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Uncertain future of the public healthcare option

August 23, 2009 by  

Uncertain future of the public healthcare option In a sign of a split within the Democratic party over a public option in the healthcare reform, top party and government officials have been sending contradicting signals in recent days.

Appearing on a talk show last weekend, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged that there needs to be "a competitor" to private insurers, but declined to say whether or not it will be in the form of a public option.

Meanwhile, Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, said a public option did not have enough support among congressional Democrats.

This has ignited a political firestorm, with some accusing President Obama of not keeping his electoral promises.

As a result, White House aide Linda Douglass issued a statement yesterday in which she reiterated her boss’s commitment to a government-run competitor as the best way to achieve lower costs, affordable coverage and increased competition in the health insurance market.

Several key Democrats also appeared to endorse the public option, including Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Speaking on Monday at Drexel University, Specter said, "I’m not willing to write off the public option … [which] I think is the best approach to give people choices," quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dropping the public option idea would have satisfied congressional Republicans and conservative Democrats, but came under fierce criticism from the liberal wing of the Democratic party. Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said the only thing in the House reform bill worth doing was the public option, according to


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  • DaveH

    Another sign of how dangerous our government is getting:

    If school officials say your children have to get vaccinated for the flu, don’t just roll over on this one. It is a fact that if a vaccine is indeed effective than only the people who refuse the vaccine will be at risk of catching the flu. If it isn’t effective then it would be ridiculous to take the vaccine. So, why do they try to force their experiments on our children? This is government power gone awry. Contact your legislators if you agree with me on this one.
    I think that all legislators who want to force this on us and our children ought to be the first ones to be vaccinated.

    • Katherine Tomsich

      I agree. Especially since the flu vaccine has not been proven to work, anyway. The highest statistic I have seen is 30% effective. Less than placebo! Since such a small percentage of people actually get the flu, it is difficult to prove that the vaccine works. But it certainly does have many unintended effects. And don’t think the drugs like Tamiflu will help- their efficacy is very low and they have a lot of unpleasant effects, as well.

  • Robin from Indiana

    I do not want the government to control health care. Anything as large as what they are attempting to do is going to be a disaster. I am watching my elected officials very closely. I will not be voting for those who do not represent me and my views.

  • Linda

    The idea of a “government run competitor” to improve health care options for Americans is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s say the US Post Office didn’t exist, yet we had FedEx and UPS who were doing quite well. Then, low and behold the government passes a law creating the Post Office to provide “more competition” in the marketplace. Exactly how does that cause FedEx and UPS to be more competitive? It doesn’t because the US Post office is operating under different rules, different pay scales, different mandates..It’s like apples and oranges. How will it be different with a Public Option for health care?? Let’s throw in the factor of government price fixing which will undoubtedly occur in the “public option” of health care. That will drive the competitors (other private insurance companies) out of business as the cannot compete with that. Would I still have a low premium with my private insurance if suddenly the law required them to have no lifetime maximum on benefits and to accept pre-existing conditions? NO, my premium will rise and my private insurance may go out of business because it can’t compete with a subsidized government plan. THANKS, but NO THANKS to this so-called “health care reform”!

  • Linda

    Also, the public plan will have the luxury of continuously operating at a loss (like the Post Office) and the luxury of just raising taxes whenever necessary; a private business cannot survive with that type of “competition”! This administration is woefully ignorant of the principles of capitalism, at best, and at worst, is planning on its (capitalism’s) failure!

  • Carl

    Government run Healthcare is basically a way for the Democrats to buy votes to perpetuate the Democratic Party. Don’t think for one minute that Obama is wanting this for the good of the American people. Roosevelt did similar (throw out the crumbs) and was reelected for four terms. Obama will do what Roosevelt did and turn a recession into a depression and blame Bush. Look at the Dow chart and you will see that it was at an all time high in 2007 and then the Democratic Congress took over and the Dow dropped straight down. Good work, I’m sure that we can look forward to some great times.

  • Chris

    The government doesnt want competition, they want sole ownership. Why else would the bill and Barry state that they would in a 10-15 year period of time eliminate the competition? Total control is what they are after, and that is why they must be stopped. Unless that is all in washington are planning on supporting this bill by signing up for it after it becomes law. If it is good enough for them, it will be good enough for me.

  • s c

    There is only one way to look at health care. I F our ‘leaders’ in Washington can come down off their pedestals and lower themselves so they have to live with the same insurance they want to “GIVE” America, then sobeit. I F they want world-class health care, while Americans suffer and live in third world conditions, then the only proper reponse is ‘to hell with them all.’
    OK, you career criminals, what is your response? How do you want to be treated by every American? Grow a spine, you useful idiots. CHOOSE!

    • DixieConnie

      Let’s go back to the Harry Truman days.

  • Right wing extremist

    It is too ‘soon’ to celebrate the down fall of HR 3200. Please know that even if THAT FIASCO fails … there are still 5 more options (one of which being 685 pages long – and just as bad as HR 3200) in the senate.

    We must be ever vigilent, and we must continue to hammer the dems as to why they refused to consider the three ‘responsible’ options in the house.

  • DixieConnie

    Has anyone considered that this is not about Health CARE but about Reparations for Slavery? Lets all think about that.

    • DaveH

      I do think the health care bill would be a foot-in-the-door for outright Communism. We would die even sooner without food than without healthcare, thus it should be a shoe-in to pass a nationalized food bill. We would die sooner in cold-country, and sooner in hot-country without shelter, so it should be easy to pass a nationalized shelter bill. If we have a right to health care, then surely we have a right to food and shelter.
      The vicarious philanthropers know well how to spend other peoples’ monies.

  • dolly

    I agree with all of these comments, I believe the healthcare is a way to rule the country and to get rid of good citizens, but that is what the government wants. the government needs everything to be used and applied to the governments officials first as guinea pigs instead of the people of the united states what happened to the united states being free, it is long gone, and now they are trying to get kill us by inserting a drug in the name of a flu vaccine, that takes all the antibodies from you, how can anyone survive? and what about the people like myself that refuses to have this shot no matter what, the comments are: to have people like me to put us in us in a concentration camp, and they are already ready, with at least 3-4 in every state in United States now.

  • Rod

    Did you folks see the Assist. Secratery of V.A. Yesterday being
    interviewed by Fox News Chris Wallas? What about you say? Just
    in case you missed it, it was about what the V.A. is telling the
    Vets to do. One word EUTHANASIA! It’s in their manual and this
    is the pay off to our Vets. who served their country and now need
    the help of our so called GOVERNMENT. Chris Wallas showed her evidence
    of the manual and what it acually says and she denied it, on T.V.
    He then said, if the manual has EUTHANASIA in it will you have the
    manual taken out of the V.A.? She would not answer the question.

    Now folks, what do you suppose is in the 1000 plus page of the OBAMA
    so called Health Care Plan????

    Listen to Glen Beck starting today at 3 oclock. Right now, and goes
    all week. It’s for your own good and tell everyone you know!!!!

  • Rod

    So, if you saw the Glen Beck show today, Who would say wrote
    all those bills that are being CRAMED into Congress that are
    so important that our Congressman and Senators don’t have
    time to read them before they sign?

    Don’t forget, Watch Fox News at three oclock for the next four
    days! Glen Beck!

    • DaveH

      Speaking of Glenn Beck,
      A number of advertisers have pulled their ads from the Glenn Beck show due to threatened boycott pressure from the Color of Change organization. Those of us who love Glenn need to let these advertisers know that boycotts work two ways.

      • American Citizen

        Newsmax just had today that the boycott of Glenn Beck backfired. His viewership is up due to their shenanigans.

        • smilee

          Way Way to soon to tell, besides Newsmax is a conservative propaganda site not reliable for anything objective, Don’t get the horse ahead of the court it may work yet.

      • s c

        Please don’t waste time responding to an ultralib. It’s as ‘constructive’ as trying to whiz over the top of a tall redwood. It’s pointless, and serves no purpose (unless you enjoy being wet). Sometimes, all we can do is laugh at their septic tank stupidity (where big chunks always rise to the top).
        State your opinions, list the facts, try to persuade and then live with the results (think of an ultralib feedback stooge as a wannabe politician or czar).
        How are we obligated to defend an info source? We could say to any ultralib that he’s beyond stupid to listen to any of their favorite mental defectives. When an ultralib says “you listen to so-and-so,’ that’s their way of saying that you and I shouldn’t be allowed to have a contradictory, non-pc opinion – let alone express it in a public forum.
        It shows these people for who they are and what they believe (and how they can’t think). These parrots preach choice, but they’ll line up to criticize anyone whose ‘choice’ doesn’t mirror theirs. They talk about freedom, but they practice pc and mind control tactics that prove their true worth to this nation.
        Trying to reason with an ultralib is like trying to discuss university-level history or logic with a self-centered twit who thinks everyone must surrender to his anal retentive mentality. It’s enough to shine a light on these potential czars. If they won’t think for themselves, then we would be worse than stupid to let them ‘think’ for us. On a good day, they might have just enough ‘talent’ to be a czar – in Cuba or North Korea.

        • American Citizen

          Yes, I’ve noticed every time we give our opinion based on facts, we’re called liars.

          This present administration scares me to death. There are so many cheats, radical liberals and outright communists in it. People should have paid attention to whom Obama’s friends and acquaintances were during the campaign as well as his own words. “We are going to change the system.” Change, change, change. Change for the sake of change is usually not good. He never really said what he was going to change. It was just his mantra. That alone was a red flag.

  • eyeswideopen

    Ok, all of you don’t want healthcare… let’s get a petition going to repeal Medicare and Social Security.. You can’t walk both sides of the street at the same time..We either cancel the whole thing or reform it. You can’t make statements about socialized care and allow Medicare to exist. We can’t just pick and choose, we are either for social medical care or not.For all of you in the Medicare system, it is government run health care and you are hypocritical if you want to keep it. We need to repeal Medicare and Social Security if Republicans are going to stop reform. Dave, I’m not calling any specific person a hyprocrite, I’m referring to the masses. You know, all those who are upset with reform who are participating in the program. Just another tidbit, it was us Republicans who passed Medicare Advantage in 2003 which is costing 1.2 trillion and we have made the Big Pharma extremely rich.

    • American Citizen

      Eyes, Medicare is not strictly speaking socialized medicine. While we worked, we paid Medicare taxes. Since we’re now on Medicare, we pay a premium for Part B and also have a supplement to pay for what Medicare doesn’t. If Medicare denies a claim, as it sometimes does, the supplement won’t pay either. So the health care providers either write it off or send the patient a bill.
      Per a post up above, Medicare and Medicaid are already into price fixing as they will only pay what they think the service is worth.
      Also, the bill lets the government spy on you by getting into your financial situation. It will force the banks to give them your account numbers, plus if you have any other investments, etc., it will also want that information. We need to keep this government intrusion out of our lives.

      • eyeswideopen

        Hey American, I read the bill, it doesn’t require our account numbers, it will be getting the account numbers of the providers.For paymnent purposes. Also, any time you have any agency subsidizing any portion of a payment, it is socialism. I know you paid in, however the cost of care today is not covered by what you paid in. Due to the increases of medical care and insurance premiums have tripled in 8 yrs. most of the people who have been on medicare for 15 years have used up the money they contributed long ago. Social Security is aptly named. These are both social programs. Just because it does so much good doesn’t mean that it isn’t socialism.

  • Mike D

    It’s not republicans, it is the dems. who are infighting that is holding up progress.
    Do we need improvement? YES.
    Do we need or want a Gov.takeover? NO!

    • American Citizen

      Thank goodness there are a few Democrats with some cohones up there. But I’m afraid Obama is going to strongarm them into signing on.

      • smilee

        Democrats will come together in the end, we are great to spat amongst ourselves but like family we come together in the end, don’t be surprised if a few republicans voe for it as well, conservatives always fantasize about those bad democrats but have no ability to understand them so they are usually wrong.

        • American Citizen

          Yes, there are a few Republicans who are called “RINOS”. They are not the conservatives they should be.

          • Smilee

            Why should they be conservative, you know the conservatives in the party want to throw all what they call RINO’s out of the party and this is a delight to the democrats if they go it really weakens the republican party and makes it easier for democrats to win, so keep on fighting amongst yourself and we will stand on the sidelines and cheer and come election time the democrats will again win big

    • smilee

      If not government interference then you only have the status quo and as you point out it is broken and without the government you have to depend on what we have now and only a fool would believe they voluntarily will fix it after all they have had a half century to do it and for the last 30 years have been destroying it while we the people spar at each other and thus nothing gets done. Have you seen anyone on this site willing to compromise, conservatives are not capable of it so it won’t be done with your help but the majority still want reform albeit some are confused at the moment they still want the system fixed.

  • Rob Tresun

    We just need to keep reminding the Democratic politicians that if ObamaCare passes & it turns out to be the abortion (pun intended) that we have all been saying that it will be, then they will be screwed. The American people at that point, Democrats & Republicans alike, should do their best to keep the Democrats off Capitol Hill for at least 150 years.

    • eyeswideopen

      George Washington in farewell letter,urges people to place their identity as AMERICANS above their identies as members of a state, city or region, and focus their efforts and affection on the country above all other local interests. He asks the people to look beyond any differences between them in religion, manners, habits and political principles and place their INDEPENDENCE AND LIBERTY above all else. Come on people we need to come up with solutions to these problems,regardless of our political leanings.
      Rob, I really don’t think becoming just a country full of Republicans is what any of us want. Us Republicans had control for 12 years now it is time for the Dem’s to govern…so states the American people.

  • smilee

    You are hell bent on destroying our country aren’t you, course your post makes no sense either

  • James Corbin

    Amen!! to you Robin

  • James Corbin

    If anybody is destroying our country it is Obama and his corrupt bunch. He wants power. The way to get control is starting with health care.

  • DixieConnie

    Everything is broken. Flush the toliet and let’s start over.

  • eyeswideopen

    Went to Ginny Brown-Waite town hall yesterday.She came with four health care industry leaders. I had to drive hour and half to get there, had to go into overflow hall, with such bad sound that people starting leaving after 30 mins. She had it at 2:00 so, none of the younger working Repubs could attend. She only took questions on written cards, didn’t want any uncontrolled questions taking place. She would not give an interview to the St. Pete Times, a Pulitizer Prize winning newspaper. Her chief of staff, told them,that she was boycotting them as she didn’t like what the editorial staff had said about her. They only stated that she had voted for the 2003 Medicare Act, which is now costing us 1.2 trillion dollars. It was the truth.
    When someone asked her staff about the people who lived where I lived (1.5 hours away) stating that it was hard for the elderly to make that kind of 3 hour trip, response was, oh, well that’s too bad. I can tell she really cares about the Medicare generation.
    Some of the Libertarians and Independents starting calling for the repeal of Medicare entirely, which put all those social loving rt-wing Republicans in a state of shock, take away their government run Medicare?? Of course there were some who really thought the Dem’s want to kill their granny. So absurd. Here, in Florida, WellCare, a health care provider, ripped our kids off, by using fraud to steal 40 million, I wanted to know why they are still allowed to do business after defrauding the government and the citizens of Florida, and the response was, well they have been fined 40 million, so we will get 80. I just started laughing. Wake up, the Health Care Insurer’s are corrupt.

  • ap/illinois

    what’s interesting is that there is still some missing information regarding just how much insurance coverage the illegals will be getting (free I’m sure) what we Legal Americans are offered in comparison, and most important, spell out exactly what all of Congress and politicians insurance coverage really is, especially since they’re exempting themselves from the one they’re trying to enslave the legal citizen with.

  • s c

    For the people of Massachusetts, now is a good time to consider moving to another state. Any state that is determined to see to it that you get flu vaccinations whether you want them or not is a place that is no longer part of a free America.
    Beyond that, the Washington weasels will probably try the ‘reconciliation’ routine, which would let them change their own fricking rules – again – concerning how many votes are needed to rape America and saddle us with an immoral, choiceless health care system.
    Don’t give the bastards an inch. They will surely take our freedoms, and demand that we feel better about having none.
    This is AMERICA. This is NOT a planned society of brainless zombies.

  • DaveH

    For those forced vaccination apologists, consider this: If the vaccine is effective, then the people who refuse to get it are a danger only to themselves or other refusers. If it isn’t effective, why would anyone want to have foreign proteins injected into their body for nothing. This is Big Government at its worst:
    And I know Sleepee, they haven’t ordered it yet, but you would prepare for a hurricane prior to the hurricane, wouldn’t you?

    • Smilee

      DAvie, off the merits of the discussion again, your spinning mind is making you dizzy again

  • Stuart Blessing

    The Greatness of the United States of America, Gone
    The greatness of the United Stats of America has always been because of the faith, hard work and the determination of our individual citizens. We did not grow from 13 tiny colonies, to the greatest most powerful nation on earth because of the power and provision of the federal government. Quite the opposite, it was because for the first time in world history, individuals were given the opportunity to directly benefit from their labor. Using the freedoms that come from our inalienable rights, given by our Creator, we built one nation under God, one family at a time. When mothers and fathers are responsible for their children’s upbringing, education and day to day welfare, the children learn personal responsibility and benefit from the best their parents have to offer. For generation after generation, the quality of life improved and individual wealth grew, because children benefited from their parents labor and love, then passed on the benefits to their children. This process worked without governmental intrusion for about 150 years. The Bill of Rights specifically lists freedoms and activities of the individual citizen where the Federal Government cannot interfere, control or limit. Individual citizens understood the Bill of Rights was in place to limit the Governments roll in their daily lives. Because the people of the United States were no longer under an oppressive Monarchy who over-taxed them and used Royal Blood Lines to hold them back, our forefathers accomplished more in 150 years than any other country in the pervious 2,000 years. And life was good…….
    Back during the beginning of the 20th century a new philosophy started to spread throughout the modern world. This new philosophy was based on a utopian idea of equality and mutual benefit from labor. Instead of recognizing that our rights came from our Creator for individual benefit, this philosophy uses central authority to spread out the benefits from labor equally. Basically this forces those who produce more to subsidize those who produce less, under the guise of fairness. Eventually the people propagating this new philosophy broke into two camps, Communism and Socialism. The main difference as I see it today is, Communism took control and ownership of everything; Socialism allows for privet ownership but controls the owner and sets the rules they must operate under. Communism took root in the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Cuba. Socialism took root throughout Europe and Great Britain. The strength of our uniquely American system and individuality, inoculated us from a case of full blown Communism or Socialism infecting our country. Unfortunately like a chronic ache or lingering virus, Liberalism has been slowly weaving its way throughout our colleges and universities, our government run public school systems, our courts and finally the majority of our representative government.
    We find our selves today victims of our own sloth and generosity; we as a free people were not diligent to protect what we received as our birth right. Our birth right of freedom was won by the blood of our forefathers, the sweat and tears of generations that came after them and the unyielding American spirit of what we call “The Greatest Generation”. The rights they had came with responsibilities, the rights we have today do not. The freedoms they had came from God our Creator, the freedoms we have now come from our benevolent government. The pride of self and country they had came from hard work and trustworthy neighbors. What little pride we have today comes very often from others telling how well we did, even if we did not. Liberalism does not raise up the lowly, it strives to lower those of us who have climbed as high as our talent and effort would take us. You can spot the negative effects of liberalism throughout our society if you know what to look for. First look for situations were the government rewords people for not doing the right thing. Look for people who are being paid more not to work than what an entry level job would pay them to work. Look for young women who are being paid to do nothing but produce more babies raised without fathers in poverty. Look for students who are rewarded after failing so we do not hurt their feelings. Look for government services for perfectly healthy individuals. Liberals keep score by how many people they can put under government programs. If there are not enough people under government programs to satisfy them, they make more programs to expand government control. They will continue to expand as long as there are enough people producing wealth to pay for the non-producers.
    Today we find ourselves faced with a dilemma second only to our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. The men who signed that document became instant traitors to the crown, and could be hanged on sight. Today if you oppose the government take over of healthcare, 1/6th of our economy, and oppose mandatory participation, you are not a true American. (according to Nancy Pelosi). Barney Frank wants to know what planet you spend most of your time on, and the rest of the liberal elites will call you a raciest, homophobe or worse. I shutter to think what they would call our Founding Fathers if they were here today and expressed their views about what is going on in this country.
    As for me I oppose liberalism, the government takeover of healthcare and the pervasive governmental intrusion to our daily lives. I oppose our current President who claims to be a citizen of the world and declares we are not a Christian nation. I believe we were founded as a Christian nation and that stands even today. I oppose all who want to restrict our freedom to worship God outside of the church walls. I oppose our elected officials who believe they know what is best for us and want to compel us to live our lives as they say. I will teach my children that abstinence is right before they are married and that homosexuality is immoral. I will teach them that killing children is wrong even if they have not been born yet. I will teach my children to be respectful to teachers who promote the lies about man- made global warming, but I will make sure my children know the truth. I will teach my children they are responsible for their lives, from the clothes they put on in the morning to the grades they get in school. They are responsible if they succeed or fail in their lives and not to surrender control of their life to anyone on earth, least of all, the Federal Government.
    If the remnant of true Americans that remain, I mean people who believe in the principles our country was founded upon, do not stand up and oppose those who would destroy our inheritance, we will wake up one day and realize,
    The Greatness of the United States of America is Gone!
    By Stuart M. Blessing

    • Smilee

      You sure made a mountain out of a mole hill, not to accurate on your history either

    • eyeswideopen

      Sorry to inform you, but we were not founded as a Christian nation. No where does it say Under Jesus Christ. It says under God, In God we Trust, etc. This is a myth that Republicans like to spread. Being a Christian, I resent that they lie about this fact.
      I am sure Palin also, taught her children everything you are, however, as you can see, people (especially Kids) make mistakes and true Christians are not supposed to judge them or try and force them to do what you want them too.
      You need to study our history.We are a Constitutional Republic that functions as a liberal democracy.
      You seem to be proud of us being “the most powerful on earth, how do you think we got this way?

      • Smilee

        Billy Graham also made that statement about us not being founded by Christians or as a christian nation in an interview he gave to David Frost some years back he also added that we have never been a Christian Nation.

  • Smilee just put out a release on the HR3200 health care bill. They had been asked to check out 48 claims about it mostly being circulated through emails but also many other places including some that are found here. They checked the claims against the actual bill as it is written now and this is what they found, 26 claims where found to be totally false, 18 were misleading or half truths and only four where true. The claims being made about a whole lot of misinformation being out there apparently are true and of those that I have personally read I came to the same conclusion they did. The News Hour last night also had a segment and looked at five claims and all were not true. WE are living amongst a lot of lairs and this is too important to not find out the truth for yourselves. You can see the details on all 48 at:

    or you can go on the house site and read it yourself and you will also find this to be true.

    • eyeswideopen

      I thank you.
      But, I think we are spinning our wheels, You can’t force these people to open their minds.They hate the Dem’s, blacks, mexicans,latino’s,catholics, mormons, jew’s,and all minorities of any kind. Basically, you have to be white, baptist, republican who loves Rush, Glenn, Hannity, or you are a socialist, marxist, commie loving non Christian. who hates this country.
      I only keep trying as my preacher thinks we should try to stop this hate.

      • Smilee

        They are a very closed mind group here for the most part and I’m sure none will respond to this on its merits as most here do not respond to merits on anything, they appear to be programed and unable to think for themselves.

        • eyeswideopen

          Funny, the Canadians who were in here, were very knowledgeable about our country and politics, I enjoyed their views, but I think they couldn’t cope with the hate for the Dem’s. Our loss.

  • B.J. Holmes

    Congratulations M. Blessing.
    If Obummer was interested in the uninsured at all, he could direct some of the stimulus money for their healthcare, for enlarged charity hospitals, additional staffing, education for those who would be interested. Guess there’s just no poliltical payoff in it.

  • susan smith

    Here are some places you can Read More –
    great outlay of breaking down the Healthbill Memorandum to the Taxpayer….Also FAIR Fed. for American Imm. – Article that Democrats reject an Amend. to Limit eligibilty Meaning Undocumented Workers!Illegals…the 10-15 Mil of Uninsured ….AHCA/NCAL advocacy for Seniors SOS Save our Seniors Re the 32 Bil in Cuts to Nursing homes proposed -and on top of the 12 BIl proposed Cuts to Medicare-and NFIB Small Business that was in Line to Support the Bill- and now Strongly AGAINST- because of “the bill” and the TAXES and obvious Cost to Small Business – Hands off my Health Webpage- League of American Voters-Americans for Prosperity- Watch FOX and Get the FACTS…this is so Important..and Get Out and Vote Next Year and Make sure to Vote for Competent Fiscal Responsible Representation…!!!

    • eyeswideopen

      Ok, you are recommending that we believe Keith, who was a top economic advisor to the Bush admin since 2002? Do you think our problems just started 6 months ago? Get in the game. It took years of uncontrolled spending for us to get here.

  • Smilee

    Hear is another fact check that should be of real concern to all who value the truth. Please read

    • American Citizen

      The problem with the bill is that it is not specific. Everything is general, so if some could say things are one way and others say, no, it’s the other way, guess what the bureaucrats would make of it. They will not be interested in true health care, but will be bean counters, holding down costs. Isn’t this Obama’s goal?This is what will lead to rationing.

      • Smilee

        Don’t believe they are, why do you???

  • Smilee

    Those who have an open mind and wish to hear another point of view visit these to sites or read Mahar’s book. Well worth the time, the more you know the more informed you are and the better decisions you can make. Limit yourself to one point of few and you will always find yourself in the dark. Take the leap

    Watch Money Driven Medicine documentary

    Maggie Mahar, author of “Money driven Medicine” see a blog on her here


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