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U.S. Soldiers Pose With Corpses Of Insurgents In Afghanistan

April 20, 2012 by  

U.S. Soldiers Pose With Corpses Of Insurgents In Afghanistan
This photo of soldiers from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division and Afghan police posing with a suicide bomber's corpse is one of 18 photos of troops posing with corpses that an American soldier gave to the Los Angeles Times.

A soldier who wished to remain anonymous gave the Los Angeles Times 18 photos taken in 2010 that show U.S soldiers posing with corpses of insurgents in Afghanistan. The soldier who provided the pictures said he did so in order to show security shortcomings and prevent the embarrassing act from happening again.

On at least two different occasions, U.S. soldiers were sent to gather information from the remains of suicide bombers. After doing their job, they posed with the corpses.

Fearing a violent backlash, the government did not want the pictures to go public. But The Times published two of the photos.

Times Editor Davan Maharaj said in a statement: “After careful consideration, we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill our obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the American mission in Afghanistan, including the allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering U.S. troops.”

During a live Web chat, Maharaj said: “The two photos published were chosen because they clearly and unambiguously depict conduct that the Army described as inappropriate. In examining the full set of images, we set aside others on grounds of taste, relevance or repetitiousness. Some were too gruesome. Others were very similar to the two images already chosen or were difficult to interpret.”

Navy Capt. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said the soldiers’ conduct “most certainly does not represent the character and the professionalism of the great majority of our troops in Afghanistan … . Nevertheless, this imagery — more than two years old — now has the potential to indict them all in the minds of local Afghans, inciting violence and perhaps causing needless casualties.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney said they are “disappointed [with] the decision to publish two years after the incident.”

The soldier who gave the photos to The Times remarked that on the second occasion, the pictures were taken as a result of U.S. deaths.

“They were frustrated, just pissed off — their buddies had been blown up by IEDs [improvised explosive devices],” the soldier told The Times. “So they sort of just celebrated.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    Is this Carney’s way of saying that those photos should have been submitted faster so a certain prez could make better use of another contrived crisis? Think of that ‘soldier’ as a whistleblower or a poorly-paid shill who’s looking for an easy way to become a State Department employee – OR a ‘special’ pc czar.

    • FreedomFighter

      Whats wrong with the picture — dead enemy. So what

      I have seen worse.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Steve E

        I have a picture of my dad and a deer after the hunt. It’s just another animal like the insurgents are. These American fighters should be proud of their trophy.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I remember when dead bodies were never shown on tv or the newspaper. We have become very calloused. I believe it’s a form of conditioning.

      • Steve E

        War and violence is what conditions you.

      • castaway

        I agree it should be no big deal. It is a dead enemy combatant, and should be on display to show some amount of success in dealing with these animals from islam.

      • The Resolute Voice

        Completely agree. This insurgent was trying to kill American troops, and our troops didn’t even kill him. He killed himself. And the insurgents have done much worse to innocent civilians, both from the West and their own people. He got what he was looking for and probably wanted after being brainwashed.

        I do have a problem with the LA Times printing the pictures. Unpatriotic. But then what else can you expect from today’s far left liberal types?

      • Donald York

        If Obama would show any contempt for the terrorist Maj. Nidal Hasan for killing all those soldiers at fort Hood like he demanded those soldiers be punished for being in a photo of a dead enemy combattent i might find reason, otherwise this is moot to me.

      • Void1972

        The Times is a communist shill for the obamanation and all true Americans should boycott the liberal rag.
        The so called soldier who sold the photos should be shot for treason as many real American soldiers will die from the psychotic backlash the islamic animals will unleash.
        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

  • ReaperHD

    That”s a great shot of the insurgent, they should all look that way. The real disgust here is the Richard Craniums in charge running around apologizing, time to get out of the arab countries and also get rid of the regime in charge…….

    • castaway

      Especially the regime in charge.

    • Donald York

      Panetta is a joke.

  • darren

    can our men and women do anything right under this admin. so its a picture…the guy blew himself up i am sure there are more pictures that were taken that we shouldnt comment on because we cant see them…but does this admin have to turn everything we hold sacred upside down…what about Nadel Hussien he still hasnt been prosecuted for shooting and killing americans…this admin is backwards and we need to remove them from office and shed light on the corruption they are involved in while using the peoples unlimited money.

    • Robert Smith

      “but does this admin have to turn everything we hold sacred upside down…”

      Let’s see… They didn’t screw things up at Abu Ghraib.

      They didn’t screw things up and torture people.

      Guess you fell for “mission accomplished.”


      • sesame

        Good Point! Some how our troops have to be educated to realize that this kind of behavior “gives aid and comfort to the enemy” and helps the enemy recruit more people to their cause.

      • James

        Rob you are the product of allowing pansies to reproduce. Cowards like you cannot lead men of honor so you comments only serve to highlight your pathetic, cowardly stupidity very few of us here champion the moronic “let’s police the Mideast” bush policies. By the way read “Seal target Geronimo” if you don’t think Saddam had wmd’s it gives the date, place and unit that encountered a chemically laced IED.

      • The Resolute Voice

        They “accomplished” their mission by killing 3000+ Americans on 9/11. It’s about time we accomplished ours and let them know no quarter will be taken. War is Hell and should be, so we don’t have to fight them very often. But when we do…….
        After Germany surrendered in WWII, there were some Nazi terrorist insurgents who tried to intimidate the Allied soldiers in Germany. They were quickly taken care of, and it stopped, and peace began.

        BTW, these soldiers didn’t kill this guy. He blew himself up trying to kill them.

      • Vigilant

        sesame seed says, “Good Point! Some how our troops have to be educated to realize that this kind of behavior “gives aid and comfort to the enemy” and helps the enemy recruit more people to their cause.”

        You are, or course, talking about the traitor who sold the photos to the LA rag. He and the Times are stirring the pot, NOT the soldiers in the photos.

    • James

      Darren, Major Hasan was seriously wounded after his massacre at Ft. Hood. Now that he has recovered, he’ll stand a military trial and will be executed.

  • Sirian

    BINGO!! You hit it dead center s c, dead center!! It’s another convenient distraction, nothing more.

  • GDC

    So they posed with the corpses. I’d think there are bigger problems to deal with.

  • kal

    Doesn’t the military always try to keep a body count and confirmed kills? Next time guys keep your face out of the pic.

  • Lawrence Lee huber

    It fills my heart with pride when I see a dead enemy shown. These Muslims behead innocent Americans on TV and get praise from our administration for being willing to shrug off American opression. Remember somalia? I doubt it, American membory is at a point like Orwells 1984, about 1 minute long. They dragged naked Ameican soldies dead bodies through the streets abusing them and the media gladly showed these pictures uncensored and praised the people doing the deed as freedom fighters. lets kill more enemies and show their mutilated copses filled with pig dung and their genatalia mutilated and let them know we wil no longer put up with their crap.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Your abhorrence of the enemy is very apparent. Why then would you want us to be like them?

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        Nancy,,,the object in any fight or war is that you don’t want to fight. Soooo,, if you ( the enemy ) hit me, I will hit you back so hard, that you will never want to hit me again. Then, no more fighting. As I taught my son. Never start a fight,,,just finish it.

        • Mona

          your right hit harder….some people just don’t get it…these people do not think we do….would you send your child to blow himself or herself up along with a bunch of other people….no….so actually life to them means nothing….if they die this way, they go to their heaven and 40 virgins are waiting for them….can’t think of what would be waiting for the women who commit suicide….hmmmm….anyway, life to them is nothing. so we must show them it does not bother us either….even though it truly does. if they have no respect for life then why should these young men???

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with what you’re saying. You’ve got to hit them hard. Show them that you mean it. We stopped doing that in the Korean war era. We just seem to go with the back and forth skirmishes. I think we should hit them and hit them hard! End it very quickly! But I don’t think we should advocate sadistic behavior by our troops. We don’t want to become them. American soldiers should behave honorably regardless of how our enemies behave. We want to be seen as fighters for good, liberators, not as one evil replacing another.

        • mac

          This troop behavior may reflect the frustration of not being able to do the job and get the heck out of there like we did at the end of WWII.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I think you may be right, mac. But I still don’t think it should become “acceptable” behavior.

        • Mona

          where here have you heard the word “acceptable” from anyone who supports the troops….its WAR NANCY!!!! I am sorry to be the one to tell this but its WAR!!!! S–T HAPPENS…..quit being such a prude….and just thank God for these young people who are willing to give their lives so you can say “I just don’t think it should be acceptable” NO ONE IN AMERICA THINKS IT SHOULD BE ACCEPTABLE. grow up and and look at what is happening…ITS WAR!!!!!!! sorry got carried away there for a second. do you understand now….no one here accepts this as normal….war is not normal. hang in there girlfriend you will get it some day.

    • castaway

      Right on Lawrence, and I like your attitude.

  • scott

    I’d like to see more photo’s of these dead savages,…..the NY Times thinks this is so shocking yet when Americans got their head cut off on video,where was their outrage? Does anyone read the NY Times anymore?,Most people know its another Obama organization

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I pray that we never reach a time when it isn’t shocking. It should be shocking. If we ever reach a time when this behavior becomes the norm on both sides, I pity us!

      • rtringgo

        This behavior is ALREADY the norm in Pakistan & Afghanistan…

        • Mona

          what i find is shocking that this is war……the media should have more respect for the dead and living as far as i am concerned….its war, what can i say

  • Ted Crawford

    Of course he wishes to remain anoynous! Should certain ones of us find out who he is, …well he wouldn’t like the outcome! Two facts are certain( If he even was a soldier), first that he wasn’t a very good one and second he didn’t have a combat MOS.

  • Larry

    Did you take note who complains about these kind of things the most it is the guy who does not go to war and has the desk job and is over these warriors ,people like Penneta

  • Michael Rosensweig

    This is nothing new in war. The idiots against this have never been to war so they don’t know what they are talking about, as usual. This goes on in every war that cameras are. doesn’t anyone ever watch documentaries about war? I say to all you judgemental jackasses, shut the hell up. If you haven’t been there you are clueless. But that’s what you pretesting liberals are all aboput..emotions and stupidity.

    • DavidL

      You should probably take your own advice until you do some research and re-think your position. As a combat veteran of Vietnam, and a liberal, this behavior is explicity prohibited by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and international law. Thae fact that it may or may not go on in every war is irrelevent. It’s like saying crime goes on all the time so it’s okay. It’s not okay. It is wrong, immoral, and risks the lives of our men and women in harms way. If an enemy fears that he will be tortured and humiliated during and after death, (the behavior and pictures show him that) how likely is it that that enemy will surrender? Would you? The longer it takes the enemy to surrender, the longer the contact continues. The longer the contact, the potential loss of more American lives exists.You’re interested in policies and practices that save the lives of American soldiers, right?

      May I suggest that you take the admoniton Steve Jobs, rather heatedly, gave to Rupert Murdoch when they had lunch together. Jobs told Rupert, “your axis should not be conservative against liberal, it should be constructive against destructive.”

      • charles

        i would bet my life savings that the pictures were sold and it was sold by a left winger!

      • Ted Crawford

        I served two tours in Nam, we always posed them, sometimes with a smoke in their mouth, always with an Ace of Spades in their hand. We also wore the Ace of Spades in our bush hats, we wanted them to know who they were up against, I always respected the abilities of my enemys, I refused to be afraid of them, those I knew who did surrender to fear usually went home in a bag!

      • Steve

        So, let me get this straight. Your liberal and the advise is conservative is constructive and liberal is destructive? That’s what you want the argument to be? Ok that seems right to me.

        What is Liberal and destructive here is the paper publishing these photos and by so doing trying to dilute the public opinion and support of our good men serving.

        Any one who lived through Viet Nam knows what kind of thing that produces. In case you forgot we had people spiting on our vets when they got back from doing what our government sent them to do. I think this was largely because of this type of reporting.

    • Karolyn

      Isn’t it emotions that cause them to take these pix in the first place? We’re supposed to be more civilized than this.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Start defining what your version of being civilized is. But then we don’t have to wait, you have made it your obligation to tell us all the time. It is Totalitarianism with a smiley face.

      • eddie47d

        What Karolyn is trying to say is that Americans have a higher standard and those who parade pictures around like this doesn’t do much for us being the good guy. These incidents weaken us not strengthen us. We dispise the Somalian who dragged an American soldier around and the world may dispise us for what we do. Many armies throughout history have put heads on pikes to make it clear how bad (expletive deleted) they are. They do incite fear and hatred but not much respect.

      • Jay

        Karolyn says: We’re supposed to be more civilized than this.

        Really, Karolyn? Need i say it? It starts with A….

      • eddie47d

        Oh Really!

    • Drew Evan Stewart

      Amen Michael! In addition, I submit that the real crimes committed here are the blatent, bold face lies in the article, regarding the reason the “anonymous” source wanted the photos published and the reason given by the newspaper for publishing them.

      Quote, “The soldier who provided the pictures said he did so in order to show security shortcomings and prevent the embarrassing act from happening again.”.

      Really? What a tremendous load of horsesh*te!

      Then not to be outdone the editor proclaims,…

      “Times Editor Davan Maharaj said in a statement: “After careful consideration, we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill our obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the American mission in Afghanistan, including the allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering U.S. troops.”

      My internal Bulls**t Detector, just redlined and exploded. I cannot decide what is more offensive and/or disturbing; a.) the fact that the paper thinks anyone would believe these two motivation explanations, or b.) the possibility and painful reality that many people actually do. I was taught early in life that if you want to find the truth behind anything, find out who benefits from the act & follow the money. I submit that the “anonymous source”, sold the photos for money or, is acting on his/her or a 3rd parties behalf to promote a certain agenda; and that the promotion will benefit that party, with either money or power. With regards to the Times, I would bet that both newspaper sales & the opportunity to further impose their own values on the gullable masses, has a lot more to do with why they published the pictures; than does their stated, “..obligation to readers…”.

      I further submit that no one without personal experience in war & combat situations, is capable of formulating a reliable, intelligent opinion on how a soldier under fire should behave. It isn’t a dinner party, a debate, or a sporting event. Nor is it a situation where our enemy is a sovereign nation, represented by an army who respects any military code or rules of engagement. This enemy is comprised of true fanatics, many of whom have no fear of death and to date, none of whom can be reasoned with or negotiated with. They have a goal. Killing us or controlling us. …And, to paraphrase George C. Scott in Patton; It is an honor to die for your country, but in war, the idea is to make the other son-of-a-bitch die for his country!” As there are no countries “officially” involved, one way to prevail is to eliminate and make examples of both their operatives and their leaders until we do get to someone in charge that we can reason with.

      These soldiers in the photos and every soldier that risks his or her life, so that I may be free to express my opinion, enjoy my family, profit from my endeavors and from my work; is a HERO! Personally, I would prefer to never fight. I would prefer to exercise my God given right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness; but if given no other choice I’ll take victory and self preservation at ANY cost, with no regard or respect for the opinions or rules or pre-supposed combat etiquette, suggested by anyone not with me on the battlefield.

      You know, IF honest logic and reason were ever used up front, instead of being reserved exclusively for damage control, and IF everyone would mind their own business, and IF everyone would just do the next right thing in front of them, things would be a whole lot easier to manage. Then again, IF my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle, but there’s not much chance of that happening either.

      • Ted Crawford

        Those who never do, always find it necessary to sit in judgement of those who do. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy at their stellar morality and decency, of course if they ever found themselves in harms way, any around them would hope they were wearing Depends. Otherwise it would get very smelly very quick!

  • cawmun cents

    Sedition rears its ugly head once again.
    Where does it come from?
    California?Of course……in California there are people who think they can get away with anything.Especially the press.Nobody ever threatens or holds them accountable for THEIR actions.Whorelywood Harlots are put in jail for their shameful behavior,and soldiers are killed for theirs,but the press is never held accountable for their mishaps.
    Doesnt anyone else find that odd?
    People who hide behind the Constitution,because they can,and stir up all sorts of trouble,are never held accountable for their blatant disregard for propriety.
    Was that the intent of our founders?To have the press obtain power over the populace on this kind of level?
    I dare say no.
    But the circles of media/academia sure seem to be uppity now days.It is as if they are well…untouchable.They have achieved superstar status,and they will flaunt it accordingly.
    No matter the damge done to others.The show must go on.
    Journalism has degraded to the most villainous job I can think of.
    Politicians and prostitutes,are sleazy positions to put yourself into,but jounalism has become more vile than even those two ways to make a living.
    If there was even a tiny bit of integrity left in this arena of vocation,it is quickly disappearing.
    I used to think that the British tabloids were sleazy.That is until I looked at the American version of journalism objectively.It is an area where interns will do anything to get ahead,including inventing scandal where it never existed before.
    It is as ugly as a vocation can get.
    They are the Snidely Whiplashes of the career world.Rumor and innuendo are rampant and constant.Words like character and integrity no longer apply.Not even a small representation of the truth need be published.The lies can be let fly with no repercussions.
    Our collective brains have been washed,and our souls made more filthy by their subtle vignettes of information.The not-ready-for-prime-time-players have taken over the press.
    It is just a joke now.
    Of course I support their right to report as they see things,but that doesnt excuse their behavior.O used to enjoy watching the news,but now I just avoid it entirely.
    To me much like Hollywood,and politics,the press has lost its mysticism and inventiveness,and has taken its leave in media/academia.
    Its not even a hollowed out version of its former self.
    It is a ghost.
    I dont believe in Ghosts.Not at least…..the kind they are representing themsleves as these days,
    Journalism is dead.

  • Jim

    Remember the pictures of lawmen posing with dead outlaws in the old west. Well this is about the same thing, except now the socialists get all fired up about it. Also the bad guys get pissed to, but it does and should send a message that their behavior of doing things that will get them killed and have their pictures taken after their demise can be avoided if they just change their evil ways.

    • DavidL

      I’m fired up about it and I’m not a socialist. See my post above.

  • Karolyn

    These soldiers are just plain stupid. Why on earth would anybody allow themselves to be in such a picture? Well, I guess it’s just “Boys will be boys.” as usual. They think it adds to their masculinity? It just adds to the number of soldiers coming home with mental issues, abusing their families and ending their marriages. They shouldn’t be there!

    • Sirian

      You may hold an opinion Karolyn, but unless you’ve been in combat – literally – you haven’t the slightest idea as to what those guys are confronted with. Which raises the question, just who is more stupid?Combat veterans understand, peacefully sitting at home people don’t – simple as that. Instead of whining, you must accept the fact that war is war and the actions within that arena are never going to be, shall we say, pleasant. The enemy has no qualms of doing the very same thing. Oh how they have big smiles pasted on their face too – praise allluh!! (intentionally misspelled)

      • Robert Smith

        From Sirian: “you must accept the fact that war is war and the actions within that arena are never going to be, shall we say, pleasant. ”

        Unfortunately this is a catered war and more military guys are on the front lines way more than in any war before. The stress imposed by these actions is a quantum leap beyond anything in the past.


      • DavidL

        War is not just war, Sirian, and you don’t have to have experience in combat to undertand that war, like all things in life, have rules and regulations. The fact that the enemy may engage in this behavior does make it okay for all sodiers to engage in it. Karolyn is not wrong!

      • DavidL

        Sorry for the typos. Here is what I meant to say.

        War is not just war, Sirian, and you don’t have to have experience in combat to undertand that war, like all things in life, have rules and regulations. The fact that the enemy may engage in this behavior does not make it okay for all soldiers to engage in it. Karolyn is not wrong!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I can understand that what they’re going through changes them. I can understand their elation at a dead enemy who has killed their buddies. I get that. I know that what they’re going through is different from anything I could ever know. But what I don’t understand is why they would take photos of it. This was a personal, hugely emotional experience for them. But why would they want a souvineer? Especially when in these days when everyone knows that the photos could instantly be viewed by everyone, everywhere. Americans used to be seen as honorable. Now, we are no different than our enemies.

        • Mona

          what I find sad is every american should be behind these kids that are fighting…..what we should be doing is screaming at the media for showing this pictures…and making it an issue…..

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mona, I agree with you that the media never should have put these pictures out there. It is inflammatory and only makes things more dangerous for those who are serving our country. But I do not agree that we should support the young men who took the pictures or posed in them. We need our young men to know that even though they are glad that the enemy is dead, this is not appropriate behavior. If we accept this kind of behavior, then we are no better than the evil ones that we are there to defeat. We are supposedly there to oust the Taliban and al Qaida because they are evil in-humanitarians. Perhaps the longer we stay there, the more like them we become. I hope not!

        • Mona

          yes the media shouldn’t have put this out there…..nor should we be criticizing our troops for war….some how I think that is what everyone thinks they are doing is playing war games….its real. its awful, it sucks, we do better just saying nothing and banning the media from committing treason with our troops are harms way…..the media today have not respect for anything or anyone….all they want to do is report anything that is sensational. at the expense of our troops….just tired of the bs

    • OldGuy

      Happily, Karolyn, you have never had to feel the terror of knowing that, at any moment, your life may be over in a country with no redeeming social or economic qualities. Seeing your friends, who have kept you alive, meet that fate, makes you do strange things. Temporary insanity is a legal means to murder your spouse in this country. ‘Til you’ve lived it don’t try to understand it. Bob L. I only saw a typo in the second one. I have no idea whether they recruit more or fewer when these pictures are published. I would have no problem dropping the plunger on the needle in the arm of the traitor who is convicted of selling these pictures. Two tour Viet Nam vet who knows we were only there, because Jack Kennedy loved the French. It was my job, however, and the nation picked its leaders. People have always been ashamed of having to hire the town bully to enforce their laws, but as long as you are afraid to go without a soldier in your country, quit bitching when they do what you won’t.

    • Geprge

      You my dear have obviously NEVER had you buddies head blown off by an enemy sniper. and YOU my dear have never faced death from a totally brutal sick SOB who has been brought up from chlidhood to kill Americans, Jews, and anyone that does not belive in Alah.
      They ran out of vergins years ago, but no on has told them. WE have only just to begun the battle with Islam.. Wait and watch.

      • Rebecca

        Besides…what did you all think this was….a garden party? No! This is war….

      • metalflyer11

        You like many others show how anybody could be braiwashed about a cause. The insurgents are just fighting the invaders. Not sure if you would have the same opinion if foreign troops under the UN would start patrolling our streets to keep you safe from the so called terrorist. If you think having foreign troops in your turf to keep you safe is reasonable then you like many others are pissing on the grave of all the patriots that faught and died to keep freedom in the US alive.
        What these soldiers did in the pictures have no honor. It show we can be as bad as the ones we are trying to judge.

  • Dave

    There are hundreds of photographs of dead outlaws in various poses from the late 1800s to early 1900s and nobody ever got upset about it. As Michael said, this is nothing new in war, I might point out that there were Afgan policemen posing in the photographs too….they cerainly didn’t have a problem with it. It’s funny how when the Somali’s and Iragi Jihadists drug our fallen warriors corpses through town that was okay with the very people who’re getting all upset about this. If anyone is offended by this I’d suggest they enlist in the Army or Marine Corps, get through basic and advanced training and volunteer for a tour in Afganistan once there after they’ve been in their first fire fight then they can voice their opinion and it mean something, unless and uuntil they do they need to keep their opinion to themselves IMHO.

  • rmactsc

    There is nothing wrong with American soldiers posing next to the dead enemy. This is war. People need to stop being so politically correct and sensative.

  • Brad

    Karolyn I feel the same way about you. You should not be in America. I hear the weather in Cuba is nice this time of year and actually almost everyday. There you have to have permission to have a camera. Sounds like a lovely place for you to call home.

    Bst wishes, good ridence

    • Karolyn

      Typical conservative tactic, attack the messenger, not the message. “I don’t like what you have to say, so you don’t belong here.”

      • Mona

        your right and you know what I am sick to death of you so called good people slamming these kids…..they got more guts in their little toe than you have in your whole body….and if you don;t want to get slammed don’t make such stupid comments…go to a liberal blog….in case you didn’t know this is a patriot blog..or maybe I am wrong the blog….

      • Karolyn

        Mona – I believe you’re new here. Well, I’ve been posting here for two years and will continue to post for as long as I wish. Who are YOU to tell ME I am not a patriot. Because I have different views than yours makes me unpatriotic? See this definition of patriot:
        “One who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.”

        • Mona

          karolyn i could give a hoot how long you have been on this site…whats that got to do with anything anyway…..I will slam anyone for slamming those kids over there fighting for your freedom…..and so what you know what the difention of a patriot is…with that in mind you need to go to a store and buy you a jar of “B-1″ maybe after you have taken a whole case of those you will be one….and when you walk in those kids shoes you will be one…..please just have a little respect those kids will ya…..

  • Chester

    The man who took these pictures apparently had it in mind at the time he took them to have something he could use to embarrass the military, probably after he got out. Why is it with our all volunteer military, there are far more things like this coming up than when most of the troops were drafted and had little, if any choice about serving? Apparently we have people joining just so they can have something to use against the very organization they joined.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You have hit the nail on the head. Keep remembering that they are the semblance of what the civilian population is like.

  • Mona

    oh boy we are hitting a new low media people….2 years ago….give me a break…this is war i do not care what everyone else calls it its war…..i would have see pictures like this instead of photos of our enemies dragging our people through the streets, yes our media showed that, how sick is this country to think this is awful…its war….get over it…

  • Marilyn

    Come on – they were suicide bombers there to kill the servicemen. If someone tried to kill me – I would probably do a lot worse than pose for pictures! It’s war – get over it.

  • Marilyn

    I wonder why the media does not show pictures of the 150 dead Afganstanian school girls murdered by their own people because they were getting an education. Believe me – these people are not at all sensitive to horrors.

    • eddie47d

      That should be also shown to show the world the totalitarian enemy we are fighting. The Taliban should never get a free pass on atrocious behavior. They were like that before American troops set foot on their soil. All aspects on the horror of war needs to be exposed to the public no matter which side is committing those acts.

    • Andrew C

      Well apperantly the media idiots want to pick and choose their “dirty laundry”. It probably didn’t align with the supreme emperor’s (obama) plan for absolute power.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    How do you expect to successfully fight a war when your leaders are constantly apologizing to the enemy, and live in fear of offending them in any way? They’re far more interested in imposing Rules of Engagement that get our soldiers killed.

  • Patriot

    Our men are in the worst hell holes on the face of the earth with ridiculous rules of engagement put in place by activists within our government. These guys are getting killed, for what? Thank God we have men like this, willing to do this work to protect our liberties and freedom. I only wish our politicians had half the courage as our men & women on the armed forces.

    So, let me get this straight our media can show pictures of our soldiers in compromising positions without the threat of being treasonous and we cannot look into the background of an illegitimate President, do I have that about straight? Our media has become the PR propaganda arm of the liberal left, I will not listen to them anymore. I question everything now, I mean everything! Wake Up America!

  • Grumpyolman

    There are myriad pictures and movies from WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam of our Soldiers and Marines posing with enemy dead. It is like the tradition of posing with deer, wild boars, lions, elephants, and other trophys from a hunt. At least they weren’t mutilating them, or burining, dragging through the streets for civilians to kick, and hanging them from bridges. If you don’t see a difference, then you are probably a Taliban sympathizer. The MSM has too many reporters witrh an agenda – to get a Pulitzer, and in their mind the best way to do that is to denigrate our military any way they can. Remember the guy whose life was probably saved when the Marine shot and killed a wounded insurgent that was playing dead? Luckily, the Marine was vindicated, but the low-life reporter’s action brought a lot of unnecessary heat down on that Marine. The LA Times was asked by the Pentagon not to release the pictures. What is THEIR agenda? Is it the same as when they CAUSED the LA riots? Yes – the MSM CAUSED the riots after the Rodney King incident. They ONLY showed the most inflamatory clips of the incident. They also failed to report that there were two other suspects in the car with King, who obeyed police commands, and were NOT harmed. Over 50 people lost their lives, thousands were injured, and damage was over $1 billion, yet no news organization was charged with inciting the violence that they created. I don’t remember when the media stopped just reporting the news and began to shape and create it, but I feel they should adhere to their purpose or lose their 1st amendment protections.

    • Drew Evan Stewart

      Amen & BRAVO sir! See my post above.

  • wayne


  • Joshua

    the ones who do more damage and hurt win. Where is the outrage when they do this to our men. We have to show them we can do this better than them and make them fear us . That is how they behave when they were in power to control the masses, this is what the people over there understand and respond to, they think if you are nice you are are weak and scared of them.

  • castaway

    The restrictions some of you would like to put on war, is why we have not won much of anything since ww2. War is about winning, and doing anything possible to achieve that end.What could be better than a picture of a dead muslim? Death to all of islam.

  • chuckb

    in ww2 we had personnel who had pickled jap ears in jars, gold teeth they pried out of dead bodys and other parts, these were displayed at will, there was no outcry, no one got court martialed, no one ratted on their buddies. so what’s the difference. we have a brand of people (bleeding hearts) running the media and country, they want to play a pity pat war and be nice to their enemy.
    what happens to one of our troops if they get captured by one of those lesser than human muslims, they are displayed on tv, the world media presents their broken and bruised bodies and sometime dead, hanging from bridges. our response, oh, we must be better than them, we won’t stoop to that level, then maybe they will treat us differently..

    the bolsheviks use our own troops as a sacrifice to further their political agenda, that’s the whole story. the president protects his muslim brothers any way he can get away with it. no wonder it took him eighteen hours to decide what to do with bin laden, that must have been a horrendous decision for him (rug time) and why did the military have to get his approval to eliminate that human waste. it was all a political show for him. and how about all the pictures shown of the terrorist.and the seals after he was killed, there was no uproar from the bleeding hearts.

    someday maybe people will wake up to the fact these democrats do not have the best interest of our troops, only when it may have a political advantage for them.

  • RobM

    yea security is lax, and this “whistle-blower” had a chance to plug the security hole, but he opted for personal glory

  • Bob

    Look at the photos of Daniel Pearl being beheaded,i personally think they should line up all ot the Taliban,and Al queda fighters,and go down the line,and chop off all of their heads as well,i really love the smell of NAPALM in the morning,frying charlie and the a 2 tour vietrnam vet,and if you havent been in combat,you dont know what you are talking about,so shut youre pie hole,enlist,and do a combat tour or 2 or 3 or 4,My son-in-law just did his 7th combat tour.THEN and ONLY then,will we listen to your gripes about photos of dead bodies…

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I believe it is beneath the dignity of our soldiers to do such a thing. I think it is important for us to understand that this is going on so we can try and stop it from happening again.

    • cawmun cents

      I have been told that you really havent played kickball or hacky sack until you have done it with your enemies severed heads.

      “Hell is other people”-John Paul Sarte


  • Red Sam Rackham

    Uhh, there’d’ve been no embarrasment if this anonymous creep had’t taken the photos and then turned them over, making them public. He screws his buddies to earn brownie points for himself. What a fink!

  • kellys

    Big deal so what? This has been going on since pictographs.

  • biggoose

    This body parts belong to men who BLEW THEMSELVES UP…. So they could get laid. How stupid can you get. Why don’t they post pictures of what they do to our guys, like cut off their heads while still alive, skin them. These body parts belong to animals. Our soldiers are not animals.

    • Karolyn

      We’re all animals. Some are just more civilized than others.

  • mac

    Dead terrorists who committed suicide deserve no respect, and get none from me. Those are Afghans holding up the legs of a dead terrorist, with Americans in the background.

    • Mona

      war is hell and is worse when hell moves home….

  • ranger hall

    They are just doing to us what we are doing to them, And for you so called Vets out there, have you ever seen a village of men women and kids after we have dropped a couple of 1000 pounders on them.
    Pictures have been going around since Cameras were invented, But we use to have a certain amount of Honor and Respect when it came to the Dead, But some people like these americans posing with the dead most likely have never killed anyone.
    Someone said a person served 7 tours, Now this has got to be one sick person OR hes still trying to kill someone, maybe more medals, maybe more pay.
    And the soldier with the pictures, Hell if he charged money for the pictures hes only doing what most all you would do if it was you.
    There was this Iraq young man during the iraq invasion, use to talk with him on the internet, he was educated outside Iraq, he was 20 yrs old, had not made up his mind as to what was best for his country,We talked for several days, then one day he did not respond, did not here from him for 2 days then he came on Said he had to make up his mind about things, he said that he was at the marked buying bread when a missile hit near his home, running to his home he wondered why a missile landed here when the nearest military unit was over a mile away, As he arrived at his house he seen that the missile had landed on a house, and destroyed several others at one of these houses lived a family he had known all his life, there was a man his wife and several children and all they could find was pieces of them. After this, this young man who never hated anyone told me that now he hated all americans and was now going to fight and kill as many as he could. Never talked to him again. Soon the US cut off all the Internets.
    Just that hate generates more hate,killing generates more killing.
    Some have a better cause than others. I have never killed for hate i killed for survival.
    Hell no wonder the world is in such a state, Just look at ourselves.

    • Mona

      killed for survival? is that a play on words….

    • Karolyn

      Thank you, Ranger. It is truly sad that so many are so filled with venom that they can stand behind this display of depravity and condone it.

      • Jay

        If only you would say the same in regards to abortion, i would then, take you seriously. As it stands; you condone one atrocity, while decrying another. How’s that working for ya?

  • Norm

    “Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War.
    He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in
    cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal
    that for sordid wages will march out…and help to slaughter strangers of
    his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no
    quarrel. …And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off
    his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man” — with his
    mouth.” – From “What Is Man” by Mark Twain(aka Samuel Clemens)

    • Karolyn

      Great quote, Norm!

    • Jay

      Man is not an animal, Norm; and neither was Mark Twain, an animal. However, he was projecting, most certainly. He, Mark Twain, being the by-product of darwinism, no doubt!

      • Norm

        Jay you are also a product of evolution. In your case, however, your brain seems to be a underdeveloped.

        • Mona

          see norm you can’t think of anyhing intelligent to say so you slam people….its war norm war is spelled w-a-r got it….

      • Jay

        Norm says: In your case, however, your brain seems to be a underdeveloped.

        As opposed to your over-developed cabbage?

  • Norm

    What these young men did is a disgrace to the United States, to the military, and mostly to themselves. Granted war is hell, but to lose all sense of decency is truly sad.

    • Mona

      hey norm i replied to your statement only the moderator (give me a break) says it might be just a little hard for your little eyes to see….sorry I tried to tell you what I thought but they just wouldn’t let me….i’m bad.

  • Mona

    well here’s another site that judges you for your words….wish we had this group when the 08 election was going on….maybe we wouldn’t have gotten goofy in the white house…good luck with that one.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Whoever’s idea it was for our soldiers to apply apply Political Correctness to war zones, is an idiot!

    • Mona

      your right all the idiots are the ones that have not been there, and that includes media and our politicians….leave our boys (and girls) alone……

      • Norm

        Mona have you been “there”? You sound like Attilla the Hun. I bet your a bible totin Christian to boot.

        • Mona

          as a matter of fact no i have not been “THERE” but I am a retired military person and I have had family members kllled in wars….and yes I am the HUN and don’t you or anyone else EVER FORGET IT and of course I am a christian….obviously your not. but those kids that are over there don’t give a rats about you or your cause they are there to fight for everyones freedoms including yours…..

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Showing decency to the dead is not political correctness. Its the basic humanity that separates our soldiers from terrorists. I can never imagine the horror and anger a soldier must feel at what goes on around them. However I like to think our soldiers best quality is their ability to put up with their circumstances in a more mature and civilized way then the rest of us might. I think our soldiers are better then this and at the very least it insults those soldiers who chose not to do such a thing.

      • Mona

        jeremy seems the only ones that are upset about this picture is you and karolyn…..its WAR it W-A-R the only sad thing here is the picture got published….. oh now you’ll say they got caught….and then I’ll say so what its war…..

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Mona. War is not about dishonoring the dead. Our soldiers are not like those of centuries gone by. They are more honorable than this. There were plenty of other soldiers who suffered just as much and saw just as horrible things as the soldiers in this picture. But none of them resorted to things like this. Posing with the dead has no practical purpose and is insulting to both the flag these soldiers serve and their fellow comrades who were not tempted to do what these ones chose to. I cannot imagine me and Karolyn are the only ones this would upset.
        Also my anger at these soldiers is that they did what thy did. Not that they got caught doing it. Getting away with doing something dose not make it right.

        • Mona

          what I find sad is that you condone ti being shown……thats the tradegy….its not the fact that it is WAR…..its the fact you condone it being reported….forget the fact its WAR you actually condone these kids run threw the ringer….what about women who kill unborn babies I think that is worse than what these pictures are showing….I say shut down the media they are the worse this country has ever had……

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I only condone such reporting because it is necessary. A good way to prevent obscene behavior like this is to shed light on it. That’s how you hold those with power accountable. As to women getting abortions I believe abortions are not the right choice though I do not demonize a women based solely on her getting an abortion. At least then she does not take pleasure in the death.

  • Sc

    It looks as if it is the Afgans displaying the suicide bomber with Americans looking on, who is doing the displaying here

  • chuckb

    what disgrace, those bodies in the picture are of terrorist, human bombers and don’t think for a minute those muslim animals don’t paste pictures of our troops blown up by these bombers. i think these guys deserve points for showing the world, then they should wrap the body parts in pig skins for the muslims to see.
    this probably brings back memories of of your protesting days during the vietnam war.

    • Norm

      I don’t feel sorry for the terrorists. I feel saddness that our guys and gals have reached this point of despair where they actually get some kind of pleasure “playing” with the body parts of humans.

      • Mona

        norm your intelligentible ability to understand what is going on here is right up the alley of the sh– on a muslim hands…….

  • mac

    This troop behavior probably reflects the frustration of not being able to do the job and get the heck out of there like we did at the end of WWII.

  • antonio

    For those of you who think that the U.S. soldiers will not participate in gun confiscation and gunning you down if you refuse to give’em up, you better think agian. Just look at the picture and you will see the joy after killing an innocent man, that right there is your enemy and they will not think twice before killing you during martial law. We should not be over there fighting a bunch of fake terrorist. We should not be overthere fighting an unconstitutional war. The “war on terror” is all about empowering the united nations and nothing more, you people have all been played, unfortunately none of you will learn until your asses are sitting in the fema camps…

    • Mona

      what innocent man ducebag…..

  • chuckb

    antonio, you better go back and read the leading article, the remains they are holding are from a suicide bomber,

    • antonio

      It doesn’t matter what the remains are from, they should not be overthere period
      Besides those people have a right to defend their country anyway they see fit. If they want to suicide bomb well then thats fine, If they want to get a machine gun and go loco on UN troops well then thats fine too. If we weren’t there on their land then they wouldn’t be suicide bomding our troops…

      • Mona


  • chuckb

    our troops didn’t go to that country on their own initiative. i agree we should leave there immediately, however, barry is using it to fit his political purpose and he use’s bush as a scapegoat, until their withdrawal i hope they kill as many muslim terrorist that get in their sights. and then remove those that have migrated to this country.

    • antonio

      Mr. Chuckb, can you please explain to me as to why we are overthere then? Is it because of what our own government did to us in 2001, or is there some other reason?
      Sir, the are no “terrorist”. Governments around the world have been using the evil terrorist tactics since the roman empire days to conquer peoples freedoms and its all through the use of “fear”. Make the people believe that there are evil terrorist who wish to kill them in hopes that THEY(dhs,tsa,fema,un,nato) will take care of them. Please do not fall victim to their decietfull lies…You want to know who the real terrorist are go here for a check up—> <– keep smiling and researching

  • chuckb

    i can only give you what i believe, we are in the middle east to protect israel. some say we went into iraq to keep china out, to keep them from controlling iraqi oil. i believe the strike on the world trade center was because of jewish interest in that property and also a strike at the u.s. because of our association with the jews. there will be no peace in the middle east until the jews or muslims win the battle of religious ideology.
    we either stand by israel or give in to the muslims. barry is doing his best to help the muslims take over the middle east countries one by one, (the muslim brotherhood) when this is accomplished then israel will have to fight the entire muslim countries, that means we will have to let israel go down or join the fight.

    barry is itching to overthrow assad in syria, all these countries will fall and be controlled by sharia law. barry is the most dangerous man in the world for the u.s.he wants this nation to humble themselves before the islamist nations, so if i were israel they better strike first before the tent seamers get the nuclear bomb or israel is gone.

    if the prophets of the holy scriptures are correct and we have deciphered the message as written, then this may have reference to these times, however, with the mentality of these countries this may go on forever and they will be fighting over land rights and religion into eternity.

    • antonio

      Sorry I was a little late to reply, got busy…
      Well to start off I would disagree with the china oil thing. The reason we are in Iraq(babylon) is because it is all about the second coming of one world ancient babylon, Iraq IS babylon.

      Yes, I agree with you that 9/11 was done by the jewish one worlders, and it was all done to cause fear and anger towards a bunch of make believe terrorist that we are currently fighting and taking pictures of their corpses. They(jewish bankers/isreal) use us as their bodygaurd to fight for them while they secretly conquer the whole world by empowering the UN. This is what you are supporting by praising the death of some “evil muslim”…They are using you sir, they are manipulating your emotions to believe that they(the muslims) are the bad ones, can’t you see that. While this war is going on they are passing bills like NDAA, PATRIOT ACT, S.1867, HR 568 and so on to protect you from evil muslims…

      What we really need to do is remove are service men from EVERY country, bring them home and secure our country. Abolish the federal resever(which will hurt the jewish bankers) and get back to a gold/silver currency. After that the rest will slowly fix itself. If other countries wish to fight, fine, thats their business….And for Gods sake get us out of the UN

      • antonio

        A little correction, that was supposed to be H.R 658…

  • brianS

    When the mulims do the same thing a cut innocent peoples throats and record it, nothing is said. I say more corpes and more photo.

  • boyscout

    Where are the pictures of the unburnt poppy fields and train loads of finished “product”, of the dead and imprisoned junkies in the US and Europe, of the mountains of drug money changing hands and buying war materials for our enemies? Where are these pictures? or were any even taken?

  • P Zimonyi

    So what? Remember these dead bodies were terrorist and i dont have any respect to them! A herd of camels should urinate on them,! LA Time editors should be displayed as well as they are the enemies within as they’re inciting violence with these articles,

    • chuckb

      pz. you put it right, that’s our trouble from day one, a hostile media, educated in the bolshevik system and they carry the message through their writings.

  • Jay

    It is well understood by media scientists and bible scholars that we are entering, today, the period of Bible Landscape known as Jacob’s Trouble. The Word is About to reverse HIS Blessings on Jacob and shift to national curses and the resulting loss of control over Jacob’s vast divine material blessings.

    It’s a Divine Rule of Thumb, orchestrated in the Holy Scriptures, that moral decay sets in as a result of heavy Commandment-breaking. When debauchery invades the upper levels of a Nation’s social pyramid, The Word Ushers in the Fall of that Empire.

    That is precisely what is happening today in America and Britain and other nations related to the Union Jack.

    There were numerous times when the ancient Jacobites were recipients of divine material Blessings, Nationhood, and Worldwide Empires, including control over the “gates of the world.”

    Yet Jacob’s Family, once again, fell back into their old ways of Worshipping the Golden Calf, and chose Mammon over ‘The Word’.

    And it’s no surprise that today, they have gotten themselves into big trouble once again making themselves deserving of brutal divine national curses.

    Because, America and the Rest of Jacob, is about to go into National Captivity of The Great Tribulation-kind as deemed by The Word. But they shall be saved out of it.

    However, it will be rough because it will be a time of national calamity.

    ” A time of trouble such as never was, nor ever shall be.”

    The Word Tells Us that these are the “End Times” which means, The End of Man’s Misrule of the Planet. That’s the best news ever for mankind and “The Gospel” or goodnews.

    The KJV 1611A.D., plainly reveals that of all the modern-day Jacobites, which amount to over 500 million persons** over 90% will die from the four horsemen plagues, namely false religion, famine, wars, disease.

    – (approx. add up populations of USA, GB, Australia, Canada, Benelux, Switzerland, Sweden; France, son of Reuben, Jacob’s First Born Son, plus some small others.)

    Of 500 million Jacobites, at the beginning of the Great Tribulation only 144,000 will remain alive.

    The Handwriting is on the Wall of the White House and Whitehall. For these United Kingdoms have been weighed in the balance and judged and there is no appeal process.

    America’s high walls will be scaled and overcome like the Persians captured Babylon overnight without a shot being fired, just as it happened to Beltshazzar on his “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” Feast Night.

    The Word will arrive on Earth and Establish His Kingdom and Control of the World. It will be forever a major milestone for the Glorified Human Race. The End of Lucifer-Man’s Misrule Over Earth.

    • Karolyn

      I’m so glad I don’t believe in this story. However, that’s not to say that there won’t be a great calamity so that we can start all over again. One theory I’ve heard is that Earth has one more chance to reacch the next level of consciousness, and if it doesn’, that will be the end of everything. All it takes is a certain amount of people reaching their own next level to tip the balance. It certainly will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Margaret

    First of all, War is a Despicable Thing, and We get Lied Into War, Without even knowing the TRUTH behind the scenes of HOW OR WHO STARTED THAT WAR, WHAT ARE we doing in Afghanistan?? Invading Another Country; And then We Act as if it is Wrong for THAT Country to try and Defend Itself; And then to Lose OUR HUMANITY as to have NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD, i don’t Care if you say “Well it’s the ENIMIE’S DEAD”, It is a Matter of having RESPECT AND A MORAL CONCIENCE! We are ALL someone’s DAUGHTER, or Someone’s Son, Let Us NOT LOSE OUR HUMANITY, And OUR DIGNITY !

  • chuckb

    margret, first of all these are our troops, our sons and daughters. secondly i agree we should leave that country now, however, they are there at the politicians whim and must do their duty. we must stand with them not against. those bodies were suicide bombers, they kill their own people, they are nothing but ignorant human waste indoctrinated by a cultish religion, they display pictures of our dead troops, they behead them on tv for the world to see, so good for our guys, they can display this vermin on every street corner in afghanistan, before they leave.

    • antonio

      “secondly i agree we should leave that country now, however, they are there at the politicians whim and must do their duty.”

      I am glad that you said that, because it reminded me of what Henry Kissinger said…


  • http://facebook dede giove

    I am ashamed of the Time Magazine and the soldier who gave out these pictures and information. This should have been dealt with in a quiet manner among the military officials or the soldiers commanders. Much our USA media disgusts me. When a politician, a public figure does something wrong instead of splashing all over the news day after day. The matter should be handled in a quietly efficient manner. What happened to respect and decency in our country?

    • antonio

      You are absolutately wrong.
      When you say politician and public figure I assume you are including eric holder and obama? Well, then your wish has already came true and out of “respect” the news is not splashing the fact that they were involved in the fast and furious scandel and now out of respect that is why they are walking away scott free and also all the atf agents involved are walking away scott free…You must be real proud knowing that the real criminals are all walking away…Politiciains and public figures should be treated just like you and me, If you pull the bag off of your head you may be able to see whats really going on, duh

      • http://facebook dede giove

        Well if you guys would never have voted for these so called leaders maybe we would not have this big morality mess. Who in their right mind would vote for a president with Muslim ties and no one knows nothing about him? Why is Mr Reid still in office? Where are the Americans common sense? Why are our leaders and public accepting all these immoral things that we know are wrong? And you completely misunderstood what I said. When things happen yes they should be told and the problem should be fixed right away, not splashed all over the newspapers for months and months. It makes our country and all Americans look weak, stupid and shameful. Our country is losing its power and respect because of all the crap and unmoral things going on and accepted in our country. We are suppose to be a role model to the world but we are just a circus or another novela (Soap Opera) to the countries around us. Look at how the other countries look at us Mr Antonio. We really should be ashamed of how our United States is going. What keeps a country strong Is right values, respect among everyone, our institutions, our president, our politicians, our churches, our families. But there is no strong leader or role model for anyone to look up too. Even are churches are screwed up, they don’t teach values, th

      • antonio

        MR./MRS dede,
        I did not vote for odummy and secondly just to make you aware, your votes do not really matter, the government puts in office who THEY want.
        mr. reed is still in office because they rigged the votes…
        Americans don’t have any common sense anymore for several different reasons like: parents dont teach them anything, schools dont teach them anything, all they do is watch tv, text, play games, and poiint fingers…
        In order to become a communist nation you must first demoralize it so with that being said.
        They (leaders/public) accept immoral things because we as a nation have been demoralized…
        Other countries governments may look at us and say “what the hell”, but other countries people still want to come here and get a piece of the pie. I am from Colombia and i still communicate with friends and family and they all love obama and they think that he is the greatest thing that happened here.
        I agree that what makes a country strong is values, but you must understand that that is not what THEY want. A strong country can fight back against its tyrannical government so they must first demoralize us and take our values away.. Do you understand this? This is all about the new world order.
        Churches have been screwed up for centuries nothing new here…Churches are satanical places. Read your bible…The Catholic church is the worlds largest church and it calls herself “the mother of all churches”. According to the bible she is only the mother of all prostitutes…revelation 17
        Catholicism is Paganism which originated in ancient babylon…
        Read exodus 20:4 and then go to a church and see all the violations…
        Read exodus 20:25 and then take a look at the churches alters..
        Read exodus 20 thoroughly..
        Read 1 john 5:19 to get a better understanding about your world…
        Also, just to let you know, I make videos and put them on youtube. They are about the new world order and will answer a lot of your question maybe: so if you are interested my channel is
        there are 17 parts as of today so you must watch them in order..
        If you wish to communicate with me further my email is icu_2_cop@hotmail
        antonio :)

        • http://facebook dede

          Whatever. Just going around in circles.

      • antonio

        I answered your questions that is not going around in a circle. Maybe you didn’t like the answers but either way it is not going around in a circle….

  • Mona

    what does awaiting moderation mean

    • Libertytrain

      you either had more than one link or used a word the spam filters don’t accept.

      • Mona

        thanks for helping me with that….I thought that was it…..great more censorhip….I love this country

  • http://facebook dede giove

    And to finish my what I was saying; many of our so called churches who believe in God are accepting things contrary to what the bible says. The constitution is not respected. The president and the politicians do as they please. I don’t understand why their still in office? Why haven’t the Americans spoken up about all these things that are happening? It seems the wrong is taking over the right. Even God, the commandments and our culture is being attacked in our country. I see videos of certain illegals stamping and spraying on the american flag with the police right there and nothing is being done about it. I read articles where some illegasl are attacking Americans, attacking our culture and laws and nothing is being done about it. Years ago Americans would not accepted this or allowed these things to happen. Look at our children and what they are being taught in our society and schools, they can decide whether they want to be gay or transsexual? We have advertisement with gays kissing. And why don’t people speak up? Even Christians are being attacked for what they believe in. Public schools and religious schools are being attacked for saying a prayer or for religious beliefs that were always taught. Even our military is being attacked because of religious beliefs. Look at the disgusting fotos of what the media took of two military men wrapped around each other. You think that the military liked this wrong behavior pushed on them? No they don’t. Many Americans know right values but when the leaders and politicians push it on Americans and our military why don’t Americans stand their ground and speak out against this? Just like all the wrong our president is doing and those who work for him. Why wasn’t he impeached a long time ago? Where are our strong leaders? Where are our strong Americans parents? Where are our church leaders? Why are parents allowing all their young men and women going to countries and wars that we should not even be there. Many of these young men and women don’t even know why their there. They come back with body parts missing, mental problems and dead. Why isn’t anyone speaking out against all these things? There is so many wrong things happening in the United Staes today and hardly anyone speaks anything. Americans need to wake up and figure out what out why their country is in the mes it is and change their ways before it is to late. Also look at our deficit?

  • chuckb

    dede glove, i have wondered the same as you, what has happened to our country.
    the only answer i can come up with, the american people have lost their will to stand up for their belief in god and their culture, they have succumbned to the liberal indoctrination of our education system, the aclu and organizations like the southern poverty law center. they have stood by while these groups dismantled god from our shools and the government and if you complained you were branded an anti-semite or racist, this all happened under the umbrella of the civil rights act passed in the sixties. these organizations are communist for the most part and now we have one of them sitting in the oval office, his entire cabinet is filled with this ideology.
    i have wondered what happened to the republican congress we elected in 2010, they ran on a conservative ticket, do you see much conservatism in their ranks? i don’t. a few speak out, but, for the most part they remain hidden and do little. there’s no outcry about barry soetoro and his legality, for the most part everyone of them say they believe he is a genuine citizen and the birth certificate is real, yet now we are finding out more and more people deny this and say it’s a forgery. the investigating committees seem to be dragging their feet, solyndra, fast and furious and other investigations are going nowhere. the gop decides they are going to ram a nominee for president down our throats whether we like it or not, someone i feel will have a hard time beating barry, are they in collusion with the bolsheviks? so i sympathize with your sentiments.

  • Jay

    The news is out that Obama-Soetoro, his unindicted co-conspirators in the Democrat Party, and their running dog Republican toadies have, in just three years and a few months, run up a mindboggling $5,000,000,000,000.00 in new debt.

    That is significantly more spending than was done by all previous presidents, from
    Washington to Bush.

    But what is really scary here, is how few people, including otherwise knowledgeable conservatives, understand that this was not simply Keynesian economics gone wild, or fiduciary irresponsibility, or incompetence, but a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America.

    That trillions have gone to line the pockets of corrupt, already filthy-rich Democrats, with jobs lost, rather than created, recession deepened, rather than abated, makes these traitors dance with glee, like the Palestinians after 9/11.

    People who have failed to grasp this fairly obvious truth, also have, since it is an integral part of the strategy, been unable to understand why the Obama-Soetoro cabal has relentlessly attacked the oil, gas, and coal industries, and poured billions into worthless “green” energy schemes. They don’t understand why he has done zip, zero, nada to stem the rise of gas prices (or any of the myriad other rising prices, either). Jeez, Louise, he seems like such a nice guy…?

    May I repeat: this is all part of a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America.

    What is even less understood is that these subversives have been using unconstitutional executive orders and the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency – the EPA – to set the stage for creation of a dictatorship.

    They’ve been using these to totally by-pass Congress and the courts, bestowing upon themselves the power to regulate use of all land and water, thereby controlling just about every activity humans engage in.

    Marx talked a lot about ownership of the “means of production,” and how it was the fundamental underpinning of power. Well, folks, how people may or may not use their land is at the heart of the means of production. I may want to manufacture the most beneficial item humankind has ever seen, but if the government says I can’t use my land to build the factory to make it, I, and humankind, are SOL.

    The same goes for energy production, and this is not hypothetical – it’s going on all around us, right now.

    Even though we have enough raw materials, i.e., coal, oil, and natural gas to supply us with all the energy we need for everything we can conceive of doing for the next 200 years and more, if the government won’t allow us to extract the resources, or process them, or use them after processing, or makes it so expensive that no one can afford any of it, all of it, and us, might as well not exist at all.

    Another thing that should be obvious to conservatives, but seems to elude the ability of far too many to grasp, is the fact that “environmentalism” is not now, nor has it ever been, about the environment.

    It is, and has been from its creation by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICUN),in 1946, a tool to bring about the collapse of capitalism and the imposition of world socialist government (

    The Obama-Soetoro administration has been goose-stepping to the beat of the “environmentalist” drum from the git-go, ramming capitalism-killing “sustainable development” and “climate change” based policy down our throats, whether we like it or not.

    The so-called “mainstream media” has recently been caught red-handed and flat-footed, doctoring tapes, editing video, outright lying about the attack by Trayvon Martin on George Zimmerman, apparently in hopes of creating racial animosity violence. Well, folks, they have been doing the same thing with the environment for years.

    The American environment is one of the cleanest in the world. It is not in any danger. Period.

    There is absolutely no reason not to allow oil and gas drilling, logging, grazing, and mining on public and private land.

    The technology used today is superlative at “protecting the environment.” In most cases, it goes way beyond what is necessary.

    There is also no reason not to allow more nuclear and coal-fired electrical generation plants, and petroleum refineries. Concomitantly, there is no reason to tear down power generation dams, either. The banning and draconian over-regulation of all these has had but one purpose: to destroy capitalism and the individual freedom that accompanies it. Period.

  • BlackwingA520

    Too bad we weren’t also able to see the mangled faces of these pieces of crap.

    • P Zimonyi

      Yeah, what a waste! Could be recycled and make fertiliser from them in lieu of burial.

  • Jerry

    Times Editor Davan Maharaj
    I wonder which country he came from?
    Does any critcally thinking person believe that Al-Queada and the Taliban aren’t doing the same with our dead soldiers?
    Has anyone actually SEEN the videoa they put up on their websites?
    This is just more ‘pu$$ification’ of the Military!

  • James

    The purpose for war is to kill and destroy as many men and things as possible. There’s nothing wrong with posing proudly over such an accomplishment. In ancient times, heads of enemies were removed and taken home for trophies. Wouldn’t everyone like to see the enemies of the United States hanging on ropes until there was nothing left butt the rope?


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