U.N. Panel Will Need Literary License To Spin Climate Change Myth


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations committee that has been pushing the urgency of manmade global warming on its member nations for decades, is set to deliver its latest findings today when it releases its assessment report before the media.

Since the IPCC is responsible for creating and developing a significant chunk of the plot in the human drama of global warming, it’s in no position to kill off Climate Change, the story’s main character. But how it will avoid doing that as it attempts to explain its own findings — that “global warming” has been in abeyance since 1998 — should be entertaining enough.

Critics of the climate change agenda don’t expect the ICPP to come clean. Writing for The Telegraph Thursday, James Delingpole explained that global warming careerists have… well, an inconvenient truth on their hands.

Though the details are a secret, one thing is clear: the version of events you will see and hear in much of the media, especially from partis pris organisations like the BBC, will be the opposite of what the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report actually says.

… In truth, though, the new report offers scant consolation to those many alarmists whose careers depend on talking up the threat. It says not that they are winning the war to persuade the world of the case for catastrophic anthropogenic climate change – but that the battle is all but lost.

… [This year’s report is] the first in its history to admit what its critics have said for years: global warming did “pause” unexpectedly in 1998 and shows no sign of resuming. And, other than an ad hoc new theory about the missing heat having been absorbed by the deep ocean, it cannot come up with a convincing explanation why. Coming from a sceptical blog none of this would be surprising. But from the IPCC, it’s dynamite: the equivalent of the Soviet politburo announcing that command economies may not after all be the most efficient way of allocating resources.

… Al Gore’s “consensus” is about to be holed below the water-line – and those still aboard the SS Global Warming are adjusting their positions.

The IPCC’s assessment report is viewed as “the gospel of climate change” by policymakers and elected officials who employ its findings as the moral basis for tinkering with fees, fines, incentives and taxes.

As the member nations involved in compiling this year’s report are fretting over how to spin a dead narrative, there’s one option they should — but won’t — consider: walking manmade climate change back to theory status, and letting it stay there until it demonstrate by reason, and not emotion, that it is fact or fraud.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Ted Crawford

    Some of us have already done this Anthropogenic Climate Change dance before, back in the ’70’s’! The last time they attempted to Hy-Jack our Economy through our Energy Industry.
    The difference isn’t with the agencies: NASA, The National Meterological Society, The Academy of Sciences, Time, Newsweek, or even the individules: John Holdren, Dr. Hansen, it was the effect that was predicted.
    John Holdren predicted Tsunami’s were sure to occur, and recommended we Intentionally pollute the upper atmosphere, and of course stop using Fossil Fuels!
    Dr, Hansen, who worked, and still does, for NASA, developed a Climate Change Computer Program. Using this he predicted a catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change of 6 degrees over a 50 year time frame, and therefore certain disaster would result from the New Ice Age! Interestingly enough, Dr. Hansens Computer now tells him we are going to experience a 10 degree Rise over the same period!
    We’ve been here before! We’ve done this before, and while many of us became very concerned the first time, this time we were forwarned, and far better informed! It’s all about Cyclic Trends, Nutations. It’s been happening for about 250 million years and will continue to happen, with or without Al Gore, or even Mankind, for as long as this Planet exists!

    • StinkBomb Jones

      It’s astonishing how consistently wrong they are…going back to Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb” book in 1970, that said we should have no more children because due to the complete loss of minerals & natural resources & food & water in the next 25 years, half the world’s population would die from starvation. Well, it is 43 years later & there has been an increase in the population of earth by about 3.5 billion and most 3rd world countries have a much better standard of living, yet Ehrlich remains defiant & says his model is still correct & will occur….that is the most infuriating part, they simply will not admit when they are wrong, they fudge, distort spin data to show how they are still on the right trail & will not give up their theories, but actually keep trying to pass them off as fact, established science!

      • Evan Eberhardt

        1970? Shoot, Thomas Malthus got the overpopulation paranoia started in the 1790’s. It has never abated.

        • StinkBomb Jones

          HAHAHA!! Never knew that, thanks!!

      • billybob

        I liken it to the end of the world people who after their deadline has come and gone, tell us that they miscalculated their data. I’m glad to see so many intelligent people who have’t fallen for this dribble. Sadly those who are proponents are fully aware of this fraud, but will still move forward in order to get the money.

  • wavesofgrain

    Al Gore and his gang created this fearmongering solely for a scheme to consfiscate money from the naive public. This admin was in on it from the beginning(Joyce Foundation), with the additional goal of empowering and controlling the worlds’ energy..to tax us into socialism, and redistribute to Africa and the UN. Follow the money trail……

    • FARFEL

      Gore The Bore has made a fortune off it & still will not debate Lord Monckton. He & Maurice Strong made out like bandits on Chicago Climate Exchange & Gore bought a house on beach in California from millions he made selling a book that sternly warned to not live near the oceans….YES, there is a sucker born every minute!

  • The Mountain Man

    The negative effect of all these “Scientific Chicken Littles” screaming that the sky is perpetually falling is that the key issue of pollution is ignored. There is no doubt our energy sources pollute the air, water, food & soil, etc…this is what we should be focusing on & not Mother Nature’s cycles which we have no control over or impact on…Alas, many prosperous free nations, including USA are far cleaner now than anytime in last 25 years,even coal is cleaner.. but growing nations like China & India will burn anything, they have no standards.. Even though the dark forces try to stifle clean energy we need to keep trying to get there & defeat them, the technology is there, but they won’t let it happen on a grand scale.However, Govt. subsidies & playing favorites with cronies is not the way to go

    • billybob

      Ironically one of the big proponents for the continuation of this pollutions is President Obama himself. He has pledged around $8 billion dollars to African countries to develop their coal resources. They will not be controlled on the pollution standards that we impose on our own companies. So they can polluted with the help of our government but we have to stay within the restrictions of our laws, which by the way is killing entire industries and making more people lose their jobs. It kind of makes you wonder who’s side of the fence Obama is really on?


    it’s more like the liberals don’t except the findings about climate change!
    we all know they fudged the numbers to fit to their liking!
    kinda like CCX,Gore and Soros(and obama)were the members of the group scheme to trade air!(a global warming scam that failed)and was told by the gov’t to fold up shop after they were caught!!why not jail or prison,it was a scam and they did it internationally,but yet nothing!go figure as to why?!(i wont mention obamas name)
    it’s all about money!(petro dollar to be exact)

  • justus brother

    Yup; Yup; Yup; 4400 foot elevation here in Wyoming and SNOWING right now. Global warming who’da thunk it?

    • Robert Messmer

      Actually, the movie “The Day After” (?) explains how global warming results in an Ice Age. Let see, the warming climate melts the ice cap, the excessive run off of fresh water shuts down the “Gulf Stream” and since there is no warm water flowing North we get an Ice Age. I’m sure if we asked Al Gore he would agree.

  • Carlos

    The global warming is created between the sheets. the worlds problem is the propagation of births in the third world and in some degree right here at home.

    If you want to see the results, just look at the large cities such as Los Angeles. it spreads all the way into Mexico. the only gap is the Marine Base at Oceanside. they break up the the continuity by boundaries of smaller cities, it still is one mass of civilazation whether you call it Santa Ana, Laguna, Dan Diego or Tijuana. This mass of people and concrete has to interfere with the weather,

    The solution, stop the increase of population, move out the illegals and give the blacks birth control.

    • Snoopy Sanchez

      You are confusing global warming with pollution! Not same thing at all!

      • billybob

        Good one! I got it!

    • Gene Gower

      The problem is not one of birth control — they’ve been doing that since 1970 (Roe v Wade) 60 MILLION people are not breathing because of that abominable ruling. It’s been genocide against blacks from the get-go … Planned Parenthood started as an experiment in eugenics to eliminate the undesirable races. African Americans (15% of the population, and 60% of the number of abortions)

      • billybob

        Well that is odd. The last Census show that the total black population was 12% so I guess they are still growing as a population by 3%

      • CintiCB

        If it was ‘genocide against blacks’, Why are there so damn many of them!?! Because wage earners were FORCED to pay for their production and to support them (food, housing, booze, drugs, nice cars ETC!!!!). The more they popped out, the more money they got. Yeah I know, they’re the victims. If one doesn’t like/ want to finance production, feed, house, and supply anything these wittle victims ‘deserve’ (tattoos, strip clubs, booze, drugs ETC.) it can ONLY be that they’re racist. Man, it is screwed up!!!

      • Robert Messmer

        Actually birth control and abortion are not the same thing. If I remember correctly that ruling does NOT force any one to have an abortion if they don’t want one. So Gene the next time you get pregnant just tell Planned Parenthood that you are aware of your rights and that you do not want an abortion.

    • billybob


    • CintiCB

      You omitted one big thing-stop paying the underclass/uncivilized to multiply!!!!! You, kind of, covered it with your birth control statement.

  • Gene Gower

    Of course … the AGW crowd calls skeptics “flat earthers,” but fail to see the irony that the “solid, beyond a reasonable doubt, scientific consensus” at the time of the original “flat earthers” was that the earth was flat and the skeptics were on the side of “hey the earth is mostly spherical.” So because the “science is done and the debate is over,” maybe they need to be labeled as believing in a flat earth?

  • Dave

    Since the fall of the Berlin wall and the threat of communism during the Reagan administration, all goverments have been looking for a fear mechanism to use for controlling the populace and raising our costs. Think Cap & Trade legislation that has been pushed by the UN and other “developed” nations of the world.
    In any case, they believe they have found those fear mechanisms in Global Warming (while making large profits along the way) and terrorism (again, with the huge profits), to control the way people think.
    “State of Fear” was a book written by Michael Chricton several years ago as a good fiction read. It covers this topic fairly well. And it’s a good read

    • billybob

      Bingo!!!!!! Go to the head of the class!

  • ibn insha

    UN is a solution looking for a problem. America should get out of this organization and when it does this organization would cease to exist as America is its biggest financial contributor. As long as we are out of this organization of morons every thing would be all right.

  • enigmaroger

    Check on the 1000 year old forest found under a glacier in Alaska. It was a lot warmer 1000 years ago or there would not be a forest still under a glacier from 1000 years ago. Did people burn too much carbon 1000 years ago?

    • billybob

      15,000 years ago our North American continent was 3 miles thick with ice. It melted and made the great lake amount other wonders of the world. Maybe those cavemen burnt to much wood???? This is a bigger scam that Ponzi could have come up with. It would make Bernie Madofff proud. Follow the money!

      • Bill

        Good comment, Billybob

  • enigmaroger

    When it comes to pollution, if you throw garbage at your feet you will have garbage at your feet. In a thousand years no one will know you existed. Check out the PBS program After People are Gone. Volcanoes leave a much larger carbon footprint than we little people. Volcanoes also put out all kinds of polluting chemicals and dust in the atmosphere. The same materials we dig or drill out of the earth can be found in the atmosphere after a volcano erupts. We humans are not as important as some people think.

  • vicki

    The caption for that photo should be


  • Bill

    The UN is really showing themselves to be the power hungry one world order. It is a common fact that we are not warming and have not been warming for most of our younger generations lifetime. But they want to keep the mind control going because there is another underlying agenda, which is power.

    To blame man for global warming is just BS. Volcanos pour more Co2 (which creates life, by the way) into the atmosphere in a given year than humans do in decades.

    Recorded history is replete with massive natural weather events… not least of which is the flood recounted in Genesis where god decided to flood the entire world because of humanities evil deeds. Now, that’s man made climate change if I ever heard it. And they did not even have SUV’s back then.

    There is new term for all of the environmentally indoctrinated people; they are now called watermelons. They are green on the outside and commie red on the inside