Union Boss Tells Breitbart All About Illegal Alien Union Members


Breitbart did a spot interview Thursday with a top official from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) at an immigration reform rally in Bakersfield, California.

Amazingly, SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina didn’t flinch on the subject of whether illegal aliens form part of the union’s membership.

“Medina gave no indication that he thought there was anything wrong with violating U.S. immigration law,” writes Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan. “This is a stunning admission coming from one of the top union leaders behind comprehensive immigration reform: it suggests that the SEIU knowingly accepts dues from illegal immigrants working in the United States and advocates for them regardless of their violations of immigration and labor laws.”

Click the photo below to jump to the three-minute clip:



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  • dude76

    i believe this is illegal to do. some lawyer could have him in prison

    • podunk1

      It’s called conspiracy, aiding & abetting crimes like evading,tax, FICA, unemployment comp, workman’s comp, workplace regulations, & unending other “etc’s.”, plus providing places to hide (harboring criminals), plus ID theft & harboring criminals!

      Things won’t change until the legislature starts prosecuting Holder for breaching oath bound duties to enforce the Constitution & laws. Add obstructing justice to it! Imagine the executive, a majority of legislators, and the top DOJ officer of the land refusing to call criminals “criminal”… actually openly ordering their staff and personnel to not call criminals “criminals”! It’s an ideal prosecution setting according to Amendment 4 & 5 where a jury (not some corrupt judge) would impartially hear the case and toss those worthless butts in jail!

      • billybob

        Real Americans have to fight back. To many Rino’s now. Time for big changes. Problems is when you have more stupid people than smart people you wind up with all Democrats.

        • podunk1

          Amen to that. Nothing like throwing a little blood in the water – like piranha, they’re are so stupid they’ll eat themselves.

          They’re like teaching parrots how to talk – a few words at a time over & over a couple hundred times a day & finally they’ll say anything when prompted – If you can teach them to read, you can set them up with a buzzer on a teleprompter – beep – beep & you wouldn’t know they weren’t Obama.

          A good place to start is, “Your pension and SSI are unfunded”, hundred or so times a day – by 2014 some of them will be asking what “unfunded” means.

    • billybob

      Who Eric Holder???

  • pt

    No one is bothering the companies that hire undocumented workers

    • podunk1

      Hopefully you locked the progressive’s door & dropped a hornet’s nest into the progressive’s crap game! Nobody wants to discuss this one!

      The $42,537 BLS Dec., 2012 wage is for 34.4 hours, which is $49,462 @ 40 hours. An average employer tax (30% – FICA, workman’s comp, unemployment comp, etc.) is $14,838, which means a law abiding citizen worker costs law abiding employers $64,300/yr!

      If a criminal employer hires a criminal alien for $6/hr tax free cash (same as $8/hr taxable), he only pays $12,480/yr for the same average worker output and saves a whopping $51,820 tax free cash for each criminal employee! That’s more than enough to buy infinite favors and more than enough cost advantage to bankrupt all law abiding competition… and rake in more under the table money that anyone can imagine. Think about it! 100×51820=$5,182,000! 11 million x $51,820= $570 billion & 20 million = $1+ trillion!

      If you think the illegal alien is cheated, think again! If 11 million illegal aliens cost government $402/yr billion (subsidies), then the average individual TAXPAYER subsidy cost is $36,545. Add that to the $12,480 tax free cash and they take home $49,025/yr TAX FREE! The “part time” 34.4 hour $42,537 law abiding citizen only takes home $31,902 after 25% tax & FICA-MED. READ IT AGAIN! – $17,123 less citizen take home because citizens are “part-timers” – NOT SUBSIDIZED, and $4,643 less than the alien SUBSIDY because the alien risks jail to take your job and make it appear that he is only getting $6/hr!

      GOVERNMENT’S COST??? lost citizen wage tax @ 25% and employer taxes 30% = 55% of $49462 = $27,204 – add alien subsidies $36,545 and laid off citizen subsidies $36,545 (??)… add, and it costs government (TAXPAYERS!) $100,294 for each illegal alien who takes a citizen job! Add a 40 hour citizen take home pay of $37,096 and the real US economic loss is $137,391 each! That’s $1.5 trillion per year @ 11 million & $2 trillion @ 20 million!

      Check it out – get mad – vote the RINOS and progressives out of office and replace the traitors with honest patriotic citizens who will prosecute treason and restore our country! PASS IT ON!!!

      • billybob

        All of that is great but you forget Liberal don’t have a brain to think about it or check it out. And besides big numbers confuse them. They prefer to talk about issues.
        If you really want to have some fun go on one of the liberal web pages and give them your opinion. You will have thought that you had swore in church. Their evil comes in big packages.

        • IsThisAmerica

          Not only big numbers but truth and big words really wipe them out. All they do is start yelling and sing songing. They act like the truth burns them. It hurts so bad I have to talk over you to not hear you. That’s the basic description of a leftist liberal. I see it constantly on Hannity. No one can get a word in edgewise with these know it alls that don’t know dirt from scum. I remember one dumb blonde liberal told a man to shut up I AM TALKING. Talking what? She was making no sense at all. In reality I feel like punching them in the face and telling them to shut up because what you are talking about is against everyone in this country. Go find a liberal country of your own, that you can destroy, yourselves included.

  • squeeze127

    Isn’t our Obama cozy with this union? Kind of like Acorn? Never knew sleaze was so close to top dog and no one says anything!

    • independent thinker

      A lots is said it just never appears in the main stream media.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    I’m a union member. They do little for me besides take my $91.00 a month in dues. I take $85.00 fine so I won’t have to serve picket duty and I take my fine for not going to meetings, usually, picket duty is answering or making campaign calls for a democrat ick party candidate. Sometimes I don’t work for months yet there are some that aren’t on seniority, anywhere but just because they’re under the dispatcher’s desk (women) or related, they work all the time, even though they’re not wanted by the employers because they either don’t know how to or don’t care to do the jobs. They’ll walk off the job if it means work while others are begging for any kind of work.

    Some times I pay more in dues and fines over half a year’s period of time than I make. That means I’m fined late fees, as well.

    Terrible, terrible corruption! If you want to get hired at a company, you have to be related to someone. It’s the corruption in the union and includes sweetheart deals and kickbacks to the dispatcher form the employers. The union does not protect us from the growing abuse of the employers, either.

    Over the past few years, the union has shut down the port of Oakland. The stated reason is to protest air quality but if you went to the union meeting, it was to organize the illegal aliens that are servicing the port with containers, container haulers that work for importers. That was the real reason. It had nothing to do with air quality but the politicians bought it and laws have changed causing trucking companies to have to retrofit, buy new units that are in compliance or to subcontract other companies to haul the containers.

    Some of my “union brothers” don’t want to know that these same guys are the reason they don’t work enough. Transportation won’t pay a driver $20.00 to $34.00 an hour with health, life, dental and vision (effectively $40.00 to $55.00/hr. before workers comp.) to do a job that an illegal alien will do for $12.50-$15.00/hr. with no taxes and benefits or on a fixed, contract.

    In the past years, Yellow Freight merged with Roadway and the union members have taken two pay cuts and have put nothing into their pensions for years. What has the union done for them but make them work for more years before they can retire and laid off so many.

    It’s not like BART. BART’s unions are greedy, run by avarice. Can you believe that their rationale is that because “the economy is doing so well, BART can afford to share the wealth!”? Seriously? What economy are they in?

    Unions don’t give a damn about its constituents. They are self serving! It just wants the money and loves the power.

    They mobilized to get obamacare and the dream act in front of Congress and even though Congress voted no, the pResident they put in power vetoed the no vote on the dream act.

    They stupidly support anything the democrat ick party wants. They pushed obamacare as if it was a good thing and now they’re negotiating an exemption from obamacare. I wonder whether they’ll wake up about immigration deform and obamanomics!