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Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6 Percent In November

December 2, 2011 by  

Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6 Percent In November

The U.S. unemployment rate fell for the month of November, marking the lowest level that this number has reached in more than two-and-a-half years, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, the Labor Department announced that the rate dropped to 8.6 percent last month, a 0.4 percent decrease for the unemployment numbers from the month of October.

The rate hasn’t been this low since March 2009, but there are still 13.3 million Americans that remain without work. The AP reported that a key reason the rate dropped by such a sharp margin was that 315,000 people had given up looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed.

Fox News reported House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said that although any positive economic news is a good thing in Washington, there is still much to be done.

“During the holidays, it’s always comforting to see an uptick in seasonal hiring, but far too many people still remain out of work and the economy still faces systemic problems,” Cantor said in a statement.

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  • s c

    Absolutely. Positively. Utterly. Without a doubt. It’s chiseled in granite, and Uncle Scam, er, the best government that money can buy swears that it’s true.
    While we’re on the topic of accuracy and truth, I just happen to have a tree in back yard that grows $100 bills. Honest. I swear on my Aunt Tilly’s best peach pie.
    The Fed is more competition than I can handle, so I’m having an auction. The money will go to my favorite charity (all of it). The bids start at $500,000. Please include your address, phone number and an eMail address. The tree will be shipped to the winning bidder free (continental US only).

    • Joe H.

      They keep saying that there has been job growth for 21 straight months. now correct me if I’m wrong, but about three months ago or less, wasn’t there a jobs growth report that said ZERO GROWTH?? Wasn’t it Oct?

      • s c

        Joe H, about all any American needs to know about statistics and Uncle Scam (via the media) is a direct correlation between what Uncle Scam wants and what the old fart gets. Massaging details has been our whored-out media’s main specialty for MANY years.
        Uncle Scam can’t afraid to rely on the truth, so when it’s convenient, the media steps in and molds facts and the truth, and what we get is ‘the news.’
        The fact that Oloser isn’t the first to do it doesn’t excuse the FACT that it gets done. Having a dumbed-down, head-up-rump, retarded public just makes it worse. And when a lot of those braindead scummers prefer to rely on good intentions and a government gone mad to give them their ‘facts,’ what we get is administrations like that of FDR, HST, LBJ, Nuts Carter, Bubba Clinton and Oloser. SOME people just don’t have it in them to DEMAND the truth, Joe H (some lies are SO convincing that it MUST be the truth, eh?).

        • Joe H.

          this report all seems SO convenient. I mean, just last week they were stating how Abummer was at the lowest rate of ANY president in history at this point in his carreer and now GOOD NEWS!!!!! Yeah right!! Now we’ll have to see what his rating is in the polls by Monday!! how much you want to bet it rises? ALL POLITICAL, NOTHING ELSE!!

    • Vigilant

      “The AP reported that a key reason the rate dropped by such a sharp margin was that 315,000 people had given up looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed.”

      Only an propagandist and Orwellian Big Brother would adjust statistics to claim that the unemployment rate decreased due to….not counting people who are still unemployed!

      Bloomberg as the correct take on it (see ) as follows:

      “In November, the number of unemployed (12.6 million) plus those out of the labor force who wanted a job (6.2 million) added up to a seasonally unadjusted 18.8 million, down from 20.1 million a year earlier. That leaves 12 million people (18.8 million minus the 6.8 million getting benefits) out of work and receiving no benefits in November, up nearly 700,000 from the previous year.”

      Just as with the CPI, BLS is painting lipstick on a pig.

      • Joe H.

        Let us not forget that quite a few of the retailers start hiring seasonal help in november!!! Let’s see what it does in January!!!

  • Raggs

    SC … You are one of the VERY few that can see the smoke screen.

    This is NOTHING but as political BS scam that in which we all are aware of.

    I attribute this very small encounter of an uprise in jobs to be nothing but a ( from a liberal atheist stand point ) in which I am not, a surge from the retail economy of the ” hoilday spending season “. It is nothing less than a BOGUS wireheaded oblamas space trip.

    • s c

      Raggs, it’s not a matter of having a foolproof crystal ball or psychic powers. Between this administration’s obsessive need to make the Wizard of Oz seem like an innocent baby and America’s whore media being obligated to “engineer” news for the robot masses, there is very little that doesn’t have a stench connected to it.
      I’ve seen enough ^*=+ over the years to know that if Ocrapper needed something bad enough, the media would say that the sun will come up in the west, and his braindead sheep would get in line to swear to the rest of the world that the sun DID come up in the west.
      It’s the same mental drug that Hitler used so well in WWII. That is, if you don’t LOVE the Fuhrer, the Fuhrer won’t love YOU. It makes people do things that can’t be justified.
      ALL that matters is for the Fuhrer’s slaves to believe EVERYTHING the Fuhrer says. Is it any
      wonder that America’s pc Nazis use the same techniques used in WWII Germany? Nazis are Nazis, Raggs, and NOTHING and NO ONE can get them to see the effing TRUTH. Period.

      • Raggs

        I love you SC for your truth and I admire your willingness to put yourself out on a limb.

        God Bless.

  • Bruce

    Sure, its 8.6 Now thats what I call some really good Bull Sh*t.

    But hey the US Inc is NOW hiring for their up coming war, WW 3,
    So HURRY and get in line kids you get free green cloths, a crude Bang Stick, and a Hat!
    Plus as an added bonus you will get to shoot Americans that you don’t like.
    Hurry get in today befor the Draft starts so you then can go and shoot at Chinese people.

    And you know the strange part is this was all out lined by JimmIE Carter 1978 in his special work Op 2000, hey btw- have any of you taken the time to read his work, you know old Mr. peace prize himself?

    If not SUPRISE, lets review, start a war in the Middle east in the late 1990′s, Ok done 2001, then toppel all the Governments we set in place in the first place, Ok done, 2001- 2012.

    Then its back to Iran 2012, then guess what Kiddies, WW III, man now talk about a Plan thats working out well.

    Hey by the way did anyone see any intel on the vote’s on S 1867? How about your special Bill O Really, or Show me Handy you know the fair and balanced guys who tell the TRUTH……… How about that 8.6 UE number, I bet they cover that.

    I bet you been seeing the OWS coverage. Now what one do you think was used to make you look the other way?

    • Raggs

      I concur..
      We had about 2 seconds of air time on the S.1867 agenda.
      And NO doubt wireheaded oblama will vote yea behind a closed door and then he will be in front of the tube blaming some stupid ass republican…

  • Raggs

    I want to wish the oblamas a merry Christmas and that they can have what is in my butt crack.

  • simian pete

    So Unemployment (adding the 315,000 omitted) is roughly 11.36 per cent ? I thought it was higher, like around 30 percent ….

    • simian pete

      Correction to my Math ! It would be 8.8 percent – not 11.36 percent, if you include the 315,000 omitted …

      • Vigilant

        Please see my posting above. The 315,000 was just for the month of November. A total of 6.2 million people are not counted by the BLS because they have flat stopped looking for work.

        Total truly unemployed is therefore in the neighborhood of 12.6 + 6.2 = 18.8 million.

        • simian pete

          Thanks ! So 18 800 000/(154 651 162 + 18 800 000) = 10.8 per cent ?

          • simian pete

            Let’s see …

            So 13.3 x 10^6 / 8.6 x 10^-2 = 154 651 162 — this is the potential amount of people that can work.

            154 651 162 * 91.4 x 10^-2 = 141 351 162 — this is the amount of people who are actually working ….

            So if we add Vigilants figure of 18.8 x 10 ^6 people not working to 141 351 162

            141 351 162 + 18.8 x 10^ 6 = 160 151 162 potential people are employable …

            But the actual people employed is 141 351 162 ……

            So our new unemployment rate should be 18.6 x 10^6 / 160 151 162 = 11.6 percent ….

            The figure given of 8.6 percent is 3 percent off………..

            It should be 11.6 per cent ……..

          • APN

            Simian, It’s all about the “How” or the methodology used in the count. Fact is, the actual unemployment rate in this country is between 18-20%.

            Before the elections in 2012, 22-25% and the DOW will be at about 3,000.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Ah but then you havent factored in such notables as:
            Students living off of gubment grants
            Welfare mothers
            Disability fraud recipients
            Indigent hobos
            Weed farmers
            Alien visitors
            Congressional comittees(technically whom are employed,but just refuse to work)
            POTUS(who has never shown the aptitude for actual employment)
            Convicts(many of whom are still on the gubment dole)
            Forced early retired
            Produce pickers…(lets face it folks,this is not a job that Americans will do,HOWEVER:note that if students want to pay off their student loans,it would be an opportunistic way for them to experience actual labor)

            There you have it.
            More of the folks not taken into consideration,in establishing the unemployment figures.

            But what do I know?
            Apparently very little…..

  • APN

    WOW! SHAZAAM!! Did it really!!!! Who would have THUNK IT!!! TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of money spent, that we don’t have, at the expense of our Grandchildren, to reduce the unemployment rate by 40% of 1%……… WOW!!!! I’m excited!!!!!!

    Oh shucks, I forgot, how stupid of me, it’s the CHRISTmas holiday, and to think I thought it was something ACTUAL!

    Go figure! How DUMB of me! I must be a progressive thinker!!!


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