Union Wants Obama To Waive Federal Employees’ Monthly Bills, Rent, Mortgage Payments Until Shutdown Ends


J. David Cox, president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), is asking the White House to give Federal workers a major break during the government shutdown by declaring the Congressional impasse a National emergency.

In a letter to President Barack Obama late last week, Cox asked the President to declare the shutdown an emergency so that employees could become eligible for the kind of temporary financial breaks normally associated with victims of catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Specifically, Cox asked Obama to “call upon the financial and business community to provide arrangements for skip mortgage payments, skip rent payments, skip car loan payments, skip education and other loan payments until this is all over.” He also asked that Federal employees be given free temporary access to free healthcare, gasoline, public transportation, and utilities until “their paychecks have been restored,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

From the story:

He [Cox] proposed that the White House intervene to declare the shutdown a federal emergency, which would allow workers to collect zero-interest loans from FEMA and force businesses to extend lines of credit to employees.

…Federal workers collected half-paychecks for their last pay period and will not be paid again until after the shutdown ends. House Republicans passed legislation that would allow workers to receive retroactive pay, which would provide workers with lump sum checks at the end of the shutdown.

An AFL-CIO member, the AFGE funds a political action committee that spent the vast majority of its more than $1.1 million campaign contribution allotment on Democrats in the 2012 elections.

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  • Alan

    Unbelievable!!! Why should they get preferential treatment when we in the private sector have no means of paying our bills when we’re out of work? What a bunch of leeches!

    • terpsez108

      Obama ought to Breast feed them all

      • Frank FartAss

        Don’t forget Pe-Lousy Valerie Jarrett, Michelle OBOZO & Susan Rice, Komrade Kagan & Sister Sibelius too can help out. That;s enough toxic milk & gas to kill millions.

    • Deerinwater

      I’m with you on that Alan ~ the pain needs to be shared for with out the pain ~ the whole event means little .

      All People need to have serious concerns about their tomorrows ~ everyone need skin in the game.

  • Brenda

    Why not throw in a luxury vacation as well. Shows that the unions are not ever content. But then the unions do own obama and now we see the extent of their ownership.

    • Oldmonkey

      Depends on the union. ASCME, and SEIU are rotten to their core, many of the others are 1 trick ponies getting screwed. The Teamsters, IBEW, Mine Workers, and other unions are getting screwed. The Longshoremen’s Union got screwed so bad they left AFL-CIO, not that keen on Obama Care. Red Harry really wasn’t that Red, even though a Lefty, and had good judgment choosing a wife.

      • borgerboy

        all of the unions had a part in getting obamascare passed…now let them live with it just like the average American has to

        • Oldmonkey

          Did you hear me say otherwise? Perhaps more of their members will straighten out their union’s leadership. Acting in their best interest, wouldn’t bode well for Democrats

    • smilee

      Why should any federal employee union or non union be punished for the stupidity of the GOP shutdown.??

      • Brenda

        smile, for one thing it is not the GOP shutdown, the dems and obama have just as much if not more responsibility. Secondly, those federal empolyees not only will receive unemployment benefits while on furlough with a two week delay, but will alsoreceive back pay when they return to work. Thirdly, if you were furloughed from you job, who would take care of your bills, your boss? I doubt it..

        • smilee

          There is no doubt that if the house GOP not been so stupid in the position they took by taking a position they knew or should have known was unattainable the government would not have been shut down in view of that fact the blame is theirs and rightfully so, They will get back pay (but not both) as that has already passed and Obama signed it. They are not asking anyone to take care of their bills but their contract th ere is a clause that if they are going to get paid by the gov the gov can guarantee that they will pay it when they get paid so it does not cost the gov anything, It only takes Obama’s signature for it to kick in, so why the beef on that?

          • jimzimmerman

            Dude you need to be euthanized. Wont cost the Govt. anything? What planet are you living on? We are the Govt. and it is costing us EVERYTHING. Why should I pay some Govt. employee car payment, house note? Let the Man behind the curtain pay it. He is a millionaire. I am most definitely not. Avg. salary for a GS rate is 60-70k/y + triple time for holiday’s that they work and straight time if they don’t. Plus 2-3 weeks Paid vacation a year. Try to refute me as I was a GS rate for 5 years. If they can’t budget then Screw them. There are still people from Sandy waiting for Fema to help them and that was almost 2 years ago, 17 trillion in debt. But these Employees of the people want us to pay for them? They pay due’s and most unions have strike funds. That is where the money can come from.

          • Deerinwater

            Your need lock up that sort of public talk Jerry .

            I might agree with you on the issues ~ but not with that kind of talk.

          • Brenda

            You forgot the sick days.

          • smilee

            You are not going to pay any employee’s bills just his wages when it is over and I never said different.. Whine whine whine, why not get a government job so you can have this to if it bothers you so much

          • jimzimmerman

            Oh I guess I forgot to mention that I do have a govt. job. I am currently working for the DOD/DEA in Afghanistan. I am still getting paid but that doesn’t mean that the anointed one who lives in govt. Subsidized housing being driven by Govt subsidized employees should be trying to make normal citizens whom elected him to manage their affairs feel the pain of the other elected officials being mean to him.

          • Brenda

            Do you have a job? I know of no employer that will guarantee their employee will pay their bills when they get paid?
            And as for the GOP being at fault, obama and reid both stated they would no negotiate on anything. They defend a law that obama himself has illegally altered and changed 18 times in favor of select groups, but refuse to do away with the medical device tax, grant a one year waiver to large business but refuse to delay the individual mandate. And, why are they so entrenched, somebody has to pay for that monster and that will fall upon the individual mandate.

          • smilee

            Retired, I do not either but that is in their contract probably there because of the shifting winds of politics they are subject to that most private employees are not. The GOP house is not negotiating in good faith, they are playing games as long as they persist in it they lose and so do we for their stupidity.

          • Brenda

            I worked for the government for 11 years, we did not have a contract. And you are right, federal employees are subject to things private employees are not. They get paid sick days, very few private employees offfer that. They get paid holidays and up to 2 weeks paid vacation. Again, few private employers offer that. They have job protection courtersy of the Federal Employees Act and the unions. Few private employers offer that. When there are furloughs, they can apply and receive unemployments and will generally receive back pay. When a private employer furloughs an employee they do not receive back pay.
            And, who is playing games? The GOP sent a bill to the senate that included defunding of obamacare. Before the bill was even submitted reid and obama both stated they would not negotiate. The House sent another bill to the senate striking the defunding of obamacare but asking for the medical device tax to be repealed. Again the senate said no negotiations. The house sent another bill to the senate with a one year waiver of the individual mandate, again the senate said no negtiation.
            So what was so unreasonable in their request. Was it an effort to defund a bill that over 60% of Americans did not want? Or maybe the odious medical device tax was an unreasonable request. Then there was the request for waving the individual mandate that was granted to big business.
            The senate has refused to negotiate any bill sent to them that includes any alteration of the ACA. But, obama in his ultimate wisdom has illegally changed the ACA 18 different times.
            And let us not forget, only obama had the authority to shut down the government and in a fit of spite shut down every high profile part he could for maximum impact. And he got it. Look at all the people like you that refuse to see the whole picture and rely only on the dem version. It was not the GOP that refused to negotiate, but reid and obama.
            But not being content, he now wants more money, higher taxes, the power to raise the debt ceiling when he wants, and in return he wants the complete surrender of the GOP. That spells DICTATOR and TYRANT.

          • smilee

            You did not have a contract as you were not union, A union contract is as binding as any other contract. they have to be honored. I do not know about all private employers but I worked over 40 years most of them Union and we got up to 5 weeks vacation, 11 paid holidays each year, sick days,Cadillac health plan and paid 15% of premium and defined benefit pension. Employers never offer union representation that is up to the employees. The GOP is not negotiating in good faith, you do not put on the table things that everyone knows or should have known was unattainable and that is what the GOP did and that is nothing more than game playing, that is why the vast majority are blaming them for the shutdown.

          • Brenda

            Your right, I did not have a contract when I worked for the government and I am sure that now unions have cut so fairly sweet deals at tax payer expenses.
            As for the GOP negotiations, why do you think that what they put on the table was unattainable. Face it, you just like the idea of government control over every aspect of your life and that is what obamacare will do. As for playing games, the dems and obama are just as def,t if not more so, of game playing. The only difference is that the dems are stronger players than the GOP because they do not back down and have the bias media ready, willing, eager to paint the GOP as the villian. And, before you jump on that statement, I should tell you I am not a Republican.

          • smilee

            Tonight proves everything they wanted was unattainable as they got none of what they wanted and ended up with egg all over their faces. What I like is irrelevant what I said turned out to be true. Dems do not have to back down as the voters gave them more power and they respected that and did the will of the people.The GOP has been their own worst enemy and painted themselves the villain, the dems just. sat back and watched them implode.

          • Brenda

            No smilee, tonight does not prove anything but the demise of the Constitution as we know it. The clean CR the dems wanted came with strings attached. And the one string that will spell doom to this country is granting obama the authority to raise the debt limit and veto authority if challenged by congress. It shifted the power of the purse from the Constitutional division of power.
            Enjoy you victory while you can, the future will not be plesant for any of us with this shift of power.

          • smilee

            What demise?? Did none of what you say. It was a big victory for the country and the world you bet I am going to enjoy that and praise GOD for the adults in DC who prevailed in the end.

          • borgerboy

            does that same “contract” take care of the veterans and the old folks?? I think not…

          • smilee

            It is a union contract and only covers employees, is that so hard to underst

      • Cunning Stunts

        The GOP has bent over backwards by offering key piecemeal legislation to keep as much of govt. going as possible, but Obummer knows MORONS like you who cannot think for themselves & believe all the Lib lies will blame GOP, so instead of taking these in good faith, he spurns them & lets people suffer, so he & his party can gain politically…& yet you & all his supporters continue to sing his praises…..you are as far from truth and reality as NYC is from Tibet!

        • smilee

          That is game playing and childish approach to the problem.and should be ignored that is the adult thing to do The tea party in the house and Cruz have never bargained in good faith they have been playing childish games.. The polls show that a large percentage now see it this way. . .The tea party in the house and Cruz have approached this in a very childish manner and if they acted as adults we never would have been shut down and people are mostly getting that now. I suggest you grow up too.

          • Cunning Stunts

            Childish? HAHAHA!!! The only children in the room are the ones with little brains who blindly follow their Muslim loving pied piper!!! You are so big on polls, and sound bites & other such nonsense that has no substance just like Your Dear Leader, Der Fuhrer, Heir Obummer!

          • Deerinwater

            Over the top, superfluous comments, ~

            As the clock runs down to zero minute, it is for the Speaker of the House to call for an “Up or Down” vote and permit the dully elected body of Congressional Representatives of the people to let their “WILL” be known.

          • smilee

            Those tea baggers were fighting so bad with each other last night they could not agree on anything among themselves. This is childish and the people are now seeing this with the exception of ones like you who see everything backwards. This is not polls or sound bites these are facts

        • Deerinwater

          The President knows that this piece meal approach is only kicking the can down the road and really not securing the confidence and future needed for the economy ~ but would serve only to take pressure off the GOP.

          It didn’t have to be this way, ~ radical faction in the GOP wanted a Government shut down ~ and still do.

  • Walt wenger

    They should get these benefits, after all, public employees are so much better than the rest of us; they should be insulated from the suffering of the rest of the citizens whom they control and manage.

  • terpsez108

    the Government should be compelled to buy Shut Down Insurance

    • Deerinwater

      yea, sort’s like “Omissions and Error” insurance .HHha!

  • Dcp5674

    So WE Have to pay? Tell the union to go to hell, pay them out of their strike fund. That’ll happen soon enough anyway. After all, it’s union.

  • patsch13

    First, I have a problem with civil servants belonging to unions. It’s a scam that entrenches gov’t employees to their political masters. They are already overpaid–at least compared comparable jobs in private industry. The 15% of gov’t employees that are furloughed don’t appear to make a big difference in my life–so maybe they aren’t necessary. Fire their a$$es and let them sign up with Obama’s other casualties of his economy. After 99 weeks, they too can fall off and lower the unemployment rates…. Sheesh!

  • wavesofgrain

    One of the greatest travesties of this nation was allowing Public Union Employees to Unionize. Their allegiance is not to the citizens that pay their wages, but to their UNION BOSSES and the DEMOCRATS who let them suckle. This country has been through MANY shutdowns in the past. Tough luck, Public employees. You’ve received more raises and benefits than the private sector, and can retire quite comfortably very early in your life. This administration has pampered them and bloated up the government with more of the Union cancer. This is ridiculous that they feel so entitled to receive even more elite treatment. Cut this government in half, privatize everything they can, and start implementing National Right to Work…then abolish Public Unions!

  • Bull Frog Boxcutter

    Is there any doubt he will bail them out? He;s been kissing their butts since he got in office

    • 1baronrichsnot1

      All politicians kiss the federal employees azzes, they created them, that’s a lot of votes paid by the taxpayers, don’t cost them a thing, and they create nothing. Plus they can create jobs in gov’t ready for action next day, the job has no discription, but hiring begins. Voting begins, Union is stronger, taxpayer is weaker, jobs are eternal, They are a big block of votes! Then they are trained to block memorials, collect guns, move folks out of their homes, collect taxes, sieze property, enforce stupid rules, union work, graft execution, etc. you know just great work!

  • simpleman56

    Look up Kevin Branch on you tube, his words as true as you can get to the truth! He has fought the fight has many more to do & I am proud to know I spoke with him & will support his cause even if I do with out food! If it wakes up 1 person & they wake 2 then it will spread like wild fire as cancer will do in the coming days!

  • Buxom Betty

    Maybe they should get it, after all, the OBOZO administration is an incredible disaster!

    • Michigan_REB

      He should be paying htem out of his pocket since it is his mess let him foot the bill. Netter yet remove him from office and replace him with someone that put the nation above his petty whining. What needs to happen is he neds a altimatum either accept the deal or leave.

  • terryk

    Many if not most of these workers make almost double the average worker in America today and we are suppose to pay their bills. I do not think so.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    These “workers ” are non essential employees! Their job discription is: “Hired to lower unemployment numbers”, and to “faithfully fortify the federal UNION”. Seriously, what is a non esential worker? I guess all the folks layed off or cut to part time in the private sector don’t qualify? Why do federal workers think they are indespensible? They are not! Gov’t is overstaffed by at least 8.5 million if you consider all who work for contractors who derive all their income from the gov’t. Any economist will tell you that gov’t employee burden doesn’t create anything, produces no gdp, and on balance sheets belong in the social burden, welfare burden, payout collumns. We need all social programs managed and dispensed, however we are SO, SO, SO overstaffed. We have 7/8’s, 87.5% of them left on the payroll… I believe these folks can just accept an overstaffed layoff like any private sector worker at no pay as they do! Plus these guys have an excellent pay rate and retirement plan. They aren’t going to leave that, and don’t forget they produce nothing! I believe I wouldn’t make to many waves!~

  • b glad

    You know where you can stick your AFGE.


    Divide and conqueror the left’s favorite ploy…
    It’s becoming even more clear that another societal wedge is being driven and to think that federal government unionized employees are deserving of more special treatments is now looking to be not only absurd but totally ridiculous. Overpaid, over compensated and unaffordable is now what illegal government union employees are and the private sector and the tax payers can no longer afford them, the unions are a abomination of freedoms, they steal your votes as a special interest,this just proves the point….We the people pay for performance and blackmail and extortion is not in the contract….government employees are not meant to be a privileged class.

  • Michael Shreve

    Love the ARROGANCE.