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U.S. Senators Look To Increase Nuclear Energy, Reduce Emissions

November 30, 2009 by  

U.S. Senators look to increase nuclear energy, reduce emissionsTwo senators have introduced legislation that would double nuclear energy output in the U.S. over the next 20 years.

Democratic Senator Jim Webb of Virginia and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee unveiled the $20 billion Clean Energy Act of 2009, which hopes to create advances in nuclear technology and other clean technologies, while lowering carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases.

The appropriations will fund a series of carbon-free electricity loan guarantees, nuclear energy training and research, and the development of solar and alternative power technologies.

"By making a concerted investment in nuclear power and other renewable energy technologies, we can effectively address our nation’s energy requirements and also the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions," said Webb.

The legislation was created in response to the "cap-and-trade" bill that is currently being held up in the Senate, an initiative that Webb and Alexander refuse to vote for in its current form.

Also known as emissions trading, the cap-and-trade bill would set a limit on the amount of pollutants that a company can emit, and would then force that company to purchase credits if they exceed their allotment.

Criticizing the idea of emissions trading, an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal stated that "once the government creates a scarce new commodity—in this case the right to emit carbon—and then mandates that businesses buy it, the costs would inevitably be passed on to all consumers in the form of higher prices."

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  • Joe H.

    I applaud the search for renewable energy sources but at the same time I am concerned with the waste storage problem as well as the fact that as high as 3% of the waste goes “Missing each year. They may not be able to make a nuclear bomb out of it ,per say, but a “dirty bomb could be constructed from it and cause havoc in any good sized city.

  • Dale R

    I look forward to the day we catch up with France and hopefully surpass them on nuclear power. We have the recorces and the storage space and with the use of breader reactors can reduce the amount of waste.

    • Joe H.

      If they would let us drill here for new oil deposits then we could have dependable power for a long time to come. This not in my back yard attitude is what is causing us problems now. California is dying for power but will they let a refinery be built there? NO! Will they let wind power be built there? NO! will they let us drill off shore? NO! I say let them live with brown outs and pay up the nose for power till they come around. I also say if the politicians are against these suggestions then let them pay hefty fines till they see the light of day. (pun intended!) My Brother in law just got done building wind generators on top of a few buildings in NYC. A multi million dollar project and it’s going to save money big time as long as they do the up-keep on them. He built the same thing in a larger scale in Prince Edward Isle two years ago. They do work and can be hooked into the existing structure!!!

    • Joe H.

      You ignore the other part of my post. Upwards of 3% of the waste goes MISSING each year! FACT!!

  • Jeff

    Doesn’t Jim & Lamar realize that carbon is all a hoax.. It would be nice to have people in our government smart enough to distinguish real from fairy tail.


    If this is true then it is good news for we taxpayers, it means that the cost of energy to do business, heat our homes and virtually every aspect of our daily lives will still be a bit more fascile and affordable. The demonization of enegy sources is one of the stupidiest, cut off your nose type movments ever to have gained any recognition in our country or any part of the world. These wrong headed stooges have fallen for every tax raising trick in the book, CO2 pollution, global warming, global cooling, climate change any and all poffered ignorance availble was put to use for the dumbest of the dumb to grab onto for the sake of a greedy political grab.

    When P.T. Barnum stated, “There is a sucker born every minute.” he was referring to the ease with wich a clown like a evironmentalist do gooder could be disuaded to give up their money, comfort and lives by listening to hysterical, alarmist pollution by those like Algore and assc. Now the proof is coming forth that this lying scumbag, snake oil peddler is what he is, a crook of means and influence willing to make you suffer to make his life better.

    • Joe H.

      don’t depend on that more affordable part. that was what we were told when they wanted to build our Perry nuclear plant in northeast Ohio. After they were done, we paid more and 90% of the power produced went out of state!!!!

  • s c

    Due to no leadership in either party, not having any refineries built for many years and a new crop of the worst-and-dumbest to ‘lead’ us, we may not have any choice but to use nuclear power.
    Actions do have consequences, although that fact never seems to reach the Washington crowd. When they finally render a decision, maybe it would be a good idea to ring Washington with nuclear power plants. Nothing can go wrong, and if it does, we can always rely on the latest reincarnation of peter pan (or is it mary poppins?) to solve any problem.

  • Robert

    Nice idea as an alternative to the Cap and Tax legislation Washington wants to pass. But it will never happen. Anyone notice this proposed legislation also includes buying emissions credits? Them bozo’s in Washington aren’t about to eliminate the Wall Street gangsters from profiting. Who do you think will be trading emissions credits? Wall Street Investment bankers of course.

    • Joe H.

      Who will buy them???? Al Gorebull himself!!! He’s made so much off “Green products” that he may be the only one able to afford the credits!!!

    • eyeswideopen

      Robert, you are correct, Bush’s buddy from Enron was the genius who came up with the cap and trade idea, guess why?? Profit!!!!!

      • Joe H.

        I will give you that one, but Gore has made 300,000,000 Since leaving office. How do you ‘splain that???

        • eyeswideopen

          Joe, same way Cheney increased his wealth from when he took office of 22 million to 98.4 million when he left. Those that have, will always get more. This country really is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. 92 Billion dollars in subsidies for the corporations in 2006 speaks volumes don’t you think? Main Street needs to wake up and start demanding that the corporations stop interferring in our politics and become self sufficient. All subsidies to corporations should be stopped. It should also be illegal for them to give money to the Congressmen. But hey, I’m just a normal person watching the corruption of America, bring us down. Follow the money and it is apparent that the citizens are not being represented at all.

          • Joe H.

            A whole lotta’ diff between 22 to 98 million and 300,000,000 since leaving office. Are your eyes open enough to see that? Probably not!!!

          • Joe H.

            And most made off his greenie projects that he started with gorebull warming!!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, I don’t expect an elected official to aquire wealth that is above the normal rate of return while he is supposed to be serving me and the rest of the country during his term. When they leave office, what they do and how they make their money is their own business.

          • Joe H.

            I agree unless they are bilking the American public out of money they can’t afford to lose!!! that is exactly what Al Bore the greenie millionaire is doing!!!! he has no consience what so ever! He’s another Jim and Tammy Bakker rolled into one!!!! The one thing I would wish on him is to go totally broke over night!!!! Merry Christmas Mr. Bore!!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, you can’t be for a free market, and not let people make money anyway they can. I believe that our problems are that we have allowed certain corporations to purchase our Senators, gaining control of the country using the lobbyists. A true capitalist economy needs regulation so that it doesn’t implode upon itself, by having monoplies controling the whole system. When you have only monopolies in control, you have no free market. I don’t believe in any system that takes advantage of the ignorant, inexperienced, and the uneducated to further their wealth. We have rules to avoid those types from getting abused. Most professions require licensing to make sure they adhere to a set of rules and ethics to prevent harm being done to the innocent. I don’t think Gore should have taken advantage of the public in aquiring his wealth, but our system allows that to be legal and he is smarter than you or I and is taking advantage of that fact. Capitalism at it’s finest. We have no leg to stand on.

  • Joe H.

    Done for the nite folks. God Bless you ALL. I don’t know what the future will bring but if I’m not here the day before I wish EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THE GIFT OF FREEDOM FOR CHRISTMAS!!! NITE ALL


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