then how can I count on them to protect me from other types of tragic events?
        Good question,right?

      • Ted Crawford

        Neither, appearently, have you heard The UN, Hillary Clinton, and a myriad of other Progressives “say anything about taking our guns”, but then your selective hearing has been long documented here Doc !

      • dan

        Obamao has minions to carry out his Globalist plans to disarm honest law-abiding citizens…and a ten round ‘clip ‘
        (what the uneducated mistakenly refer to when they mean mag )
        isn’t a mega ‘clip’ when my concealed pistol has 13 rounds per magazine.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Doc says — “I don’t hear President Obama saying ANYTHING about taking our guns away”.
        Sure, Doc, and the Jews didn’t hear Hitler say anything about the Holocaust either, did they?
        Obama’s gun record:

      • DaveH

        More on Obama’s furtive gun-control efforts:

      • JeffH

        Doc, are you so slanted that you may believe “Fast & Furious” to be the only government sanctioned gun scheme?

      • firefight

        Ok doc,
        Here are a few more. How about WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iran, Afghanistan…..and these are the really big ones. I won’t go into the tiny ones like, supporting and supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels who happen to Alquaida operatives. How am I doing?

    • eddie47d

      Maybe this overt obsession with guns are being compared with those who drink heavily. Could it be that most drinkers are fairly responsible and most gun owners are too. Yet you have those who have to have one last drink to satisfy themselves or another 20,000 rounds of ammo to please their psych. Very few are healthier with more than two drinks under their belt and soon after that become a danger to themselves and others. God only gave us humans two hands yet those who are obsessed with guns feel the need for more and more weapons. Except for a few collectors of historical value there is little need for overkill in protecting yourself. That obsession could be classified as a disease and is ingrained in Hollywood hype and extremist groups. More weapons increases your status among your buddies whether a gang member or an avid NRA member. Like Lay’s potato chips you just can’t have one! Now Pete what is the big picture besides your obsession with underwear?

      • DaveH

        Eddie answers his own paranoia in one sentence — “God only gave us humans two hands yet those who are obsessed with guns feel the need for more and more weapons”.
        Exactly. Two Hands. So the most guns any human can shoot at one time is two, no matter how many guns they have.
        Only one gun is necessary in the hands of a skilled shooter:
        Notice the magazine changes. So much for 10-round mags stopping a mass killer.

      • CZ52

        I believe it is Gary Milichk (not sure about SP) that can run 18 rounds thru a 6 shot revolver faster and more accurately than a person can shoot 18 through an AR-15.

      • eddie47d

        No paranoia Dave and great video. Anyone who has to shoot should be fully prepared.

      • Michael J.

        Humans are very creative. That’s why it’s hard to suppress the freedom they crave.

      • JeffH

        Gun Control – if you want to know the pros & cons this is a great source of referance.

        “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

      • JeffH


        Gary Kleck, a criminology professor, discusses one of the nation’s most divisive and hotly debated issues: the individual citizen’s right to own a gun for personal use.

      • DaveH

        “Priorities, including rebuilding the economy”? Please.
        Government can’t rebuild economies. All they can do is get out of the way, which they rarely do.

      • JeffH

        CZ52, actually it was S&W pro and world record holder Jerry Miculek. I think he lost the shootout against the full auto AR-15 by just a fraction…It was shown on “Sons of Guns”.

        He did set a world record by firing six shots (each=60) from 10 different .38 caliber S&W Model 64 revolvers in 17.12 seconds.

    • Ken

      Good ole’ sarvis; short on brains, long on stoopididy.

      Ever heard of the MK Ultra Progam sarvis? look it up.

      As for “I never heard Obama say”, I suppose you believe everything your mommy and daddy told you as well. The Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Rumplestiltskin, Barney the Blue Dinosaur.

      Ooooh yeah, and by the way – I’m your best friend!

      What a dope. Your either a complete liar and charlatan or a total idiot.

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    I know a ton of gun owners that drink, but don’t drive drunk, have never shot anyone (except under orders from the gov’t) are not violent people. This report was written by someone using statistics without understanding the big picture. I liken it to saying that statistically, every cancer victom wore cotton underwear at one time so that cotton underwear should be banned. What a pile of whoey.

    • Mark A. Demmerle

      not all drinkers are alcoholics. alcoholism is an addicition. I don’t trust addicts with guns


        “Mark A. Demmerle,”


      • Mark A. Demmerle

        A compulsive obsession is clearly a disorder that will create difficulties for the suffereing individual and his or her family and friends. Self destructive addicts such as those abusing alcohol and drugs are much more dangerous than those addicted to say working out or shopping for example. An individual obsessed with guns will not necessarily break the law or harm another. That is not to say that he or she would create a misery spending all their financial resources on purchasing weapons and ammo but it does NOT mean they are prone to violent aggression, anger and gun violence. One can read about a DUI or DWI arrest everyday. A drug addict breaks the law each time he or she uses. A schizophrenic who opts off his meds should probably not have access to a loaded gun. Urinalysis would give the agencies involved in issuing gun permits another check to monitior who is allowed a CCP and/or approval to buy a rifle in addition to the paperwork.

  • http://none Ray Cook

    The Gun Haters will never stop. Pro-Freedom people must be constantly vigilant to Protect our GOD given and Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. I give ALL of my political contributions to the NRA so they can distribute the funds as they think will BEST protect OUR Rights. I urge EVERY ONE to do the same!!!!! This issue is NOT about hunting or target shooting, it IS about FREEDOM, the ability to defend ones self, and to maintain our ability to petition OUR government for redress of OUR grievences. We MUST preserve OUR RIGHT to KEEP and Bear ARMS at ALL costs!!! If we ever loose this right, it will be VERY hard, if not impossible, to get it back. BEWARE OF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT PEOPLE!!!!! THEY ARE PURE EVIL.

    • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

      Well put.

    • DaveH

      Gun Owners of America has a lot more bang for your bucks:

    • DaveH

      The further that Government is away from the People, the more they can get away with. The Elitist Progressives know that and they will push for a Central World Government until they get it. Resist with every fiber in your body.
      Abolish the UN.

      • JeffH

        Hear Hear! Ditto that-Abolish the UN!

  • Charles Sproull

    Conducting scientific studies to determine the motives for mass murders, and trying to establish more laws to regulate guns and ammo as an attempt to prevent mass murders, is a bunch of crap. It isn’t guns or ammo or people that kill others, it is bad attitudes of hate, anger and selfishness. The most effective way to prevent murders is teaching the Ten Commandments, and for each American citizen to allow God to put His law (and good attitudes) into their hearts by receiving the new birth “of water and of the Spirit” (John 3:5). This was prophesied in Jeremiah 31:33 and began on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:4 and 38-42).

    It is impossible for people (even the most religious people) to fully obey the Ten Commandments in their unregenerate spiritual condition. This is why we have so much crime in our cities. But when people hunger and thirst for righteousness, believe the gospel and receive the complete new birth, and allow God to write His laws into their hearts, it is easier for them to fulfill the righteousness of the Ten Commandments. If people would do as Jesus did and as He taught His followers, there would be no murders (or so-called “mercy killings” by muslims), or abortions, robberies or divorce.

    “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 22:37-40).

    • eddie47d

      Saying there are bad people out there and then doing nothing about it doesn’t solve a thing. That is like saying there is a homeless man living under the bridge but then ignoring his plight. Yes what would Jesus do? Funny that Jesus never carried a weapon and traveled in many unsafe places. I don’t believe he encouraged anyone to take up arms against another and those were far more dangerous times.

      • cawmun cents

        Jesus would tell him(the homeless person)to get up and make a home for himself.
        He was a carpenter.
        The idea that God is a small minded wiper of other folks bottoms,conflicts with the very laws of natural occurence.
        Nowhere in the Bible is it said that God helps those who help themselves,but He does direct us to do what is right.
        Is it right to entitle others not to have to do things for themselves?
        No it isnt.
        It never was.
        That is he fundamental difference between those of us who have the capacity to comprehend sound reasoning and those who must depend on others to do it for them.
        Reasoning tells you that you cannot make everyone happy.
        Reasoning tells you that you cannot keep everyone alive.
        Reasoning tells you that you can help those around you on an individual basis,by choosing to do so,rather than being extorted for some trumped up dream that you can help everyone by means of gubment intervention.
        Jesus told someone to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s,and caveat money is what He was referring to.
        But the decision to help others is what rendering to God is about.
        Making gubment and God sound alike is only preferable when you are backing the ploy of gubment eddie47d,otherwise you advocate the separation of church and state,correct?
        So why then do you use Jesus as an example of what gubment is like?
        If you are a believer,then wouldnt that work against you since Christ and gubment are clearly separate entities,by the very words which you describe in scripture?
        Yes we pay our taxes….but that doesnt mean that in a republic like ours,being very different from Caesar’s republic,that we cannot speak out against having to pay for that which we do not agree with,comprende amigo?
        I do not agree that we should help people not do things for themselves,but be extorted into making that happen in the guise of being more Jesus-like.
        That way of thinking is wrong no matter how you slice it.
        You may not be able to sparate God and gubment when it comes to defending your point,but I know the difference between what you say and what is sound reasoning.
        So dont expect me to go along to get along because you believe that you are a higher from of human,that extols virtue by way of extortion,and feel good politics.
        It isnt going to happen anytime soon.
        Dont use your holier than thou rhetoric to make your point seem more plausible when there is not a shred of substance to it.
        I have a good BS detector,and what you write smells bad

      • eddie47d

        Religious governments or theocracies are not the best form for those being governed so I indeed believe in the separations of church and State. Jesus stood up to far worse than man (the devil) so there is no BS to smell in my comment. Blessings to You.

    • DaveH

      The first thing that needs to be done is for Government to set a good example for the people. We should be most vigilant about Government people obey the same rules of conduct that we are expected to obey. We should not allow Government to steal, and we should not allow Government to kill except in self-defense. Until those things are accomplished we can’t expect the citizens to Not follow their lead.
      We have become a Society of Criminals:

      • JeffH

        Governments are supposed to protect us from criminals, but what if the government commits crimes? Can we still call it a government?

        An institution that commits crimes is NOT a government.

        Honesty requires a more accurate label, such as “criminal gang,” though many will find that shocking due to the Stockholm Syndrome. The Stockholm Syndrome is a strange phenomenon by which victims come to sympathize with their oppressors and even seek their approval.

        More appropriately we should call our criminal “government” The State. It’s technically accurate and sounds appropriately ominous.

        But what is crime? If you or I assault, steal, or defraud, we are criminals. The same moral standards must apply to government. After all, it’s merely a group of people, and no group is so large or so special that it can magically turn wrong into right.

        So does The State initiate violence against us? Of course it does.

        Nearly everything The State does is INITIATED violence. Maybe as little as 10% of its actions can be described as defensive retaliation. This means . . .

        The State is 90% criminal and only 10% governmental.

        But why quibble. Round it off . . .

        The State is NOT a government.

        The State is an uncontrollable criminal gang.

        I think we’ve had it backwards . . .

        We’ve been talking about reducing the size of “the government,” when in fact, we should have been talking about . . .Creating the FIRST true governments

        What we need are governmental institutions that shun initiated violence, and only use violence defensively.

        •Stop thinking of The State as a government.

        •Stop calling it government. Call it “The State” instead. Describe it as “an uncontrollable criminal gang.”

        •When you think you must use the word government to describe The State, put it in scare quotes — “government.”
        -borrowed from DownsizeDC Foundation

      • JeffH

        The State – capital T, capital S – is a coercive monopoly. The State has monopoly control over the use of coercive violence in a given geographical area.

        I suggest that where you once referred to the government you should instead refer to The State. Here’s why . . .

        Not all governmental services are provided by The State. For instance, there are private police and courts, and countless other institutions that provide various forms of regulation, such as trade associations, insurance companies, and testing laboratories. Therefore . . .

        Whenever you talk about “the government” you are fostering the myth that the coercive, monopoly form of government represented by The State, is the ONLY source of governmental services. This is untrue. Instead . . .

        It’s more accurate to talk about voluntary government vs. coercive government. Voluntary government is represented by countless numbers of competing organizations, while coercive government is represented by only one organization, The State.

        You will benefit from talking about The State rather than “the government,” for several reasons . . .

        Doing so provokes questions you can use to educate your fellow citizens.

        You can answer these questions by highlighting the difference between voluntary government and coercive government.
        You can point to the superior performance of voluntary government vs. the inferior performance of coercive government.

        You can draw attention to the monopoly nature of coercive government. For instance: you can fire your security service, but you can’t fire your corrupt and incompetent local police department.

        The coercive entity known as The State should be reduced to only those functions for which a coercive monopoly is absolutely necessary. All other functions should be left to voluntary government.

  • jim

    Growing up where I live, I did not know anyone who did not own a gun. We did not go around shooting people. People used to carry shotguns in racks in the back of your truck. Just more crap to disarm the citizens. There are enough laws on the books now about guns, just enforce them, when someone breaks them. Dude in Colorado is just a stone cold killer. Use the death penalty when warranted, like in his case and the case of the Fort Hood terroist. Don’t play the insanity games. Killers have to know that they will fry if they shoot someone. If you commit a crime with a gun, then you get 5 or 10 years for using the gun on top of the other crime you committed. Don’t play the bargain down games. Enforce the laws on the books, starting at the top with Holder on Fast and Furious. How can any citizen expect the laws to be enforced on guns when the administration will not cooperate on investigations about gun crimes they are involved in. All this stuff mentioned in this article is just another avenue that they want to explore to completly disarm the citizenry to make it easier to enslave us. Keep remembering that the way this country started on the way to independence was because of a gun grabbing expedition by the government.

    • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

      Again…WELL PUT!

  • JimH

    The number of DUI convictions is way larger than the number of mass shootings. To try to link those two things together is heading in the wrong direction.
    How many of the people involved in a mass shooting have DUI convictions?
    The gun grabbers are resorting to “quack” medicine to achive their goal.

    • Karolyn

      With regard to non-mass shootings, a great many involve people who abuse alcohol; thus, more than one DUI conviction should disqualify anyone from owning a gun.

      • eddie47d

        There is a common denominator here. Since alcoholics are a danger to themselves ,society and their own families and those who get caught with DUI’s are a danger then they can hardly be trusted with a weapon. Whether probationary or permanent banning weapon ownership or the ability to drive is an easy fix for those abusers. You might not stop them from drinking but at least the means to harm others is lessened.

      • DaveH

        A great number of people have been killed around the world due to Socialism.
        We shouldn’t allow Progressives to vote.

      • eddie47d

        Nice spin Dave. The Rothschilds and the NWO folks create wars to their benefit so maybe we should keep Capitalists from voting. We don’t want to encourage their behavior either now do we?

      • CZ52

        “…more than one DUI conviction should disqualify anyone from owning a gun.”

        Why? It does not disqualify them from owning motor vehicles of any kind.

      • JimH

        Karolyn, Having more than one DUI conviction doesn’t disqualify someone from owning a CAR. A car that isn’t even protected by the Bill of Rights. Now you want to say they can’t own a gun?
        Tell me what percentage of violent acts are commited by people with DUI’s compared to people who don’t.
        How many people who have commited mass killings have a DUI and how many don’t.
        Do you think if someone with a DUI conviction really had the urge to go out and shoot a large number of people they couldn’t illegally get hold of a gun?

      • Karolyn

        Of course, anyone can own a car, but they can’t necessarily legally drive it.

      • JimH

        Karolyn, And not everyone who has a gun, “legally” owns it.
        Avoiding the main question, I see.
        What “proof” is there that shows a drunk driver is more likely to commit a mass murder than any other group of people?

      • phideaux

        If anyone can own a car (which is not protected specificaly by the Constitution) then anyone can own a gun which is protected by the Constitution.

      • eddie47d

        Jim H. No one is saying a drunk driver is committing mass murders but they do kill an awful lot of people on the highways. They are in most cases more irresponsible thus more than likely to to become more volital in certain situations.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Nice spin Dave. The Rothschilds and the NWO folks create wars to their benefit so maybe we should keep Capitalists from voting”.
        Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. You’ve been pestering us for how long now, and still don’t know what a Progressive is? Crony Capitalists are Progressives, Eddie. Get it straight:
        “Ultimately, the supreme irony of “Progressivism” is that it turned back the real advances of the age of classical liberalism and turned back the clock of civilization. To put it another way, “Progressivism” resulted in large-scale social and economic regression”.

      • JimH

        Eddie, Drunk drivers kill people by irresponsible accident. Not guns.
        The question, again. Because this article is titled “the GUN disease”. The auther claims drunk drivers are mass killers with guns. Karolyn claims they should br disqualified from owning guns.
        What “proof”(100 proof?) is there that people convicted of DUI are at a higher risk than any other group of people of commiting violent crimes?
        What is the corolation between the two?
        Answer- There isn’t any.
        Between co-workers, friends, and reletives, who have DUI’s, none have had troubles with guns or violence.
        It’s a load-o- crepe.

      • eddie47d

        Dave uses the words Liberal and Progressives interchangeably so it’s hard to tell the difference in what he means. Now they (P’s) are Crony capitalists?

  • T. Jefferson

    Buy a semi-auto M-60, hook up a 600 round belt and rock-n-roll.

  • firefight

    I just love these kinds of articles. Now the Commies want to get science involved and the medical sectors to prove to the world that the desire for gun ownership is a mentally unstable condition? Am I hearing things here? Take a look at these statistics and then YOU decide if you want medical science involved in anything related to guns.

    There are approximately 700,000 physicians in the US who cause approximately 100,000 adverse drug reaction (ADR) deaths and 200,000 deaths annually. Some reports estimate more than 800,000 preventable deaths annually. But if we accept a conservative estimate of 120,000 preventable deaths annually, the accidental death rate per physician would be 0.171.

    Conversely, there are 80 million gun owners in the US who cause approximately 1,500 accidental deaths annually. This means that the rate of accidental death per gun owner is .000188.

    This means that, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more likely to accidentally kill someone than gun owners.

    While not everyone owns a gun, almost everyone has at least one doctor.

    Remember, “Guns don’t kill people, doctors do.”

    Like many of you, I am a loving firearms owner and very much enjoy the rich heritage our country owns when it comes to the evolution of all firearms. Most people don’t have a clue as to the many countries that manufacture very fine firearms and import them into America nor do they have a clue as to how the entire world would be adversely affected if this huge sector of international commerce were to “go away.” There are families in Italy who manufacture some of the finest shotguns and handguns. That would be Beretta. There is a huge manufacturer of firearms in Brazil and that would be Taurus. Our Springfield SDM’s are made in Croatia and our Glocks are made in Austria. Our FN’s come from Belgium and many Brownings come from Japan. This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to world commerce and the firearms industry………and it is interesting that in every single one of these countries, people get murdered just as they do right here in America and guess what…….in every case where it involves a gun, it is a criminal who had the gun, NOT an honest law abiding citizen. So, did disarming the honest citizens in those countries do any good? How did taking away the rights of the honest people help to make them safer? When will the people of America wake up and realize that it is evil, mean people that kill other people……not guns. We all must clearly see that we have greedy people in our government that truly want to control every aspect of our lives and by taking away our guns, the ability to resist their tyrannical plans will be gone. Guns give us the ability to be free and our founding fathers knew that. We must NEVER let that right be taken from us.

    • eddie47d

      So we must have that stockpile of weapons in our homes to protect the International weapons dealers and gun manufacturers. Maybe their fine craftsmanship can be admired but that is like saying we have to protect those lead paint manufacturers because it would disrupt commerce. That’s a bunch of hooey! Now what should we do about those doctors who you say cause death? Should they be allowed to practice and should any gun owner who accidentally or deliberately injures or kills someone be barred from owning a weapon.

      • firefight

        Eddie 47,
        I knew I could draw you out of your little cave. That’s right, stockpile as many guns as you want or can. The U.S. Constitution places no restriction on how many guns a man can own just like it places no restriction on how many pairs of shoes you can own or, in your case, how many copies of the Communist manafesto you own. What I point out is how you simple minded butt heads like to twist things around. My blog simply points out how you and your liberal friends like to attack an innocent firearm, which has never killed anyone by it’s lonesome, compared to human being doctors who have killed many, many more human beings than guns ever have. The gun is always in the HANDS of an evil person when it is used as the tool of murder and you attack the tool instead of the evil person whereas when a doctor commits the murder, you say and do nothing. I’d much rather face the evil of such a person with a gun in his hand instead of someone I’m supposed to have confidence in and trust. At least with the gun toteing criminal, I know what he has in mind…….but not a doctor.

        As for guns, they only have three enemies…..rust, politicians and people like you.

    • dan

      Ban doctors,not guns :)

    • DaveH

      Good one, Firefight.

    • eddie47d

      Weapons manufacturers are in the business of making money and probably could care less about freedom and democracy. They sell their weapons to Capitalists and Communists alike so they must not either have a conscience or maybe they work for the Devil. They will sell to a businessman as quickly as a drug dealer or dictator so no kudos for them.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        You write: “Weapons manufacturers are in the business of making money and probably could care less about freedom and democracy.” You show me a business not “in the business of making money” and I’ll show you one on the way to bankruptcy court. Making money is the business of–and sole purpose of–business.

        You write: “They will sell to a businessman as quickly as a drug dealer or dictator so no kudos for them.” Actually, it is government that is selling weapons to drug dealers and dictators. I can cite proof of this. Can you cite proof of your claim?

        Best wishes,

      • firefight

        Edddie47 says……
        “Weapons manufacturers are in the business of making money and probably could care less about freedom and democracy. They sell their weapons to Capitalists and Communists alike so they must not either have a conscience or maybe they work for the Devil. They will sell to a businessman as quickly as a drug dealer or dictator so no kudos for them.”

        This is exactly what I was talking about. This is how these simple minded morons like to twist things all around. For your education and your information, Eddie, EVERYONE is in business to MAKE MONEY, even you, assuming you have a job. That’s what we all try to do, you moron. This is what makes Capitalism work. We work hard for every dollar that we earn and then try to enjoy the fruits of our labor. You, and your kind, on the other hand, try to take those fruits of our labor and redistribute them to the shiftless do nothings who do not want to work and will not work nor contribute anything to anyone. If put to a vote, I would not give them one red cent but would be glad to give all of them your phone number so that you can. Every product from diamonds to diapers are sold to Capitalists and Communists alike….businessmen and drug dealers, just like firearms, you moron, so I guess none of these manufacturers have a conscience either, according to you…..and everyone works for the devil. So, accdording to Eddie47, the king of morons, nobody gets any of his highly prized KUDOS. I’m sooooooo crushed.

      • firefight

        Bob Livingston,
        Thanks for your timely “two cents worth” here. I believe we were probably aiming at Eddie 47 at approximately the same time. You, of course, were more diplomatic. I tend to have less patience with the likes of him. Hope he can figure it all out. Have a blessed day. Firefight.

      • eddie47d

        Nothing changes in what I said and anything goes for the almighty dollar or “Yen or Peso” if your view of Capitalism is exploiting peoples fears for profit then you “boys” will have to live with yourself. There are plenty of ways to earn money besides peddling weapons on the world. Gun dealers are businessmen and they do sell to persons in other countries. We both could use Mexico as a prime example.

      • DaveH

        You didn’t answer Bob’s question, eddie, you troll.

      • JeffH

        Of course he didn’t answer the question…when does he ever answer the question. He doesn’t even know smack about what he says, but he’ll stand by it, despite his ignorance on the issue.

      • eddie47d

        X-Caliber Guns in Phoenix AZ. is a prime example. I do answer all questions so Jeff is lying once again. Jeff is a man who seldom if ever answers any questions. Hypocrite!!!

      • JeffH

        eddie, again you are a liar and everybody that’s been around here for awhile knows it…including you.

        As for me answering questions…I don’t answer “stupid” which a lot of you liberals and progressive do…ask stupid questions… and I certainly don’t answer a question with a question of which you liberals and progressives are famous for and guilty of.

  • http://Firefox John Golt

    More People were KILLED by Dr’s. than were killed by one of MY gun’s! That is 100% Truth. Any Dr, that would like to talk to me about that number may do so at anytime.

  • Chester

    Jim, can you tell any of us when the knowledge that you would die if you went out and killed someone ever stopped that murder? All the death penalty does is make a few people feel better about having eliminated one murdering soul from the face of the earth, and even that doesn’t always hold true. Go talk to people who have been forced by law to impose a death penalty because that was the only sentence available, and you will find people who wish there had been some other choice. How many gangbangers ever think they might get caught if they kill someone, or be killed if they do get caught? It seems that murder is an accepted part of that lifestyle, as it is a permanent end to someone dissing you. When you absolutely lose it and take whatever is at hand to your opponent, regardless of who that is, are you worrying about whether or not YOU will be killed? Not very likely, is it?

    • Ted Crawford

      Are you for real ?! For a deterent to be effective, it must actually be used as advertised. Most Death Row Inmates die of OLD AGE !

      • Karolyn

        Except in Texas where they will execute anybody, even the mentallty impaired like the guy with the 50 IQ(or thereabouts) they executed a couple of weeks ago! Barbaric!

      • Ted Crawford

        Of course Karolyn, society would be far better served to send him to an Instution where, in just a few short years, WALA ! He’s cured! That is untill, he does it again! Back to an instution , for a longer period, WALA! This time he is truly cured, untill he does it again! What is the appropiate body count of innocent citizens, before we do what was always the Socially Responsible thing in the first place !

      • eddie47d

        Beyond our own governments ability to protect us for foreign intrusion maybe we should executive those in Washington who sell arms to other foreign countries. That leads to millions of dead around the world. How will we stop their bad behavior and our (or any other government) obsession with arming the world.

      • Karolyn

        No, Ted, society would be best served by REHABILITATING prisoners rather than just houisng them and killing them. Wish I cold find the article I read a while back about a Scandinavian country that houses prisoners on farms and has them doing all the work, including gardening and taking care of animals. They are allowed the use of tools also; and they have no problems. Of course, most of the prisoners are not the really psycho ones. I also agree with the programs in some prisons here that have the prisoners raising service dogs and caring for horses. This is especially helpful for youthful offenders but does work for adults as well. There is a lot more that can be done other than paying contractors exhorbitant sums of money to house the guilty. (Which Texas does to the extreme!)

      • CZ52

        “Wish I cold find the article I read a while back about a Scandinavian country that houses prisoners on farms and has them doing all the work, including gardening and taking care of animals.”

        Karolyn, the US used to do just that in many places but the courts have mostly put a stop to it as “cruel and unusual punishment”.

      • JeffH

        “Wish I cold find the article I read a while back about a Scandinavian country that houses prisoners on farms and has them doing all the work, including gardening and taking care of animals.”

        Gee, isn’t that idea part of the complaint against Sheriff Joe in Arizona…According to the ACLU and the gov/DOJ that would be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”.

      • 45caliber


        The guy executed in Texas recently did NOT have an IQ of 68 (not 50) as claimed by his lawyer (70 is passing). He had successfully passed two tests given by the state. The test he failed was a special one set up by his lawyer – and he was counciled on how to fail it. The state preferred to believe the two he had passed although I’m sure those will be forgotten by the liberals in their chase to eliminate the death penalty. Further, he was quite aware that what he did was seriously wrong even before he killed the man he murdered. That is also the reason for the low IQ – supposedly the person can’t make that decision.

      • 45caliber


        How do you plan to Rehabilite a prisoner? Most have a screw loose. (And I’ve been there as a guard to see it.) Unless they are sane, they can’t be rehabilitated. All present known rehabilitation doesn’t work. The only man who came up with a possible solution was laughed at even though he spent over 30 years trying. I know that some prison psyciatrists insist they can “cure” the prisoners but I doubt their claims when the prisoners they declare “cured” have the same rate of failures as those who aren’t. Besides, many of those prisoners WANT to be there even though many will also tell you that they do want out – they have nothing to worry about, not stress, etc. Everything is planned out for them.






      • 45caliber


        First, the death penalty does work. It keeps dangerous persons off the streets and out of the prisons where they can attack someone. Also, a friend with the Little Rock Police Department told me that they keep a chart on the wall of their ready room. It shows the days across the bottom and the number of crimes up the side. The curve starts low and then starts rising more and more rapidly – until a criminal is killed. The death could be by some victim shooting the criminal, by a cop shooting him, or by execution (death penalty). It immediately drops almost to nothing to start over again.

        Second, if that loose screw can’t be tightened – and so far no psyciatrists can prove they can do it – then it is silly to keep the character alive and well so he can have another chance to kill someone. Most people think of those of us in society being in danger and believe that if you keep that person locked up that there is no danger to anyone. NOT TRUE! The prison guards are always at risk and if he is around other criminals, they are at risk too. We aren’t executing such people in “revenge” – we execute to remove a threat to others. And the loose screw is definately a threat. Even animals kill the rogues of their own kind.





    • Karolyn

      Absolutely correct, Chester!


      “Chester,” GREAT COMMENTS.

  • Jeff Gerou


  • Mark A. Demmerle

    Require urinalysis as part of the screening process for CCP and rifle ownership. I’ve got nothing to hide, how about you?

    • Jeff Gerou


      • cawmun cents

        Yes of course….more rules and regulations will get the job done.
        When have rules kept anything like this from happening?
        Short answer.
        They havent.
        So your solution SEEMS plausible,but lacks effect.
        Back to square one.

    • dan

      again with the restrictions on the 99% of the lawabiding….
      how about drug tests on Congress…and the POTUS…and federal workers

      • Ted Crawford

        May the fates prevent that Dan ! ! The resultant disruption of our Governmental body would, instantly render us a defenseless, prime target for any other Nation! In view of that, as a matter of fact, I’m surprized that Obama hasn’t implymented it, with himself and selected others exempt of course !

      • Brad

        And welfare recepients Dan!

    • DaveH

      Oh sure, let’s make Government even bigger, even more intrusive than it already is. Then wonder why we are becoming a third-world nation with more frustrated and violent people.

      • mark demmerle

        I live in a state that requires background checks and permits to own guns. Urinalysis is not going to increase government in my state. what it will do is red flsg those apicants that are taking antipsychotic medications. I am of the opinion that drug addicts or, those applicants taking antipsychotic medications should be permitted to carry loaded weapons in public. Mental illness, drug addiction and; alcoholusm are disrases. The article that prompted my comment mentions disease in its title hence my thoughts on the subject. I M a good shot and, I enjoy my S&W model 29-2 .44 mag revolver as much as I do my Ruger .308. I do not eant some loose canon shooting up a town and prompting the government to further its case against my 2nd amendment rights.

      • CZ52

        ” Urinalysis is not going to increase government in my state.”

        Ah but it will if for no other reason than the state will have to hire more people do do the tests, purchase and maintain the equipment for said tests, then hire supervisiors for the new department of urinalysis testing, etc., etc., etc..

      • Mark A. Demmerle

        I live in a state that has strict gun laws already. Adding the expense of a urinalysis test will not deter an applicant from paying to obtain the CCP nor will it require the police department to ‘staff up’, the same detective that is taking fingerprints can take the urine specimen. This is routine in the case of DUI arrests where alcohol is not involved. I train regularly with a S&W model 29-2 .44 mag and, a Ruger .308 gunsite scout, I’m a good shot too. I don’t want some loose canon ie.) drug addict, active alcoholic or, some out patient who decides to go off antipsychotic meds shooting up the town and prompting even more stringent gun laws or, repealing the 2nd ammendment and outlawing gun ownership entirely. These are my thoughts as they relate to an article titled ‘Gun Disease’. Addiction and mental illness are considered diseases.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican


    I do not condone any acts of violence (I am NOT a pacifist) and can only pray for the lost souls and the effects their love ones must now endure.

    So, what was the Constable doing in Texas this weekend? Why, he was delivering an “eviction notice,” that’s what.

    Anybody got a clue as to what is happening now, in the good ole USA?

    The people are out of work, we are starving, we have no clothes and no roof’s over our heads, that’s what!

    And, all the media can talk about is gun rights, mad-men (an English term for the insane), and how many rounds should be allowed in magazines.

    God have mercy for us all! (Some are deserving while others are not!)

    Bite me!

    • Ted Crawford

      Good Points, ALL !

      • eddie47d

        The Constable had a weapon so what good was it? The person being evicted was “protecting” his property and what he owned which most of you say you have a right to do. So maybe Ted should draw us a clearer picture instead of attacking progressives with unsustainable idiocy of his own.

  • Ted Crawford

    If these Doctors(?) wanted to research a real Social Disease, their time would be much better spent in the study of Progressivism ! Who knows, there might just be a cure for this devastating,debilitating, unsustainable Idiocy!

    • dan

      Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder . by Dr. Michael Savage….one of his best

      • Ted Crawford

        I feel no such vitriol for true Liberals Dan. My problems begin with Progressives. I view the Liberal view point as a necessary and vital balance point to extreme Conservatism.
        The problem there, of course, is the fact that so few true Liberals still exist. In fact Liberman may be the last surviving Liberal in Congress!

      • DaveH

        What is your definition of a Liberal, Ted?

      • cawmun cents

        Sorry Dave H,
        But on this I agree with Ted.
        The liberal doesnt necessarily have control issues,unless it is control of their deviant behaviors,but progressives feel the need to ontrol everything.
        Because they are control freaks,they have to micro-manage everything to absurdium.
        The problem becomes when they cannot control their need to control.
        I do not necessarily think that of liberals,but progressives….that is another story.

      • Ted Crawford

        I mentioned one in Joe Liberman, with whom I have areas of disagreement, another would be John Kennedy, with whom I also had disagreements. At least he understood how to grow an economy, by cuting taxes, nor raising them ! Yet another might have been Johnson, with whom I had expotentially more disagreement ! He understood how a proposed legislation should be considered, in view of the effects of improper administration not just from an idealistic viewpoint !

      • DaveH

        I haven’t known a Liberal yet who isn’t a Progressive. In my book they’re one and the same.

      • DaveH

        Are you guys possibly thinking of Classical Liberals?

      • DaveH

        And Ted, there is only one way to grow an economy — cut spending. Anything else is just a band-aid.

      • DaveH

        Cawmun says — “Sorry Dave H, But on this I agree with Ted”.
        No apology necessary, Cawmun. It makes no difference to me whether one of you is wrong or you are both wrong, lol.

    • 45caliber


      A good psyciatrist can help but only if the victim is willing to admit he has the problem. It’s like homosexuality; they pretend it is normal and expect everyone else to accept it that way too.

  • Marcel

    Typical crazy studies…so now carrying a gun may be a disease ???? that is crazy……..I say these are bad seeds with most of them being so from the word go…………I had the toughest upbringing as an orphan in catholic institutions.and this was long ago..some of the things that happened in there would be crimes today………but, I’ve never wanted to kill or hurt anyone because of it………so, please get off that disease thing

    • 45caliber


      I may be wrong but if carrying a gun is a disease, then carrying a spoon and fork to the dinner table is also a disease.

  • Jean

    I am a female. I took training in how to handle a gun and how to shoot. I used to be able to knock a man down, as it was unexpected. I can’t do that any more because of my advanced age. At 81 my muscles have retired. My only defense now is my gun. Thank God, I have never killed anyone.

    • dan

      atta girl, Jean…don’t let any punks mess with you,either. ..and no warning shots !
      (that’s for in the movies where the good-guy always wins)
      Be sure to get a bit of practice in at 5,10 and 15 feet…with either hand if you can.

      • 45caliber

        You are correct about warning shots. There are a FEW indicents where one might be handy such as stopping a fight between multiple people but if someone is attacking you, never use one. As I told my wife, shoot for the widest part and keep shooting until the gun is empty or the other is dead or gone.

    • Sirian

      Lord I pray you will never have to use your gun but if that need ever arrives, please, please, please – DO NOT HESITATE. If someone is charging at you, point towards him and squeeze off three rounds as fast as you can. Directly after, if the intruder is not lying on the floor dead, I can assure you, he will be heading out the door as fast as he possibly can. Grab your phone and call 911 immediately. You’re not alone Jean, my folks are turning 84 in October and if anyone tries to break in, without any doubt whatsoever, they will be carted out in a body bag. Thank God we have lovely gals like you that don’t take this type of problem lightly.

    • 45caliber


      I certainly pray that you will never have to shoot anyone. I don’t want you to be in a position where you might have to do it. But never let it bother you if you do. After all, YOU aren’t the one who chose to do it. Your attacker did – and he made you do it. HE placed his life in harm’s way, not you. If anyone is at fault, it is him. And if you aren’t at fault, simply pray that the Lord will forgive him and forget it.

  • Tom Cook

    The social disease regarding guns is the paranoia of liberals who are almost universally cowards and rely on abusive thug cops to protect them. The vast majority of us are the freedom loving Americans who are willing to take the responsibility of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from criminals knowing that police are not responsible for our protection, only enforcing the mostly unConstitutional laws of the various bureaucracies. Our reality is the abusive murderous tendencies of the police. Doctors who support gun control are the tiny minority of cowardly liberal stupid doctors; like all liberals (and queers who are almost all liberals) they are a small group who howl loudly and visibly.

    • eddie47d

      Doctors also have a stake in this “gun battle”. They patch up the victims of gun violence or direct them to the morgue.

      • 45caliber

        Not as many as they send there on their own.

      • phideaux

        Don’t confuse eddie with facts 45 it will make his widdle head hurt and he will get even cwabbier than usual.

    • eddie47d

      Where’s his facts Phildeaux?

  • 45caliber

    If gun ownership is like a disease pattern, following how it spreads, then Oblama must be a germ. After all, gun sales went up BIG TIME when he became President and so did ammo sales. And if he wins again this fall, I expect it to go up again. So … does that mean we need to eliminate the germ (him from the Presidency) since he causes gun sales??

  • Rob

    no guns no peace no securtiy
    know guns, know peace, know security.
    What are all of you going to do when the feds or UN come knocking on your door to let you know that your constitution is GONE!!!
    no knock raid confiscate your guns and do not collect $200.00
    Go straight to FEMA DEATH CAMP for reeducation or death.
    sound inviting?How come all of the people that think you should give up your guns normally have a standing army that will never be disarmed? They will soon be deployed on the street (martial law)
    Yeah you can have my [expletive deleted] guns! When they are empty

  • TML

    “One recent study found firearm owners were more likely than those with no firearms at home to binge drink or to drink and drive”

    Non Sequitur

    “Gun ownership — a precursor to gun violence — can spread “much like an infectious disease circulates,”

    One could also say that Liberty spreads like a disease.

    This is nothing more than political psuedo-science

  • gunner689AI

    If guns are a disease then it’s time to cure the causes:
    illegal drug usage
    broken homes
    lousy parenting
    violent movies, music, and video games
    God and patriotism taken out of public schools
    lack of school discipline
    repeat violent offenders and short prison terms
    make prisons hard labor; rock pile.
    Political Correctness that turns the population into sheep.

    Thanks to groups like the ACLU we’ve become an immoral Godless society that has no allegence to anything but self and gang affiliation. We are reaping what we’ve sowed.
    The gun is an inantimate object, a tool, that must be used by a person to work. It’s like blaming the spoon because Hillary is fat.

    PC is BS

    • Average Joe

      gunner689AI ,

      After reading your list of of dieases, I can only deduce that or problems and cures can be summed up in one word…Government.

      Out of control (Un- Constitutional) Government is the problem and elimintaing that same out of control Government is also the cure for what ails this country. To believe otherwise is pure folly.

      Vote for America!
      Vote for Ron Paul 2012!
      Our last, best hope to save our nation from total destruction!

      Best Wishes,

  • http://PersonalLiberty Chris

    Now if we start calling what ever is bad a disease, then the nation has a pandemic with speeders syndrome or disease. Doesn’t this take more human life than guns? Speeding causes more inattentive driving. People who violate the traffic laws are more likely to drink and drive, violate other laws and disregard other peoples safety. While we’re looking at this ow about dumb ass disease which covers about all of it including people who don’t live in the real world such as the people who thought up this [expletive deleted].

  • Liberty4Me

    Let’s look at how the anti-gun progressives have killed people. No guns allowed in or around shools so we end up with Virginia Tech and Columbine. No private guns allowed on military bases so we have Fort Hood. No guns allowed to carry in a bar so we have 17 people injured in Tuscaloosa, Alabama after a gunman opened fire in a downtown bar. So far in 2012, more people have been killed in the anti-gun city of Chicago than the number of US servicemen in Afghanistan. While it is illegal to carry in NYC, the Wall Street Journal reported that the NYPD recorded 730 shooting incidents this year alone and that is just up to July. Guns dont kill people, progressive nut jobs kill people by creating target rich gun free zones that the criminals love.

    • eddie47d

      Most of us living in the Columbine area still don’t want guns in that school or any other school. NYC has a problem because of gun runners from the south. In Tuscaloosa dance hall or any city most people don’t carry a gun when dancing. You can figure that out yourself. The Aurora shooter was totally legal and showed everyone how easy it is to obtain weapons and ammo. There was also another recent incident in Tuscaloosa where a woman who had a CC permit drove up to her husband and plugged him full of holes. Read up on CC permit holders for they don’t always have good intentions. So apparently there are a few “normal people” who are nutjobs Liberty4Me.

      • 45caliber


        So you live near Columbine? Really? Or are you just including yourself among the few there against guns instead of criminals?

      • The Christian American

        I the early 50′s when I went to school in Brooklyn NY, the school had a rifle team which I was part of. I carried my rifle to school, sometimes without a case on trolley car. In my years in school no one was shot. I got my first rifle by selling salve advertised on comic books when I was 10. No one complained about guns in the hands of minors. The only thing that’s changed is our moral compass.

      • eddie47d

        I lived less than a mile from Columbine. All polls in Colorado show the majority believe than everyone has the right to protect themselves and the majority believe in strict restrictions. At least with semi’s,automatics and magazines. What gives you any reason to suspect anyone is gun ho for criminals?

  • Average Joe

    I find it interesting that the “researchers” want to equate gun violence to so many different “imagined” social issues, such as violent video games, media exposure, alcohol etc; but none seem to want to discuss a very real issue affecting tens of millions of people around the world today…constant exposure to REAL WAR. Constant exposure to real war tends to de-sensitize people to the horrors of death and destruction.
    Does anyone remember during the Iraq war, when military enlistment dropped and the government decided to emplement “stop gap” measures?
    Does anyone realize that many of our enlisted men have served not one,not two, but several tours of duty in a combat zone?
    Does anyone not realize that eventually these same soldiers become desensitized to the carnage that surrounds them on a daily basis over long periods of time? (similar to EMT’s Doctors etc)
    This is not just a problem for Americans, this a problem for people around the world who are constantly exposed to these horrors….people in countries that…we (America) have invaded. The real reason for gun violence…”GOVERNMENT” around the world. Government is force.
    The government has set this up to play out this way…they have desensitized all of us towards violence and violent behavior.
    When the researchers cite video games and violent movies, they are citing imagined violence as causes. Most people realize that the games and movies are NOT real, but rather illusion…and that no actual violence has or is taking place (fake).
    On the other hand, being exposed to real war is not imagined or faked and what these people see,hear and do are stuck in thier psche for life and once desensitized, almost impossible to re-sensitze.
    If we must blame anyone for gun violence..blame our government officials who order us into combat against “imagined” enemies, while they sit in thier plush offices and watch from afar.Now that the government has created a “monster” they are afraid of that monster and wish to protect themselves…from that which they created in the first place and will stop at nothing to protect themselves….up to and including disarming us and eliminating us.

    “Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. Government is force; like fire it is a dangerous servant — and a fearful master.” —George Washington, 1797

    “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster

    “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
    Robert A. Heinlein

  • Honest Al

    Doc Sarvis says:
    August 14, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I don’t hear President Obama saying ANYTHING about taking our guns away.

    I guess you know that if he ever did, his term in office would end with just one term.

    • The Christian American

      Pelosi is paranoid about gun owners and brought that to Obama’s attention. Going against them is the quickest way to loose an election.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    I just learned I better be prepared to be invaded by the UN for trying to do a neighborly thing.I gave an old lady90 yrs old, a long time friend , a hand gun for her own protection. Some unsavory acting individuals moved into the neighborhood. .. And we at times enjoy a toddy or glass of wine now and again. Which of you libturds will be the ones to inform the Hillary gang?

  • Marcel

    Three cheers for Jean…you go girl !………….BTW, New York’s mayor also has to go.with his stance on guns and coke and his weird ideas…………

    • 45caliber

      Bloomy’s stance is not so weird. It is “You have to do what I tell you to do! I’m smarter than you are and I’m going to take care of you!”

    • The Christian American

      Bloomberg’s weird ideas originated with Caligula when he said: If I am man, then my subjects must be something else. If they are men, then I must be something more.


    This article is interesting. Doctors who, by the way, accidentally kill more people every year through operations and over medicating, have such a bias towards guns and like to be involved in the gun controversy are now claiming that science could be used to structure gun laws is a little self-serving I would think. I realize that they have horrible job of repairing people who are wounded or killed by guns but, they also serve people who are injured by Automobiles and other ways. The regulation of autos, drivers licensed and education have not reduced the problem of deaths or injury but only serve as a tax tool for states, politicians and the control of peoples lives. Society as a whole has many more problems than guns that take peoples lives and this fact will never change. Liberalism for example, is a mental decease in it`s self because of the desire to control everyone and make them live in a self imposed ideological utopia and humans are not made to live that way. Weapons of destruction will always be available in one form or another and the killing of each other will always be a way of life. If guns were eliminated world wide the desire would still be there for selfish reasons and the killing would continue. So, lets be real physiological analysis of each person or a group of people will never be the answer pure and simple. For the last 60 years or so the liberal mentality has taken over the mindset of the US population through feel good laws, feel good emotions and other feel good programs. In the mean time other people (Lawyers and Lawmakers)strive to make a profit from these ideals and twist the facts there by making and changing laws to meet their goals and perpetuate their status. This results in allowing some people to do the dirty deeds they do because there is no real consequences applied to their personal being (short incarceration, no death sentence etc). A gun is only a convenience weapon and an inert device that by it`s self causes no harm just like a knife, bomb, poison or human hands until put to use buy a demented person. So, who really causes death a weapon or a person. We need to educate people and or punish the criminal not regulate the gun.

  • Steve

    Hey dumba$$, what is a mega-clip? Oh yee of the gifted intellectuals that have no clue the difference between a magazine and a clip.

    You know who I’m talking about.

    • The Christian American

      Semi auto guns are something the ammo manufactures lobby for. With a semi auto people are more inclined to shoot without being sure of their target. Shoot first. With single shots and bolt guns people check before they shoot. This has been proven with amount of rounds fired in wars. In WW1 I believe there were something like 11,000 rounds fired for every hit. By the time Viet Nam came a round, there were over 250,000 for every hit. We could of bought the guns from the Viet Namese and given everyone of them enough money to go home and retire. Professional hit men use 22 revolvers. They want one shot kills and no brass on the ground. People buy guns to make them believe they are something they are not. R and X rated movies are a major contributor to violence but we don’t want to go there.

  • vicki

    If gun violence is a disease then the 2nd Amendment is the cure. It’s that easy.

  • wallace

    i think the last time the cdc got involved in gun control, it was pointed out that you more likely to be harmed by your doctor than by a gun. right after that came out they stopped talking about gun control. it’s time to remind them.

    • 45caliber

      You are right. I’d forgotten that myself until you reminded me.

  • The Christian American

    There is a problem with gun ownership. I’ve been in the gun business since 1955 and have found in many cases gun ownership parallels a breakdown in morality. Back then moral responsible people were by and large the gun owners. The fringe immoral and amoral were there but not to the extent they are today. Look at a gun book from the 50′s and 60′s and look at one today. Then it was hunting, sport shooting and collecting was all gun books were all about. Today? They call it “defense” guns but how many are purchased with offense on buyers mind?

    This presents a dilemna. We need our guns for the reasons Jefferson stated, our last line of defense against a tyrannical government. When you have an immoral and amoral government it comes down to who is going to give up their guns? The only solution is a repentance to God on both parties and a return to morality. Without that guns will be the solution by both sides, and that’s where we are heading. The first sign of illegitimacy in government is the governments fear of the people and the people’s fear of the government.

  • Alex

    Every four or three days now, another American uses Teabagger Sharon Angle’s ‘Second Amendment Remedy’ to express his “Freedumb”…

    • Opal the Gem

      And you use your first amendment remedy to make another usless stupod comment.

      • eddie47d

        Your reply is a worthless Gem too Opal!

      • Opal the Gem

        Ah eddie but even you admit it is a Gem unlike yours and his which are what I avoid stepping in when I walk thru the cow pasture.

  • Joey Biden

    I used to consider doctors intelligent problems solvers. Now I rank them down at the bottom with the liberal fruitcakes. What a bunch of BS.

  • 45caliber

    The sad thing is that most doctors have little problem with guns. It is the few vocal liberal ones that do – and those are the ones the liberal press chooses to report about as if they represented all doctors.

  • Thinking About

    For a site which seems to promote personal freedoms, why is there so much effort placed on attempting to limit all personal opinions. Don’t expect any more than you give. We live our vehicles but for safety speed limits are placed in outer to preserve life. The same should apply with weapons. When is NRA going to rise to the occasion to deal with the reality of assault weapons killings?

    • Mark A. Demmerle

      The kind of weapon makes no difference. A person with the urge to kill will use any other means besides an assauklt weapon if there is no access to one, a chainsaw for instance.

    • JeffH

      Thinking About nothing rational says “When is NRA going to rise to the occasion to deal with the reality of assault weapons killings?”

      My God you are about as smart as a rock. Do just a little research before you put your ignorance on display.

      The FBI’s 2009 Report “Crime in the United States” is now out. The headline: overall crime is down across the board. And what’s this? Rifles account for 2.55 percent of all U.S. murders. Here’s the data dump.

      Total murders………………………13,636…..100.00%
      Firearms (type unknown)………..1,928……14.14%
      Other weapons……………………….1,864……13.67%
      Edged weapons………………………1,825……13.38%
      Hands, feet, etc…………………………801…….5.87%

      FBI: Violent Crime Rate Dropped 6.5% in 2010 Compared to 2009

      Gun ownership is up and crime is down. “According to the FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report released today(June 11 2012), the nation experienced a 4.0 percent decrease in the number of violent crimes and a 0.8 percent decline in the number of property crimes in 2011 when compared with data from 2010

      Assault weapons are not the weapons of choice among drug dealers, gang members or criminals in general. Assault weapons are used in about one-fifth of one percent (.20%) of all violent crimes and about one percent in gun crimes.

      Florida State University Criminologist Gary Kleck estimates that less than 0.5% of all violent crimes involve “assault weapons”

      University of Texas Criminologist Sheldon-Ekland-Olsen estimates 1% of homicides involve military style rifles.

    • vicki

      Thinking About doesn’t and says:
      When is NRA going to rise to the occasion to deal with the reality of assault weapons killings?”

      I may not be the oldest person here but in all my days I have never heard nor read about assault weapons jumping up and running around killing people. In that recent shooting in Colorado the police arrested a human not an assault weapon.

      So do tell us again about these mysterious killings of yours.

      • eddie47d

        Vickie only believes in exceptions in what she favors.

  • firefight

    CZ52 says…….
    ““Wish I cold find the article I read a while back about a Scandinavian country that houses prisoners on farms and has them doing all the work, including gardening and taking care of animals.”

    Karolyn, the US used to do just that in many places but the courts have mostly put a stop to it as “cruel and unusual punishment”.”

    The reason for this action is because most politicians never worked themselves and thus, any kind of labor is considered “cruel and unusual.”

    If you look toward Phoenix, Arizona, you will see that this is the common thing with that Maricopa County Sheriff. What this country needs is PRODUCTIVE people. We do not need LEACHES. Anyone who draws a single cent of my hard earned money should have to do the same…….work for it. We need to bring back the C.C.C camps and the programs that provided us with a return on those tax dollars. Instead, they provide us with zero while providing the crooked politicians with voters.

  • Jay

    Probably fewer than 2% of handguns and well under 1% of all guns will ever be involved in a violent crime. Thus, the problem of criminal gun violence is concentrated within a very small subset of gun owners, indicating that gun control aimed at the general population
    faces a serious needle-in-the-haystack problem.

    – Gary Kleck, “Point Blank: Handgun Violence In America”



  • John

    Ban illegals having guns, liberals, communist, muslims, metal patients under care of anyone who treat any of their stress and conflicts.Ban Noah gun ammo ban Homeland security buying more that 450 million rounds of 40 S&W handgun ammo,ban all U.N. gun control measures, ban brady group stupid law,kill atf , see www. Nazi gun law copy base on 1968 gun control Law.

    • eddie47d

      Since you sound like a rabid mental patient I suspect you are included?

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