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U.S. Senators Put Forward Outline Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

May 5, 2010 by  

U.S. senators put forward outline of comprehensive immigration reform In response to the law recently passed in Arizona, Federal lawmakers presented a framework for launching negotiations toward a bipartisan immigration reform bill.

Developed by Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), and endorsed by Senate leadership, the bill makes "zero tolerance" for immigrants trying to enter the country illegally its center point. It proposes to achieve this by tightening border enforcement and by barring undocumented foreigners from taking jobs in the United States, according to media reports.

Other elements of the bill include issuing biometric Social Security cards for all workers—including American citizens—which employers would be required to verify. The proposal also carves a path for more than 10 million immigrants to become legal, including permanent-resident status to every foreigner with an advanced degree in science or technology from an American university.

Senate Democrats made no secret of the fact that the tough new Arizona immigration law prompted the unveiling of the federal proposal.

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the Senate’s number two Democrat, quoted the Arizona association of the chiefs of police who said that "we strongly urge the U.S. Congress to immediately initiate the necessary steps to begin the process of comprehensively addressing the immigration issue, to provide solutions that are fair, logical and equitable," quoted by the National Public Radio. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19755454-ADNFCR

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  • Colonel Skee

    Bio metric cards for all AMERICANS? I think not! We do not need a bureaucrat to monitor what I am doing ,because we know it will not stop there,can you say SOCIALISM? Permanent residence for foreigners with advamced degrees? What about AMERICANS like myself,who have advanced degrees[I have a Ph.D],we cant find work and we are going to give the few jobs to foreigners?Where are these lawmakers from? Time to wake them up and vote the idiots out!

    • REB

      I think its time to pick up weapons and remove the dems now!!!
      They are the enemy of this country. The military are sworn to protect
      Its time for our armed forces to step up to the plate and take out all of the domestic enemy, being the soviet democrats in D.C.

      • Amy Emerson

        I agree with REB. There are MORE of US than there are of THEM. I think if Americans do not wake up to the current situations which hinder the American Natural Citizen soon; then it will be too late. The Government keeps hiring more police to control John Q. Public daily. There are Super Prisons built in our own country that are sitting empty. Who are they for? Are they for Citizens who refuse to take the Veri-Chip when the Pelosi/Obama Health Care Plan goes into effect? It’s time for Americans to Stand Up against Big Government and “JUST SAY NO”!

      • stovebolt

        Reb, the only problem I see with taking up arms is the fact that this president is looking for a reason to enact Marshal Law if we do. I agree with what your feeling, but I would rather try other methods first before bearing arms, we would have to make sure that we have a lot of military and police on our side. All county sheriffs are elected by the people, they are the only cops that are. Oblunder has 80,000 seasoned troops training in Georgia just in case we all go off his radar. Starting this November, we have to remove as many of these progressive marxists as possible, we need more political clout on our side. The more power we get, the more power we have to fight back.

        • REB

          I’ve seen them training I’m from Ga. GPS don’t work to well here in Ft. swamp Stewert.

    • Greg

      The govt. has already started with their biometric ID cards. This is all in an effort to allow Big Brother to spy on every aspect of our lives. I have a US Coast Guard Mariner’s Certificate (Captain’s License). To keep the license active it is now a requirement to obtain, at your considerable expense, a biometric Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC). Despite the fact that my license is only for running private charters and I will NEVER be in a secure area at a large port (which is the supposed purpose of the card), I am required to travel in person hundreds of miles to one of the few large ports where these cards are issued. I had to give a set of fingerprints to get my original license, but the TWIC is far more invasive and for my license type it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than to allow Big Brother to have very private data on me.

      Amazing how natural US citizens are required to have such an invasive identity card to keep what in many cases is their livelihood, while people protest in Arizona a law which requires a person to prove their identity and immigration status if stopped for a valid reason. Illegal immigrants apparently don’t need proof of citizenship to receive a hand-out, but I need a biometric ID card to be allowed to work for a living in my own country! Fortunately, charters are not my livelihood, so I have let my license lapse and will not get a TWIC card.

      • james

        God Bless your soul. I am sorry to tell you that you are full of hatred in your heart. That is why your life and your family seems to be in trouble. Pray to God that he will forgive you my son. Be compassionate as God has been compassionate to everyone.

        • Mike

          Listen buddy, I’m all about the Lord and his forgiveness too. But, what kind of a nutjob are you? This isn’t hatred, it’s frustration. People are just sick and tired of giving up their rights and freedoms to illegals. Now they’re (illegals) complaining because they might have to show some sort of ID if they get asked to while they’re conducting sort some sort of illegal act, oh, and only if they get caught. WTF??? It’s ridiculous and the madness has to stop. The tolerance of illegals is killing both our sovereignty and economy.

      • K.W.

        congrats, Greg. I have the highest respect for you giving up your love of marine navigation for the principle of independence from dominant government intrusion.

        As a jet charter captain, I am certain that I am next. I have thought long and hard about what I will do when a national ID card is required to continue working my greatest love – aviation.

        Thank you for your example. I pray that I have your strength when my turn to decide arrives. I am certain that it will arrive soon. May God’s peace be with you.

      • Jon Hogan

        FYI Ships captains are not the only ones needing this card. I drive a SemiTruck for a living and they want me to get the card also- I’m not getting it the freight can sit on the docks as far as I am concerned!

    • Amy Emerson

      I agree with Colonel Skee. What do the elected officials who “run” our country think is going to come of this? If Americans tried to go to another country and do the exact same thing I don’t think they would get very far. Just try to get into another country without the proper measures and you might make it into their prison system. My son lost his job here in North Carolina because his boss hired another illegal to do his job for a mere 4 dollars an hour compared to his 8 dollar an hour wage. The Courthouse across the street from where I live hired a contractor to do work for them. Guess who the contractor had working for him? ILLEGAL ALIENS. Right in plain site. Yet, North Carolina has some strict laws forbidding this exact action. I don’t get it. All I know is Americans need to hire American Citizens and lets get rid of the riff-raff that keep sliding over the borders of our country.

  • Colo43

    we knew this was coming and we have to put an end to it before it becomes law.
    out with all of the illegals- they are not entitled to be given the green light because they snuck across the border.

    • kate8

      What I’ve been saying all along – do what the illegals do! They simply refuse to comply with the law and, until now in Arizona, they’ve just been left pretty much alone.

      With all these draconian laws issuing from our Congressional houses of prostitution, they will only work if they can convince us to comply. Of course they threaten all kinds of penalties and whatever intimidation they can think of, but they need a complicit populace. What we need to do EN MASSE is say NO!

      It is they (all three branches) who are afoul of our Law. It is our duty to refuse to follow unconstitutional statutes, and to demand that they recind them. They are counting on us cowering and going along to get along.

      • kate8

        I was referring specifically to the RFID, but the same applies to every other unconstitutional piece of oppressive legislation.

  • http://gmail i41

    Well as our socialist muslim President said recently,” you can make money, but come on not too much, the government will decide how much is enough”. Of course when him and his socialist babe fly on taxpayer’s dime, live off the taxpayer’s dime at the public trough, ever since they were spawned, is it any wonder, of their master plan. Just another socialist democrat plan. Schumer has never done anything in life, except go to school and colleges paid for by his wealthy family money and get a government salery in Congress,, that only he is entitled to beleifs. Surprised, not me!! Educated in socialism always a democrats socialist brain damaged idoit, never changes.

    • kate8

      Yeah, what about the $3million Obama himself made last year. Does he not consider that too much? Or is he exempt because he is just too special? What about the millions upon millions made by all the democrat socialist elite? Do they not make too much? Or is it just the American people who have to limit their earnings so the elite can have even more?

      Of course, the elite never include themselves in the laws they pass.

    • Marc

      At least try to use the actual words when you put something in quotes…

      maybe there IS a certain point…..maybe billion or so ? I could go with that…..

  • chucky


  • Dean

    It’s what they have always done, create the problem, then provide the solution.

    • RivahMitch

      BINGO!!! but shouldn’t “solution” be in quotes;-)

  • Jim K.

    It sounds like another Democrat Bill similiar to the Democrat Obamacare Healthcare Bill. How will the Dem’s try to ram this bill through Congress? The corruption in Washinton continues and this bill is another example of why it will be very important to vote aganist these Liberial Socialist Democrats who do not represent the majority of the citzens of our country.

  • Jim H.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo. What’s the irony of me wishing everyone that on the blog for this article?

    • Jim H.


      • Dean

        Happy Wednesday!

    • Jon Hogan

      Did you hear about the 5 high school kids in Cali. suspended for wearing the “American” flag on thier shirts during the recent “Mexican” holiday? WTF!!!

  • Convet


  • paul

    illegals not a problem ask 5 questions 1do u want to be an american? ans yes yes 2 do u want free housing ans yes yes 3 want free food & clothing ans yes yes 4 will u serve & protect our constitution yes yes 5 ok follow me the recruiting armed severces station sign up for 4 years ans ?????????????????

  • William

    Not 1 of our elected give a damn’ about the US Citizens. They already admitted to selling our country to the Banksters.With all the sworn LEO in this country and proud American loving military members, Why have these CRIMINALS in Congress and the White House not been arrested and tried before a Military Court? What the Hell has happened to the REAL AMERICANS? Could it be Eric Holder is right about this being a Nation of Cowards? I cannot believe our “so called” Law Enforcement & Military would allow our Freedom, Liberties, and Country to be Raped by these evil Tyrants! I WILL live Free or Die!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Okay… What is a biometric social security card? Would it be a card with a bar code for scanning purposes?

  • everett

    the CHIP causes CANCER !!!

    1st the biometric social security card … then later the CHIP implants

  • Victoria Barrett

    Bipartisan? “Developed by Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)”. Where exactly does the bipartisan come in on this? Biometric ID cards for all Americans? This is a plot for more control on all Americans and unacceptable. I agree with the earlier poster. Grab a broom. It’s time to sweep our House clean and start over with representatives who are indeed public servants for our citizens.

    And why isn’t anyone talking about the CAUSE of the oil spill in the gulf? The lights on the rig go out. Two huge thumps that rattle the entire structure occur BEFORE the explosion and it occurs on the day before Earth Day, a couple weeks after the President okays drilling in the Gulf and no one is talking about what happened. Odd. And more odd is the President sending SWAT teams to inspect all the rigs. One would think the media would be all over this. That they’re not makes the cause even more suspect.

  • http://MSN AGD

    This comes as no big surprise to any informed American. The Democrats push thru the socialized health care knowing they would lose thier seat come Nov. … Or did they? Only the foolish would have failed to have a back up plan. What was it? payouts, promises of under the table jobs with big paychecks and IMMIGRATION REFORM so that all the lllegals will vote for them in the Nov. elections. 20-20 hindsight will do no good if America doesn’t put a stop to the democratic governments socialist agenda come Novemeber! We’ll have only ourselves to blame if we don’t make our voice and our vote heard loud and clear.

  • JuliaH

    Where is the bipartisan approach on this plan? These illegals are breaking our laws – and we reward them? How many AMERICANS are out of jobs? Yet we give any jobs available to illegals IF they went to school here (which more than likely the American taxpayer paid for)??

    Bio-Metric card – isn’t that ALSO in the obummercare? They just won’t stop with shoving down our throats socialization of Americans; Big Brother is inside our homes and trying to enter our bodies to control us – America was founded on NOT BEING LIKE EUROPE – what makes this government think we want it now??

  • RivahMitch

    Once again, the oft-repeated lie that the government will secure the borders…I’ll believe it when and if (my bet is never) I see it actually happen. While I have mixed feelings about granting permanent resident status to those with advanced degrees, it makes economic sense and provides some benefit to the country as a whole.

    As to biometric ID cards and “barring undocumented foreigners from taking jobs”. It’s a bad idea because of the dangers to privacy but fits right in with the Marxist “healthcare” scheme to make everyones body public property. The best fix here is to (i) use false SS filings to detect illegal workers and those employers with a propensity for hiring them (ii) immediately deport the illegal workers (with permanent banning of reentry on penalty of imprisonment, (iii) fines for employers with up to some number (say 5) illegal employees and jail time for those with more. The illegal jobs will dry up in a hurry.

    Finally, I’m offended by the quote from Durban and the Police Chiefs:

    “we strongly urge the U.S. Congress to immediately initiate the necessary steps to begin the process of comprehensively addressing the immigration issue, to provide solutions that are fair, logical and equitable,”

    “”Fairness” and “equity” should be the right of American citizens and taxpayers. Those here illegally have no such claim.”Logic” requires that those who have broken laws should NOT be rewarded for their actions.

  • http://NA Tom Padamonsky

    Colnel Skee, they give jobs to educated immigrants because their salary is lower than the one you would get. My nephew experienced this. He graduated with degree in Mechanical Engineering. Found a good company to hire him. He worked hard, became a Section Leader with 4 subordinates. They did excellent work that got many commendations. Salaries were in excess of $100k. Then one day they were notified that they no longer worked there. Their dept was eliminated. 3 months later one of the team members visited the company. Guess what. Their dept was still there only now it had 3 engineers fm India who received lower salaries and worked longer hrs. This is why business endorses opening wider the doors to immigration. Immigrants get the jobs while American citizens get put on the welfare roles.

  • TIME

    I figure if the Feds would enforce the present laws on the books, the vast majority of problems we have would not be.

    But when we have the streets full of people who are here Illegally, and the feds stand back and wait to see what or who may start an out right problem, as in they are waiting on a fringe whacko to do something crazy.

    Then the Feds can say that its the whackos that need to be stopped and change then subject and do a 180* flip.

    Thus making them look oh so good in the eye of the Illegal’s who will get to vote for the special gang of thugs we have in the DC belt way right along with their new found “Legal status” granted all rights that we as citizens hold dear.
    Then we can expect to see the real problems start.

    Man oh man – the USA has just gone totaly crazy. We have many laws on the books that are just not enforced at all, thus if even 1/100 th of them were used the way they were set up to work.
    We would have a differant country indeed and our congress and senate would not have quite so much air time on your news.

    But until we rid the Belt Way of all the Reeds, Franks, PigOsee’s, Clintons, and Obamas and his Marxist thugs as well all the Do Do goodie’s we will not have a night that you will ever be able to sleep well. As these rotten worms will keep eating away at your rights and tearing down the US as they have been for years now.

    Strange how the standard media is all hands off, or is it that they are indeed 100% in the same bed with these Marxist?
    Lets face it whats going on right now makes Berrnie Madoff look like a 5 year olds prank.
    And Watergate look like a group of old ladies bake off contest.

    So where is the great “non bias press” with all their well schooled Journalist who love to dig for a story, with whats going on hell they don’t even need a shovel, its all as clear as day light.

  • emerson

    rivahmitch, how about a HUGE fine for employers hiring ONE illegal. gotta make it too expensive to continue using them. also, the fine should be predicated on the number of days the illegal was employed.

  • Marc

    And what should we do about the businesses that hire the illegals? Without them, there would be much less reason for them to come. Maybe we should deport them too and take over their business.

  • Michelle

    Is anyone that has been paying attention surprised? We need to stop this. Biometric Social Security cards – this is just the ability to track the citizens, but those here illegally don’t have social security cards, so it doesn’t affect them at all! Who are you kidding! This new bill grants amnesty to the illegals here, INCREASES the number of immigrants they will allow into the country, has the biometric SSC, specifically includes that states will NOT be allowed to enforce any immigration laws (this would also get rid of E-verify). This is all in support of illegal immigrants and against Americans – and against the mass of citizens currently unemployed. It also “promises” zero tolerance for illegal immigration and securing the border, to deploy border agents “when necessary”. But all of these items can and should be done NOW. We do not need another bill to reform immigration – we need the federal government to uphold the laws we already have. The government has been a complete failure on this issue. This is a mask for AMNESTY FOR ALL. We need to defeat this sale of the United States!

  • s c

    What a lame group of airheads (reid, schumer, memendez and durbin). If people like schumer want to be REAL Americans, then HE and his schizoid friends should first in line to “volunteer” and get their very own biometric Soc Sec card implants. After all, we deserve to know where they are at all times, and we’re need to know that they CARE.
    I can’t wait for America’s robot progressives to line up and volunteer like empty-headed sheep so they can prove to their false gods that they’re ‘worthy.’ While they’re at it, they can volunteer for Obubbabummerwealthcare’s first brain transplants.
    Better livin’ through social justice and servin’ the common good – absolutely!

  • Marshall

    Harry Reid and his Democrat stooges wanting to give 10,000 Illegals citizenship because they have some education is as dum a idea as freeing the prisoners in Cuba’s military base.We have laws and procedures for becoming a Citizen of the U.S.A. and to bypass our country’s laws because of some education is ignorant Harry.We must have the most unknowledgable congress in the history of this country.
    Illegal means just that,no explenation needed.Tennessee and Kentucky needs to inforce the immigration laws thats causing so many American construction workers to be unemployed.It’s a disgrace whats going on.

  • Marshall

    Thats 10 MILLION instead of 10,000.sorry about that.

  • chuck b

    we should take any means at our disposal to stop the demo’nista’s from voting in some amnesty reform for the illegals. if they manage this before the next election we can kiss our country goodbye, the demo’nista;s will have the vote to keep their power for now on, they are probably gathering the illegal vote at this very moment.we have around 14-18 million illegals in the country now, naybe more, if congress can make these people legal by any means,. they will all be voting and i’ll guarantee it won’t be for the conservatives. look at the guerrilla warfare going on in mexico now and you will see more of that here. not only that, the ones here all have family in mexico and they will be heading for the u.s. so add another 10 million. the demo’nistas headed by comrade barry soetoro will reign forever.

  • kate8

    Where’s the libs today? Did SEIU have a training day?

  • Daniel

    There has been 2 pesidents in the past, after the wars they inacted a law to clear the country of all aliens. One was called operation WET BACK – look it up.

    Time to sweep house house again.

  • Jim Keller

    Sounds like R. Sarver, Steve Kerr and Steve Nash are a group of Liberial Democrats who do not respect the rule of law. I would expect Steve Nash and other Suns players from other countries entered our country legally so what is wrong with this procedure. Also, a reminder to Suns Mgmt. is the majority of Arizona citizens support Senate Bill 1070 Illegal Immigration law. And the majority of tax payer funds to build the Suns Stadium came from these citizens. Our group is dropping support for the Suns and no longer will support the Suns including current playoff.

  • L.

    And that’s why they’re pushing Puerto Rico to be the 51st state! I wish all the states would pass into law legislation to make it “illegal” to be in the US illegally. Hellooooo? Illegal to be illegal? How redundant is that?

    Impeach this Anti-American Arab imposter now!

  • WarriorH

    Be interesting to see how many pork projects can be added to this bill when it’s finally voted on. Viva la Pork!

  • Beepster

    Bio-metrics are already used on pass ports. Look at the last page. When you go into a foreign country, you have to have papers. First thing I was asked in England, “Passport, and an address”. That’s an address that valid in the UK. Same in Ireland. But then, those are islands and easier to control. How about signs along the border, “Deadly force will be used for crossing this border illegally”?

  • Christian in Austin

    At first I was opposed to amnesty. After reading the facts I changed my mind. I am all for it. It is a win-win situation if you look at all the facts. You are hearing this from a 31/white male.

  • Chris Hariss

    Filling your visa to come your family in the US for an foreign is a very tedious process. You may have to sit tight for five years or more than ten years for some. Unless the US government would make the decisions speedy, then the number of those who take the of going to America and masking would be greatly minimized.

  • marvin

    THIS IS A EMAIL TO MY TWO SEN GET ON YOUR TWO SEN AND TELL THEM NO MORE AMNESTY , vote no on any immigration bill that allows illegals to stay here,less close the borders work place enforcement stop birth right citizenship welfare for illegals you stop the handouts they will self deport we don,t need more bills or laws ,that we have had for years and do not and willnot enforce i say that any one that votes for this want to stay in power harry reid bill will need a job in nov 2010

  • chucky

    An open letter to president Obama:

    Dear President Obama,

    I’m planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I would like to ask you to assist me.

    We’re planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico , and we’ll need your help to make a few arrangements.

    We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws.

    I’m sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I’m on my way over?

    Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

    1. Free medical care for my entire family.

    2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not.

    3. Please print all Mexican government forms in English.

    4. I want my grandkids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers.

    5. Tell their schools they need to include classes on American culture and history.

    6. I want my grandkids to see the American flag on one of the flag poles at their school.

    7. Please plan to feed my grandkids at school for both breakfast and lunch.

    8. I will need a local Mexican driver’s license so I can get easy access to government services.

    9. I do plan to get a car and drive in Mexico but I don’t plan to purchase car insurance, and I probably won’t make any special effort to learn local traffic laws.

    10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from their president to leave me alone, please be sure that every patrol car has at least one English-speaking officer.

    11. I plan to fly the U.S. flag from my house top, put U. S. flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.

    12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or have any labor or tax laws enforced on any business I may start.

    13. Please have the president tell all the Mexican people to be extremely nice and never say critical things about me or my family, or about the strain we might place on their economy.

    14. I want to receive free food stamps.

    15. Naturally, I’ll expect free rent subsidies.

    16. I’ll need Income tax credits so although I don’t pay Mexican Taxes, I’ll receive money from the government.

    17. Please arrange it so that the Mexican Gov’t pays $4,500 to help me buy a new car.

    18. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please enroll me free into the Mexican Social Security program so that I’ll get a monthly income in retirement.

    I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things for all his people who walk over to the U.S. from Mexico . I am sure that President Calderon won’t mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely.

    Thank you so much for your kind help. You’re the man!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    in Austin, illegally coming here is a crime, and its against Christanity to steal and lie. Were you really against amnesty, or just listening to the bull being put out by the muslim and his stooges? I really don’t here or see any facts that letting in illegals come in. They ruin our schools, bankrupt our hospitals and counties, deteriorat our neighborhoods, increase drug traffic and increase crime rate, fill our jails. I don’t see any benefits unless you are a drug head!

  • chucky

    You won’t have to worry about Robert Menendez. I live in New Jersey and we are collecting recall signatures to hold a recall election. He could not run for dog catcher in our state(corzine also)tea party win in court allowed the recall

  • emerson

    my husband and i are considering letting our mexican yard maintenance man go if the protesters continue to desecrate the US flag and rampage breaking windows, etc. we like him and he is here on green card and has tried through the legal process to gain citizenship. he says it is very difficult. in this economy, we have had several local citizens ask for our business so American citizens are willing to do tough jobs. you might think this harsh, but since our government won’t listen to us we may have to force the issue ourselves. if the jobs are not here, the illegals will have leave and take their dependents with them. we also are considering patronizing only American owned businesses. the mexicans in arizona are threatening to join SIEU. that will be the catalyst for our decision. we’ve allowed these people to remain in our country instead of applying the immigration laws on the books, all the while giving them education for their kids, health care and other benefits. and they have the gall to protest immigration enforcement. this is pure politics for these two-faced democrats. lying dogs just see another group of illiterates that they can keep poor and dependent and stupid enough to vote for them. maybe the mexicans should examine how far the black population has come under the heel of these democrats for fifty years. also, these hispanic groups who egg these people to protest are part and parcel of the democratic party and only have their own agendas in mind. it is plain with this current administration that these jerks do not care about the common man, be he white, mexican or black. if they did, they would enforce the current laws, send the illegals home and implement a program to allow the return of a certain number in an orderly process on a path to citizenship. the number one qualifier should be learning ENGLISH. and number 2 should be: are you willing to assimilate. just ask any mexican who has become a citizen, they think these are essential for success. all this bs from the liberals is just that. BS. — WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO!

  • dave

    TELEPROMPTER this…………..

  • dave

    Enough already you liberal/ progressive/socialist/Marxist: We have laws in this country, we dont need new bills proposed by Idiots like Schumer, Durbin,Reid, Graham. we NEED ENFORCEMENT of LAWS on the book already. I know everyone is aware that for the last 70 YEARS ALL Immigrants ARE REQUIRED TO CARRY THEIR GRREN CARDS OR IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS. Just enforce the DAMN LAW and build the FENCE> Eishenhower DEPORTED 13 million in the Fifties so dont tell me it CANT BE DONE! Adios ILLEGALS!

  • dave

    ODUMBO could care less, he sees 10-20 million DEMOCRATIC VOTERS, as long as the ballots in ESPANOL.

  • dave

    Lastly anyone notice the main stream media(LOL) promotes AMNESTY on a daily bases but forgets to mention 70% of Arizonians and 70% of the COUNTRY agree with this bill and an additonal 10% feel the bill doesnt go far enough. When will we see TRUTHFUL REPORTING and as an aside when IS ODUMBO going to hold a REAL PRESS CONFERENCE its been almost 300 days.

  • Gale

    Are you crazy? Or just one of those leftist liberals. How can you say amnesty is good. If you crossed into Mexico illegally you would go straight to jail and might never be heard from again. What have you been smoking?

  • RivahMitch


    You commented that:

    “But until we rid the Belt Way of all the Reeds, Franks, PigOsee’s, Clintons, and Obamas and his Marxist thugs as well all the Do Do goodie’s we will not have a night that you will ever be able to sleep well.”

    I don’t disagree but I also wouldn’t leave out the McCains, Bushies, Grahams and other Republicrats who want to cater to the illegals. The Bush and U.S. media love affair with Vincente Fox was sickening.

  • RivahMitch


    I figure it’s possible to make a few mistakes (or to be fooled by a fraudulent SSN or ID). I’d prefer to look for a pattern that shows the employer knows what he’s doing before decapitation. I did advocate a fine for smaller number of violations but didn’t specifically set an amount, nor would I be opposed to having it escalate as an incentive to more careful scrutiny of IDs.

  • Jon Hogan

    If you think that there are ONLY 10,000,000 here you are sadly misstaken. Try 42,000,000. Remember the healthcare debates when the real numbers were comming out!

  • Jon Hogan

    Well if we are all Tea Baggers here- PSSST It’s time to Teabag Obamah!

  • Marc

    hmmmmmm…..maybe a Republican plot to make Obama look bad ? Novel idea…..

  • Marc

    and secretly backing the TeaParty to break up the Republican Party… seems to be working.

  • Marc

    …..and please add some money to our education system…..

  • Marc

    13 million figure seems a little high…

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I used to live in Florida, and was ashamed that people there would elect a phony moron to the Senate like Bill Nelson who pretends to be a Christian. I also lived in Connecticut, and was ashamed they would elect a crooked liberal like Chris Dodd. Now I’m back in New York, and IMO the people here are really stupid!! That is – they keep re-electing Schumer, who is probably the rudest and most obnoxious Senator in DC…..If Chucky Cheese really likes aliens, why doesn’t he just take them into his home and feed them?? LOL!!! In reality, even if I were an illegal alien, I wouldn’t want to live under the same roof as that obnoxious Chucky Cheese!!


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