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U.S., Mexico Agree To Cooperate On Gas And Oil Drilling

February 22, 2012 by  

U.S., Mexico Agree To Cooperate On Gas And Oil Drilling

The U.S. and Mexico agreed to work together in drilling for oil and gas below their maritime border in the Gulf of Mexico, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mexico's foreign minister signed the deal at a ceremony in Los Cabos, as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Mexican President Felipe Calderon looked on.

The AP reported that the cooperation between the two countries dates back to an agreement between President Barack Obama and Calderon regarding a move to share in the profits and work together to avoid spills.

Clinton said that the deal would help to "ensure safe, efficient, responsible exploration of the oil and gas reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico."

"These reservoirs could hold considerable reserves that would benefit the United States and Mexico alike," she continued, noting that the agreement would prevent disputes over who should get the rights to the resources and who would do the extraction.

The New York Times reported that the deal is called "The Transboundary Agreement" and will make up to 1.5 million acres of offshore territory claimed by the U.S. available for leasing by June 2012.

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  • Deerinwater

    Good, i’d like to see it happen, The western hemisphere needs more common unity and cooperation. While good fences makes for good neighbors.

  • Jim

    So is this treaty set up to give Mexico the green light to drill and take whatever oil they want from the Gulf? Obozo is sure not interested in drilling for oil. Does this tie in with the giving away of the islands, minerals, oil and such off Alaska to the Russians? I think we need to keep a close eye on what this really means. Obozo in 3 years of office has never shown an interest in finding new oil deposits especially in the Gulf. So is this just political ploy for the election or is he just wanting to give away more of our assets?

    • Dave

      Did anyone really read this? It says we are going to lease 1.5 million acres of oil land to Mexico so they can drill, pump, and sell the oil back to us. Is any body really reading this? The scum in Washington is agreeing to to buy our own oil to the benefit of Mexico. Obummer only released 3 drilling permits, then canceled 2 of them, not sure what happened to the 3rd. Obama does not want us independent! His job is to tear this country down from the inside and is doing a good job of it.

      • Paul

        Amen Dave. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The Hell Bitch needs to go just like Half O Blacka.

      • Sirian

        Is this really so unusual Dave? Haven’t we been left holding the bag several times over since Obummer came into the oval office? Sounds good to them, looks good on paper, do they really care? HA, need I answer that? Hmmm, wonder how much Al Gore will pull out of this deal?

      • old hillbilly

        Mexico drilling and developing oil at our expense, in US territory, while our leaders continue looting and breaking this country is treason! If Mexico extracts the oil it will go into the globalist monopoly pool of oil, at the same monopolist controlled supply and price as today! Once again, NO US jobs, resource taxes, regulations, OR COMPETITIVE PRICE & SUPPLY, etc., etc. Off-shore tax free income will mushroom while this country’s death spiral accelerates. Imagine, poor people, laid off people, part timers, out sorcerers, can’t afford to get to work, let alone feed a family, and gas going to $4, $5… no limit… the sky is the limit!

        How in the world can union members allow their corrupt leadership to collect dues (your beans & rice meals) to reelect the global monopolist progressive scum bags who run Washington? When no one can afford to drive, no one needs UAW cars. When loyal SEIU folks can’t afford to drive to work, a job doesn’t matter because you can’t get there. Got a good pension? SSI funds disappeared and the government worker crap is long gone with “unfunded liabilities” that no one will ever be able find or fund! Its Van Jones bottom up and tops down plan (bend over & drop your drawers) – where the working class (good people who will work and earn a living – union members) find themselves pushed to the wall & unable to provide for themselves and family… to the point of rebellion… maybe even burning what little community you have left,,, That’s when Mr. Jones, Obama, Ms. Nancy, Ol’ Hairy, and Eric the Holder come “down” with some AK47’s, gas, and matches, so you can just lite-er-up and create a whole new “free” life. When you awaken, you’ll be free of everything… morals, respect, possessions, community, and Constitutional liberties. You’ll have a job and work hard to eat or perish at the will of your new master. Check out presidential pal Anita Dunn’s hero (Mau), Lenin, and Stalin, maybe even Hitler if you hate Jews. There’s something for everyone who cooperates, doesn’t get in the way, or run over by the big wheels! Smile while you can, use your fingers in the corner of your lips, because these folks aren’t playing!

      • s c

        Dave, you need to talk the yahoo at the top of the page (‘D’). He seems to think this “cooperation” is better than sliced bread. Experience says Obummer will find a way to see to it that America gets hosed and Mexico makes out like a Wall Street ‘capitalist’ on steroids.
        I don’t know about you, but I am so sick and tired of being expected to smile and endure anything this criminal administration tries to ram down our throats. I try to give some fence-sitters the benefit of the doubt, but D has gone the way of the starry-eyed utopians who thrive on feelings and theories. Obummer can have him. Losers deserve each other.

    • Chris

      Anything that has Hillary involved cannot be good. They plan to lease the land,let Mexico drill and then sell US the oil. NOT!

      • Vic Bailey

        This Ugly Bitch needs thrown out of office and replaced with someone that believes in America and our constitution, not some Socialist bitch that is a TRAITOR to our country! PAST Time to clean house, we can’t afford to play any more! Semper Fi.
        Lock & Load, Let’s Rock & Roll

  • combat seabee

    Creating jobs again, MEXICAN JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • small50

      A way to keep Mexicans in Mexico

  • castaway

    I sure hope all Americans wake up to what this regime is doing to this country, and them. Another four years of this crap, and we will have nothing left, but debt up to our ears. We need to forcefully take this government down, and install a constitutional goverment, that honors the constitution, and our bill of rights.

    This regime is selling us down the river in rapid pace. It is horrible what they are doing, and no one, not anyone is doing anything to stop this madness. Oh yes, I forgot, we will vote them out in November. Yup, just like last November. There is a legal way to do this, but I forgot what it is called, if you are afraid of a good fight.

    • http://personallibertydigest larry

      we all know what that bastard is doing to our country but to damn dumb to impeach him.
      what the hell are we waiting on???

  • eddie47d

    There are Ocean borders that have to be respected and the only way to safely extract this oil is to have cooperation between the two countries. This area has been in contention for some time with neither country being able to drill for oil. With this new agreement both nations will gain jobs and revenue.

    • nc

      Eddie, there is no room in your logic for the required conspiracy! Everything that Obama and Hillary does must be based on a conspiracy with parties unknown. Even the whackos here cannot agree with just who they are conspiring with! Some say the Rothchilds, some say the NWO without the Rothchilds, some say with onions, others with just slaw! BUT ALWAYS A CONSPIRACY OTHERWISE THEIR PARANOIA GOES AWAY AND THEY MELT LIKE THE WICKED WITCH!! WHAT A PITIFUL GROUP OF ADULTS!!

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Eddie are you kidding Mexico has flooded this Country with 40 Million Illegals and they don’t seem to mind breaking our laws and also sending all the drugs over the border to sell to the idiots here in this Country. Do you see any assemblance of Law comming from Mexico??? Only our Government is more corrupt than Mexico’s.!!!!!

      • eddie47d

        There is no 40 million illegals in the US at this time. Most reports say under 15 million so try being more courageous in facts please. Not only that one of the biggest complaint for Mexicans and the USA is the lack of jobs. Americans go on unemployment and Mexicans go North. This is a job opportunity for both nations and a source of revenue to stabilize each country. The big problem that I see is that Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world and takes most of his wealth from the oil industry in Mexico. He may become wealthier and the citizens are once again ignored with low wages. Like the USA Mexico has had a couple of major oil spills (1979). Hopefully each country will be more cautious and avoid those problems. Your next two comments aren’t very rational either and I will ignore them at this time Mr Vet.

      • old hillbilly

        Too bad Jim Jones passed too early. Sooooo many intellectuals wanting somethingie to believe in, but too busy twittering to find out what’s really happening. If 2+2=4 and 2 to 2 power is the same, surely 2+2can be -4 or 2/2 whatever, because it’s all a matter of speculative perspective through the spectacles. The more we spend, the more we borrow and that’s good because more is always good, and that’s positive!

        Jim carried his believers to the Promised Land with simple glasses of kool-aid. They must love it, because they never came back! Are the Obamalites close behind or temporarily lost in a cloud of smoke… everywhere, but going nowhere. Jim, where are you??? We believe, but can’t see or hear you.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Why are we signing an agreement with Mexico for oil we don’t need anything from Mexico except deportation of 40 Million Illegals fron the United States. Why dosen’t the Communist Clintons leave the U.S. along with Congress and the White House and move to their real home Mexico.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    P.S. I should have said except for Ron and Rand Paul and Michelle Bachman they believe in the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights the rest are not representing we the people are they (Congress) would have removed the Illegal Kenyan Born Communist Radical Muslim Half Breed and for you Black people Obamination is not BLACK and hasn’t done anything except screw you even more as the Democrats have done to you since before Roooooosvelt. Wake up before you really see poverty such as the Communists in most parts of China and North Korea. Calling Obamination Black is the same as calling him white and the combination of those two has Communist writtn all over Him. His parents, step father and grand parents were all Communists and America Haters and Obaminations Pastor is a Radical Racist and America Hatewr, remember his outburst when he said God _amn America.

    • Larry Kemp

      i could’nt have said it any better except he’s a half-pint muslim dictator.

  • James

    So, lets see….First I’d like to know how many Americans were killed in Mexico and by people from or who came through Mexico. And just how many Americans have have been killed by Iranians or people coming through Iran? Just wanting to determine how dangerous Mexico is to American citizens compared to Iran.

    I know 30,000 people have died in Mexico due to the drug Cartel organizations…and people are dying in America too by these notorious groups!

    YET,…….our Federal Government makes deals with Mexico and threatens to bomb Iran!!! What’s wrong with this picture?

  • scout

    Are you people that naive? They drill the wells and get the oil and we pick up the tab. Wanta bet? Ever make a deal with a rattlesnake?

    • Donald York

      I’m with you on that scout. We are pumping billions into Mexico, and for what? All i see coming out of Mexico is drug runners. fence jumpers, job stealing, economy busting, cannot speak english mexicans and we need to put a stop to it. Tell Calderon on a big homemade sign facing Mexico, NO MORE ILLEGALS-NO MORE DRUGS!!!!!!!

      • s c

        Donald, you forgot to mention rapists, coyotes, women beaters, child beaters and habitual DRUNK DRIVERS who kill people and are ABOVE the laws of this once-great nation.
        It’s enough to make me wonder how many Washington politicians are OWNED by Carlos Slim. What needs to be answered while America is getting HOSED again is just how RICH Mexico will get while America gets flushed down the toilet by our ‘ultracompassionate’ leaders.

  • Teryll Baker

    I agree with everyone but Eddie. He is just another Communist O’dufus sympathizer. How did he get in a rational discussion anyways. Like has already been said, anything involving Hitlery and O’dufus has got to be bad for our Constitutional Republic that they are working hard to destroy!

    • eddie47d

      Naturally that would be your logical conclusion Teryll and you still came up empty headed. This oil deal with Mexico was on the drawing board since May 2010. You come across as someone who is more concerned about conquests and bullying Mexico rather than forming positive solutions and development with them. I believe the Gulf oil spill slowed the process down on this deal but should be in operation at the end of June. I bet you are one of those who complained that there wasn’t any drilling in the Gulf and now are complaining that there will be.

      • s c

        Wow. Whoever pays you to express your programmed ‘opinion’ is paying way too much to get it, ‘e.’ As always, love the fuhrer. Follow the fuhrer. Love the fuhrer. Worship the fuhrer. You are consistent, comrade.
        So, chum, are you helping to rig the election? I’m hearing it’s quite an on-going activity in Colorado.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Wouldn’t you just know anything that festering libtard had anything to do with would be for some commie deal.. The idiot in chief cant stand the thought of developing oil and gas in our own country. Some bumbeling retard might spill a little oil.or blow off a little gas. What pray tell does Hillery or Obummer know about the industery to begin with? Its a sellout and They get paybacks.. Just kickem out and build the XL pipeline…

    • eddie47d

      “develop oil and gas in our own country”? First of all we are doing just that. 30,000 new wells in the last 3 years in Colorado. Marcellus gas fields in Pennsylvania and New York. Permits given out to Shell on the North Slope and in the Gulf last year. Secondly that oil that you are referring to is in Canada (another foreign country). Besides the oil from your favorite XL pipeline is destined for foreign markets right out of Port Arthur TX. The environmental problems are still being worked out on that deal but then again you never cared about the damages anyway!

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        Hey dimbo when was your last trip to Co. I go there to visit family quite often and 30,000 is a bit of B>S. They constantly drill exploration holes , but you evedently wouldnt know a producer from a post hole. Just reading your commie posts reveal that much, ,,m, Eddy grow up and get someone to lead you to the john . your full of it…

      • small50

        I agree. The only oil we will ever get from the XL pipeline will be from leaks. Otherwise they would build a refinery near the Canadian border. That would have to be more efficient (and safer) than running a new pipeline over/around/thru and under the Rockies, and all the way across the nation.

      • s c

        ‘E,’ you never cease to amaze me. So HOW do you explain higher gas prices? Mac, if you’re not paying at least $7.50 a gallon for gas in Colorado, then you’re not paying your ‘fair share,’ comrade. You might think about printing your own money. Maybe you can float a loan from your W H ‘God.’
        Whatever happens, remember that you’re committed to your W H ‘God,’ and that means you can NEVER criticize him or try to re-program yourself. He OWNS you, comrade. Be happy.

      • eddie47d

        Actually it’s more than 30,000 well heads Gotta plenty. You must have been as blind as a turnip or took bad advice as a fact. Go up to Weld County and folks have them in their back yards. Besides I live in Colorado and I’m not your Commie boy ,BOY!

      • eddie47d

        Then we have SC who tries to be extremely intelligent but fails every time . Gas is $3.25 this week in Colorado and was $3.00 even last week. I’m sure it will go up with the Iran crises but please stop being so obnoxious in your false assumptions. I’m not sure which God you worship but I’ll rely on Jesus Christ .

  • small50

    eddie47 is right on. I’ve always said “the fence” will never work,so why not do some “nation building” in our neighboring Mexico. . Give it’s people a reason (jobs & economy) to stay in their own country.As their economy grows the cartels power will decrease because they won’t be the only source of income. I think this is a “long needed” win-win situation. After all, America is known to be in everyones business around the globe–except Mexico. Or would you rather us be rebuilding Iraq, Lybia, Pakistan, etc, etc??
    Read the article: Share in the profits & work together
    Research: This 1.5 million acres was unusable by both because of disputes. Now, thanks to this administration, we have an agreement.

    • FWO21

      It’s not over till it’s over. We’ll see how it ends up in the end and it probably won’t be good; usually isn’t.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    You evedently do not know much about doing buisness with Mexico do you .They own the biggest share of the venture , then when it becomes a profitable buisness they nationalize it and kick you out. I saw that in action back in the early 50s The federallies came out to the sight and offered our people a ride to the border right then or walk because they owned every thing. check some records of oil,co.s and mining co.s that had buisness with Mex. Then all they had to get a dral with Hillary was to pat her on the popo and she would give them your farm…Hang in there with that Eddie boy and youll get an education there 50

    • small50

      gotta…this is not the early 50′s. And you talk as if Hillary was there then too. I think Mexico is smart enough to realize it has all to gain by being “friends” with the US. Just ask Kuwait, or Iraq.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    I can tell there 50 you know a lot about pipe lines too. Maybe you and Eddy can get an enviromental club going to teach them how to stop leaks, sounds lik you are a knowlegeable pair. Shure you wouldnt bring the whole country to a standstill?

    • small50

      So piping oil from Canada, across the US to send to China, keeps us rolling??

      • s c

        s, if you had to choose between perverted tree-huggers and union workers who put together pipelines, which group would you back? Obummer made his choice, and if those pipeline workers have any self-respect and want to take care of their families, they’ll see through your W H ‘God’ and do to him what he’s going to do to THEM.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    And anotherthing there Eddy , you havnt got the least bit of information thyat has any merrit to it anyhow I spent 30 yrs in the Noth slope fields so I happen to know a couple jokes you havnt heard yet All you know is how to insert your commie information in just enough to show a 2 watt light bulb for your beacon . wise up..

  • http://MSN Betty

    Why are we having to deal with Mexico when it is OUR land. Honestly I wish the Obama crew would just move to Mexico or anywhere else to get rid of them….Our day is coming in November!! I would vote for Ronald McDonald before I would vote vor Obummer!!

    • old hillbilly

      I second that one

  • FWO21

    Well, that explains all the illegal immigration going on. They made a deal, I’ll just betchya.

  • s c

    We’ll see what happens, America. I’m betting that Obummer’s definition of “cooperation” means that Mexico gets all the advantages, and America gets broken promises, no oil and yet another proof that certain types of non-leaders would be paid too much via minimum wage if they could get a burger-slinging job at McDonald’s.

  • Why not?

    Now, if they could work together to rid their countries of murderers and drug lords.


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