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U.S. Aid To Egypt Has Benefited American Businesses

February 4, 2011 by  

U.S. aid to Egypt has benefited American businessesAs violence erupted in the streets of Egypt this week, some Americans have raised concerns about the government's aid to its Arab ally.

According to The Boston Globe, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports that American taxpayers have funneled more than $60 billion into Egypt since President Hosni Mubarak came to power in 1981. Approximately $34 billion came in the form of grants that required Egypt to purchase American-made military equipment.

Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit government watchdog group, claims that more money should have been directed toward the nation's economic development, which may have helped prevent the recent turmoil.

"When you think about the aid, a large portion of it is very self-serving. It gets funneled right back to the United States," Bill Allison, editorial director at the Sunlight Foundation, told the news provider.

Although the government's aid to the Egyptian military has remained steady over the last decade — at about $1.3 billion per year — the civilian economic assistance has dropped at a rate of about $40 million per year, according to the CRS.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Representative Kay Granger (R-Texas), the chairwoman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on state and foreign operations, has urged fellow lawmakers to use caution when deciding on future aid for Egypt. Although many critics have called on the U.S. to relinquish its funding, Granger said that Congress must look at the bigger picture — Egypt's peace agreement with Israel and its influence in the Middle East — rather than hastily respond to recent events. 

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  • Ted Crawford

    With things so up in the air in Egypt some would cut the funding. I believe that would be a mistake. The House can pass their funding bill, I believe that, that vote must happen soon. It will take the Senate some time to get to their vote. Perhaps we will have a clearer picture by then.
    Should the outcome put in place a government still friendly with us cutting off the funding would hurt us in many ways. As pointed out by the artical much of that money is spent here, that helps our economy and creates jobs. Secondly it at least buys us a seat at the table in Middle East affairs.
    Should Israel feel themselves isolated and under attack from a large group of unified Islamic nations,…well their are, after all, a nuclear nation! I’m sure that they don’t count on much help from our current administration, and they will not go down without a fight!

    • Dogma-Free ‘The Trinity’

      @Ted Crawford – I’m sure you’re not alone in thinking that would be a mistake.

      I think Dick Cheney and his Halliburton cronies would also agree with you, and any of the other corporations that profit from war and conflict around the globe.

      As for what it would do to the economy, well…I’m sure the government would somehow find another way to spend the money, and of course, if you vote Republican OR Democrat, they’ll find a way to line their own pockets in the process.

      I still personally believe that voting independent might be our only break from that corruption – at least for a little while – until the corporations can get to them, and sway them too…either through ‘donations’, or maybe force/coercion.

      Losing control is what they fear most, I would think.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    It just makes me wonder who will come to our aid when the streets erupt with protesters, not unlike Egypt?

    • Lastmanstanding

      Robin, as you already know…there will be none.

    • Gerrold in CA

      I will, and many more like us. Myself, my wife, and both kids are well trained in defense, survival, and med. Our objective in a disaster is to help as many possible. There are millions of Americans just like us training for the “what if”.

      If you would like to be part of the solution rather than the problem, please visit FEMA’s website and read some emergency planning tips. There are many private groups who would assist you in training & purchases.

      Stay Prepared.

      • Dogma-Free ‘The Trinity’

        @Gerrold – I’m certainly not doubting your unrivaled expertise in outdoor survival, self-defense, first-aid, and just general McGyver-y…but I’m curious as to *where* you think you would actually go, in the case of a ‘what if’ that you refer to…

        I’m also curious as to exactly what these ‘what if’ scenarios look like in your mind…

    • dr reality check

      It’s happened to us lots of times. In 1967 and 1968 our cities were on fire across the country in race riots with lots of causalities. Our best leaders have been shot and sometimes assassinated over the years. We’ve lost wars. The result? We’re still standing. Egypt has been around for over 6000 years, and will continue. Change is the only constant and people still survive.

  • J.M.R.


    • Lastmanstanding

      Right on JMR. while we’re at it, let’s cut funding to every organization in the good ole USA. No more farm subsidy,no more amtrak, no more money to education and the unions

      • J.M.R.


    • dr reality check

      JMR, we’re not feeding the world, we’re killing it. The vast majority of our foreign aid is to prop up brutal dictatorships, which then turn against us when they have a revolution, as in Iran. All non-humanitarian foreign aid (which has to be less than 1%) should be cut off immediately.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’ll give you a reality check. guess who is bidding on defense contracts lately??? China! Partnering with a failing aeronautics firm here in the US, they are bidding on such contracts as trainer jets to train new pilots in super sonic flight, even to replacing the aging airforce one fleet!! This really makes a lot of sense, now doesn’t it?? what’s to stop them from designing a “kill” switch in the trainers or airforce one?? They send up a code and bada bing! the president goes down! Send up a code and badda bing! no new pilots!! This is pure insanity!!! Why don’t we all just do ourselves away and leave it to the Chinese, that way it’ll save us from having to see our kids and grand kids go down in flames!! Just shows you how STUPID these people can be!!

  • Mike

    So we are sending aid to them so they can buy our military goods.
    How does that do any good?
    Why not just keep the money in our own country instead of foreign Countries having it to give some of it to corrupt governemnts.
    Stop taking care of other countries and start taking care of the people in the United States Of America.
    Arab countries have oil to sell we don’t. Let them sell us oil a half the price and just maybe we would give them a small amount of aid.
    Cut foreign spending by 50% and save the America econmy!


    • eddie47d

      Many Conservatives are anti- welfare yet will pour billions into these dictator type regimes.The majority of this money goes to military hardware or police equipment which always gets used against it’s own people. You criminalize these governments where they wouldn’t resort to these tactics without that aide.It’s time to evaluate our generosity and start pulling a good portion of that money back home. I am pro-Israel (and also pro-Palestinian State) yet these countries need to start the withdrawal process of our money.

      • theholtzcat

        Egypt is a strategic asset of great importance;and most of the oil from the persian gulf passes through the suez canal, which the musilem
        brotherhood has alredy said should be shut down; and gas turned off to israel and start a war.
        My question is this. How will the economies of the US and the west be affected by a take over by radical islaim:and will it start a war with israel?

        • eddie47d

          Most of the oil we get goes around the Cape of Good Hope/South Africa. The tankers have been too large for the Suez for many years. If Egypt turns into an Iranian style government then yes there will be trouble for the Suez (at least for awhile)and also trouble for Israel. I support change in Egypt at least democratically. We can’t choose for them except to encourage them not to accept any extremist policies. I strongly think the oil in the Middle East is theirs not ours and we have to stop thinking that it is. We are still the bread basket of the world and all Arab countries depend heavily on our food products. (not alot of food grows on their sand piles)We have something they want and they have something we want. We can survive without their oil but they can’t survive without food. Funny how you never hear about that.

        • dr reality check

          Holtz, Israel is not part of the United States and certainly pays us no respect, gratitude or even acknowledgment. They spend much of their energy, including domestically, offending everyone including each other, and cannot be a consideration in our foreign policy. As for Egypt, the surest way to an Islamic dictatorship is for us to continue to support it’s doomed dictatorship; it may already be too late.

  • Gerrold in CA

    Here we go again feeding hi-tech military hardware into the hands of our enemies. we should have learned from Iran, Iraq, Afghanasta, but nope….we are stupid and never learn.

    Anyone have a crystal ball. How long have we been feeding Pakistan hi-tech military hardware and when will they turn against the US?

    • Gerrold in CA

      correction – “Afghanistan” , sorry, typing too fast.

  • Ellet

    If the Egyptians want FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY they had better get as far away from the Muslim Brotherhood as they can. If they don’t the brotherhood will take them back the the dark ages like the rest of the Muslim world.

  • http://com i41

    Cut the damned UN first, a nest of dictators and snaky scum bags. Go after any puke envior smuck who lays an eggs over using our own crude, instead of hand over billions a day to the muslim perverts in the sand dunes. We need to kick Onumnutts organzation the EPA into oblivian. With in one year we would have China paid off by selling our crude oil to them and have 125 billion in our Treasury. Realize it doesn’t fit in with Onumnutt’s and the Soros Socialists Democrats disruction plans for the economy.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I see where Alaska is gonna miss Sarah real soon. The gas pipeline she penned the deal on is now in danger of being shut down unless the oil companies that have the rights can come up with contracts for carriers and shippers by next month!!

  • s c

    Since America got into the perpetual wars for perpetual peace business, we have had an uncanny ability to pick the wrong friends in countries across the world. It needs to be said that this happens with the questionable blessing of BOTH major parties, and anyone who thinks this party or that is responsible for sticking us with another foreign aid money pit is as screwy as their half-assed leaders.
    It also needs to be said that the price for trying to save the world, trying to be the world’s cop or trying to “bless” all countries with democracy is insanity. What it does is to prove that the major part of America’s reputation is based on
    ‘screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t.’
    How long will America fall for false leadership, being manipulated or being the world’s useful idiot every time we fall for another “make a friend” ploy?

  • norman sudduth

    1.3 billion dollars annually to egypt. Thats a nice number, but for the US taxpayer is it a profitable investment. Sure the military-industrial complex made a profit,but did the US taxpayer. Did that 1.3 billion dollars produce enough revenue to yield a Federal tax return to recoup the $1.3 billion? Remember, the $1.3 billion was borrowed money the tax payer will have to repay somehow.
    After all is said and done , i doubt the US taxpayer came out to the good.

  • Anne of Oz

    HMmmm, I find the financial figures very interesting.. USA has given $60 BILLION in aid to Mubarack since he came to power in 1981.. Today I read that Mubarack has amassed a personal fortune of $70 Billion, held in overseas banks, real estate in New york etc… corrupt to the core, what the hell does anyone need that much money for.. i’d say he’s robbed the nation!

  • jopa

    Anne of Oz The fortune amassed by Mubarack is in the neighborhood of 40 to 70 billion dollars.The USA has given Egypt $60 Billion in his reign as a dictator for 30 years.Doesn’t it look a little fishy with a personal fortune similar to American aid and grants.When Sarah Palin heard this she even had her Muslim name of Sahara Abduhl Palinarack copyrighted.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      and jopa’s real name is jopallah Musharia so he didn’t even have to change his!!

  • http://com i41

    Anyoneremember what the greasy Arofat, the Palistine terrorist got away with. He played the UN and USA like twin fiddles, also any other organization dumb enough to write him a check. After the Olymic hostages were killed, there was Isreal officer that said he should have shot the pig on the side of a ship when he had the chance. It would have a lot of his country’s children and the world many problems. JoeH, the gas pipeline was supposed to come down thru Canada and go to a center hub in Gillette Wyo. The big but is the E pA and the f–king Soros Socialist Democraps along with Onumnutts totally shut it down in 2009, along with coal mining, in favor of the envior green crap. There would not been a need of tankers and carriers, In 2007 there was a slow down on the buil of the hub dispersement hub and everyone got a heads up. The BS of wanting clean power, USA had another braindead bastard in the whitehouse that banned anty dilling or increased use of natural gas, any d–kbird democrat, Peanuts Carter, remember the idoit who created the Dept of energy and drive 55 and tear down refineries. Let the damned democraps touch anything and it turns to s–t. As the comment in the oil patch and coal mining workers, dems turn every business plan to s–t, just look at their zippers and their lips. We have had how many business and home owners go broke, we keep losing jobs everyday, a 30,000 a month supposedly job increase, when unemployed people aren’t counted, talk about statistics lying. The pipeline installation wages run at $25-32 for operators.Why the jug reared idoit cann’t get thru that nappy head of his it would employ over 100,000 per pipe line installation crew, between soros socialist democrats and Onumnutts job creation is a blank spot twix the jug ears

  • Paul Roth

    Peace requires economic growth. The US shoul be guarentee bonds to pay for the Suez Canal if USA made euipment is used to widen and deepen to allow passage through the Suez canal of the supersized oiltankers and container ships. The reduced transportation costs will be good for consumers and provide fees to amortize the debt.
    A deal should be made with Syria to create new land as an island or pensular on its coast line as a replacement for the area of the Golan Heights
    A a mult-mode rail road should be built from Alexandria to Cario and another rail road from Alexandria and to the beliow sea level depresssion with an area of about 2500 square mile loacated about 25 mile from Alexandria and about 20 miles from the coast.

    If flooded that area could easily suport an urban region of 20 million people. I propose Murbark be put in charge implementing these projects. What a great legacy for him! A new and better job to replace his current job as president of Eygpt.
    Iand for Peace. Egypt should lease land adjacent Gaza Strip to the PLO in exchang for peace Also lease land to Israel for expansion of Eliat. with Israel . Increase the area if Hamas makes peace with Israel

  • jopa

    i41 Yassir I do remember Arafat.Why do you insist on using bad language.I was always told when a person swears it is a sign of ignorance and that the person swearing uses that time to figure out the rest of what they want to say.That is in speech, but in typing there is no reason for it.Just start off your messages by saying “I am mad”and continue.When I watch a movie or listen to a comic and they start swearing I hit the off button.Totally unnecessary.It will make you a better man or woman I am not sure what gender you are.

  • Treah

    I am doing a persuasive essay on this topic! I am only four-teen so this is quite confusing to me. i uderstand a little bit but i do not understand why we helped Egypt in thr first place. I mean in the past when we have helped other countries they turned on us!! So why did we give them eguiptment? Why did we give them money? If we get into a war with Egypt then what are we going to do? I personally do not think we can affford another war especially with Obama in charge!! Plus they are closing NASA down last I heard!! So why are we doing all this for a country that could turn on us? I am not bias but they could really hurt this country and I think it is hurt enough for a long while!!!!


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