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U.S. Troops In Jordan: Not New And Certainly No Surprise

October 12, 2012 by  

U.S. Troops In Jordan: Not New And Certainly No Surprise

The mainstream media give the impression that events in the Mideast are building on their own, and the United States is just responding to them. For instance, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced Wednesday that U.S. troops had been sent to the Jordan-Syria border — as if this were a new development — in the event that violence there escalates.

The truth is the United States is manipulating events there and has been for some time. It’s all part of a plan developed in September 2000 by the neocon organization The Project for the New American Century and reinforced last March by the Brookings Institute. This was the blueprint President George W. Bush used for the Iraq invasion, which he was planning before he took office. It was continued by the President Barack Obama regime.

This deployment of American troops to Jordan is not new. I personally know Marines who were deployed to this same Jordanian base in June 2011, where they worked to train Jordanian soldiers and built up the infrastructure at this staging area. This was just as the U.S.-backed uprising was beginning to bloom.

The road to Iran leads through Syria. Turkey is working hard to get into a shooting war with Syria to form a pretext for a NATO invasion, since both Russia and China vetoed the idea at the United Nations. American troops in Jordan and Turkish troops along the border between those countries force Syria to continue to stretch its defenses thinner to deal with threats from multiple directions.

The globalist power brokers want continued war and instability in the region, and have for more than a decade. They are getting their wish.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    This is our Prince Ferdinand moment. World Wars are a great way to depopulate a nation, a region, or even the entire globe. Additionally, starting, or inciting a worldwide conflict is a way to counter act the effect of losing a presidential election which would in the minds of some, justify the suspension of the Constitution and the implementation of marshall law just to insure one man’s selfish agenda.

    In the very near future, we may wake-up to a completely changed world.
    Or, we may not wake-up at all.

    • chamuiel

      Marshal Law? What Marshal? Oh, you must mean Martial!

      • Michael J.

        Thanx for catching my brain fart. Don’t hold your breath waiting for another.

  • Nancy

    This is the most dishonest administration we have had in recent years.They are all incompetent and Obama the muslim and Clinton are some of the less capable I have ever seen.Liars and crooks they are.We hope they get booted out in Nov.I sure am praying for that to happen.
    Watching Biden last night should have chilled and God loving person to the bone.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Nancy The last honest one was JFK and you see what the Mossad had done to him !

      • OneGuess

        Your antisemitism is showing. Again. Boring.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        When have i ever tried to hid it ?

      • Kate 8

        OneGuess- Your lack of information is showing.


        Can you say ‘Zionist’?

        When the truth is not PC, just accuse of some ‘ism’ or ‘phobe’.

      • Dennis48e

        “When the truth is not PC, just accuse of some ‘ism’ or ‘phobe’.”

        Exactly Kate that is all Jimmy ever has.

  • Nancy

    I meant chilled any God loving person to the bone.My typo Sorry

  • noeml14u

    Naw, he means marital ‘cuz Snoop Dawg is gonna vote for Obummer “cuz Michelle’s gawt a FAT ASS!
    Let’s run DNA tests on the Obummer girls and find some pregnancy pix of Michelle(which don’t exist)Heard Michelle didn’t want to adopt a boy, afraid O would molest him.

    • Steve

      Well, if you can call buying kids in Kenya adoption, & drag queen michael can’t get pregnant.

      • MNIce

        Now we’re gossiping like old women. Icky.

    • Kate 8

      noeml14u – That’s funny.

      I have always figured that, as Barry is a CIA asset, so is Moochelle. I also figured that the kids are rented. Especially since Barry is gay.

      Never before has a campaigning candidate blasted the media with childhood and wedding photos. The only reason could be to head off those who might inquire into his past. Didn’t work, though.

      You are right. Never has there been a photo of a pregnant Michelle. Hmmmm. Guess they messed up on that one.

  • Larry the King

    Every event in the Middle east no matter who is behind it is a preclude to the great an final battle before Christ returns and takes over.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I AGREE!! Except the word you wanted was prelude.

  • Seeker

    “The project” document refereed to was written in 1997. It was trying to restore our forces from Clinton’s downsizing while we were experiencing prosperity. That boat has left the dock long ago! It is no longer relevant. To restore our military will take decades now. What is Obama doing in Jordan? His strategy is to make our troops so spread out as to make them ineffective. He does not value human life in his quest to destroy American greatness.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The strategy is not to thin the troops and make them ineffective. The strategy is to surround Syria and oust Assad. Syria supports hezzbolla. The combination of Syria and hezzbolla threaten ours and Israel’s chances of defeating Iran. This is ALL in preparation of going to war with Iran! War with Iran IS coming and it will probably turn into an all out World War! The United States is currently surrounding and threatening China. Russia is threatening us! Switzerland is outwardly preparing for a major world conflict. All of these and many more are just pieces of the puzzle. You’ve got to look at all of the pieces to see what’s really going on. The United States is the aggressor in this conflict. They’re trying to make it look like the Syrian people are victims of their own government, but in reality the rebels are al Quaida fighters that we have trained and financed! Things are about to get real ugly! Research! Find out what is REALLY going on!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Thank You Nancy in Nebraska You done your Homework well and your eyes are open , unlike some of the neocon fools on here .

    • MNIce

      Stratfor reported at the end of September that an unusual number of combat aircraft were making ferry flights to the Mid-East. This included AC-130 gunships, attack helicopters and various models of French and US ground-attack jets.

      Mr. Obama may be gearing up for an October surprise attack in the next two weeks in order to influence the election. If so, the lives of the people on both ends of the gun are not worth as much to him as his personal power. Certainly he will rationalize it as something that needs to be done for the benefit of the people there, but the political considerations seem to be tainting his poorly defined foreign policy strategy.

      One thing foreign military adventures do is keep young men and women out of the unemployment numbers. This sounds cynical, but empires have played this game before. Given that we seem not to be working towards any reasonably defined goal in Afghanistan, it would appear this is Mr. Obama’s only “rationale” for having troops there besides trying to avoid the appearance of weakness here at home. (The Afghans are not impressed; they know Mr. Obama isn’t serious about anything there.)

      One of the characteristics of the totalitarian government in Orwell’s 1984 was its use of war or the constant threat of war to keep the attention of the population away from its own failures.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The picture is much larger. This isn’t about obumass! Those who are TRULY in charge are making a run at world domination!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Just say it nancy it’s the zionist that you speak of !

      • OneGuess

        There you go again with the antisemitism. Boring. Get a life.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Being Honest and open seems to upset you . One Guess Why ?

      • Ray

        I wonder how many dual nationals are in the State Department?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jimmy, I hesitate to use the zionist without the word, bankers attached to it! I believe that there are a lot of innocent zionists who just fell for the idea that they were getting “their homeland” back. A lot of innocent Jews who thought their dreams had come true. I believe that those who deigned to get Isreal handed to them, who set up and designed Israel’s government and still control it are Jews by heritage but not by religion. They are evil satan worshippers! They manipulate people everywhere. I believe that most anti semitism in the world is meant for these evil people but is mistakenly applied to all Jews. I believe that most Jewish people either here or in the middle east, mean no harm to anyone. They are GOD’S chosen people!!! These zionist bankers no more represent the Jews than they represent us! They run our country too, and do much evil in our name!!! Anyway, you can call them zionist bankers or elites or bilderbergers or the federal reserve or the government or those in power. It makes no difference what we call them just so we don’t confuse them with the Jews or the Americans. Because they are neither!!!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Nancy yes and there were lots of innocent Nazi’s to but they were all hung in the end ! as far as the god’s people thing i don’t buy into that remember the bible was penned by the jews so you don’t think they would say the chinese were gods people would you , However if the bible were penned by the mexicans then they would be gods people . Give it some thought . you do not seem to be stupid at least i never thought so from reading your posts . A lot of people get up set at me because i say what ever i think .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jimmy, you’re entitled to believe whatever you wish just as I’m entitled to believe whatever I wish! MY GOD is the GOD of the Jews! The Jews are his chosen people! It doesn’t require your belief to be true!!!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Your god then is also the god of the Muslims as they are descendants of abraham and they worship the god of abraham check it out for your self , All three worship the same god ! Sort of like a Eastern Orthodox , Pentecostal , or a Baptist , Fyi i am Greek orthodox .

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    There is an old saying, ” Only the dead have seen the end of War “, In our generation here and now it is sad that the war drums never seem to stop pounding. Our military and political leaders are so over confident with past success’s that they will eventually miscalculate in the continual empire changing games they play, and Russia and China with their allies will make a move militarily that all the thinktanks in Washington have assured themselves and our leaders , will never happen! There are weapons far more destructive then just nukes, the advanced EMP’s of Russia and China which have been nicknamed “HEMP” by our defense dept. analysts for high altitude electro magnetic pulse, are already deployed in strategic locations for hitting pre-designated targets in our foreign deployment areas. The defense dept says our military communications and control systems have been “hardened” to withstand these possible attacks, but the Achilles’s heel is our satellite eyes and timing which both Russia and China have missile systems designed to damage and destroy with a coordinated launch in order to isolate our military and then use their tactical and icbm capabilities to destroy as many as possible in a rapid and overwhelming launch commitment. We can no doubt defend and counter attack, but to what extent this scenario will actually play out is only an estimate by our defence dept, which says if such a war broke out there is no guarantee of either success or stalemate, and damage to our mainland as well as naval and ground forces worldwide might well be disastrous. We really need to get out of foreign entanglements and follow the Constitutional guidelines for any aide or military involvement by making congress decide to either declare war when necessary, or let nations be sovereign in their affairs, just as we must be sovereign in ours. Teddy Roosevelt said it best, ” Speak softly but carry a heavy stick”, we can do this if we desire, but policing the world is a task that history has shown to fail and ultimately cause failure of every nation that traveled that path. When the knowledge and the words of men become more credible than the knowledge and the word of God, the result is confusion and eventual dictatorial control by those in authority because the trust is in man and not devine providence! We are at this point in our history and unless we turn back to our founding principles with acknowledgement to God, we are sure to fail and fall as a nation. Many do not accept or believe this, but our economy is already collapsing under the weight of what greed, and deceptive banking practices created, and at the pace of financial malfeacence with fiat currency manipulation we are soon going to see a monetary collapse of historical proportion. Men in charge without acknowledging God, have nothing else to rely on except their own knowledge or wisdom, which in and of itself can work for awhile, but the fallen nature of selfish desires always corrupts and ultimately destroys individuals and governments who choose to go this path.Psalm 33:12 says ” Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”, and Psalm 9:17 says The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God.” I believe what the Word of God says above anything men say, and if the United States does not turn from the path of self-serving desires, we shall be relegated to the dustbin of history.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The real problem here is that our nation has been quietly taken over by our enemies (satan). It is the bankers who own the federal reserve that control everything! They want to take over and control the entire globe, thus the “one world government”. They are using the might of the United States to do this! They have used their money to place in government the people who will do their bidding! While the world thinks that the United States is doing this, we were stealthily taken over years ago! The people of the United Staes have always been taught that we are the greatest country in the world and that we always look out for everyone’s best interests. We have been duped and miseducated! WE think that WE choose our leaders! WE DON’T! They are chosen for us and have slowly and quietly followed the agenda of evil!!! It has all been written, in the bible! We’re living in dangerous times! This IS the battle between good and evil! Where will we end up?!?

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Satan = Zionism

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jimmy, a lot of people like to hide the truth behind the word “zionist”. The evil bankers are the original zionists. But many innocent people have gotten caught up in the word “zionist”. While all Israeli’s may be called “zionists”, most are there because they think they’ve been brought back to the promised land. Most are innocent victims and have no evil in them! To blame them for the actions of the zionist bankers is to blame US for what the zionist bankers are doing HERE!!! Please choose your words carefully, lest we be caught up in the same trap!!!

  • R in AR

    R.C. Hardie made good attempt at rational description of facts. Nan in Neb offered support for understanding. J the G babbles hatred, sounding like a broken record.

  • Liberterian

    Great article Mr. Livingston. If only people would look, learn and listen something could change. The same old road, to the same old pre-determined destiny. These shameful politicians of every ilk never change no matter what their brand may be. Then we wonder, us little lost souls condemned to a government that has come to function on their own consuming all the bright eyed politicians and them not so bright to follow to the step of globalization and the new world order.

    • eddie47d

      One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that Jordon is an ally and so is Israel. Could these troops be there in defense of those two countries to keep the “overflow” of refugees from overwhelming Jordan.Maybe to help keep terrorists from sneaking into Israel and doing harm. Never mind the Republicans insist Obama hasn’t done anything for Israel.

    • auhunter

      This isn’t an attempt for a NEW world order, it is a continuation of radical Muslim world since they first formed centuries ago. They tried to take over what we call the Middle East back in Biblical times and failed, but they have been working at it ever since. Now they have a sphere of influence all over the world, with the manpower, technology and money to make it work (maybe). If you think about it a little you will see a great parallelism with Hitler, except instead of coming at you head on with tanks, the radical Muslims are working from the inside out, establishing groups or cells in all countries, gently working themselves into positions of power and influence until one day it is done. Evidence: Obama with his ring and Huma Albedin as Hillary Clinton’s secretary and adviser..

  • chuck in wa

    J the G’s got his wires crossed. zionist=Messanic, Jehadist=Satan. Don’t you know the discription of the muslim messiah is the exact discription of the Jewish & Christian’s anti-Christ.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      If there were only two choices living with the jews or living with the muslims , Well i guess i would hop on my camel and head for Mecca !

      • Kate 8

        Jimmy – Why don’t you do that, and let us all know how that works out for you.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Kate it would not be that bad just think , I could have four wives , one i could keep at home to do my bidding and fetch my beers ( never said i would be a good muslim ) the other three i would put to work to make us money ,

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Chuck jones don’t believe in christ !

      • Jimmy the Greek

        That should read : jew don’t believe in Christ .

  • Bimbam

    Watch Syria! According to Bibilical prophecy it will be the SPARK that will ignite WW3, not Israel and Iran, they are the gunpowder. not the blasting cap.

    Syria will go up in fierce flames, just like blasting cap, SUDDEN and engulfing, and then that primer will ignite the rest of the ME and spread beyond.

  • Jay

    After it was announced yesterday that Israeli elections will take place this January, Haaretz revisited Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign contributions and found a staggering 96.8% of the prime minister’s support came from foreign donors. And of these donations, over half came from one American family — the Falic family of Miami, Florida.

    The Falics own the airport chain Duty Free Americas and are the former owners of the House of Christian Lacroix. Through their private foundation they support excavations in the West Bank, built a “welcome center” in a settlement, and fund student field trips to illegal outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    Additionally after the family patriarch, Fima Falic, passed away in January of this year, an obituary by the Zionist Organization of America applauded the family foundation and Fima’s son, a Netanyahu and Romney donor, Simon Falic, for funding youth trips to a settlement vineyard:

    “ZOA has greatly benefited from the Falics’ generous support in Judea and Samaria. Only a few weeks ago, during the ZOA Student Leadership Mission to Israel, ZOA students were brought to the Psagot Winery and Binyamin Welcome Center owned by Fima Falic’s son, Simon Falic. Several of the students attending the mission had even been sponsored by the Falic Family Foundation”.

    At the beginning of this month Alex Kane and Phil Weiss reported the Falic family not only financed Netanyahu’s campaign but also American politicians. Kane and Weiss said the Falic family donated to both Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and gave over $130,000 to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Earlier this year during Romney’s publicity trip to Israel the Falic family was one of 47 donors who topped the GOP nominee’s “united Jerusalem” excursion off with $1 million in campaign contributions.

    During Netanyahu’s last campaign the Falic family raised NIS 165,000, approximately half of the total contributions.

    Relying on overseas support is commonplace for top Israeli officials. Haaretz reported over half of all campaign contributions come from overseas:

    More than half of the contributions to politicians in the past two years – 53 percent of the NIS 13 million – came from people who live overseas, cannot vote in Israel and are not directly impacted by the elected officials’ decisions.

    And one minister of Knesset from the Likud party, Moshe Ya’alon, even received all of his campaign support from foreign donations.

    Israeli campaign finance laws limit the amount of donations from foreign supporters, but in the case of the Falic family, multiple members of the same immediate family donated to the Prime Minister’s campaign. Haaretz said in total around 550 foreigners “are responsible for the big money behind Israel’s politicians.”

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Thank You Jay , that is somthing i did not know and some thing we all should know .

  • brazzos

    Bob Livingston needs to keep what he knows quiet. I am sure the State Department and the Pentagon don’t want him to go around shooting his big mouth off. He probably just gave away something of National Security, just becasuse he has to feel like a big man.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      It’s something we all should know about brazzos its how we well remain a free people ! Are you sure your name is not the Zionist ?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear brazzos,

      You write: ” I am sure the State Department and the Pentagon don’t want him to go around shooting his big mouth off.” I’m sure you are correct. They showed how they feel about whistleblowers and truth tellers. See Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Brandon Raub.

      You write: “He probably just gave away something of National Security…” By citing a policy paper published in 2000 and referencing a press conference from a few days prior?

      Best wishes,

  • Carlos

    If you want to know something about freedom in U.S., then please have a look at the following ultra-interesting video from David Icke:

  • Dennis D

    The truth is the United States is manipulating events there and has been for some time. It’s all part of a plan developed in September 2000 by the neocon organization The Project for the New American Century and reinforced last March by the Brookings Institute. This was the blueprint President George W. Bush used for the Iraq invasion, which he was planning before he took office. It was continued by the President Barack Obama regime……….The last part is right.It is not the United States but the government and people in control manipulating things not the American people.


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