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Unemployment Insurance Extension Fails In House

November 24, 2010 by  

Unemployment insurance extension fails in HouseThe GOP does not have majority in the House quite yet, but Republicans are already succeeding in obstructing Democratic legislation.

According to media reports, House Republicans on Nov. 18 blocked a bill to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed. Needing a two-third majority vote to pass, the $12 billion package would have extended the current unemployment insurance for certain Americans by about three months. Most Republicans believe that the cost of the program should be offset by other savings rather than adding billions more to the national deficit.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 800,000 unemployed workers will lose their benefits by Nov. 30 and two million will lose them by the end of December. The parties are expected to reach a compromise, but not until December at the earliest.

A total of 143 Republicans voted against the bill, while 21 GOP members favored it.

In response to the voting result, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that unemployment insurance is a proven economic booster that returns $2 back into the economy for every $1 invested. She claimed that Democrats voted to help the unemployed, while Republicans did not.

"We will continue to work for an emergency short-term extension to get families through the holidays and to work for longer term solutions as well," said Pelosi.

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  • JimH

    Unemployment money puts $2 back into the economy for each $1 invested? Where did that other $1 come from? For a !00% return I would like to invest in an unemployed person. Pelosi doesn’t realize you help the unemployed by allowing the markets to work and there will be job creation. Making the unemployed a member of the employed. The Dem Idea of helping the unemployed is to enable them to STAY unemployed. Even with the Republicans the issue seems to be where the money comes from, not about allowing the economy to recover. Who are the ones really helping the unemployed?

    • Vigilant

      This will not be the first time I’ve taken the Personal Liberty News Desk to task for failing to report the whole story. To say that “Republicans are already succeeding in obstructing Democratic legislation” is not the whole truth.

      The bill was brought to the floor under the rules of suspension, requiring a two-thirds majority to pass, but fell 17 votes short with a final tally of 258-154. If the eleven Democrats who voted against it, plus the 8 Democrats who didn’t vote at all, had voted or changed their vote, it would have passed. Almost twice as many Repubs voted for the bill as Dems voted against (21-11). But in the view of the Personal Liberty News Desk, it’s all the doing of the Republicans.

      The unemployment benefits extension was voted on under the “suspension rule.” To quote Wikipedia, “Rules are essential to the regularity of the proceedings. They protect the principles of parliamentary procedure – order, the right of individual members and of minorities to be heard, and the right of a majority to carry out its will. For these reasons, members have a right to insist on the observance of the rules. Yet a member may waive his right and also the assembly may dispense with the operation of its rules.

      A suspension of the rules may be proposed upon a motion. Such motions may be adopted with some supermajority (which is two-thirds of members present unless otherwise specified in the bylaws or Constitution).”

      The House had months and months to deal with this problem but failed to do so. Having a substantial majority, the Dems could have easily passed the legislation (with a simple majority), but that would not have gained them the political hay of making the Republicans look bad. Taking it down to the wire insured that the rules of suspension would be the only means to vote on it, and requiring the 2/3 majority guaranteed its failure.

      Thus, the Dems set it up to fail because making the Republicans look bad is more important to them than keeping people on unemployment.

      • Warrior

        Vig – BINGO!


      The only people helping the unemployed are churches, other family members,and cash jobs if they are to be found.


      Unemployment benefits go quickly into the economy because beneficiaries must spend their average $310 a week on basic needs, unlike tax cuts for the rich – their money goes no where to benefit the country as a whole. Shame on the GOP for again denying a “safety net” for the unemployed. We need this stimulus program extended.

  • Teresa

    We are in a economic crisis and they want to Extend the unemployment rate further? Please understand that I sympathize w/the unemployed very much but how are we helping by allowing them to stay unemployed by drawing MORE? When do we draw the line? We have become a dependent nation and people are allowing it to happen, it’s what the government wants…please wake up! I don’t care if you have to get off your butt and dig ditches to provide for your family, your not too good for it! If you have no pride in your work no matter what it is, rather it be flipping burgers at McDonalds then you are in for a rude awakening. You will only get respect from you children, your friends and family if you have it in yourself!

    • Vigilant

      Very true. When Pelosi syas, “We will continue to work for an emergency short-term extension to get families through the holidays and to work for longer term solutions as well,” she’s talking about the longer term solution of making the unemployment compensation more or less permanent. That’s called welfare and all it ensures is permanent dependency.

    • Rob

      Are you a stay at home housewife or do you hold a government job? I have been a conservative voter for over 34 years… We have lost manufacturing jobs at record numbers and they continue to be lost. I was displaced over 3 years ago… because of my age and being pigeon holed into a lifelong “specific trade” I am having a nightmare of a time securing employment. As a previous six figure earner I can assure you I have paid in huge taxes over the years (more per year than most peoples yearly salary). Who are you or the “out of touch” republicans to say what a “Crisis” is and define what is enough. We support other countries even through these bad times… give us a break

      • Teresa

        No, I work in a mfg. company, and a farm. So, yes I pay my taxes and my insurance as well as well as raise my child and 2 nieces w/o any government assistance or child support!

        • Chad F

          Go back to the farm and shut up!!

      • KC

        Hey Rob,
        I’m in the same boat as yourself. I had a six figure salary in the auto/consumer goods manufacturing industry and as yuorself, I can’t find employment of any kind. I don’t mind lowering my standards but these YAHOO’s that spew out their crap about digging ditches and flipping burgers obviously didn’t spend 30+ years working their butts off to see their industry obliterated by FREE TRADE. If I’m not mistaken was put in by the Dems in the 90′s. I bet this Teresa loud mouth works for the gov’t or some service/sales job that hasn’t been all but eliminated here in the US. Hey Teresa, talk to me about this when you have been out out a job for 18 months and then I’ll consider listening to your crap. I want to work but I don’t want to be on the street and at this point in time, UI is the only thing me and my family from being there.

        • Teresa

          you are wrong, and I am not trying to offend by any means. the point I am trying to get across is that the government is by forcing us to us to be dependent upon them. They either demand from us to be unionized or you are left on your own w/o anything! Either way they want Complete control. And NO, I do not work for the government, I have worked my entire life w/o any gov. assistance and I have worked hard! And I have never ever made a six figure salary!


            one reason you have never made a six figure salary is due to Republican tax cuts that have had the effect of reducing wages for the Middle Class and creating deficits we can no longer control. Remember how President Clinton balanced the budget two years in a row — with increased taxes on high earners — and the economy thrived in the roaring 90s? All that has been reversed with the idiot in the White House who we finally evicted in 2009.

        • http://yahoo Robert

          It wasn’t the Dems, who sold you/us out. It started with the repuke god, reagan. Face it, is not going to get better, the rich repukes, have won.

        • BB

          KC and Rob – I to am in the same situation. I seem to be pidgeon-holed as well. No one seems to want to train a person for a new career anymore. If you don’t have the exact skills required, you’re out of luck! I have responded, it seems, to every job posting -in my industry and out-and I can’t get any response from any of the companies I’ve applied to. I’ve heard and read, also, that companies are posting jobs on the various sites but, in reality, don’t have the money for new hires right now. They have to, for some requirement, post their supposed “job openings” anyway. I want to work. I don’t want to leach off the government any more than I already have, but I’ve got my family and still have bills to pay. The worst thing is that unemployment runs out three weeks before Christmas – the worst time to have that happen.

      • Katarina

        Support of other countries should stop immediately. We have problems of our own. I don’t mind to help when we are doing well economically but we need to get out of this mess and believe me, nobody will help us. Bankrupt U.S. can not help nobody!!!

    • Chad F

      What the hell’s wrong with you? People who have held jobs for a very long time are not working right now because of a major upset in the economy. Just wait until you lose your job and cannot find one your damn self. I am a very hard working electrician and have held a job my whole life. Construction went down the tubes and i have been to every job posting I could find. How do you think I feel that I cannot provide for my family? Do you think I am happy that my kids do not have health insurance or how about a nice christmas? That’s all right, you have got yours coming! And by the way, my friends and family respect me because of how I treat them and my character not by what job I have.


      Teresa you are clueless. You simply do not care about the unemployed. Why don’t you say it? No one “wants” to be unemployed. And no one is getting “rich” getting an average $310 a week on unemployment benefits, some of which is taxed.

    • Kevin


      I got one thing to say to you…(offensive word removed) YOU!!!!!! Apparently you havent figured it out but the government would rather spend money on Iraq and Afganistan than help the people right here in this country! Also, Either you have a job or you are a stay at home mom, which if youre the latter i feel sorry for your kids being around an incomprehsible (offensive word removed) all the time, BUT if there were jobs for everyone who is unemployed it would be different. Apparently you havent figured out the America is now a service country and the manufacturing jobs that used to be here are gone! And it takes time to learn something new…Unemployment extensions are vital to the economy of this country you (offensive word removed)

  • Scott

    How about this novel concept. We track the amount paid to the unemployed, and once employed, a deduction is made from their paycheck to pay back the benefits they received. Seems fair to me.

    • Teresa

      I like it, at least we are still using our minds.

    • Les

      They already paid for that benefit. I’ve been working for 40+ years and having paid unemployment insurance everyone of those years. And don’t feed me crap about my employer paying for that, anything they pay out like the 7.5% Social Security comes from money they don’t then pay me but then they get to deduct at tax time. Just another employed ripoff scheme sponsored by the Federal Government. Total SS fee per employee is 15% 7.5f from employee & 7.5 from employer. I was to ensure no one got to opt out.

      • Chad F

        Your absolutely right! It doesn’t matter who puts the money in the fact of the matter is money was already put in for this. If I worked for 20 years and my employers paid in $1000.00 per year for state and upwards of 3500.00 for federal unemployment (and that’s from everybody not just the 12 percent out of work) than why would they not extend the benifits? They used the money for other things!!! Same with social security. We are paying for retiring baby boomers not putting away for ours!!

    • Rob

      I have written my Senators about this same very concept. I asked to be extended and that I would sign a promisary note… nothing motivates. We are in the worst of times since the great depression. You would think that we can get creative for the people that need it and stop supporting other countries as well as paying for wars we have no right to be in the first place.

    • Kevin

      State unemployment benefits are paid through a tax on employers as are federal benefits…This is not rocket science here, this is the livelyhoods of American people, who struggle day in and day out to make ends meet. I have been unemployed for two years and I am a chef and people say “well people gotta eat.” You’re right they do, but their not eating out. Besides my experience is not in a restaurant setting, its in managing corporate cafeterias like Google, Target and 3M. They are not hiring yet, so my job prospects are busted until they start hiring again. On top of that, I cannot walk into a restaurant and try to get a job, 1 because I lack the restaurant experience, 2, I know too much and they don’t want me telling them how to run the business, and 3, I can’t stand for 8-12 hours a day anymore, I have to have time at my desk for previous work related injuries. You people that say, ah…who needs unemployment really need to wake the (offensive word removed) up!!!!

  • stephen russell

    Future Job sources IF Funded Pvt:

    NewSpace Commerce: Manned Space Goes Commercial
    High speed RR Lines
    Underseas hotels
    Underground hotels
    Solar & wind Farms.
    Nanotech plants
    Hi rise Farm towers nationwide.
    See for more ideas & concepts.

  • stephen russell

    Revamp Job Training
    Improve Voc Tech Ed.
    Boost Career Counselling from HS onward.
    More Tech Ed schools sited with academic schools
    Lifetime degrees for Boomers issued.

    Now may we move ahead.

  • stephen russell

    Have Unions co fund Unemployment benefits for ALL workers laidoff.
    NO exceptions.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    On the other hand, unemployment benefit extensions are needed by many who are suffering from this never-ending BHO/Democrap Party recession, and only cost a tiny fraction of the trillions being squandered by this democrap regime. Why are they using the 2/3 majority procedure for this?? If a 2/3 majority were needed last year, the costly failed stimulus/porkulus bill could’ve been stopped. Likewise with BHO and his democraps’ health care reform/deform bill, which barely got over 50% of votes in the House. I think this is just a vengeful trick by the democraps in their lame duck session, so they can blame the GOP for not caring about the unemployed. We also know that the democraps are masters at the technique of deception. They brag about having created social security. But they’ll never admit that they’ve been stealing from it for years, and are bankrupting it. Nor will they tell you how much better off you’d be if you could opt out of social security and invest all that FICA money elsewhere. Likewise with unemployment insurance. The democraps want you to think they care about you. LOL!! What they won’t tell you is that, were it not for their detrimental economic policies, there’d be no need for unemployment benefit extensions. Were it not for the foolish errors of voters on 11/4/2008, the high unemployment rates and recession would be long gone by now!! And like social security, unemployment benefits are like bread crumbs compared to what you could earn in real jobs, millions of which have been destroyed by BHO and his democraps!!!!


      EARL CLUELESS IN QUEENS – there have been ten months of consistent job growth under President Obama, obviously not enough, but a step in the right direction. Car companies are making money, thanks to Obama’s leadership 3 million workers kept their jobs. The damage inflicted by George Bush cannot be repaired overnight, but we are on the right track!

      • Vigilant

        “there have been ten months of consistent job growth under President Obama, obviously not enough, but a step in the right direction. Car companies are making money, thanks to Obama’s leadership 3 million workers kept their jobs. The damage inflicted by George Bush cannot be repaired overnight, but we are on the right track!”

        “Obama’s leadership?” That’s an oxymoron (as opposed to you, a simple moron).

        “there have been ten months of consistent job growth under President Obama.” I see, and what’s the unemployment rate now compared to when he entered office?

    • Kevin


      You really are clueless aren’t you! Its the private sector that caused the recession…Thank you Goldman Sachs and the beloved stock market. It doesn’t help that the government spending on defense continually increases and they can’t seem to figure out that there are people in this country suffering everyday. With all the rules and regulations the government has placed upon us, the rest of the world has caught up…ie. China. This wasn’t just the democrats that helped this, it was the republicans too. They are all a bunch of liars and theives.





  • PatriotBob

    Obama……farce! Pelosi….farce! These people help no one but themselves. Getting real tired of it!


    Well there are many that are turning down jobs
    and i know several
    there waiting for there $18.00 and $22.00 an hour job
    to return !
    They need to quit dreaming and get off the couch and find work!

  • JDS

    Jobs need to be crated First. Unemployment needs to be extended. 1 job opening for every 5 applicants. Average UI paycheck 300.00 UI checks also pay taxes. I want to know how some people say the unemployed are lazy? Look a the facts of the job market, look at the lines of people looking for work. No one is gatting rich from $3oo a week. I live in NJ and a Wall Mart just opened, there was over 1200 people who applied for those positions. It does not take 1200 people to operate a Wall Mart. Thats how bad the job market really is. If you have a job hold on tight. Don’t spite the people who do not. Government should take care of the U.S. first and then eveyone else next. What happened to United We Stand and Devided We Fall. One Nation under God. Its the holidays where is the, better give then receive spirit?
    God Bless us all!

    • Teresa

      Nobody is saying all Americans are lazy, what we are saying is that the Government is Trying to force Americans to Be Dependent! Thus forcing More government control. If you can not see this in the unions than you need to focus on getting them out!

      • http://yahoo Robert

        No, the rich repukes, are forcing us to be dependant. How long will it take, for you to realize, the govt. will help, and the rich repukes, will only take. Repukes will not be happy, unitl slavery, is legalized.

        All the facts in the world, at your fingertips, and you are still on the side the rich repukes.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          how about some of those facts you keep touting??? All I see from you is about the same words over and over and over and over!! either give it a break or post some verifiable facts to go with it!!

    • Kevin

      They got the divided we fall part right! :-(

  • smithington

    For some very interesting information, visit:

  • John M

    I am among the unemployed trying to find a job. I have returned to school in the evening to enhance my chances at employment, while interviewing during the day. I have paid into the unemployment system 30 years of my life so far and never made a prior claim. The jobs that are available now are few and far between, many consisting of straight commission only. I worked construction prior to becoming unemployed and to the guy who commented on ditch digger jobs.. I would do it in a heartbeat. As far as McDonalds goes, ground floor you start part time. To subsidize the income you are losing you would have to apply for federal assistance. Living in Westchester County, NY.One of the highest property taxed counties in the nation it would be impossible to make it on a McDonalds salary alone, so again you would have to apply for Welfare.. Unemployment, Welfare.. two federally run systems paid for by tax dollars.

    All though it sounds almost communist, I would be willing to do any jobs assigned to me by the government to continue to collect unemployment unti I found a job that will pay the bills and keep food on the table for my child. I finished Pre-reqs for BSN in Nursing,and I am now applying to schools. I couldn’t be anymore proactive then I am being, there is just limited opportunities out there, I’m trying. At least us unemployed have paid into a system and were not forced to or directly entered the welfare system and that is what it is coming to.. Welfare is a hell of alot more expensive than unemployment. I hope and pray that the phone will ring, with an employer on the other end saying “You have the job, come in on Monday” But it has yet to happen. BTW, I don’t have a crazy mortgage or alot of expenses, it is just hard to make ends meet, and going on interview after interview wih no results can be discouraging, but I forge ahead and keep my head up. Without unemployment at this particular moment all that I have worked for is sunk. The taxpayer will unfortunately be the person who carries me along until I can find something to contribute my share. I don’t want to be on Welfare, I don’t want unemployment, I just want a job that can pay the bare minimum of my bills, approx $1600 per month.. It seems like a low amount, but when your savings is almost tapped, the phone is not ringing, and unemployment (which doesn’t cover this) runs out, what are we to do.. We need help until the economy picks up, Period !!

  • Ted Crawford

    If this administration truly wanted to help the unemployed, they would stop trying to take over our private industries, I.E. The Healthcare Industry, The Financial Industry, The Insurance Industry, ET AL. They would deport the illegals, instead of hiring 16,000 IRS agents they could hire 16,000 Border Patrol agents to facilitate that, and secure our borders. Stop threatening to raise taxes on the primary job creaters, and actually work to encourage private sector job growth!!

    • Teresa

      and that is the best I have heard so far.


      WHAT did those “job creators” do with their huge tax breaks in the Bush administration? Thanks to President Obama, the automobile industry is back, and 3 million Americans kept their jobs. GM stock is on the market.

    • Kevin

      You’re a moron too!

      Maybe you haven’t noticed, but until now the illegals did all the jobs we didn’t want to do because it was menial labor. Health insurance rates are through the roof and what do they pay out…next to nothing. Do the math, Healthcare needs to be reformed even further than what Obama has done! Financial Systems…Simply put need to lend! Wall Street needs to go away…the center of the thieves! Oh thats a good idea, lets invest out money so some genius who knows the loop holes can go and do insider trading and make a quick billion. Its time to stop focusing on the rest of the world and focus on the problems plaguing our own country!!!!

  • TOM

    Isn’t the House still under DEMOCRAP control. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU MORONS THAT VOTED TO THESE “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” CROOKS in control in Washington now.

  • http://com i41

    Rob, I worked in several differrnt areas of employment durning my life, durning the late 70′s I learned how to drywall and finish houses. When the interst rates went through the roof,I used my ranching and farming skills to become a heavy equipment and truck mechanic. So after learning to go strictly for highest paying jobs, I drove truck, heavy hauling making six figures a year and was never out of work and raised all of my six kids, with my wife being a stay at home Mom. I alway caught h=ll for telling companies to stick it, when they would talk about layoffs or downsizing. If you have more than one skill you can always find a job. All 6 of my children have never been out of work and also have multitalents. some are college grads, some are like me, a school of hard knocks graduate, tution is high but, stays with you. Some are military officers who serve the country and worked their way through college and paid of what few loans they had. From the downsizing and companies being bought out in the 80′s, I learned never to trust or have any loyality to any of these crap corporations. You are just a commodity and a number. I have started severl business ventures, some made good money some barely broke even. But ever time you try, you learn that bankers are BS artists because of federal guidelines that need to be followed, along with any government wonks who draw up the guidelines, state or federal. Also college degrees don’t mean s–t, if there isn’t any jobs. Create anything that you can produce even if you will never be a mega business person, better than a small cog in a corporation septic pump. That is why if a bounty on illegals were placed in effect at $2500 a hd, there is still enough private enterprizings people who would jump on the concept of self employment. In the 90′s in some western counties it happened quitely and 1700 illegal were gathered and shipped in a week, hospitals costs, unemploment rates dropped, as well as welfare costs. Easy as rope and drag to the load out. The people that have been unemployed for the last 2 years are college grads,with busineess management degrees, and consider working at any job where wages are less that 12.00 a hour it is below them. More elitist crap like the jug eared purple lipped jackass that only wants to golf and screw off. Which anytime I meet a unemployed college grad, I ask who they voted for, and do they like the change and hope thing? For any one who is between 45-70, go mow grass or move snow, your credit should enable you to buy a pretty effeicent machine to do the work. Become self employed, unless you think a f–king union will find you work!!

  • hundabuxt

    I am well educated and was out of work for a year and a half during which I started my own property maintenance business and mowed lawns, cleaned houses for real estate firms, did some repairs and numerious other tasks. I worked long hours, was in great shape and my family never missed a meal. If you’re not too proud you’ll find work. I got through college being a custodian for the entire time and I’m not too proud to do it again if I had to unless an illegal alien beat me out of it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I know what you are talking about. between jobs at times in my life, I managed 60 units and 62 units another time!! Dam rotton work at times and people treat you like their own private slave at times!! I had a guy call me at 3:00 am to come over and change a light bulb in his dining room. when I told him we weren’t responsible for the bulbs in his unit and he would have to change it he said HOW??? Talk about a momma’s boy!!!

  • Charlie

    Flipping burger, is America that dumb to tell people who holds degree or has been in working in a trade skill job for a long time to do because they lost their job. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” Did we not hear this saying before. Without UI benefit these are the most dangerous mind/people you could let out on the street. They are the ones who can justifie why they need to rob, steal, and kill. After working so hard to have everything taken away. I bet everyone who is unemployed right now is willing to pay back their share of the unemployment benefit once they are employed and have a peace of mind that tomorrow their family will have food & shelter. “GOV. Spend the money on We the people who lay down sweat and blood to build a stronger foundation to pave for a stronger future, because without US no body gives a dime. I rather have my children chain in debt than dead.

  • md

    Bring down that 10% unemployment rate,And than the republicans can talk about cutting extensions.And if they do not pass the ui extensions do not talk about passing tax cuts for the rich if your not going to help working families also

  • Tom Houk

    As a staunch CONSERVATIVE, and real property owner who has seen $789,101.10 evaporate in the last three years, I’m dumbfounded the Liberal Democrats can oly see backward, after two years of Obamanation. LOOK AHEAD!!!! Bush can oly be faulted for trying to give away tttoooooo much. Jimmy Carter thought all illegals and poverty stricken could/should buy a house with C. Dodd, B. Frank and Obamanation — the three richest musketeers — screwing Fannie and Freddie. That house of cards has come home to roost and may take five more years of cutting spending before we recover.

    After 18 years doing taxes for the rank and file, the thing that has hurt the most is the non filers ….. nearly 14 million do not file a 1040. This summer I suggested Congress put an IRS Agent in every police station in America, like we do at dog and horse tracks. STOP the Congressional pensions [not provided in the Constitution], put their whole fund into SS and make them take the same as what we get.


      Hey TOM HOUK you lost that under the Bush regime, right? Even since Reagan tripled the deficit and Bush double the deficit, the house of cards was bound to crash, and crash it did in September 2008 when insane McCain “suspended” his campaign for a day to “look presidential”.. and thus the landside victory for President Obama. Now Obama is working to reverse the mistakes since 1981. And he’s making progress.

  • Emenot

    Very simple, raise import duties and tariffs with unfriendly trading nations! CHINA AND RUSSIA!!! EVEN THEIR OIL!!!!!!

    • Kevin

      Cutting off the oil imports would halt this country from moving ahead. Only 40% of the US oil comes from within the country, the rest comes from the rest of the world. If this country wants to get back on track, they have to get back to the manufacturing. But the only way to do that is through technological advancements. The US needs to stop holding us back! Our schools are underfunded, we have the highest rate of obesity because of the McDonalds Fat Ass meals, we have the best and worst healthcare at the same time because we allow malpractice lawsuits in the millions of dollars. Green sustainable energy is where this country needs to go. Capitalize on the continental divide and put wind turbines all over the area. Capitalize on hydroponic vegetables to put “gardens” in the middle of large cities. Figure out how to harness the suns energy in space to provide greater power resources for the whole world. Reduce carbon emmisions to almost Zero, which is possible with filters. All these would create more jobs than there is now and virtually put Detroit back on the map and eliminate unemployment. But this all has to be done before China builds up the resources to do it.


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