University Lecturer: ‘White Rage,’ ‘American Pie Hatred’ Responsible For 2010 GOP Victories


During a recent lecture, freshman students at the University of Wisconsin were informed that American values are rooted in “division, racism, sexism, classism” and that 2010 GOP victories were the result of “white rage” stemming from the 2009 election of President Barack Obama.

The remarks were made by SEIU political and organizing director Eyon Biddle, Sr., who was invited to the college as a guest lecturer.

Freshman Kyle Brooks, a member of UWW’s College Republicans, began recording Biddle’s diatribe following the lecturer’s suggestion that Governor Scott Walker was elected because racist white voters.

“The context of 2010 was, white rage. To be honest with you. White people having to pay for health care for blacks and browns and gays,” the lecturer said. “Racism, with the first black president. Like, you saw a bunch of American pie hatred just bubble up… [F]olks started voting against their own interests.

“What, you had white, blue collar males voting for Walker even though Walker’s policies are not for blue collar, white males.”

Brooks told Campus Reform that several students in the class were shocked by Biddle’s remarks.

“I’m very disappointed,” Brooks said. “What could have been a productive dialogue turned into a divisive rant smearing the conservative movement.”

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