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UPDATE: 26 Killed In Connecticut School Shooting

NEWTOWN, Conn., (UPI) –  A New Jersey man went to his mother’s kindergarten classroom in Newtown, Conn., Friday and opened fire, killing his mother and two dozen others, police said.

Ryan Lanza, 24, of Hoboken, clad in a bulletproof vest and carrying as many as four weapons, was found dead inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Preliminary reports indicated 26 or 27 people, including 18 children, were killed at the school in the small, scenic town about 60 miles northeast of New York City.

“I saw some of the bullets going past the hall … then the teacher pulled me into her classroom. … It sounded like someone was kicking the door,” one child told reporters.

“I saw policemen — lots of policemen in the hallway with guns,” 9-year-old fourth grader Vanessa Bajraliu told the Hartford (Conn.) Courant. “The police took us out of the school. We were told to hold each others’ hands and to close our eyes. We opened our eyes when we were outside.”

State Police Lt. Paul Vance refused to confirm the number of dead at a news conference shortly before 2 p.m. EST. He said police were summoned to the school shortly after 9:30 a.m. and began an “active shooter search” of the building. He said the gunman was found dead inside the building and the scene is secure.

WNBC-TV, New York, reported Lanza went to the school after first killing his father in Hoboken. Vance said search warrants had been executed for the shooter’s home.

Roy Occhiogiosso, a spokesman for Gov. Dan Malloy, said the governor met with parents at a nearby firehouse. He said Malloy also had spoken with President Obama, who pledged whatever assistance is needed.

At least one gunman was involved, but a second man was in police custody, witnesses said.

“We ran down to the firehouse and there was a man pinned down with handcuffs on,” a young boy told CNN.

Three wounded victims were treated at Danbury Hospital, the Courant said. Two adults were found hiding in a closet in the school, CNN said.

CBS reported the preliminary investigation indicated 26 people were killed. ABC put the number of dead at 27.

Officers and teachers led children, many of them crying, single file to a staging area at a nearby firehouse where parents picked them up, the Courant reported.

“Who would do this? What kind of person would do this?” screamed a young man whose sister attended the school.

Another young man said his sister heard several loud booms, MSNBC reported.

The Newtown Bee reported numerous ambulance crews were on the scene but a triage nurse told CNN they were sent away.

“We were told there was nothing for them to do,” she said.

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  • JeffH

    The Federal Government is Guilty Accomplice in School Shooting in Newtown Connecticut
    There has been a horrendous mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. At this time, 27 people are reported dead, most of them children.

    This shooting is yet another tragic example of the failed, grotesque insistence on helpless victim zones where any crazed gunman can be assured of a large number of disarmed, undefended, helpless victims, all crammed into one place, where he can kill many children before an armed defender arrives from elsewhere. It is disturbing and sick that the federal government so hates the right of the American people to bear arms, and so hates their natural right to self defense, that the government insists on making them helpless, disarmed victims for anyone who cares to kill them. And in this case, all of the teachers and staff were willfully disarmed by the Federal Government, by force of law and threat of prison, to ensure that they would be disarmed and incapable of saving the lives of the children entrusted to their care.

    That makes the Federal Government complicit in the deaths of these children, and in fact an accessory to their mass murder, by forcibly disarming (with the very real threat of prison) all the teachers, all the staff, and any parent who may have been on school property. That stupid law guaranteed the shooters would meet no immediate armed resistance, which is exactly what is needed to stop such an attack.

    In such a shooting (as in every criminal attack), seconds count, and the people best positioned to stop the attack are the people on the scene – the intended victims and/or their care-takers. In this case, that would mean the teachers and staff of the school who were responsible for the well-being of those children, and also the parents, who should have the ability to save the lives of their own children as they take them to and from school.

    The police cannot, and do not arrive in time to stop such shooters from killing large numbers of people. They are a slow reactive force compared to an armed citizen on the scene. This should be common sense, as it is obvious that in the immediacy of a criminal attack, it is the intended victims (or their immediate care-takers) who are there, in position to put a stop to the attack, if they are capable. And being capable means being armed, trained, willing, and able to use deadly force, right then, right there. Anything less leads to what we saw here.

    But no doubt the rabid anti-gun government supremacists will use this to further their agenda to disarm the American people, totally ignoring that obvious, plain-as-day truth. Anti-gun nuts trust the government with guns, but not the people, and insist that the lowly citizen must be disarmed and helpless in the face of murderous assault, and must wait on slow responding armed government employees, who will not be there when the attack starts, and most often can only really clean up the horrendous crime scene afterwards and maybe, just maybe apprehend a shooter who has chosen not to kill himself (as they usually do).

    The bottom line is that these teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were incapable of keeping these children safe, and incapable of defending them. And one of the biggest reasons they were so incapable and unprepared to save the lives of the children entrusted to their care is because the anti-gun nuts and their fellow travelers in government insisted on disarming every adult in the vicinity, by threatening them with prison time – EXCEPT the gunmen, who don’t care about the law and thus were not disarmed. laws against carrying weapons in schools don’t stop evil men with murderous intent. Such laws only disarm the law abiding and virtuous, who are now rendered incompetent to defend the precious children in their care.

    This is disgusting. And yet another reason to home-school. Why would you want to leave your children helpless, in the hands of adults who are themselves helpless, and incapable of defending them, by government decree? For all we know, one of the teachers may have been a veteran, with the training and skill to use a firearm if one had been available. But all the teachers and staff, whatever their ability with firearms, were stripped of the choice and chance to save the lives of these kids.

    There are more good guys than bad guys in the world. But the good guys need to be able to stop the bad guys, and that means they need to be armed so they can stop the bad guys on the spot, without having to wait for “official” government approved good guys to respond. Trust the teachers with arms so they can save the lives of their students.

    Until the adults are allowed to actually act like adults, and defend themselves and their students, this kind of willful killing will continue to happen, and the federal government will in each case be a guilty party to the conspiracy by ensuring that the targets are disarmed.

    Until this changes, you should refuse to give your children over to government schools lorded over by a Federal Government so callous and indifferent to their safety and lives.

    Stewart Rhodes,
    Founder of Oath Keepers

    • jopa

      Read a lot on this particular subject matter lately and this is one of the more stupid articles to come out.Anyone on any given day can find a crowd and kill a lot of people if they desire.Having everyone walking around with a gun on their hip is just plain stupid and I think you watch too many westerns on TV that’s not the real world.I don’t know how to tell you this but Clint Eastwood is not really a cowboy.

      • JeffH

        jopa, quit with your stupidity already! Obviously you didn’t comprehend what the author pointed out in his article.

        “…it is obvious that in the immediacy of a criminal attack, it is the intended victims (or their immediate care-takers) who are there, in position to put a stop to the attack, if they are capable. And being capable means being armed, trained, willing, and able to use deadly force, right then, right there. Anything less leads to what we saw here.”

        I know it is you who drew a false conclusion with your “wild west & Clint Eastwood and everyone running around armed” analogy.

        What part of “…being capable means being armed, trained, willing, and able to use deadly force, right then, right there. Anything less leads to what we saw here.” did you not want to understand?

      • ron . r

        I agree jopa. The cowboy way will not work.

      • DaveH

        Only ignorant heavily propagandized Liberal Progressives can dispute what JeffH posted. It is a proven fact that the more people have guns, the less crime there is:

      • DaveH

        We can see that here:

        Note that the crime rates increased steadily while the gun grabbers were increasing their controls, and then “coincidentally” started declining as more and more states started Liberalizing their Concealed Carry laws. See link in next comment.

      • DaveH

        Concealed Carry Shall Issue Laws 1986 to 2011:

      • DaveH

        Also note that New Jersey, where the shooter came from, is #2 on the Brady Campaign list, and Connecticut, where the shooter did his dirty work is #5:

        The Liberal Progressive Gun Grabbers like Jopa and ron have those children’s blood on their hands.

      • CZ52

        DaveH don’t forget eddie.

      • Bungal

        It is interesting now we hear that the shooter had on bullet proof vests? BS! They are very expensive and we can be totally sure that report was from mentally immature adult liars in our media! I mean cowards in telling the truth.. Hey, I am here in your lying faces!

        We are told that a bullet proof vest is about 600 in the US? Are the Liberal media accusing the Mother? It seems to get better and better with our lying and mentally immature Liberal media! If we were there when these fool Liberals talk about what there media should report, instead of facts, we would be totally amazed! We know what they are thinking, will this be another attack on abortion, so-called right? They have no heart for these kids, NONE! The real world suggest that they know babies are in the womb and 2 people made them!

        I have one question for America! Why do we NOT hear that a man was involved in, what ends up as an abortion? It is the responsibility of the pregnant lady to make known the father! Yet we see Americans under the corrupt Obama plan have no right to know, but we have to pay? What is it? Yes, it is obvious with the father and the mother.. grow up and tell the Liberals and their lies, they are not going through this, YOU ARE!

  • The Christian American

    In trying to come up with a motive, there are are basic similarities beween Lanza and the Columbine shooters, that is, all of them were “Goths”, wearers of black that could easily be tied to Satan. In Columbine, they were into heavy metal which gave them the inspiriation to do what they did. I assume Adam Lanza was into that to and probably games emphasizing killing. They Colorado shooter got caught up in movies, Batmam in particular, which gave him his inspiration. As America throughs God out and welcomes Satan in, what do people expect? Americans have gotten a taste of their own medicine. We kill all over the world with our armies and drones and think nothing of it. Could this have been a message from God? My heart aches for the families of these children but they can find comfort in knowing their children are with the Lord. Until someone reaches the age of reason, should they die, they will go to be with Lord. After a person reaches reason is something else again. Are we mixing our fantasizes with our reality. Our fantasizes are just this. How many people do we see killed each week and call it “entertainment”?

    This has nothing to do with the availability of guns but everything to do with we use them. On the contrary, moral people should have guns and know how to use them, just in case. Blaming guns and ignoring the cause is either ignorant or trying to justify our actions so we can go on with these kind of actions that are the cause.

    Read Mark Twains “The War Prayer”. It’s on the net. Basically, the people are in church praying for their soldiers in time of war Their praying for the slaughter of the enemy and battle ribbons for their soldiers. Pride, Satan’s sin had comsumed them. They had forgotten that families and people were being destroyed and killed on both sides. As we glory in the killing of Arabs, maybe this will let us know how the Arabs feel when killer drones come over or soldiers come to their homes.

    • NativeBlood

      Here is what I gathered from watching 48 hours (a special presentation from a major network)
      1: The gunman was very young but of adult age. (20 years old)
      2: Parents divorced and boy stayed with mother.
      3: Mother was known to diminish father’s image regularly in the presence of the child.
      4: Public school could not deal with child’s early behavior in early age and may have diagnosed him with a spectrum of autism.
      5: Mother home schooled him. (the gunner)
      6: Mother was known to be a survivalist and purchased several weapons for residential defense. (that is how the network portrayed it.)
      7: A very emotional presentation from victim’s point of view and convincingly sorrowful situation about gun ownership.
      8: Boy (gunner) was kept isolated from outside stimuli (even from mother’s social life)
      9: Mother took boy gunner with her to practice fining weapons at the range.
      10:One morning, child got mom’s arsenal, walked into her bedroom and shot her in the face. Took the weapons to school, forced his way in and killed 20 kids and 7 adults

      Opinion, This affluently raised child was raised to resent his father severely and due to his mental illness, was kept secluded from any psychological help and he silently became an uncontrollable monster.

      I find it very odd that this comes out when it is critical during near riotous conditions in this fragile environment. The news media has screwed this story up with so many errors we will never know the real on this one. I reeks of ans smells like a false flag national disarmament gun control thing coming up. Already rumors that the child was not exposed to any moral fiber and a christian home. For lack of want to be called hateful or antisemetic, I will leave it there. Need a lot more facts becore one could ralistically comment on this tragedy. So was 911, OKC, and it is suspicious too.

      • CZ52

        Am I the only one who has noticed the two handguns that we were told for most of two days to be the weapons used in this atrocity has suddenly turned into one AR-15 style rifle?

    • Bungal

      Get ready for the next Communist attack on our freedoms. If you deal in words with Liberals, stupidity says Communism does not exist,, their words! It is so stupid it is unreal!

      It reminds me of children immaturity, suggesting what they want instead of the reality of what is! I am surely a “Born Again” Christian, but that has nothing to do with what is! It means I have life! We know Obama has came against our friends, Israel and has sent F-16′s to his Muslim Brotherhood! Want to know how this happened? It is the CIA with the unions! Florida and Ohio elections were fully corrupt! I had that info from my wife overseas! She said Obama will win and the election is corrupt.. She even mentions the States and this is the weekend before the election, She said Ohio and Florida were not honest and that the CIA and MOB were involved in it! God bless our freedoms and our rights, no matter what cowardly ignorance we face.

  • jopa

    I am not for a whole lot of gun control however their were 12,996 homicides in the US last year and of them 8,775 were committed with guns.Perhaps there should at least be a conversation or a mature debate on the subject with open minds.

    • DaveH

      You’d rather have them jumping off bridges or buildings?

      • DaveH

        Oops, pulled an Eddie there. At first glance I thought he said suicides.

        Note in the chart that homicide rates have been declining since 1991 which coincidentally was about the time that the Shall Carry Laws started sweeping the States:

      • DaveH

        Homicidal perps prefer that their victims are helpless.

    • DaveH

      And let’s be honest, Jopa. This has nothing to do with “mature debate” or “open minds” and every thing to do with a small majority of people, or even an aggressive minority of people, Forcing their way on the rest of us.
      If you want to be helpless, Jopa, then be helpless, but don’t Force the rest of us to posture as victims.

      • jopa

        Dave H; A small minority of wackos can do a lot of damage with an assault rifle that holds a clip of dozens of rounds.You don’t really strike me as to even being a gun owner like the survivalists,preppers and the sky is falling people on this site.I am willing to bet you are in the debate for the sake of argument.I don’t consider myself as being helpless, I just don’t happen to be foolish and I am much wiser than most.

      • Bungal

        Where did this boy get his bulletproof vest? We can be real about this instead of excepting Liberal lies, Did his Mother, who he took out at the first, give him the money? Or,are we lied to again by those who are immature in an adult body, or worse, do the Liberal Media see themselves as victims as the Englishman that reported on CIA and International Crime corruption? We remember he was killed by a radioactive isotope! He was killed as we remember and we can bet what he had will not be reported! They will mention the isotope because that is hospital confirmed! The MOB in the USA is so powerful only because of fear! We do not see investigations that should be ongoing! Type in FBI files “Freedom of Information Act” and get real facts about MOB controlling American Politics!

  • Bungal

    Does this have anything to do with our freedoms? It may support abortion on demand! What, after a father and mother name their born child, if they say, “welcome fetus?” Oops, wrong stage of the baby! I have a question for the mentally immature Liberals, did the shooter respect life or maybe he thought that the child should be removed?

    Is it not the fact that many want to say, “I am not responsible for what I do?” How can any mature and responsible parent think or suggest it does not have to do with being responsible for our actions? It had nothing to do with killing babes? I think the parents should tell you, you want to die too? These are so innocent, but what stage of development gives us the right to murder them? He did!

    I find it interesting that the Federal Government support of condoms, it did not and will not work,.. The boy that shot so many, he was in the stupid advice, Liberal system.. it does not work! We always hear from Liberals that the 50′s and 60′s restricted freedoms.. Okay, see what you fostered and all know you did! This boy did not kill those innocent children, your stupidity did! Accusation? No, I want reality and being a mentally immature adult will not allow any reality.,, Grow up, Liberal men. You are spiritually accountable.. and tell this to the NOW gang because whatever organization the Liberal immature make, the man is held accountable and you became a fool!


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