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Unemployment Rate Drops To Lowest Levels In Nearly Two Years

March 7, 2011 by  

Unemployment rate drops to lowest levels in nearly two yearsIn another sign that the United States economy is on the mend, the Labor Department has revealed that the national unemployment rate dropped to 8.9 percent in February, which is the lowest reading since April of 2009.

The report indicated that the economy gained 192,000 net jobs last month as businesses added 222,000 positions while State and local governments eliminated 30,000 jobs. The national unemployment rate has fallen almost a full percentage point in the last three months, which is the fastest improvement in nearly three decades.

A CNN survey of economists had predicted that February's figure would rise to 9.2 percent, which would have been an increase from January's 9 percent. Although the new data may fuel optimism among some Americans, many critics believe that President Barack Obama has not done enough to spur job growth.

Obama's administration has forecast that the unemployment rate will drop to 8.6 percent in 2012, which, according to Labor Department records dating back to 1948, would be the first time the figure exceeded 8 percent during a Presidential election year.

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  • TIME

    Anyone who thinks there is any truth to this needs a brain transplant with a rock so you can get back to hanging out in the sun with your ROCK familys.

    • Warrior

      This statistic is about as useful as the latest “inflation” figure.

    • Al Sieber

      I second that, the Fed. Govt. keeps two sets of books anyways, and lies about people whose benefits ran out or who didn’t apply for benefits. the high fuel prices are killing the average working person, pretty soon your going to work just to buy fuel.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Joey

    TIME is correct. The only way the unemployment figure could have gone down would be if we had several months of about 500,000 job growth. These numbers indicate to me that people are moving onto welfare or giving up looking.

    • wandamurline

      If these figures are true, then the reason that we have new jobs started about three months ago? Well, that is when we kicked out the Democratic rule in the house. When businesses know that the Bush tax breaks will be there for them for at least two years, and they know that the conservatives are trying to cut spending, they have become optomistic again and have started hiring. Make no mistake about it, this is not due to the socialists Democrats, besides when you reach the bottom, there is no place to go but up, and the Democrats have taken us to the absolute bottom. The stimulus did not work…it was a payment to the companies, Wal-Street and unions who helped Obama buy the White House…these are the companies who were paid off…while many of their former CEO’s are now Obama’s czars who are making decisions and implementing laws and have not been approved by Congress. This POTUS believes that he and Holder are above the law…actually, he thinks he is the law. Sooner or later, we will take him down.

      • Augie D

        If a man who was an electrician before 2008, lost his job, and has recently taken a job for near minimum wage in a retail outlet, is he a still a man? No, he is a statistic! But the Labor Department counts it as the same. He will still lose his house, family car, his kids probably won’t finish high school, let alone go to college.

        And numbers don’t begin to tell the truth about jobs or people. As gasoline hits $4.00gl or $5.00gl., very soon, we will be reduced to a third world country. Bicycles will be all the rage! Who’s ‘American-Dream’ was this?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Augie D,
          If he was a man before the job, he is still a man after he loses it. you are no less of a man if you lose your job, especially if it is in no way your fault!

  • Bill Runge

    This dramatic drop in the unemployment rate is a bogus piece of creative accounting. This can be matched only by the brain dead mechanism for manufacturing an inflation rate figure, which arbitrarily decides to exclude all facts that would yield a result contrary to their preconceived notion. The case is the same here….it is not who is included, but who and what is excluded that allows them to propagate the lies.

    • JohnK

      That’s the truth. Show the real numbers.

  • http://google jim kilpatrick

    Figures don’t lie but liars can figure. This figure of 8.9% depends on how the government counts unemployment.I understand that they count those getting unemployment compensation and stop counting them in the unemployment figures when the benefits run out.I suspect that the unemployment figure is much closer to 20% than 8.9%.

    • JohnK

      I think this is more believable than Time Life’s bogus numbers

      • JohnK

        Excuse me….
        Dept of Labor

  • J.M.R.

    can anyone explain how the enemployment rate stayed 9.2 week after week with 400,000 or more losing their jobs, can’t some one out there show the real unemployment rate which i heard was really about 20%

    • Al Sieber

      J.M.R., You’re never gonna hear the unemployment rate from the Fed. Govt. it might cause panic, I also heard it was 20% which I believe is closer to the real figure.

      • Dan az

        Yikes! You won’t believe the real jobless numbers
        Federal docs contradict 8.9% hyped by media
        Posted: March 04, 2011
        2:09 pm Eastern

        By Jerome R. Corsi
        © 2011 WorldNetDaily

        The real U.S. unemployment rate may be 22.1 percent for February, not the 8.9 percent reported by the government, according to economist John Williams, author of the “Shadow Government Statistics” website, who has argued for years that the federal government manipulates the reporting of economic data for political purposes.

        Read more: Yikes! You won’t believe the real jobless numbers

        • Al Sieber

          Dan, thanks for the links.

  • FlaJim

    An article I read over the weekend (can’t find the link) featured an economist who says the true unemployment rate is 22.6%. Then there are those who’ve been forced to take part time jobs or find employment well under their experience and training that pays only a pittance of their worth.

    The government’s lying – as usual.

  • Raggs

    obama must have just hired 200,000 more governmenmt employee’s.

  • Raggs

    Maybe the TSA hired 100,000 more gropers and the DHS hired 100,000 illegal immigrates…

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Great to see that not many are drinking from the Kool-Aid!

    Unemployment is NOT going dow, there is NO LOGICAL reason to believe this sewage. This is a LIE and whats even more alarming then the difference between the truth & the Lie is WHY THEY ARE LYING!

    Even more alarming are the ZOMBIES who believe the LIE. They are the ZOMBIES Drinking the Kool-Aide worshiping the OBUMMER Dictator.

    • meteorlady

      Most of them are on Yahoo news sites blogging. Talk about cool aide…..

  • Jeff in OH

    We have come to the point in time where people have been out of work so long that they don’t even count in there ratings. We poll everything now days, Why not take a pole to see how many are really out of work….

  • Jeff in OH

    I did a pole and 50% of people hanging around the bar in our town was out of work…

  • Jeff in OH

    Another strange thing is everyone who has a job are Democraps and work for the government. I’M going to start my own little boycott and only buy from Conservatives, that way it will make the dems rely on themselves which would be a disaster for them

  • Chitown

    A friend who works at a large Electricians company told me that their union as 3,000 laid-off members. The union instructed that only 1,000 should report unemployed and the other 2,000 should keep their mouths shut, do not report. This is to help the Obama/Dems unemployment status look better than it really is.

    • 45caliber

      Does the union pay them to do this? If not, then they are no longer members of the union since they no longer are paying union dues. (And if they do pay the dues, considering their other bills, they deserve to be out of work!)

  • Bert Cundle

    They Died!

  • Howard R Gray

    Those of you, who would like a tighter grip on the stats, have a gander at John William’s site, Shadow Government Statistics (SGS) web site ( a very rewarding experience, the site will give you the low down on how the stats come out adjusted for reality with all the lies and hubris removed. No I don’t get a commission for mentioning his site. Currently, SGS figures for unemployment run at 22.1% somewhat akin to the great depression.

  • Charles

    Ya,right, another lie by the state dept. Instead of 8.9% it`s more like between 15 and 20%.

  • s c

    Many people don’t realize that Uncle Scam cooks the books and inflates and deflates stats whenever the old fart feels like it. It’s a form of CONTROL, people. It’s not new, but the current prez has taken it to new depths of infamy.
    Take a sociopathic personality, put that sorry yahoo in the White House, and you get what we have now. We have a poser who has to rely on created ‘facts.’ We have a closet historical revisionist. We have someone who will say or do anything to make his masters happy. We have a ‘fact organizer’ who was trained to be a community organizer (union thug organizer, alinsky lover, useful idiot, etc.). The list of names that fit go on and on and on . . .
    What we DON’T have is a leader who will say and do the right thing to keep America FREE, let alone honor the oath he SWORE to uphold. So much for being a ‘leader.’

    • 45caliber

      I think it was Mark Twain who once stated, “There are three types of lies: Lies, Big Lies, and Statistics.”

  • meteorlady

    If you take the actual numbers originally quoted by the government, and add them up from last year through this year, they don’t add up to that percentage.

    You would need to take service industry and government jobs out of the mix because they contribute nothing economically to the GDP. Then add in the long term unemployed that have not found work and whose benefits have run out, plus add to that the number of CHRONICALLY unemployed and you have something close to 15%, perhaps even 20%.

    I can almost bet that the employment rate will drop even further as we get closer to the election.

  • http://com i41

    Go ask any home town bank loan officer what the real unemployment rate is. Thanks to another great f–k up of the soros socialists democrat and Onnumnutts pushed thru, The Banking Reform Bill. Everything is sent to some agancy to approve it. Everything is handed to some dumb azz in Washington for a thumbs up or thumbs down. No jobs or business can be started nor expanded, unless it is approved as green compatable theory, or is controlled by the government. Businesses and property owners have used their equipment as colateral to leverage their way in to creating jobs, now you must have the money in a bank to get approval, then why in the hell wouldanyone want to expand or create new jobs. Something the marxist muslim moron and his marxist/communist democrap lab rats can not get their narrow skulls around the concept. Biggest problem is they have never created any jobs with out the government payments. Unemployment will stay higher than what is spewed for years until the banking reform is s–t canned and the democrat party money man”George Soros” has to abide by the same rules as average citizens. Banking Reform sure didn’t touch the mega fund manulipator on all commodities he has his fingers in, but damn the dems need all the tainted money they can get!

  • Charles

    We all talk about how dangerous Geroge Soros isto our country and
    it`s true, however, thereis one man we seam to forget about,this man is every bit as dangerous as Soros,that man is Obamas Regulatory Czar,Cass Sestein.Check him out and see what he stands for. It will scare the living hell out of you.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Ya mean like if a house is infested with RATS and they can’t be removed without hurting them, the PEOPLE should be forced to move??? Can anyone say mental midget??? Perhaps he is just looking out for his own kind???

  • Ain’t Gona Happen

    More gobbley gook from the gov.If everything is so rosey why is gas approaching $4.00 gal, grocery prices up 15-20% and the number of homeless children will reach 25% this year.(60 minutes).This is data minupulation at the very best.
    Why is it every rosey report is delivered by a Wall Street lackey?

  • Curtis

    As an independent voter, I get tired of the “spin”. You might want to read the “facts” from gallup concerning the real unemployment figures. For example: “Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, hit 10.3% in February — up from 9.8% at the end of January. The U.S. unemployment rate is now essentially the same as the 10.4% at the end of February 2010.” They go on to say: “The percentage of part-time workers who want full-time work worsened considerably in February, increasing to 9.6% of the workforce from 9.1% at the end of January. A larger percentage of the U.S. workforce is working part time and wanting full-time work now than was the case a year ago (9.3%).”, and finally the worse info is: “Underemployment, a measure that combines part-time workers wanting full-time work with those who are unemployed, surged in February to 19.9%. . . . Underemployment is now higher than it was at this point a year ago (19.7%).”
    Check this article out:

  • 45caliber

    The people DRAWING unemployment has dropped to its lowest level. But the actual numbers are far larger.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the actual numbers of UNEMPLOYED is larger!!! The actual size of nobamas brain is smaller!!!

  • jopa

    Charles;I bet your still trembling from the first time you saw the Wicked Witch of the West.I don’t think I have ever heard of or seen anyone that would scare the hell out of me.I think you ought do a bong and chill a bit.

    • http://naver sook young

      Too much kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jopa

    Jeffh of OH; I think you and your bar buddies shold get out of that bar look for a job and change the statistics.

    • http://naver sook young

      Have we taken our prozac or viagra today? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Charles

    IT already sounds like you have done a couple dozen bongs. I guess if you did enough of that stuff, you wouldn`t be afraid of anyone or
    anything…. GO JOPA….

    • JeffH

      Charles, there is no doubt that jopa suffers from OCD. Can’t even get jeff of Ohio right…well you get my drift…

  • Sorcerer

    Welcome back my friends, to the FREAK show that never ends!!!!!!!!! Anyone who buys this CRAP, is a bonafide LEMMING!!!!!! Our government is in serious need of an enema!!!!! Anyone see that “brown spot” in the center of Obama’s head? It means he’s a quart low!

  • coal miner

    Job News,
    Here it is!

    Hoosier unemployment hits two year low
    Updated: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 1:57 PM EST
    Published : Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 11:51 AM EST

    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hoosiers experienced the lowest unemployment rate in two years in December.

    Indiana’s unemployment rate dropped from 9.8 percent in November to 9.5 percent in December.

    State officials say December also brought the number of unemployed Hoosiers below 300,000 for the first time since January 2009.

    The state saw the largest gains in Manufacturing jobs, private education and health services and financial activities.

    Indiana had the second lowest unemployment rate compared to neighboring states:
    Ohio – 9.6 percent
    Kentucky – 10.3 percent
    Illinois – 9.3 percent
    Michigan – 11.7 percent

    • http://naver samurai

      Obama bin Laden hasn’t done a thing, moron. You should thank Mitch Daniels and the conservatives we have in office for our lower unemployment rate in Indiana. Please try to get your facts straight before you post you lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • coal miner


        That is the facts.Every time you open your stupid mouth,you put your foot in it.Show me your facts.

        • http://naver samurai

          I’m not questioning your numbers, just the ones that made it possible. Believe me, Obama bin Laden hasn’t done anything for Indiana. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • chuckb

    baloney, strictly barry soetoro propaganda, un-employed exceed 14%. “government employment increases”. the figures the unions and government use are based on trickery, they do not include people who have run out of un-employment checks and the others who have stopped looking for work. don’t believe union activist and bolshevik party data.

  • Carol

    I agree with everyone who says this report is garbage. People like me who have been unable to get a job in 19 years are not counted since we don’t draw unemployment. I try every once in a while now. but at 69 don’t have any real hope of being hired anywhere.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      God Bless ya Carol!!! Hope it changes for you!!!

  • http://com i41

    jopa, doesn’t your mama get tire of supporting you and your drug habit. If you are such a drug head, now we all know why you are the head sucker toilet queen at Fudruckers, since you can not pass the pee test. The real unemployment for real workers, (not union one skill slubs) will be climbing as time goes along since Onumnutts stimulas shovel ready jobs were just another super lie. All the road building jobs never happened last years, and will not happen this years since Jeff Imelt of Government Electric took a 138 billion to China to create airy fairy windmill jobs for the yellow peril. Did it help America, hell no dems always go there for wax jobs in China, to get their ying and yang singing again, ah so! At least a million operators and other construction workers will be wishing for the 4.5% unemployment again as it was in 2003-2008. Between Onumnutts and the soros socialist marxist/communists it will be decades before, if ever jobs return, like they were under GW. Has anyone noticed Congress and the marxist muslim moron will not give themselves a 25% pay cut for at least 8 years?


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