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U.S. To Lift HIV Travel Ban

November 11, 2009 by  

U.S. to lift HIV travel ban The Obama administration has announced it will drop HIV from the list of diseases that prevent visitors from entering the country, beginning on Jan. 1, 2010.

The ban was first introduced in 1987 and, among other things, required those who aspired to immigrate to the U.S. to submit to HIV testing.

In announcing the step, President Obama said that "we talk about reducing the stigma of this disease, yet we have treated a visitor living with it as a threat," quoted by the Voice of America.

He also added that it was inconsistent with America’s status as a leader in research on AIDS and its efforts to stem the pandemic to bar people who are HIV-positive from entering the country.

The move was praised by interest groups such as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation from the UK whose representative Andrew Gilliver expressed his hope that "by lifting the negative stigma associated with the ban, hopefully this long overdue move will inspire others to fight HIV stigma in a similar way."

The foundation has cited data from the advocacy group Immigration Equality which suggest that 11 other countries ban HIV-positive travelers and immigrants, and they include Armenia, Brunei, Iraq, Libya, Moldova, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Sudan.

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  • juan

    Good dession Mr. Obama.
    And don’t forget to fix the inmigration laws. REMEMBER THIS COUNTRY IS FROM IMMIGRNTS.

    • http://ComCast Danny

      I am sick of the United States giving so much to other country’s. We must take care of our self’s. You are right, This country was built from immigrants, But they came hear to America to become Americans, Not to make this country their country and that we have to live under their rules. Lets close the borders NOW!!!! look what has happen sence the Mexicans have come over. Crime has gone up, Wages have gone down, Where they live looks like mexico. They don’t keep up the neighborhoods and are not safe!! 5 familys will live in a 1 bedroom house. They build out house’s out in the back yards. I have seen this for myself. They get social securty and never pay into it. They cheat ouy system out of millions of dollers every year, SO GO HOME NOW!!!!

  • juan

    Good dessition Mr. Obama.
    And don’t forget to fix the inmigration laws. REMEMBER THIS COUNTRY IS FROM IMMIGARNTS.

    • Jana

      juan are you here legally??
      If you don’t answer we will know the answer is you are not here legally.

      • Joe H.

        I don’t see an answer yet so I guess you got your answer. Out of courtesy I probably should wait to the bottom to see if he answers later but it seems that he would want his answer right here where people could see it…I would!!!

  • Frederick MacKintosh

    COUNTRY (Words removed for offensive content) SEMPER FI, fred

    • http://ComCast Danny

      Do you thank that this President cares about us, WRONG!! He is tearing our Goverment apart. He has our Goverment at each other throats. This Health Care is turning our country into a communist country. I don’t care about the U.K.. They don’t do anything for the United States, Do They?? NO!!!!! Know he wants to bring HIV into our country. They say our Country will fall from the inside out and he is doing it now!!! I have denounced him as my President!! He needs to be impeached now and he can take Nancy Pelosi with him!! MAY GOD HELP US, OUR COUNTRY WON’T SIMPER FI MY SISTER OR BROTHER

  • Russell EnDean

    Wonderful Obama. What a genius you are. Next why not make carrying handguns on airliners legal, and close the Homeland Security Department.

  • Dale

    I suspect homeland insecurity is already closed!!!
    Yes Jaun . . . . legal, documented english speaking immigrants.

  • s c

    Is this ‘decision’ supposed to make America better? Maybe the ‘plan’ is to get people from other countries to come here and spend their money, and help us compensate for elected morons who don’t know squat about economics.
    At this point, almost ANY currency is in better shape than the dollar. Ergo, an influx of foreign
    money could possibly help (kinda sorta). So, whatever country has the most people with AIDS needs to send them here to boost our economy.
    I’ll believe it when I see it work. Until then, it’s another drug-induced example of how inept the ‘best and brightest’ can be. Do people go to Haavid to see how DUMB they can get? It does seem like it.

  • LimestoneFreedom

    They try to force vaccinations on everyone in the country for a flu that’s milder than the seasonal flu, then open the gates to HIV?? How ridiculous can you get?

    The immigration laws don’t need fixing… they need to be enforced.

  • 10412Tom

    So, now we can add to the number who need health care buy recruiting foreigners with pre-existing conditions to “spread the wealth around”.

    Let’s get some folks with TB, VD, and other transmittable diseases and bring them in too!

  • Thurman Marcum


    I don’t believe admiting HIV infected people in the United States.This time I disagree with the Obama administration.We got enough of health problems,why add more.

  • Walt

    I am appalled by this outrageous attempt of our elected officials to further degrade our wonderful country.
    Who elected this nut anyway. I sure didn’t vote for him, nor would I ever. He has done more damage to our country in acts and image than any 4 presidents I can think of in history.
    People, you better read up on your Bible, this guy is not doing us any favors that is for sure.
    Opening our borders to HIV is just going to increase the dreaded disease that has already plagued us in every state in this union, some more than others.
    But it has killed many people already that got it by blood transfusions and other means than just a STD.
    This idiocy has to stop! NOW!!!

  • Claire

    Just what we need. Another health issue to think (worry) about. All the sickos will arrive in droves. As if we didn’t have enough garbage to deal with, now we have this. My God, what is he thinking?

  • Gene

    Good idea Mr. President. Now why don’t put those sex offenders to work in day care centers? And the ManBoy Love association perverts could be cub scout masters. And put the muslims in the military…oh already did.

  • Dian M

    I don’t know what he is thinking, or perhaps not thinking. We have
    enough problems inthis country without adding more.

  • Claire

    Not to necessarily change subjects, but did you see the Thanksgiving “Thank you” for soldiers sent from Bob Livingston? I could have cried. Dear God, our government cannot take care of returning soldiers and their families. These soldiers and their families have given the ultimate sacrifice for America and us. Military families have been destroyed over this unnecessary war. Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, other eastern countries have fought amongst themselves since the beginning of time. They will never stop. It is needless for us to stay over there. We must take care of our own people first!!! I will donate and I hope everyone else will try to do the same. We must take care of “our own.”

    • Thurman Marcum


      That what I have been preaching the past eight years.I agree with you a 100%.BRING OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN HOME!

    • DaveH

      Yes, we are over in over countries ostensibly to secure their freedom while we are losing ours here. Go figure.
      Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

  • hunter

    Why am I not surprised? This will fit hand in glove with the new healthcare suspository we’re having crammed down our throats. Now the whole world with aids can come get free health care. Way to go Obama, and in the meantime please make use of our free emergency room. Ohh by the way, beings unemployment is so high, don’t forget to file for welfare, food stamps and all, also be sure to write back home and encourage your whole infected town to come also. Good god, I’m so pissed I just took a bite out of my own arm…..

    • http://ComCast Danny

      HOW DO WE START IMPEACHMENT??? We need to start now!!! He will destroy America !!! Who is really backing him and running this Goverment??? He is a puppet to some other country. GOD HELP US-SIMPER FI

      • JeffH

        Danny, go to the link I am providing. This is a chance for anyone to support the

        • Lindy Kenya

          Jeffh: I read the website you included for “Impeaching Obama” and the paragraph from I’ve pasted below from that site is glaringly simple to understand!

          From what this paragraph says, “we’ll be spinning our wheels for nothing” trying to get Obama Impeached because the very authority who CAN impeach him WON’T! Read it and weep, America! We’re done!

          “The CONGRESS DECIDES the definition [of impeachable offenses] by majority vote in the House for impeachment, and by 2/3 vote in the Senate for conviction.

          *If you think crooked Senators and Congressmen (20 of them under investigation right now for “Ethics Violations”) are going to Impeach Obama (aka: their “Golden Egg”) then you’re in TOTAL DENIAL concerning the PRE-PLANNED AGENDA for our Country this government intends to fulfill!

          Congress will NEVER vote to impeach Obama! . . . why would they? Everything’s going THEIR way” with nobody to stop them and THEY KNOW IT including passing bills for HIV and every other disease to “come to America!”

  • Robert

    Stange how this comes up just as Health Care issue starts a national debate. Seems to me as another Chicago political diversion scheme. Come up with something outrageous so the dumb Americans won’t notice our pushing their Health Care Deform Bill through. Remember what Rahm preaches “Don’t waste a national crisis”. I suggest that if the Obama Admisistration wants this ridiculous rule, then all Americans will support it under one condition: He, his wife and their two kids physically meet and embrace those entering our county. How’s that for a simple solution to all the fury over this. Maybe the President could even share one of his cigarettes with the newcommers.

  • Claire

    Yes, we need to bring our soldiers home!!! Now!!! If and when we do leave these pathetic countries, they will only resume what they have been doing for years and years. Fighting amongst themselves. Let them go at it–we do not need to be there to hold their hands. They will only stab us in the back when all is said and done. We should secure our borders,and not allow anymore riffraff in! We need to get rid of the illegals immigrants. We should have done this years ago. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban will never go away. If one dies, 30 more takes his/her place. It goes on and on. And now with the President allowing HIV to waltz in, we will have unhealthy illegal immigrants coming out the kazoo. I am a Lutheran and according to God we are all created equal but this is more than America can and should endure. Enough is enough. When will our goverment wake up? Will our government ever realize what they have done to us? Do any of them care, other than to be re-elected? I know I sound childish, but I am really aggravated over this.

  • Paul

    HIV is hardly going to ‘Waltz’ into the US is it?

    Would you feel the same way if you had relatives suffering with this disease through no fault of their own?

    Would you want them to be able to visit you and share happy times?

    Would you want to support and help them?

    Maybe from the comments above I guess not, shame on you. I think president Obama has done more for the US in his short time as President than many before him.

    You do not realise how lucky you are to have such a humane and ‘in Touch’ leader.

    • JeffH

      Uh oh! Another duh!nniso or Norm is on site. Here we go again!

    • DaveH

      Yes. He has done a lot. He has taught us that money does not matter (or at least it won’t after our dollar has collapsed). He has taught us that candidates can say anything to get elected. He has taught us that he is going to do what is best for us, whether we like it or not.
      He has taught us that we are racists and mobsters if we don’t like his policies. He has taught our children that they shouldn’t pray in school unless it is to Lord Obama. And he has brought us all together in one big happy country.
      How could we not adore this guy?

    • Ellen S.

      Paul, Obviously you are not an American. I left a socialist country to emigrate to America and enjoy it’s freedom, capitalism, religious liberty and it’s value for life. European’s are Godless, study the French Revolution my friend and you will understand that the USA was formed Providentially and is (was) THE greatest country in the world. Europeans and many other immigrants today do not appreciate the values of this wonderful country. They move into “our home” and instead of playing by our rules, they rape us of our religious freedoms, change the laws “while in our homes” and forget they are privileged to have been accepted into this great country….that it once was.

      • Paul

        You are right I am not American, thankfully, although my sister married an American and now lives in New York, mores the pity. With an attitude like most of you have on here, it’s you who are the problem, not your president.

        You are unbelievable inhumane hippocrits and deserve everything you get as far as I can tell.

  • Claire

    Oh–I have a few things to share. There is a family park near where I live and one day a group of Pakistanian? or Indian? women were there with their children. Anyway, the children were allowed to pee and poop right in broad daylight in front of everybody. My neighbor told the women that we did not do this in America and they just laughed. Another tidbit– I am an editor for a publishing company and I edited two manuscripts about terrorism in the past 3 months. It is appalling what the Islams and Muslims do to their own when they will not convert to their “ways.” The atrocities were unbelievable. They took a teacher from his home in the middle of the night–tied his arms to one motorcyle and tied his legs to another motorcycle. They took off in opposite directions, splitting the man in two. There were numerous case examples in these manuscripts that were so shocking, that it kept me up at night. And what they do to their women is appalling. They marry 6-year-old girls. We need to be very careful concerning the people that enter America. If our government will not close our borders (and they never will) then they had better get on the ball and thoroughly check EVERYONE that comes in. We need to keep a watchful eye.

  • Claire

    Paul–let me make myself more clear. If I had relatives with HIV through no fault of their own, yes I would support them! Simply put, we do not need to ADD to the HIV population. We should take care of our OWN first.

    • JeffH

      With the way the Obama Camp thinks, they are probably hoping to infect more of the unsuspecting, careless people in this country and add to the AIDS epidemic.

  • Bill A

    The reason should be obvious. Obama is just paying back the homosexuals who helped put him in office.

  • DaveH
  • Bernie

    What would Jesus do?

  • Bernie

    Oh, and Bill A? You’re uninformed. HIV/AIDS isn’t just a gay problem anymore, in fact, most of the people who have it aren’t gay. Out of the 33 million people in the world living with HIV, 22 million are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Do you want to go to Africa and call 22 million people gay? Secondly, Obama probably should do something for homosexuals sometime soon. A lot of gays are starting to get ticked off at him because so far he’s been to busy with everything else to rid our country of such backwards practices as “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act.

  • Joe H.

    The higher ups in the Dem party told the at-risk dems, the ones that are up for reelection in 2010 to avoid the subject of AMNESTY until after the vote!!! I say we question EVERY DEM up for reelection on the subject of AMNESTY every chance we get and publish the answers on every site we can!!! They are going for a back door approach to give Amnesty again and we need to light up all the reps phones again. We need to do it again on this decision also!!! It’s a fact that some of the HIV positive people have sex with people and don’t inform them of their status!! They should get the death penalty for it as it’s a fate worse than death in some cases!!!

  • Joe H.

    It was reported by The Federation For American Immigration Reform that in Pennsylvania the illegal immigrants cost the state 728 million per year. That’s per year in a northern state. It is just common sense that it Costs the southwestern states a lot more!!!

    • Thurman Marcum


      Lou Dobbs is leaving Cnn.

      • Jana

        That is a real shame as he was their only redeeming quality.

  • Joe H.

    I’m supposed to celebrate that he finally got wise and left? I just hope he doesn’t come to fox infected with that liberal idiocy disease!!!

    • Thurman Marcum


      Lou DObbs is a conserative.He doen’t endorse republican or democratic parties.He votes independant.He is the one hard against Illegal aliens.He states the facts,kill or cure.Where did you get he is liberal?

      • Joe H.

        Where did I say he was a liberal. He was on ClintonNewsNetwork(CNN for those of you not able to figure out the connotation! I just said I hope he didn’t get infected with that liberal idiocy disease while he was there!

  • Michael Clay

    This is one of those issues where I am mistified by the “liberal” stance. Barring people with a known infectous disease is not a bad thing. The travel restriction is not an attack on homosexuals, it is to protect Americans from illness.

    Admittedly, HIV does not spread as easily as something like H1N1, but it does spread. The more it spreads the greater the cost to our society.

    In the end, people should work to be more accepting of others, but lifting the travel ban on HIV is not the appropriate way to foster a better acceptance of gays and lesbians.

    • CindyL

      Michael, do you think they should ban those who have herpes also?

  • Jackie

    What do you expect when you play in the sewer?? Share, share!

    • Bernie

      Who are you saying plays in the sewer?

      • Jana

        duh, well think real hard now and you just might figure it out Bernie.

        • Bernie

          No, seriously. Everyone and their mother is being put through the wringer on this board, and I’m just trying to figure out if she’s talking about gays, Mexicans, all immigrants, liberals, democrats, or Africans.

          • CindyL

            Bernie, you can’t be serious. You must know from the posts that this site is Conservative vs Liberals.

          • Bernie

            No, I understand that bit, it’s just that liberals tend to be wealthy and well educated, so the whole playing in the sewer part didn’t match up…..

  • Robert

    HIV? Is that short for “Hi, I’m Victor”. Just curious.

    • Joe H.

      no it stands for have INFECTIOUS virus!!! Sure wish O-man could read that!!!!! I’d underline the infectious part, but being a 58 year old uneducated, vet who is half crippled, I don’t know how. Not really!! I do have a college education, the rest IS true though!

      • Robert

        Now let me understand this. President Obama says we are facing a health crisis with escalating costs and millions of Americans loosing or having no medical insurance. This country is currently facing the challenge of Swine Flu and we don’t have enough vaccines on hand to protect all Americans (Except for the Wall Street louses). Can someone please explain why he would want to allow foreigners with the HIV virus to enter our country, when we can’t even provide adequate medical care to American citizens who unfortunately are infected with HIV. I must be stupid, because it doesn’t make sense to me but the President of the United States says it’s does and we have an obligation to allow them in. He’s so much more educated than I am, therefore, I must be really stupid and ignorant.

  • Lindy

    Did I miss something? I thought the article was about visitors… people on a vacation, a business trip. People who are entering the country for a short-term stay, means they have to leave… which means they ARE NOT immigrants. What’s with all the talk about immigrants?

    • Jana

      Yes, but Lindy it’s what they bring in with them to visit. It is what they do when they visit.
      Personally I was for shutting down the border between the US and Mexico when the H1N1 virus was just getting started since so many people in Mexico had it and very few here in the US had it. But oh no, that would have been too smart. It would have only been temporary.

  • B. Lee Pemberton

    It seems that almost no one realizes that Obama is not on the side of America and its people. He will do anything possible to dismantle this once-great nation!

  • Joe H.

    B. Lee,
    I certainly do realize that and have been saying it since long before he got elected, but no one wanted to listen. Soon though they will see the results of his meddling when they start paying their heating bill this year and the price of gasoline goes way up. They will see then!!!

  • Jason G Woods

    Why is this not surprising?

  • Jazzlady Monique

    Have you all seen the YOUTUBE video with Alex Jones and Lord Moncton? Please go watch all five parts and then…call and write to your senators telling them you do not want the treaty signed by Mr. Obama and yes, I agree. Mr. Obama does not have a love for our beloved country. He is obviously not a God-fearing man either. He lied and fooled everyone before he got into office.

    THIS is a time for all of us to pray, pray, pray for our nation because GOD ALMIGHTY does answer prayer and HE allowed things to get the way they are because we stopped loving, respecting and appreciating everything that HE was doing for America. We must turn back to GOD, the BIBLE and the CONSTITUTION now.

    I also believe and agree that we MUST stop the immigration of Muslim terrorists and immigrants from other countries who do not respect our nation and…who are taking the jobs.

    I have seen disrespect and verbal abuse toward myself, a Christian American woman coming from women from Jamaica, Haiti and South America.

    I am not trying to be mean, but I was born in the USA and I love and respect my country. Anyone who comes here who does not love this country or respect people here, should get out and go back where they came from. I believe in being loving and kind, but that does not mean I should be abused verbally or physically.


  • Jazzlady Monique

    I forgot….since there are already enough people in our nation and other countries who have HIV, there should be a BAN on HIV travel.

    America is NOT a cesspool for evil!

    She is still a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN nation that must return to our roots and all our forefathers gave us and…we must appreciate what men and women have done who have fought for America. We have great freedom here and we cannot and should not allow it to be taken from us.



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