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U.S. Oil King By 2017

November 13, 2012 by  

U.S. Oil King By 2017

A new report out by the International Energy Agency predicts that U.S. oil output will be more than that of Saudi Arabia by the end of the decade.

Analysts say that this means two things: America is well on its way to energy independence, and environmental and green-energy advocates in the Nation will likely double down in their protestation against fossil fuels over the next few years.

The IEA predicts the United States will overtake Russia as a top gas producer by the year 2015 and be the world’s biggest oil producer by 2017. The result, according to the agency, will be a continued fall in U.S. oil imports, with North America becoming a net oil exporter by about 2030 and the United States achieving near energy independence by 2035.

“The United States, which currently imports around 20 percent of its total energy needs, becomes all but self-sufficient in net terms — a dramatic reversal of the trend seen in most other energy importing countries,” the report says.

The IEA attributes the expected boon in American oil production to new methods and technologies for mining oil and natural gas in the United States.

“Energy developments in the United States are profound and their effect will be felt well beyond North America — and the energy sector,” the IEA said in its annual long-term report.

“The recent rebound in U.S. oil and gas production, driven by upstream technologies that are unlocking light tight oil and shale gas resources, is spurring economic activity — with less expensive gas and electricity prices giving industry a competitive edge.”

According to Reuters, the oil boom in the U.S. will likely have major geopolitical impacts “if Washington feels its strategic interests are no longer as embedded in the Middle East and other volatile oil producing regions.”

Environmentalists throughout the Nation have protested heavily against domestic oil production, arguing contaminated water supplies, increased air pollution and untold environmental destruction related to fracking will be the inevitable result.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    This sounds like another Obama lie. How can the US become an oil king, or any other kind of energy king for that matter, when Obama is doing everything he can to stop domestic oil and energy projects? I believe he WANTS us to be dependent on his muslim pals for oil and other energy resources.

    • GALT

      Journalism 101……..check sources

      “dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.”

    • jopa

      Harold.Not an Obama lie whatsoever.The US is currently producing more oil and has more drilling today than it has at any other time historically.You have just been watching too much Fox news and are classified as one of the uninformed.We have refineries here on the East coast that are running at minimum capacity or shut down totally due to low fuel demands supposedly or maybe just to keep the prices high.Not the five dollar high predicted by Fox if Obama won but around $3.29 a gal. that I consider high and I hear reports out of Kentucky in some areas gas is around $3.00 a gal.I have always thought if we kept our oil, gas and coal in reserve then we would never be truly dependant on foreign oil with our reserves and use up the rest of the worlds first.Just a thought.Have a good one.

      • Bev

        If the US is pumping more oil than ever before it is not due to Obama! Obama has denied oil leases on public lands left and right. You can thank GW for the current oil production. Most of the oil is being pumped on private land and will continue that way until Obama is removed from office.

      • RivahMitch

        That we have the capability to produce abundant oil is true. That we will is open to doubt. Your Kenyan Marxist friend has stopped drilling on public lands and offshore. Watch carefully as its EPA shuts down the new technologies necessary to utilize the available resources. The Kenyan Marxist is dedicated to turning America into a bankrupt, deindustrialized third world nation where all citizens are dependent on his largess on his path to global government. Betters cinders than slaves! Semper Fi!

      • eddie47d

        In other words Bev and RevahMitch you are calling Sam Rolley and this story a liar? Production is up all over this country and no matter what YOU say it won’t change that. You can cry in your beer all you want because you hate Obama. Yet most of this recent boom came on line under the Obama Administration. Go to New York and Pennsylvania or even out to Colorado. So it looks like that “kenyan marxist” proved you wrong again. New permits have been issued in the Gulf and in Alaska also. I mentioned the reason Obama “denied permits on public lands” last week so I’ll bring it up again. He didn’t really deny permits but told the oil companies who had them to either drill or get off those lands. Those companies were using our lands for tax breaks and not producing any oil. They would take the deduction (taxpayer money) but not do any work for those tax breaks. Obama told those scammers to poop or get off the pot. Yes Rivah those new technology are also being used so stop being a slaves to those lies.

      • http://personallibertydigest julie

        I’m sorry but if you think $3.00 a gallon is good, something is wrong. If we are producing that much oil as you say, our gas should be going down. If you are right, why are we gouaging our own people. They already tax the mud out of gas and making a fortune, don’t you think, its time to start coming down

      • Dale left coast

        Has nothing to do with the O . . . this is about drilling on PRIVATE LAND . . .
        The enviro-nazis will be all over the EPA to shut this stuff down . . . but the reality is . . in the new O’bammy Economy we will need a lot less energy. Because of higher taxes, lower revenues, fewer folks going to work, fewer car sales, fewer people travelling will result in less activity and of course reduced demand.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        I don’t know what planet you live on, but the only oil that we are producing basically here in the states is on Private property which the big O cannot do anything about, that the good lord. He still has not raised his moratorium on deep well, but ever other country can drill off our shores, plus they did give a small lease out in Alaska but not in the Anwar district where the cheap oil is. Forgot the name of the other. Now lets go to the refineries. Probably the ones you are speaking of on the East coast that are not producing it isn’t because of lack of oil or to keep the prices up it is due to green energy regulations and O won’t give the permits for them to update the refineries or build any new ones. It would behoove you to listen a little bit more to Fox news where you do find out the truth instead of the main stream media.

  • Terry Bateman

    U.S. energy independence is a globe changer. We will drill our way out of our trade and
    budget deficits. We will pay down our national debt over time. The U.S. dollar will be the
    strongest currency in history and will never be replaced as the global reserve currency.
    And gold and silver will go to hell.

  • jopa

    Juie; As I have stated above gasoline in the $3,00 a gal.price is high and something is wrong.The oil companies are still giving us the shaft on gas prices and the average gallon of gas has only on the average a fifty cent tax rate.Our gas and oil production is up but not where it could be, but big oil loves there big profits and tax breaks.As Eddie has stated above the Federal lands that big oil could drill on they were not and only using them for tax shelters.Yes I think it’s time for gas prices to come down more.

  • George Thomas Horvat

    It always amazes me to hear how people can become pavlovized in such a short time and don’t even realize it.
    When Obama took office just four short years ago, gasoline was $1.84 a gallon and now you people think $3.00 a gallon is something to brag about? $1.84 a gallon was actually considered too high four years ago and you same people were complaining about it then. The cost of producing a gallon of gasoline hasn’t doubled in just four short years.
    C’mon folks, get real! Gasoline should be under $1.00 a gallon not over $3.00.

    • Steve E

      Much of the reason the price of gas has doubled in the past four years is because of the devaluation of the dollar because of money printing.

  • JDN

    As a young man after getting out of the military I went to work first for Chevron then to Shell oil in the early 80′s . I watched as an insider the closing of refineries to prop up the supply and demand ratio . Watched the tankers come in and offload crude and then load up on refined product for export , and if you think those tankers go back across the oceans empty your crazy . Watched as wells that produced oil at $14 a barrel were shut down in favor of $60 a barrel imports and massive layoffs of American workers . It is all about the bottom line profits and not the false myth of energy independance . Recently we exported more oil products than we consumed as a nation . The real facts are beyond the talking points and will never be embraced by either side of the political spectrum as the government is sharing in the profits for no work other than favorable legislation to the bottom line . But , they keep everyone distracted and argueing over false propoganda .

    • GALT

      Why not………it’s so easy to do………there is no intelligence here……these
      people are TRUE AMERICAN’s…… first……me now….me, me, me………

      The corporate ME….is way bigger and immortal to boot……

      ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ” ( and then HANG, separately.)

    • Dale left coast

      When would importing RAW MATERIALS . . . Crude Oil . . . processing and adding VALUE . . . then exporting them to other countries be a problem?
      Do jet fuel and gasoline sell for more than a barrel of Crude? Does manufacturing these items create jobs? My guess would be “yes” and “yes” . . .

      • GALT

        So you have been missing the “less and less”?

        Don’t forget E.L.E.


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