UPDATE: California Cops Who Shot Dog Pulled From Street Duty


Three Hawthorne, Calif. police officers have been taken off patrol duty after the department received a deluge of threats from outraged Americans who watched a video of at least one officer shoot and kill a Rottweiler belonging to a man whom they were arresting – for videotaping them – last week.

Another spectator’s video of the shooting went viral, amassing nearly 900,000 views on Youtube (so far), and the officers involved in the shooting began receiving death threats and angry emails, phone calls and Facebook postings.

Department spokesperson Lt. Scott Swain said the decision to take the cops off the street wasn’t meant as a disciplinary measure – rather, he said, it’s for the officers’ own safety.

“There’s been death threats,” Swain told Daily Breeze. “You’d like to believe that maybe some of the people are just venting, but then you’ve got to be realistic – there are crazy people out there.”

The department’s website was even hit with a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack credited to Anonymous, the computer hacking activist collective, which had threatened exactly such an action after calling the cops’ behavior “unacceptable.”

Read more about the shooting, and watch the (upsetting) video in its entirety, here.

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  • manuel

    I would be willing to bet real Murcan money, these turds are drawing full pay till this heat blows over and then they are back on the streets. They should be tried in a court of law, but of course, they are themselves thugs with badges and guns, so who will swear out the warrant? Plus, what local judge would convict the boys in blue for killing a rogue dog?

    • Walt wenger

      These “police officers” are the criminals here. What about possible ricochets and any wounds or deaths caused by them. We need to forbid the “police” from possessing or using any firearms. This citizen was doing nothing to have had him imprisoned without cause. Remember — the US Supreme Court has already ruled that videotaping the police in the exercise of their duties is a protected right under the Constitution. These “police” were violating this citizen’s Constitutional Rights as upheld specifically and clearly by the US Supreme Court and they should be imprisoned for doing so!

      • US White Trash

        Let us hope that the owner will sue them and that the gutless Hawthorne City Council will approve a settlement with lots of zeros after the crooked number. Then they can approve an increase in property taxes to cover the money lost. Remember: today’s police are wannabe head breakers for the wealthy. These are merely boys auditioning for their wealthy puppet masters. Someday they may get to be HHS or FBI thugs which will be a dream come true for them since no one from the FBI or HHS ever gets a bad mark after a shooting….

  • Dr. Leonardo Cannone

    Mr. Swain commented: “You’d like to believe that maybe some of the people are just venting, but then you’ve got to be realistic – there are crazy people out there.” Yes there are crazy people out there. What’s really scary is when they wear a uniform carry a badge and a gun, as do the officers that shot the dog. They should be fired, prosecuted and certainly given a psychiatric evaluation.

  • William James Ward

    It makes me wonder just what the dog did to be shot to death, it
    may have barked at the police for taking over it’s master who
    seemed upset as my dog would be under similar circumstances.
    Dogs protect their owners….thinking on it if it was me they would
    have been better off shooting me, kill my dog and it’s war. In the long
    past a man threatened my dog who was minding his own business,
    the man was afraid of the dog, quickly the dog became the least of
    his worries…………I think a firing is in order…………………..William

  • Deerinwater

    Well, I would think that there is a better way then destroying an animal.

  • JRR

    Good. Between the Muslims and the police, there will be no dogs left in America if Americans don’t force this issue.

  • jdn

    Back in the early 80’s I got an Akita pup and had it in the back yard . He was about 6 months old and I heard him screaming , so I went outside to see the meter reader spraying him with pepper spay . I yelled at him and asked him what he was doing spraying a pup . He said the power company policy was to spray all dogs to make sure they don’t bite . Well , After he had his butt completely kicked including a drop kick to the crotch while he was down on all 4’s . He was informed that it was my policy to be waiting for him every month with a repeat performance and a bonus show every time I saw him in public . With that said imagine what would happen to a cop that kills my dog .

  • TheSilverRanger

    Always remember rules 3-7 of the internet Hawthorne coppers.

    3. We are Anonymous.

    4. Anonymous is legion.

    5. Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget.

    6. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.

    7. Anonymous is still able to deliver.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Keep these cops off the streets! THEY ARE “the crazy people out there”!

  • independent thinker

    One could make the argument the dog was not properly restrained since the car windows were left down and there is a very very small legitimacy to that weak argument. However, if the guy had rolled the windows up even leaving a crack for air circualtion he would most likely have been charged with animal cruelty and felony animal cruelty if Kalifornia has that.

  • dan

    I’m beyond outraged….if cops are afraid,let them stay in their car
    but an uncontrolled cop with a gun is more dangerous than
    any dog…and they don’t want to know my policy towards bullies and gangs
    (even IF they have badges and such)

  • Fedup

    Those S.O.B.’s should be fired permanently and sued to bankruptcy!

  • Ted Crawford

    Let’s see; Jerry Brown, Barbra Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barbra Lee, Sam Farr, Grace Napolitano, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Eric Stalwell, Susan Davis, with representation like this , Californian’s expect an in control, disiplined body of Law Enforcement?!?! If that’s what you want, you’ll need to vote very, very differently!

  • JimH

    Our spoiled rottenweiler is protective of her people.
    If the dog perceived the officer to be a threat it will protect its owner.
    The dog shouldn’t be punished for doing what dogs do.
    Our dog would stand down if her people were given a chance to reassure her. My experience with police lets me know the chance wouldn’t be given.

  • garygerke

    These so called policeman will eventually cause the people to turn into vigilantes for justice!!!!!!