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U.S. Physician Shortage May Worsen Following Healthcare Overhaul

March 31, 2010 by  

U.S. physician shortage may worsen following healthcare overhaulAlthough democrats claim healthcare reform will provide millions of Americans with medical insurance, there is no guarantee that there will be enough doctors to treat the sudden influx of new patients.

Over the past decade the United States has seen the number of students training to become primary care physicians and registered nurses dwindle rapidly, and the recently passed healthcare bill is bound to only exacerbate the issue.

According to the Associated Press (AP), several recently published reports have predicted a shortfall of approximately 400,000 primary care physicians over the next 10 years due to other career paths and medical specialties having better pay, improved hours and a higher profile.

"I think you have a real supply issue," said Fred Earley, the president of Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield, quoted by the Charleston Daily Mail.

"I think we have a real concern over whether we have the number of physicians or primary care providers to provide the care for all these additional people that are going to be accessing the health care system," he added.

The federal government has estimated that 65 million people currently reside in areas that are experiencing a shortage of local doctors. In Massachusetts alone, approximately 40 percent of family and general practitioners are not accepting new patients, a record number for the state that is only expected to increase over the next few years.

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  • laura

    Half the reason this is happening is the socialistic take over of our schools.We have a whole generation of youngsters coming up who can’t think for themselves.All they care about is their i-pods and cyber friends. Getting a degree in medicine is way to hard and time consuming.
    Being a doctor takes I believe “passion” something the next generation lacks in spades (OR AT LEAST THEIR PASSION IS HEADING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION). GOD said in the Bible that the last generation would be “BORN WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION” we are seeing that generation unfold.

    • BOE

      Are you kidding me? Why the hell are we worried about doctors?? It`s the nurses who do all the hands on work (except for surgery),the ones who follow up with blood work,x-rays, all the bedside care,wound care and so on. For some reason people go into the hospital and ring the buzzer for the nurse just to hand the pt. a cup of water. Those days are long gone. We have more important work to do ….like saving pts. lives 12hrs a day while your doctor hits the golf course or cocktail party. There is a huge nursing shortage,has been for more than 20yrs and will continue for years. If you are really sick and have to go to hosp….take a nurse with you.

      • Ram2009

        Crap imported from the UK, no doubt.

      • laura

        HOW TRUE!!!!!!

    • laura

      I keep hearing people saying that their doctors will retire after this health care takes effect because they won’t be able to handle the case load or the lower prices they’ll be paid. Well I don’t know about them but I know I’d be happy to spend 5 min. with a customer and get paid $75.00 x 50 min. that’s $ 750.00 an hour nobody’s worth that and their complaining. See what I mean, no compassion.

      And Bob Wire all you have to do is look around at the kids these days to know there is something seriously wrong and it starts with people putting their kids in daycare at 6 weeks and ends with 18 years of institutionalized children who have no love or compassion because THEY WERE NOT TAUGHT IT !!!!!!

      As far as the Bible verse is concerned I’m glad you would like to learn more,start at Matthew in the new testament and read through to Revelation.Everything you need to know is there.When your done with that read the old testament,GOOD STUFF!!!!!


  • Bob Wire

    No guarantee of enough doctors you say, hmm? Interesting notion, what happen to India? Did we quite allow them into the country? We might well end up with a cabbie shortage as well!

    I’ve not been engaged in raising children for 2 decades, has our school systems changed that much?

    Guide me onto this bible verse you refer to ~ I’d like to know more.

    • William Nealey

      Bob one of the Doctors at my told me he could make a lot more money in private practice he just didn’t like dealing with insurance companys,

      • Allen

        Docs will be in demand if 31M more patients actualy get insurance and wants care for every twinge. Specialists will be smart to set up cash-only, full price practices and make a ton of money from those who wnat quality care pronto. They don’t have to accept any insurance plans. (Half now don’t take Medicare or Medicaid) The law of supply and demand is at work. Obama couldn’t care less about the damage he’s done to the future of medical care in the USA. His goal is control make people dependent on the gov’t for their health care. The law just passed leads in that direction eventually.

        • Joe H.

          I heard on the T.V. today that there are quite a few family practitioners that make less than six figures. Now if this is true, I can see why there are fewer and fewer of them. Can you imagine coming out of med school with all those education loans and only making less than six figures???

          • Meteorlady

            There are already doctors that take cash only. There are some that put you on a yearly plan and see you when the need arises. They are doing quite well since they don’t have to deal with insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, etc.

            So, we the “haves” will get good medical care and the “have nots” will stand in line and wait. Our government has done a good job for the country, yes?

        • TIME


          Your ideas on paper look really great, saddly thats not quite what will happen nor be allowed by the plan passed.
          Yes I grasp that the black market has always been around and will always be.

          But the HRC bill passed destroys any possible way around the governments control.

          Your personal records, are going to be Public record.

          Your Doc will have zero control over what meds he can give you as that will be controled by the government, under very harsh ramification such as jail time for not following what the government states you can have for care.

          The old will get little to nothing in the way of care, as a matter of fact once you hit 65 years of age, you must attend an end of life course every three years. If you don’t its jail time if you don’t have the funds for the TAX / Fine.

          Your bank account will have real time Government control, as in they will take your money when they want it.
          So if your house payment is not made – well to bad so sad, but the government will have the money to give health care to people from say Mexico here illeaglly.
          But I am sure that will be fine with everyone, right?

          As to the cash payments, lets look at that for a moment, as anyone knows cash has become a “dirty” word to the government over the last 30 years.

          So the new plan is to chip you or you have an ID card, that way you will not have to have cash, you just produce an ID card and you pay, not unlike a Credit card.
          That will also work with all stores and banks, etc.

          Thus cash will not be used nor needed. Great ideas in this HCR bill, I don’t know how we ever made it this far with out such stringent controls.

          So you see no worries mate, the government will make sure you get what you may need if your worthy.

          So all of you should thank congress and the senate and BarryO for such a great idea.

          • honeybee57

            Yes Allen I think you are right on the money – I mean the card. We will be finished as a free country if Owamma is not stopped. I see the hospitals being run like clinics. It’s all about control & Owamma is like a bulldozer to get what he wants. He only hears what he wants and he only does what he wants – screw everybody else.

            Go to my blog & check out the article about ARM10090


        • blv54

          I heard your not going to be allowed to use your own money for treatment you may need but insurance won’t cover, they want to get certain ones of us out of the way as in no longer breathing such as the elderly and handicapped the health insurance is a eugenics program meant to weed us out, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about that lately it’s been going on in england for yrs they decide who’s worth medical care and who isn’t.

      • Mark

        None of my doctors take insurance of any kind. It’s a big trend, they say pay me, I’ll hand you a bill and YOU take it up with your insurance company.

        My parent’s GP has a different system, all of his patients pay him $1,500/yr up front and he agrees to spend as much time with each as they need, make house calls if required, manage them in the hospital if needed. The doc knows right up front what his income will be, has no insurance companies to deal with and takes 10% charity patients.

        • J C

          WOW! The free market in action. No insurance companies and no government, and only 1500.00 a year. I’m sure that money doesn’t cover all possibilities, but it’s a good baseline. And it’s a good example of what can be accomplished when you get politicians dirty little mittens out of the medical biz.
          And folks I wouldn’t worry too much about a shortage of “health practitioners”. As we regress to 3rd world society status we will start to see all kinds of “practitioners” with degrees from places we can’t pronounce.

          • Mark

            The 1,500 ONLY covers the relationship with the GP as the primary, but for that he does all the traditional primary stuff including old school stuff like house calls. Also, the guy spends a lot of time if you need it and personally co-ordinates all other care and all other docs, which you have to also pay by insurance or whatever they accept.

            I heard some doc in FL has a sign up saying if you voted for Obama, please seek medical services elsewhere.

        • honeybee57

          Wow! That’s impressive! He sounds really considerate. He’s actually donating time too. Anything is better than government run health. That’s the way to go. Or just buy a castastrofy ins policy and go to a Dr. when you need to. I don’t want to be forced to pay for something I don’t use just I can continue to support illegals. Let Owamma support them himself. He’s got plenty of moola.

    • elizabeth

      Bob – Reference:
      First chapter of Romans the apostle Paul listed the sins of the Gentiles. In this list of crimes you will find the phrase “without natural affection” (Roman 1:31, KJV) which refers to those who do not possess the love and attachment which nature teaches all mothers to have for their young.

      • laura

        GOD BLESS YOU Elizabeth your a gem!!!!!!!

    • http://verizon kbab
  • OtherTim

    I’ve asked two Drs. that I know how this would affect them, and they both said they will likely retire. Neither can afford to take on any more medicare/medicaid patients, because those don’t even cover their expenses. This is in a town of about 10,000, and I’m sure other Drs. are thinking the same. Providers will become scarce.

    It appears that hospitals will be “too essential to fail” and will be subsidized by the govt. In short, hospitals and Drs. will eventually be govt owned & operated. We all know how well that will work.
    Don’t let any politician fool you. Government and efficiency is a contradiction of terms.

  • pat

    all that should have been done was TORT reform and the choice for doctors to deal directly with patients and not insurance. The doctor would charge 1/4 of what they send to the insurance companies. Then mandate that insurance companies let individual people and/or small companies join together to sign up for insurance. If that didn’t work at all, then go as far as government run healthcare. And the demos knew all this but they want CONTROL IN ORDER TO TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO SOCIALISM. Wait til its in effect, not too many people will like it.

  • Warrior

    I saw my doctor yesterday. All he could talk about was the stinking HC bill. He’s 57 and said he is seriously considering retiring when he reaches 59-1/2. His medicare reimbursement is dropping to $17/patient tomorrow. He believes the day is coming soon that nurse practioners will be handling the work that family practice and GP’s are currently performing.

    Also interesting that the O told Matt Lauer yesterday that The Heritage Foundation also supported his plan which they rebutted.

    There is sooo much spin from the administration I think the whole country is dizzy. Down is Up and the skies are now green.


  • V Cox

    The problem with young people in this country is not to fault of the schools. The problem is the parents and grandparents, who believed it was necessary to give them everything they wanted. I personally am more appalled by the older generation, who are fighting healthcare reform, and claim there aren’t enough doctors. So, does that mean we should just leave millions without healthcare, to make sure that those that have coverage never have to wait. The problem in this country is selfish people, of all ages. To quote “I’ve got mine, screw you” I’m sure there is something in the Bible about that as well.

    • Mike In MI

      V Cox – Are we going to “just leave millions without healthcare?”

      No, it is impossible to leave anyone without health care, ever. In spite of what you have been led to believe the human body has incredible inner integrity and ability to heal itself. Disease is not the normal state or condition of the human body. Twenty some years ago I read some studies regarding what had been learned about the body’s ability to protect and heal itself. Those writers had become amazed that people are as sick as they are. The inference was that there seems to be an absolute assault on the integrity of inherent immune and defense systems that govern health.

      As long as a person is alive and has an income to feed himself he can be healthy in this nation! He only has to exercise HIS RIGHT to buy and use healthful substances and services. If he has to learn what that means first then he better do it. If he doesn’t he’s a fool to trust his life to anyone who says his profession or services can confer health magically by using poisons, cutting out parts or irradiating him ’til he glows.

      If anybody becomes deficient in some nutrient(s) he WILL develop symptoms or disease. No drug he is given can ever do what the missing nutrient’s will do to make him healthy again. The drug will more likely make him sicker or delay the time until he gets what is missing – if ever. However, anyone who is willing to foist upon him substances and services that are not designed to make him healthy will certainly be happy to take any monies thrust his way from whatever source.

      This is where the problem of “rights” becomes apparent. If that provider knows those substances or services can never bring health, is that not a confidence game – a form of stealing? Involving deceit, injury and possibly murder?

      That’s what a local hospital cancer center was doing to my wife when she was found to have a stage four Lymphoma. All we had to do was just agree to go along with their legalized medical murder program. We didn’t think they had that right; so we removed ourselves. We knew we had the personal responsibility and right to use the money available to her best advantage, learn what we needed to know and keep it up to stay healed. Did she have a “right” to it? No! We paid insurance bills for a long time before we discovered there was a problem. We’re just thankful the Cancer Treatment Centers of America had the knowledge and skills to put the parts, information and plan together.

      She did not live a very healthy lifestyle before. That contributed immensely to the disease. Rest assured we learned the lesson.

      You can be assured there are going to be a lot (maybe millons of folks) who learn the lesson, soon – or else. Now, the wealth has been taken away that could have helped but it’s too late. It’s gone. Hardhearted? No, just the facts.

      • V Cox

        And the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, gave all the help and care for free, right?

        • Mike In MI

          V Cox-

          Stated like a true democrat. I said we paid for insurance for a long time – and we still do. But, it’s funny the insurance didn’t want to pay because CTCA is a private hospital/cure system outside of our Michigan home. Stupid hoops had to be jumped, letters written and hogwash cleaned away but, grudingly, the ins, comp. coverred it. After six months she was clean – and still is. It was an expensive, intense six months. However, They were willing to throw the whole house at it and we all won. That’s the definition of a good deal.

          Even the insurer won because she’s back at work, paying into the premium fund and hard at work – and enjoying life immensely. Personally I like that a lot better than what the run-her-through-the-mill, ho-hum, “we’ll give her at best nine years and a hole in the ground”, attitude of the AMA norm of chemo/cut/scan and excavate best they would offer. Had they wanted to at the medical hotel near home they could have offerred what CTCA

          • Mike In MI

            V Cox- (cont’d)
            what CTCA DID, CARRIED THROUGH, FINISHED. At home…they just didn’t care or want to. It would have cost as much or more through the years the way they were going to abuse her at home. Treatment, remission, recurrence, remission, recurrence -each recurrence being worse, until they couldn’t change anything. “Sorry, that’s all medicine can do. Go home and die.” The end would have been especially wrenching on her and our family. Obviously, at home they were not going to let such minor considerations deter them from killing her slowly, tortuously and with max humiliation (visits and expense, too).

            ObamaCare would have denied her outright – cause we’re Christian conservatives. Do you know what you are? Does it matter? Do you have any definition? Or, are you like a balloon – just an empty walking by?
            Do you know any reality except this moment you are in where everything is your right because you say it is your right – and wouldn’t know how to be thankful for a “privilege”?

    • Mark

      No, the problem is lazy people with a sense of entitlement and I don’t feel like working my butt off for their benefit, in fact I’m not going to do it anymore. It’s turning into producers vs leeches and the leeches are winning.

      • Mike In MI

        Hey, MARK -
        Next time you run into a big, fat, sucky leech ask it a question for me: “What does a parasite like you (leech) live off of after you have killed your host?”

        The producers need to go on strike, I’m tellin’ ya’. What are they going to do? Fines? Jail time? Take away the fishing pole and worms?

  • http://NA Tom Padamonsky

    Why do you think they are opening up the gate for more immigration. That’s where they planto get the doctors from…..

  • TIME

    Just a quick note my Bother in law and his wife are both Doc’s, they both will be retiring at the end of the year thats 2010 as in this year.

    One more quick note, they know of hundreds of other Doc’s that will be retiring by the end of 2011. I am sure that the numbers will be mind numbing as to how many will be following suit.

    Good luck seeing a Doc in 2012, if we have 35% left in the field here in the US I would be shocked. Who wants to work their butts off for nothing.

    Just think it will be like when you go to the Post Office, when its break time and the line is 200 deep and there are only 3 persons working but two have to have their UNION breaks, your going be SOL.

    Wow to go from good to just plain rotten how special are we going be? Next . Do you have a number, NO, Next.

    • Mike In MI

      TIME -
      Have them make sure they can’t be conscripted into the US Public Health Service or be forced into something where they are Obama Health Officer Corps, VISTA, human shields, fertilizers of Michelle’s garden or tasters of the wine and food at the imperial table.

  • Deborah

    The government know’s that alot of doctors will leave the market. They don’t care. This isn’t about health care. The government has spent all the medicare and social security money. They can’t honor the obligation’s they have made. So, now they’ve came up with this new panzi scheme; provide health care for everyone– and provide no real health care for anyone. The elderly are their real target. Their the one’s that require the most care. The government will simply denye care and eventually because of all these doctors are leaving the market; they can say it’s not our fault the doctor’s left.

    • Mike In MI

      You’ve gotten that correct, Deborah!

      However there is another government option that could pretain in the case of doctors. If they decide they want to quit, or threaten to, the Fed can conscript them into the National Health Service or make them work as Public Health Officers. If that happens be afraid, be very afraid. Big brother has come to stay. Or, on the other hand, be prepared to stand for what you believe. Live in fear and dread or stand for what’s true and free.

    • J C

      Yep!Exactly. It’s population control. Can’t pay taxes any more?
      Then we don’t need you anymore. Better go home and deal with “end of life issues” (Obama).
      I wonder how long until the chip they want to put into you simply kills you at age 60…50…40…

  • SiliconDoc

    This is the real crisis the whole big fat discussion barely touched upon, the shortage of doctors and nurses.
    The libs kept screeching out the phrase healthcare crisis, and the republicans parrroted that and demanded “reform”, too – so we all should know our gooses were cooked from the beginning.
    But, all I ever heard whined about 99.9% of the time was “uninsured” and “emergency room” visits, coupled with costs and evil profit taking insurance companies.
    Here we had a shortage starting I’d say near to a decade ago, and the whole system was consolidated under one big banner around then, and every medical professional I’ve talked to since doesn’t like it, including the HIPPA, and all the rest.
    Initially HMO’s were the big fat scourge, then we heard for a bit about a nursing shortage, then came the cries and whines about Veteran care- then came THE SOLUTION:
    It’s nothing short of completely laughable. It’s like a tragic comedy, fullblown, and the stage is national politics.

    The criminal con artist borrow and spenders in DC have pulled another fast one of course, to cover their gigantic bloated bailouts and supremely idiotic massive new bureaucracies and insane studies and kookball reporting and red tape computerized commie works, they have started taxing with a 4 years later implementation.

    So as reported, 4 years of “taxes” without “benefits” kicking in – in other words, taxation without representation, is the big fat already passed plan to lie and juggle the debt books around sufficiently so that they can hopefully maintain the AAA USA bond rating for the govey world money machine/US dollar.
    I guess they had to do it that way, piling lie upon crime, because it was as they like to say nowadays “political suicide” to do the right thing and raise taxes for their gigantic bloated criminal spending bailout spree, which was caused by their legalizing forced criminal and immoral and unethical actions upon the lenders and lendies of society for over a decade.
    Too hard to just come out and admit the gigantic crimes, take the blame, and tell the truth, a gigantic massive tax would be needed to cover it all.

    • J C

      That’s an accurate observation Silicon. From you? Wow!
      Did you finally take the red pill? ;)

    • Mark

      Time to “go Galt”, as in slow down, game the system and be just productive enough to pay the bills and pay as few taxes as possible. can’t wait to qualify for food stamps and spend them at Whole Foods

      • J C

        Mark, I haven’t heard it called “Go Galt” before, but I know exactly what that means. This is the effect created when the working and productive half of the population sees that that there is no point in trying so hard to supprt the sycophant half.
        It’s the beginning of the end, as Socialism has proven out as being a dead end over and over…

  • s c

    Obummer’s healthcare scam requires that the Amercan people have blind faith in a proven loser [him], ignorance that defies belief, neither foot in the real world and complete belief in a government that’s already on the edge of bankruptcy.
    In other words, the day Obummer can turn America into NeverNeverLand is the day he deserves our support. Until then, he and his band of traveling thugs can find themselves a different country to rape and plunder.
    Any politician who demands absolute obedience via utter stupidity cannot be tolerated in a free society [Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obummer and an endless line of like-minded, dictatorial monsters].

  • Bob Wire

    well it’s nice to be able to retire , right? I don’t see it being one of my life experiences but that many people “can” it’s grand. A privilege not mine to envision.

    and thanks Elizabeth, I’ll check I Romans. While it should be common knowledge that an appreciation of the graces of mankind more then just desired but required, I’ve never seen it written.

    Personally, I feel that doctor’s have not been very effective in addressing the needs of the industry they serve. ~ Not really sure why. I suppose it’s a good reason. They’ve been taken over by middle men. I’m sure it happened slowly, over a long period of time and no alarm was ever raised.

    As 61, I’ve had many doctors over the years and missed them dearly when they left practice or died.

    I go to a Dr. White now, ~ nice man, ~ I pay 55. dollars a visit and he sends me home with a 100.00 worth of “sample” medication and I get well. ~ It works out. He Sends me to clinic’s for lab work, ultra-sound and such and I pay them, it all cash a carry. I like that. The line forms at 7 am. and you sign in. I leave and they call me an hour or so before the doctor has an opening to see me. For me it’s usually close to the end of the day, mothers, children and the really sick first. I expose myself to sick people less that way. Just watch what I touch!

    But I know it won’t always work that way ~ I’m nursing a gall bladder full of stones ~ too big to pass. ~ gives me fits sometimes ~ keeps me mean & lean, I’m careful what I swallow or I pay dearly. ~ 13 grand is the ticket price to fix it, so they say. I been drink apple vinegar,soda with milk thistle for 6 months~ I think it is working, to a degree anyway. After months, I still can’t eat what I use too. I figure it as my kind of an “early retirement” program. I plan on screwing them out of 13 grand for a few hours work.

    I don’t what to take a thing away from doctors,~ if I’m sick , that my problem. But I see a new generation of doctors and a new generation of providing health care coming down the road. Just like everything else.

    Bone’s run your Tri-corded over me and beam me up Scotty.

    I took a collage course a few years ago, Human Anatomy and Physiology along with the lab. I wish I’d been a doctor. As a young man I thought it was cool to fix cars!

    anyway, the professor spoke of our text books and how huge they were compared to just 10 years ago. It seems the computer age has brought a wealth of knowledge forward at such speeds ~ text books are out-dated by the time they go to print, is what he said.

    So this is the world in which we must live,

    I miss the good old day too ~ but they are behind us and today is today, with a whole new set of problems.

    Let’s leave the next generation something to work with. They’ll figure it out, just like we had too.

    • Palin12

      Bob I wish you well with getting rid of those gallstones! As a medical lab tech, let me tell you gallstones are primarily caused by too much cholesterol of the bad sort (LDL). Be careful what you eat, avoid trans fats. Also, gallstones can be removed by laser now, no need for invasive surgery. Keep drinking lots of fluids.

      • cheryl

        You shouldn’t be giving medical advice. Gallbladder surgery is not invasive. They can do it through the belly-button and it’s quite simple. You go home in a few hours and that’s it.
        I think your thinking of kidney stones.
        At any rate if you have gallstones and the gallbladder becomes inflamed and bursts, it is then a very serious problem. Having gallstones also makes you feel lousy everyday. It cause a lot of abdominal discomfort,bloating, gas and indigestion. You may not feel any pain but they are stressing out your system.

        • Palin12

          you’re right cheryl, he should see a doc…but please check your cholesterol and lipids too.

    • cheryl

      You don’t pass gallstones! Go have the gallbladder removed. It is a simple surgery done through the belly button and you go home the same day. Nothing like the old surgery. Don’t sit around suffering.

      • Bob Wire

        well thank you both for your input, it seems something to me. ~ I’m into pain management and getting by Okay for now. ~ That you brought it up, I have aged a lot it the last year, not sure if it was just my time or the effects. Not having 13 grand without mortgaging the house, what do you do? I don’t like owe people money.

        VA tells me to go to County but I don’t accept free services. I’m figuring it as my early retirement, ~ dirt nap ` I’m just postponing it like everyone else. ~ Sure miss cheese though! ( stopped at the deli a month ago, and my body reach for cheese !) I like to have died! I flopped around for 6 hours, won’t do that again, ever!) I do eat much healthier now and I stay trim.

        but yea, The next Generation will have this to think over and work through just like we have. It’d be nice to get so of the inflation and greed out of the process. We should be able to pay for basic care out of pocket. So make more or make it cost less.

  • Ram2009

    The US economy has been has been skewed to favour the socially useless sections of society like the investing banking sector while others have lost out vastly in power, money and position. That things would turn out this way was never predicted by anyone, but it has. We have got rid of the landed gentry era and replaced it with the far more corrupt banking and “investment” sector era. Fewer and fewer people would be willing to invest their time and money to achieve less than their parents did in the same jobs.

  • doriana cosgrove

    I am a physician, practicing in California for the last 20yrs. I was raised in a comunist country and experienced the desaster that goverment owned hospitals and doctors , can bring! It will happen here if we allow it! Will we let the President and the government take away the “american dream”? I came here because I knew that through hard work I can raise to my potential, only to see now that harder I work more I get punished by paying higher and higher taxes to support people that don’t work and a continuously expanding government. Why not change the way that insurance companies operate? Why not change the malpractice system, that some people see it as a jackpot?

    • cheryl

      What I really do not understand is why you doctors didn’t come together and scream your heads off about this HC Bill while you could.
      I am a nurse. I have dealt with doctors for years and I know their not afraid to speak up. So where were they when their voices could have made a difference.
      If every MD in this country had stepped up and protested this healthcare takeover it probably could have stopped it.
      Doctors are at the top of the totem pole when it comes to healthcare and the government would have been forced to listen to them.
      Where the hell were they?

      • Bob Wire

        My exact thinking as well Cheryl, ~ silence can’t be misquoted but it can be misunderstood.

      • TIME

        Ok straight out of the box on this one, most Real Doc’s work as in {really work every day,} I know thats a strange concept to those that
        don’t work and have a lot to say all the time about everything.

        Strange how that works?

        Many are to old to fight this absurd health con job and look at it as
        they have given more during their life’s work than 90% of the people
        who think all Doc’s do is party every day drinking by the pool side
        while servents bring them food and wipe their faces.

        Many like my borther in law spend countless hours helping to teach new doc’s giving speaches with no pecuniary gains. Yet to give such a speach there is travel time, prep time, then the speach, and then travel time home.

        Most Doc’s I know have been very outspoken on this take over and have joined the 9/12 movments, as well some in Tea partys, but again they are at “work” when 99% of these events take place, many times aiding people who are not legal citizens of this country, and they don’t even get paid for said work!

        So lets not lump all Doc’s in the same bucket, that is just wrong.

        The AMA dose not have the support of “REAL Doc’s” as the AMA is a group of {quasi Doc’s} at best. you know the type that “talk a lot” and do little else but talk, after all they are deep in bed with Pharm Co’s and the specail bread we can now can call in all honesty; “Poly – Ticks,” translated in to {Single minded Blood sucking beings,} many still call them the – Congress and the Senate.

        • TIME

          Oh and the Government fails to listen to anyone!
          Thats now a proven FACT by the passage of this bill.

  • Palin12

    My governor was on the radio this morning and was talking about once the states file a lawsuit in federal court, the whole health care takeover process will be put on hold until the Court hears it. This includes the hiring of the 16,000 new IRS agents.

    • Bob Wire

      well, that’s about as much bad news as good news. ~ There are many good features of this bill that go into effect immediately that save lives, ~ most of the presumed bad effects taking places years later.

      • Mike In MI

        NO, Bob,

        Government doesn’t do anything like this, or anything in it, good. It is always done with a view to the moment, short term good, long term horrors. That’s why God could look at man and say, “If these guys don’t listen to Me, if they get off on their own, doing their self-determined worst it won’t turn out well, I’m afraid. Oops, OH NO! There they go. Geez, now what have I gotta’ do to straighten out what’s coming? Well, there’ll be some who figure out they’re not equipped for what’s out there. Those are the ones I’ll allow to come back after it all goes kerflooey. Welp, might as well sit down and watch ‘em wreck my work – nothin’ good on TV tonight, anyway.”

  • Vanessa

    This issue goes beyond doctors. It impacts a wide array of professions across the entire health care industry. Julian Alssid with the Workforce Strategy Center wrote a piece in Huffington about the problem and what can be done to address it…

  • Mike MD

    I am a primary care physician, have been for the last 20 yrs, I KNOW and HAVE LIVED the system.

    There has been lots of brainwashing / disinformation, but it’s not that complicated to see what’s been going on, the US health care situation is so bad now it’s pain to see:

    1. The main problem is the US government allowed insurance companies and lawyers to MAKE MONEY – OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY – off your health.
    2. The US health care is dysfunctional ON PURPOSE. People with lots of money and power WANT IT THIS WAY. Why? Because it benefits them. 3. As it is, the medical system does not benefit the patients, nor the doctors. Cui bono? – Who benefits now? The way things are rigged, a. the INSURANCE COMPANIES, b. THE LAWYERS have it all.
    4. There are several parasitic layers between the doctor and the patient – insurance specialists, counselors, lawyers and so on, – that do NOTHING beneficial for the patient, except to raise insurance prices and deny coverage.
    5. Wrong US priorities – BILLION$ S are approved in the US FOR WARS / TO KILL. We can kill anybody, anywhere, anytime, in just 90 seconds, we just need the GPS coordinates and the drones will do the job. AND WE BOAST ABOUT THIS KILLING CAPACITY!!!
    Meanwhile, there is NO MONEY for the HEALH / LIFE of the PLAIN US people???? Make no mistake, the people in power know THEIR health is paramount and they DO HAVE SPECIAL HEALTH CARE. NO nurses / dentists / physician assistants checking them and making medical decisions for them!!!! Regular People’s Health is the most precious commodity. When you are seriously sick / dying, all the money in the world is worthless.


    1. Revert to the SIMPLE physician – patient relationship, NO ONE IN BETWEEN. Pay as you go, the way it was 20 yrs ago. When you go and see a movie, do you need insurance to pay for the goddamn ticket???
    USA is the mother of capitalism but it will NOT allow the doctors set their own prices???
    2. Medical malpractice / TORT REFORM. Doctors do not want to be doctors anymore because they start with drowning debts and have been sued to death. Liar LAWYERS should rot. As it is, NOBODY controls them.
    3. Insurances should just insure, NOT MAKE OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

    What can u do?

    VOTE the politicians that promise most / some of the above.


    Abandon ship / get out of the USA.

  • metlife dental provider

    This can be genuinely considered one of various larger articles with regards to individuals that I’ve maintain reading the next theme today. Very good function.


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