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UN: Disarm The World, Quell Dissidence

July 12, 2012 by  

UN: Disarm The World, Quell Dissidence
A UN treaty could affect American gun ownership.

A treaty being worked out this month at the United Nations could possibly make the Second Amendment the focus of international legal scrutiny.

Throughout the rest of this month, U.N. officials will continue international talks to work out the final language to be included in a so-called Arms Trade Treaty. The global agreement, that is supposedly an effort to fight international “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “crime syndicates,” has been actively engaged by the Administration of President Barack Obama.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said of the treaty, “Our goal is clear: a robust and legally binding Arms Trade Treaty that will have a real impact on the lives of those millions of people suffering from consequences of armed conflict, repression and armed violence…It is ambitious, but it is achievable.”

The specifics of the treaty have not been revealed, but involving the U.S. in such an agreement could have an impact on millions of Second Amendment-loving Americans by infringing upon their right to bear arms.

The National Rifle Association has been following the development of the Arms treaty for six years, since the George W. Bush Administration opposed a U.N. resolution that would have yielded similar results. NRA Executive President Wayne LaPierre recently addressed the U.N. regarding the issue and promised a fight from American gun owners:

On behalf of those 100 million American gun owners, I am here to announce NRA’s strong opposition to anti-freedom policies that disregard American citizens’ right to self-defense.

No foreign influence has jurisdiction over the freedoms our Founding Fathers guaranteed to us.

We will not stand idly by while international organizations, whether state-based or stateless, attempt to undermine the fundamental liberties that our men and women in uniform have fought so bravely to preserve – and on which our entire American system of government is based.

…On behalf of all NRA members and American gun owners, we are here to announce that we will not tolerate any attack – from any entity or organization whatsoever – on our Constitution or our fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

LaPierre and other critics of the treaty contend that the stated purpose of eliminating “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “crime syndicates” focuses on individual ownership of firearms, but does nothing to regulate armed tyrannical governments. This, many people argue, sets the stage for the status quo to achieve world totalitarianism with no chance of rebellion.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Once the American people have been disarmed, freedom, liberty ends and slavery begins.

    Then only the government has political power by the barrel of a gun. A man once said:

    If you take the guns from law abiding citizens, then only the criminals will have guns.

    …a criminal government.

    AS the powers try to forge the NEW WORLD ORDER government they believe it can only happen if we are disarmed, what kind of government needs citizens helpless?

    Totalitarian tyrants.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • peter

      Absolutely correct.

    • Tracy

      They are already stealing us blind. I am to the point that i am willing to take a stand against our goverment if they try to take my guns. I am so sick of how corrupt our goverment is and it wont get any better.

    • Randy G

      It’s time to ship out the U.N. They have NO right to change our own laws.Tell them ” We are a civilized Human Race, Dictators are not wanted here!”

    • hawkeye10

      Monday, July 9, 2012
      US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27!
      If the US under instructions of Obama signs the UN Gun Treaty On July 27, I Erasmus of America will instruct the 10 American Civil Tribunes once created under the Omni Law to issue arrest warrants for high treason for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others who think they may overthrow the 10 U.S. Bill of Rights by treaty agreements. Correction of law to our would-be clever lawyers in Wash., D.C. working for Obama. The original 13 Colonies turned states ratified at the same time as the foreword to the 10 U.S. Bill of Rights its Preamble which stated in legal language that the 10 ratified U.S. Bill of Rights were SUPERIOR IN LEGAL AUTHORITY TO THE REST OF THE U.S. CONSTITION! And the authority of the rest of the U.S. Constitution could not be used to overthrow the superior legal authority of the 10 U.S. Bill of Rights once ratified. That means that treaty agreements under authority of the U.S. Constitution cannot sign away the legal authority of the 10 U.S. Bill of Rights as binding on our currently treasonable government in Wash., D.C. trying its best to overthrow the authority of the U.S. Constitution over the rebel U.S. Republic in active rebellion against the U.S. Bill of Rights.
      You will notice that I do not legally address Obama as the President of America. The U.S. Constitution clearly states in Article II : “No person except a national born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President!” The legal meaning of this wording a natural born citizens meant back when the U.S. Constitution was written and ratified that you had to have two parents who were legal citizens of America or you were not a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Thomas Jefferson knew that, George Washington who wrote the U.S. Constitution under his chairmanship knew that, James Madison called “the Father of the U.S. Constitution” clearly knew that. The rest of the Founding Fathers of America knew that as it was a common term used in legal writings read by the Founding Fathers as to what it meant. Also, I saw posted on the internet the federal court decision which reaffirmed that this was the legal meaning of a natural born citizen under the U.S. Constitution. All people in America who either vote now or support Obama the legal usurper as the alleged legal President of America are in actual legal perjury of their oath of allegiance to uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies domestic (inside America) or foreign. Taking this oath in the name of God or with hand held on the Bible as the oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution according to the teachings of Jesus Christ constitutes damnation for eternity to knowingly take a legal oath in the name of God or Bible which represents the authority of God in this case with no legal intent to uphold it with integrity. And for Barney Frank who just got publicly married in Massachusetts to his male homosexual lover shows the kind of leaders we have in Wash., D.C. who mock God, their oath of allegiance to uphold the U.S. Constitution with integrity, and for our traitors in Wash., D.C., notice that the end of the U.S. Constitution as legally ratified by all the 13 original States founding America declares as “Lord” Jesus Christ over this U.S. Constitution. George Washington when chairman of the group writing the U.S. Constitution made sure that Jesus Christ was legally declared the Lord of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Republic, and the American people. When George Washington was asked to become King of America, he declined and stated we already had a King over America who was Jesus Christ. However, he would agree to become President which is the reason why we ended up with a republic rather than an American monarch. Actually Patrick Henry who considered the Bible to be the guiding text to run the U.S. Republic by stated before the elected legislators of Virginia that he would prefer a constitutional monarchy over America over this proposed U.S. Constitution. He predicted the day would come when in the name of the U.S. Constitution they would claim every right denied to government as was claimed by the British Parliament using King George III as their royal front. As Patrick Henry of Virginia suggested, if we had a constitutional monarch instead of this proposed republic, if this king bound by a constitution misbehaved and would not obey the terms of the constitution, we could always behead him as a tyrant as was English tradition of our forefathers founding America. It is easy to chop off the head of a would-be tyrant trying to take away the God-given rights of the American people. But to claim all legal authority in the name of any constitution was as the American Declaration of Independence declared, “Acts of pretended legislation” and not real valid law in America and not binding on the American people to obey and uphold. Patrick Henry said claiming all authority in the name of a constitution was a legal abstraction and gave the people no one to throw out of power or chop their head off if they tried to commit national treason against the American people by control of government.
      I had the habit years ago of reading the books published during the American Revolution and shortly after that. In one of my rare books bought in Pennsylvania when visiting there, I found the speech of Patrick Henry telling the people of Virginia and people of other Southern states to not ratify the U.S. Constitution or someday it would be used to overthrow states rights and the way of life of the people of the South. In shock, James Madison and other authors of the U.S. Constitution sent word out throughout the South that they added an oral legal rider to the U.S. Constitution that if ratified by the Southern states, it would never be legally used to overthrow states rights or the way of life of the people of the South.
      I won a postgraduate college scholarship in political science while still in high school and apparently was rated the top history student out of American high schools that year after honor students across America were given a national history test in essay form. My essay was on how the discovery of the New World led to the change of culture,economies, etc. in Europe and Christianity after that. And how this discovery changed the future of the rest of the world as well. I always like to go to prime historical documents so I bypass the propaganda lies written in later books by covert Communists and others who want to rewrite history in order to brainwash the students of America instead of educating them with the truth. As Napoleon Bonaparte once cynically commented, “History is a myth commonly agreed upon by men.” Once history is rewritten from the truth, then it is propaganda myth instead of genuine history as Napoleon shrewdly commented on.
      And to throw a nasty legal curve towards Obama’s planned reelection campaign, sources of mine who were or from Kenya told me that very definitely Obama was born in Kenya. That means under his father who was a citizen of Kenya when Obama was born, Obama was legally a citizen of the British Empire when born. When the Omni Law is passed, I think it would be interesting to do an honest legal investigation into the question of whether Obama was born in Kenya or not. But Obama already legally hung himself on that legal point. In a 2006 meeting if I am correct on the year Obama was filmed telling an audience that he was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii, to drive home his point that those born abroad should be given all the same rights as people born in America! The videotape copy of Obama clearly saying this was and I assume still is on the internet. Foreigners are not allowed under the U.S. Constitution to run as President of America. The Republicans are too cowardly and apparently comfortable with corruption in Wash., D.C. to expose Obama, but after Obama had a federal murder attempt on my life after I demanded the legal return of $525,000 federally stolen from me and the federal operatives laughed at me when they boasted there was nothing I could do to stop them. After I tried to stop them, I had one federal murder right afterwards and a later one when I contacted the Obama Administration that I did not legally consent to the federal theft of $525,000 from me. When the federally stolen money was returned to me, then I would want to brief Wash., D.C. on two ways Russia has to annihilate America in basically even 5 to minutes flat. Both methods were operational during the Cold War and later deactivated. One has for certain been reactivated and evidence I wanted checked out by American intelligence indicated the second method to annihilate America in even 5-6 minutes flat in a nuclear attack designed to break through all American air defenses standing in 2012.
      American people, you had better not be so wrapped up playing with all your latest versions of electronic toys as to forget to occasionally check to see what reality is for America. We face dangers and we can solve the threats from these dangers to America. I read the statement of a Russian general recently how confident they were they could nuclear attack America anytime they wanted to now. And his statement was bristling with military hostility towards America. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and understand military issues in far greater depth than the average American. Under Obama, America is in a position to get its teeth militarily kicked in due to Obama is a Mickey Mouse amateur in military matters. One of my sayings is, “Understand your problem and when you understand your problem deeply enough, the answer to solve that problem will be staring you right in the face!”
      Russia and China since Obama has been in office have issued warnings that if Obama tries to set up a one world government, they will stop him. That is a threat of nuclear war for the naive in America. Our censored press of America wants to keep the American sleeping in a dream nothing is seriously wrong in America, but I as a latter-day Paul Revere am warning the people the same warning as Abraham Lincoln gave long ago, if America falls in the future, it will fall due to enemies within, not outside America.
      Make copies of this email and send to everyone in America. For copies of my proposed Omni Law, you can read it and get a quick copy off of Nesara News. Or you can requiest a copy of the Omni Law Report from me at . When Wash., D.C. returns the federally stolen $525,000 to me, it will be easy to maintain a staff to handle all emails immediately. Until then, realize I was forced by federal policy of stealing my finances to force me to only have a skeleton crew as they wanted to try and silence me from reaching the American people. If you want to send any financial assistance so I can speed up the passage of the proposed Omni Law I wrote to stop the corruption and treason currently in control of Wash., D.C., make out a check to NIFI and send to NIFI, P.O. Box 2465, Seneca, SC 29679. This postal box address has been around for over two decades. I use the pen name of Erasmus for symbolic reasons. Also, though some people already clearly know who I am already, I walk around with many top secrets, so it is wise to use the pen name of Erasmus of America for a little while yet. Yours for God and America, Erasmus of America – July 9, 2012 P.S. Sign that UN Gun Treaty this month and I will see it legally repudiated by American law later on and I will see those trying to use this treaty angle to outlaw the right of the American people to have and keep guns to be tried for legal high treason. And I don’t play games. When the first people face the possiblity of even losing their lives for very willful high treason against the American people, life will suddenly get very serious for them! And other would-be traitors in Wash., D.C. will judge the game of high treason is over in Wash., D.C. As the Founding Fathers said, the reason why the American people were to keep and bare arms was so if the government ever became a tyranny, the people could resist tyranny if necessary and change the government if necessary. And foreign nations note that the Americans are armed. Japan delayed her planned invasion of America right after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 because she knew the American people were heavily armed and would be very difficult to occupy if Japanese forces invaded America to conquer it. Okay, American people. you know where I stand! Gen. Patton is one of my favorite generals which means your enemies are in serious trouble once my Omni Law is passed in America! Dale Draper, a top Pentagon official from World War II,called the intelligence group I headed up “The Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders of American military intelligence! Enough said!)

      Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:10 PM
      5 comments: Address Correction: Support to: NIFI; P.O. Box 1465; Seneca; SC; 29679 Thanks to John MacHaffie at

      • Jim Cumber

        As Joel Gilbert so eloquently stated in his DVD, “Dreams From My Real Father,” (available from the “Birthers” are barking up the WRONG TREE: the REAL question is NOT “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” It is “Who’s the Father?” Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party of the United States) was not just the FATHER of the “Red Diaper Baby” who presently resides in the White House, but he was the one who not only “brainwashed” our “usurper, pseudo-President” but he made sure that his son’s brains were “dry cleaned!” Time to IMPEACH the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue FOR HIGH TREASON, and the appropriate Penalty imposed! Time to “LOAD AND LOCK!”.

    • 2centsworth

      Keep Your Guns And Be Prepared To Use Them When You Need To! Don’t Give Up Your Guns To Anyone! If the people in Germany would have used their guns and whatever other means they had to protect themselves from tyranny, they wouldn’t have been taken out of their homes, put in prison camps and killed. To hell with their f*&^ up rules. You don’t have to follow them if they don’t work for the better of everyone, and this is just a ploy to take over the world and get rid of billions of people! And personal liberty, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not posting something from someone who absolutely has an answer and a solution to America’s problems!

    • tom

      from the words of Charlton Heston, ” you will get my guns when you take them from my cold dead hands” I am one of the 6 million people out there will not give up my guns without a fight, rather dead than red.

    • Eagleeye





    • Winddrinker

      If someone named “Ban ki-moon” wants to make guns illegal in his own “third-world country, have at it. BUT, leave the U.S. alone!

      We don’t need Ban Ki-moon to tell us that the UN treaty overrules our Constitution! In fact, Ban Ki-moon, should pack up his shorts and leave this country….very soon before Americans get fed-up with these foreigners that want to take our firearms!

    • 45caliber

      The reason the UN wants to include peaceful nations is because 1) the politicians of those peaceful nations want to disarm their own citizens so they can achieve total power and 2) because an armed nation is so hard to conquere! No one in his right mind would want to try invading the US due to all the guns in the hands of the civilians. But if they were unarmed …

      • Don W

        I could not agree more with 45caliber. I am already arranging to send my gun collection to a friend in Florida because I will not be allowed to keep it here in Israel. Soon only terrorists and Member of the Knesset (Parliament) will be the only ones with weapons! Makes me sick to my stomach!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You are absolutely right!!!

    • 2centsworth

      Yeah, and don’t let them pull their psychology crap on you, because that is all just a made up bunch of baloney from Hitler’s Germany to get control over people, and keep them under your control with drugs and stuff. Every person has the God-given right to freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. There are too many stupid bought off politicians just allowing the elite to get away with their NWO scheme, and Americans just aren’t going to put up with their evil plans to reduce the world population from 7 billion people to only 500 million people. Get some balls, you American men, and quit eating soy products that make women out of you. (too much estrogen)

  • cawmun cents

    More rhetoric from the United Nitwits…..the feckless organization which sits in Bloombergs domicile.
    What charlatans they are sitting there on U.S.soil,thinking that they can dictate policy to the citizens of America.We need to boot them from our land.Stop providing a haven by which they can decide our fate,and underscore our unwillingness to have petty laws made under our protection,which determine whether our own Constitution is ratifiable,in our own nation.
    Who has let this clowncar known as the U.N.share a voice in our policy?
    Why it is our own feckless gubment.One that is now poised to sublet our freedoms to the highest bidder.
    Is it just me?
    Am I the only one that smells civil war part 2 a brewin’?
    I am certainly no warmonger,and would go to great lengths to see that my nation were not so clearly divided.But it seems as if no other response is attainable.
    The mad course of those in charge has made nearly every other position untenable.
    The need to legislate”rights”by which they can control vast areas of the economy,and regulations which stifle all but those who play along,have made me wonder if there is any other course of action.These folks just dont get it,do they?
    I cannot speak for many or any but myself,but I do not take these affronts to my freedoms lightly.I will not idly stand by and let charlatans who have no business doing so,decide my fate.These folks think that they are doing us a favor by stripping us of our Constitutional liberties.They just want what will be for the common good of us all,right?
    I grow weary of this position,and the condition by which these cowards make their laws seem justifiable in their own minds.I am stretched to the breaking point.I love my nation and fully realize what I am saying is horrible,but THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!
    I who am a peaceloving,God fearing man,will make it my duty to see that this kind of thing is not tolerated in my nation.Nor will I sit meekly waiting to hear what some useless politico from a backwoods country,tell me what policy is good for my life.
    Tolerance is one thing,but arrogance is quite another.
    That is what we are talking about here folks,arrogance.
    The kind that turns us into whimpering curs if we allow it to go any further without standing up and telling them no.
    It is a simple thing to say the word no.
    But how do you convince those who believe they hold the power over you that you really mean no?Are you a rape victim that has nothing but fear in your hearts?

    • peter

      Agreed and we need to remember that it is the same useless politicos who always start the wars and then run to find the safest place to hide. remember also that they need a safe place to count the enormous amount of money that they earn by starting the #$@% in the first place,caring nothing about the destruction and misery they cause in the process. Evil lives among us and unfortunately we are becoming more and more under the control of the miserable, evil politicians who are so adamant about taking away our freedom. When the choice to be an individual and a decent one is taken away and replaced by a puppet to do the bidding of the master, what is left? Is it possible that we can allow politicians to dictate how we live, where we live, what we eat, what we drink, where we go, what we do, how we think and when we work or sleep? No way man. Just no way. At that point in time we cease to exist and become worthless, the worst of which is not just being worthless to anyone and everyone whom we care about, but worthless to ourselves and that is a no-no.
      We are in the hands of very evil people and had best be careful as to how we tread now.

      • 45caliber


        Remember, those politicos are playing the Great Game! It doesn’t matter who gets harmed or killed as long as it isn’t them. They are careful to keep it that way. All that is important is whether they score some points over the other party or parties.

      • Winddrinker

        Americans haven’t learned that to stop wars, “Cut the head off the snakes.” Conservatives can’t play in the game (or win), if they don’t know the rules..

        The problem is that this regime has given their total support to the UN Agenda…and they are planning to sign this treaty. Again, I must say that no international treaty supercedes the Constitution, no matter who signs it! Any treaty that conflicts with our constitutional freedoms is illegal! And, the last time I looked we are still a Sovereign Nation with our own congress, Constitution and Rule of Law! People like Ban Ki-moon need to be ushured to the next cargo plane headed out of this country!

    • Roger W.

      Right on, bro!!

  • Kenny

    they can have mine when they pry them out of my cold dead fingers !!!!!

    • larry moncier

      Well, ken you can set and wait fo you want them. or take the fight to them. First get on the phone, internet, write your reps. tell him or her what you need. and also find out where the homeland security, atf, tsa, are located. and prepare as needed. recon out

    • wildbillalaskaWild Bill

      Those pretty blue helmets make such outstanding sight pictures.
      Wild Bill

    • Liberty4Me

      I dont remember voting for any of those morons at the UN. I dont remember joining the Army and swearing in to protect and defend the charter of the UN.

  • momo

    Screw the UN, since when does an independent nation take orders from a “sandbox for dictators”? Those a-holes come for my guns they’re going to find out how well they work!

  • RivahMitch

    Note also that the inclusion of “insurgency” attempts to embed the current regimes permanently into the scheme of “global governance. One needn’t look far in the UN to discover governments which any free person would be loathe to endorse.

    According to Thomas Jefferson, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Naturally, the UN, which represents existing governments objects to giving citizens the ability to protect themselves against governments.

    It has been said many times, “we need to get the U.S. out of the UN and vice versa”. This is just one more evidence of that fact.

  • scott casteel

    To All Freedom Loving Patriots,
    There are two organizations you must join to save our liberties.First is the NRA. Second is your local Militia. You can Google search for Militia Assc’s. near you. Many are forming across the country. It’s not about anarchy, but insuring our Federal Govt stays on track with the Constitution. Remember- a strong defense is the ONLY way to prevent war. And an armed,organized citizen is the only way to prevent tyrrany.

  • Polski

    why would anyone agree to anything the UN proposes?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      That IS the big question!!! WHY??? Why would our presidents give up OUR sovereignity??? WHY are they willing to let others dictate to and control US??? WHY are they selling US out??? WE need to know the answers before it’s too late!!!

      • antonio

        come on people this aint physics your dealing with, this is easy as 1 2 3…WHY because globalists say so, its all about the new world order. You can call it a conspiracy if you want but thats the truth…

      • JeffH

        Nancy, you already know the answer to those questions don’t you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska


  • Joey


  • Ted G

    If you really want to stop genocide then arm all the civilians.

    The UN has become a sick twisted joke!

    • 45caliber

      The UN is basically run by various tyrants in the world for their express well-being. This “Treaty” only confirms that as it makes it more difficult for civilians to defend themselves from their “leaders”. Unfortunately, some of our “leaders” want to join that category where they can do what they want without fear of their “followers”.

      • 2centsworth

        These guys want to take away our guns so they can continue ripping us off for all our money, our property, everything we have, and continue using us as their slaves. They want to “try” and make sure that we don’t “wipe” (different kind of wipe) their a$$es for all the criminal things that they are doing to us. Well….it’s NOT going to work! The people will stand together, and we will come after you….ALL of you!! (and make you stop this silliness)

  • An old Sebee

    Take away our guns then we have left two elements with guns; the street crooks and the government crooks. Lets call the street crooks “INDEX FINGER” and the gov crooks “MIDDLE FINGER”. the ones that will screw you are “MIDDLE FINGER”!!

    Actually to ATTEMPT to take away our guns will instantly create MILLIONS of criminals….

  • 45caliber

    To be honest, I think this “treaty” is meant to eliminate all guns, particularly in the US in the hands of civilians. This is primarily meant to keep the various governments safer and to insure that rebellion is almost impossible.

    Basically, it means that those in favor of it want to make all people slaves of the various governments so they can give what orders they wish, treat the people in any manner they wish, and no one can stop them.

    Rowanda comes to mind. Some years ago the tribe in government power used their army in an attempt to exterminate all other tribes in the country. Finally some weapons were acquired by the other tribes for defense. I saw a letter to the editor where some lib was insisting that this caused war – but since it was the government doing the killing of unarmed civilians it was okay. “The government is ALWAYS right!”

  • Joey Biden

    I belive a Million Man armed demonstration in DC would send a powerful message to our government and to the UN. The UN has no business interfering in US policies but the Demorats think otherwise. Somebody please organize a demonstration.

    • antonio

      I agree, we should go right down to the un headquarters with 2 million people and while there tear down that disgraceful statue of a tied up hand gun. I have always hated that since i came to this country…

  • http://none kowalski

    im with any patriotic american ill fight to the death to defend this great nation and friends and family..i was born free in 1959 grew up in a free america,and will die fricken fema camp for this boy..who among you will do the safe or cower when the (expletive deleted) hits the fan??what really scares me is alot of people will not fight back..nobody knows how they will react when it REALLY is happening,but i hope god gives me the courage to walk the walk and not just talk.. god bless all true patriots and AMERICA..

  • RichE

    UN resolution 61/89 attempts to achieve world peace by regulating the international trade of conventional weapons. I’m not sure this is a better mouse trap; it doesn’t address nuclear weapons and box-cutters. LOL

    IMO, this is an attempt by the industrial military complex to corner the market much like the De Beers diamond monopoly. I bet there will be more conventional weapons, but you’ll have to purchase them through an Industrial-Military-Complex outlet. No more AK47 knockoffs you’ll have to buy the real Gucci.

    • Michael J.


      Nonsense, the effort is to put together the names of all registered gun owners with corelating GPS coordinates aquired in the last census.

      • CZ52

        And then confiscate those guns. Probably not all at once but rather by degrees say semi-auto long guns, then semi auto handguns, then pump rifles and shotguns, then bolt action rifles, then whatever is left.

    • Samdromeda

      Then I guess we will have to learn how to manufacture firearms like they did in the Czech
      Republic. Does anyone out there have a good machine shop?

  • slapjack

    Get the US out of the United Nations NOW. We are the Worlds Money Pit!! I’m sick of third world Thugs coming to The UN and bashing this country and now we are being assaulted by a Moon Pie Moron who thinks we need to give up our guns with the full backing of El oBOZO Ubummbo the village idiot from a Kenyan goat farm. We need to kick the UN out of the US and tear down the building never to allow this to happen again.

    • michaeljbeglinjr


  • JeffH

    WOW! This may be one of the few times the anti-gun liberals haven’t jumped in with their “right wing” conspiracy comments.

    I know it’s still early but for all of you anti-gun nuts, this is real and there are at least 58 senators that have signed on and pledged to oppose this treaty…oh, it’s real alright!

    There is another treaty to be concrned with… Upon the advice of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama has confirmed his intention to sign two controversial U.N. treaties — the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and the so called “small arms” treaty.

    LOST has been around for a very long time, first surfacing 30 years ago as the United Nations attempted to forge an international agreement concerning the usage of the seas. But the treaty has never managed to get the approval of the Senate due to heavy opposition from conservatives who believe that it encroaches on U.S. sovereignty.

    Since 1983 when President Ronald Reagan refused to sign the treaty, conservatives have expressed deep reservations about the specific provisions of LOST. For example, according to U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., the treaty would mandate that the United States transfer billions of dollars in royalties from oil and gas production on the continental shelf to an international entity that would then give the money to under-developed nations.

    The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), has much more support in the Senate. At first, 20 Republican senators had either declared their support for the measure or had stated they were undecided. Since that information was reported by this reporter on Monday, four uncommitted senators have declared that they will definitely vote against LOST. McConnell, Toomey, and Isakson went on the record to oppose, and late in the day Tuesday Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, added his name to those opposing the treaty.

    The four now join with 27 other senators who had previously signed a letter declaring their opposition to LOST, bringing the total to 31 Senate Republicans who will vote no to the treaty.

    All of the Democrats in the Senate are expected to support the treaties. None have declared opposition.

    Contact your senator and demand that they oppose the UN’s LOST traety.

    • JeffH
    • TIME

      Dear Jeff,

      This is all hooked in with “UCC ” of what we here in the 50 states have been boxed into by way of “Maritime Law,” again all steming back to the late 1800′s under all of the “RE – CON – Struction Acts.”
      As well “Lex Fori laws” yet again all looped in with the UCC as well Maritime Laws.

      Peace and Love

      • JeffH

        TIME, yepper! Whenever you’re in a courthouse or courtroom take a close look at the fringe around the flag…it’s not there for decoration.

        Treason in Government!

        Admiralty on Land!!
        Where’s the Water?

      • TIME

        Dear Jeff,

        Its due to the fact that we are all “Birthed in water,” therefore we are bound by Maritime Law – again its all hooked into UCC Law and let me tell you they don’t teach any of this stuff in Law School at all!

        The good news is this; As you may have noted in any court room, there are BOX’s for everyone to be in, as well a gate to enter the ship.
        So, when you learn about Maritime law there are “LOOP HOLES” big enough to put ten battle ships through.

        When you learn the all thier tricks, then the playing field is level.

        This one is a real hoot, ( Any Doucment where the LINE is for you to sign,) all one has to do is make a box around that line and sign {inside the box} > You can not go outside of it at all,< then your not party to what ever it is.
        That trick also follows into the court room, thats why there is a Jury BOX, a Judge BOX, a Witness BOX, note the words play a major part in understanding whats going on, as all words have more than one meaning.

        The one we think it is, and what it really is.

        Please do look in to youtube feeds from William Billy Foust you will learn a wealth of intel. Also Blacks Law get as old an edition as you can find, Look in Used Book stores, you can pick one up for about $20.00 in ok shape.

        Peace and Love

  • http://Google Mike

    For Second Amendment defenders, the “blue helmets” will be your primary target if or when the UN tries to come to the United States to enforce this attack on our sovereignty. This should be followed by the arrest and prosecution for treason, of all who aided and abetted this usurpation of our Constitution.

    • antonio

      hold up Mike, gun confiscation will be enforced by law enforcement and military(our own) something that is already going on and you just don’t know it. The un will come only after caos has erupted and slowed to sort of clean the place up and maintain order, hence order from caos; so with that being said your “primary target” will be your own police/national guard just like they did in Katrina…And if you think they(americans) will not turn the guns on you, you better think again…research kent state massacre and veterans protesting after ww1…

      • TIME

        Dear Antonio,

        How right you are, anyone who wants to look into the modern US Army Manuals on this they are out there for you to do so.

        Peace and Love

      • Kate8

        antonio and TIME – What about all of the foreign troops on American soil? Russians, UN, Chinese… Are these to insure American military don’t get sqeamish about rounding up and/or firing on Americans?

        What’s up with flying the Chinese flag over the WH, over military training installations, and various other locations?

        We are being signaled, I believe, that America has fallen, and we are under seige.

      • Kate8

        BTW, have you guys seen this one? Gun confiscation is FORBIDDEN.

        I suppose one has to assume we still have a Republic.

  • Pete0097

    Not having private gun ownership in thos 3rd world nations IS the problem they have insurgancy and crime syndicates. IF they had guns, those problems would dissappear.

    • Steve

      Not exactly but your point is on target in regards to the POTENTIAL tool to gain that freedom and reduce their problems. The mere presence of guns does not absolutely indicate that the population would lift a finger against corruption. That takes balls to simply understand and accept that freedom is the only one resource worth living for. Worth dying for.

      Here, let me give you a prime example of a long lived 3rd world dictatorship that has immense weapon ownership, yet the people are so meek and pathetic as to grovel on their knees to their government just to beg for their slave-like status not to be degraded.
      The United States of America….home of the slave.

      “If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more.” Harriet Tubman

  • David169

    First of all nobody gave anybody permission to tamper with the “Bill of Rights”. These are the amendments to our Constitution that are chiseled in stone. They are our rights and the federal government has been given no power or permission to take any of these rights by any means at any time. They are specifically prohibited from tampering with these rights. Any politician who willfully attempts to deprive any citizen of their civil rights is committing a crime.
    Every American L.E. officer and all our personnel military have taken an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I doubt they will participate in any scheme to confiscate weapons so it may be up to U.N. troops to come on U.S. soil and try to pick up weapons. I say to them, Good Luck! You’ll need it!

  • GunbearerM1G

    During his election campaign, Obama made a statement about some country bumpkin bigots “clinging to their guns and religion.” After having to face confiscatory taxes, losing our God given rights to a UN bunch of tin pot tyrants, our vote at the ballot box made null and void by hordes of illegals, having our lives and daily routine revolve around a bunch of thieves and gang-bangers, what else do we have left?

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    It’s important to note that most people are ignorant of the effects of these treaty signings. I always believed that unless the senate ratified a treaty, we were not bound to anything in it. I have since discovered that international law requires that signatories of the treaties conform to the “intent” of the treaty”. A country that signs a treaty (even though it’s not ratified) is to “refrain from actions that would defeat the object and purpose of the treaty”. So, despite the cowardice of our senate to vote down these treaties, we are still bound in some way. Think of the Kyoto treaty, the agenda 21 treaty, the UN convention on the rights of the child, the upcoming law of the sea treaty, and of course the small arms treaty. If we are to refrain from actions that defeat the object and purpose of the treaty, does that mean that it will begin with stopping the sale of small arms? And where will it end? It’s important to understand what they’re doing and how it affects us. Here is an article that explains how these treaties affect us. Read it, and while you’re at it, research what these individual treaties mean to our individual rights.

  • Greg

    They can not have mine.!!! One of my comrades will pry them from my cold dead fingers and continue to protect his and my family. This is how the United States was built, and this is how the United States will remain.
    I have taken the oath to protect our country from foreign and domestic terrorism and I carry that with me for the remainder of my life.

  • TML

    The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. – Thomas Jefferson

  • Mutantone

    Treason, a clear violation of their duties to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, instead they are kowtowing to the UN’s minions to usurp our rights and the Constitution.

  • Bob

    One time, in college, it was brought out that society makes its own criminals. From what I can see; the crime rate is about to go through the roof. I’m sure that any attempts to take guns from the people will result in some new criminals.

    • http://timeWarner Annie Ironside

      This a reply to all; Maybe most of you are to young to remember the death camps of Germany, I was born at the end of WWII and remember how my parents talked of Pearl Harbor, the Japs, and nazi, Well hear is a history lesson, before Hitler became Furior he had a goverment position and had people register all weapons. When he became furior he had that list given to his hinch men and they went and took all guns. (movie Red Dawn) We need to get out of the U.N and stop paying those idiots of third world countries to take our rights away. The reason they are giving our second amendment rights to the UN is because any polition who would try to take our second amendment rights it would spell career end. Either way the gangs, mafia, and goverment will have guns, and when the S___ hits the fan and it will (book; One second after or Lights out) and you have a couple of months worth of food, they will come and rape and pillage and if it is not UN soilders, (copters flying over Texas now that have U.N. on the side) the gangs after they pillage the city will come to the small towns and you have no defense. People need to take the blinders off and realize life as we know it right now will not be here much longer.

  • diamond1957

    havnt we all seen the unarmed peaceful protests in Iran ? Even Syria began as such, but what was the out come ? a lot of innocent dead people, People have a God given right to reject being made the fish in the shooting pond, and we shouldnt need a constitution to allow it. The U.N. isnt looking to end violence, they are looking to silence opposition.

  • AZ-Ike

    First post from Freedom Fighter is correct. ‘The only governments that need helpless citizens are the totalitarian tyrants.’ And, Sam Rolley’s article is critically important at this time.

    We are currently living under a system of soft tyranny because we the People haven’t guarded our freedom zealously. We were content to continue re-electing self-serving career politicians who have succumbed to the corrupt behavior generated by absolute power. We have allowed them to so gradually chip away at our rights and indoctrinate our thinking that too many of us believe Government has the rights over the People, and the People need big government and a nanny state for our own protection. If, or when, Government gets the weapons, ‘soft tyranny’ will be a bygone era. There will be no question in anyone’s mind that we are the ‘subjects’ (the slaves) of other men.

    We have been hearing for more than a year the unconstitutional Obama administration, especially abetted by the work of Sec. State Hilary Clinton, will pass the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that will necessarily impact our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. Of course, a Treaty must be passed by Congress before a President’s signature can legally force the United States to adhere to the Treaty—and there are plenty of Senators who support gun control, including AZ-R Senator John McCain who, as the co-author of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, delivered America’s 5th, 6th and 8th Amendment Rights to Obama. Our war-mongering Senator is critical of American citizens rights to bear arms—imagine that! I suggest every one of us tell our Senators they will face immediate recall if they vote to approve this (or any other) U.N. Treaty.

    Recently Dick Morris said Obama will sign the U.N. Small Arms Treaty on July 27th—with or without the Senate’s approval. According to the information, even if he signs without Senate approval, the United States will be subjected to continual actions as the U.N. tries to impose their will on American citizens. With Senate approval, the only chance Americans may have to nullify the Treaty will be the declaration that Obama is an unconstitutional President and had no legal right to commit the United States to the Treaty. It is clear neither Congress nor the Judiciary Branch, from the supreme Court to ‘inferior’ courts, will stand up for the sovereign Authority of the People by addressing this issue. It is up to us, the sovereign People of the United States, to reject everything the illegal usurper has done during his ‘occupation’ of the Oval Office.

    That is why it is necessary for the People to restore the Constitution and the Rule of Law to United States Government. We the People must make a clear statement to the U.N., the NWO elitists, the Progressive Socialists/Communists, and Islamists the world over that the self-rule and sovereign Authority of the People of the United States will never succumb to the tyranny of men. The first step in taking back our nation is to stop re-electing incumbents. Elect NEW Citizen representatives of good character to one term of government ‘service.’ Then we must continue to be involved in Government at all levels and hold our representatives ‘feet to the fire’ of the Rule of Law.

    • 2centsworth

      God Bless You AZ-lke! Google Erasmus of America/ Omni Law….. this may be what you are looking for…………..

  • ONTIME…..

    The UN should not be on US soil, most of the membership is not for freedom, tolerance or any kind of democratic government hence the US and the US are like water and oil. The one big problem we have is a fraudulent administration in power here in the US that is using the UN for a crutch to bypass American law by using unratified treaties. Hellary Clinton is at the UN arranging such a treaty now, this administration is salivating because they want to usurp the 2nd amendment, the one they now have their tit in a wringer for by using Fast and Furious to undermine the gun laws and committed a act of treason by smuggling unauthorized arms into Mexico and caused a large number of deaths including those of American agents……

    This administration is so crooked they make a dog’s hind leg useful as a straight line ruler, they are the epitome of non transparency and deciet and many of the cabinet members deserve being indicted by rule of law. Like the UN the ideas they wish to employ for their scam, the idea that America comes first is not going to happen and the UN is going to become more despotic as time goes on, when I’madinnerplate from Iran is the head of the committee to push gun control in America and Hellary Clinton is in agreement, then I can hear the Deemers yelling Hellary for El Presidente’ and all the othe UN crooks with them….

  • 45caliber

    One of the major problems here is that too many people believe all war is bad, regardless of the reason for it. They believe that if you talk long enough there will be no need of a war because you can talk the other into your position or make deals. However … when it comes to being free, you have no choice. The only deal you can make with a tyrant/dictator is total surrender, becoming his slave. (And some people believe even that is perferable to war!) War is the only way to defend your freedom and the only way to overthrow someone who is evil who has gotten into power. We should all keep that in mind. We cannot afford to give up even small amounts of our freedom to prevent war since there is no stopping when you do give up. They always want more.

  • ROGER, Irish -Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    If you really want to end WAR ther are TWO things which SHOULD be done : 1.) GIVE the PEOPLE guns and BAN Governments from having them 2.) STOP supporting ISRAEL

    • Don W

      Whats wrong with supporting a democratic country or its just that you don’t like Jews?

    • michaeljbeglinjr

      Stop supporting the only non-muslim democracy in the Middle East? Why? The only people that would help is the muslims that surround Israel. I am all for stopping foreign aid to ALL countries.

      Israel has enough nukes to deal with their neighbors. I suspect you are simply being a little anti-Semitic. If you had to choose between supporting Israel or the muslims, I hope you would pick Israel. The muslims will kill you as soon as you are no longer useful. That’s what the idiot liberals do not understand.

  • Dave

    and now thay i’ve heard Iran is on the panel that’s deciding our freedoms, it makes me want to embrace this pos treaty all the more . puke,puke,puke.

  • Ms. PAZ

    Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.!

  • swampfox

    Putting a 7.62x51mm fmj rnd into one of those blue helmets and thus through the brainpan of the goon wearing it would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    Bring it on,we in the south are wating for yall to march yalls ass down here,
    As a rebel said during the war,
    “We’ll fight em till hell freezes over,and then we’ll fight on the ice!

  • chuckb

    i don’t think the bolsheviks will try to push a gun treaty thru before the election. .
    watch out if barry gets re-elected, you can bet that will be on the agenda and if the bols hold the senate and we don’t get rid of a bunch of wimpy repubs in the house, look out.

  • Jay

    “I made a traffic stop on an elderly lady the other day, recalls a state trooper, for speeding on the U.S. 166 near Sedan KS.”

    “I asked for her licence, registration, and proof of insurance. In with the cards, i was somewhat surprised, due to her advanced age, to see she had a conceal carry permit…I looked at her and asked if she had a weapon in her possession at this time. She responded that she indeed had a .45 automatic in her glove box.”

    “Something–body language, or the way she said it–made me want to ask if she had any other firearms. She did admit to also having a 9mm Glock in her centre console. Now i had to ask one more time if that was all. She responded once again that she did have just one more, a.38 Special in her purse. I then asked her what was she so afraid of. She looked me right in the eye, and said, “Not a dam thing!”

  • Jay

    A letter adressed to “the sheeple” from “The Globalist NWO”

    • Kate8

      Jay – Wow. Everyone should read that letter, especially those who don’t really think the NWO has that much power.

      I’ve started reading the plan to become free. Have you been doing it? I’m anxious to read it further… my eyes are tired tonight.

      My prayer for the past year or so has been for freedom, in every way. No one should have to live in bondage. Anyway, being in bondage is serving satan, because only he enslaves us. In the Father we are truly free.

      We do have to remember that “the struggle is not against flesh and blood, but with spirits and principalities…” Guns won’t do us any good against these.

      Not by might but by the Power of God (don’t recall the exact wording).

      Thanks for this link.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        You can be spiritually free all you want, and it will do you no good whatsoever until you die. If you want freedom while you are still alive, it will cost you.

  • rkz777

    You see what happens in those countries where there is no FREEDOM, where dictators and communist thugs rule. There is no FREEDOM or basic human rights left. If you want this for yourselves and your children, then vote for hobama and his comrades. If you don’t want this to happen, then stand-up for America, the Constitution and your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, or perish because you didn’t!

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    All this treaty can do is stop America from selling small arms to foreigners. The Constitution takes precedence over ANY international treaty. Look it up. Americans will still be able to buy and sell guns here in America. Not to mention that banning the sell of these guns would cut out a big chunk of tax revenue for our government.

    Trying to disarm the American public is an exercise in futility. There are simply too many guns here to get them all. If this was tried, it would probably start off a new civil war.

    I find it unbelievable, the amount of idiots that want to sign up on this treaty. Obama is determined to hand over American sovereignty to the United Nations. I think it is way past time when the U.N. was kicked out of America, and America pulled out of the U.N. It has become a bigger joke than the League of Nations. Anyone who thinks the U.N. is good for anything are being foolish. Just look at the countries the U.N. has on its Human Rights panel. It’s a joke.

    The public is sick of Obama blowing his nose on our Constitution. Obama may not have been foreign-born, but he sure acts as if he hates America, and America’s values, with every fiber of his being. I can not wait to vote this SOB out of the office he has been disgracing.

    Get rid of Obama and his “progressive” allies. Vote out every incumbent that is up for re-election this year. Let’s get some people in that believe in our Constitution. Obama is the ONLY candidate that has the full backing of the American Communist Party. Enough said.

    • Steve

      Since when has the Constitution mattered??? He who has the guns makes the rules…PERIOD !

  • Steve

    Can talk til your blue in the face. 50% of weapon owners will turn in their arms when told to do so. And 40% will give them up when the government cracks but only a few heads to make their point.

    Governments count on spineless, and pathetic behavior. It is a statistically predominant, human condition. This behavior is most prevalent in populations of people that call themselves free, and feel the need to flap their yap about some “cold dead fingers” thing. Never having their mortality endangered to keep their family and their own individual freedoms, knowing it is all or nothing.

    (And no…Going out to help spread our “Amerika” form of pious “freedom” around the globe, securing oil and drug resources for select corporate interests, against some broken-down third-world dictatorship, utilizing the most powerful military machine on the planet, is NOT even in the same category of topic. Save it for beer night at the VFW post.)

    In the end, the NWO is serving us up EXACTLY what we asked for…what we deserve.
    Bon Appetit America, savor the flavor. Rest assured your children and your great, great grand children will learn to like the taste fear and dispair, as it will be likely most all they will know.

  • masterc4u

    Kick the UN out of the United States of America,
    the UN does not believe in our values.

  • Eagleeye


    • Wild Bill Alaska

      If the Un asshats or anyone else wants to take my weapons,they can have them —-one expended cartridge at a time.


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