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Understanding the IRS Tax Code

January 28, 2009 by  

Understanding the IRS Tax Code

While in office, President Ronald Reagan said that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collection process and its code is a system of voodoo and witchcraft.

The IRS has been in existence so long that few question its legality or even its existence. But the longevity and general acceptability of the IRS in no way means that it is not immoral, illegal or against public policy.

The IRS system is actually the foundation of the Federal Reserve fiat money system. It is life support for paper money. Huge amounts of money have to be continually withdrawn so that the system isn’t overwhelmed with fiat and collapses.

By its name, the Internal Revenue Service implies that it collects revenue for the government. This is what Americans believe.

Lord John Maynard Keynes said in his 1920 book, Economic Consequences of the Peace, that collection of taxes is a regulation system that hides the “worthlessness” of paper money. Taking money under the pretense of collecting taxes covers the fraud of printing press money.

It is not taxes that the IRS is collecting. It is regulating the volume of fiat money so as to hold up its “value.”

But the IRS says that its tax collection system is “voluntary compliance.” No one need be intimidated. Let’s see!

Unless you sign the IRS 1040 tax return, the IRS will refuse it. If it is voluntary, why sign it? Big things happen when you do sign the 1040. You waive your rights, meaning that you are guilty until you can prove otherwise.

The burden of proof is on you.  Furthermore, once you sign a tax form, you are no longer protected under the U.S. Constitution. You are under Merchant Law or Admiralty Law or the King’s Law. Your status changes from sovereign to subject.

Also, after you once sign a 1040, you are under a new jurisdiction. If you later learn there is no law requiring you to file and pay taxes, and you decide that you will not file, you will be prosecuted under IRS Code 7203 or “Willful Failure to File.” This is a conclusion that once you file, you can’t just decide to quit. You are no longer sovereign. You are a subject.

Remember that this is all “voluntary.’

The IRS Handbook for Special Agents states, “An individual taxpayer may refuse to exhibit his/her books and records for examination…under the Fifth Amendment.”

Yes, you can do this, but then the IRS files your return for you, disallowing all deductions.

You can also refuse to sign an assessment, but then the IRS begins collection procedures taking any visible property or bank account by seizure.

IRS agents who move against the “taxpayer” have no idea what they are doing. I think most are not malicious, but they do believe that you owe taxes. They don’t know that the money creators create unlimited fiat that voids any concept or definition of payment or debt as relates to government. It is a world-class ponzi.

The federal tax system is entrenched because tens of thousands of lawyers, accountants and parasites profit from the system. They don’t care if the deceptive system is illegal, immoral or against public policy. They are numb to their bones.

Disclaimer: I do not advocate tax protesting or any acts of disobedience as defined by the government that will disorder your life and confiscate your assets. This item is for information purposes only. It is intended that you will see the full consequences of any action you decide while understanding what your government and politicians have done to America. This is a subject that none of them will discuss.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Sheila Byrne

    The American government is a mess and the press has defaulted in keeping its citizens informed.

    • Buck Earnest

      Amen sister;
      Just realy glad to see there is some knowledge re ;
      the evil of the I.R.S.
      I haven’t paid taxes since 1994
      and don’t ever sign any government forms of any kind

      • Sheila Byrne

        Better evil that IRS. Scanned God’s book (daschel’s) on health care. It will hit the elderly–any illness that requires long term care and has little hope of cure (osteoporosis).
        I am 68. I have manic-depressive psychosis and have had it since before that punk Obama was born. I control it with a handful of pills. But now I’m too old for the pills? You won’t have to pay the IRS for any Medicare services. Just don’t ever ask them for anything. They’ll track you down. They are vicious. And Obama is a nut case. So now where are we?

  • s c mailen, jr.

    This vital topic must be addressed and solved by the new president. In the name of change/transparency/efficiency, the tax code must be gutted and made simple. In the real world, fixing it might have a chance.
    In the world of useless politicians, this matter will never be addressed. It lets the government exert absolute power. No doubt, Joe Stalin would have been proud to saddle the US with our current tax system. A slow death opens the door for many other ways to destroy a nation from within. If Obama dares to fix it, I’ll have a reason to vote for an extreme liberal. Until then, 4 more years of predictable garbage from yet another hack politician.

  • Gail

    I am not an attorney. Are there any attorneys out there that would take up this cause and sue the US for illegally taxing us if it is illegal? I am sure one would be able to get millions of names on a petition and maybe a small donation from each to pay for the legal fees. And maybe one needs to do nothing. Here is how it is all going to go down anyway.

    With all of the layoffs of average W-2 wage earners who pay the majority of the taxes anyway, the tax base is going to fall way off. This country is in an impossible to stop self destructing mode. The dominoes are falling fast and furious. The upper echelon who have the most money can’t support the United States. Their financial input is only a drop in the bucket. The middle class is now drawing unemployment and food stamps or will be soon enough. All money going out and the biggest pool of money not coming in anymore = a hole dug so deep that no amount of money can dig us out. I hate that the stimulus package was passed.

    Maybe we could have used some of that money to pay the 93 year old man’s electric bill, a WWII Veteran doctor that saved countless lives had to die like he did. Where’s the thanks. Maybe we could have used some of that money to give the mentally ill Veterans a place to live and food to eat. They sacrificed their lives for us and we treat them like they are dogs because they had the audacity to live instead of die. And go to any big city and look at the street people and I bet 75% are veterans. How can this country live with itself. No lets give it to the banks and the big corporations and plant grass on the mall. There’s a lot of people who haven’t had a spa visit since the last stimulus package was passed so they definitely need to get that money, right? Take back the United States. Here is what you will see in a few years from now. Empty houses, empty buildings everywhere and 75% of Americans living in the streets and 25% with all of the money. Then you will see the Holocaust happen in America. If you are part of the 75% you will be gassed.

    • Paul Trood

      Gail you are so right. I live in Australia where we have the same problems but luckily on a much smaller scale. The powerful elite are destroying the U.S. and everybody stands idly by and allows it. There is corruption at every level, government, the FDA, IRS, AMA, and I could go on, and it is there because at the top of these institutions are people that have been placed there by the elite’s and their subordinates to do their bidding. I don’t know what the answer is or if is fixable at all, I fear it is not due to the depth of this corruption and self interest. God help us all.

      • Gail

        Thanks Paul for your comment..

        I agree with you, God help us all.

    • Buck Earnest

      Yes Coming soon to a planet near you!!!

    • aaron

      The sad thing is most people don’t even realize that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK!! It’s owned by old Europen families, the Rothchilds, Morgans, Rockefellows and other’s. We can thank President Andrew Jackson for this, he destroyed the National Bank, because he didn’t like the bank president. I don’t have proof, but it’s said that for every dollar printed by the Fed. it costs $1.35, so they have us in a perpetual cycle of debt. I wonder what they promied Bush to get him to destroy this country, well that’s a little harsh he had help. 545 people make the decisions for this country, that includes the Pres., Congress, The Senate, and the Supreme Court. They let Wall Street steal and then took our money to bail them out. If this crime had been perpetrated by any other class of people, except Ivy League white men, there would have been jail sentences handed out. It’s sad to think that this country has fallen so low, this will take years to dig out of this mess, if not decades. The IRS needs to go and so does the Federal Reserve.

      • Harold

        You are correct about the Federal Reserve being a private bank and needing to go as well as the IRS. The 16th Amendment needs to be repealed.
        About President Jackson: He vetoed the National Bank Bill, as did other presidents, as unconstitutional, not just because he did or did not like the bank president. He saw a monopoly and did his part to protect the people and their money system.
        Concerning the 545 people making decisions: About 12 people are making the decisions and our “elected officials” are only following the orders of the Fed.

        • aaron

          I was stating Jackson vetoed the National Bank based on a series I saw on the History channel “The American Presidents”. In the episode on Jackson it was stated he felt the Bank was trying force him to renew it’s charter or it would cost him the election. It also stated that he felt Henry Clay was directly responsible.


          In June the recharter bill passed both houses, and soon after, Jackson vetoed the bill, and accepted it as an election issue. When Van Buren returned from Europe, after several weeks of visiting following the news of his Senate rejection, he found a haggard Jackson declaring “The bank, Mr. Van Buren is trying to kill me but I will kill it”.

          That’s from: Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)
          7th President of the United States 1829 – 1837

          A brief biography
          It wouldn’t let me add a link to this site.

  • Todd

    Forgive them lord, they know not what they do! Pray for these people that sell their soul for this very brief temporary existance we have here. I say this to you all because it has given me a peace I can’t describe, but would like to share.

    We conservatives are concerned about these troubled times-the devil is running wild it seems. Read the description of heaven in Revelatations. It is a friendly part of the bible!!! The glorious splendor of that place to come will erase the pain of this dung heap as easily as the sun would burn up a small gas soaked scrap of paper.

    As stated, it gives me peace as I watch this seemingly unavoidable disater unfold. I feel Like Fredrick Fleet or Reginald Lee, the look outs on the Titanic, “why aren’t they turnig?!” was the line in the movie. I feel this strongly!

    God bless-Peace be with you!

    • Paul Trood

      Tod we live in truly evil times. America has allowed a small group of elites to control everything. They are not the government, they are not elected by anyone, but they are so wealthy and with that wealth comes the power which allows them to dictate their doctrine to governments and the people. These people are truly evil and care nigh for the rights and freedoms of the people.

      • Todd Dunn

        Yes, you are right. I wonder about these people. What are they thinking? The easiest explanation is they believe the Lord of this world-Satan has convinced them he is God and proves it to them by awarding them the riches of this world. That’s why I pray for hem!

        I’d like to hear your opinion Paul. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that is seeing what’s going on!

        • Paul Trood

          Todd you just maybe right. I have heard a similar analysis before from a senior in the Anglican church. I do believe that these people are fundamently evil but whether it is because of whom they follow or, what they have allowed themselves to become i’m not sure. Too much power in any one persons hands is not a good thing as history confirms time and time again.
          All the best Todd, and don’t worry there are many that feel this way.
          Cheers, Paul.

  • Texas T-Sip

    To all that are taxed and want to know more, go here:

    It’s a bit of a read, but well worth the effort.

    Free Texas

  • s c

    This topic came up in late January. Now, it’s mid-June. Libs, what has YOUR leader done to address this issue? Where are those CHANGES? He was supposed to ‘hit the ground running,’ complete with solutions. This guy’s main priority is to sit on his hands and smile (what a problem solver). These foulballs have NO reason to simplify IRS tax codes. These ‘pros’ don’t understand their own codes (they know they don’t have to). As usual, you get what you ‘pay’ for. Once again America gets SCREWED by talking heads who serve no purpose. So much for fair. So much for change. So
    much for professional con artists and hack politicians. Thanks for nothing, libs.

  • Eric g

    Thinking back , I believe amerias lowest income people are the best off finacially as they have ever been in america . I myself maybe have collected all the social security money and income tax From paying my whole life . back in only five yrs . This inflating economy is the only way this could have happend . I feel us poor people are coming out just fine . And of course the rich are doing even better .
    I have to admit the future looks a little scarey when one thinks of necular attacks ,and loss of electricity . But FDR said we have nothing to fear accept fear itself .. I think rurul towns should have community gardens and community canning , Just in case it keeps getting worse .

  • Business Tax Guru

    I’ve been active in taxations for longer then I care to admit, both on the personal side (all my employed life-time!!) and from a legal stand since passing the bar and pursuing tax law. I’ve supplied a lot of advice and righted a lot of wrongs, and I must say that what you’ve posted makes complete sense. Please uphold the good work – the more individuals know the better they’ll be armed to handle with the tax man, and that’s what it’s all about.

  • Nona Gebo

    Your website came up in my search and I’m prompted by what you have published on this matter. I am currently expanding my research and thus cannot contribute further, even so, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be returning to keep up with any emerging updates. Just love it and thanks for admitting my remark.


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