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U.S. To Keep 11 Aircraft Carriers To Show Force

January 24, 2012 by  

U.S. To Keep 11 Aircraft Carriers To Show Force

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told sailors that the U.S. is committed to keeping 11 aircraft carriers despite budget pressures, as the military wishes to project sea power against Iran, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, Panetta told a crowd of 1,700 who were gathered in the hangar bay of the USS Enterprise that the ship would head to the Persian Gulf region to steam through the Strait of Hormuz.

“That’s what this carrier is all about,” Panetta said in his address to the sailors. “That’s the reason we maintain a presence in the Middle East. … We want them to know that we are fully prepared to deal with any contingency and it’s better for them to try to deal with us through diplomacy.”

NewsCore reported that the USS Abraham Lincoln passed through the symbolic waterway on Jan. 22, marking the first time a U.S. aircraft carrier has been through since Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz earlier this month.

“USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) completed a regular and routine transit of the Strait of Hormuz, Jan. 22, to conduct maritime security operations as scheduled and in support of requirements set by the combatant commander,” according to a statement from Naval Forces Central Command.

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  • Rosco1776

    Boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom, the war drums are beating! The economy must be slipping again so we go to war! China promised WWIII if we invade Iran, can they be held at their word? Russia said we would regret it, will we?

    Vote Peace, Prosperity and Liberty, vote Ron Paul 2012 !!

    • Sirian

      Rosco I understand what you’re saying but there is one minor point to highlight – “China promised WWIII if we INVADE Iran.” And yes, I understand the bolstering of both China & Russia but an additional carrier – the Enterprise is old, very old – over to the Persian Gulf is nothing more than bolstering in return. The USS Abraham Lincoln is much newer and much more capable than the Enterprise but again, it’s merely a “presence” that is being shown. Do we need to go to war with Iran – NO! Good God we’re in to many wars and police actions as is. But it is simply customary for “you rattle your saber, we’ll rattle ours right back”. Sit back and watch, more than likely the tension will subside over the next month or so because something else will surface that will take “1st chair” of importance.

      • Eric Bischoff

        You mean just like what happened in Iraq!

        • Sirian

          All I’m saying is that Iran has tossed out it’s threat that it will close the Strait of Hormuz to disrupt oil to Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Well, as usual, that’s saber rattling – have they not done it before? – and in return we scoot a couple carriers in that direction to rattle back. We’ve done it before – example, think back a bit, China had mustered its missile frigates close to Taiwan and was pushing the edge of the envelope in that regard, saber rattling, correct? What did we do in response? At that particular, specific time, my son was stationed aboard the USS Nimitz and they were in the Persian Gulf keeping an eye in the air over Iraq. They got called out and headed to Taiwan at flank speed all the way. Why? Saber Rattling in return. What came of it? The Chinese pulled back and that was it. So, this may be a much more contentious problem but as I said, with the presence of two, three or however many carrier groups we put in the region it is more than likely going to subside in importance since the Iranians aren’t quite as dumb as they may be thought of. Their navy would not hold an advantage and they know that. You should too. Are we planning on attacking Iran in the not so distant future? As you, I have no earthly idea. I simply, yet rigorously pray that we not get ourselves mixed up in another idiotic waste of our military.

      • Rockyvnvm

        The ‘old, old, old,’ USS Enterprise , is just cannon fodder… A line in the sand, if you will… Another Tonkin Gulf style, excuse to go to war. Nobody can complain, if we’re just defending ourselves, right ? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a veteran.& totally support our troops ! But , I’ve been around the block, a time or two & no longer trust , those who run things , anymore ! I Love my Country, but, I Fear my Government !
        Ron Paul has the right ideas… We need to take away, the power, from the ‘Military- Industrial Complex, that outgoing Pres. Eisenhaur warned us about !

        • Vigilant

          “But , I’ve been around the block…”

          And you’ll be waiting around the block to get gasoline if Iran closes the Strait. This has nothing to do with establishing a pretext for war, it has everything to do with keeping the flow of oil uninterrupted.

          Tonkin Gulf my a$$!

      • ismellarat

        No I think you are both missing the point.Could be these carriers are being set up.Obama is out to weaken this country every way he can.

    • Bones1941

      China and Russia are blowing smoke ! If Iran trys anything like blocking the trait then it will only take about 10 mins to sink
      thier entire Navy to the bottom of it.
      They don’t produce any gasoline and all of it come’s through the
      Guft. I don’t think they want to tangle with our Navy. They are blowing smoke.

      • eddie47d

        Iran has to use the Straits of Hormuz to receive goods also. They have to export oil and import gasoline so I believe this is all a bluff. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by any blockade. Since China receives one third of it’s oil from Iran then they would be cut off also. They should be willing to put pressure on Iran to keep the Straits open for their own good. I personally don’t see a need to go to war with Iran besides their Navy is weak compared to ours and this is more bluster than a necessary endeavor.

        • Jimmy the Greek

          Did you ever think that China may take up for Iran because it would be in there best interest so they just may the United States to back off or else . Whatever you may think i believe China can put a boot in our A$$ if not even if we win there well not be much left and who well be the blame ? It well be all over America kissing the A$s of the zionist . Henry Ford seat in 1920 that the jews were trouble Read the book ( The International Jew )

          • Vigilant

            Is that all you ever do is spread your anti-Semitic hatred?

            You are a poor excuse for a human being.

      • Jonathan

        Are they? Iran has a number of old Soviet-era diesel submarines. Before you laugh about how antiquated that is and how vaunted the U.S. Navy’s modern ships are, keep in mind that when a diesel sub switches to the battery for propulsion, the boat becomes a “hole in the water.” When my old boat played wargames with the Canadian Navy’s diesel boats, we had a heck of a time trailing them. In fact, they had to beat on the hull with wrenches every so often just so we could find them.

        Now, all it would take is an Iranian sub launching two torpedoes at that aircraft carrier and it’s either sunk or disabled. Sure, that sub will soon be at the bottom itself, but all aboard will be “martyrs” and we’ll be down a multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier and a score or more of million dollar plus aircraft. A win-win for Iran.

        • eddie47d

          Thanks for the interesting story. The Straits of Hormuz is only 21 miles wide and the shipping route is only two miles wide. Any ship the size of a carrier that is sunk will do serious damage to the world of oil. Iran would be cutting it’s own throat and become a bigger pariah to the world economy. Thus turning more nations against it so I would call that a lose/lose situation for them.

    • Mary

      War with Iran is Suicide for us. I don’t have to tell you the size of the Chinese army neither the Russians. I believe they (chinese) wants to get rid of some 300 M of them at least. Our militars moral is deep down. They know they are not fighting for freedom. The only candidate that understand their pain and suffering is RON PAUL. There is no hope for us. We are in the point of no Return.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      China would clean our clock if we push them into a corner , Oh and we would return the favor , however, After we get out from under the rock or out of the cave you were hiding in The Bosses in Washington would have what was left of the Army round up us goyen and use us for slave labor . The same thing well be happening to china .

  • http://comcast JimBob

    With the cuts to the defense budget, we will have to use holograms to make the Iranians think we have ships in the area. We’re currently in secret talks with the Taliban (although everyone knows about them) as they are becoming very friendly with Iran. So I guess this administration still believes we can talk our way out of anything.

    • Flashy

      OMG….it’s saber rattling and Wag the Dog for re-election if Obama starts to position defenses, show force and play international realpolitik. It’s appeasement and being a secret Islamic if he doesn’t move forces. We have a hige budget deficit, the milittary is taking the largest portion of our budget and the hawks are saying as they always do…it’s not enough. But gawd forbid we reduce the military expenditures to configure to a new world out there. (Notice when the USSR went away, all of a sudden we had a new enemy requiring more military growth?)

      I know! Got it ! Obama is positioning those aircraft carriers so in a sudden move, he can turn them over to the Iranians and together he and the Ayatollahs can take over the owrld’s oil supplies and force Islam on everyone !

      Makes about as much sense as most of the comments so far.

      • Opal the Gem

        Go away. Come back when you have something of consequence to say.

        • Flashy

          If you applied that to everyone on this site, only us Moderates and Progressives would be posting here.

          What was in error? You have half the wack’d right yelling about Wag to Dog and it’s a setup, you have the other half saying it’s a sell out appeasement.

          The sole contribution as far as anyone can tell from the TPers and robotic right is they like to complain, fear, and hate. Fear hate and ignorance..the TP Trilogy. Or we have the American taliban segment.

          Interesting if you read the posts…with few exception, the wacked Right posters here offer no solutions but crazed concepts guaranteed to bring this nation to its knees.

      • Jay

        Flashy:OMG….it’s saber rattling and Wag the Dog for re-election if Obama starts to position defenses, show force and play international realpolitik. It’s appeasement and being a secret Islamic if he doesn’t move forces. We have a hige budget deficit, the milittary is taking the largest portion of our budget and the hawks are saying as they always do…it’s not enough. But gawd forbid we reduce the military expenditures to configure to a new world out there. (Notice when the USSR went away, all of a sudden we had a new enemy requiring more military growth?)

        I know! Got it ! Obama is positioning those aircraft carriers so in a sudden move, he can turn them over to the Iranians and together he and the Ayatollahs can take over the owrld’s oil supplies and force Islam on everyone !

        That’s rather interesting Flashy, you have no problem swallowing the conspiracy theory when it is attached to Bush/Cheney, yet you find it inconceivable that Obama would somehow be exempt, soar above it all. Do you honestly believe that one man has such capabilities? Who do you think placed your God in office? Tinkerbell?

        • Flashy

          “Do you honestly believe that one man has such capabilities? Who do you think placed your God in office? Tinkerbell?”

          1. Bush/Cheney cheating, manipulating, corrupt and graft ridden lying us into war with Iraq … that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s just fact. Plain cold hard fact. What that admin did to this nation, both domestically and foreign, to this day I cannot understand why they aren’t universally spit upon and publically reviled every time they go outside their armed villas.

          2. 66,760,924 people ut President Obama in office. Something the wacked Right want to deny every day and overturn the want and will of those people. Fact is fact, if it weren’t for the policies this president instituted in the beginning months of his administration, we’d be in a far more world of hurt than we have now as we rebuild from the catastrophes of the Right.

          And if you don’t like it..fine. Move somewhere else. We, the Moderates and progressives, have work to do cleaning the mess up y’all gave us.

          • Jay

            Flashy:1. Bush/Cheney cheating, manipulating, corrupt and graft ridden lying us into war with Iraq … that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s just fact. Plain cold hard fact. What that admin did to this nation, both domestically and foreign, to this day I cannot understand why they aren’t universally spit upon and publically reviled every time they go outside their armed villas.

            Yes, Bush/Cheney lied, and manipulated us into a war with Irag! How is that, not, a conspiracy? By your written accusation aimed at Bush and Cheney you have given the proper definition of conspiracy. Yet you say, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a fact. But according to webster’s definition of conspiracy: A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful : a conspiracy to destroy the government, what you claim Bush/Cheney perpetrated, was in fact, a conspiracy!

            There are also different types, or models of conspiracies:

            1. Cabal, an association between religious, political, or tribal officials to further their own ends, usually by intrigue

            2. Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage

            3. Conspiracy (crime), an agreement between persons to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement Conspiracy (political), the overthrow of a government.

            So then, according to Webster’s definition of conspiracy(s), and yours, our Government conspired, or engaged, covertly, or conspired against the American people. And that, is a fact!

            You say: What that admin did to this nation, both domestically and foreign, to this day I cannot understand why they aren’t universally spit upon and publically reviled every time they go outside their armed villas.

            Do you honestly believe that two men have such capabilities? Who do you think put them in office, Tinkerbell?

          • Bill

            sounds like you are coming from a communist dictator, collectivist, authoritarian, country. Need a ticket to get back there?

          • Flashy

            You’re correct. My thoughts were along the lines of a conspiracy being unable to be proven.

            As to whether two men could do this…and your question as to who placed them in office. yes…two men could (and did) do it. Who put them in office put them there so they would be able to do it.

    • ismellarat

      Yea and Ron Paul thinks the same thing.

  • DaMan

    Were done people the current administration is clueless, and the Retreads offer nothinng but the same! And why is they have to debate everytime they go to another state this is a joke! Politician Burnout does anyone else suffer from it!

  • Temper

    YEAH…They want their money back…like I said..Republicans believe in a “war Economy”…

    • Sirian

      Really Temper? Hummm, who was in control of both houses and the Oval Office when ‘Nam was built up to it’s highest point back in the ’60’s? Think things through a bit more Temper, check things out – it works, really. You simply need to understand that both sides are working the middle and WE’RE the middle. So you can’t honestly blame just one side of the aisle.

      • pmartin43

        lol there is no difference between the 2 major political parties they work for the same world elite, this is why they talk different games going in and then turn and do different from what they say when elected, they want the same things “control” they are puppets, and the puppets are not only here, there all over the world, in every Government, this war will happen not because of Osamabama or the Iranians, it will happen because this is what the puppeteers want, and the reason it hasnt started in an all out attack is because the puppet masters havent given the “ok yet” they know they dont have the support of the people, i see this dragging out till after the Bilderburg meeting this year, unless they do a false flag attack and blame it on the Iranians, that how we got into Afganistan and Iraq, and now look at Iraq the supposed “rebuilding contractors are in there buying everything up!!” also so i think this is a distraction to keep our eyes of what they are doing here

        • Sirian

          Exactly pm43, that’s what I said – both sides are working the middle and WE’RE the middle. As to what will come out of the next Bilderburg meeting is a true unknown. We can speculate forever but we really won’t know for sure. HA, Iraq is heading right back into what was expected – nothing new. BTW, if the Iranians were to shut down the Strait of Hormuz wouldn’t that action be a detriment to them financially also? If they shut it down then how do they ship out their oil? We wouldn’t have to fire one shot, simply block anything coming out of their ports and then sit and watch what happens internally. Can they actually afford it, financially and even more so, politically? The people of Iran aren’t overly happy with their radical government. That was proven last year,remember?

    • ohoh

      Ron Paul’s a Republican and he doesn’t want a war economy.

      • ismellarat

        Ron Paul just wants us to surrender before the war starts

      • hornman2

        Ron Paul is NOT a Republican in belief; he is a Republican ONLY because a hard line Libertarian, which he is, could not get elected dog catcher in this Country. If you have anything after your name other than a “D” or an “R”, you’re just wasting your time and money running for office.

    • Bill

      That is precisely the reason to have Ron Paul as the president, the Republicans, democrats, socialists, communist, green party, and who knows what other parties have got us into. Lets give someone else a chance and see what happens, it can happen if it’s the will of the people.

  • Bett

    Get us off this sinking ship, 2002 warnings to congress came true:
    Israel & CIA agree on foreign policy candidate, guess who?

  • tjzboyda

    What active US Aircraft carrier is pictured with this article? None of the active US aircraft carriers have a straight deck. In fact no US built aircraft carrier has the a bow profile depicted in this photograph. At least use a picture of one of our ships for the article.

    • Robert

      It’a a USMC amphibious aussault carrier. Helos and grunts.

      • tjzboyda

        Robert – are you talking about the Wasp class assault carriers? Still the wrong bow profile. There are 8 Wasp class assault carriers and one Tawara class carrier active. It is possible that the one pictured is of the Iwo Jima class but no Iwo Jima class ships are in active duty, all have been decommissioned. But it seems to be missing the port side midship elevator visible on Iwo Jima class ships. It might be the HMS Ocean assault carrier, but I am not familiar with the profile.

  • Michael Murray

    If we don’t get our fiscal house in order the only way we will keep 11 aircraft carriers near Iran will be to run them aground in Israel.

    The article itself is a joke. It is filled with talk about, and the names of CVA or CVAN (CVN) carriers and then shows a picture of an LPH (Landing Platform Helicopter) helo carrier. Is this the kind of truth in journalism we can expect? It just that the staff is too lazy or too uneducated to know the difference? Perhaps it just that the publisher and staff thinks WE (the sheeple) are all too stupid? Maybe it is an attitude of “It’s only the military…who cares”. Whatever the reason it diminishes the credibility of everything else.

  • Bill Webb

    Eleven aircraft carriers? That is a massive military force! They certainly have a pretty good idea that the GNP of the United States is 38 times that of Iran. They could be crushed economically as easily as militarily. I hope the lunatics running Iran don’t insist on making it necessary.

    • Sirian

      We have a total of 11 ACTIVE carrier groups. They didn’t mean that we’re going to have every carrier group we’ve got head to the Strait of Hormuz. Read the first paragraph of the article again.

      • cawmun cents

        Our weakest single carrier group could lay waste to Iran.
        The article is about how we project ourselves to the world.
        Worlders,cant make you think you are losing power witout making you seem weaker.The joke is that you buy into it.
        The Pentagon,is busy trying to keep our interests vital in the minds of the populace,versus letting us think that we will be subservient to the worlders.That is all.
        If our carriers had been in port during Pearl Habor,we’d likely be speaking Japanese right now.Food for thought.

        • Sirian

          I’m kinda lost in what you’re saying. “Our weakest single carrier group could lay waste to Iran.” Yes, one carrier group could do a lot of damage – no doubt. But laying waste to Iran, uh, not quite. One carrier group has one hell of a lot of fire power but not quite to that level. Unless of course the sub that is attached to the group launches it’s nukes? And that is way, way out there as an action that would be taken.
          “Worlders can’t make you think you are losing power without making you seem weaker. The joke is that you buy into it.” Uh, OK, I’m buying into what? The worlders are making me think that we’re weaker? Isn’t making much sense – please explain further.
          Insofar as the Pentagon “trying to keep our interests vital in the minds of the populace, versus letting us think that we will be subservient to the worlders.” has lost me too. When has the Pentagon, presumedly the Joint Chiefs, decided that this or that is what we need to do and do it whether directives have or have not come out of the Oval Office? Even the Joint Chiefs have to answer to the Commander in Chief – liked or not liked. The primary job of the Pentagon is to do what they are directed to do – they can’t just up and decide on their own. They may prepare ahead but they can’t implement anything without clearance from above. Keeping our interests vital isn’t so hard to understand I suppose – the movement of oil through the Strait to avoid major market shifts if it were blocked for a while. But the populace on a whole surely isn’t that stupid and can understand quite easily that they would be chucking out a much higher price for gas. Being it as it may, to what advantage do actions of this sort give the worlders? I’m not sending an arrogant backlash, simply not following what you mean clearly.

  • James

    Let me get this straight. Only Repulicans like Watr. WW 2 Roosevelt, Korea Truman, Veit Nam, Kennedy and Johnson. Who got us out of those Wars WW 2 Truman,Korea Eisenhower,Veitnam Nixon. We should be killing Muslims here and you wouldn,t need any Wars over there.

    • Flashy

      As my mother always said … the Republicans manuever us into wars, it takes the Democrats to fight and win them.

      • Robert

        Obviously your mother is a screwy as you seem to be.

        • Alice

          I believe that Obama is the leader and if “my mother always said … the Republicans manuever us into wars, it takes the Democrats to fight and win them” works, then how is that possible?

        • ranger5


        • Flashy

          Alice…since 2000 we had the chance of a century. balanced budget, debt being paid off, our economy was looking at the most a flat line adjustment period from the days of wine and roses during the Clinton years, being safe, secure and in peace, and our society was healing from the deep divisions created by the Reagan years.

          We had the chance given to few generations. Then greed, graft, corruption, lies, cronyism, manipulation sowing seeds of fear and hate … it was tossed away.

          Now we are left with dealing with the mess. Weaker, more exposed, more in danger than anytime since WWII.

          And the ignorant masses which feed on fear and hate? And the controllers of those right wing fear led masses? They have no wont to heal. They have no desire to return to moving forward as leaders of the world. So any move by Moderates or progressives is opposed. because the Moderates and Progressives want to move to the future…and the ignorant fear that.

          Obama has to deal with the world and our endangerment as Bush/Cheney created it. We get into a shooting war with iran or anyone else right now….it’s because that is what the rubble of the empire left to us has built.

          the best thing the TPers on the Right can do? Step aside, quit bit*hing, and let us fix what they broke.

          • Robert

            The truly sad thing is that you actually believe that steaming load of horse crap you just dumped out. Your stupidity is overwhelming.

          • Flashy

            it’s a fact. Live with it. you disagree…then what is your version. (though I can probably writ that fiction since it’s the Lie retold many times by those evading taking responsibility for their actions and support of those actions. All ignoring the true reality and hoping the passage of time will allow the Lie to replace the facts.)

            Now do this nation a favor and get out of the way. We have work to do cleaning up after your mess.

          • Robert

            I’m not in your way. You’re tripping over your own feet. Typical flappy mouthed liberal dim wit.

          • Flashy

            Please go back and read where i stated about the wacked Right offering no solutions. look in the mirror. See the resemblance?

          • Jay

            Let us fix what they broke? Who is “us”, Flashy? Might you be referring to the one’s that conspired, and were complicit, with the one’s you claim, “Broke It?”

          • Flashy

            Moderates and Progressives Jay. The people who look to the future instead of trying to return us to the past.

          • Jay

            What past, Flashy?

          • Robert

            Dear flushy, the progressivs couldn’t fix diddly and the moderates aren’t much better. You and the rest of the worthless turds like you are the problem not the cure.

          • Flashy

            Let’s who wants to play games, the other insults. Neither offering sane, rational solutions.

            Like I said …

          • Robert

            Why would anybody waste their time offering sane rational solutions to an somebody like you who wouldn’t recognize one if hit over the head with it. Your idea of a sane rational solution is to agree with what ever sniviling nitwit crap you spew out.

          • Flashy

            Of course I agree with what I state. I’m correct. You can’t disagree unless you propose policies which make you sound like a nutcase, but you don’t like it because you are scared of moving forward. To you, the past is a known entity. In your mind, it’s safe. While it does nothing but weaken this nation and will lead it to eventual ruin … you don’t care. You’re scared of the future..and the past appeases your cowardly nature.

            But go ahead…offer up something you see as a sane, rational forward solution.

          • Robert

            Flushy, in closing let me say, you’re a total delusional dumbass.

          • Sirian

            Uh, excuse me, may I slide in here and get a word in edgewise. . . thanks. My dear, dear Flashy, you have once again managed to boast, rant and rave, condemn and insult and make point after point that everything that is wrong with our country is totally to blame on one political party or an ideology – conservatism/libertarianism. That is in its true self overly if not outrageously toxic to your state of mind, are they not? With that form of locked down unrelenting determination to degrade everyone that steps outside your circle of rational thought, well, then should you expect nothing more than gleeful agreement with everything you say? If that is your expectation should it not have become rather apparent that unfortunately your stretch for that golden ring simply will never be quite far enough? There have been previous posts of mine that I have asked the same of you, your solutions, as that which you asked of Robert and Jay. There have been several others that have posted the same request for your well founded solution/s to our country’s problems also, yet no, up to this point there has been nothing well founded in rational logic and presented for further debate. Nothing more offered other than what I mentioned above. It only leaves myself, and many others I’m sure, confident in recognizing your train of thought and extremely well embedded ideology. Progressivism and moderates have been overtly involved in the political arena much longer than you’ve been twitching your nose in anger. With that I bid you farewell and please, fear not, I shan’t waste anymore time with you. Yet I’m sure you shall continue to provide many of us with a good amount of laughter in the days and weeks to come.

      • Bill

        What the hell war did the US ever win?

    • eddie47d

      No James we need to remove ourselves from the Middle East and stop infuriating the Muslims so they don’t come here to do us harm. We are occupying THEIR lands and creating animosity,not so much winning allies.

    • James

      Again, I am not the ‘James’ that wrote this gobbledy-gook.

      • James

        I, the real ‘James’ agrees with 47D.

  • http://none roadkill

    You a a screw ball as well as your mother, liberal! Mobambo is only the leader of idiots like you. For true Americans, he lies at the bottom of the crapper!

    • Rockyvnvmc

      Roadkill ? Is that you , Keith ???

  • Hankster

    Sounds like it could be another Pearl Harbor. Put our entire Navy in one group and “BOOM BOOM”–They destroy our entire Navy and then they head our way!!!!!

    • Sirian

      Did I just read what I thought I read? Yep, I did. OK, it goes like this. . . first of all, from your statement, you haven’t the slightest idea of military strategies or tactics. How in the world could you possibly think that our military tacticians probably sit around playing video games to determine what the best move would be? Go back to your video games and don’t worry yourself with it. Thank God you’re not in the Pentagon!!

  • Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro

    The STRENGTH of a country lies in three things:

    1) balance of its political system,
    2) social justice of its economic system
    3) equity that it uses in its foreign policy.

    A country that only shows your weapons are weak and in fact deserves to be destroyed.

    • Bill

      Fabio, stop talking like the big O. What is the meaning of these three words: Balance, Social Justice, Equity.

      Sounds like “change” to me, lets adopt those words and have them as our national goals. Intellectually bankrupt.

    • 45caliber

      A successful country does need three things to survive:

      Raw materials, a sizable population, and a strong military defense.

      The rest is all hog wash.

  • Jay

    The Washington Administration is going to send an old aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf. There, it will be sunk “by the Iranians” so as to justify a presidential declaration of war against Shia Iran hosting a large Jewish population. As US Democratic President Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt incited the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor (Freemasons Hirohito and FDR secretly working together), even so will US Democratic President Freemason Barry Davis Obama—the American Empire’s second FDR—will incite Iran to attack a carrier (Freemasons Davis/Obama and A-jad working together!).

    That carrier, the 50-year-old USS Enterprise, will be sacrificed, the loss of an expendable, archaic old carrier serving to justify a war on Iran. This most important move in the game of international chess will set in motion a scenario that has been planned for over 100 years!

    And who is to dispatch this carrier? Jesuit-educated at Santa Clara University, Italian-American Roman Catholic (i.e., “Secretary of War”) Leon Panetta! No doubt General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will lead the charge of Rome’s American-led Crusade! As you so stated President George W. Bush, this is indeed a CRUSADE!

    There will then be an Iranian missile attack into Israel—Rome’s “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.” Then Israel will attack Iran so as not to be blamed for initiating the war-crusade. America must be blamed for inciting the war so that the plotted destruction of the Temple Mount Mosques in Jerusalem can be entirely blamed on America. Once the Shia Muslims, hated by the Sunni Muslims financing this Anglo-American crusade against the Shia, are exterminated then the entire Sunni Muslim world can be united against America—“the Great Satan.”

    Compare the above prediction with Albert Pike plan’s to initiate WW3:

    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

    Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

    Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

    • Flashy

      Whoa..and i thought TPers had loose grips on reality ….

      • Robert

        Yeah, this guy is different but just as nutty as you.

      • Jay

        Scary sh*t, hey Flashman? Your reaction is perfectly understandable. Yet, it seems odd, don’t you think, the hyper-focus on the middle-east? Surely on that you will agree. What i’m sure you will not agree on, is that its a monstrous conspiracy. But you cannot deny the fact that all focus is on the middle-east. I can live with that! You will note, however, my response to you was not in the form of an insult!

        • Flashy

 is scary. Conspiracy? I may not go as far as that. But manipulated? Absolutely. Follow the money. Who stands to gain? Oil.

          What occurs if we don’t have oil? Our economy collapses.

          What is the wisest short and long term solution to guaranty our ability to be innovative and lfexible in economic and foreign affairs? Get off oil

          What Nation will lead the 21st century world? That which is not reliant on oil.

          Where are we most likely to have war after war after war? Oil regions.

          where does the vast majority of our money go? Overseas to pay for oil.

          Who fights any attempts to transfer our economy to a non-oil reliant economy? ______________

          • Jay

            Dittos, Flashy! It is about OIL! But that is only one component in this insane conflict in the middle-east. The other, is religious. We must not overlook, or consider lightly, the latter.

            You previously stated, and i quote: “The characteristic human trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is religious warfare.” But there’s more to it then that.

            Recorded history of wars in the middle east, seldom, if ever, reveal the real cause, or reason for those wars. The typical version; they were fought to suppress tyranny, or to satisfy mindless blood-lust, or to enrich the industrial-military-complex, or just just plain, lust for power. Although all of the reasons mentioned are true, the more specific reason, that is never mentioned, was for land. More specifically, a piece of real-estate, more specifically, the Holy-Land, Jerusalem! Nonsense? As an aside, prior to the industrial age, and the West free from dependence on oil, oddly enough, the West is observed embroiled, warring in the middle-east. Do with that, as you wish, Flashy.

          • Flashy

            interesting viewpoinht. thinking about it as you detailed it, I would tend to agree. i read wher the Suadi’s need prices at roughly $90/barrel to fulfill their societal pledges of affluence and maintain their investments. The range for the entire region was a spread of $80-100. Chavez requires it within that range. With the economies in Europe, I can’t see the Brits or the Norwegians doing with less. And Russia still needs hard currency from the sale of it’s growing exports.

            Concentrating on the ME, we wean off oil, one scenario would be they can’t keep their societies bribed and diverted from their own internal religious conflicts. The place blows up and easily seen that would result in a few regime changes. Israel is more than an oil interest for us, and the ME citizenry would have to be kept in control…so the war drums to cleanse the ME from Israel would start up.

            Even if the rest of the world picks up the slack, the technology we would create woud be adopted as the world realizes the benefits of a non-oil reliant economy.

            Hmmm…. OK…this is something i need to dwell on.

            Good point. Thanks

            Yeah…it’d be a mess.

          • Jay

            Again, in principal (alternative energy free from dependence of oil) dittos! Truth be told, regarding alternative energy, and the abundant source of such, most would be surprised, has been present, and available, for decades! The source, believe it or not, Hemp! But;

            “Hemps prohibition has led to untold suffering around the globe. If we—the global human population—had been able to grow the miracle plant hemp (Cannabis genus) locally and to use it for local industries and businesses, including and especially for fuel, we would never have needed to be addicted to oil, for one, an addiction that is at the root of much misery. We would never have allowed ourselves to be lorded over by international oil-mongers whose crimes against humanity have become legion, including wholesale invasion of other lands and slaughter of countless people.”

            “It is said that hemp has up to 50,000 uses, from fiber to fuel to food, but I’ll just provide a taste here:”

            “In modern times, hemp has been used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, fuel, and medical purposes.”

            “Hemp is one of the faster growing biomasses known, producing up to 25 tons of dry matter per hectare per year, and one of the earliest domesticated plants known. “

            “One highly important use of hemp has been in detoxifying nuclear waste, as demonstrated by experiments in the Ukraine, for example, on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Moreover, hemp fuel could actually replace the dangerous and costly nuclear power industry.”

            The agenda of the government in its policies against Cannabis have always been to deprive the people access to the plant, while maintaining control over it for the governments own self-interest. This self-interest extends to a multitude of industries including the prison and military industry, the petroleum, timber, cotton, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the entirety of the banking and corporate establishment which has become empowered through disconnecting people from their one true source of independence and sustenance, the Earth. Cannabis prohibition has served to redirect human evolution from that of a decentralized agrarian lifestyle and natural economy, to a centralized petro-chemical military dictatorship controlled through the artificial economic will of private banks and other trans-national corporate interests.

            The next stage in continuing this control, is in the regulation, licensing and taxation of Cannabis cultivation and use through the only practical means available to the corporate system, which is through genetic engineering and patenting of the Cannabis genome.

            To achieve this end, the foundation is already being laid in the form of California’s upcoming initiative on the 2010 ballot. This initiative is called Proposition 19: The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.

            The leading advocate for Proposition 19 is the organization known as the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). The DPA is the leading organization spearheading the reform of Cannabis policies in the United States, and has been made up of some of the most powerful and influential characters in today’s global petro-bio-chemical-military-banking-industrial complex.

            Some of the Directors of DPA include the following:

            Paul Adolph Volcker is an Honorary Director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) whose career is closely associated with that of the Federal Reserve Bank. He was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1975-1979, governing board member of the Federal Reserve in 1979, and was Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979-1987.

            Volcker is believed to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and served as Undersecretary of the Treasury from 1969-1974 before his time with the Federal Reserve. Volcker is chairman of Wolfensohn & Co. and has ties to Chase Manhattan Bank. He is also linked to the Brookings Institute, as well as being an Honorary Trustee at the Aspen Institute, chairman of the Group of 30, and on the board of the Institute for International Economics.

            Frank Charles Carlucci III is an Honorary Director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) and has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations since at least 1995. His government service included positions as Deputy Secretary of Defense from 1980-1982 and Deputy Director of the CIA from 1978-1980.

            Carlucci is a director on United Defense Industries (the United States’ largest defense contractor), which is owned by the Carlyle Group, a merchant bank based in Washington, D.C., of which Carlucci is the chairman. Carlucci joined Carlyle in 1989.

            Before returning to Government service, Carlucci was Chairman and CEO of Sears World Trade, a business he joined in 1983. He was President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor in 1987 and Secretary of Defense from 1987 to 1988.


  • Bob Marshall

    The US is doing the same thing it did with Japan, Iraq and Kuwait. Just hoping Iran takes the bait. First, sanctions, then war. The American way! In the bombing of Saddam’s forces and thousands and thousands of innocent civilians it was lies by the State Dept. of Death”


    lETS SEE, INDIA HAS NUKES,RUSSIA HAS NUKES,PAKISTAN HAS NUKES,KOREA HAS NUKES,CHINA HAS NUKES, ISRAEL HAS NUKES, AND the US has more than them all.I am sure i forgot someother Countries that have access to Nuke protection.
    DROP the SANCTIONS againest The IRANIANS,WHY do we have to CONTROL Them, OR other Countries for that matter. WE gave Israel a Country, told the other Arabs to go to HEEEEL.

    HAVE THE UN accept all countries of the world in to the membership, This way they all can have a say and a VOTE. But WE will not allow this. WE DECIDE the fate of other Countries that DO not BEND to OUR WILL. THE UN and the world needs to Make all Countries destroy their NUKES. Then it would be FAIR for all the world.WHEN it comes to Nukes of Course.

    BUT the POWERS to BE will always want WAR,and Not Peace,.There is NO HUGE PROFIT IN PEACE.. The people of the world needs to Band together for the common good. But this will never happen because the Word POWER over others will always be #1 with some people.
    HOW do we control the POWER in some people
    MONEY and The MILITARY, And the POLICE.Allow these People TO HAVE UNLIMITED POWER over the common People of the World.
    The People need to Control Their POLICE, and the MILITARY, They need to TAKE the EXTREME PROFITS FROM THE RICH and give back to The People of the World. Then all things could improve in all the Countries. BUT this Will NEVER HAPPEN.

    • Rockyvnvmc

      The sole, stated, purpose, of the UN, is to Subvert the Sovereignty of it’s member nations , most especially, the US, in order to empower, a One World Government !

    • 45caliber


      You are a little off. The US does NOT have more than them all. Actually Russia does, although they may have some problem getting many of them delivered. In fact, the CIA estimates that they have more than double the number that we do here.

    • 45caliber

      WE did not get Israel a country. The UN did at a vote of their members. They also gave one to Palestine at the same time since Palestine had never existed until then. The land there was controlled by the British. So the Arabs were NOT told to go to HELLL. So another thing wrong.

      The UN has almost all countries of the world as members now. And they vote. The problem is that ALL countries vote for their own benefits and not for the benefit of the world as a whole. And their benefit is to protect the government in power in their countries. So even the tyrants have their own say so. Actually our big problem there is that we refuse to veto any measure that is detrimental to our own country as Russia and China does. Any hope of yours that the UN can govern is misplaced. That is the reason the One Worlders are doing so well.

      Tell me, are you a member of the One Worlders? Those who want to be able to control everyone in the world for their OWN benefit? Trust me, they have no interest in a world of love and peace. They only peace they want is to be controlled by them by killing anyone that disagrees with them.


    YOU KNOW the word EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL. EQUAL FREEDOM FOR ALL. Not now or ever. When the World can live up to this saying. Then we might have Peace jn the World.

    • Bill

      another intellectually bankrupt blob.

  • libertarian58

    Our foreign policy is like a schoolyard bully and his gang. We have 11 aircraft carriers in THEIR waters and Iran has. .. WHAT??

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Robert

      Alright, another military genius. We dont have eleven aircraft carriers in their waters. We don’t have any in THEIR WATERS. We have one in ajacent INTERNATIONAL WATERS and others that we can put there if necessary.

    • s c

      What this insanity does, libertarian58, is prove that Obummer is owned by the boys and girls who preach responsibility but practice foreign intervention on steroids [aka perpetual peace via
      perpetual war]. It’s also MIC garbage, folks. Obummer will get us to his utopia via fascism and communism, but he’ll suck up to the MIC bunch , the Fed and the rest of the powerbrokers who wield power by crapping on the Constitution. Let Obummer – or his braindead followers – try to deny it.

  • Jim

    If you folks took a minute to read the Bible, you would know that all of this has been foretold. Wars and rumors of wars in the last days. All the players are lining up. Bible tells of a million man army marching on Jerusalem. Demascus being destroyed overnight. Invasion of Israel from the North. We are heading for one world government and only the intervention of GOD will stop it. You are seeing it unfold before your very eyes, heed the warnings.

    • Flashy

      Question is Jim….there are so many to select….whose GOD ?

      • 45caliber

        Mine. Ours. If HE isn’t yours, then you won’t get the signs. If you don’t have a god then HE isn’t yours.

      • David H.

        The God of Abraham!!

        • Deerinwater

          God don’t belong to anybody! Hahahhehehe! ☺

          silly notion.

      • James

        There’s only one God. An angel told Mary to call His name ‘yahshua’ to which the Greeks added ‘christos.’ ‘Yah’ the universal prefix for God; ‘shua’ meaning saviour; and ‘christos’ meaning man’s flesh. Thus Jesus Christ actually means: God the saviour in the flesh. This incarnation of God is the same being that gave the commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

    • James

      I, the real ‘James” agree with Jim, here. We are in the last days just before Armageddon, which will start in the Middle East and spread to the whole civilized world. It will be a nuclear war, the war that Jesus said would destroy all flesh unless those days were shortened.

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    By heeding the warnings, exactly what should my plan be? Just pray?

    • 45caliber

      According to the liberals, it will never happen. But if it does, you are supposed to bend over, put your head between your legs, and kiss your rear end goodbye.

    • James

      Read Matthew 24. It will start in the Holy Land and spread from there to here, but there will be time before that to heed local warnings.

  • David H.

    That’s the Neo-con way! Send 11 carriers to bully a country who couldn’t hurt us on their best day!! Absolutely ludicrous!!

    • Deerinwater

      Hmm? Not sure about the labeling aspect, whoever it was to see it wise we outspent other nations 10 to 1 in defense I suppose. What would you call such people? I’d call them people that had something to gain with Fed money spent on military matters. I’d call them South Carolinian’s, drinking buddies both friends and enemies of mine.

      A Carrier steams with a battle group under a military protocol. I would be very surprised if we lost one. But losing a support vessel in this brinkmanship of will is not outside of the realm of probability.

      Iran is being subjected to a vise and the US is turning the handle until something gives, breaks or blinks.

      We do so because we want their cooperation and because we can, the price already having been paid.

      The merits of this standoff rest on Iran not willing to satisfy the world that they are not a threat to neighbors.

      Over simplified? perhaps.

    • s c

      I have to admit this is the most unusual comment I’ve seen on this website today. However, since you’ve just called your White House god a NEOCON, it’s obvious that your mind has snapped. That means 1) no money for your half-assed remark 2) you don’t know the difference between a blankety-blank neocon/RINO/’Republican’ and a utopian 3) if you think GB is still in the W H, someone needs to take you back to the rest home ASAP and 4) since you’re most likely a flaming utopian, what you’ve said today should be proof that sooner or later a utopian’s mind self-implodes. You can unsubscribe now, comrade. Time to take your pills. The ambulance is on its way, and everything will be peachy-keen (as soon as those pills take effect).

  • s c

    Just in case someone thinks my comment was mis-directed, it was for the sole benefit of the yahoo who calls himself ‘David H.’

  • John Hand

    Eleven carriers is nowhere near the number we need to meet our security requirements in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Meditteranean Sea. Don’t forget that ships must be maintained, and personnel need time off. Even double the number is not enough. Panetta says we will keep 11. Another way of saying it is..”We will cut down to eleven.”

  • JC Mohan

    As long as the 5 nuclear powered terrorists of the security council of the UN can have nuclear weapons, so has all other nations too.
    There is no logical reasoning to ban or attack Iran or any other nation from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    What did the world or the UN do with N.Korea and Pakistan and China the proliferators? Nothing.

    India kept barking like a dog in the United Nations, on the proliferation by China helping N. Korea and Pakistan with nuclear bombs. So also with terrorism. No body cared. UN was silent. Until one fine day, India had to explode one to make the entire world to understand the reality. And now the consequences world should bare.
    To Hell with the US and UN sanctions, India became more powerful with with the bomb and sanctions, so will Iran.

    America should tell the world what happened to your agreement on elimination of weapons of mass destruction signed in 1962. Why no action taken to this day.

    As early as 26 June 1946, Jawaharlal Nehru, soon to be India’s first Prime Minister, announced:…Please note this announcement was before India’s.
    “As long as the world is constituted as it is, every country will have to devise and use the latest devices for its protection. I have no doubt India will develop her scientific researches and I hope Indian scientists will use the atomic force for constructive purposes. But if India is threatened, she will inevitably try to defend herself by all means at her disposal.

    China/Pakistan threat made India a nuclear power.

    For not doing so Libya paid the price. This fact is in front of every one for world to see.

    I am sure Iran is wise enough to go nuclear. Iran has a right to go nuclear for its self security, Iran has been under threat from the 70′s.

    It is high time the world realize the danger, and it should be the 5 nuclear powers of the security council who should first begin elimination of nuclear weapons and show the way to the rest of the world and make the planet free of weapons of mass destruction.

    Right now the security council and the United Nation has shown the way via Libya, what will happen to the sovereign nations if they don’t have weapons of mass destruction. Would Libya be what it is today completely destroyed if Libya had nuclear bombs? What a penalty for giving up weapons of mass destruction. Libya in fact could have save the whole of Africa. What a pity.

    My humble advice to Iran: they will destroy you either way, so go ahead and explode your nuclear device and show the world the way India and Pakistan did. The world will bow before you.
    God is watching, our celestial brothers and sisters are up in our solar system waiting for your call of help. Do not fear, as all the nuclear weapons are sealed by them, non can be launched. All the nuclear weapons have been incapacitated. US knows it. Iran fear not, you are fighting for your right. God is with you. So are all children of God with you.

    Cheers to Iran and Iranians :
    JC Mohan


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