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Unemployment Extension Bill Fails To Pass Once Again

July 7, 2010 by  

Unemployment extension bill fails to pass once again Just minutes before adjourning for the holiday break, Senate Republicans again killed a $33.9 billion spending bill on June 30 that would have extended unemployment benefits to more than 1.7 million laid-off workers.

GOP leaders have indicated that they are willing to extend aid to the near 10 percent of Americans who are unemployed, but will only do so if the measure is paid for and does not add to the nation’s already ballooning deficit, Fox News reports.

Republicans have proposed that the bill be funded using unspent stimulus money from last year’s economic recovery act, however Democrats note that that money is needed to support various jobs programs.

"We could pass this bill with broad bipartisan support if Democrats would just agree to pay for the spending," said Representative Dave Camp (R-Mich.) "The American people know we must pay for this spending, and the Senate appears to have heard that message."

While Republicans have successfully filibustered the bill several times, most political pundits expect the measure to pass next week when Congress is back in session, according to the Associated Press (AP). After a replacement is named to fill deceased Senator Robert Byrd’s seat, Democrats should have enough votes to pass the bill.

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    Whats that lawyerly latin thing.

    Quid Pro Quo or something?

    Who benefits.

    And the answer would be any company that will be charging late fees.

    Companys political types love having in their stock portfolios.

    This is all win win for them.

    If we are late on the bills they make money.

    If we lose houses we have been in for over 15 years they resell at a profit.

    It isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing at all. Its all about further raping the American workers.

    Stop eating the cake.

    • Tea Party Tim

      I hate to burst the bubble here, but late fees contribute less than 10% to the cost of collections on past due accounts.

      Most companies do everything they can to prevent an account from becoming past due. They aren’t anymore interested in a past due account than a land owner would be in past due rent payments.

      If someone is late on their bills the companies lose money.

      If repossed property is sold for more than the amount owed on it the excess must be returned to the customer.

      The problem is not evil corporate America, it is out of control personal debt.

      Stop thinking that you can have your cake and eat it too, especially if you can’t pay for the cake in the first place.

      • James

        Tea Party Tim, I agree. We are in this economic mess because individuals and businesses were operating on borrowed money, they had no cash reserves. Businesses depended upon current sales to make payments on their debt, when sales fell they defaulted and were bankrupt. Individuals depended on their paychecks to make payments on their debts, with the same result. All it took was for some part of the economy (like the housing market bubble) to burst, then everyone who was head over heals in debt went belly up.

    • GenEarly

      Stop drinking the Obama coolaid along with my cake! no reasoning with people who just want your money.Just remember: Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.

  • Butch

    Let us all clasp hands together with the determination to show a united front to all politicians who would harm our families by holding unemployment benefits hostage. Let them know that fifteen million americans is a significant voting block, and we will remember at the ballot box.

    Join with us at: unemployed-citizens-united at googlegroups dot com
    Our goal is to sign up one million unemployed american citizens. Do you think that would put some fear into these ignorant politicians to know that a million people are standing as one to send a clear message? Pass the legislation, or we’ll pass on your career.

    You can also send me a message and I’ll invite you as a member. Contact me at Equustrnr at gmail dot com .

    • GenEarly

      Si Se Puede Comrade! Revolution for the neglected masses! Lenin called you a “useful idiot” ,or maybe you just blog for Soros? I don’t owe YOU any of my money. I will give charity voluntarily, but keep your government goons away from my door!

      • JD

        Right on TeaParty Tim! Another “patriot” who feels he’s “entitled” to wallow at the puiblic trough at my expense! Come on, take responsibility for your self, start acting like an American and get working to help YOURSELF. My vote goes to the legislator who works to cut gov’t spending…not increase it!

      • al

        Dont take any more of my money!!! Your uninjoyment has run out. Now go rot somewhere and die!!!!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      Instead of asking for government hand-outs, like some beggar, why don’t you demand that the government does something to promote and create private sector jobs so you can earn a living in stead of begging for a living. You know, like Bush did when he became President and inheritted a 2 quarter recession from the Clinton administration. It took Bush only 2 more quarters to get us out of the recession he inherited, by the policies he put in place, one being a tax reduction, just like Kennedy did when he faced a recession. The media chastised Bush terribly about the jobs the economy was losing, even after the leading economic indicators proved the recession started during the last 2 quarters of Clinton’s economy. They said it was on his watch so it was his fault, unlike how they’ve treated Obama, with a super majority in Congress, who can do no wrong in the media’s eyes. We all know that Clinton changed the rules on counting the unemployed by having those out of work for 12 months or more deleted from the count. If you add them back in at this point, the unemployment rate is 22.1%, and many economist say its even higher than that. The Republicans are right, find the funds to pay for the extension first, then pay only those who are officially being counted in the unemployment rate and find out the true percentages we are paying for. In this country I hope fair is still fair, so try it instead of begging.

      • Kinetic1

        The first time I heard the talking heads calling for a reassessment of unemployment to include those who had run out of unemployment compensation or gave up looking for work, I thought my head would explode. This was a major issue during the Bush years, but back then Rush and friends were calling this idea ridiculous. No body gives up looking for a job! It’s just a Liberal ploy to make Bush look worse. Now, of course, they claim Obama (not his administration, but the man himself!) is misrepresenting the numbers.

        No doubt, the government is not giving us the whole picture. The economic numbers, including the unemployment statistics have been worked over by every administration in the last 50 years. The problem here is that these workers paid into the system. Unemployment tax is earned by workers and paid by employers. We may extend beyond the monies received in hard times, but there should be excess collected in the good to balance. It’s a stretch during long periods of high unemployment, but that’s the idea.

        Now the Republicans are asking how we’re going to pay for this extension. They don’t want to see us extending payments and seem to suggest that many workers would rather stay home then work. Well you can’t point to the unemployment numbers and say they are artificially low and then say people are lazy and just aren’t looking for jobs! If that’s how they view the chronically unemployed, why don’t the Republicans have a problem putting these families on welfare? Where else are they going to go? Are they really concerned about paying for the extension, or is this just another ploy to over stress the welfare system, giving them another shot at pulling it down?

      • colleen

        hey dandy randy,

        here’s my wish for you…………i hope you are unemployed….soon!!!!!!!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          i have been unemployed about seven or eight times. In fact, I got laid off the week my oldest was born. I have never exhausted my benefitseven though I very well could have. I have always been one to take what employment as I could till something came along. did we have some real tight times? Hell yes. But I always made my bills and I have never been one to live outside my means.

    • meteorlady

      Let’s see – I should pay for unemployment extensions so that millions can get benefits for a total of two years? The average unemployed person usually finds a job in 6 months if they are seriously looking. The fact is that most are looking for a similar or better paying job and not taking what is out there until they can get a better job. After all – it’s easy to sit on you butt, fill out you weekly paperwork from the comfort of your home and keep those checks coming.

      Add to that the fact that most financial advisors will tell you to keep at least 6 months, and preferably 1 year, worth of savings in case you loose your job. So I do that and so do a lot of my friends and we are able to weather the occasional burp in the economy. If you don’t is that my problem? Why do you feel that I owe you a living when I’m the responsible one here?

    • James

      Butch, The extension of unemployment benefits for 1.7 million unemployed would have cost $30.1 billion which Congress would have had to borrow, and add to the national debt, which now stands at $42,000 for every man, woman, and child in America, an amount that’s impossible to repay. The United States is bankrupt. Unemployment is now at 17,000,000 and growing, it is fiscally impossible to continue unemployment benefits.

  • Patricia

    Since our corrupt Congress is using 15 million unemployed Americans as a political football, the mainstream media is either ignoring us, quoting the FAKE stats put out by the government (the unemployment rate is nearly 20%, NOT 10%) or adding to the stigma/judgment of the unemployed as ‘lazy’–(Arizona senator John Kyle and Nevada candidate Sharkle (sp?) being quoted in the press)and the still-employed Americans keeping silent at our plight because they think it won’t happen to them (it WILL), is it perhaps time to recreate our rebellion against a corrupt Britain this July? Consider this a historical warning–if enough people go hungry and homeless, you will start seeing guns. Revolution is never pretty, but deliberately starving people in order to line your own pockets is criminal.

    • GenEarly

      Liberal Socialists don’t have personal guns,except for the felons in the Gangs.The Obamanation doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment in their Constitution. Conservatives will use the ballot box, Obama wants a “Crisis” to seize Guns, we know his how his treachery works.

      • eddie47d

        You seem to turn every issue into a crises and exploit it very well.

      • Kinetic1

        I guess it’s just the Liberal SOCIALISTS who don’t have guns? I own two and have been a Lib my whole life. Of course I sometimes lean towards the middle, and other times I support some Socialist ideas, but I can’t call my self a die hard Liberal Socialist. So I guess it’s ok to keep my rifles? I mean, no Democratic leader has ever suggested taking away the right to own a fire arm, despite what the NRA would have us believe.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          nonmoveable one,
          I seem to remember Shrilliry signing the small arms treaty!?!?! what do you think they will try to do with that???

    • meteorlady

      Lets see – of the 10 people I know that lost their jobs, only 1 is still unemployed. Most took jobs that you liberals say only illegals will do. They are mowing lawns, working in fast food businesses and generally getting by however they can in order to make ends meet. As for you, I assume you are going to sit there and wait for the government to bail you out again? Why do you believe that I owe you a living?

  • Patricia

    A correction to Nevada candidate’s name: It’s Sharron Angle. Was Sharkle a Freudian slip, perhaps? She behaves like a shark–a full-blown predator.

    • GenEarly

      I love SHARKS! Gut the Bloated Federal Bureaucracy and Spending. More Sharks Fast! Please.

    • meteorlady

      Yeah – more sharks wanted.

  • Patricia

    Until the Republicans GIVE BACK all the money they BORROWED to fund the Iraq and Afghan wars, and demand payback from the banks, insurance companies, auto industry, Wall Street, they’re in no position to demand that the Democrats use stimulus money to pay for the unemployment extension. This isn’t compromise–it’s blackmail, period. Of course, the Democrats aren’t blameless either, since the first repeals of Depression-era controls (Grahamn-Leachy bill) on Wall Street occurred during Clinton’s administration and he didn’t veto it. How far does Congress think they can push America before it fights back? Apparently pretty far, because NO ONE STOPPED THEM when Congress took off for their 10-day holiday on July 2nd.

    • GenEarly

      You are being a bit bi-partisan in your condemnation of the “Progressives” of both parties which is to be commended. But the Demo-Socialists are much better at spending non existent “money” than Repubs, but hey, the Progressives are the Enemy Within where ever you find them.PS Demo’s 100% Progressive, Repubs 50% Progressive, Aim carefully with your votes.

      • Kinetic1

        Keep it up. If enough of you continue with these false numbers the Blue Dogs may yet give full support to the Democratic party. The you will have a TRUE super majority to deal with.

    • meteorlady

      Hmmmmmm, only AIG was bailed out the first time on Bush’s watch with the help of a fully Democratic congress. As for the wars, we spend more on illegals in this country each year then both wars combined. All the rest of the bailouts and take overs were Obama’s watch.

  • Judy

    I agree with everything. Wall street now thinks unemployment aids joblessness, their just mad becuase of taxes and regulation so they are going to lash out as us. I hope Obama is not afraid of them. Oh and for Senate, both sides are to blame, do you see any of them cutting thier vacation short while people are being evicted and thrown in the streets, children and grandchildren now are going hungry. They may not be around in the future. I think it is terrible to use children and grandchildren for political gain. People now have no gas money or money to pay their car insurance, so now how do they look for work. I am not lazy I want to work, but I am also a 55 year old woman and their is job discrimination for sure.

    • GenEarly

      George Soros must be paying below minimum wage for these bloggers as their coherence and spelling show just how well government schools work.

      The “Stimulus” was just a “pork” bill for Democrat Operatives and yes, Lobbyists. The “Finance Reform” bill is to bail out Wall Street and Big Banks who paid off Demo’s and Obama.The “reform” is only for you and small business,but don’t let the “facts” get in the way,just listen to the sound bites.
      Keep chanting, “Hope and Change”, and throw in “Si Se Puede” in your chants for a little cultural diversity.

      • JeffH

        …hopefully they’re not being paid with taxpayer funds…well, wishfull thinking anyway…

      • Kinetic1

        Judging by your use of punctuation, I will assume that you are also a product of our public school system. Now, on to the important stuff.

        “The “Stimulus” was just a “pork” bill for Democrat Operatives and yes, Lobbyists.”
        If that is the case, what was the 2008 Bush stimulus?

        “The “Finance Reform” bill is to bail out Wall Street and Big Banks who paid off Demo’s and Obama.”
        Are we talking about the Campaign Finance Reform bill of 2002, or the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) of 2008. The latter was the $700 billion dollar plan that Bush pushed through in just weeks. You may recall his warning that our banks could fail within days if the bill was not approved? Then his administration went out and overpaid 10s of billions for bank stocks. So “Wall Street and Big Banks” paid off the Democrats and the Bush administration rushed in to pay them back? WOW, this is better than the XFiles!

        • meteorlady

          Bush only bailed out AIG and the Democrats voted for the stimulus. After all they did have power during his last two years in office or did you conveniently forget that?

    • Pam

      amen sister!

    • meteorlady

      Judy – I am also a working woman and yes there is job discrimination but I just work harder and wiser and have made it up the ladder without too much trouble. I find those that sit around and complain are the ones that are still sitting in front of the same desk doing the same job day after day. You need to expend energy to change the things you can change – that means working smarter, taking advantage of educational opportunities and being wise in your choice of jobs and fields.

      To me, crying discrimination has never gotten anyone I know ahead. It’s just another useless excuse for failure.

  • Judy

    I meant age descrimination.

  • disgustwiththenoparty

    A poster recently indicated that the repubs!!!!! won again, bcse they (Democrats) can’t get away with beating them bcse of the blockage at ALL “4 times”….I say to that poster…”news flash” the only thing the AMERICANS can say that the repubs won was a confirmation of how much of an IDIOT that they really are and why MOST AMERICANS hate them so much….It is clearly a case of mischiviuos rebellion twds the current administration and full of jealously. Who can trust these people to run to coach a tee ball team let alone the country…I say that the repubs will be washed up forever and trust US this DOES NOT make the current administration look responsible for turning their backs on the AMERICANS…..Its the “NO” party….YOU!!!!!

    • GenEarly

      Obama and the Demoncats control the government and squandered any relief on the “Stimulus”. Didn’t you get to the trough fast enough piggy?

    • blamesomeoneelse

      As I look at the places the dems won in america it shows what people voted for. Dems won the large metro areas. They are less educated and get rides to voting poles after they pick up there entiltalment pay from the government. The repubs are in rual areas and small towns where government has less control. Those responding on this blog that belittle the rual americans are hired by Oboma and the dems to keep the less educated dems from finding out the truth. Dems are no more for the poor than China is for freedom. If the Dems figured out that their leaders just want to keep them in the dark and feed them crap then they would be against what is going on with our “give away” government. The change we want is reponsable government not controlling socialistic government.

      • Kinetic1

        While I refuse to suggest that people are more or less in the pocket based on region, I should point out to you that, of the top ten states that received more money from the Fed then they put in in 2007, 9 voted overwhelmingly Republican. This idea that only people in the inner cities live off the government is bull.

        • meteorlady

          Where are the fact for that statement? I’m curious because I have seen maps and it was large urban areas that generally have more people living off the government.

    • alpha-lemming

      Repubs washed up forever???? Then… who’ll change your diaper get you your baba?? And in the future… include the proper qualifier. Please cite as the party of H*LL-NO!!!!



    • Norm

      This isn’t your country nor your Whitehouse. Racist, intolerant, violent nut cases like you belong in an asylum where you can be watched.

      • Kinetic1

        Not exactly how I would have said it, but your right, Norm. Suggesting the murder of anyone to spur on change is inexcusable and warrants looking into by the authorities.

        As for your claims about where our tax dollars are going, UNITE AGAINST THESE MFers, what about the money the Bush administration sent overseas? How about the truck loads of cash sent to Iraq that were somehow “lost”?

        Every administration sends aid, invests in foreign countries and supports research. The reasoning may sometimes be questionable or down right criminal, but you can’t accuse just one administration and be taken seriously.

        • meteorlady

          Again, can I have some facts? A link about Bush “loosing” money overseas? What about the 2 Trillion American dollars that have disappeared from the Federal Reserve and probably went to prop up foreign banks and no one will audit them to see where it went?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you are so stupid that you just played right into their hands!!! It’s people like you that will do exactly what Obummer wants you to! All he needs is one case of violence against a politician and he will declare martial law!!! Remember that in the future!!!

  • disgustwiththenoparty


  • joe

    Update on deaths please.



  • repubthetics

    Mcconnell…. Please take all of those bush style repubs and shove it up your a@@’S….. You have got to be the most pathetic form of species ever. I wonder why you have so much hate in you, I am willing to believe that some of you treat (not taking food from them) your wives and children the same way that you have been treating the wives and children of the unemployed. You are that cold hearted and through out this ordeal, we actually forget that their are lives (your families) that depend on you and with that said, I really feel sorry for you… YOU ARE INHUMANE….

    • GenEarly

      Your family depends on YOU, but obviously you are in adequate to the task and expect other citizens to provide for your inadequacies by using the government to steal our money for your benefit.

      • JeffH

        GenEarly, what was the indicator of your accusation? Could it have been all of the “hate” that was displayed by repubthetics or the bleeding heart?

      • Kinetic1

        WOW! GenEarly, would you be willing to make that statement in front of a line of laid off GM workers? How about some non union workers who used to have jobs supplying parts? Are they all “in adequate (sic) to the task..”?

        Lets just say that an unemployed worker in Michigan bought an average home in 2002. Based on a price of $200,000, payments are around $1,200 a month. What do you suggest he do? Should he take just any job that comes around? They can’t all work at McDonalds and even if they could it would not pay the bills. So I guess he’ll have to work 2 jobs. Maybe the Mrs. will need to work as well, but then who will watch the kids?

        The unemployment situation has hit us all. I know people in at every income level who have been hurt. Some of us are lucky. Some of us have good jobs that pay enough to live a decent life, but that could end tomorrow. Think about that before you group all the unemployed under one umbrella of people who are “in adequate (sic) to the task”.

    • meteorlady

      So rather than post something intelligent and articulate you choose to just insult people and call them names? Nice – shows your lack of rational though process.

  • Cribster

    Oblahblah is holding the simulus money as a slush fund to help keep his comrades in power come November so they can continue to persue their sick liberal agenda. A portion of the stimulus money could be well spent supporting the unemployed.

    The way to help unemployment is to create a healthy job market, the Usurper has DESTROYED JOB CREATION!

    I’m no fan of Republicans but they are right on this, we-have-no-money. Oblahblah spent it all and the money would we would have had for generations to come.

    If you think being beholden to the government and permanent unemployment checks is the proper way to live your life than we have lost America.

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    If the stimulus money is not to be spent for helping the unemployed because it is for jobs, then where are the jobs? Why is there no accountability? It’s a slush fund. It won’t be used for what they are claiming it will be used for.

    The one good thing about this current administration is the ire they are bringing out of the American people. It’s about time pork barrel spending is stopped. The feds need to be audited. We need to be better informed and not misinformed as the main stream media does. We need clear cut answers and no more dog and pony shows!

    • http://naver samurai

      Here! Here!

  • Evie

    The non-passing of the Unemployment Act effects me personally. I have a son who did what Obama told him to do – go back to school, after being a Blue Collar worker for many years. So, he went back to college, got his Master’s degree, but now can’t find a job. What employment he had, the unemployment has run out. So, he and his little family are trying to keep their house on a Waitresses salary, and the unemployment rate in Florida is 11.7 according to stats. He is a Teacher. They can’t move because house prices have dropped so they can’t get what they owe for their house, there are no jobs, they are no longer hiring even Subst Teachers, and our Congress goes on vacation with not affording the people who put them in office a way to be whole. On my small SS check where again Congress didn’t vote us a raise last year and it is questionable whether they will again this year (while they make their salaries of $174,000+ yearly)I am trying to help them put food on their table, cloth them and send them a little $’s in the mail. Now, something just doesn’t add up when we, the people voted for these Congressmen and yet they don’t respect a financial situation of people like my son, who not only has lost his enthusiasm of graduating Cum Laude, but also has lost his self esteem with Congress not giving any help until this economic mess is over. I think that any State that has over 8% should be afforded continuing extension of Unemployment benefits, until this economy gets going, and according to stats, that won’t be for several years. So, Congress cuts our unemployment, cuts the SS and maintains their salaries and increases while we the people that voted them in are penalized. My suggestion – fire them all and start with a new slate, but how do we convince the American people to Fire all these selfish Congress men for their lack of empathy, compassion for the people who voted for them, and them forgetting who elected them. We need a whole new breed of people in Congress that will work for the people, not against them. I have written to the President several times, yet never get any reply regarding the unfairness of Congress, nad the unemployment situation, so how do we correct the injustice our government officials are forcing us to accept. We are now getting into a mode of a class society – Government officials and the poor people of our country where there are no jobs, it appears as though the only people living on “easy street” are our Congress who don’t seem to give a darn about the rest of us! Wouldn’t it be fun to put one of them in our situation, I bet they would Bail us out fast if they had to live in the conditions they afford us, rather than bail out big business!!

    • GenEarly

      Your 1st mistake was listening to Obama. Any one who bought Hope and Change as a government policy is getting it now and in the future. The Demo’s control the Federal Government, so what to do? Blame Bush of course! Before your Bush derangement syndrome explodes, I fought and opposed Bush’s Socialism.

    • Viktor Leben


      It’s terrible what is happening to your family ! We all paid taxes to the government – but the government isn’t keeping up their side of the deal !!!!

      Just try to hold out a little bit longer. The elections are coming up and hopefully their will be an extension in unemployment (and a Tier “5″). The politicians probably will pass something before the election ……

      Your son might have to abandon his house and stop paying his creditors. That’s OK because he needs what little money to survive on. When someone loans you money he/she are making an investment in you. Sometimes investments go bust !!! That’s the risk those lenders made !!! It’s just business …..

      Have they looked into abandoning their Real Estate investment and reliNQUISH IT TO THE BANKERS ? I live in an apartment and that’s what I would do. I would just say “Adios” and default on my creditors….
      You have to survive and it’s time to reorganize your families finances ….

      I’ve been unemployed since November 2006. I’ve been living off my meager unemployment checks and investments. I’m down to my last 12 grand (my IRA)… my wife works at a low paying job in retail … she covers our medical expenses.

      It’s a 50/50 chance i’ll be going bankrupt sometime in September ….. But you know what, my creditors were taken care of during the past 3 years and I feel no shame. THEIR INVESTMENT DIDN”T WORK OUT… it’s just business. I have a 790+ credit rating, after September it will probably be more like 500 or less . THAT”S THE BREAKS.

      I hope it all works out for your family …..

  • Vincent Comello

    Hey folks, well just saw the latest polls on CNN, course they spent like 30 minutes bashing the democrats, but the new numbers show 46 PERCENT OF AMERRICANS BLAME REPUBLICANS FOR THE CRAP ECENOMY.. Course I would be willing to bet that number is probably higher, but the government controlled media likes to play with numbers.. Hey folks plz remember what these criminals have done come November, I’ll bet their counting on us ‘lazy’, ‘drug addicted’ unemployed to just forget about how these criminals are making people suffer and lose everything they have. Personally I just had to sell some things to pay our electric bill.. THANKS REPUBLICAN SENATORS, SUCH A GREAT HOLIDAY INSTEAD OF CELEBRATING, AMERICANS GET TOSSED ONTO STREETS LIKE OLD CARPET…

    Like I have been posting on different sites these criminals have no problem adding another 50 billion dollars to fund 2 wars we shouldn’t be in, they have no issue adding 3.5 Billion to Haiti, but when it comes to American citizens they look at us like we don’t even exist..

    Course these same dirtbags still wonder as to why our economy is down the toliet.. Gee do they need some lessons in economics?? We currently import almost anything from China, but the USA is only allowed to import a very small amount into China to sell.. Big buisness only pays pennies for “tarrifs”, meaning companies who were once here moves their company out of the country for cheaper wages… Then they turn round and sell their products back into the USA for us to buy.. Companies that do this pay “tarrifs”, well right now companies would rather pay “pennies” than pay normal wages.. Untill things like this get corrected companies will continue to leave.. DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER ROSS PEROTS FAMOUS LINE BACK WHEN NAFTA WAS SIGNED IT WOULD BE A GIANT SUCKING SOUND OF JOBS LEAVING THIS COUNTRY.. GUESS WHAT FOLKS, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED.. Soon this country will be a country of low level paying service jobs..

    On a final note, to all the employed people who seem to enjoy kicking their fellow American when their down.. SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U! Your fellow Americans are suffering, some losing their homes and everything they own… When you lose your job, and if things keep going the way they are, you will and when you do remember all those cold postings you put up and don’t apply for unemployment. It’s already bad enough to have a bunch of criminals in office who care about other countries but could care less about the typical American, but you are worse then they are.. Im sure there are thousands upon thousands of families that have someone who has served in the military, they fought for this country for you and heres your thanks.. A BIG MIDDLE FINGER!! THAT IS HOW YOU THANK A VET, KICK EM AND THEIR FAMILY OUT ON THE STREET!! WHAT A WONDERFUL COUNTRY..

    • libertytrain

      Vincent – some people are always looking for someone else to blame no matter what – and aside from that I am sorry you are down on your luck. Best wishes.

    • GenEarly

      Vincent, Take a look in the mirror as you rage at the unfairness of it all.No matter how idiotic the government, YOU could have taken measures to protect yourself and your family before you “found out” you are broke.Next revelation is the Nanny Government is BROKE. I would think a Vet would know better from your training.

    • blamesomeoneelse

      Come on in our lifeboat from the sinking titanic(USA) we dont have much room and are sure to sink but hey then we get to go down together. How long can you tread water? Maybe we can make it to November and replace these sinking boats with responsable leadership. If not it maybe too late and they may as well give everyone money as it won’t buy anything because it will not have any value.

  • Raggs

    Folk’s…It’s all about the unions!

    obama is a mob boss for the unions plain and simple.

    I will have to say though, that the tax-payers cannot continue to support the 52% of the non-working population. The governments dependancy programs such as welfare are running dry due to the sticky fingers of washington. ( pay-outs to the unions ).

    • eddie47d

      Once again you blame unions. Nothing mentioned about the sticky fingers of Wall Street and banks and mortgage companies and credit companies and healthcare providers and crooked CEO’s. Take off your shades once in awhile unions are not in favor of welfare and most are hard working decent folks.

  • Ted Crawford

    Let me begin by saying that I am one, as is my wife, of those long term unemployed. To make matteres even worse for me, I’m over60 and I work in construction! Clearly, my resume is not on top of anyones “to hire list”!
    That being said, the simple facts are that first of all, the country is broke! Secondly, they have the money, allready set aside, to cover this if they would!
    Their claim that they must pass this unfunded, rings false! If that were true, then where did they get the 2 billion to send to China, for wind turbines, the 2 billion they sent to Brazil, for off shore drilling, and the 648 million they sent to Russia, for helicopters???
    The words of Alexis DeTocqueville and Alexander Tytler are ringing in my ears! While they wrote this in the 18th. century, they could have been written yasterday, they ring so true!!!

    • GenEarly

      I am in the same boat as you. But there is NO MONEY, you sound just like the people crying for Obama’s Stash.The Foreign Aid Money is either borrowed or as is happening now, just printed out of thin air.You reap what you sow.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I wonder how much pork was tied to the extension bill? Remember what the dems did to Bush on the troop funding bill? They added enough pork to it to ensure that Bush would veto it. They then said Bush didn’t support the troops. Had he not vetoed it they would have gotten their pork and then said that Bush was a spend thrift and was wasting money. they know that very few voters EVER check out who sponsored the pork, just blame the repubs!! they did the same thing with katrina. They griped that Bush didn’t go into New Orleans soon enough but by Posse Cometis law he couldn’t go in till asked by the Govorner of Louisiana. If he had they would have impeached him, when he waited, they blamed him for every problem that came up! Damed if he did damed if he didn’t!!

  • s c

    However they did it, they’re right. Either make sure the damned thing is PAID FOR, or let it DIE. I know that’s almost impossible for a progressive mind to ‘understand,’ but that’s also REALITY, folks.
    I can only hope that Herr Obummer’s jock straps are utterly enraged that The Anointed Whatever can’t deliver on all of his misbegotten promises to destroy America ASAP. So solly, by golly.
    Like Robert Burns said, “The best laid plans o mice and men gang aft agley.” In other words, “tough #^&*, progressives. Welcome to the real world. Savor the flavor, and enjoy.

  • GenEarly

    SHEEPLES must be fed, housed, clothed,by the Big Daddy Obama-Bush Federal Government.The outrage expressed in this blog for not being taken care of, shows the country is doomed. Fact: The Repubs only wanted the extension of unemployment to be paid for from cuts somewhere and Demos, who have NO Budget, want to just print the money or take it out of the Stimulus Slush Fund.If you as voters/citizens only care about your immediate needs and look to government to save you then the politicians you elect will continue to print money until it is worthless and you and your grandchildren will be broke for 50 years to come and slaves (sheeple).
    People, 2011 and 2012 will be MUCH WORSE, get ready NOW as best you can.

    • eddie47d

      Instead of pissing on Obama how would you create new jobs? Do you have a new invention in your back pocket that will employ thousands? Even technology has been shipped overseas but someone with a good idea will be the winner and it might not be here. The Republicans won’t come up with money to train people in science and math courses so the brain power goes to China and India. They stopped investing in Americas future many years ago.

    • Claire

      There are a lot of people out there that have lost their jobs. There are Democrats and Republicans alike that now find themselves unemployed. I know a number of people that are Republican and they have lost their jobs. This issue is not one-sided. Unemployment is a serious situation. Now there will no doubt be an influx of people on welfare, and some will not be on it not by choice. It will be because they have to. Sure, there are some that try to milk the system but not all of them are like that. The disgusting Democrats and disgusting Republicans better get off their dead asses and work together to solve these problems. Instead, they are contributing to them.

      • Claire

        “some will be on it not by choice…

  • chuck b

    there was a time in my life when i couldn’t find employment so i employed myself by starting my own business. i sold my home and used the money to get started, the hours were long and there was no time for
    weekend leisure. i remained self employed from then on.
    we have a nation full of people that depend on big government to feed them, healthcare them and they expect employment to be furnished. i believe the constitution says something like “pursuit of happiness” it didn’t say the gov. was going to insure a job. so instead of blaming someone take a loo

  • chuck b

    at yourself.


    We as Americans are going to have to arrive at the conclusion that we no longer have a reasonable Republic based on enforceable law. The rights and liberties we cherish are, simply put, going to have to wrested away from this oversized, bloated government and put back into the hands of those who know and remember the type of country the founders asked us to maintain. This mens we are going to have to ignore and circumvent the old government in order to re-establish the law and order we are used to seeing and the responsibility and accountablity needed from leadership that serves the people. This administration and this congress should be struck from the books as ineffective, incapable and to irresponsible to be considered to govern.

  • Frances Hutchinsin

    We each are responsible for ourselves. If when you went to school and you paid attention you would know how to spell and correctly use grammar. If you didn’t pay attention whose to blame? If you didn’t go to school or didn’t finish whose to blame? Certainly, not the government, Congress, nor Pres. Obama.

    Viktor, anyone who has been unemployed since 2006 should be ashamed of themselves unless some unresolvable medical condition prevents them from taking any kind of job be it bagging groceries, collecting carts from parking lots, or working at a minimum wage job. You are fortunate enough to have investments on which you can rely but instead of walking away from your obligations why not have used those investments to honor the business deal with those you wind up stiffing? Oh I forgot, it’s a ME first society isn’t it. Perhaps that’s why we’re in the situation we are.

    Waitressing is a hard job – on your feet all day long – tolerating arragant customers some of whom leave no tip – but it would also lead one to believe that there is a lack of a solid background which would allow one to obtain a better job. Your wife seems to be holding your family together and for that she is to be applauded. What does she get out of it when you declare bankruptcy – after she has worked so hard to maintain?

    Viktor, you are shameful unless I am completely missing your situation.

    I, too, am unemployed through no fault of my own except business decisions that made it necessary and I am older than you and can hardly expect anyone to hire anyone of my age although I am highly skilled – but I will continue to pay my indebtedness to whomever since I created it.

    I am not an Obamaphobe and will vote in Nov to unseat all incumbents that are not supporting the citizens of this great country and its Constitution. There is plenty of blame to go around and wasting time and effort on blaming accomplishes nothing.

    • JD

      I have to agree with you Francis. I blame only us for the mess we’re in. What can we do about it? The only real power we have is at the bsllet box. I, for one. plan to vote ALL encumbants out next November. That’s the only we we have to show them who’s boss. Democrats or Republicans…it doesn’t matter. they have shhown that they are all the same breed…spend, spend and spend to do no more than get re-elected. I hope we can vote them all out and if the next crop doesn’t perform vote them out too…until we get a patriots in office who care about the future of this country and not solely getting re-elected.

  • Mike N.

    Well thought out, luccid comment,as were some others I read. I agree that we need to fire congress ,and while we are at it, most state and local crooks. But they won’t really be gone. They have pensions and free health care for life. They have connections that allow them to get another taxpayer funded position. We have to make changes at the polls or they will be made with much spilled blood. Elect people that were educated in the school of hard knocks. Demand they bring thier benifits package more in line with the rest of the country.

    • Mike N.

      I’m sorry I forgot to capitalise your name

  • Francis Hutchinsin

    Mike N: Not a problem – am not sensitive except where ignorance shows and misinformation abounds. I capitalize out of pure habit not out of today’s PC everything.

    I agree those that are in will receive what their contract called for but perhaps with whatever connections they have remaining will not get them in a position of voting on whatever is of critical importance to the citizens of the U.S. Unfortunately this one-term gets you life-time benefits has got to go.

    Just read that the ICE has only enough resources to deport 4% of the current total illegal immigrants that exist here – that’s 400,000 per current budget. And Obama will probably get his way on amnesty unless the poll vote in Nov. doesn’t allow him enough support votes to allow it to happen.

    Also, what about the employers who hire thousands of illegals and file W2 forms with bogus SS numbers that don’t match the illegals names. They appear not to be touchable due to confidentiality laws.
    We are at the moment a nation of conflicting purposes in the laws that are passed. Take HIPA as an example that protects noone nor their information that is passed on to anyone that professes to have need of it and does allow the government full access to all your health information past and present.

    Have a great day.

  • Francis Hutchinsin

    Mike N: It’s capitalize – sorry.

  • mavis


    • JD

      Do you think this endless unemployment benefit situation is just another way to lock in votes for those (Obama, et al) who are encouraging it make those dependent on it lifetime sympathetic and dependent voters for the party? Is it another form of entitlement type welfare in the making? (I truly hate to use the word welfare but it smacks of that…and I mean NO disrespect for those of you who are needfully on it, but I have NO respect for those who are milking the system and I personally know of some who are doing just that!) It seems to me a possible ploy to buy votes as more and more people become dependent on it. Keep ‘em unemployed may be well thought out!

  • Francis Hutchinsin

    Mavis: It is just plain bad manners and rude to write in Caps as it is the same a yelling at someone. None of us on here need to be yelled at not even you.

  • Francis Hutchinsin

    Yes there are those who play the system for all its worth and find ways to beat it as best they can. However, they are lacking in self pride.

    Those leeches are dependent upon the “system” and when they can no longer rely upon the “system” they will have earned their rightful reward. Be careful what you wish for. Unfortunately our unemployment benefit rules indicate that one does not have to accept a job that pays less than one is being doled out in unemployment checks since those checks are based upon ones past earnings not on what the current market is paying in salaries.

    • Naazil Kudrat Sain

      I paid my taxes for 20years and this is what am getting, It could happen to you too, use to say the same thing before but Health Care, Dental Care and Banks are the ones who will rip you off big time

  • Naazil Kudrat Sain

    Unemployment Extension Bill Fails but Billions of $$$$$ to Isreal
    Israel is a parasite of the american taxpayer and the u.s. government is the lapdog of israel. yes, israel controls u.s. foreign policy. aipac and many other jewish and israeli lobbys own the u.s. government. we give them billions of dollars every year and they laugh in our faces. anyone who says anything bad about israel is shrugged off as being antisemetic no mater what attrocities israel commits. its time for the American people to demand that all economic and military aid be canceled. if Israel survives or not isn’t the problem of the American people. maybe the u.k. can step up and foot he bill for Israel to continue expansion.

  • Naazil Kudrat Sain

    Unemployment Extension Bill Fails but Billions of $$$$$ to Isreal
    Israel is a parasite of the american taxpayer and the u.s. government. we give them billions of dollars every year and they laugh in our faces. anyone who says anything bad about israel is shrugged off as being antisemetic no mater what attrocities israel commits. its time for the American people to demand that all economic and military aid be canceled. if Israel survives or not isn’t the problem of the American people. maybe the U.K., Canada and Germany can step up and foot the bill for Israel.

  • http://unemploymentextensionbill Tina

    I only read a handful of the comments left in regards to this article and am truly at a lack for words at my fellow Americans and the human race! Do you honestly believe that every person who is relying on their unemployment benefits is a begger, someone who doesn’t want to work? Excuse me, but many people who rely on unemployment need it to help pay a mortgage or household bills. They did NOT ask to be laid off! Enjoy the fact that you have not lost your job to downsizing or a company going out of business because Karma is a nasty little lady and one day what you complain about may be YOU! You have NO understanding what it is like to have a trade or a skill that when you apply for a job opening, 100s of other people also apply and your chances of standing out are lost among the herd. How about applying for a job that is BELOW what you are capable of and be turned away because you are OVERqualified. They don’t want to hire you at McDonald’s when they know you will go as soon as a position you are qualified for comes along! So don’t stand there and preach about something you haven’t lived through! If this bill doesn’t pass, my husband will lose his benefits (and no, he isn’t a 99er-we aren’t living off the system) and we will lose our home. We will become another American statistic, another family put on the street, but by all means don’t you lose sleep over it! Continue to bicker that unemployed people need to quit begging and get a job! Most of them would if there was one to get!

  • Francis Hutchinsin

    Naazil: This discussion is about Unemployment benefit checks not being extended – not about your anger at dollars being allocated to Isreal – separate and different subject. Besides you miss the whole point of Isreal being our ally in that part of the world. I guess we should just turn our backs on all other countries and let them rise or fail as they choose. So sad, too bad.

    You paid your taxes because that’s the law and we all paid our taxes which allowed us to live and prosper in this great land. There are no guarantees as to the benefits you derive for having paid your taxes beyond that. If you don’t like it move somewhere else and I guarantee you your taxes will astonish you.

  • Theresa

    For those of you who think the unemployed are lazy and don’t want to work think again. Do you have any idea how many people just the last two years have lost their jobs after 15, 20 and 25 years of service. People that came to work everyday, worked 12 hour days . Did it year after year then bam the company is gone. Now they are in their 40s and have to try to find work. Up against newly graduated college kids. Many are going back to school but most are looking for work. Engineers working at Target . These people will do anything rather than take a hand out. The Government failed America.. look at us . Now they want to punish them. I wonder how many UI checks could have been sent if each one of those Republicans gave up the week pay they each got so they could go on their boats maybe their summer homes, took out their private planes. I hope it passes next time but the Republicans have already put a bitter taste in millions of Americans mouths and No one will forget it when election time comes.

    • Claire

      Theresa–I have noticed that people are complaining about the Republicans, and these people voted Republican. This administration began its term by deciding NOT to agree on anything. The party of no has become the party of nothing, I’m afraid. And the Democrats started out like wham bam, thank you mam. Between the two parties, they have left a bad taste in a lot of peoples’ mouths.

  • mavis


    • Francis Hutchinsin

      Mavis: Typical of the “me” society we are in – the only thing that counts is you and what you want and it’s your right to free speech.

      You are correct it may very well be your computer but you demonstrate your ignorance and lack of concern for anyone but yourself. This is a public forum and certain rules of engagement should be honored – no rudeness and use good manners. You are just defiant of both. How sad you don’t have better command of expressing what you believe. And, I wasn’t complaining I was advising and stating a fact. There is a difference whether you know it or not.


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