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Unions hire non-union protesters?

September 7, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    It fits. Since unions are comfy being in bed with The Anointed One (and they’ll do anything to shore up their pension funds via “easy” government money), they can try and work on their credibility
    via what the CIA calls ‘plausible deniability.’
    Of course, this is the same as a career criminal using the talents of others to do their dirty deeds so they can remain ‘invisible’ and claim innocence. Remember, folks, when you hire others to try to make yourself look good, what you do will be documented. Labor unions have a long history that will never be above reproach, no matter how they vary their tactics – or redistribute someone else’s wealth.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      this should be illegal and the people that hired them should be jailed. the non-union people don’t have a pony in the race and shouldn’t be able to share in the spoils!! I’m not a union supporter and never will be for things just like this! They are more crooked than a twisted snake! The lazy azzes that don’t want to do their job are protected at the risk of the rest of the employees employment! those shops can only take so many non-producers before they have to close up!!! Then EVERYBODY suffers for a few!!!

    • Geoff Pace

      There has been only one ANOINTED in our planetary existence. Please do not mock the Lord by even approaching this moniker at all. I would sooner call #44 the “DISAPPOINTED one.” Or perhaps “The DISAPPOINTING One.”

      • Tea Party Tim

        Actually, King Saul and King David were annointed. There may have been others, but those two I don’t even have to do any research to name.

  • TIME

    Shut them all down, then place all the “leaders” in jail its called the RECO ACT. Do I need to spell this all out.

    Shut down all UNIONS, there are no good unions, they are all Marxist based. Lets clean up the country and do it right this time.

    • rhys

      Yes, lets abolish the biggest union of them all, the United States of America. Am I right?

  • eddie47d

    At least this union is hiring folks and that is alot more than we can say about this troublemaking interviewer and his ilk. Besides the union folks were probably working but still wanted to get their message across. That’s not bad at all considering how businesses hire scabs to break up unions. Let’s interview those shameful companies.

    • dan az

      Im sure you could work for the guy if you wanted to, but do you really want to? it would mean you would have to work for a living and pay taxes, so many are in need of your income right now,sharing is caring spread your wealth with us Ill sit back an watch while you work and open another beer on your behalf thanks bud for all your doing for us libs.

  • don l.

    I spent 15 years in local 151 elmira n.y. united states steel american bridge division, these people were not union people. Union people are not slobs. And they sure as hell aren’t socialists. at least the ones i worked with werent. nothing more than freedom lovers.

  • Barbara Burell-Bragg

    What A JOKE

  • Robert G

    So what? Just because people can’t join unions or organize as a working american does not mean we non union Americans can’t support unions. This is what having a union is all about, organized representation for the rights of employees.

    Many companies and news media report that union workers are overpaid. Well look at it the other way, non union workers are underpaid and treated and abused with contempt by their employers. People, the employees, sacrifice their lives and commitment and loyalty to a company creating their products and the employees do deserve some of the multimillion dollar profits that are reserved for the CEO’s.

    If a worker says he doesn’t deserve to share in his sweat and blood to build a company then he is a fool. He deserves no wages or income or job security. These are the people that don’t belong in the workforce of america.

  • Robert G

    Why is this Vincent Vernuccio so proud of putting americans of of a job? This whole news media report is nothing more than CEO’s defending thier turf with name calling and abusive disrespect for its employees. This man Vincent was also hired as agitator and trouble maker to disrupt the lives and rights of the employees. He is making a protest seem like an riot and he is the only one instigating a riot. Vicnect should be arrested for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. Hiring people and giving them a temporary job is doing more for the economy than Vincent is doing with all his ranting and raving and I’m sure he is being paid well over $8.25 an hour to do in creating an atmosphere of a riot where there is none.

    This man Vincent is clearly a man on the take who has no interest but his own and the company paying him to incite disorderly conduct.

    Putting non union workers to work is what a union does so why is the being portrayed as anything criminal? The criminals are in the news rooms talking to the cameras.

  • Mark C.

    This Vincent guy is a hypocrite and so are the union-busters that hired him to do their dirty deeds. This is typical modus operandi for union-busters, ie: to do their dirty work secretly and to make it look like they are innocent. Nothing could be further from the truth. For a look at how these union-busters operated in the old days one only needs to watch the movie “Matewan”, the story of the coalfield wars in the early 1900′s in West Virginia. This is how union-busters operated before our modern society made it impossible for them to do such horrific deeds including murder. Today, their tactics have shifted so that they are within the bounds of the law, and they are much more subtle and insidious, but their intent is still the same, ie: to own the lives of the slaves who they employ and to control every aspect of their life. These greed-mongering union-busters would have complete control if it were not for the brave men and women who formed our labor unions and fought against the greed-mongers and forced them to give the working man a sense of dignity, living wages, and benefits for them and their families. You might scoff at what I am saying here but, buddy, I have walked on both sides (union and non-union). I am 52 years old and this ain’t my first time around the block. The labor unions of this once-great nation is the people’s only hope for once again having a standard of living for the working man that is the envy of the world. I tell you the truth, greed-mongering corporations are not going to give you squat unless you fight for it through organizing within a labor union. I am a union-man forever.

    • Jon

      Good for you Mark, I’m glad you are making a good living for you and your family. you are correct that the unions were needed in the times that you are refering to, however, with the new labor laws that insued from these horrible times, meant a better life for all. Don’t get me wrong the laws are not perfect, but they do help protect the employee from corporate greed. The unions have as much greed as any corporation. they bleed these companys for hours that they don’t work, pensions and wages are that are too high for the skill involved that drives companys over seas. I know that some of these industries go to third world countries that use sweat shops to manufacture their product, again this is not right either and comes down to corporate greed. Look at the automobile manufacturing in the US. GM and Chrysler gets bailed out from the US government. One large reason is the extravagant pensions that now they can’t afford to pay. What is wrong with a corporate matching 401k with a profit sharing plan. This gives incentive to the employee to take pride in his/her work. The better the employee does, the profit the company makes and therefore gets rewarded for a job well done through profit sharing. Most automobile manufacturing in the US is from foreign car companys. Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda,and Subaru are all none union shops. They make a good honest living with the prementioned benefits. The unions believe that they have a right to the piece of the corporate pie, they don’t. If you want a piece of the pie, open your own business!!

      • Mark C.

        Jon, another way to say what you said is “government will protect the workers nowadays, so we do not need labor unions”. Jon, that is totally ridiculous. Just look at all the things government has done, and allowed to be done, that has ended up SCREWING the American worker, ie: globalization, outsourcing, NAFTA, CAFTA, allowing unsafe mexican trucks onto U.S highways, the exclusion of many workers from the Taft-Hartly Act (known better as “Fair Labor Laws”), immigration laws that flood the workforce with cheap labor and put a demand on our whole system that affects all of us alike, etc., etc. All of these laws, programs, deals, and acts affect the American worker either directly or indirectly. It disgusts and sickens me to even talk about what has happened to the country that I love in the last 40 years or so. I don’t know what world you are living in, but people that think like you do are part of the problem and not part of the solution. The solution is only going to come when the American people unite in one voice and let it be known in no uncertain terms to the government and big business that we have had enough.

        Jon, I am pretty sure that most of your negative philosophy arises from your negative view of the United Auto Workers and it’s members. While I will agree that the auto workers at the unionized plants did have some work rules that even seemed excessive I will also say that I find it interesting though that you do not speak about the lavish excesses enjoyed by the management of the industries that UAW workers are employed in. No, your view is one-sided. The union auto workers wages and benefits are not out of line with what any person who works for a living should receive. Contrary to the lies, distortions, and out-of-context reports of the anti-union, pro-big business mouthpieces (the news media, etc.), the decline of the U.S Auto Industry is due in whole to mismanagement, government trade deals, globalization, trade imbalances, government tarriffs on imports, government regulations, the corporate tax structure, etc. Those things are what destroyed the U.S Auto Industry. The UAW contracts had absolutely nothing to do with it. But, of course, management and government prefers to obscure the facts by using the UAW as their scapegoat rather then admit their failures and accept responsibility and thereby placing it exactly where it belongs, ie: on themselves. Sadly, many people are like you and have been boondoggled by the news media into accepting the big lie.

        Jon, the statement you made about “what is wrong with a 401k with profit sharing” really made me cringe. I will gladly tell you what is wrong with it. Everything. First, it does not insure a stable retirement. For proof of this just look at what happened to working and retired person’s 401k’s in 2008 when the financial crisis hit. Working people found out they are going to have to work longer than they had planned on, and retiree’s had to go back to work. Secondly, profit sharing is nothing more than a tax dodge for the employer. I know because I worked in one of those companies once. The only time the old man shared his profits with his slaves is when it would benefit him on his tax return. The really good companies have BOTH a defined-benefit pension plan AND a 401k with company match. Now, let me return your question back to you, ie: what is wrong with that?

        For an interesting article on part of what I have wrote about here please go to the this website:

  • Jim H.

    When I was in a union the only time you knew it was at the end of the month(dues) and every three years(contract time).

    • Claire

      Jim H–Did you make a good salary and have good benefits?

      • Jim H.

        Claire, To answer the real question you asked with out me venting my frustration, we were not getting top wages but we were getting much better than minimum wage. We had some holidays, sick days, vacation and health and dental. Some non-union shops in the area were getting comparable compensation for the same kind of work, without union dues or the risk of strike every three years. ( We would have had to do our own picketing)

  • Jim H.

    Claire, Our last contract we lost 20% wage,Some sick days, a weeks vacation. But it didn’t really matter because 6 months latter people with up to 10 years seniority were laid off. I had 7 years.

  • terriblicious

    thats hilarious…. apparently it wasnt in the union members contract to protest, or they werent gonna get overtime to protest… i figure the union members will file a grievence anyway and get paid for the protest…

  • Jon

    It just goes to show that the unions have become a corporation themselves. After the amount of money that the union members pay in dues, they still couldn’t afford to pay real unoin members to protest. Ask the union management what they make for a pay check? I bet its pretty good.

  • rhys

    Just wondering… it seems like you are against unions. So what exactly is your problem with hiring non union people to work for minimum wage?

    Also, you do realize that those people were hired to hold a sign and walk around, right? They were not doing carpentry.

    You do realize that the United States is a Union, right? A collection of States that seeks to become stronger as ONE than any individual State could hope to be.

    I don’t suppose you are in favor of breaking up the Union and forming 50 new nations, are you?

    Just wondering how far you want to take your non union rhetoric.

  • Chloe Foster

    Revealaing the truth of the matter can sometimes become a problem for these lying low-life scumbags. It is just a crying shame that unions resort to these tactics.

  • rhys

    Funny that hiring non union workers makes you a lying low-life scumbag if you’re a union….but if you’re a big business, it’s fine. It also goes to show what complete idiots non union workers are (the ones in the video).

    • Mark C.

      Rhys, very well stated. Thank you. I am glad that someone besides myself can see the truth. I appreciated your comments on 09/09 also. Keep up the good work.


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